(2016-07-05) Taking Flight
Taking Flight
Summary: Rebecca and Diego get a ride
Date: 2016-07-05
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Out in the yard, Becca is catching an afternoon session. The somewhat quieter Athena girl moving through some martial arts forms. She's focusing on knee and elbow strikes. There's already some broken wood about, so whatever she's been working on she's been out there for a while. Not a bad idea to take a small break.

Yesterday being a holiday meant that Felicia had a double shift at AstroPark…which also meant she has today off, so yay! She bounds out of the tunnel that leads to the training area, large RC airplane in hand as well as the remote for it. She has so little time to fly it, so now that she has some she is taking it. As she looks around for a good launching off point she spies the other girl and begins to bound in her direction "Hey there!" she calls out in greeting, taking in the bits of wood scattered around. "A tree didn't offend you too, do it?" she asks though her tone is far from serious.

"It was throwing some serious shade." Becca calls back with a straight face. Then she breaks into a smile. "No, I was working on a thing, wanna see?" She asks and pauses her work out to look at Felicia. "Cool plane, does it actually work?" She wonders curiously.

There is a snigger of amusement at the straight faced response "Puntastic!" Felicia grins then takes on a more curious expression "What kinda thing?" she nods though. "I like things, show me this thing?" a glance is given to her plane "Course it does. Anna gave it to me for my birthday last month. I even rode in it once."

"That's awesome. Cool, hang on." Becca looks about for a larger piece of the rubble and stands it up. Waving Felicia over she picks up a rock. "I just started playing with this, right?" She slides her hand with the rock into the branch near the top and pulls her hand back out sans rock as the branch splits with a cracking sound unable to accommodate the rock she left in it. "Isn't that gnarly?" She asks, clearly excited.

"The crashing part especially." its much harder landing it when you are flyign it from the inside, but Felicia seemed to like the crashing part as much as the rest. Setting the plane down for a moment she gives Rebecca's demonstration her full attention. "Now that's awesome." she says as the branch splits. "And looks like it could be painful."

"I wouldn't want to try it on a person. I imagine that's worse just trapping them in walls or the ground." Becca says and looks at the plane. "How do you fly a remote control plane from the inside?" She wonders curiously and plucks the rock back out of the wood.

"A lot more damaging too." Felicia just leaves it there, she has enough imagination and has watched and flipped through enough comics to think of all the other ways phasing can be used painfully "With the remote." she answers, giving the hand with the remote in it a shake, as if it is an obvious answer.

"Oh." Becca blinks a moment. "It works all shrunken down?" She asks with surprise. "I mean, I guess it would…how long to the batteries last all mini?" She asks as more questions start to form.

Felicia nods a bit a Rebecca but since she answers her own question, doesn't deal with that one. "I don't know. I haven't had them go dead on me yet. I carry spares though just in case." she hmmms a bit thoughtfully "Something to think about though."

"The batteries? Yeah. That would suck." Becca nods and smiles at Felicia. "So do you like working at the Astro Park?" She wonders tosses up the rock, catching it in her hand idly. Her eyes moving around the training yard and coming back to the other girl.

"I was thinking that size doesn't matter when it comes to batteries." Felica starts out saying "Watch batteries are small, but watches don't take as much power to go as my airplane does." she watches the rock a moment, then looks back to Rebecca "It's okay. I run one of the kiddie rides. It's not to bad most of the time." she picks up the plane and flips the on switch "You can ride in it, if you want."

"I think you mentioned crashing it, but I guess if you're gonna crash, crash with a phaser." Becca smiles and pockets the rock she was fiddling with. "Ok. I've never shrunk before." She tells Felicia and nods to her.

"As long as it is set on stun." Felicia of course goes the other direction with the term, though her wink indicates that she knows what Rebecca actually meant. This afternoon the pair are loitering in the training grounds the area they are in littered with bits and pieces of splintered branches. Rebecca and Felicia are conversing, the latter has a large RC Plane with remote in hand "That's okay. It only hurts a little bit." she gives a bit of a smirk at that. It really doesn't.

