(2016-06-23) Gangs With Guns
Gangs With Guns
Summary: A sudden outbreak of violence in the train station!
Date: 2016-06-23
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NPCs: Orange Glowy Dude, Honey Badger, Weald, gangers
Scene Runner: Poseidon

Shady Cove Station
A small station atop the hill looking down on Shady Cove, this is a simple brick complex built for utility and access to the Northern Line that runs out of Thunder Bay and up towards Main. The platform is outside the station, with a small overhand more of those on the platform than the train itself. Across from the platform is simply trees and grass outside the city.

A wonderful summer day in Shady Cove, the trainstation is half as busy with tourists coming out of the big cities to capture that small New England town feel. Which really just makes the city busy and is nothing like it is during normal school months. Families come and go, those from Shady Cove off to Thunder Bay, or beyond, others here for quiet beach, ice cream, maybe a day at Astro Park. Its cheaper than in the city even, once they have tickets and travel secure for the day.
However, arriving off platform 3, a gaggle of teens from the city. THey were jean shorts, low enough that boxers can be seen, all the same aquamarine sort of color. They have ironed shirts, folded and pressed, hanging out their back pocket as if thats the only place it can go. Some with wife beaters on, others with no shirts now, as if ready for the beach. They are laughing, joking, taunting some others to the point of being a nuisance. Families can be seen steering kids away from the group. Sure do look rowdy, and yet, if ignored, they are just that, boistreous but not out to actually commet crimes at this juncture in time it seems.

Technically, Brenna could be called a tourist. She's certainly not from Shady Cove and her accent pings her as being from Ireland. Thunder Bay held the attraction for her today and instead of flying over, she was at the train station, trying to be a normal teen for once. When she catches sight of the group, her brow furrows. She's no hero looking to step in and save the day, so she leans back against the wall and crosses her arms over her chest, definitely watching for escalation of course, but mostly checking one out who had some hot abs.

Rebecca got a Polaroid camera for the summer to take pictures for her dorm room wall. That's cool right now. Walking around the train station, she's looking around for a cool shot, maybe with a train pulling out of the station and heading down the tracks? That'd be awesome. She reaches up to adjust her beanie on her head, wearing a sweater despite the heat. It's light but it covers her arms.

Mabel has, finally, been brave enough to take the ferry from the school over the skeery skeery ocean all by herself. It still freaks her out, but she's got to learn somehow, right? Besides, only so much to do at school during summer. So she's out at the station, lingering near the ticket counter and pondering if she's brave enough to venture further. The arrival of the teens earns a curious look that way, but she doesn't otherwise react.

It can't be just coincidence that so many kids from Coral Springs are at the station, right? Surely Koa is here with one or more of them. But who that might be isn't really clear, as he is just loitering on the platform with a nice big slushie and peering at a map of the train route. Wearing a black tank top that looks about to explode around his torso, beach shorts, bandana and no shoes, the big dude looks like he's still in Hawaii.

The train rails are good here, between the station and going north, there it runs past older parts of town, including the prior abandoned station up near the park. Lots of opportunities for shots. Not to mention, little water to worry about here just the same. Everything seems in order other than trouble makers making little trouble. If they're in a gang, no other gang round, so just loud.
Unseen because of them perhaps, a man steps off the train not long after them. Another car. He looks round and spots them, as if seeing them for the first time and recognizing them. The man has tan skin, a beard, a ball cap on his head. And a light windbreaker like jacket, red fabric, zipped up despite the warmth of summer beyond the platforms that is luring people to the beaches. As the group of teens joke and tease, congratulating each other over minced words that don't really cut like a sword except in their perception, he moves closer. Its that area where they're about to leave the platform, go into the building and Shady Cove proper, families choosing other doors and exits to leave the area mostly, that he moves near them. His hands come out of his pockets (+roll alertness), "Allright, I know you have them. Give me the guns and you can go on your way." Not to loud, not too quiet.
They slowly start to turn, one bigger bald guy with no shirt and some green tats responds, "The F…," bomb, "You ain't getting shit." And one kid is already pulling a piece, it looks like a pistol, but with a bigger container below the grip, feeding some tube into the chamber where bullets usulaly go. Whatever the man wants with said guns, they don't seem want to have it. Oddly, if not for that one comment from the man, they probably would of went to the beach, tried to meet some girls, then went back to the city, and keep there gang activity there. The man's presence and question of them seems to have affected the outcomes of this moment.

