(2016-06-28) New Kids
New Kids
Summary: Derek is stuck in summer school, meets a few of the students who will be attending come fall, one here for training, the other an early check in by his militant father
Date: 2016-06-28
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The last place he wants to spend summer, Derek is literally stuck in the school on Tuesdays, at least during the day. He is in summer school, to make up Junior math. Anyone may notice this due to the math book he has and the notebook in his lap. He's chosen a bench on the Admin level to sit and write up some notes in his book before class. He will soon be trapped for four hours, extended periods for summers school. At least now, he's busy and quiet. Jealous of all the other students on summer vacation, still in disbelief some students took remedial on purpose, or college prep even, over the summer. Okay, remedial he can get, for new students and exchange students, the school was oriented on college prep and they may have to catch up, but volunteer to do summer classes. Something he thinks about while finishing up homework, his blue ink pen scrawling chicken scratch on the paper, at least numbers are easier to read. Finally he lifts a hand and shakes out the cramps he feels, looking around with a sigh, trapped here on a glorious summer day.

Schuyler has been sitting in the area with his sketchbook, watching and drawing the sea life that come into view. How many opportunities has he had to do such a thing thus far? None! Since he actually woke up in a decent mood, he decided to take advantage of the fact that he can observe and sketch sea life in their natural habitat while dry and in the safety of an oxygen-laden facility. So there he is, wearing his customary Black until he's told he can't anymore, and intent on the octopus that has, likewise, taken an interest in him.

He thought he was alone at first, until he did finally look up and there is some kid sketching some octopus. He is baffled this, not sketching something, but here in school. Of all places. A sigh, he sits up and closes his math book, a light thud, but it livens up Derek just a little to not think about math for a little bit. "Yeesh, I didn't know they had art summer school going on. I hope I don't fail that." Still needs it as an elective most likely. He does stand up, leaves homework behind to go and maybe look to see how the drawing is coming, unless Schuyler is protective of what he draws.

Was he aware that there was someone else in the room with him? Maybe. He does tend to get wrapped up in his art and with his attempts at keeping his new mental shields in place, it's quiet possible that he didn't notice the older student studying. How could he when there was a live octopus posing for him! The thud of the book likewise goes unnoticed. It isn't until the idea of the voice brushes his mind that he gives a little start and realizes that someone might be addressing him. The sensation of someone looking over his shoulder confirms that but he neither hides the sketch nor turns immediately. Instead, his own mental voice reaches out, «If you scare the octopus, I might have to kill you.»

Taking in the glance, it looks good, Derek may even compliment the drawing. That is until his mind is breached by that voice. A slight pause, a startle, at least internally as it comes to him, then it dawns on him its the other kid making the drawing. A brow lift, he looks from the sketch to the octopus that is hanging out. So, much like the instantaneous voice to his head, a thought from Derek sends an orange bubble around the octopus, keeping it where it is. If its on or near the window, to keep it close there. "Now, it ain't going anywhere." A beat, "I'm not attacking you blindly with my energy, maybe use consideration before entering my brain." Maybe a reverse of the idle threat, the other kid could pinch his mind or something, but he could instantly create orange energy constructs that are deadly, or just zap with orange energy.

So much for waking up in a good mood. At the words that come to him, Schuyler gives a sigh and puts down the pencil and sketchbook that were in his hands. Grey eyes do flicker to the orange bubble around the octopus and there's a frown before he begins to sign. He isn't speaking with his mind to accompany the ASL, but he does watch the other as he tries to speak with him -without- using his mind. Let's see how that works.

A pause, Derek takes a moment to ponder this one out. He may put up an act, but he is smarter than most kids might give him credit for. "Ah, that makes a difference, I didn't know." More just a simple fact from Derek, but he clarifies, "The whole killing thing made it seem like showing off." Which, if the kid picks up surface thoughts or emotions, is what he would do if he had mental abilities and really did want to threaten someone. "Sort of got me thinking it was all a threat." Then a shrug from him, still not sure, but easy to forget at least, its Derek. "Nice drawing by the way." Offhanded, missing some luster he would of said it with before, but the whole reason for his intrustion on this day.

