(2016-07-04) It's never too early to plot
It's never too early to plot
Summary: Early morning plotting by Daxton, Felicia, and Sorrel
Date: IC Date (2016-07-04)
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

A notice has been posted. An official sign now hangs on the yellow taped laundry room door, it reads: Notice: Restricted Access, Students Prohibitied.

It's early morning. Too early for Sorrel to be up given it was Summer, let alone out of her room…yet here she is. In the Hub. Her wild curls were left to hang free around her face and down her back, patterned pajama pants and a purple tshirt the outfit of choice today. She hadn't been able to sleep hardly at all last night, but that wasn't from lack of trying, which is perhaps why she is now sprawled on her stomach across one of the couches in the Hub. Her bare feet raise and lower to kick against the arm at the other end of the couch occasionally, in a slow lazy pattern. Two flip flops sprawled on the ground under the arm suggests they used to be on her feet.

Daxton's up early for morning practice. he's been lazy (Distracted!) lately, but with an upcoming mission he needs to get back into the habit. He's dressed in simple workout shorts and a tank top, the road rash on his forearm mostly gone. The speedster slows as he steps outside the Ares door, not expecting anyone to be up and about yet, "Morning." He does not make eye contact.

Did Felicia even come home after work yesterday? Why no, no she didn't. She most likely was at Anna's house, but who knows really. Apparently, on her way back and to the dorm rooms the students call home, she stopped by the cafeteria as she has a breakfast sandwich in hand as well as her usual energy drink "Oh! People!" she is excited about the prospect, not surprised "Heya peeps." she greets the pair cheerfully.

Sorrel 's head raises from the couch as Daxton offers the greeting, a lazy hand of her own lifting "Morning!" It's given sincerely enough, but just sounds tired. Then, with Felicia's excited arrival, Sorrel tries to turn her head. Right…she needed to actually move. Great. Pushing to sit up she brings her legs to cross under her on the couch, stretching her arms over her head with a lazy grunt as she offers a nod to Felicia "Hi. Surprised anybody else is out here…I've been the only one for a couple of hours."

Daxton frowns slightly at the chipper Fel, that's never a good sign, "Hey." He shrugs, "Getting a few laps in before morning practice." He's been meeting with a few other students, helping with forma and such.

"Well what did you expect? Hordes?" Felicia tells Sorrel as she cants her head a bit quizzically at the other girl. "We meet before? Right?" she is pretty sure they have, breifly. "At the pizza place?" The perky teen meets the frown with grin "I didn't do it." she claims, though she probably did…whatever 'it' is.

Sorrel just shrugs at Felicia's question, yawning and lowering her arms from the stretch. Then, looking down at her feet she crawls over to the arm of the couch and leans down to pick her flip flops up. "Yeah…pizza place" she confirms. Sitting back up, she drops the shoes to the floor before sliding her feet into them and looking to Daxton. "What are you practicing?"

Daxton gives a low groan, he dodn;t sleep all that well either, and whatever 'it' is, he's sure he'll get blamed. Even when he ha sa solid alibi, he gets blamed it seems. He rubs his face tiredly, "Endurance mostly. I'm also trying to get better at noticing what's around me when I run." He'd rather not have another wire incident. He gives a half shrug, "There's a group of us that meet about 9 to do just general workout stuff."

Felicia nods at the confirmation then gives Dax a 'don't worry' look, as if that would help. "Thought so, but with my memory..who knows." She takes a sip from her drink and a bite of her sandwich as Dax answers Sorrel's question "How ya doing that? Training your spatial awareness?" she has no idea what time it is now, but seeing as Dax is dressed for working out it must be near that time "Mind a crasher?"

"Cool cool" Sorrel says, giving another quick yawn before standing, tugging her tshirt down at the edges before one hand goes to her other wrist, fingers moving along the bracelet there. Letting them talk for the moment she looks around, fingers working under the bracelet some to pull before she looks back to them. Working out could be fun. Or at least a good distraction. "In…the gym I assume?" Or maybe they didn't want more people.
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Daxton nods, "Something like that, yeah. I'm just going as fast as I can and trying to not die as I purposefully run where I know there's unsteady terrain." Sounds dangerous. One shoulder raises, "Sure, although I don';t know how much company I'll be." He's going to be moving fast. He then grins, "Unless you're just wanting to ride along." Between Fel and Becca, he should get a taxi shirt. Dax's eyes notice the tug on Sorrel's bracelet, but he doesn't comment about it, instead, "I'm gonna be doing laps around the island for now, but yeah. About 9 we all meet in the gym. Me, Aidan when he's here, Becca and sometimes Sky." What a strangely diverse group.

"Sounds like my kinda fun." anything that risk injury tends to be right up Felicia's alley. The more dangerous the better. If he is offering, she'll accept. She nods, looking between the pair and at the bracelet when Sorrel tugs at it. "Fun group…though I don't know who this Sky person is. I'll try not to show any of you up." she gives a wink at her jest.

