(2016-07-06) A Parting Gift
A Parting Gift
Summary: Kaylee and Violet's last day of vacation in Kaylee's hometown. (Pretty mushy, but nothing explicit)
Date: 2016-07-06
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It's Wednesday, they're last full day in Blades. It's late evening, the sun is setting, and Kaylee has dragged Violet out to a playground, where she's been silly and funny and made Violet go on the slide and climb on the jungle gym with her, regardless of any resistance she may have faced. But, as the sun has started to set, Kaylee has grown quiet, sitting on one of the swings and just kinda watching the sun set, obviously thinking about something.

Vi wouldn't fight it too much. There was a sense in the air, a feeling. That this was not the ending of a vacation, but a beginning of something further. And Kaylee could probably see it in her. Her growing comfort with her family. The laugh coming back in mixed company. The way she was letting go, and being herself. Of most things, anyways.

The fourth of July was probably the worst, though. Vi had an aggressive sense about her, an edge that she hadn't had before. Not that she snapped or anything, but it was the day that the pangs were the worst, and to have to deal with that, along with family and emotion and fireworks and noise, well… it was tough for her.

But she hadn't touched a cigarette this entire time here.

Today was easier for her at that. Kay sits on a swing, Vi hangs, upside down, from the bar that holds the swings, having kinda jumped up, grabbed it, and pulled herself bodily up, to hook her knees over the top bar of the thing. Turning her head to look towards her, she gives a smile.

"Hey party person. You look like you got a lot on your mind," she says, her shirt kinda hanging down along with her hair. She had kinda had her jacket buttoned up, so the worst that was shown off was her bellybutton, but the shirt was kinda bunched up at the hollow of her throat, beneath the jacket.

Kaylee giggles at Violet's antics absently. But, when she's asked, she does look over at Violet and smile softly. "I dunno. … just … thinking about things," she says, tucking several strands of hair behind her ear, then adjusting the setting of her glasses on her face. She's quiet for several more seconds, though she's smiling faintly at whatever she's thinking about. Finally, she turns the swing so she's facing Violet. "Violet, can I ask you a question?" she asks, her eyes trailing up Violet's body to her tummy for a few seconds, before she blushes just a little and goes back to looking into Violet's eyes.

"Well, stop it. We know how dangerous thinking is around these parts," she jokes. "I try to do it as little as possible," she says, bringing her hands up to touch the back of her head - squeezing her abs and probably doing an amazing situp from this position. She falls back down, and just lets her arms dangle above her head.

It was the blush that clued Violet in that whatever she was thinking was serious.

Vi's own lips purse, and she looks right back into Kaylee's eyes. "Of course you can - what's up, Kay to the Lee?" she asks, reaching over a hand, with crooked fingertip - to brush that against Kaylee's cheek, smiling gently.

Kaylee's head titls and she nuzzles against the finger, closing her eyes and smiling. A soft but happy sigh escapes her chest, and she opens her eyes and looks back at Violet again. "Am I your first-," she starts, but isn't able to finish. She glowers a little and blushes more fully this time, ducking her head down a little between her shoulders. "I mean, have you ever had a girlfriend before? Did you love her?" she asks, her hands playing with the ends of her hair nervously as she looks to Violet.

A handful of moments at the question. Vi kinda pauses a moment, glancing skyward. (Which was glancing down, which might look strange). But still… Vi's eyes draw up and over towards Kaylee, and she cants her head to the side. "I dated Tabby briefly, you know that," she says. "And we didn't have the time to build anything, not like you and me," a pause though. Did she love her? Vi kinda purses her lips. "I thought I did. I thought that that little twist to my belly, that silly little fluttering in my head and my heart was love," she says. "But I think, there's more to that. I didn't really find it with you until we went on this trip, Kaylee. Something deeper. Something more… solid. Not just a burning fire, but somethin' more… steady and true, does that make sense?" she asks, canting her head to one side.

Upside down like this was probably a bad way to spend the conversation. She kinda lifts her legs up off of the topbar, and lets herself fall, trying to catch herself on her elbows. A grunt. It hurt, but the sting was already fading away. She ends up kinda flopping backwards, and landing on her knees, too, kinda kneeling there and looking up towards Kaylee. She tosses her hair over her shoulder, but… there was no saving it.

