(2016-06-22) Out for Burgers
Out for Burgers
Summary: A table at Burger Barn hosts a rotating cast of students
Date: 2016-06-22
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Daxton's day is packed , and he's got more to go. A burger sounds good. Although a burger always sounds good to the speedster. So here he sits, leg bouncing and looking at the menu. He's already wearing his Lighthouse Pizza t-shirt.

A lot of the Coral Springs students go out of their way to 'play normal' out in the world. Tabitha mostly doesn't worry about that. Or at least she didn't before becoming her band won a nationally televised competition and getting on the news as the target of an attempted kidnapping. But hey, at least she's getting a lot of practice in her regained ability to change her own appearance via aura flexing tricks. She, too is in the mood for a whole lot of burger and so comes into the place.

She's 'wearing herself' in a combo platter of her former appearances… pre-surgery long strawberry ginger hair, post-surgery bright blue eyes, and her face given a bit of its old roundness at the edges. It's an illusion she's getting very adept at maintaining. She gets into line a couple people behind Daxton, grinning when she recognizes him then sneaking a tiny thread of her aura up to give his ear a bit of a gentle flick.

Daxton tenses and turns to glare at the poor girls behind him. He's got enough issues without some of the normal teens playing games. His arms fold and he turns back to order. Apparntly he's hungry, it's a double bacon behemoth and a side of fries. After paying he takes his drink to fill at the soda fountain. He looks tired, but that's been his natural state for some time.

Tabitha sighs as her attention getter misses its mark due to Daxton being back in his lack of eye contact mode. Recent events have brought back her massive appetite and so she decides to double down and get the humongous challenge burger with mushrooms and extra bacon and a family size order of onion rings. She waves off the cashier when the one-hour challenge is mentioned. "No, thanks. I'm not in any hurry, just hungry. Maybe next time." Then with her soda cup in hand she goes to get her drink. Lemonade, naturally. She goes to stand next to Daxton there, "Hey. Not getting much sleep again?"

Daxton looks over as he's spoken to, it takes the speedster a brief moment to put the voice to the patchwork Tabitha look, "Oh, hey. No…I mean, it's enough." Liar. "Better to keep busy , right?" She gets a quick smile, but he's definitely not making eye contact nor is his posture straight as it was at the battle. He's all hunched over, like he's trying to make himself appear smaller. He just gets a cola and motions over to a free booth, "You meeting anyone?" With Tabs, who knows!

"Uh huh." Tabitha clearly doesn't believe a word of that 'enough sleep' nonsense. "Better to keep healthy." She doesn't press the issue, though. She sits down with him at the booth, taking a sip of her lemonade. "Nah. Just came down here to feed the beast. TV folks wanted to do a segment on us recording our album, but we finished that weeks ago, so they're talking about doing a studio day just for the cameras. But that won't be until next week. And I'm still getting the occasional call about the pre-show thing from last Friday. Sometimes I wonder if cops ever write anything down, they ask the same questions so often."

Daxton's head tilts in a what can he do kinda way, "Crashing into walls after nightmares isn't all that pleasant of the health either, Tabitha." His blue eyes scan the room as she talks, not quite casing the place, but definitely keeping his eyes open. "That's cool. Good publicity." He sighs, sipping on his own drink, "Yeah…I think we've all gotten those calls." One cop even had the nerve to ask if Dax felt he used excessive force!

Tabitha winces in sympathy as Daxton mentions nightmares. "I'm sorry. Was it about your past shit, shit from Friday, or the always fun third option of 'all the shit ever'?" She takes note of Daxton's vigilance, mostly because of her own similar reflexes. She just has the advantage of being able to keep a weather eye out without moving her head. When he mentions getting calls as well, she reaches over and puts a hand on his arm. She's hoping to get a few seconds of met gaze, but will settle for whatever. "This is the first chance I've had to talk to you since Friday… Thank you for stopping her. That knife…" A shudder passes though her body at the memory, and she pulls her hand back. "Just… thank you."