<FS3> Mabel rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Koa rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Brenna rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Rebecca rolls Alertness: Success.

Brenna was distracted by the abs. Sure she may notice the man approaching them but the gun she misses. Even so, she could hear the words, or most of them, as they are exchanged. Her hands drop to her sides and she makes no efforts at all at the moment to interact with anyone else there among the ruckus. She takes a look around finally to see if anyone else was watching and she notices maybe a few faces from school.

"Oh cat dirt." Becca breathes looking at the group and slipping the camera into a bag over her shoulder. This isn't what she was anticipating for the day. She looks around at the other Coral Springs teens trying to get some eye contact, see if they're seeing this too. She glances around at the families and clenches her fists nervously. This could get bad.

Mabel's big chocolate eyes widen as she sees that gun come out, and she looks around, worriedly, noting a few other students- that's good. And also noting the many other bystanders in the station. That's bad.

Koa catches sight of a gun from the corner of his eyes. Wuh-oh. Is he going to jump in to defuse the emerging problem? Nah, that's more an Athenian thing. As for Koa, he is ZEN. Yes, eye contact is made with the other Coral Springs kids, just so everyone knows what's going down. But meanwhile, first things first — he's hurrying to finish his slushie, before the empty cup is tossed into a garbage can. Then loudly clearing his throat, the big kahuna hollers loudly at his end of the platform and trying to get the attention of the tourists. "Yo yo! Welcome to Thunder Bay! Will yo all come this way and off the platform? Sightseeing's… thataway!" He lifts a hand and points OFF the platform. Let's go people!

A stand off, though neither side seems interested in hearing the other out. "I'll take that," says the bearded man, he has a slight accent, mediterranian perhaps, or near east. A lift of his hand and he turns it, laces of orange energy bubbles off his hand and arcs towards the gun, but the kid doesn't wait, he fires it off. It returns solid ice particles towards the man that collides with the orange bubbles. The two mingle and there is something like an explosion, with concussive force that can be felt.
Those still moving are confused at first, Thunder Bay. But it gets their attention, Koa does and they start to follow. Even though wanting to flee at least seem to have some order to getting off the platform. They go where he indicates.
A second kid pulls a weapon and fires at the man too, this one sends radiant darkness towards the man, who lowers his second hand and fires orange crackling bubbles at the ground, until he is flying. Such that the darkness misses and hits the train, which seems to warp into some other versionof a train, in a 5' radius. From metal to some wooden construct, still a train, but not the same version in a manner. "Ain't enough of you fool," he says, two more boys move to the side, four gangers in total, to pull pieces as the man faces against them with their special weapons.

Obviously, Brenna notices what is going on now. Her breath hitches in her throat and she looks around for something, anything, that she can use at the moment. Nothing really screams out at her and so she remains silent, doing nothing, except looking between the other school students that are familiar in passing. As Koa begins trying to take control of the situation, she removes a cell phone and starts taking some pictures, strictly for identification purposes anyway. Then she quietly starts texting one of the numbers of the faculty of the school.

"Oh. Ok, more gang shooting, got this." Becca talks herself up and squares her shoulders, hopefully intangible enough to phase through what ever the two parties are slinging. "Hey ! Fellas! Let's not do this here, huh?" She calls out loudly, waving her arms to get attention. "Let's cool down and sort this out, yeah?" She yells, walking toward the blasts firing like a crazy person.

Mabel jumps as there's that concussive blast, eyes wide. Who's the good guy? Who's the bad guy? She doesn't know, but she knows people might get hurt if this goes on, so rather than interrupt directly, she starts looking for any innocent bystanders that may be too near to any lines of fire so she can try and get them out.

Koa really is taking control of the situation insofar that he's ushering the crowd off the train platform. "Welcome to Thunder Bay! Tip the tour guides!" He tells the passing - and now fleeing crowd as the super-powered fight gets underway. "Oy." Koa adds when he sees Becca heading for the combatants. Dat's crazy! He abandons his tour-guide persona and starts to make his way towards the fight too, cuz he ain't gonna leave Becca to face these guys alone!

