(2016-06-26) Ranch Fries Sure are Good
Ranch Fries Sure are Good!
Summary: Burgers, Shakes, revealed secret admirers and honest opinions.
Date: 2016.06.26
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Burger Barn
It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.
Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

Having spent the day in the forest Diego recently got back. Flip-flops on his feet, just so he doesn't run around barefoot. Having washed the feet in the water earlier. A black t-shirt and green shorts being worn as well as the warmth of the day has Diego seeking shelter, and food. Three cups of the largest drinks. One water, one coke, and one pear milkshake. A large juicy burger sitting in front of him as well, where he sit in his booth. Sweat running down the side of his face.

Annaliesa is all about the water, so when she had come across Diego washing his feet in the water, she had offered for him to buy her a burger at the best place in town for burgers. Surprise Diego! Sitting in front of him she has a large burger, (not the behemoth cause never again) but a pretty big one. A large drink and a small shake and tator tots. "You look hot Diego." She means it literally, the sweat and all, but realizes how it sounds and gives a goofy grin. "I mean sweaty."

Coral Springs can only contain so much sunshine on any given day. And today, Kaylee's levels of 'YAY!' were off the charts. Which meant she was getting on just about every nerve that existed in the school. So, at the suggestion (very, very STRONG suggestion) of some of the faculty, Kaylee has made her way in to town. She'd already meandered through just about all the places a lone teenager might meander when they've got more energy than they know what to do with. So now, after expending all that energy? She needs food! Which is what brings her into the Burger Barn, since she doesn't dare go to the pizza parlor, given their employee roster.
Kaylee had placed an order for herself- nothing as large as Annaliesa's, but she did get the fries to go along with her shake. No, really, she got a shake! Vanilla! It's true! And as she's carrying her tray, looking for some place to sit, she notices Diego and Anna sitting together. Waving in her overly-animated style, Kaylee starts heading that way. "Hey, guys! Can I come sit with you? Would that be alright?"

Diego doesn't seem to mind the company, so as they sit and Anna suddenly speaks, he raises a brow before chuckling. "Oh? Was worried that you tried to flirt." He teases her. Seeming in a better mood now than when she met him, as he was most likely agitated and maybe borderline paranoid. Havin drank a lot now and seeming like he's doing much better. Having his large burger and fries as well. Grinning and eating. Glancing over at Kaylee. "Hey! Of course, make yourself at home." He says and drinks more. The water empty now. "Ever find out about who gave you the flower?" He asks curiously. Smiling over at the newest arrival. Glancing back to Anna. "So, what else have you been up to?"

"You know I wouldn't flirt with you. I'm dating Derek." Annaliesa tells him with a soft laugh, shaking her head. "Well, this time it's like, official and everything. He even took me to Prom." Things like that was important! As Kaylee approaches, she gives a warm smile and sliiiides over, "Sure! Have a seat, tell me about what you've been up to today so I don't have to regale Diego here with my tales of a few summer 'booster' classes as the faculty are so fond of calling them."

Kaylee slides happily into the booth next to Annaliesa, setting her tray down and scooching in a bit. And there Diego goes, asking right off the bat about the flower! Kaylee turns bright pink and her head ducks down between her shoulders sheepishly as she smiles. "Um … yes, I found out about the flower. Thank you so much, Diego," she replies quietly, her eyes shifting between Diego and Annaliese from behind her glasses.
"Your boyfriend is very, very handsome, Anna," Kaylee offers. "Have you guys been dating for a whi- … oh … since Prom, then?" she asks. She then reaches for her milkshake and starts trying to take a drink from that, preempting her from needing to explain anything more about her whole 'flower bandit' situation.

Diego raises a brow, nodding slowly. "I see. Wasn't sure if you both made up completely." He says shaking his head. Not getting into all that. Just suporting his friend. Offering a smile to her. Raising a brow. Not asking her, unless she wants to tell him. "He's weird." Perhaps not the biggest fan of Derek still. MAybe if he get to spend more time with the guy.

The flower? Annaliesa gives a curious look between the two, interest lighting her eyes. Curiosity coming forefront also, but she tries to tamp it down and focusss. Still, the blush isn't missed. Nope! "You have a secret admirer?" Yep, she is latching onto that one. As for her and Derek are elaborated on, she grins. "A little before prom. We met before I started going to school here.. but then he had another girl. They broke up and all and he asked me out." It's complicated, really! She grins at Kaylee. "Oh yes he is! So very, very handsome. And he has the greatest smile." Dramatic sigh, swoon. Diego gets a wry smile. "Thanks for talking to me and stuff during all that mess. He's not weird. Just.." She's at a loss for an appropriate replacement word. "Just an Ares," she suddenly inputs.