Sure the burger place isn't near the beach but after a long day of practicing around the water a burger sounds amazing. So Becca comes in, fishing her wallet out of the pocket of her shorts with an eye on the menu before she takes a look around. Tabitha and Daxton get a small wave before focusing on the menu again.

Daxton hesitates, not realy liking to talk about it, "Pst stuff. Friday was…okay. It felt good to stop something. To do something." Is that terrible to admit? He shrugs, bringing his gaze up to about her shoulder, "It's okay, anyone of us would have. I just had the right skill set to act on." He nods though, accepting the thanks, "Do you know who ended up with it? It'd be good to know." Just in case, so it can't fall into bad hands again. His eyes dart over, seeing the wave and he nods at Becca. Tabs would be able to feel a vibration run through his body, although his expression stays the same.

Tabitha nods about how it feels to actually get to do something right. "I know what you mean. And I'm glad everyone was there. If it had just been me, well… I'd be finding out where they've been hiding and why they're so keen on getting me back." She shakes her head as she spots Becca coming in and returns her wave. "The knife is in safe hands. I convinced Nathaniel to do some influence trading to keep it out of evidence. I've got it locked away." She doesn't say where. The vibration is noted, but she's neither great at deduction nor one to jump towards conclusions so she doesn't comment. She does, however sit up as their food arrives from the kitchen. Daxton's double bacon bohemoth, and her own ultimate challenge burger with extra fixin's and a family size fries.

Ordering a basic cheese burger meal, Becca waits on her order before joining the other two at the table. That seems like the easiest thing to do as she looks back with a smile. Her hands slide into her pockets as she waits.

Daxton can empathize with people trying to get them back. He got a needle in the side for it. "Okay." He's not gonna pry, "As long as you know, and it's safe. That was some advanced shit." Food though, will distract him from that drama, and the worry of Becca. Double behemoth in his belly! "Hey Becca. You here by yourself?" There's a moment of hesitation before he scoots over to give Becca room to sit, if she wishes.

Tabitha nods her agreement with Daxton's sentiment about the knife. "Yeah. Seems they've been productive since I wiped out their previous ops center. Too bad." Then she's also happy to allow the distraction of food, especially when it's a burger that's almost a quarter of her own weight. She ketchups her fries, sets all the pickles aside, and starts in on eating while Rebecca is waiting for her own food and then maybe joining them. She does take note of Daxton sliding over to make room for Becca to do just that, but doesn't comment. It's rude to talk with half a cow in your mouth.

Food?! Collecting her tray, she walks over and slides in next to Daxton with a little grin. "Hi guys. Good day so far? It's good to see you Tabitha." she offers with a nod before picking up a fry to snack on slowly. She at least slept well it seems, if the other two look tired.

Daxton nods, "Good. Keep it safe." He takes a huge bite and chews while he takes the bottle of ketchup and makes a very large pile on his fry basket. Fries are only there to carry ketchup. Becca is then answered, 'I'm good. Got work after this." His leg has started to bounce again underneath the table.

Tabitha is tiny and her food is not. From across the booth, she's basically invisible behind her burger. For now, anyway. She waves over it at Becca's greeting, then responds once her mouth is empty again. "Hey there, Becca. I'm alright. You?" And then she's back to digging in, this time on the pickles. Except she doesn't chew them like a puny human. No, she takes full advantage of the fact she was designed without a pharyngeal reflex by just swallowing them down.

Becca was seated next to Daxton, who has slipped away so she smiles at Tabitha. "That's good. I was pretty wiped out so I've redoubled my stamina training so to speak." She answers with a shrug and works on her fries before touching her burger. "Never been in a fight before that." She admits.

Entering the Burger Barn is Max. Having decided to get something other to eat than what the cafeteria has to offer. Glancing about to find a seat. Seeing the familiar faces, causing him to offer a small wave towards Tabitha and Rebecca, seeing Dax slipping away. Probably seen them in passing in school if nothing else.

