(2016-06-29) Fore!
Summary: Harold, Kaylee and Lynzee spend an afternoon frolfing
Date: 2016-06-29
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Old City Park Shady Cove
Wed Jun 29, 2016 — Wed Jun 29 16:01:01 2016

This area used to be a more prominent area of the town, when the local warehouse was active and the abandoned houses were filled with people. Now, it's just an eyesore, a blight on the town. The concrete basketball court has cracks and greenery poking up through it here and there, the goals are still in place, but the nets are long gone. Bleachers on one side are missing a few slats, but are generally safe to sit on. There is a large tractor tire that serves as a sandbox. Or a litter box for stray cats. A swing is rusted, the chains holding strong despite the rust, and the wooden slats faded from red to natural wood. A jungle gym and monkey bars, teeter totters, and a very squeaky merry go round complete the playground equipment. Surrounding everything, amid everything, there are vines and greenery, overgrown grass, it looks as if the local forest has taken over and engulfed the area in greenery.

A small pond where fishing is possible is tucked away amid some trees, a bridge spanning across it, though the rails and some of the foot boards are missing in some places. This too is overgrown with flora, vines, plants, greenery abounds. It's a derelict park, but somehow, kids still find it useful now and then, but mostly the older ones, while parents choose to take their younger kids across town to the new park.

Flyers had gone up in Prometheus Dorm, "Ultimate Golf Challenge." It had to do with getting out as a group, using frisbees and maybe doing a frisbee golf like challenge. Just to get out, enjoy the summer air, get to know each other better maybe. Harold is there, Lynzee too, maybe they coordinated it. As it stands, the park is set up with a few cones, 18, in various locations. And the two have some frisbees and a map, showing the course. Harold and Lynzee stand by hole 1, he is wearing a t-shirt (?-1 2^3 ? ?) … beneath that, 'And I liked it!" Whatever that means. That and shorts, and some black socks and white shoes (good thing that's in style these days). "Maybe we should of gotten those frisbee golf discs,I think they have different weights for like different clubs, you know. A driver, an iron, a putter." As if a final debate, the deadline approaching for go time for this challenge that they put up ads for in their team dorm.

Lynzee is wearing her usual. A pair of jeans with frayed hems and a knee coming out of a opened area. Certainly not chic and fashionable, more like they were worn.. and worn and worn. A pink shirt is worn with it and there's a yellow pair of flip flops on her feet. She looks at the map, then back to Harold at his suggestions and giggles, shaking her head. "Why? This'll work. It'll be kinda fun, don't ya think? We could try it. We need three for a team though?" And she starts looking around for someone else to join.

Kaylee has one of the flyers in her hand, since she's prone to forgetting important information if it's not written down. And, since the flyer's on regular paper, she's also got her glasses on and is staring down at it as she approaches the park. When she looks up, she sees Harold and Lynzee in the distance, so she folds the flyer up and stuffs it into the pocket of her hoodie. She closes the rest of the distance at a jog, waving and calling out once she's in range, "Hey guys! Am I too late!?" Her hoodie is t-shirt fabric, pink, and worn over a white undershirt. She has jean shorts on that stop midway between knee and thigh. On her feet are an old pair of sneakers.

"Yeah, you're right, overthinking it," chuckles Harold to Lynzee. Givng a shrug and nodding, but then looking around as she questions, "If only dream friends counted." Or could play in a public space like this, cause he knows the perfect third. Then someone is coming up, "Hey isn't it …" He doesn't know her other than passing, but then she's asking if she's too late. "Right on time I think," he grins, but differs to Lyznee who may know the other girl other than face in the dorm and classes. He does look at her then.

They're in the same team, course Lynzee has seen her, maybe not a whole lot since it's summer time, but she was told about what happened when she was sleeping! As Kaylee approaches, she lifts a hand and waves animatedly. "Hi!" She nudges Harold playfully, "It's Kaylee, she's in our team. And yep, she's right on time. Hi Kaylee," she says with a beaming smile. "I'm Lynzee, this is Harold. We're gonna be Sophomores." Yay for end of the year! "Wanna be on our team? Please?"