Two benches, near portals with views of the water, one with an octopus nearby. That one has Schuyler, sitting and having recently drawn the octopus. The other not far away has a closed mathbook and Derek's notebook, the senior to be stuck in summer school for math to assure he can be a senior this coming year. Derek standing looking over at Schuyler who is silent other than recent hand gestures, Derek talking to him just the same.

"You'll probaly see a dozen more out of your room window." He says it, normal Derek, just blunt and no concern, then a pause. He can hear Daxton or Felicia saying he's being inconsiderate or something. "Yeah, I can let him go …" Which he does remove the organe bubble out there in the water. Its not something that changes the atmosphere or makes a noise, the octopus is still going about its business, it may have started clinging to the bubble, but its less startled at least. "Not sure, I guess don't use the threat in there. Serious or not about being able to do it, it puts people on their guard that way. Just came to see what you're drawing."

It's goddamn summer, why is he here in the summer? Way before school starts? That's what Sebastian's unhappy expression reads, as he zombies his way down into the admin hub, lugging two duffel bags and a large backpack on his shoulders. Yeah, this borders on child abuse! Leading the way is a middle-aged Naval officer in full uniform, who is marching across the courtyard towards the registrar's office with only a briefcase in hand. Since the teen is be carrying all the luggage, and the Navy man ain't slowing down for him, Sebastian stops about halfway across the courtyard and calls out. "Sir! Can I just leave my shi… stuff here?" He glances around and spots the pair nearby. "Those guys can keep an eye on it. I don't wanna lug this crap all the way over there and back again."

The Navy man turns to eye the blonde kid, then barks back. "Fine. Stay there and don't touch anything. I will get your registration going." With that he turns and marches straight into the registrar.

«Great, so now I'm even being told how to think?» Yes, Schuyler is on the defensive, but who wouldn't be when you're told to ask permission before speaking? «You're the one who freaked out the octopus. And what, like you're really going to feel threatened by me?» He's young, not tall, he's not particularly strong-looking and he's dressed all gothy and drawing an Octopus. Not exactly the most violent-seeming types.

Maybe it's the sight of another coming into the Administration Hub that catches his attention and he turns to watch the kid struggle with the bags. Should he go help? Probably. Will he? Not in his current mood. He will, however, offer, «We'll watch it. Got anything good?» There's even a lift of humor to that question.

"I'm just saying, I don't respond well to someone saying they'll kill me," returns Derek, looking down over Schuyler, and shruggins, "Shit, I don't know, mind zotting. Maybe you do something where it fries my brain instantly. We're in a school full of kids that do crazy stuff all the time. I'm just pushing back," he says fairly honestly. He hears the ongoings of the other arrival with the military like parent, looks over, while furthering on Schuyler. He takes the reverse, "Nope, can't watch it, homework." So that the new kid does get time away from his father, which works either way as the man storms off. Watching the guy go into the office, he waits until he's gone, "Jesus, I'm dying to get out of school for the day, and I bet you're dying to get in here, more parental freedom." If there is anything good in the bags, he leaves that to Schuyler to ponder for the moment.

Sebastian makes a scowly face at the back of the Navy man, then heads for the nearest bench to dump his bags all over it… just as Schuyler's voice rings in his head. Unfamiliar with that, he stops, frowns, and glances around, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's coming from the boys nearby, especially when Derek speaks up (in a real voice). "Yeah, I got about a million bucks worth of gold bricks in there. Don't lose 'em." He quips and wanders towards them. "You guys go to school here?" Beat. "Holy shit man, does this school not have summer vacation?" Sebastian pauses to peer at both, before lifting a finger to point at his forehead. "And did one of you talk into my head?"

