(2016-06-22) Trouble Boys!
Trouble Boys!
Summary: In her quest to discover her secret admirer, Kaylee finds herself caught between a rock and an incendiary accident.
Date: 2016-06-22
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Library Coral Springs
Wed Jun 22, 2016 — Wed Jun 22 19:12:17 2016

The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

Yes it was Summer. Yes…this was a library. However, did that mean fun could not be had!? Aidain didn't believe in limitations! So here he was, set up in the library at one of the tables. His laptop was open, an earbud in one ear but the other out as his gaze was set on the screen in front of him. A grin spreads as he starts motioning something out with his hands. ASL for anybody who knew it. Not that anybody else was in the library right now…because they all obviously believe in limitations!

Kaylee comes into the library during the summer! She's been in here every few days, exchanging books! Like, real, actual books! It's because she's been instructed to read as much as possible to- if not to strengthen her eyes, to at least try and slow their decay. So, here she comes, today, exchanging another novel. And then the motion at one of the tables gets her attention and Kaylee cants her head to the side. Making her way over to him, she smiles. "Hey! You do sign language, too? The new boy, Schuyler, he's deaf! You should talk to him since you can understand each other!" Because … raisins?

Aidan jumps slightly at Kaylee's sudden appearance, having been zoned in and not really paying attention to his surroundings. "Oh. Hey Kaylee!" Offering her a smile he looks back to the screen, holding up a finger and looking back to Kaylee a moment. "Yeah. This is Tess" his hands move to sign as he explains, a glance back to the screen and the girl there. She looked about his age, long blonde hair hanging past her shoulders and greenish-blue eyes.
"Tess. This is Kaylee." The individual letters are used to spell out her name whereas a general motion had been used for Tess' name. He'd come up with a sign-nickname for Kaylee later! "We were just catching up since I'm not going home for a little while longer…she misses me." Tess on the screen makes a mock face of disgust before shaking her head and sticking out her tongue, giving a thumbs down. "Hey!" Aidan laughs. Tess then offers Kaylee a quick wave and smile though.

Grayson walks into the library. He's wearing a pair of jean shorts and a tank top, and has a stack of four thick books under his arm. He makes his way to the drop off counter and slaps the poetry books into the bin with a sigh. He stands there just a moment, scratching the back of his head, and then he turns, heading into the library proper. He sees Aidan and he just rolls his eyes a bit, heading toward the shelves.

Oh! … a girl …. Kaylee takes a second longer than normal to grin and wave at the girl on the computer. "Heya, Tess!" she calls back. As he turns the computer back towards himself, Kaylee tucks some hair behind her ear and adjusts the big daisy that's tucked behind her other ear. And Aidan gets crossed off a list.
Since Kaylee has her glasses on, she doesn't see Grayson come in to the area. However, the slapping of books in the 'return bin' does get her attention. Grayson! Perking back up, Kaylee flails in his direction, grinning! She'd call out to him, but … it's the library.

Aidan lofts a brow a bit at Kaylee's…delay? Weird. His attention goes back to the screen a second as Tess signs something and Aidan gives another grin and nods. He signs something back before waving and closing his computer. He looks back to Kaylee then, turning some in his chair to face her "What's up?" Noting the flower in her hair he smirks a bit "Nice flower." His tone was sincere.

Grayson doesn't seem to care they're in the library. "Hey Kaylee," he says, rather loudly. There is a "Shhhh" from somewhere, and Grayson just scowls off in that direction. "Quiet, we're trying to talk!" he shouts back. Shaking his head, he moves to the classical poetry section and begins looking at the spines.

Kaylee turns back to Aidan and blushes when he compliiments the flower. "Thanks! I … found it on my pillow," she says, quickly looking back to Grayson and grinning. When Grayson yells at the people telling him to be quiet she snickers, covering her mouth with a hand as he moves off to look at the books. However, since he didn't come over to talk with them, Kaylee slides down into a chair at Aidan's table. "I've been trying to figure out who left it for me since yesterday," hse adds.

