(2016-06-25) Beach Shennannigans
Beach Shennannigans
Summary: What starts out as a solitary beach frolic for Gabrielle turns into an impromptu beach gathering.
Date: 2016-06-25
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Early Saturday morning finds Gabrielle swimming in the ocean near Cedar Island. Even if 'swimming' might be a bit of a stretch since the blue-haired teleporter is frolicking more so than swimming. Her characteristic shyness is clearly expressed in the body suit style swimsuit she's wearing but that's the only way its visible while she's alone. Doing a fair imitation of a dolphin she's exhuberantly jumping in and out of the water, managing to get her whole body far out enough to do flips and twirls. When she's not gasping for air she has a large, happy smile on her lips as she enjoys the warm sunshine and the cool water.

Aidan was out and about this early morning as well, but not to swim. He had just wanted to get out of the school for a bit. It had been an eventful past couple days for him, between the fire alarm incident in the library and his subsequent stay in the medbay. Needless to say…things had been stressful. So perhaps that's why he has a cigarette held between his fingers, bringing it up to take a long drag from it as he walks along the rocks.

A slow exhale sends smoke into the air above him, Aidan's head raised a bit and the lanky sophomore not paying attention to his surroundings…not really anticipating anybody else being out here right now.

Instead of being cooped up in school and just studying some boring books, Jared has actually decided to actually enjoy the warm summer. Thus finding himself here. Coming towards the beach from the island proper. Black t-shirt and shorts, along with dark red shoes. A towel over his shoulder. Seeing somebody out in the water as they jump and do flips. Raising a brow but staying out of their way for now. Setting up his towel to the side and kicking off his shoes before taking a seat. Drawing some in the sand. Then spotting Aidan, giving him a wave if he looks over.

A black bikini, with a skull motif. That was Violet's swimsuit - same as the last time she had gone to the beach. Black sunglasses with circle-shaped lenses that reflected the sun with an iridescent sheen were on her head. But what she was enjoying more than anything else at the moment was the sun.

A towel, borrowed from the school, was laid out upon the soft sands, and she was lounging upon it, a can of cola stuck in the ground next to her, and a pillow out beneath her head. She was watching the frolicking, idly, her eyes halfway towards shutting at the moment. At least, until Aidan sorta approaches. Sorta. Vi's position was kinda hidden by a beach rock. She draws herself up to a sit, lifting her chin. "Hey guys," she says, with a wryness. "Catching the early morning sun too, huh?" she says.

During one of her flips Gabrielle notices that people have started showing up on the beach. Worse than that at least some of them seem to be watching her. As a result of this all the grace she's been showing during her play disappears almost immediately and she just flops into the water with a huge splash. A few seconds later her head breaks the water's surface just enough for her eyes to be visible, leaving the rest of her hidden under the water as she watches the trio on the sand…

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should always be aware of your surroundings! Aidan's gaze comes back down and rests on Violet as his steps stop with him still a few feet away. "Hi…" He takes the cigarette and closes his hand around it, a small puff of smoke escaping from between his fingers before he opens it back and releases a tiny pile of ash into the wind. Hey, not everybody was a fan so he wasn't gonna keep smoking if people were around. At least there was no fire alarm out here!

With his attention around him now he spots Jared, giving a nod in return. He then looks back to Violet since she's closer "Not disrupting am I?" He still keeps his distance for now, shifting from one foot to the other a bit. Crowds weren't his thing…but what are you gonna do right? However, now he definitely wished he had worn his jacket, red rash-like splotches being visible on different areas of his arms and across his face and neck as well. It almost looked like a bad sunburn.

Jared does glance towards Violet as she speaks, not really able to place her. He still attempts a small smile and a wave before looking to Aidan. "A-are you better?" He asks, before he can an answer he notices the splash and Gabrielle disappearing. Soon seeing what looks like a head slowly rise up. Moving to stand, about to head out, as his inner Ares takes hold. Standing with his feet in the water as he calls out. "Are you okay." Still moving into the water, unless stopped in some manner.

"You're not stealing any of the sunshine away," says Violet, canting her head a bit to one side. Eyes flicker to his cigarette, before she takes a moment to steal her gaze back out towards… Gabrielle stopped flipping around. "What's wrong?" she calls out to the young woman. A beat - just a beat, and her eyes track towards Aidan. "Borrow a cig from you?" she asks, waggling a bit of a hand.

Vi didn't have any splotches - her healing factor made sure of that for the time being. Letting her eyes track towards Jared, she gives a little salute. "'sup? Are you a newbie, or did I just not catcha yet? I'm Vi," she says.

There are other ways of arriving and Annaliesa and Derek are coming from the water. Annaliesa is rocking it mermaid style, but Derek is his normal human looking self. She surfaces then waits for Derek to do so as well. Once he does, she motions to the beach with a smile. "Looks like the clans there, beach party time." Shifting herself back to human form, she offers her hand to him so they can wade out. Once she's human, she's dressed in a bikini and a short sarong style skirt over it. The benefits of magic! A wave is offered to the others and she calls out, "Hope we're not missing all of the fun."

"We always miss out on the fun," grins Derek, though, probably fun is whatever strikes his fancy. Still, beach, maybe a campfire, possible camping at some point. What could be more fun than this. "I've been skating too much, I need to get out more too I think." Just offhanded, he is in blue tee shirt, red and white images on it, and long shorts, a light tan in color. In case swimming comes up, much like Liesa in bikini. His is far less magical of course. More the Mall come to think of it. With her then, hand to hers, he'll head for the beach crowd that seems to be gathering too.

Gabrielle blushes so hard the redness can be seen all the way over on the beach. In response to Both Jared and Vi she raises one hand out of the water, thumbs up. Then she slowly starts making her way to show, keeping herself hidden under the water, with just the top of her head and her eyes showing, for as long as she can.

Aidan glances to Jared again with his question, nodding "Yeah…doing a lot better thanks to you and Kaylee. Thanks again…" Those two had really come to his rescue and indeed the splotches, while still painful in appearance, were a lot better than they had been! When he goes to the water, the lanky pyro lofts a brow as he sees a thumbs up emerge from the water. Who was that and when did they get there!? Violet's request for a cigarette brings his attention back to the girl, Aidan giving a surprise smirk. "Sorry…only had the one on me. I'll have to owe you one." Then, even more people are showing up. Ack. Well guess he was socializing now! His mother would be so proud.

Once he sees that the girl seems okay, he stops. Blinking at already being in the water, with the edge of the shorts just a bit wet. Stepping back, eyes going to Vi. "Been around a month or two, I think." He explains, shrugging. "So relatively new." A beat, "I'm Jared." A small bow at the introduction. Then Derek and Anna are showing up, causing him to look back into the water. "Hi." Is said with a tiny smile. A nod given to Aidan as well, "It's fine, we did what needed to be done." He offers and gives a thumbs-up to Aidan.

The greeting given, Annaliesa looks at Derek with a lopsided smile. "Do we always miss out on the fun?" She looks amused and sort of leads him away from the water and further ashore. "We could have went to Area 51, if you wanted to, but the island is always more fun." Once further in on the sand, she finds a large rock and lets go of his hand to climb on it and sit down, legs crossed at the ankles. Looking back over at Jared, she smiles in response, "Hey." A rueful look is given to Derek. "The only problem with swimming in is no marshmallows. Next time you can fly us in."