«Scratch that, I'm going to tattoo 'I'm Deaf' on my forehead. That should work.» Sky rolls his eyes but glances back over to the bags that obviously do -not- contain gold bricks. «Must be pretty strong if you're hefting around a million bucks worth of Gold. I didn't think it had a very good exchange rate at the moment.» He looks to Derek at the questions, «I'm guessing he does. I'm officially starting in the Fall but got here early to learn how to not have my brain explode. Useful things like that.» Not that it would really explode, but it's not the easiest to explain and he's not entirely sure anyone wants to even hear it. «You know ASL? Otherwise that's the only way I'm going to talk to you. Sorry.» Not sorry.

Yeah, we go to school here," or Derek assumes, as they're both here. "Or, will." Changes, as Schuyler responds that he will be coming next semester at least. He looks back at Schuyler though, before finishing answers, "Dude, see, your brain exploding and you're talking in our minds, how do we know our minds won't explode now if yours does that before you learn how not to explode it?" A slight pause, "Do you get tired of explaining, just a curtesy, hey its how I communicate might stop people from asking?" He shrugs though.

Then back to Sebastian. "Yeah, it has summer vacation, but like he said, he's here for some sort of training, I'm stuck here in summer school. I'd probably make sure your dad doesn't sign you up for something remedial if you don't want to be locked down a day or two a week here."

Sebastian quirks a brow as Schuyler explains his telepathy… telepathically. The rest of it? All fluff. Most people might freak out that this kid here can think straight into their heads, but not Sebastian. Oh no. "Oh really?" He studies the younger boy with keen interest. "So like, you could hypothetically stand outside of a classroom and read me… er, someone all the answers to exam questions?" See, that's using his head.

Derek's helpful advice grabs Sebastian's attention next. "Well the Navy wants me here early for some kinda training too. At least my brain's not gonna explode." He frowns and looks around the place. "Bitchin' place though. Got surfin' around here? Or is the water too cold?"

«It's not really going to explode, but I'll get overwhelmed.» A lot less exciting and interesting and it reveals a weakness. 'Exploding brain' just sounds better and it's a lot less wimpy. Sky gives another sigh, «You do realize that any explanation, courtesy or not, will be made telepathically? It sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? And do -you- ask permission to talk to someone?» That's the crux of it - not being treated fairly just because he talks in people's heads. It's…anti-mentalist thinking!

He then looks to the other new kid, «Hypothetically, yes. But they've already decided that I'm not allowed to take tests in the same room as the other students and that I'm to be mentally blocked from doing such things.» He'll let Derek answer about the water.

That gives Derek a moment of pause. The ponderance, as if he has to answer it. So he does, "Nah, but people can walk away or ingore me if I talk. Your sort of just in there, in our heads. Like, are you reading our thoughts?" Its an honest question, but could be rhetoric, so Derek finishes with a shrug. Maybe no real answer, just it caught him off guard, a little more used to it. Then a look to Sebastian, "I think they surfing is better here when there is a storm out in the ocean. But you could probably ask someone to make you waves somehow. I bet someone could do it. Probably my roommate." Though he doesn't know, the two seem to quietly ignore each other, or never be around when the other is. Water is good now, for summer weather, but it was cold up until like June." Which was now. Another math flunky shows up, Derek says, "Give me a sec," then goes over to the other kid, some girl. Asks if she has the answer to #9, she does, so he'll copy, then ask if she has the answer to #10, and so on.

Sebastian's gaze follows Derek as he wanders off to talk to some girl — and it's the girl who grabs the blonde kid's attention for a good half minute, before he turns back to Schuyler. "At least there are girls here." He adds with a shrug of both shoulders. "Bit of a buzzkill to get mentally gagged, ain't it? Oh well, that idea was worth a shot." He takes a few steps back towards the bench, where his luggage are dropped on, plops down and lies down on it for a rest, head on his backpack. "Man, I so need some rest after ten hours of travel time."

Schuyler was afraid of how all this would turn out. He knew that it would just end up with him being ostracized. Not that he doesn't invite some of it, but four more years of it doesn't sound too exciting. There's another sigh as he answers truthfully, «Technically, yes. Because I can't hear you talking so I'm picking up the thoughts of what you're saying. If you think of a killer bunny rabbit while you're talking to me, then I'll pick up on that too, maybe.»

