(2016-06-23) Talking of Flowers
Talking of Flowers
Summary: Kaylee gets more information about her admirer
Date: 2016-06-23
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It's evening, getting close to bedtime for MOST of the Coral Springs students, and the hub is as quiet as ever. That makes Kaylee all the more obvious as she lays on one of the couches, sighing wistfully and looking at a wilting daisy that she keeps spinning between her fingers. She's got her glasses on, too, meaning she's probably actually looking at the flower.

The stairwell door opens by itself (not uncommon in this place) a few seconds before Tabitha comes flying (literally) down the stairs. Her trip to Virginia took longer than she intended and it might be inferred from the disapointment and concern in her expression that things didn't go well. She's wearing her best non-formal clothes, khaki slacks and a cream polo shirt, with her copper and black hair pulled back in a loose bun. She drifts across the hub in a dormward direction then spots Kaylee being all wistful and flowery. So she turns her floating self in that direction and settles down onto the couch at Kaylee's feet, "Why the long face?"

Long face? Kaylee blinks a little as Tabitha asks her, obviously moving her feet so Tabitha can sit. She cants her head to the side and raises her eyebrows. "What long face?" And then, she considers and smirks a little, blushing. "Oh! No … it wasn't a long face, was it? Or maybe …? Oh, I don't know," she says, shaking her head and smiling sheepishly. She holds up the daisy. "You didn't leave this on my pillow Monday night, did you?"

Tabitha grins to herself as Kaylee works her way through the response in her very Kaylee way. Then she shakes her head at the question. "Nope. Flowers are for hospitals and funerals. My apologies are usually more desert related, and if I want someone to know I think they're hot I'm more direct than flowers on pillows." She looks at the daisy again, considering the issue from a few angles. "This showed up Monday night? Was it there when you got to your dorm for bed or something?"

Kaylee grins sheepishly again and moves to tuck some of her hair behind her ear as she sits up more, drawing her legs closer to her chest. "Well … I'm not entirely sure. See, I didn't actually find it until Tuesday morning, when I was brushing my hair. It was stuck in it, cuz I guess I slept on it. But, I know it wasn't there before I went to get in the shower, because I had my glasses on. And there wasn't anybody else in the room because Violet had gone out. So … sometime between me getting in the shower and getting in to bed, somebody must have snuck it onto my pillow," she says. She grimaces a little and shrugs. "I didn't really THINK it wsa you, since you're with Jacob. I just … I figured it could have meant maybe you were trying to say sorry or something." She sighs a little and glowers for a moment, but tries to smile through it. "Honestly? I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't just someone trying to be funny or something. Because nobody has said anything, and nobody has done anything, and I can't really think of ANYBODY who's really seemed very interested in me at all. So maybe it was just … a fluke or something."

"Leaving a flower on someone's pillow is not a fluke." Tabitha folds her legs up under her so she's taking up even less space on the end of the couch than normal, and looks a bit less distracted as the day's problems are set aside for the moment. "No. My apologies involve copious ammounts of ice cream, cobbler, and whipped cream used for its 'intended by the manufacturers' purpose." She smiles sideways at Kaylee, "The plan was to try it in a week or so. Maybe after the paperwork is finished and I move into my new dorm."

Then she shifts gears and starts thinking. "Okay, so if I've got the order of operations right… You go to your room to get ready for bed. Flower isn't there. Violet is there or she was already out? But then you head to the showers, then go back to your room and go straight to sleep? Then the next morning you wake up, and in the course of brushing your hair you find the daisy there? I've got everything in the right order, or no?"

Kaylee blinks at the mention of 'intended by the manufacturers' purpose, her head canting to the side in confusion. But, then she's asked a question, which requires her attention, so she doesn't ask what other purposes it could be used for. "Yes, when I got back from the gym, Violet went out to do what she does. And I only took a quick shower- I didn't wash my hair since I was going to bed. So, I was out of the shower before Violet was back. She didn't even wake me up when she came in, I went to sleep pretty fast," Kaylee explains, spinning the daisy in circles in between her fingers as she speaks. "So, when I woke up in the morning and when to brush my hair out, the daisy was in it, tangled up, so I musta slept on it."

Tabitha grins at Kaylee's confusion about the whipped cream, but doesn't enlighten her young and innocent friend just yet. But she nods as Kaylee confirms the timeline of events. "Are you sure you slept on it? Do you sleep on your side, and if so was the daisy on that side of your head? Or was it on the opposite side?" Then she shifts tack to post-flower questions. "So I'm presuming that you've asked around about it?"