Vi kinda cants her head to the side, releasing a little breath. "No problem, Aidan," she says, with a wave of her hand. Jared is given a wink, and a fingergun then, Vi kinda folding her hands behind her head, and leaning back. A breath in, and a breath out as she settles back down onto her towel, letting everyone kinda flow around her.

"Always, we never have any of the fun at all," chuckles Derek with that idea, "And no, beach, fun, people. I'm all in on this action." As if, Area 51 another time, he's good right here. Moving to that rock with her, he more leans and sits, rather than climbing on it to dangle legs or sit cross legged style. As the greeting comes there way, he looks over and nods just the same, "Hey, how goes? Enjoying freedom this summer?" He is in math, summer school, anyone who knows him or of him would know he is shackled to the school for now if he wants to be a senior. "We could fly now and gt some marshmallows, or wait to see if anyone has some, and swipe a few for ourselves."

Aidan lofts a brow at Vi's obvious disappointment…but figures it wouldn't help to say anything else. He just ends up putting both feet in his mouth usually. Then, offering a small smile and nod again to Jared he listens to the conversation of those gathered. "I could always do a store run for marshmallows too…if people want them that bad?" Because hey. When you needed mallows…you needed mallows! Right?

Jared raises a brow at the wink and finger gun, from Vi, but he does let out a soft chuckle and a smile. Moving back up to dry off. A glance over to Gabby, but for now letting her be. Looking to Derek and Anna, perhaps having seen them, but not quite able to place them. "I don't have any." He admits to Derek, looking to Aidan as well. "Seems like it, maybe." He offered about doing a store run, as people seem really into marshmallows.

"None." Annaliesa laughs, rolling her eyes at the way Derek was being playfully adamant. "People are good, yeah," glad to see classmates even though school was out for now for most. As Derek joins her, she moves to sit behind him and leans forward, resting her chin on his shoulder as she looks towards the others. "We could," she tells Derek, then overhearing Aidan, she nods, "Sure, I can pitch in some money for s'more ingredients?"

"Where's Daxton? Or do we have…" A beat, then, Vi, dressed in her bikini still, sits up on her towel, pointing across towards Jared. "Are you a speedster? Like… a run to the grocery store, be back in two minutes kinda speedster?" she asks him, her tone of voice a little joking. "Because aren't you a fire guy, Aidan? Or does fire mean like… rocket fuel fire?" she asks him, sparing a smile for Gabby, too.

Once her feet can touch the bottom Gabrielle stands up and, *POP*, there's a flash of light and a hole in the water that lasts a split second before collapsing in on itself with a splash. Almost at the same time a splash can be heard from the treeline as Gabby appears sitting on a tree branch, shedding the small amount of water that teleported with her. From her perch she quietly watches the going-ons down at the sand.

Well, the school was AWFULLY quiet today. After a little bit of investigating, Kaylee discovered that the majority of her peers had headed to the beach! And Kaylee didn't feel like being alone today, so she decided to go see what was going on. And, because it's Kaylee, she decided maybe it would be nice if she brought snacks for everybody! So, she loaded a backpack with juice packs and fruit snacks and granola bars and other snack-y type items and set off! Now, if only she could figure out WHERE on the beach everyone went ….

"Right, like socializing, there's something to it. I think they said that in school." Some social studies class? Derek shrugs and grins though. "I got my people here, so its all good." A hand over to her knee where she sits cross legged, a little squeeze. Daxton, that gets his attention, an eye roll. But, asking Jared about speedster, then the pop thing from Gabrielle. He doesn't see where she goes but, "Yeah, someone should go, could race for fastest of us all." Not volunteering himself at all, but it will get marshmallows even faster. "And chips." Hey, if someone is taking requests, why not make sure all bases are covered.

Jared shakes his head, "Nope. But… I think I could teleport, but have no control over that." He admits, scratching his head. Since if he can't use it as he pleases that isn't really much help. Glancing out in the water, furrowing his brow as it looks empty. "Where'd she go?" he asks. Not aware of her powers. "I could race, unless we have a speedster." He won't be able to keep up, most likely. Giving a small wave to Kaylee as he sees her from the corner of his eyes.

Aidan shakes his head "I don't got any sort of speed, but…just offering if people want snackage. I'm willing to go get it?" Even if they had to wait, better than not having it at all right? At Jared's statement he lofts a brow "Yeah…we don't want you risking the unknown of your powers just for the sake of snacks. I can go…" he smirks a bit "It's no trouble honest."

Vi pauses a handful of moments, still smiling out at Gabb…y. POP went the Gab, and Vi brings up a hand to pull her circular sunglasses up to her forehead. A handful of moments. "Hey - did Gabby go under the water?" she calls, sounding a little bit anxious about that sort of thing. Derek was given a grin. "And I could use some beef jerky," she says.

Glancing to Anna then, she brings up a hand and brushes a lock of her hair behind her ear. "Seriously, is… she under the water?" she asks, frowning as she leans forward and peers oceanward. Jared's wave to Kaylee causes Vi to glance that way, rising to her feet, "Kay to the Lee," she says, sounding mildly concerned still. "Gabby was in the ocean. Now she's not."

"A race sounds like a lot of fun. I could swim, Derek could fly, Jared could teleport.." Annaliesa notices Gabrielle had vanished with the sound and she looks around, not spotting her either, not expecting her to be in the tree. As Aidan offers, she gives a salute and reaches into a small pocket inside her bikini bottoms on the left side. Tugging out a twenty, she offers the slightly wet bill with a challenging grin. "For the things for s'mores, or tons of marshmallows." Then adds, "And beef jerky." Because Vi had requested it. There's another look towards the water and she shakes her head, "I don't think so, there was a hole there when she disappeared, I didn't see her in it.."

A shake of his head, "She's probably hanging around somewhere else. Misdirection." A grin, he used some concept in a sentence that has multiple syllables, yay him. Then a shrug. He was totally trying to be lazy with the race idea. "I could catapult someone, who won't thud when they hit the ground?" That gives him a little grin on the idea of racing, and sending someone closer to the store from here. "Actually, is there anyone that won't squish?" He looks around a little from his spot on the rock.

*POP* Another flash of light shows where Gabrielle has left her perch. About 2 minutes later marshmallow bags, chocolate bars, and a bag of beef jerky are raining on the group from about 20 feet up. As soon as she lets go of the snack and before she herself lands on the group Gabby disappears with another *POP* and flash. She appears back in her tree perch and goes back to people watching.

Kaylee waves animatedly to Jared when he waves back. And then Violet calls out to her and she grimaces and turns pink, but still waves. "Hey guys! I brought-," she's about to announce, when suddenly snacks are raining from the sky. Kaylee doesn't have her glasses on, so she instinctively ducks and covers her head, unaware of what's falling. But, when a bag of marshmallows bounces off her head, she straightens up and blinks, whipping her glasses out so she can see. Oh. "… snacks," she finishes, pouting a little because Gabby's already accomplished it.

Jared nods to Aidan about not risking teleporting. "I can run." He suggests. Looking to the water, "Don't think so." He offers to Vi, tilting his head. Though then there's raining candy, and a Gabby. This time seeing her disappear. Furrowing his brows and trying to notice where she went, more aware of what happened perhaps. "Cool." He says. Realizing that everyone is fine now, and all the things have been gathered, so he slowly scoots back to his towel to continue drawing in the sand and watching the others. Trying to spot the teleporting Gabby as well.

It's raining snacks!…hallelujah? Aidan ducks as he starts getting pelted by the falling snacks. Suddenly the idea of if all the rain drops being lemon drops and gum drops seemed REALLY dangerous! As the supplies lay on the ground, he looks at them…blinking a bit. "Or…that works."