"9…" Sorrel nods, giving the bracelet another tug before seeming to realize she's doing it and both hands drop by her side, playing with the material of her pajama pants instead. "That'll give me time to change…do I need to bring anything?" She looks over at Felicia "That's very thoughtful of you…thanks" she says sarcastically but with a grin.

Daxton's eyes roll. "He's freshman. Kinda having a hard time fitting in, so be nice." He doesn't mind if Fel tags along, although he may go back and get a hoodie for her to ride in then. That's what he needs, a taxi hoodie! "Just work out clothes, a water bottle if you want. Towel." Some people need music, but that's up to the individual.

"Get a few more people and it will be a workout party!" yes Felicia can turn anything into a party. It's just her way. There is a bit of a snigger at Sorrel "It's the least I can do." there is a furrow of brow at Dax "I'm always nice to the newbies." there is a bit of protest at the implication in her tone, she isn't Derek who is pranking them by sending them on stupid find it missions.

"Workout and party…aren't two words that are usually put together," Sorrel can't help but grin at that, "but I admire the enthusiasm." She then looks between the two, "So. Random question…but does this school have a computer lab? Or does everybody pretty much just have laptops?" Because screw this. She needed to get this bracelet off and find some tech. Today.

Daxton snorts, he's not looking to make it a party, honest. He smirks at his Teammate, "No, but you can be overwhelming." He glances over to Sorrel, "It's a work out, but it's good. Honest way to start the day." He nods, "Yeah, otherwise I'd be totally screwed." He doesn't have a laptop. Maybe he should pick one up after the summer, if he saves enough.

"I have that in spades." Felicia points out, enthusiasm that is. There is a nod given to Sorrel "Yes." yes to the lab, laptops or both? "There are computers in the library too." though those are used mostly for looking things up and research. "Well, there is that." she will concete to the overwhealming part, she can be a bit much to take at times. I'll try and contain myself around the newbie."

Sorrel actually grins at that "Awesome." She'd find it. "Thanks." Her hand reaches from tugging at her pj pants back over towards her wrist but pauses. Instead it moves to push through her mass of curls, moving them out of her face or at least trying to. She lets the two continue to talk for the moment, smirking a bit at Daxton's comment and then even more at Felicia's reply.

Daxton chuckles and gives Fel a nod, "Thanks." Poor Sky. "He's telepathic, so it kinda overwhelms him." Dax isn't dumb, despite his appearance, the bracelet is glanced at again before he asks, "So what did you do?" Maybe he knows that that is?

A shrug is given at the thanks, it really isn't needed, but she supposes it never hurts to be polite "You shouldn't have any problems getting a computer in the summer. During school though there is a sign up sheet… or something." because not everyone has laptops and she does so she rarely ventures into the computer lap. "Telepathic? Really?" well that is interesting "I'll also try not to give him a mindful." poor Sky indeed.

Sorrel offers a smile to Felicia, but then her gaze goes to Daxton and the smile fades a bit. She shrugs, "Got caught." It isn't like she had denied the circumstances of her enrollment so far, so why start now? "Broke into some businesses downtown. Managed to get my hands on their equipment and a lot of their information before getting caught…"

She lifts her hand with the bracelet on it, as if to emphasize the point. "This makes sure I can't connect to any of the computers or other electronics on campus. Until they're sure I can do so…responsibly." But at least now she knew they had them! Sorrel lowers her hand back down, letting out a huff of breath to blow some stray curls back out of her face. Again.

Daxton figured that, but he raises an eyebrow eyeing the bracelet. "Huh." That's…convient. He takes a step closer and reaches for the bracelet, not that he knows anything about tech, but he knows a little bit about other things. "Have you tried to get it off yet?" His eyes narrow and he nods to himself, taking in something about the inhibitor, "It's just an inhibitor. Is it also a tracer?" Fel gets a nod, confirming yes, a telepath.

Felicia listens to the explanation of the braclet an eyebrow arching "You're a technopath than?" she doesn't really wait for an answer, she just assumes that is the case "Sweet." she glances over at Dax as he comments "Major suckage. Keeping you from using your abilities is harsh." then there is an amused snort at the idea of using powers resposibly, though in a majority of cases she tends to do that herself. The idea the bracelet is an inhibitor is bad enough, the thought of it being a tracer as well cause her nose to wrinkle in distaste.

When Daxton moves closer she lifts her hand so that he can get a better look. She didn't mind if he saw it. When he reached to touch it though, she'd again let him, but he'd notice her tense with the action. "I've tried…but there's not much I can do" Sorrel says with a frown, eyeing the bracelet with an obvious disdain. "They'll know if it gets broken. Otherwise I would have just crushed the damn thing."

As for the tracer part Sorrel shrugs, "I don't know. I have to report to them whenever I go somewhere in town and check back in before I turn in at night…so I don't THINK so?" Maybe they were giving her the benefit of the doubt. The fools!