Kaylee giggles at the description of Derek as 'just an Ares.' "Do they faculty PURPOSEFULLY sort all the moody boys who don't know what they want or what's good for them into Ares? And how come all the girls are so attracted to them?" she asks, snickering. But, then Anna is probing about her secret admirer and Kaylee grimaces and ducks her head again, trying desperately to avoid the subject. "No … no secret admirer …." ANYMORE! But, she doesn't add that, she just trails off and tries to distract everyone with a bit of misdirection! "Boy, these ranch fries sure are good!" Look! She's holding up a distraction! The fries indicated are then popped into her mouth before she goes back for the straw. Yup! Can't talk! Mouth busy! Try again later!

"Seems straightforward. He was clinging on you then met another girl, gets dumped and goes back to you." Diego says and shrugs. "Sorry, just don't want to see you hurt again." He says and sighs. "And no worries, that's what friends are for, right?" He says and smiles weakly. Grinning though as the conversation turns to flowers. "Yup! A girl! Maybe her roommate?" He suggests. "Seems like the one that would most easily leave such a gift." Raising a brow about secret admirer, "Glad you found out who it is then." Drinking some of his milkshake.

"He dumped her." Annaliesa interjects to Diego as she listlessly stirs around her straw in her strawberry shake. "Thanks though, for worrying and caring." Leaving it at that, deliberately, she smiles to Kaylee. "I think so. I'm Ares too, but I'm not moody at all. And I admit all the Ares guys are really cute. Dax and Dwayne too. Triple D. Derek, Daxton and Dwayne. We've nicknamed them that." At the guess from Diego, she looks to Kaylee, curious. "Oh! A girl?" It had never occurred to her that it would be. "Was it your roomie? Felicia is my bestie, but she'd never give me a flower."

Kaylee makes a face at the mention of Daxton and shakes her head. "Derek is pretty cool. I don't know Dwayne. Daxton …," she trails off, frowning. But, if you can't say something nice! When Diego just keeps on blabbing about it, Kaylee sighs and just gives up, flushing a nice, bright pink color. "Oh my gosh, Diego! You're not helping!" she chides. Then she tucks some hair behind her ears and shrugs in a sheepish manner, smiling at Anna. "Yeah, it was Violet. My roomie. She … had a crush on me. Has a crush on me. … is it still a crush if she actually asked me out?" Kaylee asks, a little puzzled over the minutiae. "But … yeah. She didn't tell me right away, but … she told me yesterday. So … yeah," she trails off, so shy when it comes to talking about it!

"Which isn't really better." Diego points out, sighing. Though letting the conversation turn then. Grinning about the others. "Not talked much to Dwayne. Dax is cute though, I suppose. Though grumpy." Then his attention is on Kaylee. Chuckling, "Sorry." He says and tilts his head. "Ah, I see. Hope it all worked out." He says with a smile to her.

That's about all the mention Annaliesa gives about Daxton. It's not such a fond look she wears when Diego mentions him, and she catches that whole trailing off Kaylee did too! Still, the Ares guys are forgotten in the confession and she gives Kaylee a look of anticipation. After a moment, she finally inputs. "Well! Did you say yes!?" Cause she's curious!

Meep! Kaylee is like, so close to just obfuscating and disappearing on them! But, that would be pretty awkward here in public, so she doesn't. She even manages to not let the pink in her skin start glowing off of it. But it ain't easy! "Yeah, I did," she admits, and she can't NOT smile when she says that, because she is actually pretty ecstatic about it. "So yesterday we started dating. Except … we haven't really been on a date yet. As a couple, I mean. We haven't even really talked about it. But we're going to! And we're NOT doing anything naughty with each other, even though we sleep in the same room. And sometimes bed. But it's just cuddling. Which we've done before. So it's not naughty at all. I just … I like to cuddle." She also likes to talk when she's nervous. Which seldom helps matters.

Diego doesn't say much more about Daxton either. Grinning as he listens to hear what Kaylee will say, how she'll answer Anna's question. Grinning and offers a hand to Kaylee, to offer a high five. "Glad things worked out well." He offers and grins widely.

Annaliesa understands and her expression makes it apparent she does. "Aww! That's so exciting! I'm really glad you're so happy. Maybe you and her can go on a double date with Derek and I sometime? That'd be so fun! We always just usually refrain from holding hands and all in front of people, cause we don't want to make people uncomfortable or anything, or make them feel left out. Maybe if we double date that'd make it easier for all of us." It's a suggestion! As she mentions naughty stuff, or the lack of it, but laying together and cuddling, she grins. "I wish I could share a room with Derek. I would!" Poor Diego, all this talk. She gives him a smile as she reaches for some of her food. "You could make it a trio if you bring a date Diego. Are you dating anyone?"

"You were holding hands at the beach yesterday," Kaylee points out, teasing just a little. At the thought of the double-date, she smiles. "Well, I can ask her, but I'd be up for that?" she offers. And then there's Diego. Kaylee looks over at him and then grimaces, scrunching her shoulders up again and reaching for more fries. "Sorry, Diego," she says quietly before stuffing her face.