When Derek walks off to talk to the girl he also follows, but his eyes aren't really for the girl right now. Or the guy. He's not quite there…still a little uninterested in the whole idea of it. «Did you come from an all Boy's school? Where did you come from then that's ten hours away?»

Sebastian is lounging and relaxing, but that doesn't mean he's ending the conversation. "Virginia." He answers easily. "The flight itself was like three hours, but gawd there were a crapload of transfers and riding around in a humvee and bus and that ferry." He pauses and turns a lopsided grin at the younger boy about the first question. "All Boys' school? Hell NO. That woulda been a real nightmare." Chuckle, chuckle. "I just figured when you let the Navy pick a school for you, it's gonna be all boys or all girls. You have no idea how happy I am that I was wrong."

Schuyler finally does turn so that he can better converse with the boy not talking to the math student. He may be able to mentally communicate, but he's used to watching others. «Why is the Navy choosing a school for you? And why would they choose an all-girl's school?» He looks the other boy up and down as if searching for something that might say he can switch forms. «If you have powers, this is kind of -the- place to go.»

Sebastian turns his head and peers at the other boy. "They would if you're a girl. Cuz, y'know, US military, it's all about gender segregation. I wouldn't complain if they sent me to an all girls' school but I think the school will object." Propping himself up on his elbows, he puts more attention back on Schuyler again. "Nobody's heard of this place until they get freaky powers. I sure as hell didn't, till like a month ago. And now I'm here, ready to be trained into some Navy monkey project. Whoop-dee-do."

«I knew about it before I got mine, but that's because my parents went here. I have a cousin here now and my older brother is also here.» He might be a little smug about that. Maybe. «This isn't a Navy school so they have no say in how you're trained.» Sky finally uncurls himself from the bench and walks over to the other, offering a hand. «I'm Schuyler but everyone calls me 'Sky'.»

Sebastian eyes the offered hand, then lifts his own, curled into a fist. "Fist bump, dude." Because handshakes are too old-fashioned and stuffy for this guy. Assuming Schuyler catches on, fists are bumped and a grin curls his lips. "Sebastian. Bastian. Troy. Take your pick." Beat. "This might not be a Navy school, but that guy in the Navy uniform? He's my dad. He gets to say how I'm trained." That's another pause as Sebastian gives the kid a once over. "So where you from?"

Schuyler arches an eyebrow but does change his greeting to a fist-bump. «Which name do you prefer?» is asked before he glances off towards the direction the Navy Officer went. «He may get to pick your classes, but that's not going to mean all that much. It's not a military or military-affiliated school. That and when he's not here, he's not in control, right?» There's another bit of a smile before he goes to lean against the window opposite the other. His arms fold at his chest and he answers, «We have an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Technically somewhere between Florida and Bermuda. Mom's Italian, Dad was born in the same place.» Are they American? Who knows?

Sebastian considers for a moment. "Sebastian." He decides. "I think it's time to give my first name another go." He doesn't go and explain what that means… probably because he considers it irrelevant. "And I'm not worried about my time at this school; it's what happens after graduation, cuz I'm fully expected to join up." With the Navy, of course. "So hey, your family has an island? Is that part of the U.S.? Cuz if not, can you grant me asylum in a couple of years?"

Schuyler nods, filing away the preferred name. «All right, then, Sebastian. And I hear you. I don't know if anyone in our family ever went into the Military. Maybe back in the day…I mean, the earliest ones were Knights, so I guess that counts?» He shrugs then but does break out into a grin at the questions about the islands. «International waters and if you ask nice enough, sure! We certainly have plenty of room. You just have to be ok with…well, weird stuff.»

Coming back just then, grinning, as Derek has all the answers. "Sebastian?" He heard just a little, maybe Schuyler did limit that thought stuff, respectfully to just Sebastian while he was off, he doesn't catch all the conversation. "A couple years off, now we're talking. If I was like freshman or sophomore, I'd take a couple. But one year and I'm free, I'm headed for the goal line." He just makes up conversation as he returns, his homework now mysteriously finished, thanks to her.

