(2016-06-23) Mission and Other Talk
Mission and Other Talk
Summary: Dax and Felicia talk about the upcoming mission and other stuffs
Date: 2016-06-23
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Old City Park
This area used to be a more prominent area of the town, when the local warehouse was active and the abandoned houses were filled with people. Now, it's just an eyesore, a blight on the town. The concrete basketball court has cracks and greenery poking up through it here and there, the goals are still in place, but the nets are long gone. Bleachers on one side are missing a few slats, but are generally safe to sit on. There is a large tractor tire that serves as a sandbox. Or a litter box for stray cats. A swing is rusted, the chains holding strong despite the rust, and the wooden slats faded from red to natural wood. A jungle gym and monkey bars, teeter totters, and a very squeaky merry go round complete the playground equipment. Surrounding everything, amid everything, there are vines and greenery, overgrown grass, it looks as if the local forest has taken over and engulfed the area in greenery.

A small pond where fishing is possible is tucked away amid some trees, a bridge spanning acrossit, though the rails and some of the foot boards are missing in some places. This too is overgrown with flora, vines, plants, greenery abounds. It's a derelict park, but somehow, kids still find it useful now and then, but mostly the older ones, while parents choose to take their younger kids across town to the new park.

Having the morning off is a pretty good thing. With both the pizza place and the amusement park not opening until at least 11 or so it gives the two teenagers a chance to wander around town to look for a place for Dax to do his urban gymnastics. The old park was a good place to start, with its derelict playground equipment and stuff. "I wonder what it would take to talk the school into putting in an American Ninja Warrior course on the island?" she asks as she surveys the little used playground, with it's over grown grass and rusty equipment.
Daxton's been fairly quiet, the speedster's got a lot rolling around in that empty brain go his. But the question gets a small grin, "That would be pretty awesome. Would probably get more students interested." There's a pauses as he causally kicks a rock off the path, "More so than the Arena Ftech. It would be more practical." In his head, anyway.

Felicia figured that would get some kind of reaction, and she isn't disappointed "Yeah, Arena Fetch is okay, but there is something to be said about competing by yourself against others." she moves toward the merry-go-round as she speaks "Maybe after these latest things with Unit 23 we can get a petition going."

Daxton eyes the area, making sure there's no extra eyes on the students. "I'd definitely be down with that. Maybe we can get rock climbing set up outside too." On the cliffs, so if they fall they can take a swim! He stitches his neck and then his arms, moving his gaze from their surroundings to what is actually here. "Do you know if there's anyone good with computers at the school we can trust? They're not going to have a paper trail at the medical facility." At least, he's assuming they won't. He's not seeming to have any trouble with eye contact, as he's now looking at her to see her answer as he stretches.

The teen girl hmmms at the suggestion "Maybe." she would have to learn to swim first, before tackling the cliffs. Drowning is not on her bucket list. "Sierra is good at computers." and she is in Ares "We can probably trust her." Felicia is pretty trusting as far as her teammates go "I'll ask her about it next time I see her…vaguely of course." no use spilling everything if she can't help out.

Daxton looks away, but it's to again scan the area before he starts, "Cool. I don't really know her. I'd ask Rosa, but she's been buried in her studies." And he's not sure what a giant frog could so to help the situation. He then hops up on the go around, letting it squeak as it turns, making sure it can hold his weight before he does anything. "I'd like someone water based, but I don't know that Annaleise is really mission ready. I thought about Tabitha too, but she's got a lot going on."

While Felicia is finding the whole sudden shift in attitude about eye contact curious, she is just going to take it in stride like she does everything else. Why question a positive change, ya know. "Well Grayson does have the whole water power thing going on as well." she points out, leaning lightly against the go-round, but not pushing it or anything. The last thing anyone wants is a super strong person spinning a merry-go-round…well for most people at least. "Yeah, Tabs has her own issues, and Anna. I think she will eventually get over herself…she does needs to learn to turn off the freak out portion of her brain." like the pair of them can. "How about Oliver? He seemed to do okay in that fire fight. No freak outs or anything. He was a little lost, but I think if we go in with a solid plan he will do alright." there is a pause "And he is alien…good distraction if necessary."