Diego grins, "Maybe next time." He suggests about a trio. "No, net a the time." He admits but not seeming to mind too much. Raising a brow. "Why?" He asks as KAylee is apologizing, not following really.

"We were, yeah. Mostly because there were a lot of other people around and people wouldn't notice as much I think. Felicia just seems to get upset by it, so we just don't when we're around her. She's just being protective of me is all, and I get that." Annaliesa looks at Diego with a grin, "Kind of like Diego here does." Eating some more of her food, she follows it with a drink from her cup. "Sure, maybe next time. Or we could all just have a fun dance off at the dance place in town, that'd be fun. Can either of you dance?" She nods to Kaylee, agreeing. "Sure though, ask her it'd be fun."

"Well … because I didn't want you to feel bad that we were talking about our dates and you don't have one," Kaylee offers to Diego. "But I'm glad you're okay with it! And I'm sure you're gonna find someone. Both you and Koa. … though … Koa's gonna have to work on his romantic skills, if he wants to impress us," she says, smirking. At the mention of dancing, Kaylee smirks a little and shrugs. "Well I used to do ballet when I was little, but I don't know about Violet. But I'll definitely ask her!"

Diego grins an nods, "She's smart then." He teases, about Felicia being smart for worrying. As for dancing he nods. "Of course! Not great at it, but I know how to." He says and grins. Holding a fry and closing his eyes before plopping it in. Then doing the same to the burgr as he eat some more. "It's okay. I just try to understand all of that, and how it works." He says with a wide grin, fascinated with most things.

And then a light bulb goes off in her head. A terrible bulb that flashes an iridescent glow. "Diego," she says before she can stop herself. "You should ask Felicia out." Yep, she just blurted that all out there for everyone to hear and she can't take it back now. "I mean.. if you want to and all." She grins at Kaylee and offers an eager nod. "Sure, ask her, or we could just go out somewhere else, I don't mind."

"OoOo! Yeah, Diego! Ask Felicia out! You'd be perfect together!" … because they're both single. Which is really the only thing that Kaylee knows they have in common. But, aparently that's her idea of a perfect match, so! "And yeah, I'll totally ask Violet what she thinks!" And then there's a buzzing noise coming from Kaylee's pocket and she pulls out her phone. She immediately smiles and blushes when she looks at the caller ID and grimaces while she points at the phone. "Speak of the devil! I'm gonna sit over there and eat while I we talk! Sorry! Have a good day, guys!" she apologizes. She then answers the call and starts piling her food on her tray so she can move to another booth to sit and eat and not disturb anyone else with her phone call.

Diego blinks and for once actually seem speechless. Not having thought about that, "Ah, well… I'm not sure she'd actually agreed to it." He suggests. Nodding sagely at that. Raising a brow at Kaylee's words. "Oh? HOw so?" He says. Though before getting an answer she is running off. "Ah. See you around." He offers and waves, smiling to the girl. Then looking back to Anna. Tilting his head and raising a brow.

"Well, the worst she can do is say no and you're in no different predicament than you are now if she does. I mean right?" Annaliesa smiles, "You should totes ask. Once you date an Ares, you never go back." Or something. As Kaylee heads off, she grins. "Love is sweet," she says softly. "Thanks for dinner here." She's almost finished with her food.

Diego chuckles, "True. Though I don't really know her too well." He says and shrugs. "Asking just to ask doesn't seem fair to her." Even if he might like her if he actually got to know her better. Scratching his head some.

Annaliesa laughs softly. "What better way to get to know her than on a date?" Sure, she's happy in a relationship, everyone should be, right? "Why wouldn't it be fair to her? Maybe she doesn't want a boyfriend, but a boy friend.. well that's another thing. Someone to hang out with and stuff?"

Diego chuckles, "That's true. Though I mean asking her out without actually knowing how I feel. If she doesn't want a boyfriend is fine. It's worse if she does." He points out, shrugging. "She is nice though." He agrees. Grinning and nodding about someone to hang out with and such. "True. It would but fun. But isn't that what she has you for?" He teases.

"It's summer, I'm gone a lot. I'll be going back to Costa Rica in a bit, then we'll be going to see Derek's home too, in New York." Annaliesa confesses. "If you are both going to be around, you could at least hang out."

Diego nods, "I'll talk to her." He offers and smiles. "Hope you have fun as well. Sounds like a good time." He says and smiles. Finishing his food and milkshake. Downing the coke rather fast after.

Annaliesa eats at a more sedate pace, but she's certainly curious about the outcome. "Well text me and let me know what she says." She finishes up her food and collects her drink, rising. "I'll see you soon though, okay?"

Diego gives a thumbs-up. "Sure. See you around." He offers and chuckles. Not sure how it will go. Figuring he'll just talk to Felicia and get Anna off his back at the very least. Finishing his drink before moving to leave as well.

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