(2016-06-22) HALO Night Mystery
HALO Night Mystery
Summary: Koa and Diego's HALO night is cut short by Kaylee's quest.
Date: IC Date (2016-06-22)
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Summer's just moving along for the students who don't get to go home, but at least there's not studying to be done, right? Koa has parked himself in the dorm hub today, surrounded by various foodstuffs requisitioned from the cafeteria - pizza slices, bread rolls, chips, even a full plate of lasagna leftover from last night. And what is he doing other than eating? Turns out, he's animatedly mashing the buttons on an Xbox controller. He's playing HALO, man!

Diego has been away from the school itself for most of the time. Being in the woods or working. Now having ended up here in the dorms. Entering the dorm and seeing a bunch of food, and Koa mashing buttons. Standing nearby to watch as the other plays.

Koa looks so stressed out as he keeps leaning to the side, as if that'll help him duck the virtual bullets that are flying across the screen. "Ahhh! Kill them yo dudes!" He hollars. "Kowabunga!" A sudden pause when he notices Diego nearby. "Yo! Come help me out, man!" He leans forward, grabs a second controller and holds it towards Diego.

Diego chuckles and nods. "Sure, though I probably am not the best partner in this." Not really a gamer. Though he does give it a try. Moving to sit and play. Trying to learn the controls. Probably having tried it out, since everything new he encounters is interesting to him. Taking a moment before moving to try and help Koa out.

"Okay, okay." Koa's attention goes right back to the game. "Imma gonna wait for yo at the spawn point. Yo come find me." He tells Diego, and since he's parked at one point, the big kahuna is now watching Diego's half of the screen. "Oh oh, go straight through the gate. Shoot everythin' when yo get out."

Diego chuckles and nods, "All right. I'm coming." He offers. Running and shooting all over. Getting kills while jumping about and being shot as well. At least after a bit he's able to run off towards where he's supposed to go.

"Yeahyeahyeah." Koa cheers him on animatedly. "Look out for that dude!" He points at the screen and hollars. "Oh, oh, shoot his ass!" The big Hawaiian even bounces on the couch. "Watch out for that, there's a group of Cove grunts behind that ridge. Use yo special attack!"

Diego does try and do what he's told. Though as for special attack he just jumps and hits in the air. "Which button is that?" He asks with an amused chuckle. Trying to know what exactly he's supposed to do.

"The… the…" Koa points to Diego's controller and wags his fat finger at it, but clearly he doesn't remember which button activates the special attack. "…I dunno! Hit all of them! Quick, quick!" Koa squints at the screen as a group of Covenant grunts erupt from behind the ridge and start shooting. "Oh get down! Get down or yo dead, man!"

Diego does hit all of them. Jumping about like an idiot until he finally pushes the right button and then runs for cover. "I think I did it." He offers and tries to rest and stay out of fire to recover and go back into action.

"Ok, ok, spawn point's just up ahead." Koa points out, and grabs his controller again to jump out from cover. "Look, look, that's me!" He points at Diego's half of the screen, to a dark dot in the distance. "Run over to me, quick." There is a pause as Koa looks sidelong at Diego. "Dude, yo don't play a lot of Halo!"

Diego nods and moves. Starting to shoot Koa before he explains that it's him, chuckling and nodding. Running for Koa. Looking to Koa as he pauses. "Nope. Haven't gotten to. I have played a bit, but not too much. You seem to enjoy it a lot though."
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There is a momentary panic when Diego shoots at him, but Koa is soon snorting and laughing. "Duuuude, that's me!" He tells the much smaller boy, and points to the screen — the two of them are playing HALO 3 on the dorm hub TV, not actually shooting at each other. "Yo need lotsa practice to be a master. Train yo in the Force, I can!" Koa even tries to do an impression of Yoda.

Diego chuckles and nods. Probably having heard the impression before. "Sorry, sorry. And thanks. I am sure I'll need a lot of help." He assures him. Running over and getting ready to let Koa lead him along. Shifting and relaxing in his seat.

Kaylee steps out of her dorm room, dressed in her PJs (plain white tank top and boxer shorts), glasses off, and obviously closer to being asleep than being awake. But, she's not asleep yet! When she notices Koa playing games in the main hub, she grins and dashes back into her room for a second. When she returns, there is a big white daisy in her hair, tucked behind her right ear. She starts wandering over in the boys direction, not announcing her presence just yet, watching to see what they're up to before she interrupts.