"Felicia won't squish. Like not ever." Annaliesa says of her bestie and roommate. She reaches for Derek's hand and laces her fingers with his, nothing overtly touchy feely, just a casual gesture. "You're still wanting to catapult someone?" Another roll of her eyes accompanied by a soft laugh. Then the mallows are raining down and she widens her eyes. "Wait.. whaaat?" That was instantaneous! She's impressed, eyes wide. "Did you see that?" Pretty sure everyone did.

"Aww, no chips, no love today," says Derek, still grinning at the manna from the heavens. "Thanks, whoever." He does appreciate it just the same, whoever it was. Oh, hope, Kaylee. "Hey … someone say snacks. Like chips, some dip even?" He'll take the offer, while seeing who gets the beef jerky bag so he can get a strip or two himself. Then he look over at Liesa sitting on the rock nearby, "You're right, more people, more parties."

"Let's see… Gabby mysteriously disappears, and snacks mysteriously appear," says Vi, bringing her hand up to scratch the side of her head in mock deep thought. "…where are you hiding, Gabby?" she calls out to the heavens, glancing up towards the sky. With that said, though, she kinda starts meandering towards Kaylee - although she picks up her towel as she does so. Perhaps a little extra sway and cool in her step and demeanor. "But hey, I'm more than willing to be catapulted. Could be fun, except for the part where I have to put myself back together during the impact."

Vi finally lets her eyes linger on Kaylee. "Kay - 'sup. What's in the backpack?" she asks.

"I think I have chips?" Kaylee says, slinging the backpack down from her shoulder. And it is STUFFED with snacks, so much so that when she unzips it to open it, a bunch of the juice packs go sliding out and she scrambles to try and keep them in the bag in utter futility. Cue dramatic sigh. But, then she roots around and retrieves a back of chips, holding it up in the air. "Chips!" she pronounces happily, grinning. Then she looks over at Violet when she talks about being catapulted and blinks. "Catapulted? Put back together!? That doesn't sound like a good idea at all!" But Violet did ask about what was in the bag, so Kaylee tucks some hair behind one of her ears and shrugs sheepishly. "More snacks and drinks?" she offers. "I didn't know someone was gonna bring some already. But … I could find Gabby, if she's hiding? I'm pretty baller at hide and seek," she grins.

Jared just seems curious, and also seem to find it weird to be catapulted. At least to do it without a reason. Letting his gaze wander, trying to pick up on anything. Rising to drift out of view as well. Seemingly having the same idea as Kaylee, about trying to find Gabby. Doing it his way.

"Yeah, that might not be fun," returns Derek to Vi, but a pause, "Wait, could you, put yourself back together on impact." That might be cool to see even. Make the whole catapult worth it even more so now. "Win!" Derek holds up hands for any chips she may have to share, to throw, or to help open a big bag to pass around. "Nah, we didn't someone was fast enough to get us snacks." He offers by way of explanation, but if the chips get close, his hand fills up and he puts in a mouth ful. No more comments for the moment. But a nod from him, the chips are good

Those chips in hand, he kicks off the rock, looks at Liesa, "Quick walk, I'll be back. Thanks for chips Kaylee, I owe you a solid. Or is it another solid? Math notes working out." That said, he gives a nod to others and heads to walk along the beach a moment

"Look'it you, amazing with the snack-pack, Kay," says Vi, a little bit of wryness dancing inside of her voice. Stepping around her, she lifts a hand, and lightly taps one of the snacks on top. "Were you expecting to get lost, or did you mean to stumble upon our little impromptu morning beach party?" she says. She smelled of ash, at least her fingernails did.

"So, uh… Jared. How new are you? Like… new new, or I just haven't met you yet new?" she asks, sending a friendly smile his way.

Another beach. Why does it always have to be beaches? Sierra gingerly makes her way over the sand towards the sound of a party. She looks like she expects the ground to swallow her up at any moment. Though clad in short shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt she has huge desert boots on her feet as if they were some kind of armor. A towel over one shoulder and a basket in one hand, she offers a wave with the other as she approaches. "I really should just fly" she mumbles to herself.

Kaylee hands off the bag of chips to Aidan (that's who asked for it first, right?) and then fishes for another for Derek- they're just individual bags, so sharing would be fairly difficult. Unless somebody only wanted ONE chip, in which case, sure! When Violet asks about her intentions, she smiles and sticks her tongue out at Violet a little. "No! I don't get lost THAT easy. When there wasn't really anybody at school, I asked around and found out everybody was headed for the beach. And I just figured nobody would have thought to brought snacks- because I'm the one who always thinks to bring snacks- so … I brought snacks!" she explains. When Violet passes close enough for the smell to reach Kaylee's nose, it crinkles up and she mrrs a little, glowering at her roommate. But, she doesn't say anything, since it's not really her place to.

Jared did kind of scoot int the shades, but still hear Vi's question. "Just not met one another." He answers. "Been here 2 almost three months." Is added, though this time having moved from one side to another. Busying himself with trying to sneak about and find the teleporter. Noticing the arrival as well. Not greeting Sierra just yet though.

Lifting up her eyebrows from behind those circular shades, a little grin dances upon her lips. "You are /always/ looking out for other people, Kay to the Lee. Thanks for that, alright?" she says, with a wryness in her voice. At the glower, Vi crosses her eyes behind her sunglasses, and sticks out her tongue at Kaylee, making a little 'mrrrooooo' sound.

"Does it really bother you so much? The smell of smoke?" she asks, tilting her head a bit to one side. But it was Jared that draws her attention - and her grin. "…so hey. You said that before, huh? Ask Kaylee - my mind can go everywhere at once." she says.

After a bit, Annaliesa comes back from walking a short distance with Derek. When she notices a few more arrivals, she offers a wave, "Derek is gone to be alone with his chips. He doesn't like to share." Of course she's just messing around. "I'm going to go take a walk with him I will catch up to you in a bit."

Gabrielle is still perched on a high branch in a nearby tree. The way her unusual feet grip the branch gives her a passing resemblance to a bird, which is heightened by the way she's tilting her head to the side to better be able to hear the conversation taking place below her. As she notices Jared walking closer to her tree she shifts around a little bit, putting more leaves between her and those below.

Sierra clomps down the beach in her big boots and finds a place near Kaylee for her towel…and extra thick towel to keep away those nasty grains! "Hi, I'm Sierra" she greets in her Mexican accented voice. "I hope you do not mind if I join you all. I have brought food too." She places her basket on the sand in front of her. "Nachos. Tacos. Just trying to do as expected" she smirks, "Please help yourselves." A smile for Kaylee. "I heard you have an admirer with a blue thumb."

Kaylee nodnods at the question about the smoke, her brow furrowing as she looks up at Violet. "It smells bad! And it's bad for you! And it means you've been stealing! … or … well, maybe you borrowed from someone, I guess … but still! I don't care if you'll always regenerate, doesn't mean you should intentionally poison yourself," she lectures. But, she does sound genuinely concerned, not just imperious. "I just want you to be the best you," she adds quietly, looking down and tucking hair behind her ears again.