"I see…a mystery flower? Challenge accepted!" Aidan grins, putting his laptop into his backpack before pulling out a notebook. Turning it to a blank page he grabs a pen as well. "Alright. Any theories or list of possible suspects?" he hovers the pen above the paper. "We can make a tree graph of sorts. Start with possible suspects…add motive, schedule and other information…to narrow down the list!" Not. A. Nerd! A wave is offered to Grayson…no need to be a jerk to the guy! Even if he still wasn't quite sure what he did to make Grayson so scowly towards him!

Grayson has selected a rather thick tome of Walt Whitman poetry and makes his way back toward the front of the library. This time, he stops by the Kaylee/Aidan table. "What's with the flower?" he asks Kaylee, flatly.

"Oh!" Kaylee chirps at Grayson's sudden return. She smile s and blushes, tucking more hair behind her ear and showing the flower to Grayson. "I found it on my pillow the other night. I think … I think someone has a crush on me?" she says, looking sideways at Grayson. Mebbe? Mebbe??? She ignores Aidan's questions for the moment, since one of the potentials on her list was standing right there, right now!

Aidan lofts a brow again at Kaylee's odd behavior. Tilting his head he looks from Grayson…to her…back to Grayson. Back to her. Oh God! His gaze goes right back to the notebook and, since he didn't have a list of names to start on, he just begins doodling.

Grayson lifts his brow a little, staring at the rose. "Someone likes you, so they snuck through the Promethuse hug, broke in to your dorm room and left a flower where you put your head?" He folds his arms over his chest, "Sounds like you're being stalked by an Ares." He shrugs a little.

Kaylee blinks a little, then her grin grows a little bit more. Because a certain someone just happens to BE an Ares! "Well! That's … an interesting idea," she says. And then she takes a step closer, looking shyly up at Grayson. "But … wouldn't you think that, if it was an Ares, they'd be brave enough to just … you know … SAY something to me?" she suggests.

With Grayson's explanation, Aidan's scribbling stops a moment and he looks back at the Ares. However, when Kaylee steps closer to him, the young pyro's attention is right back on the notebook and scribbling away fiercely! Though it was times likes this he wished he had a teleportation ability…or something. Because awkward. Hey for all he knew though maybe Grayson DID leave it. Just because he was with Oliver didn't mean he couldn't like girls right? Or be open-relationship minded? Nope. Not his business. Just keep scribbling, Zippo!

Grayson doesn't move, holding his ground as she gets closer. "Being a bad ass with super powers and fighting bad guys ain't the same as talking to someone you think is hot." He shrugs, "Look, let's be honest. I mean, you're pretty smokin' for a girl or whatever. They're prolly just afraid you don't like them back." He sniffs, "One time, I had a total crush on someone and I wrote them a poem. Picked the lock and stuffed it in their locker at school. Sometimes that's the best you can do."

Awww! He writes POETRY!?!?! Kaylee's eyes get soooo big and sparkly and she takes another step even CLOSER to Grayson, clasping her hands in front of her. "Ooooo, I would LOVE it if someone wrote a poem for me! That would be so sweet …. Even more sweet than secretly leaving a flower for me. I could really fall for a guy who would do something like that for me," she offers. If she could use pheremones, they'd absolutely be flooding the area now. Even without that ability, it's probably pretty thick in here for any but the most oblivious of persons.

Wow. Aidan suddenly felt very sorry for whoever DID leave her the flower. Gone and forgotten with the mere mention of poetry. Poor guy…or girl? Either way. Kaylee's further advancement towards Grayson has Aidan's attention going back to the two…and his pen tumbling to the floor. "Uh oh…" Leaning over in his chair his fingers scramble along the floor before finding the writing tool. Victory! For the love of awkwardness make this stop!

Grayson continues to not move, staring at her as she gets closer, unafraid to make eye contact. "I've never had a guy write a poem for me either," he says, dryly.