"So am I!" Kaylee cheers at the announcement of being a sophomore. She smiles at Harold and sticks her hand out for shaking. "How's it going, Harry? It's a pleasure to meetcha!" And back to Lynzee. "Hey, it's nice to finally get a chance to talk to you, too. I've never really had a chance to sit down with you and ask if you were okay and everything, after everything that happened. I was so worried about you! I couldn't believe staff hadn't mounted like, a whole army to go rescue you yet," she says, frowning. But, the smile bounces back quickly. "But I'm so glad you're okay, and I'm so happy to finally get to meet you!" And if Lynzee lets her, Kaylee will reach out and give her arm a friendly rub. "So … I take it this isn't like, ACTUAL golf, then? Because I'd be almost worthless at that."

"Hello Kaylee," then a chuckle from Harold, he takes Harry just the same, shaking her hand as he is nudged and returns a little the same, or just leans towards Lynzee. "I think they were making sure it was safe, the place she was in. I think that guy wants to come to our world and steal or magic?" A pause, Harold looks to Lynzee for confirmation on that whole ordeal. "NO, its not golf at all, its just shooting frisbees at the cones. Usually its like cages on small poles, but there is no real course here yet." A pause, he scratche his head, "Maybe they plan to add one in, this is to see how many people like it?" He looks at the few regular old frisbees the brought, "Need one?" Just an offer, she may have her own of course.

Lynzee giggles when Harold is called Harry, but she bobs her head at something he had said before. "Yeah Eryaog could be fourth for the team if he could play." Cause Eryaog was pretty awesome. As Kaylee addresses her, she grins a little sheepishly. "There was something that came from the crack in the laundry wall and I went to look then I just disappeared from where I was and I was there when I was found." Maybe she doesn't make sense to many, but she knows what she is talking about mostly. "I was sleeping, cause Harold can visit people in their dreams and he was helping me be safe while I was there." Feeling the pat, she smiles, "Thank you for coming to get me." There's another bob of her head, this one more solemn as she looks back at Harold. "Yes, he wants our magic and he wants everyone who can maybe help him."

Kaylee frowns at the mention that someone wants to come for their magic. "Well, it's not gonna happen on my watch, no sir!" she states. And then she's looking at the Frisbees that Harold offers. "Oh! Yeah, I don't have one, so if I could borrow one, that would be awesome. Um … what do we do?" she asks, taking one of the Frisbees and looking it over.

A soft grin at the way Lynzee giggles from Harold, just likes to watch her it seems. "If only, we'll try it back on Paragon Island." A thought, "We can see how this goes, and have one before summer is done, like team competition. Ultimate Golf challenge, we could design the course." The three of them, Kaylee included. "Yeah, thank you for saving her." He concurs with Lynzee, "I don't know if its safe yet, staff haven't said anything about it since you all brought her back here." On that topic, but as for Frisbee, he grabs on of his own, "Its just swish and flick." Popular quote, maybe old quote these days even. A grin and he holds it like one would hold a frisbee, "We have time to practice,I can get us checked in whil you give it a few tosses?" He throws his 15 yards or so, just to demonstrate, but leaves the two girls together, maybe Lynzee can show her some more techniques for throwing, he is heading for registration table.

"Eryaog can help us too on Paragon Island. Make it only for people from Coral Springs if you wanna." Lynzee bobs her head, agreeing happily. She doesn't mention more about the guy wanting the magic, like most unpleasant things, she buries them and focuses on happy things. "Swish and flick." She moves the frisbee she holds like a magic wand, swishing and flicking it, releasing it. "Just like in Harry Potter," she grins, recognizing the quote, watching as the frisbee doesn't fare so well and heads for a group of other people. A sheepish look is given to Kaylee. "Maybe you're better at it."

Kaylee giggles, her grin wrinkling her nose as they explain to her how to throw a frisbee. "Okay, I'm not THAT naieve, guys!" she teases. "I meant, 'what do we do to win the challenge!'" she explains better. When Lynzee flings hers and it heads for people, Kaylee cringes and calls, "Watch out!" Hopefully, no one is seriously wounded! She giggles again, hiding half of her face behind her frisbee as the people get out of the way. "I think I'll wait until we're away from people to throw it, thanks," she says, grinning over at Lynzee.

Of course Harold has went to register, leaving the near wounding of bystanders as well as the detail explanation to Lynzee. He wasn't thinking she may not have played ultimate disc golf before either. Though he returns to hear the waiting bit, "Panic at the Disc, Go," he offers the team name, he should of asked first, but it was spure of the moment. "Ready?" He gets his disc, hands out team numbers given from registration. Team 038. A few turnouts at least.