"Yeah, I had to have slept on it, it was kinda mushed and tangled up. And I kinda toss and turn, but I don't usually like roll over," Kaylee says with a shrug. She was asleep! How was she supposed to know where it was, or which side she woke up on!? She blushes again, though, nodding and setting the wilting flower on her knees as she hides her face partially behind them. "Uh-huh. Everybody but Grayson denied it, and Grayson just looked a little uncomfortable and ran away. I … think I just made him uncomfortable, for some reason, and I tried to say he could tell me if it was him, but … nope."

Tabitha and Kaylee are on one of the hub couches. Kaylee laying down and Tabs sitting down by her feet. Tabs is dressed in her best 'business type' outfit of tan slacks and a cream polo shirt. Maybe it's the way she's wired a bit different from others, but her mind is coming at the flower question from an angle Kaylee doesn't seem to have thought of. Then she mentions how she asked Grayson and how he reacted and Tabitha just stops and /looks/ at Kaylee with a 'you didn't!' expression before her hand comes up to cover her mouth in surprise. "Oh, Kaylee… Grayson is dating Oliver, so I really doubt he'd be putting flowers on your pillow."

Koa wanders down to the Ocean Floor Hub, with half a giant-sized burrito in his hand and the other half being chewed on in his mouth. The big kahuna is dressed in his usual, tank top, shorts, shoeless. By the time he reaches the bottom of the stairs he easily spots the girls on the couches, and unhurriedly he waddles towards them, lifting the burrito in a salute and a "Yo yo!" Careful now, that half of a burrito just might start dripping.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Kaylee's mouth drops open. She stares. She blinks. And then she disappears, obfuscating as a natural reaction. Though, unfortunately, the brilliant, reddish-pink glow that eminates from her outline makes it terribly obvious that she's curled up into a little ball to hide her embarassment. "Oh nooooooooooo!" she whines, rocking a little. "I was so sure! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh," she starts chanting, shaking her head, her face covered by her hands. Though how well anybody else can tell what she's doing, what with the lack of solid visual cues, is up to them. Koa is, unfortunately, completely ignored in Kaylee's ignomy.

Tabitha was expecting a reaction along these lines. It's Kaylee, after all and she can't help being anything but herself. Fortunately, she's a person that Kaylee can't hide from with her powers. So she reaches over through the pink glow and wraps her arms around the invisible Kaylee to comfort her, "Don't be so hard on yourself. Grayson is really shy about that sort of thing." She looks over as Koa comes into the room, giving him a quick upnod. "Howzit, Mister Mountain?" The burrito is given a quick but hungry glance. Tabitha hasn't eaten all day and only just now realized.

She give Kaylee's back a rub with one hand, trying to coax her back into full visibility and speaking gently. "Have you asked any of the girls? Maybe the ones from the beach day?" Best way to nudge Kaylee's mind to that side of the possible is to just go ahead and say it.

Koa ? Missed and ignored? That's not easy to do, given he always takes up the entire view of whoever he walks up to. Stopping before the girls, he blinks his beady eyes at Kaylee's flicker, looks over to Tabitha and back to Kaylee. "Yo still looking for the romantic creep?" Koa asks curiously, frowning a little before the remainder of the burrito is bitten into. Nom, nomnom. Then he notices Tabs eyeing what's left of the burrito, and after a moment's hesitation, it's offered to Tabitha. "Want some?"

Kaylee mewls and oh-my-goshes for several more seconds, even as Tabitha hugs her. After several moments, the pink fades slightly, though she doesn't return from being invisible. And then there's Koa and his big, bad, beautiful self. Kaylee peeks out from behind her hands, and apparently her face is visible again, at least, as she sees what Koa's offering. It's a burrito. Oh, thank heavens for Koa. Kaylee can't help but giggle at him, even in spite of herself, and she becomse … mostly visible. Though she's still glowing. "And yes, you were the only girl I hadn't really accounted for, Tabby. Sierra and Mabel are SO into each other. And Violet wasn't there, and she was there when I found it in the morning and denied having anything to do with it and suggested I wear it and see if anybody said or did anything," she offers.

Tabitha eyes the burrito a bit more, even swallowing drily once, but ultimately shakes her head. "Thanks for the offer, Mount Snuggle, but after the day I've had I'm in the mood for something less cooked, more… rare." She smiles as Kaylee comes back to visibility with the always cheerful arrival of Koa. Then she nods as it seems her nudging was unneeded by Kaylee. "Fair enough. But yeah, I'm more in the leave no room for doubt camp when it comes to courting." She looks up at Koa (because Tabitha has to look /up/ to everyone, but especially Koa) and quirks an eyebrow at his wording about the flower. "Romantic creep? So you don't have any ideas about who left it, either?"