Kaylee just giggles and reaches out to brush her hand on Grayson's bicep. "Oh, Grayson," she says, just grinning. Because … he was joking, right? "You know, you don't have to keep acting so grumpy. I've always been nice to you, I don't know why you'd be afraid to just talk to me," she says.

Kaylee, Grayson and Aidan are in the library, gathered around one table. Kaylee and Grayson look awful close…Kaylee doing most of the closing in in that regard. Aidan is currently retrieving his pen from under the table, but otherwise looking like he wants desperately to not be here right now. With Kaylee's move to brush against Grayson's bicep, Aidan grabs his pen and sits back up

"Right!" Standing, Aidan takes his notebook and puts it in his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder and nodding to the other two "Books!" With that he finds the nearest aisle of books, turning down it and burying himself in index scanning. Hey. He never claimed to be smooth.

Grayson finally tilts his head just a little when she touches him, his eyes darting to his bicep, then back to her face. His eyes widen just a hair, then close a little, then widen once more. "…I don't like…. um… people…" His brow raises just a little. He swallows, almost a gulp, and he opens his mouth to say something else, but nothing comes out, so he closes it.

Kaylee clicks her tongue and slides her hand from Grayson's bicep up to his shoulder. "Graaaayson. You don't have to hide! If you'd like to take me on a date, you could just say so. I wouldn't mind going out with you," she offers, smiling softly. Ohhhh boy.

Further into the aisle where Aidan was heading, a figure can be seen dropping down in the shadows, near a corner. Book in hand and moving to put it back. Where Aidan happens to be standing at the moment. Moving a bit slowly and uncertainly. As he comes into view it's none other than Jared. Glancing towards Kaylee and Grayson as well, raising a brow. Not really certain what they're up to.

Grayson's eyes widen. He looks at her hand on his shoulder, then to her eyes. There's suddenly panic in his own eyes. "…I gotta go." And he spins on his heels and darts for the door, leaving the poetry book he had picked out on the table.

Aidan has once again buried his attention, this time into reading the shelf index so intently he can't possibly be aware of what's happening with Kaylee and Grayson. Yet somehow the awkward is still overspilling. However, this means that he is not prepared for Jared's sudden appearance at all. He jerks back in alarm, as he had done with Kaylee before, "Son of a Hermit Crab!"
When his brain processes things enough to realize it's Jared, Aidan relaxes again, "Oh. Hey! How's it going?" Aidan lofts a brow, looking to his hand as there is a slight flame around it and smoke rising. "Aw crap." He clenches his fist a moment, snuffing out the flame as a final puff of smoke rises…the pyro's gaze going up to the ceiling "Please don't set anything off…please….please…"

Jared blinks and jumps back, in case a surprised Aidan throws a punch out of reflexes, or worse. Especially as he notices that flame around the other boy's hand. Gaze following Aidan's. Though it doesn't take long before he looks back down. "Hi. Sorry." He let out before noticing Grayson running off. "Something wrong?" He asks both Aidan and Kaylee. Which is about when the fire alarm goes off. Causing Jared to seem a bit surprised. Probably not having realized that's the reason Aidan was looking up, nor that there even were fire alarms.

When the fire alarm goes off, there are only a matter of seconds before the anti-fire system kicks in. However, it's a library. Water would totally ruin all the books. Not to mention, this is an incredibly technologically advanced school for super-powered individuals. H2O is WAY to analog for THIS digital society! So, instead of an immediate shower (and wet t-shirt contest), anti-flammatory powder is spread throughout the area, poofing on everything and putting out the raging inferno that obviously set the alarm off.
For her part, when the alarm blares, Kaylee squeals loudly and covers her head, beginning to run for the exit. But, then she remembers that there was someone else in the room that she has to make sure is safe! With her hand over her eyes to keep the raining poweder from dropping into them, she realizes it's still terribly difficult to see in all the powder. So, she closes her eyes and uses her powers to search for, "AIDAN! Are you there? Are you alright!?"

