(2016-07-06) Invitation to Space
Invitation to Space
Summary: Oliver asks Felicia to join him on his space mission
Date: 2016.07.06
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Pretty much as soon as Oliver heard that Felicia was back, he went looking for her. He actually checked the climbing wall before going to her dorm…maybe because he didn't really want to run into Anna? But she wasn't at the wall so the next place had to be the dorm. There's a sigh as he braces himself before knocking on the door. "Can Felicia come out and play?"

The last few days Felicia has been doing other kind of workouts, that doesn't involve climbing. Sometimes with Dax and the group he got together and other times with other people. Whoever it was with this morning she is done now "Depends on the game." she calls through the door, and a few seconds later it opens and she is running a towel over the damp hair and she seems to be dressed for her work shift that will be in a few hours "Heya Oliver." she cants her head at him "What's up?"

Oliver is now a redhead — he did say he wanted a change, and this seemed the most innocuous, especially since he has to wear a hat at his own work anyhow. He glances past Felicia as if he can see into the room, "You alone? Can I come in?" He then notes that she's dressed for work, "Oh. Do you have to head out? It can wait," sort of.

"Nice hair." she glances at his hair when she says it "I'd go a tad lighter on the complexion for it though." Felicia is full of suggestions. Standing aside she waves Oliver in "Yeah, yeah." a gestures to the chair at the desk if he wants to sit. Beside that the only other place would be Anna's bed, since her bed is teeny..and she's a few inches shorter as well. She's stuck again "I don't have to leave for a while yet. Plus I use Dax's Ferry service…a lot faster." she gives a grin.

"Even more?" Oliver does come in and goes over to the mirror, "I thought I got it down ok. I didn't want to do too many freckles…" but even as he looks at himself, his complextion lightens just a little more. "Better?" But that's not what he came for. He does look at the bed and look at her, "Stuck again, huh? What happened this time? Or was it just getting out of that?" He nods to the bed. "You know, we could get you a Barbie Dream House and you'd be all set!"

But he also didn't come here to tease. It's just weird figuring out how to even ask the favor.

Felicia studies him a moment "No more freckles, you're good there." she gives him a thumbs up then a nod "Yeah. It happened when I was shrinking and unshrinking Rebecca so she could ride in my plane." a bit of a concerned look crosses her face "She got stuck too. I went to go check on her this morning, but didn't see her. Hope she is back to normal size." that's never happened before so it is a bit concerning for her. There is a laugh "I tried that once, not as dreamy as you would think." another head tilt "Is that all you came here for? To show me your new look?

"Wait, someone else got stuck too?" That -is- new. There's a look of concern for her as well, "I hope so too. She and Daxton seem to be getting close." But again, not what he came here for. Oliver takes the seat at the desk and looks around the room again for a moment before just giving another sigh and blurting out, "I have to go into Space. Will you come with me?"

Felicia nods, she looks a bit sheepish about the whole situation "I'm sure she will change back, if she hasn't already." she has too or Fel is doomed! "Yeah, Dax will never speak to me again if she doesn't change back." she hates it when her friends are upset with her. She looks at Oliver curiously when he looks about the room, sighs and rips the question off like a band-aid "You have to ask?" does he not know her at all?!

Oliver pulls his legs up to his chest and wraps his arms about them, almost in a protective position even as he looks to Felicia, "If it was just for fun, no. But…this…I don't even know if I told Daxton or Grayson this yet, but it might not be fun. I think it might even be dangerous. And I don't know if I'll be allowed to come back. It's so…ugh!" He buries his head in his hands briefly, "It's so complicated and convoluted and so up in the air!"

"Dude..I already said yes, you don't have to try and convince me anymore." Felicia tells him. While it wasn't a technical yes, it was implied. And telling her it’s dangerous..just makes her want to go more. She isn't all that empathic, but his angst is palpable. "Not allowed? Let's not be jumping to conclusions. Where are we going in space? Is this an alien family thing? Did you find them? Did they find you?"

Oliver looks back up, "Remember that thing that crashed to the beach and I found and touched it and…?" aliens were revealed. "So, I took it one of the teachers and they sent it to Michael J. Michaels…the Alien expert, right? So I went to talk to him and he told me all this stuff…it's…there are fake coordinates and real coordinates on the thingy and I have to figure out which ones are real and they'll take me to relatives who are apparently fighting this Galactic War and trying not to be enslaved by this other empire and I'm related to the Princess who is trying to save everyone and apparently I'm Luke Skywalker and I'm her Only Hope so I have to go and do…I don't know what, but if I don't, then there's a possibility that they'll be conquered and enslaved and that would just suck." Only then does he take a breath.

"How could I not remember that." Felicia tells him with a nod "That was an awesome day." what could be better than having an alien and a mermaid as your closest friends! Nothing in her head. "Is he the 'Aliens." dude?" she makes the hand motions to go with the words. There is silence and a few nods as she listens to the rest of the story her brows furrowing a bit "And you got all this from that Michaels guy?"

Oliver nods, "Yeah. I guess it's this huge sort of Galactic Space Opera sort of thing and I'm Luke Skywalker. Only the Princess isn't my sister…but I guess I do have relatives." He tries to smile, but he's not yet seeing the humor or excitement in this…only the uncertainty. "That's the guy. I don't think he was trying to get rid of me or anything like that. I think he genuinely wanted to help." He has no way of confirming this and he was and is pretty overwhelmed when he thinks about it.

"That's the best kind of operas if you ask me." not that Felicia has ever been to the opera, but it certainly sounds boring to her. "Really, Luke?" there is a pause "Does that mean I get to be your Han Solo!?" how exciting! "I can totally do Egotistical Scruffy Nerf Herder. That's what she is for, to see all the humour and excitement where others don't "It's a confirmation that aliens are real, of course he wants to help. Though just be sure he isn't taking advantage of it either."

That does get a smirk from him, "You know how to fly a space ship?" is asked as if that's a requirement of being Han Solo. "Does that mean Daxton is Chewbacca? Or is that Gray?" He isn't sure either would like the comparison. "I guess that's part of why I need to go. To see what really needs to be done and what's really the truth. Either way though, I have family. And I'm some sort of royalty…"

"I don't know, but I am willing to give it a try!" Felicia handles her car and plane pretty good, and spaceships virtually fly themselves once the coordinates are in, right? "They can draw straws, though I imagine Gray as more C3-PO." that brings a chuckle to her. "I get it. I might not be all huggy, huggy with my family, but you should at least know where you came from and why you ended up here." she doesn't touch on any of the royalty stuff, that isn't important to her. "I have some free time before work, wanna catch the real ferry and get a burger?"

Thank goodness for Felicia! If anyone can get him out of a funk, it's her. "Yeah, he can be kind of stuffy like that," and Oliver's smile grows a little more confident. He's not often brought to this level, but some insecurities, although well-hidden, run deep.

At the mention of a burger, he nods, "Yeah. I'd like that. They have veggie burgers, right?" Alien or not, he's sticking to his veganhood.

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