Most try to clear out of the way. A good number are following Koa. Such that any left on the train wanting to get off will follow suit, organized, slightly panicked for sure, but an order to that chaos. Mabel will notice most families have gone for other doors, but a nearby family, two parents, two kids about 4-6 in age, are rather cowering near a bench, unable to move and near the conflict. Good picture opportunities all around to send to school so faculty know something is going down.
As Rebecca strays into it, one of the kids with guns waves a dismissive hand, "Ou'tha way fool." And concludes with a psshht, dismissive noice. Then he lifts his weapon to fire at the flying guy, a beam shoots out, but its tethered to his gun, some odd energy weapon. The flying guy seems to be holding his own, whatever his power is. One hand sending attacks at the kids, one flying or defending against incoming attacks. Seems near a stalemate, but the kids have offensive power, no defense. He hits one of the four and sends them out for the count. It is clear, the guy is not holding back but is using deadly force on the teen gangers. There seems to be blood from the kid as he follows over. "He got Jamie," one shouts, and this only cause them to crouch, duck walk to avoid fire, and keep sending shots of their odd weapons at the man.

You bet that Brenna is snapping those pics and sending them and a text to the school. She has her cell out, click, click, click. Once she has enough, she hits send, and then looks back up. The family isn't noticed so much as she looks at the 'Jamie' guy on the ground. That sort of spurs her into action and she races over, skidding in beside him, reaching for the weapon, if he dropped it, so she can 'help'. Yeah! Help!

Becca looks at flying guy, then to the guns. The flying guy she's not so sure she can stop but surely the guns are using some kind of electricity for their bullets so she starts to run towards them, hands up to phase through the guns and hopefully short circuit them. "Please stop! This doesn't have to be a fight!" She yells, largely for flying guy since he appears to be killing people.

Mabel seems to be mostly fine letting the superpowered folk take one another out, she's focused on that family in the line of fire. She grits her teeth, and starts scooting over to them, kneeling down next to the bench. "Please, come with me?", she says, trying to offer a reassuring smile. "We need to get you all out of here… follow me, and I'll get you away?"

Koa wades belatedly into the melee, and by then he's grown into his rock elemental form, all ten-feet of granitey goodness. Yup, that should get people's attention. With the other students taking care of the fallen punk, his remaining friends' weapons, and the civvie family respectively, that leaves ol' Stoneface to reach up to the flying guy and try to swat him out of the air with a swing of a massive hand. "Yo! No killin' in a tourist area!"

Jamie is not moving, but he has a gun, Brenna can pick it up and fire, it was the one that shoots the ice like energy projectile. Just as the flying man is near to getting a bead on one of the scattering, return firing, gangsters, Koa is in the mix. He gets a swat at that flying guy. It creates a spark of that orange stuff, some defensive measure, it lashes out with a psychic attack to negate any power that it comes near, in a short burst radious of about a foot around the part where contact was made as the flying man is sent off towards the side of the platform, sort of in the rafters there. "Not your fight kids, I need their weapons." They are returning fire just the same though.

<FS3> Rebecca rolls Energy Vs 5: Failure.

The family, the father looks up at the girl, "Can you?" The father asks of her, curious, but a trust there, he knows he needs help, his objective is to keep the rest safe, and he's taking it serious, so close to the recent Father's Day. The wife looks along, "Please, for our kids." They will follow her lead it looks like, both taking the kids to move along with where she maygo.
Rebecca is in the middle of it, and the weapons do nothing to her, whether firing with a physical force or energy, if they come near her that is. As she passes through the the weapons, she doesn't quite short them out, some components are old fashioned mechanical, not reliant on being shorted out it seems.

<FS3> Brenna rolls Energy Vs 7: Success.

Brenna can do nothing for the downed guy but feel bad for him being down, maybe not reacting soon enough, but she has that ice blaster in hand and she aims it.. then pulls a trigger if that's how it's fired off. There's no closing of her eyes when she does, she's looking at the guy flying, but then her eyes round. "Wait, which people are the good guys?" Maybe she's just messed up!