When the fire alarm goes off, Aidan's eyes close "Nope…nothing wrong. Life is going just like it always does…" Aidan looks back to Jared then, chuckling a bit "Sorry about that…" However, as he's standing there he notices…they aren't getting wet? Then, he hears Kaylee's voice. What was falling around them? Ah wait that made sense. Books were paper. Water would hurt paper.
As the chemical dust or whatever it was settles he nods to Jared "We better get out of here…" before he calls out to Kaylee "Yeah we're over he-Ow!" Looking down at his arms he feels…a burn? "What the…OW!" As the dust lands on Aidan his skin starts to turn red in certain areas, the sophomore lofting a brow "Right. Running." Before he'd have time to explain to Kaylee or Jared he'd just make a mad dash for the door.

Jared seems to panic, especially at the squealing girl and the powder being spread about. As well as Aidan being in pain. Rushing to try and help everyone get out. "Stay low." He tells Aidan. Since Aidan is rushing out, Jared ends up trying to help Kaylee. Not seeing isn't distracting him too much, having the library mapped out in his head. "Here. Follow me." He offers, trying to offer a hand to the girl. Still not really realizing what this weird powder is.

Kaylee can see perfectly fine with all the powder in the air- she can detect protons! So, when Aidan goes running by her and Jared comes after her, Kaylee nods, ducking her head and following Aidan towards the exit. She does take Jared's hand, though SHE tries to lead the way around the tables and counters towards the exit.

Aidan 's retreat is nothing resembling a Prometheus. It's not brave or daring. It's not even graceful. He probably stumbles on a couple things before finally clearing the door, dropping his backpack to the floor and taking his shirt off right there in the hallway. Avert your eyes lest the pale pastiness blind you! However, it was fairly obvious why he was giving this little strip tease.
A red rash spread over the young pyro's arms where skin had been exposed and on his face where the white powder had landed. He keeps his eyes squinted as he tries to rid his face of the dust without spreading it further. He starts, bending over to shake it out of his mass of unruly hair. As he does so a variety of pained grunts an exclamations are heard such as "Piece of Parsnip!" and "What the Farkle!?"

Jared does put a hand on the table, used to moving in the dark. So he can move along with her as swiftly as she goes. So basically they just look odd running and holding hands as they get out of there. "What happened?" Comes his question. Studying Aidan as his skin has red rashes. "Are you okay?" Seeming worried and confused. Then glancing to Kaylee. Directing the question to her as well. Before finally letting go of her hand. "Anything I can do?" He asks with a nod to Aidan's arm.

See, that's the thing about Prometheus. Once they get outside of the library and Kaylee sees Aidan suffering, she doesn't ask. "We've got to get the powder off! It's hurting him!" she exclaims. "C'mon, Aidan! We need to get you rinsed off!" And she'll try and lead him towards the nearest girls room- since she obviously wouldn't think of the boys room. Regardless of whether he follows her or not, Kaylee's going to start running water ASAP and getting paper towels wet so they can start washing Aidan off.

Aidan really doesn't seem to be in a state to argue, cough increasing and his form giving a small shiver. "I'm…getting colder?" He sounds just as confused as that statement probably made them. He was fire. Fire shouldn't be cold. Okay so he still wasn't cold per say, but his body definitely wasn't giving off it's normal-for-him warmth.
When Kaylee starts leading him to the shower, again he really isn't focusing on the details enough to protest or stop her. "I think…med bay?" They were equipped for this right? A school of mutants. You'd think so!

Jared nods and follows to help out. "Wash off the worse, then take him to medbay." Moving to scribble something. Taking out a wheelchair, with a blanket, from the papers. "We can get him there faster like this. And keep him warm." He suggests. Taking a moment to gather himself as he moves to help get rid of the powder as well.