Tabitha nods at being wiped out, then takes a break from her food to slide over so she can see Becca without looking over her Bohemoth Challenge Burger. She reaches across the table to give Rebecca's hand a grateful squeeze. "You did great. Better than great. My best friends are alive because you kept it together and kept them safe. That's not something I can easily repay." Her voice and expression are pure grattitude, much like she had showed to Daxton shortly before Becca arrived. But she breaks contact and takes a drink of her lemonade before grateful can turn to awkward. She's great with crowds, less so with the one on one. Then she spots Max's entry via her aura-boosted senses and turns to give him a look and return his wave. "Huh. So he really does have a physical body."

Physical body? That perks Becca's ears so to speak. "Is he a phaser too?" She asks and nods a little at the thank you. "That's what I do-you know-with my ability." She offers and picks up her own burger after waving back at Max. He does look a little familiar.

Max does head on over to the girls, bowing his head. "Hello. Mind if I join you?" He asks. "I'm Max Elucar." He offers to Rebecca. "I've seen you around class." Seeing as both were sophomores. Then looking to Tabitha. "Glad to see that you're doing better." His accent sounding a bit foreign, but nothing that could be easily placed.

Tabitha shrugs at Becca's question, "Something like that. It's complicated, and I wasn't exactly all together when he tried to explain." When Max comes over to the booth she makes space for him by sliding over (the spot by Becca is rather Daxton shaped despite him not being in it at the moment). "Hey there, Max. Yeah, I got myself together eventually. Then fell apart, got better, heart attack, got skinned alive, got better, etcetera, etcetera." All in a day's Coral Springing, yeah?

"Man, you make my year sound cushy." Becca says and whistles low. "Hi Max." She offers and digs into her burger again. She looks at the empty Dax space and lets out a breath. Oh well, she did come here to eat after all.

Max smiles and slides into the offered seat next to Tabitha. Chuckling a bit at her words. "Eventful." He offers with a slight hint of amusement lingering on his features. "I think that goes for most of us." He suggests to Rebecca's words.

The three of them are currently sitting in a booth. With Max recently arriving while the other two have been sitting around. Daxton having scooted away for a little bit, but his spot most likely still looking like it's occupied.

Tabitha shrugs with a half grin, "Yeah, it was a busy couple months. Doesn't even touch last weekend, but that's on the news. Doesn't need extra narration." And reports of the terrorist attack and attempted kidnapping in Thunder Bay that got completely and utterly spanked has been making the rounds of the news cycle since last Friday afternoon. She's seated on the inside seat of one side of the booth, the table in front of her covered in the Barn's ultimate challenge burger with extra toppings and a family size order of fries on the side. And she's not sharing. "But hey, I had a seven year vacation from busy. I figure karma is just getting caught up."

"Oooh, I just aim for a moderate level of consistantly shitty so the ups and downs aren't as extreme." Becca smiles and nods to Max. "Right?" She digs into her burger with all the hunger. Her eyes go up ever so often to see if she needs to get up and make room for Dax again, his fries might be in peril at this rate.

So does that mean Tabitha is now world famous? And what about the others who were involved in the beatdown? Well, the town hasn't been sunk into the ocean by the combined weight of a million paparazzi, so there's that, at least. "Hey, sometimes busy is good, right?" Jacob calls over, carrying a decidedly modest bacon cheeseburger to contrast Tab's Ultimate Order of Ultimate Destiny over there. "Hey, you need some extra napkins with that?"

Max nods slowly, "At least you're, more or less, safe." He offers to Tabitha. Though at her last words, he chuckles. "Ah, well, I will try and keep busy all the time then, to avoid the extremes." As he hear Rebecca put it. Taking his own egg & bacon, double burger to eat on it. Having some fries on the side as well. "Hey." He offers to Jacob, most likely recognizing his fellow sophomore.