But then Annaliesa is announcing her departure as well, and Kaylee looks up to offer her a smile and a wave! "Enjoy! I have juice packs, too! … Capri Sun, I think, I didn't read the labels …," she trails off as she looks down now, since she still has her glasses on. "Yeah, Capri Sun!" she confirms. Sierra's arrival gets a smile and a giggle from Kaylee. "Looks like we're having a picnic!" But, then she's bringing up the admirer thing and Kaylee turns pink immediately and looks to Violet. … and then looks IMMEDIATELY back down at her bag of snacks, tucking more hair behind her ears nervously. "… I think you mean green thumb," she murmurs. Then, she jumps up from her crouched position and looks around. "Hey! Did anybody find Gabby? Maybe I should go find Gabby, see if she wants a snack!" Yes, that's a good excuse to flee!

Jared does grin at Vi's words, but is silent now as he moves. Making use of his training to move quickly between spots. Even climbing the trees. Jumping between them with ease. Drawing closer to where Gabby is sitting, the sound of the shaking tree giving him away occasionally.

"Aidan smokes all the time too, and you don't get mad at him - he doesn't even hide it!" exclaims Violet, her voice sounding just a little affronted. Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth again, Vi brings up a hand to tuck her own hair behind her ears. "Hey, Sierra," says Vi, with a grin. "I'm Vi. I'm sure Kaylee has told you all about me, she's my roommate," says Vi, bringing up an elbow to give her a little nudge in the side.

"Anna - take care, always good to see you around," she says.

"Maybe she means blue, you know what they say - Roses are red, Violets are blue…" she says, with a wryness, bringing up a hand to kinda give Kaylee a little prod in the nosal regions (her nose).

When Jared gets too close the tree tops are lit by a quick flash of light and Gabrielle is suddenly sitting on a rock back at the edges of the picnic area. A rock that has a bigger rock in front of it so she can at least partially hide behind it.

"Green thumb? Yes…I think that is right. Though I do not understand why gangrene helps you make plants." Sierra shrugs it away before opening up the basket and being surprised to see Kaylee running for her life. "Was it a bad flower?" she asks anyone before grabbing one of those juices. Smoking doesn't bother Sierra…she is linked with a fire god after all. It's not often a day goes by when she isn't surrounded by ash…and then everyone thinks she's a smoker. Not one! Ever!

"Violets are purple," Annaliesa tosses out there with a playful smile before walking over to gt one of the Capri Suns. "Thanks, this'll be perfect." The tacos are given a once over and she will gladly take one for the road if offered. "Thanks," she flashes another smile before turning to jog off and catch up with Derek.

Jared does notice the flash of light. Grinning to himself. It's seldom he meet anyone that hides like he usually does, even if school has been opening him up. Going back to acting like a little kid now instead, as he jumps about the trees, even if he hasn't realized that she went elsewhere. Listening in on the conversations still though.

Kaylee turns and blinks at Violet, a little surprised by her response. She starts to say something, but stops, biting her bottom lip and furrowing her brow again, thinking before she speaks. "Well … I didn't know he smokes. But I'll tell him same as I'm telling you. I just … I LIVE with you. And …," she trails off, looking askance. "Well, maybe it's just me being selfish, after all. I'm sorry," she offers, then turns to go look for Gabby- just in time for Sierra to make the comment about gangrene.

Kaylee laughs and shakes her head, smiling at Sierra. "It's green because you're always dealing with plants. But it's just a saying, it's not literal," she tries to explain. But then she takes her glasses off and looks around for Gabby, calling out, "Hey Gabby! I brought snacks, and juice, and there's tacos! Won't you come join us and let us get to know you?"

Violet purses her lips a bit as Kaylee says what she does. Arguing against it would be something else. Vi lifts her chin a bit, glancing out of the bottoms of her eyes towards the other as she… turns away, and goes to look for Gabby. Pursing her lips a little bit, she doesn't respond - even if she starts to drift towards Sierra a bit, her shoulders tight and tense.

"Violets might be purple, but that's not how the poem goes," says Vi, letting her eyes track towards Jared and Gabby in their hide and seek games, smiling to herself as she flips her towel down nearest Sierra, turns, and plops herself down onto it. "New to America as well, huh?" she says. She grins. "Welcome welcome," she adds, flopping over onto her back, eyes going skyward.

"New to America. New to being a superhero. New to kissing" Sierra giggles to Violet with a bit of a blush. "But I think that Kaylee has avoided answering my question about the flower. It is okay. It is her business." A nod to the green thumb explanation though…not that it makes any more sense. English is such a silly language. "Are you new?" she asks her towel neighbor before waving goodbye to Annaliesa. "I hope you like the taco. And I hope Derek likes the taco too."

Gabrielle peeks out from behind her rock for just a quick moment to chirp up with, "There are some violets that are blue." And then she's back to hiding behind the rock, only her eyes peeking out.

Daxton has a few hours before work, and has had a lot going on. To clear his head, he's been doing his usually work out, but has decided to swim…from the other island. Good thing he's fast. Dax hasn't been invited to any hang outs, but here he is, moving in the water rather quickly towards the beach. It's definitely much cooler temperature wise than running.

As Gabrielle peeks out and is speaking, it is enough to allow Jared to try and sneak. Making use of his ninjutsu as he silently jumps from a branch to land nearby. Coming up behind where Gabby is. "Hello." He offers with a grin. "You're it." He teases. Acting slightly out of character. Though he does notice something coming in from the waters. Damn, everyone is coming from out there.

Well! So much for a distraction …. Jared found Gabby all by himself, so now Kaylee doesn't have an excuse to run away from addressing the admirer issue. But then Violet went and sat right NEXT to Sierra …. Kaylee looks in their direction for several seconds, eyes glowing softly since she's got her glasses off and isn't using them. Then, she decides maybe she should just get a juice pack instead, because then she doesn't have to say anything. Yes, a juice pack. And so Kaylee turns back around and crouches at her backpack, fishing out a Capri Sun. And then trying to stab the straw in the wrong end. That's the trouble with not being able to see what you're doing.

"Hey, Kay, you need a towel to sit on?" Vi says, scooting to one side - and bringing up a hand to pat the towel beside her. "It's all warmed up for ya," she says with a grin. "And hey - you're trying to stick it in the wrong side. Other side," says Vi without judgement. At what Sierra says, Vi kinda pales a second - but snerks, giving her head a shake.

Sierra munches on her own taco, oblivious to any snerking and blushing. There seem to be people in a tree and someone in the ocean…this life is crazy. "How is everyone?" she asks with a sweet smile. "Besides the mystery of Kaylee's flower, is there anything else happening while we are all on summer break?" At least she hopes there is a break because she hasn't been going to any classes. "Has anyone seen Stefanie lately?"

Gabrielle was watching Daxton swim by when Jared popped up behind her. When she hears a relatively strange voice that close to her she lets out a quick little shriek. Or it may have been a full on shriek but since almost as soon as the shriek starts its cut off by a *POP* and a flash of light we'll never know. Almost immediately Daxton suddenly has 95 pounds of freaked-out, blue-haired girl on his back!

And down he goes. It's only briefly, but he was definitely not expecting to be dunked, much less have a person onto of him. A lung full of water and he's twisting, grappling whoever is attacking him. Thankfully, due to his speed he realizes almost immediately who it is. Although the why makes no sense. Daxton kicks upward, bring both his and Gabs' heads above water so he can choke and gasp. One hand is kept out, in case she can't swim (Who knows, maybe that's why she landed on his back?) or is drowning herself. Either way, the poor speedster is making a lot of noise, trying to get a his lungs clear.

Jared blinks and looks out in the water as the girl drops onto Dax. Yeah, Jared didn't think that through. Seeing them both struggling out in the water. Diving in himself to help them both. "You okay?" He calls out, recognizing Dax from the dorm rooms.