"I'm gonna go with neither." Becca calls back as her hands pass through the weapons with out harming them. "Hard way it is." she grumbles and goes solid long enough to try to slap the guns out of the thugs hands. She's got some martial arts training, surely she can handle this. "Koa?! Got the big guy?" She calls out and looks to Brenna also with the firearm. She might be a target now too.

Mabel leads the family away, giving them a quick, reassuring smile. She's counting on her shapeshifting ability to be able to act as a shield against any stray shots that come near the family- there's not a lot of things that can hurt her, after all, so she usually makes a decent shield.

Koa pulls his hand back after slapping the flying man out of the air, giving it a shake in case any of that orange crap is sticking to his fingers. Of course, given his current size he is bound to get shot at by accident (thank Pele for extra thick rock hide), Koa isn't very happy about all the weapons still firing wildly. He turns a look back, just in time to see Becca karating the punks and catching her call. "On it!" And the big rock dude is rushing the downed orange man; if the unfortunate guy is still on the ground when Koa gets there, a giant-sized, very heavy rock hand slams down on him - not to injure or kill, but as a solid rock cage to keep him immobilized.

<FS3> Rebecca rolls Physical Vs 5: Success.

Jamie is down, Becca spins out some moves that are impressive enough to disarm thug number 2. Leaving two guys duck walking, to cover. One behind a bench, to fire toward orange guy that was scattered and on the ground now thanks to Koa. He hits some rafters, causes some strucutral damage up there with his weapon. The fourth left of the gangsters has the tethere energy whip like weapon, which he lashes near the guy, it tingles near Koa, who might feel it very lightly. Such that he knows the non-physical type in the group do not want to touch that thing, its deadly. Koa lands on the guy, after a shot from Brenna helps keep him there for the moment.
The man with the orange like power emission looks up at his captor, "They have those weapons to stop heroes like you that come to put them away." The gangsters, to fight supers, or be on par with them. As he says this, he is squirming just a little, looking up at him, and then he notices, the floor is giving way. He directed his energy at the platform, to take it away and escape beneath the floor, to be away from the large man. It is a concrete platform so is slow glowing,but its giving way. Koa's weight may not help the situation.
The family moves with the safety of a Mabel shield, Children and mother first, the father says, "Thank you, thank you." Shaken in his voice, but confident with the assist from her.
With the guy pinned and others in the area, the two gansters that remain, try to grab their friends. One moves to pull Jamie out, to be gone before authorities arive now. The one with the tether thing turns to fire at Rebecca who chopped his friend.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Energy Tether Weapon=5 Vs Rebecca=Energy
< Energy Tether Weapon: Success Rebecca: Good Success
< Net Result: Rebecca wins - Solid Victory

Mabel smiles warmly at the family, but doesn't leave their side until she's sure they're outside the building. Once they are, only then does she really allow herself to see the carnage that's happening, and she lifts a hand to her mouth… wanting to help, but afraid to get in the way of the others. She hasn't had a lot of teamwork training yet.

Brenna turns her ice blaster onto the ganger guy who is trying to escape with one of the other gangers, she pulls the trigger again, realizing who was good and who was bad here. "I'm sorry!" she calls to the 'good' guy if he can be coined that. Not absolutely sure herself. "Don't let them escape!" she calls to the others, holding tightly to the weapon she had taken so they couldn't get it back.

Yup, Koa felt that, and he turns his head to hollar a warning back to Rebecca, since she's physically fighting the remaining punks. "Look out for that gun!" Returning his attention to the immobilized orange dude, he also notices the guy is trying to melt his way through the ground, or something. "Dude, we gonna sort this all out in a bit. Just stay put and don't try to burn yo way free, or Imma gonna Puny God yo." Koa peers at the man, making sure he gets the message.

<FS3> Brenna rolls Energy Vs 7: Success.

"And killing them is fine if you call yourself the hero?" Becca challenges as she's shot at and lets it phase through with a squeak. She's not about to let them get away though. Especially with the authorities on the way. "Brenna!" She calls out and smiles hearing they're on the same page. Solidifying, Becca moves closer to lay on some more sweet moves. She trusts Koa has the "hero" under control.

Mabel blinks as she hears that 'don't let them escape' from Brenna, and after a second's hesitation, she rushes after the nearest punk, her form melting and going liquid, fully intending to turn herself into a more solid material and entangle him into immobility.

