(2016-06-28) Trying to Change
Trying to Change
Summary: Diego is stuck as a bird and tries to change back to a human
Date: IC Date (2016-06-28)
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Another warm evening as people are slowly making their way back to wherever they came from. The streets are still bustling with

sound however, from people going to food places, or any place of entertainment. Along the side of the street sit several birds

and eating bread and other crumbs that have been offered from passerbyes. One of them looking a bit different from the others,

with a black head and the rest being more brownish in color rather than the usual grey or black that they others have.

Oliver spent most of the day at the Mug Shot, working the register and clearing the tables, as is his job there. He brought some

rolls that were going to be tossed out for getting stale and makes his way towards one of the more well-known feeding places for

birds. Taking a seat, whether on a bench or a wall, or even on the grass, he begins to tear off pieces of the bread to toss

towards the gather of hungry birds.

Seeing as Diego put himself in a bad spot, being that oddly colored bird, he is quite happy to see Oliver. Moving to take one of

the pieces of bread and then flying to sit next to Oliver. Eating the bread and looking around, making sure there aren't people

around. "Hi." He tries, mimicing the human tongue. Sounds slightly off, but still enoug that Oliver can tell what he's saying.

"It's me, Diego. Need help." Trying not to speak too loudly, but it's hard when you're not exactly yourself.

Oliver gives a start when the bird starts to talk to him. "Wha?" he blinks and looks to the oddly-colored bird. "Diego?

What…but…ok, what help do you need?" Not that he's sure he'd be able to do much, but he could get him back to the school

where someone could? Obviously, Oliver doesn't care if people see him talking to a bird.

The bird nods, "Tried shapeshifting. Can't shift back." He answers. Moving to sit on Oliver's shoulder. "Got tips? Or help me

find someone that can help out?" Which might most likely be to head back to school. "I'm slightly disoriented, first time on

command." He admits, about the shifting. There might be some that glance at Oliver as he talks to birds, but most probably

continues on their way.

Oliver winces when the bird says he can't shift back. "Ooh. Hmm, can you get a solid picture in your mind of who 'Diego' is? How

long have you been a bird?" He glances over at a couple of girls who are giggling at him. "What? You've never talked to a bird

before?" he calls to them before looking back. "Maybe you should have tried something a little easier? Like a monkey? A bigger


"I've tried, but will try again." Diego says, glancing to the girls as well. Then back to Oliver. "Hindsight's 20/20." He offers

and flies a bit around Oliver. "A few hours. I might be able to shift back. Let's go somewhere with less people."

"Yeah, sure. Let's go somewhere else…" Oliver stands, leaving the rest of the bread for the other birds, and starts to head

towards the beach. Surely they can find a plot on the beach or among the rocks or something where there will be less people.

"Birds are tricky," Oliver offers as they walk, "I mean, their physiology is so different from our's."

Agreeing to what is said, the birdy version of Diego just flies along. Once at the beach he does land behind some rocks.

"Indeed. So. How do you do? Focus on who you are?" He asks. Trying to focus on what makes Diego, Diego.

"You've got the flying down really well. It took me a little while to get used to it and I had to think birdy thoughts. Which

made it a little hard to turn back, yeah," Oliver admits, climbing to sit on one of the rocks. "Yeah, focus on who you

are…what you are. What makes Diego. What you look like, what you like to eat, maybe a favorite smell or something…"

<FS3> Diego rolls Shapeshifting: Good Success.

"Ah, I think I don't have that issue. I've mimicked flying before. And I talk all languages, so it isn't hard to think like a

bird." He suggests. Starting to really focus on what makes him into himself. Taking a long moment. It seems that what Oliver

said really does help as the feathers slowly falls off and the body grows. Since his shifting isn't magical it is slightly

grotesque. The breaking of bones and the growing from within. At first the context seem less like flesh and bones and more like

bark as he starts to look like a wooden statue, then the bark slowly breaks and peels off as the wooden form start to breathe.