Kaylee blinks a little as Violet offers her a seat. And then she blushes badly again, when it's pointed out that she's got the straw at the wrong end. She quickly retrieves her glasses and looks and grimaces. "… oh," she says. And then puts the straw in properly. She looks at Violet for a second, and then at the spot she'd patted, and moves over, sitting next to Violet carefully. And then the whole thing with Daxton happens and she's blinking and looking at the water. "What happened? Is everybody okay?"

"What is Gabby's power, anyways," asks Vi of Kaylee, turning her head that way. A little wryness to her lips, and she brings up a hand to brush her hair over her shoulder. As Kaylee sets herself down, Vi kinda reaches over to her snack-pack, taking a little thing of… "Is it cool if I have some of your Oreos, Kay to the Lee?" she asks.

A beat.

"I haven't seen Stef lately, sorry, Sierra," she says. "Sure she didn't go home for summer break?" she asks, glancing towards Kaylee. "We're leaving for that… next week, right? Totes McGoats kicking it in the Casa de Kay~lee~," she says with a grin, before settling down to oceanwatch a while.

"Yeah…I suppose she could have gone home for summer" Sierra nods glumly. "She's sort of my girlfriend" she adds as explanation, "But I wouldn't blame her for finding someone else. You're going to go stay at Kaylee's house? You really are good roomies." She peers over at all the splashing about. "Who are those people?" A suck on her juice box before back to the tacos. "Does anyone have any music?"

At least Gabby was expecting to end up in the water. So once Daxton and her come back up to the surface she's in much better shape than he is, even after the brief grappling spat that happened underwater. Noticing the speedster gagging and gasping for air she grabs him and *POP* they disappear only to immediately appears right next to the girls on the beach. Along with them comes at least a gallon of water, which splashes everywhere in the near vecinity. But at least Daxton's not in danger of drowning anymore.

Jared sees them disappear, and sighs in relief. Turning to swim the short distance back to the beach. Moving to dry himself off, as well as his shirt. Finally noticing Sierra. "Hi." He greets her with a small smile. Then looking to Daxton and Gabby. "Sorry." He says and looks to Kaylee and Vi as well. Offering a small smile. "Hi."

He may not be drowning, but he sounds like it. Dax falls to his knees, looking slightly green as he coughs up sea water. The teen is in swimming trunks, and now has sand covering his legs and hands where he's touching the ground. "Jes-*cough cough* -us!" He's prolly better off than most of Gab's passengers, but he still looks like he may loose his breakfast. Blue eyes blink and he tries to focus on who is there.

"Yeah, we'll leave on Thursday. My parents will be coming to get us and driving us back. And then we'll come back a couple days after the fourth," Kaylee explains. And … Oreos? Had she brought any? Kaylee blinks a little and grimaces, tucking hair behind her ears and bending her legs so she can lean forward and rest on her thighs. "If they put some packets in there, sure. I didn't really pay too much attention to what I grabbed, I just kinda filled it up with stuff they let me take from the cafeteria."

As to Gabby's power? Kaylee shrugs a little. "Well, she can obviously teleport. I dunno how, but she just kinda poofs from one place to another." Case in point? Suddenly there's a soaking wet Gabby and Daxton right there! Oh, and water! And Kaylee, not wearing a swimsuit. -_- Squealing as there's suddenly a big splash in her immediate vicinity, Kaylee raises her arms and legs in defense … and just gets them wet instead. She blinks a few times, looking down at herself, then over at Gabby and Daxton. And then she just starts laughing, calling out, "I found Gabby!" Then, to Gabby. "Welcome to the party."

Sierra lets out a surprised cry as she is splashed by teleported water. Now her flimsy t-shirt is being a bit more flimsy than she likes. And then steam is rising from Sierra as her body starts to heat up. "That is a good trick" she offers, "Sorry…power." An embarrassed wave for Jared; no one likes to meet boys in a wet t-shirt. Except the boys maybe. "Would you like some tacos?" she asks the new arrivals. "And we really need some music."

When she realizes that she's pretty much signed Vi, Kaylee, and Sierra up for a wet t-shirt contest against their will Gabrielle blushes furiously. Glancing at Daxton to make sure he's OK she then turns to the girls, "Sorrysorrysorrysorry!" then *POP* away into thin air, leaving nothing behind but a flash of light, a discombobulated Daxton, and some wet sand.

Jared doesn't pay attention to wet t-shirts at the moment, luckily enough. Still trying to catch his own breath. Not able to help out with music, though at the offer of taco he seems uncertain as to what to do. Finally giving in. "Thank you." Taking one, along with offering a small smile. Looking over to Dax and Gabby. "Sorry, again." Then to Gabby. "How do you do that?" Perhaps to help him with how his own work. He asks, though then she is disappearing, sighing. Feeling bad that he is sort of responsible for that. Then he looks to the others also. Moving to Dax, trying to help him. "How are you?" Tasting the taco as well. "Mmm." He offers, clearly finding it tasty.
You paged Kaylee with 'Thank you. I try. :) You're fun to play with too.'

This is…. not how he wanted to start his day. Daxton gives a final cough and sits up on his knees, giving Gab a WTF look. Half the time she acts terrified of him, the other she's drowning him! "Are you okay?"But the she's sorrying everyone else and popping away. He blinks, clearly unsure before looking at Jared who seems to be the only one worried about his fish impression so he shakes his head and starts to stand, "I'm fine, thanks." He takes a half step backwards and then vibrates, all the sand clumped to him shakes off.

First water, now a sand bath? Daxton does his big shaggy dog impression- well, maybe not ENTIRELY like that, as he's probably not throwing the sand all over the place. Kaylee puts her hands up again to protect herself, but thankfully? No microscopic projectiles. And she really isn't having much of a wet t-shirt contest, since she managed to protect herself with her limbs. Nope, just a wet arm-and-leg contest for her. And Violet had a bikini on already, so she probably just makes some sarcastic remark before going back to sun bathing. Kaylee is sitting on the same beach towel as her roommate, who is laying on her back, suntanning. Their towel is parked directly next to Sierra's, where she has a basket full of tacos and nachos. By the bottom of both towels is a backpack full of snack packages and juice packs, a la Kaylee. And strewn about the ground are other snacks like marshmallows, beef jerky packets and sundry, thanks to Gabby. It's still morning, though by now probably closer to noon than not. Daxton just got dumped on the ground near the girls, having been 'ported there by a Gabzilla, who then immediately disappeared, while Jared is standing close by, eating a taco.

Walking up the beach, Becca smiles. She has her swim suit on, a ruffled red top with a black and white patterned bottom. It's slightly more colorful than her old black bikini. She waves to Daxton and Kaylee. "Hey guys! What are we up to?" She has a bag over her shoulder with her towel and snacks. Under her other arm is a volley ball.

There are a group on or near towels - Sierra on one and Violet and Kaylee on another - and there is food too! Nachos, tacos, fruit boxes, chips, everything a teenage could want to get hyperactive. No music though. There is steam coming off Sierra at the moment as she tries to dry out her t-shirt, recently drenched by a teleporter, before she is given points for appearance. Thankfully none of the boys are looking - such gentlemen. It's almost noon and Becca is approaching along the beach. Sierra gives her a wave. "Do you have music?" she calls out over the evil sand.

