(2016-06-25) Kaylee Kisses!?
Kaylee Kisses!?
Summary: (WARNING: Mushy mushy log!) Kaylee and Violet have an honest discussion and Kaylee makes a deal.
Date: 2016-06-25
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Vi was probably quiet along the way at first - letting Kaylee, no doubt, do a lot of the talking, responding with short 'uh huhs', or 'yeahs' and a smile. She had her towel from the beach, sand-covered at this point, over her shoulder. And they were at the point where they were walking through the mostly-abandoned halls of the school, her chin lifted, her eyes tracking over the walls.
"It's kinda wierd, you know - with not many people here," she says.
"So I suppose you gotta know who's been leaving the flowers, then - I mean, you've figured it out already," she says, bringing black-painted nails up to kinda drag against the wall.

Kaylee was also fairly quiet, though she probably TRIED to make small talk. But, with the limited responses, it was difficult and awkward at best, until Kaylee finally just gave up. Until now. Kaylee's eyes go wide and she blinks and immediately turns red, clasping her hands in front of her and looking down at the floor as they walk. "Well … I'm certain of who it's NOT," she offers, biting her bottom lip. "But … I mean … you had the rose, but … you didn't say anything. And I kinda thought … if it was you … and Tabby said, too, that you're more direct, too, so …. But … you didn't say anything … and you acted like it wasn't … and I trust you, so if you say it wasn't you, then I won't think it was," she offers, looking over at Violet out of the corner of her glasses.

"Tabby doesn't really know me," says Vi, taking a moment to glance over towards Kaylee. "I don't think she had a chance to. She was caught up in her own little… fantasy of me, I guess," she says, bringing up a hand to kinda wave it in front of herself, fingers spread. One of the other students, filing through the abandoned halls, looks at the two young women, and Vi gives them a wink and a fingergun.
"And that fantasy is a big ol' butch strongwoman, I think. Direct, proud, confident, and everything," she says. A handful of moments more, and she kinda brushes her hair over her eyes. They were nearing the dorms - Vi takes a stutter-step ahead, and opens the door for Kaylee.
"And she's half-right," she says, letting a wry grin touch her lips again. "What do you see me as, Kaylee?" she asks.

Kaylee blinks when Violet jumps ahead to open the door, almost mimicking her actions by tucking some of her own loose hair behind her ear. She pauses at the doorway, then ducks her head and murmurs thanks before she passes through. And then she chews on her bottom lip while she thinks about it. "Well, you're super strong. I mean, that's obvious, that's part of your powers, so duh," she starts. "And I think you're really brave. I mean, I've seen you in action, twice, and both times, you ran straight ahead, unafraid. And that was pretty amazing," she says, glancing over at Violet and blushing a little as she smiles. "But .. I don't think you're butch, at all. I mean, look at all the makeup! And you wear perfume, even if it is to cover up the smoking. And I really do wish you'd stop … I know you think it can't hurt you, but … I just …," she trails off, sighing again.
"See, that's the thing, Violet! Like, the way you protect me? And the way you watch out for me? And include me instead of pushing me away? I mean, I KNOW that I can be super duper annoying sometimes. I KNOW it, but I can't help it. But even when I'm bugging you, and I can tell that sometimes I bug you, you're NICE to me. Or, you at least aren't MEAN to me, even if you have to ignore me. You let me bug you. And you let me snuggle you. And bring all of my itty-bitty problems that I think are going to end the world to you, and you listen, and you snuggle me and you brush my hair and you make everything okay and you're so tender and gentle to me and you let me crawl in bed with you when I'm scared and you let me have a night light even though we're almost adults, and you never treat me like a baby even though a lot of the time I'm a great big one." And finally, Kaylee has to take a breath.

"But that's the thing, Kaylee. You're worth it," says Violet at that. At the bravery bit, she grins lopsidedly, tilting her head a bit to one side. "You do things - I dunno why you do so much for me - is it because you're afraid if you don't, I'll stop liking you? That others will too?" says Violet.
"But we like you because you're you. Yeah, sometimes your energy is up here…" she makes a high gesture with her hand. "And I'm down here…" contrasts that with a low gesture from her other hand. "But you're okay with that," she says then. "I /like/ being there for you. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference…" There they were at their dorm room, and Vi hits the button to pop it open, holding it open to nudge it shut afterwards. "…even if it's only in small little ways. Cuz I am a bad guy, in a great many ways, Kaylee."
"I stole, robbed, cheated people, and hurt them - especially after I got my powers. I'm my dad's kid, in a lot of ways," she says, tossing her towel in the hamper, and moving to throw on a t-shirt over the bikini. It works as a bra for a while, right?
"And I smoke. Got into it when I was 13," she says. "Wanted to be cool, with my little gang of losers, thieves, and thugs. But most of them are probably in prison or dead by now. And I should probably be there with 'em, but I can't be - because I'm a freaking zombie."
A handful of moments more - Vi kinda shuffles over to look over the ocean. "It's my last link with 'em," she says. A moment of quiet. "…I left the flowers," she admits, voice low. Soft. Downturned.