The call from Kaylee is fortunate, the bystanders are able to duck and watch it sail past. Lynzee giggles, cause no one was hurt, then jogs off to collect it. When she gets back, she grins at the other two. "I don't think I know how to play a lot. But I can learn." Determined, she can be, and she looks it as she hears the team name and giggles again. "I like that name," looking to Kaylee for her approval also. "I'm ready. Got my practice throw in and I'm really ready this time."

"Panic at the …," Kaylee trails off, then she starts laughing. She gets it! She grins at Harold and then at Lynzee and nods. "Let's DO IT!" she cheers, thrusting a fist up in the air. If there were an award for enthusiasm, Kaylee would be vying for the top spot. "So! Where do we go? Who do we throw it to? Is it a race? I'm so totally gonna go faster than everybody," she says, poking her tongue out through her lips as she scoots forward, practicing the throwing motion. Fling, fling, fling! But not really.

He catches on, he needs to explain more, he heads for hole one. Harold grins along with them, a chuckle there from the boy. "Okay, so like golf, we have a starting box. We take as few throws as possible to get it on. We all throw once, and play from best shot. Whoever was closest, we take our second shot from there." A pause though, then a laugh, "We could race? We might catch up with people in front of us, but we could see who is fasted throwing and stuff ourselves." The first hole is the easiest, starts by a tree, but straight shot a hundred yards out, no trees, no hills, just nice fair shot. He waits, if they race, they have to throw at the same time instead of taking turns …

Lynzee likes the name, she gets it too, and she is as excited as Kaylee it seems, as they get to the beginning part. She holds her frisbee and waits her turn and when he comes, she'll throw it like the others.. but she's not really very good at it. It doesn't hit anyone, luckily, but it doesn't get to its mark either. She looks towards the others and grins. "I like this game, but I need to get better."

Kaylee is one of those types of people who jump in both feet when they get going. So, when they reach their first hole- even though Kaylee can barely see the marker that far out, she sticks her tongue out a little and flings her frisbee with all her might! And hey, look at that! It actually goes straight! It seems that, while she may not be the worlds best Frolfer, she can at least get the frisbee to go relatively straight for a good portion of the distance! Which will at least help her towards the finish lines!

Harold likes math, he gets it all, the physics, the geometry, the intent of the spin and how to get it there. Coordinating his brain to his physique is another story. Ah, he does well, leaning back to give his a toss, "Yeah, frisbee always wins. We could try the touch football with frisbees too." Alas, Kaylee seems to be better than him as well. No one else hit either, but he has room to improve. "Nice, you sure you haven't played this before?"" To Kaylee, not playing disc golf is way different than never playing frisbee of course.

Lynzee was having fun, bouncing from one area to the next, appreciating the obstacles, enjoying the teammates, smiling at Harold when she didn't think he was looking, cheering on Kaylee. She nods in agreement, an expression on her face shows she's really impressed with her fellow teammate. "You're good at it Kaylee. And you too Harold."

Kaylee just grins and hams it up while they're playing, spinning the frisbee on one finger. One throw, she'll dive, another, she'll try to throw it between her legs. She'll also try to impress them by throwing it with her eyes covered … until they either realize that she can still SEE with her eyes covered or until they haven't figured it out and she can't bear to fake it anymore. Either way, Kaylee has a blast while they're playing, though she does tend to walk out ahead fairly frequently, giving Lynzee and Harold some room. Cuz Kaylee sees EVERYTHING. And then makes up a bunch of stuff that may or may not be there on top of it.

Laughing, Harold doesn't try all the crazy things Kaylee does, but he'll try a few throws, maybe lift a leg and throw, but not diving, or ninja tactics on the course. All in all good, fun, lots of laughing. "You too," he chimes in about how good they are, though if it was competition between themselves, Kaylee would win. If they play from her shots, or just use her score, they place top half of the field at least. Nothing more. Still fun. As they leave, "Yeah, definitely need to make a course on Paragon Island. I'll see if I can find a map of the island." To start plotting courses. All in all a good day for the kid.

At this point, it's fairly obvious that none of them are good enough to help the team WIN the challenge. But there is plenty of fun and laughter to be had. In the end, they placed decently, top 1/4th of the field. But, they all had a good time, which was the important thing. … right? Well, for Kaylee it was. A good chance to get out with good friends and have some good friendly competition. And while she may not have the urge to now become the John Niclaus of Frolf, she's at least found something else you can do in the city when you're wanting to get out of the school. And who knows, maybe a certain someone would like to go with her?!

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