Koa's brows go waaaay up at something being said. "Whoaaaa…Wot? Sierra and Mabel are wot?" That's like every guy's fantasy! "Where did yo see this?" He asks, because that just rose to the top of his priority list. Still, Tab's question brings a headshake from the giant lug, who takes another bite out of the unaccepted burrito. "Uh-uh." He points a thick finger at Kaylee. "Totes not cool for a guy to sneak into a girl's room when she's sleeping, man. That's just creepy."

"… Sierra and Mabel are dating, Koa," Kaylee answers. Then, she ducks her head a little, glancing at Tabby. "And kissing every single second, seems like, too," she adds. She sighs and uncurls a little, resting her head on Tabitha's shoulder (unless Tabby moved away and stopped hugging her?). "Gosh, I really wish they WOULD come out and say something. The flowers are so sweet, but it's been like three days now! I wanna know who likes me!" she whines. Kaylee and Tabby are currently sitting on one of the couches, with Tabitha potentially giving Kaylee a hug. Koa, on the other hand, is standing nearby, almost done with a Koa-sized burrito.

Tabitha hasn't pulled away from Kaylee yet. She's still got an arm around her and now has Kayee's head on her shoulder. "Yeah, it's best to just be up front about that sort of thing." She agrees with Koa's comment about sneaking into a room being creepy. "Although from what I understand she wasn't in the room when the flower was put there." She grins at his reaction to the news about Sierra and Mabel, though. If there's one thing about Koa, it's that he's refreshingly open with his reactions. "Lots of girls kissing 'round here, Koa. Guys, too."

"Two girls dating?" Koa blinks, then lets out a long and loud groan of disbelief, like "NoooooWaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!" But then he breaks into a chuckle as if he didn't really care, as he sits himself down in front of the couch near the girls, where he stuffs the rest of the burrito into his giant maw. Just because the burrito is gone, doesn't mean he's done with it; Koa finishes up with a thorough sucking of each of his sausage-sized fingers - he doesn't like wasting food! He does look at the girls when that's all taken care of. "Who yo want it to be, Kay?" is asked. Poignant!

As Kaylee is whining, maybe she will at least get some confirmation. Seeing as Diego is coming along, running a hand through his hair and letting out a yawn. Spotting those present. "Hey." He says with a smile to all of them. "Kaylee. I got some answers while sleeping." Hearing Koa's surprise, letting out a light chuckle. Looking between all of them, trying to see what else they are talking about. Grinning at Tab's words.

"Who do I … WANT it to be?" Kaylee repeats, sitting up and blinking. She tucks hair behind both of her ears now, blushing again and looking between Koa and Tabby. "… I … I don't know? I mean … honestly? I kinda really thought it was you, Koa, because you're such a big sweetie," she says, smiling sheepishly. "But … I don't think I /want/ it to be anybody? I just want to know who!" And then here comes Diego, to the rescue! "Diego!" she exclaims happily, bouncing in her seat as she moves and tucks her legs underneath her. "What did you find out!?!?!"

Kaylee and Tabby are sitting on a couch next to each other, with Koa sitting on the floor in front of them. Kaylee's bouncing and excited to see Diego, who just game into the hub with news!

Tabitha's eyebrows rise as Koa asks what really should've been an obvious question. She's quiet as Kaylee responds, just being there for support at this point. Then when Diego comes out and says that it came to him in a dream she's momentarily confused until she remembers what Diego does. "Ah, so you talked to the flower?"

Koa lifts a hand to greet Diego as the boy wanders in. "D-Go." He calls out a brand new nickname, squinting a bit as the announcement that he might have some clues or revelations. Still, the big lug turns his head in Kaylee's direction and grins at the blonde goofily. "I ain't creepy like that, Kay. But if I was, I'd leave yo a burrito or somethin'."

Diego blinks. "I got some answers, but not too much." He admits. "I think it's a girl from school though. Seemed to be taken from above the beach somewhere." He tells her with a slight shrug. "Sorry, not really helping you out all too much." Nodding to Tabitha. "Something like that. A dead flower." He amits and chuckles.