Daxton's not got anything with him to imply he was actually planning on staying at the beach. The teen was actually just swimming before Gabs kidnapped him. He gives another small cough, trying to clear his lungs before offering a small smile and nod to Becca. "Hey." He glances down at the watch on his wrist, how times flies, he's not got a lot left before he needs to leave for work. The speedster glances over to Becca and gives the smallest of shrugs, communication something. Maybe just confusion to the whole day.

Mabel arrives at the beach a little while after everyone's been here- it always takes her a little while to work up the courage to leave the school, cross all that scary water.. and then on top of that come out to a place where all that scary water is just a few yards away? Still.. she needs to socialize, if she's going to at least pretend to be a normal teen girl and not just a weird lab experiment, so, she's finally made it out here. She looks around shyly, at least until she spots Sierra on one of the towels. Her expression brightens, and her steps quicken over the sand as she heads over.

Jared nods to Dax, "Sorry. I kinda scared her." He explains. Frowning, and being silent. After a moment he shakes his head. Turning to offer a small wave to Rebecca, not sure if he's met her or not. Continuing on some taco. Looking to the others, to see how they are doing. Greeting Mabel as well, as she comes along.

"Hey, Becky!" Kaylee calls, waving wildly when her friend approaches. "We're just hanging out, not really doing anything." She watches Sierra steaming for a moment and grimaces. "You really can't do water, huh?" she says. "I'm sorry, I didn't bring an extra towel- I hadn't planned on getting wet, since I don't swim." And then Mabel is coming up to join them as well, so Kaylee gets another chance to flail. "Hey Maybe!" … so her nicknames aren't clever or always cute! So what!

"I might have the speaker for my phone in my bag. Lemme set down my stuff." Becca calls back to Sierra and returns the shrug with one of her own and a smile. "Hey you. Here long?" She asks and turns a little to show her swim suit off. "Needed a spare." She tells him and waves to Jared. "Hi." Mabel gets a wave too. So many people!

Daxton looks back at Jared, not quite making eye contact, "So she tried to drown me?" He doesn't sound mad, just confused. His dark hair sways slightly as he answers Becca, "No…I was just swimming. I got work soon." And he's not really feeling all that welcome. Or maybe he's just imagining it. Either way, not the best way to start the day. But then he's being shown her swim suit, and the day isn't all that terrible. "It's cute."

"I think she was just looking in that direction when I scared her, so that's where she ended up." Jared suggests, shrugging though since he's not sure. Stepping back and to the side, allowing the others to talk. Noticing the steam from Sierra now. "Sorry. Hope it dries." He says. Moving to offer his towel to her as well, just in case. His own shirt wet, so after the towel is handed over he does take off the shirt to let it dry in the sun. A few smaller scars here and there on him. A tattoo of a naginata present on his chest, and a gun at his back. A slight hint of amusement at Kaylee's nicknames.

"I'm fine with water" Sierra smiles to Kaylee, "I just don't like wearing a wet t-shirt where everyone can see my… Hey, Mabel!" Her train of thought derailed by the incoming girlfriend. "Come have my tacos! I made them myself." Then to the boys she adds. "I am Sierra if you do not know me. Do not worry about it" she smiles to Jared, "Not your fault." A pause "Oh…you have a speaker?" The Mexican girl seems quite excited by this and waits for Becca to find it.

Mabel gives little waves to those she doesn't know, bigger waves and smiles to those she does. She doesn't seem to mind Kaylee's nickname for her- after all, she's spent most of her existence with the nickname 'Puddles', so, that one isn't so bad. "Hi Kaylee!", she calls, then perks up further as Sierra notices her, smiling brightly at her girlfriend. "Ooh, tacos!" Not that she actually needs to food, but she can pretend to, and it tastes good. She plops down next to the little latina, and leans over to kiss her cheek. "You're all wet. And hot. What happened? Are we dunking people?", she asks, suddenly looking worried- she would not fare well if hit with a bunch of water suddenly.

With all of the people in the area, Kaylee's liable to spin her head right off, trying to keep track of everyone! So, instead, she just flips her glasses up onto her forehead. After a couple seconds, her eyes unfocus and she bends her legs again, resting her chin on her knees and hugging her thighs. Rebecca's suit, and the demonstration thereof, gets a very impish grin from Kaylee, and she offers a whistle. "Looking good, Becky!" She then looks to Sierra and 'ohs' quietly, grimacing. "Sorry, I think I got your powers mixed up with one of the other new girls," she admits sheepishly.

"Want to share a snack before you run off?" Becca asks and looks back to Sierra with a grin. "Two secs." She says and reaches into her bag, fishing around for the speaker she presses her lips together and focuses. "Oooh, victory!" She grins and produces the speaker. To Kaylee she sticks out her tongue then pauses. "I'm sticking out my tongue Kaylee.

Daxton looks slightly confused, how do they all have tacos? He just shakes himself and looks back to Becca, "I can, yeah." He's a teen boy, he can always eat. Sierra gets a nod, they haven't really met, but he
Daxton looks slightly confused, how do they all have tacos? He just shakes himself and looks back to Becca, "I can, yeah." He's a teen boy, he can always eat. Sierra gets a nod, they haven't really met, but he's heard of her. "Hey." He's not much of a talker, nor is he much for making eye contact, it seems. It also seems he's doing just as good a job of ignoring Kaylee, as she is of him.

"Don't worry about it, Kaylee. Everyone around here is very confusing. I got a person called Daxton mixed up with someone else and I was so very wrong with what I was saying" Sierra sighs before a bright smile at the arrival of Mabel and the kiss on her cheek. "I was hoping you would find us. I got an extra special taco for you." She takes out one and offers it to the girl who doesn't need to eat. "Extra cream. I got wet because of a teleporter. Long story…actually…I think I just told it. No dunking! I am an Ares and even I know we should not have wet t-shirt competitions." Grabby hands for the speaker as she gets out her own phone. "Now time to dance" she smiles to everyone.

So as it turned out - even through the little splash, Vi had kinda slept through it all. She had kinda dozed off, in the sand, in the happy sun, surrounded by friends and laughter. It was comfortable to her. But she bolts awake right now. Right hand tenses into a fist, and she glances around - and… Vi looks at Kaylee - then at Daxton, then back at Kaylee. Setting her jaw at an angle, Vi brushes a hand through her hair, eyes half narrowing as she considers a moment. "Oh, hey Mabel - welcome to the beach extravaganza!" she exclaims, a bit drowsily.

Kaylee laughs when Becca tells her what she's doing. "Thanks, Becky," she says, not pointing out that she could see that. Her spatial powers are just confusing to everybody, not least of all herself. But, when Becky hands her speaker to Sierra, Kaylee turns a little pink and slides her glasses down from her forehead. But then Vi is sitting bolt upright and Kaylee eeps a little and ducks. But, when she determines she's safe, she giggles. "Morning, Violet. Becky and Daxton came, too. Gabby and Daxton are why you're a little damp," she explains.

Mabel smiles brightly at Sierra. "Well, it was either this or stay in my room- last time I went out somewhere on my own I ended up in a big mess with some dudes with super-rayguns and stuff, it was scary. And I had to wrap myself around some boy and it was *gross*.", she declares. Her eyes open wide as she's offered the taco with extra cream. "Ooh! Looks yummy! Thanks!", she says, all kinds of appreciative. She may not need to eat, but tacos from the girlfriend are awesome nonetheless. She relaxes at the explanation about the lack of dunking, but giggles at the wet t-shirt contest mention. "Mmmhmm." She looks about at the others, watching their interactions curiously as she digs into her taco, crunching merrily away. When the dancing is suggested, she laughs, smiling fondly at Sierra. "I figured that was coming." Vi's voice calling out her name causes her to look up, and she gives a little wave, mumbling a quick "Mrfhiii!" around a bite of her taco.