Daxton looks over to Fel, trying to convey something, "She knows how to hack into things…" He's making eye contact, this must be important! He looks back to Sorrel , no eye contact for her though, "Then don't break it. Disable it." Duh. He then calmly adds letting go of her wrist, "There's no explosives in it." Like that was a possibility? But then he clarifies, "It's not going to shock you, or cover you with ink, like one of those bank ink bomb things."

"Well then I won't offer to pull it apart then." Felicia says because that would kinda defeat the purpose. She arches a brow at Dax "More than that…" knowing is a bit of an understatement really, in her head at least. "But she can't help us until we help her. Can it be disabled?" she looks at Dax, eye contact and everything as she questions but the mention of explosives has her glancing at Sorrel "Was that even an option?" she can imagine the shock or ink, but blowing the girl up, double harsh.

Once he lets go of her wrist it drops back by her side, other hand moving to tug at it again because…well no point hiding it now right? "I've tried to disable it. I can't even get the damn thing open. There's no seal…nothing to get me access inside. So short of sticking a fork into a light socket and seeing if THAT does anything…" she shakes her head. Thought honestly her desperation was getting to that point. She needed it off and her frustration was evident now as she actually spoke about it out loud.

Sorrel looks between the two, furrowing a brow at Daxton's words and his intense look to Felicia. "Look. If you guys can get it to where I can get my powers back without them realizing…I'll help you with whatever the hell you need." Desperation was a powerful, though very dangerous, motivator.

Daxton just knows it doesn't have either of those things. His blue eyes travel back to it, "I'm not a tech guy…. but if we can't find someone here to get it off, Unit 23 might." Always a solid backup plan. "I think pulse or AfterThought might be more techie than me…" Which isn't hard to do, honestly. He's lucky he figured out his touch screen phone. he nods, "The best would be to just deactivate the inhibitor, so they think it's still working…." The speedster reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "If it's not sensitive to being on you, Becca could phase it off of you, we could get a dummy bracelet for you to wear and then put it back on when the teachers need to check it?"

"Let's leave the fork idea for like plan E or something." Felicia tells Sorrel "We don't want your brain fried along with the bracelet." that would also defeat the purpose…killing her is hardly a help. "If you think they would be able to help give 'em a call though we should probably try Rebecca first, since she is right here an all."

Unit 23? Pulse. Afterthought. Sorrel just decides to stay quiet until the conversation comes back to phrases or names she understood. When Daxton offers up the options she nods "Right. I don't think it's sensitive to being on me. It just knows my powers the null them." Felicia's comment gets a laugh "My brain has probably had worse…but thanks for the concern. Don't worry. I'm not in a rush to be lit up like a Christmas tree."

Sorrel also agrees with Felicia's final statement. "Yeah. If somebody here can help that would probably be easiest…if you think they wouldn't mind. Up to you though…you know your friends best" she looks to Daxton. "Just let me know the plan…and then let me know how I can pay you back. I'm serious. I'll owe you massive." Thought it already seemed they had an idea of how…she didn't press it right now.

Daxton nods, "I'll ask Becca tonight. We're supposed to go camping, it'll be good to bring it up not here." incase she flips out. He chews his lower lip, "Do we have someone that can make a dummy bracelet? If not, you'll need to go shopping." He glances down the hallway, this is probably not the best place to be discussing this. "We'll fill you in on what we need you for later…if we can get the bracelet off." No need to spread that around if she can't do anything to help.

"Good, cause you would make an awful Christmas Tree. You're the wrong color for one." Felicia jokes before she shrugs and glances at Dax, since he seems to know Becca better…well enough to go on camping trips even, "Huh." is her only reaction that bit of news. She goes away for a few days and there are all sorts of changes! "I don't know anyone that can do that." she can point Sorrel in the direction of people that like shopping though.

"Sounds good." Again, she wasn't about to press it here and now. Besides, her mind was too preoccupied with the idea of actually getting her powers back. "I can make a convincing enough dummy bracelet so don't worry about that piece" she grins. Sorrel had her own skill with technology long before she gained her powers. "I'll let you guys figure things out on your end and get back to me. Meanwhile…I'll go get ready for the workout."

Daxton looks over to Fel at the huh, He knows that tone. "Oh, by the way, Anna's on the hunt. She's decided you and Diego would be a good match. Be aware for good or not." There, focus on that. He nods to Sorrel, "Yeah. about 9." and then looks at Fel, "I'll grab a hoodie, go feet ready.

Felicia wrinkles her nose "She's with Derek…" there is more to what she had to say, but she just shakes her head, and refrains from mentioning that Anna probably wouldn't know a good match if they both smacked her in the face "I don't see it." she says instead "Thanks for the heads up." even though she already knew "Right, workout time!" that's something to be thrilled about, unlike being set up by your bestie. "See ya in the gym Sorrel!" she then bounds into the Ares dorm to get ready herself.

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