Eep! When Violet just kinda lets herself fall, Kaylee jumps up and tries to 'catch' her. Which mostly just winds up with her oofing and falling, too, tumbled under Violet. She winces for a second, but then giggles, and then laughs, trying to wrap her arms around Violet so that she can tickle her. She may have tried to play with Violet before, but this time, Kaylee is serious! She's gonna wrassle Violet and roll her on to her back and pin her down and tickle her or she's gonna die trying! Or something. But Kaylee doesn't say anything else for the moment, completely intent on tickling V into submission.

Vi had a kinda… self-destructive outlook on life. When she discovered that cuts and bruises lasted only a matter of moments, and even broken bones - most, at least, she still felt her father had used some kinda weird trick round to shatter her back - took only minutes, it kinda made one a little careless with their own personal safety. That's why she just chose the quickest way to the ground.


As it was, when Kaylee stands up to try to rescue her, Vi's eyes snap open in surprise, and she says, "Wait!" before impact, and of course with Kaylee there, she was trying not to fall in a manner that hurt her too, and ends up kinda… entwined with her. Wrassling, well - Vi was limp beneath Kaylee, only a slight spurt of resistance every so often - her ~super strength~ kicking in, you see - but she just kinda lets Kaylee do whatever.

At least until the tickling. Trying - and mostly succeeding - in curling herself up, to help fend off the tickles, she doesn't try to otherwise physically resist, her laughter loud and raucous. "Kay! Quit it! No fair no fair! Ahahahaha…!"

Kaylee's quick, wiggling fingers will move from one target zone to the other, attacking where ever the defenses are weakest, atempting to clambor on top of Violet so she can at least limit her ability to curl up in defense. If Kaylee's able to get in position, she's gonna try to straddle Violet's tummy. If she makes it there, she'll still tickle for several seconds, but she'd slow, instead changing to just tracing the tips over her fingers along Violet's sides, tummy, and along her arms until she can take both of Violet's hands in hers. Then, she'll lean down very close and nuzzle her nose against Violet's nose, but pull away before she can kiss her. And she'll use her nose to nuzzle Violet's cheek, her jaw, her neck, her shoulder, her neck again …. Kaylee is smiling, but being oddly silent, and not her usual direct self at all!

Kaylee does manage to get on top of Violet, even if she has to deal with Vi's thighs against her butt, as if Vi was trying to push her up and off that way. It doesn't quite work as planned. Limiting the thrashing involved with tickling was kinda hard with Kaylee trying so hard to get at the danger zones like that!!

But Vi manages. You're welcome.

With both the hands taken, her grip against Kaylee was… perhaps a little harder than it needed to be as Vi recovers from such terrible torture, breathing deeply. And then the nuzzlings start. A smile touches her lips as Kaylee does that, Vi lifting her chin a bit, giving her more neck and thing to nuzzle against.

She smelled of her perfume - a rose and sandalwood thing she stole a shot of from your mom's pantry of perfumes, but she was… enjoying the scent of it herself. "This turned from terrible to nice," she says, lifting her chin and turning her head into yours, drawing her nose and lips along your cheek. A hand draws beneath you - trying to release your hand as she does so, so she can run her hand up your spine. If you allow such things. "…you alright?" she asks.

Nope! No releasings! When Violet tries to move her hand, Kaylee will mrr and try and keep it pinned to the ground. SHE'S nuzling! Violet must be still! Kaylee finishes nuzzling along one side of Violet's shoulder and neck area, moving to repeat the process on the other side. Once she's suitably rubbed her nose and cheeks against Violet's skin, Kaylee will sit back up and finally release Violet's hands so she can reach into her pocket for something.
"Violet, you're my first girlfriend. I've never really loved anybody but my parents and my family before," she starts explaining. She looks down and away, blushing pretty bad as she pulls something out of her pocket. "But … this week has been … SO so great," she adds, looking back to Violet sheepishly. "I just … well …." Kaylee fumbles with something in her hands, clutching it and looking down at her hands.
"I dunno what's gonna happen to us, okay? Like, if you'll get tired of me, if I'll finally get on your nerves, or if we'll get hurt at school, or if you're gonna graduate and go off to college and find somebody prettier and better than me," she starts rushing, trying to get everything out before she loses her nerves. "But you're MY first love and my first kiss and you mean so much to me so I wanted to get you something so you could always remember me and I hope it always makes you happy to think about me and never makes you sad or annoyed so I got it for you and I want you to have it and keep it forever no matter what even if you hate me someday." And then she closes her eyes and looks away and holds out one of her hands. When she opens it partway, a black strap tumbles out. And, dangling from that black strap as she holds it up, a pewter symbol of a stylized sun.