"Isn't that why we're /here/?" Sebastian points a finger around the place and grins right back. "Get used to the weird and freaky stuff?" And then Derek's back, who gets an upnod after catching his name. "That's me. What's your name?" The blonde kid asks, leaning to the side a bit to peer past Derek as the math girl. "And how'd you get her to just hand over all her goodies?"

Schuyler glances around, «You think this is weird?» but he then shrugs as Derek returns. «If you really want asylum for a couple of years, we can talk.» He's sure they'd be fine with that, actually…the question is, would Sebastian be fine with the Masters? Grey eyes shift back to Derek, «Not college bound then?»

"Freedom bound," returns Derek, towards Schuyler, "I can only take so much school. Folks will be disappointed, they'll live." A shrug at that though, no college for him, not for now at least. A ponderance of Asylum for a few years, maybe considering, who knows. But a grin to Sebastian, "Totally. Well, I asked her nicely, and I let her copy some history. It was good enough to get a C for both of us then, I figure this is pay back." Even if a C in math, he'll take it. "I'm Derek. Totaly weird and frieky stuff, some of the stuff these kids do is mind blowing." Forget, he's a kid too, one of them. "You guys know what team you're gonna be on, or waiting it out to see what you like best?" Not sure what they knew before they got here of course.

Sebastian spares a smirk at Schuyler. "Maybe not. You haven't been to my old school — I bet /that/ is a lot weirder than this place." Ohhhh the stories he can tell about his old stomping grounds. Sitting up and tilting his head at Derek curiously when he talks about 'team', Sebastian senses this is something important to his future social life here. "Whaddaya mean, team?" He queries. "I, er, used to be on the football team…"

Schuyler has a brother here…Derek may even know him. He also has Aviva, his cousin. «Ares. It just seemed to be the best fit.» He then looks back to Sebastian, «They group us into teams…for training purposes and the like. Athletics and all that are extracurricular.» Even as a freshman, he seems to know a bit about the school's structure.

«I…» he starts, but then glances off to the side. He scrunches up his nose before moving to retrieve his pen and sketchbook, «Sorry…my sister's calling. See you around Sebastian…and Derek…» since he caught the name as it was offered to the even newer kid.

A nod in agreement with Schuyler before he takes off, "Later Schuyler." Its offered, not the best start, but who knows. And he will be Ares, so best foot forward, teammates. Derek then turns back to Sebastian, "Yeah, exactly that. Training and stuff. We don't have football, no one to play, we'd have the advantage. We have our own sport, Arena Fetch. Like a mix of soccer and football and hockey I guess. If you like to rough others up a little, let off some tension, its pretty fun. But there is Ares, which is us, sort of free, daring, and stuff. They have Athena, they're all about, I don't know, laws and stuff. Metis, they're like the brainiacs, mischevious. Then Prometheus, the kids who don't get picked for anything else, I guess they're about caring and flowers and stuff." That's his view of the team at least.

"Sayonara, dude." Sebastian gives Sky a quick salute before turning his proper attention back to Derek as he explains the teams. Yeah, his descriptions of the teams take Sebastian straight back to LH High, and he squints a bit as bits fall into place. "Right, gotcha, you guys put actual labels to the cliques." He muses, holding up his fingers to count off each one. "So you got the A-Listers. The delinquents. The nerds. And… I guess everyone else?"

"Absolutely," a pause from Derek thought, "Well, maybe not so much cliques. I mean, damn, if we could get that Koa kid on Ares, he'd probably be killer on defense. There are some cool kids on Athena too." A pause, "A listers? Like, from TV or Hollywood? What, are you saying Ares is the delinquents." A pause, he's trying to piece it all togehter, "ANd yeah, everyone else is in Prometheus. Or the ones that can't decide. I mean, they'r all pretty cool, its more what the teach I guess, what you can get from training." He chews on it, "Like Ares, I assume we would just jump in and do something, half to help or whatever, but the other half, cause its awesome. But not everyone does that. Though, for us, its all for one, you know. Not everyone wants us, but we have each others backs. I might not like Daxton, but I have his back. Anyone comes at him, I'll deck them, no second thoughts. Doesn't mean were like besties or whatever."