"Alright l'il buddy, just follow Yoda." Koa tells Diego, but adds with a broad grin. "Don't shoot me in the ass!" And then his attention is back on the large screen as he takes the lead towards enemy territory. The shooting soon starts, which Koa takes to animatedly, bouncing on the couch and leaning from side to side because that totally helps with dodging bullets. It's pretty intense, enough so that it takes him a while to notice Kaylee nearby. "Kay!" Koa greets the blonde girl. "Wanna come play?" He invites, but does a double-take at the white daisy. "Ooooh, yo so Hawaiian!"

Diego chuckles and nods, "I won't." He assures him. Only noticing Kaylee as she draws closer. "Hi." He offers and smiles. Grinning as Koa talks with the girl. "Indeed, feel free to join us. You'll probably do better than me."

Kaylee blushes a ton at Koa's remark and smiles, tucking hair on the other side of her head behind her ear. She creeps around to sit on one of the other couches but shakes her head at the offer to play video games. "No, thanks, Koa! But thank you!" she beams, perching on the edge of a sofa. "Do you … like it? I found it on my pillow the other night. Somebody left it there. I THINK they like me, but … I'm not sure, cuz I dunno who left it," she says, smiling and trying to watch Koa carefully. Which is terribly difficult, since she forgot her glasses and her eyes are really NOT that great when she tries to use them without the glasses. But, her proton awareness doesn't help her read expressions at all! So, she struggles the best she can!

Koa bobs his head at the question, that yes, he likes it. Probably because it's… so Hawaiian! His attention turns back to the screen as a Covenant Brute pops up and Koa is forced to focus and return fire for a few seconds. "Booyah!" He hollars when the beast is vanquished, holding up a hand to Diego for a high-five, before turning his head back to Kaylee with a focused look on his mug - and pauses the game. "Wot, some dude sneak into yo room?? He gets into trouble for sneaking into girl's room, yo." School rules, y'know. "That's creepy, man."

Diego tilts his head. Looking to the flower. "Perhaps the flower can tells us?" He suggests. Seeming serious though. High-fiving Koa and chuckling. "I suppose it depends on your definition and view of things." He suggests about creepy or not. "And on how well that person knows about how Kaylee would react." Seeing as Kaylee seem fine with it.

"Wha- … creepy? No! No, it's not creepy! It's sweet! And romantic!" Kaylee argues, somewhat shocked at Koa's reaction. That wasn't what she was expecting! And then Diego is saying the flower could tell them, which causes her to start laughing and grinning. "Oh, yeah, cuz flowers can tell secrets!" she responds, shaking her head, obviously thinking Diego was just kidding around.

Koa makes a funny face at Kaylee. "Girls are funny." He notes sidelong towards Diego. "I wouldn't want someone sneaking into my room and put vegetables on my bed." And then towards Kaylee, Koa gestures at her with a big mitt. "That dude mighta touched yo stuff, Kay! We should find him and shake him down for stolen goods."

Diego chuckles as Kaylee explains herself, and that it isn't creepy. "There you go." He says and chuckles. As for the flowers, he nods. "They can, at times. Unless the flower is dead." He points out. Turning his attention from game to people for the time being. Laughing some at Koa's words. "It depends on the guy, or girl. Besides, Kaylee's roommate might have been there and just promised not to tell." He suggests and shrugs.

"Koaaaaaa!" Kaylee whines, folding her arms across her chest and flopping back on the couch, hopes dashed. "Nothing got stolen. My bed was still made when I got in it Monday night. I didn't even know the flower was there until I got up Tuesday morning and brushed my hair and found it tangled there. And Violet had gone out before I got in the shower, and was still gone when I got out, so I don't think she saw who did it," she says. She pulls it out of her hair and looks at it, frowning. "Well … I mean … it's a flower, Diego. It's been plucked, and I've had it in my hair for like two whole days now, so …. If it were gonna tell me anything, I think it would have, already," she sighs, spinning the flowere back and forth between her fingers as she watches the pedals twirl.

Koa might still think it's creepy, but it /is/ a mystery, one that's intriguing enough that he lowers his Xbox controller. "Oh! I got an idea!" The big kahuna's face suddenly lights up, and people can practically see the lightbulb go off above his head. "We announce Kay's looking for the romantic creep who dropped off the flower, and she wanna meet him… I dunno, on the beach tomorrow night! If he shows up she'll kiss him. BAM, he'll jetpack there for that!" He beams and nods sagely at his brilliant plan.

