(2016-06-22) Catching Up
Catching Up
Summary: Inferno from Unit 23 pays a visit to Daxton, beware of bad vampire puns.
Date: 2016-06-22
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NPCs: Inferno
Scene Runner: Pos

Another sun shiney day in Shadow Cove. Or evening maybe, one Daxton was working. Everything is par for the course for him to get out, early release. Er, get off work, it’s not quite prison. On time, not early at all. There was slow traffic, debate on who would go home early. The kids doing the job because their parents made them easily weasel into the slot, leaving the time for those who need or want the money. Still, there are a few warm summer clouds lingering in the air. A humidity that is early for summer, but then with the odd spring hurricane that missed by a bit, weather seems to be just early this year. Its quiet outside, folks have found other amusements today, a want for pizza just not one of them. Even for delivery.

There is only one disturbance to the air outside the pizza joint, off in the shadows beyond cars near the dumpster, the flicker of a red flame. It billows and twists, in then out. A puff, the match discarded as hints of red highlight an aged, weather worn face that is over there watching the employee exit. To all, it’s some older man, to one who knows, the age is less true rather than what has been done to him at various secret facilities. He is closer to age to the young group he runs with. He waits for Daxton.

Daxton steps outside, wearing the fashionable Lighthouse Pizza t-shirt. A uniform is a uniform, it seems. He stops after a few paces and stretches before glancing at the time. Fel should be here shortly, he promised to run her back to the island. Daxton Ferry is much better than the real one. His tips are securely in his pocket and he wonders about maybe stopping and picking ups burger before going home.

No day off for Felicia today. In fact she had an afternoon shift, having trading shifts as a favor to a co-worker. Her shift is done though for the day, yay, so here she is at the pizza place to take Dax up on his offer. Totally better than the real ferry. She is on her way to the entrance when she spots Dax around the side of the building "Hey man!" she greets as she alters direction to head over to where he is loitering…or waiting, whichever!

He is hidden for the moment, mostly, but simply standing out of the way. The man currently called Inferno watches a moment, perhaps the best to come talk with Daxton if they don't want him going anywhere. The molten man when more magma in form a counter to the speedster if something should go wrong. Instead he kicks off a foot from the dumpster nearby, as if parked there to rest while observing. The glow of his face when he puffs at the cigar can give him away once he's out of those shadows over there. They can see the figure approach. His feet scuff gravel around the parking lot, not toe walking to be silent like a deer. "Daxton," he calls out when close enough, as if old friends. Maybe creepy as if he just implied friendship when the relationship might be different. "New duds, its good." Work attire. "You still in on learning more about … us?" There it is, out in the open air. Not so clear air, he is smoking away. He looks over at Felicia, lifting a brow. If only he looked more like his true age, but still he looks over her and head nods a greeting. As if no harm no fall from past encounters with her and the group Daxton is with now.

"Hey Felicia." One last stretch of his back and he turns all the way to look at her, "Good shift?" But then his name is being called and that sudden burnt smell in the air gives away who's approaching just as much as that gruff voice. He doesn't remember Inferno’s real name, that's not come back yet. Instinctually he straightens though, no hunched posture. And he meets the man's gaze immediately, "Inferno!" He steps closer, offering out a hand. "Is everything okay?" But then he tells the reason and Dax is nodding even before the question is finished, "You know I am. Is there a new lead?"

"No little kids tossing their cookies today…at least not on my ride, so that's about as good as it can get." until she gets promoted to the bigger rides. She doesn't see that happening this summer. There is a glance down to his shoes "They are still in one piece so it must have been a slow day?" it's mostly a joke, she has never seen or heard of his shoe actually falling apart, though wouldn't be surprised if and when it happened. There is a wrinkle of nose at the sudden smell of burn and she knows it's not from smoking shoes and the greeting has her looking to the rough looking man approaching. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who the guys is, not with Dax's reaction and his question. The knowledge leaves Felicia looking at the man warily, but Dax isn't freaking, Inferno's not attacking, and she made a promise, "Hey." she greets though there is little emotion or inflection in her tone.

"Hey," he returns to Felicia, and shrugs in response to Daxton. "Well enough, got more of the cough lately." Just saying, he doesn't know what Daxton remembers of his situation, just rolls along with it for the moment. "They've been trying to get some of our blood. Pulse thinks they're trying to put us into a serum, make super soldiers or something." He is to the point there. "Don't know who it is, but there is a group down south, near Virginia. The blood has been going there. Tracked one of the vehicles from the Vermont facility finally to a gun factory in Kansas, I guess they're making weapons to deal with people like us. But from there, the vehicle came back this way a month or so ago, then headed to Virginia." A look to Felicia, then a grin, "I found the driver at a tarven in Memphis after his run. Guess he doesn't like heat, he was willing to talk."

Daxton's shoes usually fall apart when he takes them off. Dax blue eyes narrow, the memory of being kept up at night with someone coughing is familiar. "…yeah. Do you need anything?" He's not sure if there's medicine? He has his tip money. He nods, "Like how I was attacked. I don't know if they got any of my blood, Fel busted it, and the guy pretty badly." There's a pause, "They know the phrases to knock me out." His hand reaches up to rub the back of his neck, "I heard that. Soldiers like us…in pill form." Dax doesn't flinch at all about the idea of possible leaning heavy to get info out of someone. "So, are you wanting to hit the Virginia facility, or the gun factory? Or both?"

Felicia listens to what Inferno has to say, quietly even, though her expression at the thought of a super soldiers being created is a mixed one. The idea is cool, but she also doesn't think they are making Capt. America 'boyscouts', which is the bad part…along with the unwilling victims possibility. "I'm a firm believer that only vampires should be stealing blood." she says by way of explaining her busting the old guy up that day. Though the fact that he showed up and tried was reason enough. "He should move to Canada then…a lot cooler there." she probably has qualms about technique, but what's done is done.

Felicia nets a chuckle out of him with the Canada bit, "You and me both, and I'm not a fan of vampires." Then another shrug from Inferno to Daxton, "Maybe, they said they had something to reverse the affects." Hands come up, one with the cigar, as if just all of him, reverse that affect. "Yeah, we heard something went down over here." And he's not meaning the youtube stuff at all, the other attack. Maybe Daxton had told Pulse or someone too. "We're going for the medical facility. If it’s any lead on what they've all done to us, unwillingly." They may all have some patches in their memory that need to be filled in. "We're in. And its scientists, they may be more willing to talk if we can get our hands on one before they extract any of the team there. We're thinking about the gun factory too, but just seems less dangerous in general than the blood serums right now." He inhales the puff from the cigar this time, blows it out in a smoke ring. Less impressive cause he inhaled rather than just puffed it. "They got your triggers. They probably know ours then too. You're new friends in?" He does look at Felicia, not just cause male -> female, but because these students Dax is with, no trigger words. That is easily readable with the look, no hiding the thought process to that question.

What does Felicia thing all of Unit 23 is? They are the super soldiers, sadly. Dax's arms fold, not in defiance but just as he thinks, "But at what cost?" IS getting fixed worth giving them access to their blood? "We have some old guy, don't know his name. The school has him on lock down, not been able to get to him yet. But I've gotten info back that he says their making pills. I don't know if it's from the info they're getting from our blood, or from out blood itself." Both are super creepy ideas. Speaking of, "Real quick, do you remember something about terrorist lists?" They didn't do all bad things, Unit 23. "We just took down numbers five and six. Adam and Eve?" Bets for everyone to know, right? Hell, