(2016-06-27) Pro Third Wheeling
Pro Third Wheeling
Summary: Daxton and Rebecca 'hang out' in town, at the burger barn, Derek invites himself and is very professional about it
Date: 2016-06-27
Related: Some (Daxton & Rebecca leading up to this, the Burger Challenge log by Felicia and Annaliesa)
NPCs: Sweet Old Lady
Scene Runner: Mutaul

Summer is now more officially underway. Not that Derek is off summer school yet, he has to finish that math class. But, technically, last week was the Solstice, so the season of summer is official in the US. Derek was out in the town. At the Burger Barn. He's just ordered two of the double large type cheeseburgers. He usually doesn't eat so much, its more a matter of building up his stomach. He just had to win a shirt. So, two doubles and a milkshake, something to fill him up. There he is at the end of the line, which is near where everyone is coming in. That uncomfortable spot for some, where one doesn't know if everyone is waiting for an order, or the next cashier. And the waiting ones look up at the menu sometimes, making it a slight gaggle during busy lunch hours sometimes. Its end of lunch, no one in line, just him and some old lady waiting for their meal. THey have just announcd, "Two Doubles and a Strawberry shake.' Same time, he and the old lady, "Mine." He looks at her, "What, you ordered two …" She corrects him, "Deary, its mine." The ares boy looks mifffed, no way she has two burgers, and he's not eating whatever scraps she ordered. The moral delimma …

The door opens and Dax holds it for Rebecca, "Sorry…I thought the movie started later." Seems if they're going to catch whatever movie he's talking about, some other plans won't happen. "We'll get wings next time?" At least he hopes there will be a next time. The speedster is for once not in a LightHouse Pizza shirt, instead it's just one of the thrift store ones he picked up and jeans. His wrist watch is on as usual though, never leave home without it. "Burgers are good though, right?"

"Burgers are great. The spicy challenge can wait for next time!" Becca nods and steps through. True to her word she put on one of her silk mandrine collar dresses. The pattern isn't very traditional. It's a western floral pattern. "Maybe don't want to have to sit through the movie hating our selves for a spicy lunch anyway." She shrugs and looks around curiously. Derek gets a friendly wave.

"Look, I'm sure you got a shake, but two burgers," Derek stays in the midst of the argument, the old lady has her hands on the tray, "Be a dear, get my a napking. I'm sure this is mine." He looks hopeless towards a burger clerk, they don't care, they want to do their time and get off, and a paycheck, for doing as little as they can. He turns for help, ah, two familiar faces. He waves, "Hey you two, going for the t-shirts today? I would try, but this was training round and the hag took my food." He points at the little old lady loaded up with burgers, some fries, and that large milkshake. The only order left is a single burger, side salad and small shhake. Clearly a mix up.

"What's that deary," she calls back, he look over, "I said, I hope they bag my food …. I don't know if I can eat it all." A sigh, he's settling on light meal it seems, "I can get us a table." He doesn't think they might not want company, typical Derek.

Daxton chuckles, "True." He lets her step in front, scanning the room as they enter. He's a little paranoid, on several levels. bad guys, Kaylee, no surprises! "This will leave us room for popcorn." There would have been room anyway, it's popcorn. He starts to give Derek a nod, but then stands there dumbly as the other is in a conflict with a little old lady? And then he invites himself to eat with them. An eyebrow raises at Becca, he'll let her decide if they eat with Derek or not.

Looking up at Daxton, Becca smiles wryly and shrugs. "Derek is harmless at least. That old lady just gave him what for." She looks at Derek. "Poor guy, want an extra burger?" She asks before looking back up at the menu for herself. One of her hands brushes Daxton's arm as she asks "What are you gonna get?".

And if it wasn't for those meddling kids, Derek might of one the discussion with the old lady. Though he did put a napkin on her tray, even while his jaw was dropped at the audacity of her. He couldn't help but comply with her request. "Yeah," he'll gladly take another burger, "How else can I get a matching team shirt with Liesa and Felicia." Announced like everyone knows that news. "I still don't know how they beat this challenge." The Burger Barn 10 pound meal deal thing. A shrug though, he takes the light tray and grins, "Okay, I'll get us the circle booth before you know who claims it for herself." He gives Daxton a curious eye as he passes the boy, like, is this an item thing, him and Rebecca, then he even gives a thumb up, like Rebecca wasn't there. Approval, Derek style. He lets them decide, claims that table.

Daxton does not believe that Derek is harmless, at all. But that's a whole other conversation to not be had right now. So he nods, "Sure." Turning to him, "Yeah, grab a table…." But then Becca's buying him food? Or more likely Daxton is buying his teammate food. He smoothes his face and tells Becca, "Probably the Baconzilla one. It's pretty good." The touch to the arm seems to calm him and he offers her a small smile, and even eye contact! What's going on here?!?! A chuckle and Dax blows the lid, well, what he's assuming, "They cheated. Fel shrunk the food." Duh. His expression shifts back to annoyance at the thumbs up. "Oh my god, grow up."

Laughing, Becca covers her smile with a hand. "Man. I think I'll just go with the classic cheeseburger." She shakes her head. "No pork for me." She looks up at Daxton and back to the menu. "Should we go halfsies? Or…how do we want to go about it?" She asks leaning toward Dax all good natured and relaxed.

"The what," exclaims Derek about the cheating, as if taken back by this development. "They cheated," how could they, Derek is so surprised. Though he is walking away, the fading thought as he continues to talk to himself, "They cheated and didn't even share with me." The moment of cheating. He is destroyed, for all of 30 seconds, until he gets to the table. He plans to eat just the one fry. Though by the time food is ordered and they get to the table. It will be gone, and a bite out of his burder. He will mostly wait for them, just a little head start is all.

Daxton pauses, and he frowns at Becca, "Is it ok if I eat bacon?" Is there some rule he needs to know about? Brush his teeth? He'll wait to order, just in case. "I got it." he invited her, after all. And has a job, what else is he going to spend his money on, savings? He orders, letting Becca place her own though, that would be weird. And then an extra burger for Derek so he does;t hear any complaints. Today's milkshake is peanut butter. He seems to be all over the place on favorite flavors. The meal is paid with all ones from his tip money.

"Oh, no. You're fine. Bacon away. I just can't eat it." Becca shrugs. "I mean-I guess I could. It's not like I'm a practicing jew anymore, but umm, huh. I guess I just am used to not eating it." She smiles at Daxton and shrugs. Cheeseburger with fries and a coke for her and she's stepping aside to let Dax pay and all that.

If Daxton was paying, and he knew it, Derek may have thrown in some bacon, just to be difficult. Ah, but he would of heard it, maybe he wouldn't of, the world will never know. He finds the booth, the circle one, good for groups of teens to enjoy group meals at. He sits along. "Can you pass the ketchup," calls a voice from a nearby table. His new friend, the sweet old lady. Derek eye rolls, "There is no ketchup bottles, you have to get packets." He grabbed more than enough, reluctant, he takes half of his and steps out of the booth part to give them over, "Here, here you go, ketchup." He sets them down nicely.

Baconzilla it is then. Daxton is secretly glad that's not a problem, it could be a deal breaker. They order and then move over to the table to join Derek as their food is made. Dax quirks a brief smile as the old lady keeps pestering Derek. maybe it's okay they ran into him after all. "At least the weather isn't too hot." Although he's glad he's got the day off, he's been running himself ragged. Pizza deliver is almost as hard as normal training!

"No, great weather." Becca agrees. "Great for teens and grannies alike it seems." She does her best to not look too amused at Derek's granny problem. It's just too good.

Keeping seats for his friends who will be there shortly, Derek has appeased the woman it seems. "I wonder what I did with my glasses," she says, as they dangle on the chain around her neck. "Jeese how'd you get here today," Derek is ponder, he swivels his rear around to get back on the bench. "They're on your necklace, right there." He points, rude and all, but he's helping. "Ah yes, wonderful." FInally, peace and quiet, "Oh, this isn't diet." She explaims looking at the ketchup. Derek looks at her dumbfounded, "Diet …. ketchup?" He doesn't believe it, but no time for an argument, "They're out of it, sorry, I asked already." Oh, he has wits, they are hidden, used to get out of work, not to help with school or being social. Ah, he dips his fries to eat some while the other two order food and await it to come up at the counter, or pour drinks from the selection machine.

Luckily, with no line and and several snickers as the employees watch the fiasco that is Derek vs. Granny, Daxton's order comes up. It could have also been the 2 dollars he stuffed into the tip jar that helped. The speedster grabs their food at normal speed and moves over to sit. Becca is given her food first, but then he calls out, "Hey Derek, got your other burger!" Maybe it's a life line to get him off the hook from the grandma. Or maybe he's trying to agitate her more, who knows? He did just give her Derek's name. He sits down next to Becca, letting his knee brush against hers under the table.

Pressing her lips together, Becca smiles and looks over at Daxton. She picks up a pepper packet to shake pepper over her fries. She must pepper everything! Sipping her cola, she offers Daxton a sip before looking over to Derek. "I never knew he was such a boyscout."

"What, no, … I'm not," a boyscout, who knows, but he does grin. "Thanks Daxton, I owe you a solid." Or Rebecca for putting in the request to Daxton for Derek. Either way, he has one side of the circle, not like the middle to try and separate them, he's good like that. And no more brow waggles or anything to Daxton even. "So, you kids out enjoying the weather?" Or was he asking, is this a date. Its an honest question, just hints of a grin in his smile. And kids, they're all nearly the same age really.

Daxton notes the pepper, so weird. he salts his own ketchup, heavily before taking the offered soda, "Thanks. You can have shake if you want." Clearly it's a date, they're sharing drinks! Derek gets a nod, but then an eyebrow raise, "Yeah, it's nice out." he's not going to give Derek any more ammo than he already has. "What are you up to, besides saving elderly ladies from boring lunches?"

"I guess we're enjoying the weather. It's good, as sunshine goes. What about you Derek?" Becca asks and tries the milkshake. "I need to expand beyond the realm of chocolate based milkshakes, that was good." She tells Daxton and works in her fries, bouncing her leg against his.

"Strawberry is a step up, I don't know if its better than chocolate though, I mean. Its chocolate, how can you replace that." Sure he completely goes with the milkshake conversation, thinking he should dip a free into his, that tiny little shake the old lady left him with. He gets it they're sharing, he doesn't reach over or anything for their shake. "Yeah, out enjoying the weather. Thought about the beach or something, but then burgers. How could I go wrong. Maybe try to catch up with Leisa later, do something." As if eating here wasn't doing something. "Maybe play some basketball, no powers even." Cause its easy to use his amulet to put the ball in the hoop. "If you two get bored later, you could come thow down mixed doubles."

Daxton's eyes flicker from Becca then to Derek and back. He's not making eye contact with the boy really, just more a quick glance. He picks up the giant burger he got and takes a large bite while they talk weather and plans. "We're gonna catch a movie." he gives a small shrug, reaching for some fries, "And i don't think I'm on Annaleisa's happy list." Dax is beginning to think he never really was. Or on very few people's to be honest. "Better to steer clear, ya know?"

"Maybe try Kaylee, Derek? She likes basketball." Rebecca offers and sips her coke before getting to her burger. "Do you think it'll be as cheesy as the first movie was?" She asks Daxon with an amused smile. She's curious.

"Movie, I don't know if I can trust you too together, off in a dark place, watching movies …" Not serious at all, but grinning. Derek makes quick work of his small fries. He reaches to open the burger Daxton bought for him, grateful, in his stomach at least. "Yeah, maybe. I try to do the same." Maybe he doesn't realize whose happy lists he is off of at the moment. "All summer to make it better." A bite, a chew, a swallow from shake straw, "Kaylee,yeah, maybe. I heard she has a partner or something too. Can still do doubles."

Yes, that's a game of ball he's okay to not play in. Dax shrugs, "Don't know. I didn't see the first." that was like, 20 years ago! He looks up though, as Derek teases them about the movies. "Seriously?" Blue eyes roll, but he drops it, instead eats his fries. Dax doesn't think the summer is going to make anything better. A quick glance to Becca, "Did she figure out the flower thing?" Everyone has heard about the flower thing.

"I don't know. I haven't spoken to her since yesterday at the beach. She and Violet went back to their dorm all suddenly." Becca shrugs and llooks at Daxton. "It's super old, the first one. My dad has it on vhs." She chuckles and works on her burger with a shrug at Derek. "I'm sure we won't be doing anything you wouldn't do." Admittedly, she doesn't know him very well so that might be a poor choice of words.

Old movie, the first, Derek has no clue what movie they are planning on, its their conversation. Other than a nod about being serious, or teasing, as he supports dark movie theatres for date adventures. He doesn't dip into the movie conversation though, until VHS, "What's VHS?" No, he knows, his parents probably have some too actually. There is a pause when Rebecca says she won't do anything he won't be doing, then he chuckles, has to swallow a burger real quick like. "Exactly why I can't trust you two." It may have been poor indeed, at least he doesn't elucidate on what all that could be. "I don't know what you two are going to see, but enjoy it, I haven't seen Daxton smile so much before." Which, technically hasn't been so much around Derek since the trio congregated at Derek's insistenc, but enough. Usually its all sour faces from Daxton, and Derek readily gives them back. He is even in good spirits, even if he's pushing the boundaries of teases.