The guy beneath Koa stops the heat for a moment, he knows Koa could clobber him if he wanted at this point, "You think the authorities will keep me?" As in, he can melt his way out now or later, perhaps, or some other means of 'escape' implied, but the melting of the platform has stopped. Thought a slight crack has appeared between his melting and Koa's rock solid weight for the moment.
Three left, of the thugs, Becca already disarmed one of them. She moves to confront another one, and he's not chance against a phasing teen. Before he can get a shot, a combination of phasing and martial prowess gives her the upper hand. "He attacked us yo," returns the guy, dropping his weapon to turn and run at least. If she lets him. Even the guy Brenna was going to fire out is considering turning to run. THe one trying to pull Jamie away, she hits him and he freezes there, the blast attaches his leg to the ground, "The F(bomb)," he complains, turnig to see who it is, and leveling his gun towards her for a quick shot of dark sparkle energy (the one that warped the train, +roll coming after this pose). Leaving the one without a weapon, disarmed by Becca, to try and escape. Until he's facing the liquid form of Mabel who can literally move onto him and hold him, while he can do little to combat it. "Get off me," he says, freaked out by this development, and just trying to move and get out of the 'water'.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Magic Based Weapon=4 Vs Brenna=Mystic
< Magic Based Weapon: Good Success Brenna: Good Success
< Net Result: Brenna wins - Marginal Victory

Whaaaaat? Brenna is hit by the shot, doesn't take much to hit someone with the radius that gun has. She tries to put up some sort of magical shield, but she's not yet trained in that yet and she takes part of it. It soaks into her and she starts warping her, shrinking her as she tries to combat it with her own magic. It hurts, you betcha it hurts, and she folds a little, falling to the ground in a heap, the gun weighing too heavy on her hand as it shrinks to match the rest of her, so it clatters to the floor beside her.

"Brenna! Oh, now you're all going to jail, starting a fight with kids and families around. Who does that?" Becca wonders looking more than a little cross and moving to take down the jerk that hurt Brenna, rude much?

Mabel solidifies her form a bit, from pure water to something more solid, entangling the teen. "No.", some her voice, firm, from a transparent Mabel-head sticking out of the entangling mass. "You put people in danger, and you're staying put til the police come.", she chides.

"Rock Star, rocking it," say Koa in his normal accent and voice, trying one of the many names he's tried before. He didn't say he ninjad him at least. Brenna is hit and down for the moment, battling the magic that is affecting her body by trying to shrink her currently. Becca does good, hitting the one guy moving to the next near Brenna, or after him. The one she downed starts moving for his gun in that moment. Mabel has her's under control. "Help," says the guy, but she has him in that mass of her lucid, malleable body.
Its hectic in the moment, most gangers down, the hero/antihero pinned and stopped for the moment. One may get away, but the other going for a gun again and Brenna hurt. That is when the sound of rending metal is heard and Honey Badger arrives, coming to that guy that Becca just hit to keep him down. "Its over," she says. Though the gangers don't stop, it does take Becca tackling the last guy to get him to stay put. Along with Honey Badger the Wild Weald arrives, coming from the opposite direction, abborheal style, hands in rafters to move faster than he does on foot. A trail of vines following him from the wilds beyond the platform, but they stop when he sees the situation. Stopping near Mabel. "Someone sent us pictures, might be trouble. Looks like its under wraps." A grin, "See, I could of said water there … but, I didn't." Slowly on their heels, sirens can be heard arriving on the street outside the station. Honey Badger glances at the group of students, "Whats the situation?" A look to Weald, then Brenna, "Can you get her to Lady Fascinate, see if we can do something about that?" The shrinking and Brenna trying to fight it off.

It isn't comfortable in the least and Brenna looks up helplessly, "It feels like I'm shriveling. Like everything inside is.. shriveling." No other word for it, she groans and tries to fight it with her own magic. Finally, she at least stops shrinking, but she's not back to normal, she's a mere part of what she was before. "Thank you," she tells Becca and Mabel as they stop the gangers. Then Weald manages to get her and she puts up no resistance. That uber special ice gun is still there on the floor though, beside her cell phone.