"Huh." Sebastian looks thoughtful at all of that. "That's… kinda tricky. We get to choose our team? Or is that assigned? Cuz I dunno where I'd go. Except… definitely NOT NERD." He leans forward on his knees and smirks. "No offense, dude, but you said 'free and daring' and 'jump in and do something'… sure as hell sounds like delinquents to me. And don't underestimate A-Listers: they're scarier than anything you'll run into. They are capable of destroying you over and over, mentally and socially, and end all intelligent life on the planet."

"You can choose, see, you're supposed to pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Cause you train with them the whole time you're here. You can change, but its like mountin of papers to do so later. Pick a good one now." That or grow into it, Derek looks more at Sebastion with his talk of A-Listers, "Sounds devious, more like Metis. I think in Athena, its about justice. They walk around high and mighty, but no way they're in control of anyone." A beat himself, "Or, are they?" Conspiracy afoot now. "I don't know, mental control sounds like someone in Metis to me." But he shrugs, he only knows Ares. "Yeah, we might be delinquents, but we're the good sort. We do hold the record for detention." What, that furthers the delinquents thoughts Sebastian put out there.

"Thanks for making my point for me!" Sebastian snorts a laugh when Derek all but confirms Ares are delinquents. "But, huh, if those are the only choices I have… I ain't no A-List. Definitely not a nerd, and I don't wanna be a nobody. I have this feeling I'm gonna end up with you guys, delinquent or not." He muses. "So what's it like on your team? There's no one who's all rah-rah team-spirit-crap, is there?"

"Oh yeah, we're all like that," grins Derek, than shakes his head, "Nah, you hang with us when you can, do you're own thing. Just, we try to look out for each other is all. More like, no one can mess with us, except each other." A curious way to band together perhaps, but it works. "Training is pretty fun, we try new things all the time. Arena Fetch if fun, don't have to be rah-rah with that either, its just fun to play. I don't even know if we have like cheer section." Cheer, or pep squad, or boosters (student boosters, he has no clue what adult boosters do for a school). "You said you played football, you might enjoy it."

"Yeah well… the football benches loved me, but I'll check on this… Arena Fetch? I take it it's some sort of ball game." Sebastian bobs his head thoughtfully. "As long as I can do my own thing and no one's gonna ride my ass about doing team stuff, I'm cool with it. And you two sound cool." Beat. "So, lots of detention, huh? Not sure how I feel about /that/."

"Nah, we go out sometimes for camping and stuff, or to help Daxton, but not like the whole team," returns Derek on the topic of all for one and that business. "Rock your thing, hang out if you like, cruise the dorms if that's your thing too. I don't like homework, but if that's your thing, I won't bother at all." Assuming its in his room, cause common room is fair game for being disturbed of course. "And if you just like doing your own thing and surfing, have at it. Felicia might surf come to think of it, we should ask her about that."

"Maybe it won't be so bad here after all." The blonde kid notes aloud. Maybe he's trying to convince himself of that! "Ha, you think homework it's my thing? I'm not sure where you got that, bro, but… try again. That's like my least…" He is cut off when Navy dad suddenly calls out from across the floor. "Sebastian! Pick up your things. We are going to your quarters." The man is out of the registrar's, with some paperwork in hand.

And the blonde boy practically jumps to his feet and hurriedly grabs his luggage. "Guess I'll catch you around, dude." He mutters to Derek.

A grin, Derek shrugs, "Just checking." On homework, his least favorite thing in school as well, after being in school. Then barking comes, quarters, something. Derek head nods instead to Sebastian, "Later dude. I'll keep an eye out for you." THen a grin, he turns to his own things. Homework down, but sigh, hours of summers class to make up for the slacking he did in regular school year. Summers could be rough.

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