Daxton just nods, rocking the playground equipment underneath him to get a feel for it, "Might be good, Grayson. Especially if he's in on the interrogation." Yes, it's gone from questioning to interrogation of the old man. "Less to have to explain to over again. I think Oli could handle himself, maybe. But would he want to?" he didn't quite panic during the shoot out, but there was an edge of freak out on him, definitely. "Not that I think he wouldn't want to help, but we're breaking into a place. He worries a lot about getting into trouble." The speedster doesn't seem to like something about the go around so he hops off and darts over to the swing set, in a blink of an eye he's suddenly swung onto of the bean and is now perching on top. "I'll find out how big the place is, get basic info from Infero. We'll be able to better tell how big a group will need from that."

One second she is looking at Dax, watching him test the equipment as he does over pros and cons of various students and then it's empty space and she is looking around to see where he went off to. Not far at least. "He also wants to be included in more stuff." she begins to walk over to the swing set, eying the tetanus shot waiting to happen. "We should at least ask him. just because you don't want to /go/ to the party doesn't mean you don't want an invitation." though this party could get dangerous, and she would totally understand his refusal, or anyone's for that matter "Rebecca?" she tosses out another name, though she doesn’t know the girl all that well she seems to be level headed. There is a nod "Knowing how big the place is will help and how many hostiles we can expect. You think the building specs will be online in some town database like they always show in the movies? Or ya think that is just Hollywood BS?"

Daxton nods, "Maybe it can be some weird super date for him and Grayson." So weird. And then Becca. "I don't know…she's pretty steady, but…" For the first time he purposefully glances away and is that a hint of pink in his cheeks? He quickly moves on, "Can't hurt to try, but I think Hollywood makes up a lot of that. Maybe though." He hops and twists, catching himself on the beam and hanging there. Discussion seems to be more important than actual parkour practice for now. Dangling with his feet kicking slightly, "You're our heavy hitter, we need someone who will be able to gather the in tell, and then lookouts." Which would be Becca, crap.

Felicia wrinkles her nose at that one "Talk about having a third wheel." there would be third, fourth and possibly fifth ones for something like that. She hmmms at the glance away and the pink cheeks, storing that info away for later. "Another job for our would be hacker." she watches him move about, if she tried that she would break something, and it wouldn't be herself "With Rebecca's phasing and my shrinking, we may be able to get in and out without even getting into a fight at all." especially if there goal is a scientist at the medical facility.

Daxton nods, although to be honest, he wants a little of a fight. I'll need to see if we're just information gathering, or if Unit 23 wants the facility shut down as well." There's a pause and he frowns, a vibration going through the old equipment. In a softer voice, "I could bring down the building."

"That would be good to know. The plan for one won't look like a plan for the other." Felicia debates sitting on the swing a moment and then goes for it. The worst she can do is break it, and really the state it is in it wouldn't be that much of a loss "Probably. But let's save that for last resort." and after all the innocent, if there are any, employees are out of harms way, which for her goes without saying, so she doesn't.

There's a very loud protest from the swig, but it doesn't give…yet. Daxton sway a little where he's hanging. "No, it definitely won't be the same. We'll need different equipment for each." His nose wrinkles, "We'll also need to figure rout how we're all going to get there…" He probably shouldn't run it.

Felicia looks up at the hooks holding the chain to the beam a moment, giving it a don't you dare look for a moment. "Equipment?" she questions as she looks up to where he is hanging "Like what kinda equipment? And where would we get it?" she hmmms at the next conundrum "Does Unit 23 have wheels?"

Daxton nods, "Yeah, equipment. We at least need ear coms… I'd like to have a weapon.I can get some strength behind some punches, but having weapons is better. They will." At a science lab? He shrugs, still hanging. It's almost like a pull up, "I'm sure they do by now. I mean, I guess I could just lift something for the night." Like that's no big deal. Maybe Unit 23 isn't the best influence on him either, despite the eye contact.

"We can probably get comm things at an electronics store." Felicia states as if they were made of money or something. "We use similar at work actually…." she could be thinking of borrowing them for a few hours "You know how to hotwire a car?" yep that is what she asks instead of flat out refusing that notion…this is the girl who has few lines when it comes to trouble.

Daxton nods, there goes his savings then. He twist some, swinging like a monkey. "I think so? It feels…like I could." that's a weird thing to say. "My dreams are getting more…specific. Like….I remember blowing things up, not with firecrackers , like for real." Maybe he had more than running to offer?
"Huh." Felicia begins to push herself forward and back on the swing, but not enough for her feet to come off the ground, she keeps them firmly planted on terra firma for the moment. Of course there is creaking of the swing, but gravity hasn't taken a toll yet. She gives his a look that could only be described as slightly envious, not so much on the subject matter of his dreams, but more that he is remembering things from his missing three years. "Damn." she drawls watching him a moment to see if that bothers him or not.