Jared nods and smiles to Sierra as he steps back, trying to find somewhere to sit. Letting the others talk and socialize. Not sure what is up with Dax and Kaylee, but leaving that alone for now. "Sorry." He offers to Vi, as Kaylee explains the situation. "I scared Gabby." A brief explainer to why Gabby and Daxton caused a damp area on the beach.

Offering the speaker, Becca goes to set out her towel. "Come sit." Becca says quietly and digs in her bag when she has the towel down to produce steamed buns. The speaker is with Sierra, Daxton is staying long enough to eat and everything seems happy. This is good, no shot outs or craziness. "Dancing sounds amazing!" She calls to Sierra and smiles at Daxton. "I'm guessing you mean to sit any dancing out? Oh! Mabel! Feeling better?!" She asks looking at the girl.

"Yeah? What'd they do?" says Vi, kinda looking down at herself. "Good thing I'm wearing a swimsuit already, right, Kay?" she asks, grinning over towards her. Especially at that little epp and the duck. "Oh, heeeeey Beck Beck, and Dax too, it was /you/ over the water, huh?" she asks Dax, grinning roguishly. A beat, and her eyes track back towards Mabel, giving her a wink and a fingergun. Tacos aside… "Can I borrow another bag of oreos, Kay to the Lee? How's your night treatin' you?" she asks.

"You love dancing" Sierra smirks to Mabel. "Or is it that I just like dancing with you and I think you do?" she winks before its time for music and Sierra stands and offers her hand to Mabel. "Once you have finished eating, then we dance." Though Sierra has started anyway the minute the beats kick in. "Wait! Ray guns? Boy wrapping?" She looks around at the others with confusion. "Did I miss it all?"

Daxton's head tilts, now completely confused and lost on what is going on. Maybe Gab's teleportation fizzled his brain more than he realized. "What did-" No, so, he doesn't want to know, instead of asking Sierra, he shakes his head, looking back to Becca and sitting down as instructed. Any comments about wet t-shirts he keeps to himself. He's not that stupid. He does turn though as Vi jolts awake, a hand raised in a calming manner. She even gets a brief smile of understanding. "No…Gabs is why…and Jared." he's innocent in all of that. Nodding, "I was just swimming." Very, very fast. Dancing? "Yeah…no. I'm good here."

"Yeah, just a teleportation accident, Violet. Gabby apologized before she fled," She says, smiling at her roommate. Then, she grimaces when she's asked about more Oreos and shrugs her shoulders. "I think I only had the one bag. I … just kinda brought whatever they gave me. I'm sorry?" she offers. Because, normally, she plans and prepares and has everything ready. For social gatherings, anyway. Missions, no, not so much. But socials, totally covered. "But I'm good! Just … you know … hanging out," she says, smiling.

"Aww. Well, here. Beef steamed buns. I'm told pork are better but pig meat." Becca shrugs and dances a little where she sits because music is infectious. "I think Mabel means the gun fight. She stopped one of the guys with her power." She explains briefly. Leaning over, Becca smiles at Violet. "Heya Vi, nice nap? Kaylee was guarding you to prevent further water incidents, I assume."

"Much better! Just needed some alone time, and to, y'know, change out all my water until I felt less icky.", Mabel calls out to Becca, smiling widely. She gives Vi an impish grin at the fingerguns, then turns back to Sierra. "Well, I love dancing with *you*, that's true.", she agrees, her smile softening, then sighs. "Oh, it was this whole thing. A few of us happened to be in town at the station, and there were these teens with guns, and this weird guy with like melting powers showed up and they got into a fight and I helped get people safe while everyone else helped subdue the people who were fighting and I had to stop one of the teens with weird guns from running away and then Honey Badger showed up and it was a whole big scary mess. But I'm ok! And no one really got hurt. Well.. except for some of the teen guys.", she explains. She nods quickly at Becca, and smiles sheepishly. "I'm just glad I was able to help."

"Yeah?" asks Violet, rising up to a stand at that, stretching her arms over her head as she rolls out her shoulders a bit. Brushing off her hair - sleeping on the sand was bad for the hair, after all, Vi glances towards Becca. "Hey - and she did a good job, I think. But yeah, Beks, I had a nice nap. You having a nice morning?" she asks her. But her eyes track towards Kaylee then, and she lifts her chin to her, grinning. "Don't be sorry. But I think I desperately need a handful of my emergency oreos. So… I'm gonna trek back to the dorms. Wanna come?" she asks Kaylee, before glancing back over her shoulder towards the rest.

Dax catches her eyes, and she inclines her head to him, her features sobering as they share a glance. "Welcome to land, then, Dax. And likewise, thanks for the dancing offer - but… yeah. I hear the siren song of fake-tasting cookies," she says.

How do these girl just magically have food on them? it's witchcraft! Not that Daxton is really complaining, beef steamed buns sounds amazing, "Did you make these?" He quiets as they talk about the fight, listening and watching Becca's reaction. He's just nods to Violet, acknowledging something before he starts eating.

Kaylee blinks as Violet stands up and says she needs to go back to the dorms. She furrows her brow a little, looking at the others, lingering on Becca for a moment …. How can she spy and watch if they go back to the dorms!? But, Violet asked her to go, and that was her roommate, and she DID forget to bring Oreos for her, which was totally her oversight …. Biting her lower lip, it takes Kaylee a moment to decide, but then she's standing up and adjusting her glasses. "Yeah, I'll come with you," she announces. Then, she grimaces a little, looking towards her backpack. "Hey, you guys are welcome to all the snacks and stuff. Could somebody make sure to bring my backpack back, if you guys decide to leave before we're back with her oreos?" she asks, before moving to follow Violet away.

"I did. I like to bring a snack to the beach. Swimming is tiring. I'd ask if you want to swim but you beat me to it." Rebecca says and sets the buns in Dax's care before grinning to Violet. "Always. Even got a free iced tea." She grins and lays back to do her own sunbathing. "Can do Kayz." She offers and gestures.

Mabel waves to Kaylee. "Come back quick!", she calls to her and Vi, as she finishes the taco, and hops up to her feet to dance with Sierra. She is in no way in Sierra's league when it comes to dancing, but she's slowly losing her shyness about dancing with her, and learning to not have two left feet. And, hey, it's fun!

Daxton eats quite bait of the buns, cause yum, but manages to not eat them all. As the girls talk and dance he flashes Becca another smile, which is more than he usually does for anyone it seems. Standing up, "I gotta clean up for work. i'll catch you all later." Becca gets another glance but then he's off, running across the water.

Jared does move away. Furrowing his brows. Perhaps not really sure what to do. So many people talking at once. No one to chase about to occupy him either. Waiting for his shirt to dry up some more before gathering his things. I should go. See you all later." He offers and bows.

Looking up as Daxton stands, Becca grins and leans her arms on her knees. Looking at Jared she waves. "Oh, nice to meet you." She offers and looks over at the girls. "Guess it's just going to be a girls day out." She points out with a chuckle.

Sierra does get entranced by the dance and so she's a bit surprised to see almost everyone has gone when she is back in the moment. "I guess so" she smiles to Becca before giving her dance partner a tight hug. "I wonder if they'll let us move in together" she muses to Mabel…because that won't be a problem at all.