"Damn." He offers. Grinning over to Oliver. "At least I'm back." After a moment realizing that he's naked. "Crap. Forgot about

that. I'll have to talk with the school about my suit. Perhaps there is something to allow it to shift along with me." Or he

just need practice to allow it to be transformed along with the rest of him. "I think people might look at me odd if I walk

around like this."

Oliver can't help but grimace and shudder at the transformation. His is fast, almost like he just flips a switch from one form

to another, but this…way too much information! Gaah! It takes a minute for his gorge to go back to where it's supposed to be

but he finally turns to a naked Diego. "Ah! Uh…oh, man. Uhm…" he looks around and then down at himself. There's a moment's

consideration before he takes off his pants, revealing a pair of silk boxers beneath. "Here. I mean, I don't care, but I think

everyone else might. They might not fit well, but…" they're something? At least they're also silk and flowy with an elastic

waistband. In case he needed to shift, of course.

It takes only a moment before Oliver seems to be wearing a pair of jeans; 'seems' being the operative word.

Diego does take the offered clothes. "Thanks. And I think I can make the transformation itself go quicker once I have the hang

of things." Once he's got pants on him he nods. "Thanks again. Should we head back to school? I can try and get my own clothes

and you can get the pants back. I'll go look for my other clothes tomorrow. I am sure they are not going to be taken in the

forest." He offers and chuckles.

"Just…don't do a transformation if someone can see you," Oliver advises. "Not until you get it faster." Guh. Not much bothers

him but that was weird. "Yeah, let's get back and no worries about the pants. They're handwash though." He looks down at his

'jeans', "I don't wear them very much anyhow. Only when I work since that's sort of a health hazard."

"Ah, will do." Diego agrees about his transformation. "Is it really that bad? I thought it almost seemed like being born." Which

doesn't really make it sound better perhaps. As for him not wearing it much, he raises a brow. "Ah. Perhaps I'll do that as

well, once I learn it. That's a nice trick. Though yeah, know what you mean with health hazard."

"It was like…a bird turning into a man but watching the bones and muscles change too. I don't think it was being born, but

more like some weird…I dunno. It was a bird turning into a man, man." That's all he can really describe it as. Oliver gives

another shudder but then he looks down at himself, "Yeah, I've been using it for a little while. Saves on laundry and then I can

at least sort of be wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I got tired of wearing sports uniforms all the time."

Diego laughs and nods. "Perhaps I can learn to control how the transformation works. It feels like I could have control over

that. And over limbs, but it's way to hard." He admits, shrugging again. "Yeah… I used to just kick my clothes off and run

into the woods when I was younger." He admits and chuckles. Moving to Oliver to be able to head back. "Boat or just head out

into the sea?"

Oliver looks to the sea and then back to Diego, "Maybe you shouldn't turn into anything more until you get some more practice?

Or rather…turn into something more humanoid? Like an Orangutan or something?" But that won't get them across the water. "Maybe

a boat? If I could turn into a mermaid, maybe I could drag you…" he tilts his head, "I could maybe turn into a dolphin and you

could hold onto my fin?"

Diego grins and nods, "Yeah, not transforming. Though I can still mimic the water running lizard, or some swimming animal or

bird." He offers. Grinning about a mermaid. "That would be awesome though." Though when dolphin riding is offered, he nods.

"That would be awesome! I could stand and surf on the water behind you."

"All right…I can do that. I've been a dolphin more than a few times…although a mermaid would have been amazing. One day

maybe." He gives a sigh then before stepping into the water. Obviously, Oliver wasn't wearing any other cotton for he shifts

easily into a Dolphin and chirps for Diego to join him there. They might take a scenic route back to the school.

"You should try asking Anna about it." Diego suggests. Nodding at the chirps. Able to understand the dolphin with no issues.

"Let's go." He says and smiles. Gripping onto the fin while stepping on the water. "Whenever you're ready."

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