Well, since everyone involved in the winning side of the fight were minors the news hasn't named any names. Not to say that Tabitha isn't famous now, but that's more because she and her band won a national competition and had their performance broadcast across a good chunk of the developed world. And that's why she doesn't look /quite/ like herself today. She's illusioned herself just enough to throw off the 'hey, isn't that…' reaction and allow her to eat with friends in peace. She grins at Jacob as he arrives and comes over to the booth.

"Napkins are for fools who waste food by spilling. I am no such fool." She grins at Rebecca's eyeing of Daxton's fries. "Thinking of depriving Dax of some of his ketchup shovels there, Becca?" She doesn't comment verbally on maintaining a constant level of busy, she just shrugs and grins a grin that shows she might not mind the extremes.

"Before they get totally cold, it'd be doing him a service really." Becca grins and smiles at Jacob. "Heya Mighty Man. Gonna need a chair." She offers and looks at Max. "We'll just have to be the sane ones here."

Jacob grins, heading over to snag one that's not currently being used and pulling it over so he can settle down into it. It's a good thing he's got his own burger to occupy him, otherwise he might wind up sitting there with /just/ a goofy grin for Tabitha, and no one wants that. "Well, it /is/ common knowledge that the best fries in the world are freshly stolen."

Max chuckles and ndos to Becca, "Seems like it." Looking to Tabitha with a shake of his head. "That's why you use edible napkins." He suggests, perhaps mainly joking. Nodding about best fries being stolen ones. "I've heard this theory. I have not tried it out though."

Daxton walks back in, frowning and shoving his phone into his pocket angrily. He'll approach the now crowded table and blink, there's a lot more people here now. "Hey." Definitly no eye contact form the speedster today, and if his space is still free he'll slide back in.

"Well don't get any ideas about using the scientific method on my fries. For there are many like them, but these are mine." Tabitha grins as she misquotes the Rifleman's Creed as she downs a handful of those fries, then nods to Max, "Hey Elucar, switch spots with me. She's all about shifting over so to put less space between her and Jacob. And then Daxton comes back looking less pleased than he did when she first ran into him here. So she points out the danger his fries are in. "Good timing. These animals have been talking about testing the theory that stolen fries are best fries."

Chuckling, Becca raises her hands. "It was an act of mercy, they were getting cold." She offers with a smile and looks down for a moment at her own depleted food supply. "Welcome back to the madness Dax." She tells him warmly. She's all smiles now.

Jacob is good with less space between him and Tabitha. He doesn't try to steal any of the challenge burger, though, that would just get him swatted if there wasn't an invitation first. "I'm an animal now? Do I get to pick which one?"

"Hey Dax." Max offers before scooting to change seats with Tabitha. Not minding. Once done he does eat his burger. Grinning a bit about the fries. "Just hypothetical. For my part at least. I can speak for her." He offers with a gesture to Rebecca. Grinning at Jacob's question as well. "I don't see why not."

Daxton raises an eyebrow and then sighs, pushing the basket towards Becca and whoever else would want them, "Here. Go for it." His gaze is on his burger, but he doesn't reach for it yet, instead folds his arms to glare at his lunch.

Tabitha settles into her new position with a grin. Any time she's not talking she's putting more of the big damn burger down her face. And yes, she has not spilled once so far. As she said, she is no such fool as to waste food. And she's almost halfway through the meal, too. Not a lot of chewing going on here. At the sliding of the fries and glaring Daxton is doing at his food she looks up to meet the gaze of the other three at the table, then looks over to Daxton. "Need some breathing space, Dax? There's other open tables we could relocate to."

"Want to take some food to go Dax?" Becca asks quietly. She looks up at Tabitha and smiles briefly. "You've got work right? Could take our time walking there?" She suggests, giving him some outs in case he wants them. Such helping.

Max finishes his burger before he get a message. "Crap. Gotta run. Have something I need to report in." He tells them. Pushing his fries to Daxton. "Have mine, since she stole yours." He teases. Then moving to try and head on out. "Nice to hang out. See you all later." Then he runs off in a hurry.