Wait, what!? A girl!?!?! Kaylee blinks in astonishment. And then confusion. "But … who then …," she trails off, looking at Tabitha. "The only other girl that I'm close to is Becca! And she's got it so bad for Daxt-," Kaylee blabs, then immediately slaps her hands over her mouth. Cue pink glowing again. Kaylee quickly looks amongst all the gathered people, grimacing and shaking her head. "Nobody heard that. At all. Period. Nothing. … please?"

Tabitha grins at Diego, but isn't weirded out by talking to plants. She's one of the people that got cured of the Funky Monkey Measles because Diego could talk to the disease and get it to chill out long enough to get zapped by Moritz. And when he says it was taken from the beach she just raises her eyebrows but again, not so surprised. She's about to say something when Kaylee makes her slip. "I've been leaving those two to their own devices, so don't worry. I'm not about to get on thier case about it." Then she turns her gaze to the two guys present and her expression shifts to one that shows more 'Lilith' than 'Tabitha'. "And neither will anyone else. Right?"

Koa facepalms with an audible smack at Kaylee's slip. "It's like Temptation Island here, giving me headaches." He mutters aloud. With that, he makes the ponderous effort to climb back to his feet. "Imma hungry. Anyone wanna snack?" Koa asks once he's up, glancing at the other kids.

Diego nods to Kaylee, "Indeed. Not completely sure about it all. That is what I have though." He suggests to her. Raising his brow about who Tabithaa is talking about. "Most people need to be allowed their own spce, I suppose." He offers before grinning at Koa. "Just do the best of things." He suggests to him. "Sure, I can have some." He offers aabout snacks.

Kaylee stands up, suddenly, clutching the daisy in her hands. She looks to the Prometheus Hub, staring for several seconds, taking in a breath and holding it. "I … need to go," she says, finally, taking the flower and tucking it back behind her ear. And then she practically runs towards her dorm room, obviously on a mission, now.

Tabitha shrugs at Koa's comment, "More like high school, but yeah." Then Kaylee is up and running for the dorm and her eyebrows rise once more. "… Okay… guess that was more helpful than you thought, Diego." She pauses for a beat, then nods at Koa's snacks question. "Yeah, that sounds like a plan Koa. Although I'm still in the mood to head into the woods and find a meal on the hoof." She gets that bloodthirsty 'Lilith' look in her eyes for a heartbeat again, then shrugs, "But baring that, sugary will suffice."

Koa watches Kaylee run off with a bit of a confused look, but shrugs it off as the others agree with his snack plan. "Sugary is easier. To the Batcave!" He raises a finger and points it at the stairs, then turns to lead the charge to the cafeteria… where he probably just came from. >.>

Diego chuckles and nods. "Seems like it." He replies to Tabitha. Only giving a small wave to Kaylee as she runs off. Nodding about heading into the woods. "I could help you find something. Just offer proper respect to anything you find." He tells her, seeming rather serious about that. Chuckling as Koa is running off as well. "Bye Koa." He offers as he looks to Tabitha. "people seem to really be running around a lot lately."

Tabitha laughs as Koa heads back up the stairs he just came down just moments ago. She, however remains sitting on the couch in her 'business' outfit of slacks and a polo shirt. Now that there's far fewer people nearby she is a bit less animated and leans her head against the back of the couch. "I would, but I'm honestly too wiped to go hunting." She then grins at his observation about people. "Yeah, well it's summer. That's the time for active."

Diego chuckles and nods. Especially about it being the time for being active, while Tab at the same time says she's basically too tired to be active. "You should try and get some rest." He suggests to her. "Been doing well since last time?" He asks then. Sinc it's been awhile since they talked.

Tabitha chuckles without lifting her head, "I'd make a crack about sleeping when I'm dead, but even then I didn't get much rest." She pauses and lets out a long breath at the question. "Oh, that's a long story, Diego. Short version is that life's been incredibly complicated, but at least my music career is taking off." She does smile at this part, then chuckles. "Although that's also why I'm not likely to get much rest this summer."

"Glad to hear. About the music, not the complicated life." Diego replies as he shifts a bit while the two of them talk. "Find somewhere to hide and rest out properly then." He offers and nudges her.

Tabitha smiles, "That's not a bad suggestion." Since she's feeling too lazy to stand up she takes the easy way and flies up off the couch. She gives Diego a quick wave and starts towards the Athena dorms. "Thanks for helping Kaylee with her flower thing. Now I'm going to go hide in my room and hope Brenna lets me sleep in."

Diego chuckles and nods. "Sounds good. See you later. I probably need to get some sleep as well." He agrees. Giving a small wave as he head for the Prometheus dorm.

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