"Yeah. If we're really lucky we avoid ending up all over the internet lack the last shoot out." Becca says and looks to the adults. "Can we go? Or do we need to stay and tell the cops what happened?" She asks looking at Koa and Mabel. Brenna it sounds like is being taken care off, though she looks concerned for the red head.

"Can I let him go now? You have him? Because this feels weird. And gross.", Mabel says, flowing away from the ganger and reforming in her usual Mabel-shape, if told it's ok, looking faintly nauseated. That is not how she would like to have a man inside her. Hell, she doesn't even *like* men that way. Ew. "These are the days when I wish I could shower.", she mutters under her breath.

"Yeah, let him go, sing the song while you do it," offers Weald to mabel before he moves to get Brenna. Weald nods to Brenna then too, he's soft, green soft, "You are welcome". Warm. A radiance, he starts offering regeneration of some sort to her, but Fascinate will have to do her magic, literally. "Enigma is trying to stop anything from leaking this time," says Honey Badger to Becca, about the internet. But the internet is a magical beast, even Enigma cannot fathom that full mystery. "Yeah, yeah, we should be good here, you all can go. Report to school briefly," to talk to them at least, "Then you can go." To vacation or to visit family and friends, where ever they meant to go before all this happened. "Unless they want to start more trouble." THey are beat already by the students, and now faculty are here, some more known than others. A few shake their heads. "We're good." Said like they'll be out before long anyone, revoling door prison policy, but they're captured at least. Even the one under Koa is subdued, but grinning a little. As if he knows something the others do not.

Brenna can feel that radiance and it sure helps her feel better, she doesn't grow back at all, but she's not in pain now. "I want to go back." There's another look around to make sure no one else was hurt, she gives Mabel a sympathetic look, "Don't forget the ice gun.." she motions towards it there. When they are dismissed, she gets taken to Fascinate…
Where she will make a full recovery!

"Whew. Yeah. School sounds good. I need a nap anyway." Becca nods and points at the one that Koa handled. "That guy is an A-hole. He killed one of the gang kids." She tells the adults. She'll be a tattle tale, no qualms here. "Their guns didn't even seem to effect him much." That jerk. He should get put away, no doubt he won't. "Totally didn't need to escalate to lethal force." Poor Brenna and Mabel, all Becca seems to have is a case of the yawns.

Mabel icks a few times to herself- she'll need to just change out all her water first chance she gets, then picks up the ice gun and hands it to the nearest grown-up hero. "Here.", she says softly, and nods her agreement with Becca's statements. "That guy woulda gotten a lot of people hurt if we hadn't been here.", she tells them, a bit shyly.

"We'll get the weapons, study them," offers Weald to Brenna. Then they are off, he can do the swinging thing with one hand even. That and there is a nauti-jet out side, fly to the beach, submerge to the schools bays. He will use that, come back for other Faculty after Brenna is dropped off.
Koa gets his slushie, all is well in the world of rock ninjas.
Honey Badger nods to Becca than Mabel. "Yeah, he is an a-hole." Something in her voice sugggest she might know him. "He would of killed them all if you four hadn't been here. It was dangerous, but you stepped up when needed." She affirms, no trouble for being wrong place wrong time. "Thank you," offered to both, slightly favoring the shy Mabel as if to offer some confidence.

Mabel gives Honey Badger a grateful little smile, and steps back. "Yeah, I, uhm.. I think this was enough excitement for the day. I'm just glad I could help.", she says softly, and bites her lip, getting ready to head off back to school and freak out in private.

Rubbing her shoulder, Becca nods. "Ok, well…I'll check back in at the school." She says looking to Mabel with an encouraging smile. She fishes out her Polaroid and gestures to Mabel. "Take a picture with me?" She asks before leaving. "I could put it on my memory wall." She offers hesitantly.

Mabel looks a little surprised at the offer, but then nods shyly, and moves over to Becca, offering her a little smile. "Give me the camera?" If Becca does hand it over, Mabel uses her malleable body to extend her arm out so they can get a proper wide shot for their selfie. Who needs selfie sticks when you're a metamorph?

"More than enough, handled like champions," all of them, means Honey Badger in agreement with Mabel, then she lets the girls and boy go. They can take a picture, better quality than snagging some internet shot that the papers get a hold of if/when it comes to that. And she goes to handle the situation, and deal with the authorities.

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