Violet doesn't try to force the matter then, keeping her hands with Kaylee's own - returning the murr with a little sound of her own. Like a little growl, maybe, playful in sound and nature. A grin upon her lips then, her eyes narrowing a touch. "This has been an amazing week, and I… we have you and your family to thank," she says. The item clutched in her hands. Vi pauses, letting Kaylee dictate the motion.

Vi's features twist in disbelief. if she gets tired of her? If she'll get hurt? Get annoyed? Trade in for a prettier model? "That's not how this works, Kaylee. I mean… it's not how I think it works. Things get hard, sometimes. We work through them, as a pair, right?" she asks, her voice gentling a bit. "Together," she says.

"And if that time comes… we will deal with it. Together," she says. But there was that object. And a lot of blushing. Violet grins. Lifting up her hand finally - she just gently touches the pewter of the pendant, her eyes glancing up from it to her. "The sun. A big shiny light - like a girl I know," she says, her tone of voice fond.

Kaylee listens to Violet's words and noddles, sniffling a little, though she's smiling. She wipes her nose on the sleeve of her hoodie and then ducks her head, when Violet talks about the pendant, nodding again. "It's cuz you said when I'm glowing it's like sunshine. And I thought, now, even if you're not around me, you can always have my sunshine on you," she says, smiling sheepishly.

Violet kinda lifts her shoulders off of the ground, smiling gently - that same smile dancing in her eyes. She lifts her chin - she doesn't take the pendant, but instead takes your hips, squeezing lightly. Another moment, and she tilts her head to the side, leaning in for a kiss - sweet and soft, if you go for such things. After, she would whisper. "Put it on me? I wanna wear it all the time," she says, nudging her nose against yours.

Kaylee will absolutely go for that kiss! And she'll totally melt against you, too, her arms immediately wrapping around you, legs too, as you sit up, glomping you hard. So much in love! When the kiss is finished, Kaylee nodnods and smiles, taking the choker and holding it up so you can pull your hair out of the way for her. She then will fasten it in place around your neck, fingers tracing the fabric back to the pendant, where she gently touches it, smiling as she looks at it. When she looks back up at you, you'll notice that she starts glowing the deep gold color again, even though she's been pretty good about not accidentally glowing this whole trip.

Vi takes a handful of moments more. She lets you melt against her - even as she pushes back, her own arms going up around you, and squeezing you tightly to herself. Excitement danced in her breath, and she breathes heavier - letting her eyes drift half-shut as her raccoon-makedup eyes lock to yours. She does pull her hair out of the way, and as you snap it into place - she grins roguishly.

"There's that sunshine again, Kaylee. But it's official, now. Is that like an engagement ring or what?" she jokes, even if the joke had a hint of intensity behind it.

There's another sigh as she's pulled tightly to you, Kaylee continuing to relax into you, into your embrace, where she belongs. When the mention of an engagement ring is made, she meeps and shrugs her shoulders way up. "… do you … do you want it to be?" she asks quietly, searching your eyes.

"That would be a little fast, huh?" says Violet, wetting her lips with her tongue, her bright blue eyes looking right at yours. Lifting up a hand, her touch, soft - goes again against your cheek, curling her fingertips there to cup your cheek proper.

There's another sigh as Kaylee's cheek is touched, her eyes closing as she nuzzles in to your hand. She shakes her head a little, but shrugs. "I hope it turns out that way," she says quietly. She opens her eyes again and smiles at you, so happy she has her glasses on so she can really study your eyes and that look on your face, memorizing it. "I love you, Vee," she says, wrinkling her nose playfully. She kisses your nose and then decides she likes, "Violet," much better. And your lips, too, as she starts kissing them, slowly but surely pressing hers against them, her hands sliding from the pendant back up into your hair, fingers immediately scrinching, feeling your locks playing against her skin.

The more syllables in Violet makes her name sound all fancy. "Kaylee," she whispers in return, her eyes half closing. "I love you Kaylee. You're my everything," she whispers in return, giving you all the time in the world to study her face - she was most certainly studying yours. She was most certainly stroking her fingertips back along your cheek to your ear, a little happy sigh leaving her. She leans forward, lifts her chin to nudge her nose against yours, smiling like she just won a million dollars.

And beyond the playground, the sun was starting to set. But Vi didn't care.

Not one bit. Not when she was carrying the sun with her.

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