"What? No…no." He shifts, his leg starting to bounce again underneath the table. Dax unfurls his arms and reaches for his burger, he knows he should eat before his shift at least. "My sister's dating some jerk off and she calls me crying about him, but won't give me his name." Probably for good reason, as Dax really could run there and beat the crap out of him. "Fries won't last. It's okay, eat." and then he's getting more fries and he glances up to about Max's chest, "Thanks, man. Later."

Tabitha nods at Daxton's report on his sister. "Ah, that makes sense. Katrina sometimes does the same thing with me." She grins as she thinks of her almost-sister back at the orphanage. "The 'Hurricane with Hips' is always worried that I'll do something drastic to anyone that breaks her heart." She doesn't comment on whether or not that concern is justified, but then again it's doubtful anyone at this table is uncertain as to the answer. When Max says he has to head out, she slides out from the booth so he can get up. "Take care, Elucar." When she sits back down she slides back to the inside seat in case Jacob wants to ditch his chair.

"Are you sure? Ok, here." Becca pours all the fries together and smiles at Daxton. "Well, I hope your sister figures it out. She looks so sweet." She frowns, not liking the idea of Dax upset, or his sibling upset either apparently. To Tabby she offers "I don't have any siblings to fuss over, makes it easier I guess. You have sibs, Jacob?"

Daxton's eyes widen, his sister does not have a nickname like that. She doesn't have hips! He'll smack her too! The fry pile grows and Dax takes an angry bite of his burger, which doesn't last long,a s it's a really good burger. He sighs, swallow and with a much more mellow tone, "I wouldn't hurt him…" There's a silent 'much' there though. He gently bumps an elbow into Becca's in a silent thanks as he reaches for a fry and listens to everyone else chatter about siblings, or lack of.

"Two of them," Jacob replies to Rebecca, meanwhile waving to Max and scooting over a little closer to Tab. "They might end up out here, we don't know if anything runs in the family though."

Tabitha grins at Daxton's wide eyes, "Hey, I'm not the one that gave her that nickname. Okay, I did name her Hurricane. But you've met her, it's apt especially with her name. The 'hips' part is more recent." She hides her smile behind what's left of the huge damn burger when she realizes that Rebecca has seen Daxton's sister. Tabitha hates gossip and all that springs from it, but it's clear that Becca is good for Dax and that's as far as she thinks about it. The talk of siblings, Jacobs in particular gets a nod from her. "I'm the only one like us to land at the orphanage as far as I know. Not counting Nathaniel, of course."

Bumping elbows back, Becca smiles and lets out a sigh. "No siblings to fuss over. I will have to just live through you guys." She smiles and sips her soda. She and Daxton are on one side of a booth sharing fries and Jacob and Tabitha are on the other side being adorable. It's not like that. Honest.

Sierra arrives solo and with a growling stomach…or at least as solo as a person can be while co-habiting a body with an Aztec god. A quick glance around to see if she knows anyone before a wave in Tabitha's direction. And there's Jacob too. Another wave before she turns and gets down to the serious business of deciding on a burger…and will they put salsa on it. The Mexican girl in jeans and 'I'm hotter than I should be' t-shirt approaches the counter to order.

Daxton can't remember if Katrina's the one that flirted with him or not, so he just nods. "Mine won't end up here." They better not! That would mean something really bad happened, and Dax would then for sure go on a murdering rampage. Speaking of rampage, he glances down at his wrist watch and sees the time. "Shoot." And then in record speed, the very, very large burger is inhaled. Swallowing the last bite, "I need to jet or I'm gonna be late." He flashes everyone a smile, not making eye contact. "Finish my fries, Becca. I'm working late, so they won't be any good when i get off." Honest statement, and maybe dropping when he'll get off work. Maybe. Or maybe not, who knows. The speedster starts to stand up, getting ready to depart.