"No!" Kaylee giggles when she's asked why she does things. "I do them because they need doing! I'm the same way at home. I used to help my mom clean my brother's rooms aaaall the time. You'll see," she says, warmly. But, then she listens to the rest quietly, nodding and fidgeting with her hands in front of her as Violet talks about having been a bad guy. She sits on the edge of her bed while Violet changes and keeps talking, watching her quietly, letting her say what she needed to say.
"And they were SO sweet, and so tender and so PERFECT," she swoons. "I NEVER thought anybody would … you know … LIKE me, like me. Not anytime soon, anyway. I'm annoying. And I meddle. And I get myself in way over my head and I don't know how to handle anything," she says. And then, she tucks some hair behind her ear and decides to be courageous, HERSELF, for once, walking quietly across the room. And, since Violet's facing the other way, she may not see Kaylee coming up behind her to wrap her arms around her tightly so she can rest her cheek on Violet's back. "DO you like me, Violet? Like, LIKE me, like me? Like, to date me?"

"I grew up in a trailer park, Kaylee. And I was lucky my mom was sober enough to pay attention to the place. I kinda feel comfortable in mess, I suppose," she says, bringing a hand up to kinda brush a long lock over her shoulder. A handful of moments, and she smiles in spite of herself, glancing out to the ocean as Kaylee gushes. "…thanks," she says.
"You deserve it. You deserve someone who will treat you nicely, I mean… so much of the shit that goes on out there is just… I dunno. People finding themselves. And maybe I haven't found myself yet," she says.
A beat, though, and she glances back over her shoulder as Kaylee gets courageous herself. A hand lifts, to rest against Kaylee's arm over her belly, giving her forearm a squeeze. "…I do," she says. "I really, really do, Kaylee. I'm not sure I love you yet, cuz love is something that builds. But you give me butterflies in my stomach, and I love seeing you laugh, and I hate seeing you cry. I loved… seeing how happy the flowers would make you," she says.
"But I know you're not really into girls, so. I just… love from afar, you know?"

Kaylee awwws and nuzzles into Violet's back when she says she likes her. But, then she's accusing her of not being in to girls? Kaylee mrrrrs at that and bites the back of Violet's collarbone at that. "I'm not into EITHER," Kaylee corrects, and then gives Violet a squeeze. "But I AM in to being treated like you say. And I'm in to getting flowers on my pillow. And I'm in to it being a secret, because you didn't think I'd be in to you," she offers. She sighs a little, moving to rest her chin on Violet's back.
"How bouts we make a deal?" she asks, moving her cheek up against Violet's. "Becca said that Daxton told her that there were three kinda kisses. One that takes, one that gives, and one that does both." And, if Violet's paying attention, she'll probably notice that Kaylee's beginning to blush very terribly. "So …," she trails off. And then she kisses Violet's shoulder. "There. I just took away all your Bad Guy Violet powers. And all the bad stuff you feel, and the stuff that makes you feel like you're still her? Gone. Spectrum just defeated Bad Guy Violet for good." Then, she moves over to Violet's other side and kisses her other shoulder. "And now? I just gave you new, Good Guy Violet powers. So now, you can always be Good Guy Violet, no more bad guy stuff. Anytime bad guy stuff starts to creep up? Boom. Spectrum already gave you power to beat it up. So now, just Good Guy Violet. … okay?" she asks, biting her bottom lip and nuzzling her cheek into Violet's back again as she glows super pink.

"I can tell you're glowing all pink, you know. But I'll call that the sunrise, or something," says Violet - her eyes half shut - a little smile dancing at the corner of her lips. The kiss at her shoulder, the bite at her collarbone. Beneath both, Kaylee can feel her shiver - and Vi turns her head to glance over her shoulder - and she can no doubt see the edge of her lip lifting up and smiling bright.
"Gone? You can't totally destroy those, even with the best kisses," claims Vi. "So you must have taken them for yourself," she says. "And uh oh, you're giving me powers?" says Vi, turning about - gently, if possible, so as not to dislodge Kaylee as she turns. Lifting up her hand, she hopes to catch her chin a bit, to lift it gentle like and smile down at her.
"So tell me, if I got your powers - what color am I glowing now, oh mighty Spectrum?" she asks. As it turns out, she was blushing very /very/ red.

Kaylee does let Violet turn around, and Violet will see that her eyes are burning bright blue, even if the rest of her is pink. When she asks Kaylee what color she's glowing, Kaylee tries very hard to duck her head- unfortunately, Violet's quite easily strong enough to prevent her from doing so, even with just the gentle crook under her chin. So, Kaylee just shrugs her shoulders way up and asks, very quietly, "… mine?" Because that's so totally the name of a color.

A handful of moments still, and Violet lets the moment slide, lets those words linger in the air. If Kaylee really wants to duck her head, Vi wouldn't stop her, but yeah - it would be like trying to duck one's head through a table. A handful of moments more, and Vi lets her gentle smile spark a little brighter.
"Yeah. Yours," she says, bringing up her hand to brush her fingers against Kaylee's cheek, and back to the back of her head.
Violet would lean in to kiss then. There were three kinds of kisses, Kaylee said. One that gives, one that takes, one that shares. Although Violet's kisses would taste of ash and oreo, there was something hidden in there. Something hidden in those tentative little explorations that she brings against Kaylee's lips. Something sweet, something soft.
Something that she gives, and that she asks - ever so politely - if it can be returned.

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