"Ha." Becca huffs the laugh and looks at the girl. "We'll if it's only a little." She offers and rolls her eyes at Felicia. "Wait, like stub your toe hurt or hot oil splatter hurt?"

Diego comes jogging onto the training grounds, raising a brow at the pieces of branches that are around. Noticing that before actually seeing who's around. "Hi." He greets them then. Dressed in his usual work out clothes, green shorts and a white tanktop with a grey, unzipped, hoodie. Trying to hear what they are talking about.

A question that perplexes Felicia a bit.."Uh….I would guess more like a papercut, lots of papercuts, all over." she circles her hand in front of herself to indicate the whole body "But I have never had a papercut that I can remember so totally guessing." the upshot of being invulnerable, no papercuts! Deigo's greeting has her turning to look at him "Heya man."she gives a upward nod 'Sup?"

"Oh. Well. Yikes, let's give it a whirl." Becca says and looks at the plane before waving at Diego. "Umm, hey!" She calls out to him and looks back at Felicia. Maybe no flight today after all so the rock comes back out and she resumes fiddling with it just to be moving.

Diego raises a brow at the conversation. "Injuries?" He asks. Though at the nod from Felicia, he grins. "Oh, everything is dandy as usual." He assures her and smiles. Looking to Rebecca as well. "Hi! I'm Diego. Nice to meet you." In case they don't know one another. A hand offered in greeting as well. "What are you both up to?" He asks then.

A grin is given at Rebecca's ready willingness to fly in the plane. "Injuries?" Felicia quirks a brow at Diego "No. No. I was just joking on how it feels when I shrink other people down." she flips the remote on and begins to taxi the plane around on the ground "Rebecca was going to go for a ride." she gestures to the RC Plane.

"Wait, alone?" Becca asks and looks at Felicia. "Please don't crash." She tells the other girl and takes the hand shake. "If Felicia doesn't crash me into a fiery death, it's nice to meet you." she jokes and winks before shifting her attention back. "Ok."

<FS3> Diego rolls Shapeshifting: Success.

Diego ahs, "I see. Sounds interesting. I'm just learning how my own shapeshifting works." He admits. Looking to the RC plane as well. "Mind if I join as well?" He asks and grins. Chuckling and grinning. "Nice to meet you." He says again and looks to Felicia. "We trust you, okay?" He offers and grins. "One sec." Moving to hide. After a moment a cute little mouse comes running towards the RC plane, at relatively fast speed. Trying to leap into it. "Okay!" He offers with a human voice, which sounds way higher in tone than Diego's usual voice.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Failure.

"I control it better when I am not in the cockpit." Felicia reassures the girl "Promise not to crash." Dax might not forgive her for breaking his girlfriend. She crosses her heart even. "In most cases I would say that is dangerous, but in this one, not so much." she's pretty good at not harming her fellow students "Huh…" she comments about Diego's hiding and then coming back as a rodent. "Ready?" she asks Rebecca as she reaches out to touch the other girl so she can shrink her down to the proper size.

Looking at Diego, Becca shrinks down and looks at herself and waaaaaay up at Felicia. "Oh my gosh! I'm little!" She says with shock and looks at the plane and Diego the mouse as she walks over to hop in also. This should be very fun! "I hope my powers still work this size."

Diego grins. "Hopefully so." He says before looking up at Felicia. "I need the practice." He says and if mouses can smile, it would seem like he is right now. "I feel like those mice in that cartoon movie." Sniffing a bit at Becca as well. Being a mouse is new to him after all.

Felicia hasn't been able to manage shrinking other people without shrinking herself at the same time, so she downsizes along with Rebecca, as does everything she has on or in hand "Your powers should be fine. Dax had no problems using his when he was little." she upsizes a bit as the pair gets settled, but only makes it halfway before stopping. She is used to it though so thinks nothing of it really. "Secret of Nimh, American Tail or Ratatouille?" she asks Diego as she leans over to carefully pick up the plane to start the motor up.

"Has to be American Tail, right?" Becca guesses and looks at Diego as he sniffs her. She sniffs herself, just milk and honey lotion and laundry soap. "Ok! Fly time! This will be like a rollercoaster but cooler!"