Tabitha's constant room watch spots Sierra as she's approaching the building, so when the wave is sent their way she's responding with a grin over her shoulder at the new arrival. "Popular place today. Guess today's consensus is 'anything but caffeteria food'." Then Daxton's food is gone in less than an eyeblink and he's getting up for work. "It hurts my brain trying to figure out how you manage to interact with things when you're out of synch." Then she grows thoughtful as something comes to mind. She idly waves to Daxton and eats the last of her fries as she starts digging through her pockets looking for something.

Jacob shakes his head a little at the mention of hips. He's playing it safe and not repeating that one. "So how many pies does Nathaniel have his fingers in, anyway? I've lost track by now." As Daxton makes his exit, he glances over and shakes his head a little. "Now there is a guy who works too hard. Bet his brain hurts a lot, too."

"I will do my best. The late shift?" Becca confirms and looks up at him. She smiles and salutes him with a fry. "See ya." She looks back to Jacob and Tabby. "Oooh, third wheel awkwardness." She teases playfully and sips her soda. "Maybe I'll take these fries to go. It's pretty cool, how fast he can go. I'm way jealous."

Daxton huffs, but it sounds slightly amused, "Who says I'm out of synch?" he's not, he's just more in synch, sorta. Becca gets a smile back and then he's gone, a napkin fluttering in his wake.

Burger and small fries secured - the cheapest things on the menu - Sierra makes her way over to the others. "Hi…do you mind if I sit with you all?" Her voice still has the obvious Mexican accent. "This is much nicer than the cafeteria…but it is a lot more expensive."

Tabitha shrugs at Jacob's question. "A hell of a lot, and not all of them on this continent. When Alexandra and Mabel first came to the school, Alexandra recognized his name when I brought him up. Mentioned something called King's Cavalry." She shrugs and shakes her head, "He keeps saying he'll give me the rundown sometime soon. We'll see." Rebecca gets a grin at her reaction to Daxton's speed. "You two seem to be getting on well. That's good. He needs all the friends he can trust."

She also grins at reference to being a third wheel. "Nah, this is all friendly. And I don't paw in public. Besides," she grins as Sierra comes up to the table, "there's a fourth right here." She grins up at Sierra and nods, "Yeah, join us. Good to see you again, Sierra." Tabitha has the small remains of the restraunt's challenge burger in front of her. And from the looks of the others having their own meals, she seems to have devoured it herself. "Yeah, that's the truth. Cafeteria food can get repetetive, but it's tough to beat free."

"Full car." Becca grins and scoots. She tucks her hair behind her ears. "Yeah, well. Daxton is special, he deserves everything." She shrugs and works on those abandoned fries.

As for pawing in private… well, again, Jacob says nothing. He's learning! If a bit slowly. "Hey," he offers instead, waving to Sierra as she approaches. "Worth it, though! How you been doing lately?"

"Daxton? Oh…is that the boy I said all those horrible things about?" Sierra asks innocently as she settles on the bench. "I should apologise to him even though the people I was with thought I was right anyway." She looks across at Becca. "Oh…he is your boyfriend?" Seems like she has someone else to apologise too. "I am good" she smiles sweetly to Jacob. "Life is very confusing but that is better than it being dull. How long is summer? I mean the break not the season."

Tabitha finishes off the last couple bites of the Ultimate Burger of Ultimate Destiny and nods to Rebecca. "You're not wrong." Then she also nods to Sierra, "Yeah, that's him. You just had the wrong name attached to some of the right information." She sits back in her seat to relax now that her food is finished, looking thoughtful.

"Coral Springs is a decent place overall, but there's a handful of asshole gossips that can't keep to their own business. They decided that Daxton was their favorite target and anything they could overhear, mishear, or just plain make up entirely was pinned on him. And they couldn't even bother to get his name right most of the time."

While she's talking she seems to remember that she was looking for something in her pockets earlier, but this time she goes to the correct one right away and pulls out a slip of paper with what looks like a phone number on it. Her ratty flip phone is pulled out and she starts to send a text. All without looking at what she's doing. Well, not with her eyes anyway.