Huh. Dax just nods, not going to wonder out loud anymore than that then about Kaylee's love life. He's distracted by the idea of the ancient VHS and laughs, "Do those even still work?" And then Becca says it, and Daxton blinks. He shifts uncomfortably, ready for the onslaught of comments that come from Derek. Who only gets a low, "Shut up."

"VHS? Sure. If you have the umm, it's not called a VHS player-what ever that's called." Becca shrugs and works on her burger. Under the table, Becca just hooks her foot behind Dax's and smiles up at him wordlessly.

A slight brow lift at shutting up, Derek takes the hint mostly. He takes a moment to finish the burger granted him by virtue of old lady argument and kindness of Rebecca. "The NASA rocket controller." He lifts a free hand and pushes at the table as if he was Data from The Next Generation. He means a console, surely they can play VHS tapes at Mission Control he implies. "Houston, we found the video tapes, uh, its not rewound, roger that, commencing rewind." He's seen them before, he knows when you put it in, you always have to rewind.

Daxton rolls his eyes more, but seems to relax. Maybe it's the food, it's more likely the calming foot hook under the table though. He rubs his neck briefly before nodding, "Yeah…I bet they have all that old junk tech at NASA. They're not doing anything else." No more people in space, right?

"Oh my gosh. We could go to a pawn shop right now and go buy one, probably even the tapes too." Becca points out and breaths into a smile. "You guys are crazy." she adds with an amused shake of her head.

"They're hitting each other with foam noddles in the park on Sundays. I've seen them out there, all the NASA guys, wearing like dresses or something." Tabbards and coats of arms he means. Derek is sure that's them, cause NASA has a branch in so many cities. "Oh, pawn shop, brilliant idea. Or radio shack, they have everything." He taps his nose even when Becca says pawn shop though, like he was trying to get everyone to figure out what he meant. He commences that small burger, in a bite, it wasn't a slider.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "Yeah, but why would we want to?" Pawn shop a VHS machine, that is? "That's the beginning to some awful teen horror movie, if ever." Derek's comments just make Dax head tilt, having no idea what in the world he could be talking about, "NASA's in Florida, man."

"Mmmmn. Want to? Dunno." Becca shrugs and smiles at Daxton. Derek gets a confused look from her too. "Foam noodles?" She looks at Daxton and shrugs. "Weird. Ohh, do you like horror movies?" she asks curiously.

"Yeah, sometimes I go out to play frisbee golf," admits Derek, "And there are guys dressed like King Arthur, hitting each other with pool noddles. Walking around with their arm behind their backs, or jumping on one leg." Not NASA guys at all. Derek nods his head, yes horror movies good, for date material, but no comments, Daxton asked him to shut up about it, he's respecting the moment. At least not by talking about it, he's still happily third wheeling it.

"That's not NASA." Daxton has no idea what Derek could be talking about. A shrug, "Yeah, I don't mind horror movies. They're fun. You?" He keeps eating, although he does give a glance around the restaurant, making sure it's all as it should be. Especially the old lady.

"Yeah. They can be fun. Not alone though." Becca nods and smiles. "You mean like those guys in Role Models?" Becca asks and frowns a little. "Ummm, what are they called-I know what you mean though. Nerdy." She nods and puts some of her fries on her burger, digging in.

"Same guys, different city." No, not at all, but in Derek's mind, the NASA guys all have glasses and play dungeons and dragons for fun. A grin to Rebecca, "Yeah those guys, Role Modelling in the park with pink and green noddles, like nerf swords or something." Derek does take all the wrappers and fry containers and combine them, crumpled wrappers in fry container, all his mess contained.

The old lady has a smart phone out, held right up to her thick bifocals. She is on face book, looking at silly meme comments regarding Trump and Clinton. She laughs and shakes her head, and two thumbs a reply to someeone, whaaaaat?

Derek stands up with his stuff, "You two have fun, enjoy the movie." He doesn't tease any more, actually that sounded serious, the have a good time deal. Like enjoy the summer, the time together, just have fun. "Basketball later, in the park, after the movie …" Not that he expects them to come after the movie, he expects other plans to come up in his mind. In fact. He should go find Liesa.

Daxton's not seen that movie either so he just looks between the two for confirmation, "King Arthur?" There was a movie about King Arthur hitting people with pool noodles? Bleu eyes blink and he focuses back on Horror movies, "Well, yeah. The fun is to be scared with someone." If Derek is behaving, so will Dax, he nods, "Thank man, catch ya later."

"Later Derek." Becca smiles at him as he gets up from the table and looks over at Daxton. "Next time we should see a scary movie then." She offers and polishes off her own burger with a few quick bites.


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