Diego grins, "Perhaps you don't know what it tried to tell you." He suggests and shrugs. Then letting his smile stay on his lips. "I can try to gain something from it if you want?" Laughing at Koa's suggestion, "That could work." He agrees. Quite amused though. Stiffling a yawn.

Okay, now Koa's going the wrong direction! Kaylee flails a little, grimacing and shaking her head. "I'm not just gonna KISS HIM!" she exclaims, shaking her head and turning incredibly pink. "That would be AWFUL! What if it's just a prank? Or what if he doesn't show? Because, if he can't get up the courage to actually say he likes me, why in the world would he show up on the beach to KISS me?" Kaylee just wilts and glowers from the couch, shaking her head at Koa.
When Diego ACTUALLY tries to be helpful, Kaylee perks back up. "… really? You could?" she asks, terribly interested. She sits back up and scooches closer. "Could you? I mean, can you really? It's not too late?" she asks, looking at the flower again.

"But…. but… kiss!" Koa protests, but not too strongly, especially when Diego offers another possible solution and Kaylee seems to like that plan better. So the big Hawaiian just sits back on the couch and cocks his head at Diego curiously.

"I might not be able to get anything concrete, but maybe I can get something. Even dead things can speak, sometimes." He suggests and smiles. He does laugh as Koa continues though. "I think it was a good suggestion." Diego tells Koa before looking to Kaylee as the controller is put down and he reaches for the flower. "May I?" He says before actually taking it.

Kaylee mrrs and glowers at Koa a little. "No kisses without a proper date and flowers," she says, before turning back to Diego. She hesitates for a second, looking at the flower before handing it over to him. "Well … unless it really WAS Grayson and he was just … being weird … you can't do any worse!"

Koa watches Diego take the flower to do his thing. "Yah. My grandpa won't shut up, even after he died." He nods sagely to Diego's comment about dead things speaking sometimes. And while Diego work his magic, Koa turns a curious look back at Kaylee. "Yo think it's sourpuss Grayson? Wow! That so weird. I can totes shake him down if Diego says it's him."
<FS3> Diego rolls Claircognizance: Great Success.

Diego tilts his head. "I doubt that's the right guy." He offers, not explaining himself though. Grinning over at Koa with a nod. "Sounds quite interesting." Then he's working his own skills. Holding the flower. Yup, not really living anymore, but he's still trying to get something from it. Probably ending up getting a bunch of tangled up stuff, not only from the flower but from other stuff. "I think I'm getting stuff mixed up. Perhaps it will clear up for me in the morning." He suggests, since it could be his sleepy state doing it. "I'll come see you about it tomorrow?" He suggests to Kaylee, offering the flower back to her.

Kaylee just snickers at Koa's complaining about his grandpa, shaking her head and smiling. Then, her attention turns back to Diego. "… wait … it's not … are you SURE?" she asks, blinking in surprise. And here she'd thought she'd narrowed it down! Her brow furrows in confusion and she glowers, but then decides to wait until Diego has worked his mojo on it. Which proves less fruitful than she had hoped. So, she takes the flower back and sighs, shrugging and smiling at Diego again. "Well, thanks for trying! And yeah, if you figure anything out, tell me right away!" Then, she stands, smiling and walking over to Koa so she can wrap her arms around his neck and give him a big hug- if he lets her. "Have a good night, guys. Koa, you be nice to Diego," she warns, straightening back up and giving Koa a stern wagging of her finger, before winking.

"Aww." Koa lets out a noise of disappointment that Diego fails to unravel the mystery right then and there, but that all goes away when he gets a hug from Kaylee. Yup, he's smiling /exactly/ like a cartoon panda would. "Aw, yeah." He notes, and when Kaylee releases him, the big Hawaiian lifts his head at the blonde girl. "Imma always nice! Ciao, Kay. Imma gonna watch for anyone creeping through here." He promises.

Diego shakes his head. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's not the one that put it there." Nodding a bit at her words. "Yeah, I should go sleep as well actually." He admits and chuckles. "Good night to the both of you." He offers and smiles. Raising a brow at Kaylee's last words. "Worried about me? So sweet." He teases. Giving Koa's shoulder a pat. "See you in the morning." Letting Koa sit guard for the night.

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