"Don't remember the name. I just remember it being mice flying on a plane, or was it a bird?" Diego offers. Sounding a bit amused. "It could be american tail." Getting ready to fly as well. "Send us away, Felicia." Moving around as an excited rodent in his seat.

"The Rescuers." Felicia provides given Diego's apt description of it "It was a seagull." though there could have been a plane in one of the movies, there was more than one. "Buckle in." there are harnesses in the cockpit and cushioning. She has juryrigged it for safety at least. "Way cooler." she cocks her hand back "Hold on…on three…" there is a pause before she starts counting "One, two, three." we all know that Felicia is superstrong right? Even when holding back she is and it shows in how fast and how far the plane goes up just on her throwing it. Thankfully she has had a whole month to practice flying the thing..which probably really isn't enough considering the human passengers it carries, but its enough to get a feel for steering and directions at least and hopefully landing.

"Oh heck yes!" Becca squeals as the plane takes off. This is way cool! How did she make it two years keeping to herself? Looking out at the GIANT world she gapes and pats the Diego mouse excitedly.

Diego ahs and nods. "Maybe." He says, "Just saw it when I was younger." He offers, not seeming completely certain. As they are thrown, there is some snickers from Diego. "Woo!" He let out, before feeling pats to his head. "That feels oddly enough quite nice." He admits and snickers more. "Doing great, Felicia." He tells her and is buckled in at least.

Felicia watches as the plane goes up and up, not to far, she doesn't want to risk it going into orbit or getting out of transmitting range. Once they are up there and flying around she can't hear them. Note to self: walkie-talkies. Taking the controls she begins to bank the plane around to do a circle around the island before she starts to have the real fun.

"Wheeee!" Becca says excitedly and watches everything with rapt attention. "Diego this is so cool! It's way more fun than a real airplane!" She exclaims and pokes her head out the window.

Diego chuckles and looks out as well. "Indeed. I've flown a few times, but this feels different. Both are awesome though." Perhaps because he's not a bird, nor mimicking one. Rather he's just a rodent. "Glad that you're enjoying yourself as well." He says and chuckles.

And on a commercial plane you can't poke your head out. So that's different. Felicia begins to have fun after the feels that the two have gotten comfortable. She starts with a simple nosedive, tilting the plane so it is sideways so they can get a /really/ good view of the ground from the front window and one side window as well.

Enjoying the thrill, Becca braces and laughs. Poor Diego, surely he didn't sign up for so much mousey excitement. She leans side to side and watches everything with fascination.

Felicia brings the plane quickly level again. She only knows a couple of more tricks though according to youtube there are plenty to learn. "Let's see." she glances from the plane, to the remote in her hand and back as she manuevers the controls to send the plane into a barrel roll and then to fly upside down for a few feet, before righting it and bringint it in for a bit of a bumpy landing.

"Whoo!" As the plane lands, Becca slips out and trots over to Felicia. "That was incredible!" She calls up to her all flushed and laughing. "That barrel roll! I've never seen a mouse turn green!" She chuckles and fishes her rock back out to fiddle with all tiny like her.

Felicia kneels down as Rebecca approaches "Isn't it great!" she wasn't flying but she is still excited about it "Poor Diego." she eyes the bushes he went to go shift back in, then reaches out to upsize the other girl, a frown coming to her face when nothing happens "Well that has never happened before."

"What?" Becca asks, still smiling, a little slow on the uptake. She reaches up her hands at Fel. "What's wrong?" She asks looking at her frown. She puffs out her cheeks for a moment, maybe that will help her grow.

A hand is held out for Rebecca to climb onto "Let's get you inside…where it is safer." Felicia says to the other girl "You're kinda stuck that size for a little while." she admits sheepishly "that's never happened before…honest!"

Hopping onto Fel's hand, Becca sits down so she doesn't fall. "That's ok. Maybe one of the magic adults can fix it. I'll ask in the morning." She says in a chipper voice and shakes her head. "It's really ok. Accidents happen. I phased someone nude on accident before. That was embarrassing!" She offers and takes the ride in, hopping down to walk through the wall in the hub where her room is after thanking Fel for the plane ride. So worth it.

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