"Oh-uhh, no-I mean, we aren't-Daxton and I." Becca shakes her head and turns red at Sierra's question. "He's not horrible, just closed off. He's really incredible under it though. People were gossiping about him? No wonder he's so closed off-well, anyway, that must be a part of it." She huffs and chews on some fries.

Jacob shakes his head. "I don't get it. I mean, first, asshole gossips are assholes. Second, why him? Dax is just this guy, if they go after him then they could turn around tomorrow and go after any of us." As for Daxton and Rebecca? He glances over toward Sierra and offers a shrug. Maybe he was getting that same vibe from the two of them.

"Oh…I see…you are not together" Sierra smiles to Becca in that 'of course I believe you even though it's not true' way. Then it is on to her fries. "Gossip is worse when adults here it" she offers. "The things that people would say about my family were not nice and then when the priests heard about it." A roll of her eyes and a shake of her head. "One of the reasons I had to come here. It is not nice being called a 'child of Satan'." A little giggle. "And 'child' is one of the nicer words they used."

Tabitha leaves her phone out after sending her text while at the same time nodding to Rebecca, "Yeah, that's part of it. That and the other stuff from before here, of course." She doesn't remark on the 'really incredible under it' part. The dance Becca and Dax are starting doesn't need her cutting in. To Sierra she just smiles, "Just get to know him. I think that would be the best way to apologize for what was just bad information." Jacob's remarks get a shrug. "Best guess is that he was a new face that no one knew the story for. So as gossips do, they wrote their own story for him. Idiot tabloid mentality."

She answers her phone before the first ring is finished, ducking her head a bit and shaping her aura so that her voice doesn't carry past the booth. "Thank you for calling back so quickly, Special Agent Morgan. Yes, this is Lilith. I'd like to arrange a visit to where you're keeping the three from Thunder Bay." She pauses to listen to the person on the other end of the line. "No, I just need to verify something and I'd rather not give details about it since I know my phone has been tapped by at least a half dozen agencies."

As she talks her voice seems to change to those who can hear her. Whatever language the listener knows, be it Spanish, English, Mandarin, or what have you, that is the language a person hears her speaking in. She smiles at a remark made by the person she's talking to, then nods. "Alright. I can be at Quantico shortly after breakfast. Yes, I'll call ahead. Good bye."

"Damn." Becca looks at Tabitha and blinks before shaking her head and rubbing her ears. "Tabs…you speak Mandarin?" She asks in awe. That puts a smile on her face. She sips her soda and makes a note to recall that fact for later.

Sierra perks at the sound of Spanish but then looks a bit concerned at what it is actually being said. That all sounds rather dangerous. Was there a practical class she missed that dealt with battling supervillains? "Everything okay?" she asks Tabitha at the end of the conversation. Sierra didn't hear any Mandarin but maybe Becca is just referring to another time.

Jacob only speaks two languages, English and… okay, he speaks one language. "Quantico. Is this a good busy or a bad busy?" he asks Tabitha.

Tabitha blinks a bit at Becca, "No, I don't. What?" Then her eyebrows raise and she glances over at Sierra, "And I suppose to you I was speaking Spanish?" A pause for the response and she smiles to herself and raises a hand to touch her throat. "Ah, so that's back. Almost up to speed again." She nods, "Yeah, everything's fine. I was wondering if that particular ability was going to come back along with my memories. It lets anyone I speak to understand me, and lets me understand them in return. Very useful."

She also nods about the phone call, "I'm hoping it's nothing. Just something Daxton said earlier got me thinking about the fight on Friday, specifically about Adam and Eve." Jacob gets a shrug, "So it could be a bit of both kinds of busy." She looks down at her empty platter and finishes the last of her lemonade. "Good food. And now time to head out and continue the day."

Sliding to her feet, Becca looks to Tabs with concern. "Be careful. I should get back too." She adds looking at the fries with a faint smile. "No phrase of the day games around you then. Oh, nice talking to you Sierra." She adds with a bright smile before grabbing her soda to go.

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