Kaylee wasn't paying attention to what Jared was doing, she was focused on helping Aidan. As he follows her into the girls room, she'll smack him with wet paper towels and start trying to wipe off the powder. When he mentions being cold, she turns the hot water on to the max, soaking a few more paper towels. Once THAT is accomplished, she takes a second to process Jared's statement. She takes a deep breath to steady herself and then nods. "Yeah. Medbay. Let's go, you push, I'll keep trying to wipe him down," she says, wiping dust off of her glasses so she can see where she needs to clean next.

Med Bay Coral Springs
Wed Jun 22, 2016 — Wed Jun 22 22:37:15 2016

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patiants status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patiens within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

Jared is pushing Aidan and moving as fast as he can, while allowing Kaylee to keep up and wipe Aidan that is. Soon enough the trio is arriving at the medbay. Letting Kaylee explain what happened to whatever staff is present. Continuing to try and help Aidan out as well as he can until someone professional comes to take him along. As to which he will move along as well, to offer any help.

And, as soon as Aidan is seen to, Kaylee does explain what happened. Sort of. The REASON the fire alarm isn't given because it isn't known. So, maybe there won't be TOO much trouble. But, either way, once explanations are given, Kaylee returns to Aidan's side to make sure he's okay. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" And it's not until she goes to tuck some more hair behind her own ear that Kaylee realizes that she is ALSO fairly covered in anti-flammatory powder.

Once the staff see to him, he is sent to the showers. Once that is over he returns, in new spiffy gym style clothes. White tshirt and grey jogging pants, no socks or shoes. With the addition of an insulated blanket. When he sits down they bring him over an oxygen mask, firefighter style which he holds over his nose and mouth to help get his airway clear.
A slow glance is given from Jared…to Kaylee…and then he coughs before giving an Aidan style smirk. "So…THAT was fun…" There was a slight embarrassment to his tone. Did he do that? Oops!

As Aidan is taken aside to be helped Jared makes sure to clean off himself. Before offer a smile to the returning champ. "I suppose." He offers to Aidan before glancing to Kaylee. "Thanks." He offers, about helping Aidan out.

Kaylee takes her hoodie off and folds it over her arm, since it's covered in powder, too. "That wasn't FUN, Aidan," she chides, making a face. But, she smiles afterwards. "But I'm glad you're okay!" A pause. "… you ARE okay, right? Did they figure out what happened to you? Did it have something to do with your powers?"

Aidan manages a grin and gives a nod, keeping the mask over his face but leaning back in the chair lazily. "Yeah. They said since my powers are fire element based…best they can figure is the chemical powder reacted negatively to me. Or I reacted negatively to it…" Obviously. "EIther way…" he shrugs.
As he shrugs he glances at the blanket around his shoulders "This is the kind of blanket they use for hypothermia I guess? Said it'll help keep my heat in so it can start building back up…so I should be in the clear. Gotta stay here for a little while though at least for monitoring." Aidan shakes his head "You guys can head out if you want. I'm fine…" Just his pride was still wounded but it'd heal! "Oh hi…I'm Aidan by the way" he offers to Jared, giving another nod. "Nice to meet you!" the grin spreads some. Yeah. He was going to be fine.

Jared smiles and nods, "Hi. I'm Jared." At least he's getting better at introductions. "Glad that you're okay." He says with a smile. Letting Kaylee know his name as well, though he won't go asking hers. Letting her offer it if she wants. "I can stay for a bit, if you want company." He assures Aidan. Though if the other is heading to rest he will leave, to not disturb.

Oh! Jared's new! Kaylee hadn't even realized! She blinks in surprise several times, before turning and grinning at Jared as she clasps her hands behind her and rocks up onto her tiptoes. "Heya! I'm Kaylee!" she offers, smiling so wide it closes her eyes as she cants her head to the side in a semblance of a wave. "But! I'm covered in … stuff … so I'm gonna go shower and get it all washed out and try and make sure my flower's not gonna die because of it. I'll be back to check on you in a couple hours, if you're still here, Aidan! Otherwise, let me know when you come back to the dorms, 'kay?" She grins at both boys again before flailing one hand in a wave and turning to head back to her room. AND CLEAN.

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