The look doesn't seem to bother him, "Yeah." Damn indeed. Daxton keeps swinging, if he falls (or even if she does), Dax's fast enough to catch both of them. "I guess helpful?" He's aware it's not a betty crocker thing to remember. He smirks, "More helpful than dancing."

"I suppose. At least I know who to call if I need a bomb defused." like she would ever be in that situation, at least not right away. "Hey!" Felicia is all amused protest at the dancing remark "You'll be glad I have the moves when and if we ever get into a dance to the death battle." had she does have moves, prom proved that one.

Daxton smirks again, "Or I can just run it out to sea." Imagine the total wave! He snorts, doing another pull up, "Or if we get betrayed again and end up King and Queen next year." It's not quite as bitter sounding as it could be. He's still annoyed, but he and Derek have at least buried that hatchet.

"Poor fish." but better fish than a lot of innocent people…or herself for that matter. Felicia pulls a face at the idea of that happening next year two "Please don't jinx us Dax. Wasn't one year enough for all that?" she thinks so, for now "If it happens next year we should totally do some kind of reverse Carrie prank on everyone. But with kool-aid or something." and without all the pyromancy.

To be fair, Felicia might survive a bomb, who knows? But Dax nods in agreement, "Wouldn't put me in Annaliese's good graces any more than I am, but yeah." His head shakes, the mop onto of his head about long enough to actually sway now. "Shit, we'll be okay as long as our Team doesn't try to help us more." He chuckles at the idea, "Maybe. We should start planning now, just in case."

"I'm pretty sure she is over it," there is a shrug Felicia doesn't know for sure "I haven't heard her say anything about it for weeks now." to her it's a good sign. There is a grin at his use of the word our. How things change…and so quickly. No complaints though, it's about time really. "Maybe put some of those bomb skills to use. Like make some of those exploding packs, like the ones they use in movies to simulate gunshot wounds, and place them along the ceiling." she has ideas for this kind of thing. Or do you mean plans to just not get nominated at all…that might require running away." cause their team is kinda stubborn about things like that.

Daxton just nods, "I've tried to just keep my distance." Just easier. "Between her and Kaylee…I feel like walking the halls is a training exercise in stealth." His nose wrinkles and he'll pull himself up onto the bean again, "I think setting off bombs in the school, no matter who small would be expulsion worthy." He then stands up, arms out slightly for balance as Fel swings, "Well, i can definitely run away…" that's in his skill set.

"Well I don't know if they would qualify as bombs really, more like water balloons with a remote popper." that makes it sound a lot more harmless, right? Felicia continues to swing slowly, her feet barely off the ground now. She doesn't wanna test her luck or knock Dax from his perch from the movement. She's not so worried about getting expelled, not that close to graduation. "Yeah. I have had to shrink myself down a few times to keep from getting spotted by her. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that."

"Maybe if it was blue Ares paint…" He'd rather not having any flashbacks. The speedster walks back and forth on the beam as they talk, swaying with any movements from the beam itself. "Sorry you got dragged into that. She was being a creeper."

"Totally blue paint. Blue is the only reason I am in Ares." that being her favorite color and all. Good thing it was a good fit. Imagine if her favorite color had been the green of Metis. That would have been a disaster. "It's fine. At least now I know I should at least avoid getting into personal conversations with her…"there is a bit of a pause "And not to let her anywhere near my love life." not that she has one.

More smirking from Daxton, such a silly reason, but hey. Worked out good for him. He puffs out his cheeks, "I didn't even know that I had one till she got all weird." Issue with her, or a love life? Dax isn't sure either. He turns and drops again, faster than humanly possible, but the weight on the swing set shifts and he's on the ground, having jumped.

And Felicia isn't about to ask. She put her foot in it once already about that sorta thing, she isn't going to do so again. None of her business. Ah crap, his jumping, the weight shifting, combined with her own hefty weight is more than one of the chains can bear. The sound of the rusty metal snapping fills the air and suddenly Felicia is on her ass, the swing twisting in circles from the one chain it has left. "Ow…."

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