"I don't mind.", Mabel calls to Becca, grinning as Sierra hugs her. She returns the hug, then leans against the other girl, keeping an arm around her, before blinking at that. "… move in together? That… well, that'd be nice.", she says, visibly blushing. "But, I mean.. technically I'm Metis. I mean.. I really only joined because Alex wanted us to..", she says, looking unsure.

"You're a Metis, Mabel? Huh. I thought they were all assholes." Becca blinks and rubs her cheek. "I guess they were pitched to me kind of roughly though." She admits and props herself on her elbows before considering what remains of her steamed buns. "You ladies like buns?" She asks politely. There's still a few that survived the teenage speedster's stomach.

"Oh yeah…different teams" Sierra frowns and nods to the point that Mabel has just made. "Oh well…I guess we can just do sleepovers then." Because that is totally school policy. "I love buns" she grins excitedly to Becca before sitting down and holding off the dancing for a bit. "You want a taco in return?" She has a basket full of them.

"Well.. I mean.. Alex was my caretaker and my best friend, before she left the school.", Mabel explains to Becca, looking a little sad. She's still not entirely over Alex leaving, and being left behind on her own. But she's trying! ".. she thought Metis would work best for us, and.. they were pretty nice to us, I guess? I.. wasn't sure it was a good fit for *me*, but.. y'know, Alex was my caretaker, so, wherever she went, I went. I guess.. I guess now that she's gone, maybe I should think about whether I want to stay there, huh?" She bites her lip.. this whole 'making her own decisions' thing is new to her. The 'buns' question causes her to giggle a little. "I'll try one. You should try Sierra's tacos. They're really good."

"As long as they aren't pork." Becca nods and leans over to offer the container to the girls. "Bummer about your caretaker. What team are you on Sierra?" She wonders able to divert more attention to other people with out Daxton nearby to be so distracting.

"I am an Ares…though I am not sure what that means yet" Sierra shrug as she takes a bun. "No pork. Not on nachos. You be what you want to be, Mabel…though I was just told I would be Ares after I did some tests back in Mexico." A little frown appears. "I got angry doing the tests. I think that is why I am Ares."

Mabel bites her lip, but smiles a little at Sierra, and nods. "I don't really do 'angry' very much.. I.. I don't know, really. I guess maybe I should talk to the school staff.. or.. or something. I was so used to letting Alex make all the big decisions, y'know?", she murmurs, and reaches for Sierra's hand to give it a little squeeze when she notices that frown. She looks back to Becca. "Which team are you on?"

"Oh, I was put in Athena." Becca grins and shrugs. "Which is half of why I walked into the gunfire to get them to talk it out. Not that it worked as well as I hoped." She admits and lays back on her towel, stretching out. "Next time maybe. You were pretty cool Mabel. All calm and shit."

Sierra squeezes Mabel's hand, her smile returning. "I stay shy to try and stop getting angry" Sierra explains, "But I do not think it works well. I find other things to get emotive about. Like falling in love. I did not think that would ever happen."

Mabel smiles brightly at Becca, blushing. "I just.. wanted to help, and not have people get hurt. I've had a pretty weird life, I guess, so it helps with me not freaking out?", she explains. And then she hears Sierra mentioning about falling in love, and her blush deepens, as she looks down at the sand. But she also leans a little closer to Sierra, and her lips have a shy little smile on them.

Smiling at the words, Becca has her eyes closed to enjoy some sun bathing. The herd of teens has ebbed and she's offered up her beef steamed buns. That handled she seems content to chat and soak up sun. "We got lucky. I think Brenna is doing better? I haven't been to actually see her yet."

"I know you can take care of yourself, Mabel, but could you let me know when these big action things happen?" Sierra asks softly, putting an arm around the other girl and pulling her close. "I would worry if I hear this happens and I am not around to help you. Did this Brenna get really hurt?"

Mabel leans into Sierra. "Sorry, Sierra. It just sort of happened, none of us was expecting it. I was just sort of in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I didn't get hurt, and I helped a lot of people!", she offers, and slips her own arm around the other girl. "I'm pretty hard to hurt, you know.", she assures her, then nods, looking between her and Becca. "Yeah, Brenna got hit by one of the guns the teenagers had. I guess it was some kinda.. magic gun? It started changing and shrinking her. She wasn't able to resist it- but the grown-up heroes said they could fix it, so they took her with them.", she explains, and looks to Becca. "I hope she's ok.. But I'm sure they were able to help her."

"Shrunk." Becca nods and let's Mabel explain. "Yeah. I should see if she's back in the dorm or not." She admits and sits up with a huff of air. "Alright. Off to see the wizard. Might be a good idea to check on my team mate. Thanks for the company ladies." She offers with a little wave as she gathers up her things and collects Kaylee's backpack since she's headed that way, texting her. "Oh, if you want, you can use the speaker. Just leave it in the main hub or something and I'll grab it later." She offers with a smile.

Sierra nods about the speaker. "Thank you. I can get it back to your room if you like but I will let you know what happens to it. And I am glad you were able to help people. I am just being selfish to not want to see you hurt." She leans over to kiss Mabel lightly on the lips - since there are others around - before offering her a warm smile. "I am proud of you."

"Alright.. it was nice seeing you again- I'll see you later at the school?", Mabel asks Becca. "If you see Brenna, let her know I said hi, too!" And then she's distracted by Sierra, with those words and that little smooch, which brings another blush to the shy little metamorph's cheeks. "Aww.. thank you..", she murmurs softly, and snuggles a little closer to the other girl's side, looking entirely content.

"Can do. Later ladies." Becca offers and waves. Towel and bag in tow she shoulders her gear and walks back on down the beach.

Sierra gives a wave to Becca before standing and dragging Mabel up with her. "Time to dance again" she grins. "Nice of everyone to leave us alone." Her wet t-shirt is dry by now so there is no generation of heat coming from her anymore.

Mabel giggles as she's dragged up to her feet. "You really love to dance, don't you?", she asks, smiling warmly at her girlfriend. "Then again I'm getting pretty fond of it too, even if I'll never be as good as you." She smiles, looking around. "Well, I don't mind some alone time with you. It's like a date!"

Sierra giggles and nods. "Yeah, we sort of missed that date stage, didn't we. And you are an awesome dancer. You can do moves that I could not hope to do…because I have bones." Even though the music thumps along at 120 beats per minute, it suddenly becomes a slow dance when Sierra pulls Mabel close to her and they get the swaying going.

Mabel gives a soft laugh, leaning into Sierra. "Well, yeah, I guess I do cheat a little.", she admits, then gives her a soft smile. "Never too late for the date stage, though. I want to go out more.. get more used to the world, y'know? We can go out together."

"I do not have a lot of money though" Sierra sighs, "So I cannot treat you how I would like to treat you on a date. Flowers. Fancy restaurant. Chocolates. I cannot do that." She looks up towards the town. "But we can go for a walk around if you like. We can see the world for nothing."

Mabel smiles a little more. "I get a pretty decent allowance from Alex and the lab. Well.. I guess mostly just the lab, now.", she admits, blushing. "How about I take *you* out and treat you with flowers and fancy restaurants?", she offers, and bites her lip. "I mean.. if that's ok with you?"

"It is okay I guess" Sierra shrugs, "But McDonalds would be fancy if you were there with me. Shall we go for a walk?"

Mabel smiles again, and nods brightly. "Mmhmm! Let's. I… I like being seen with you.", she admits.

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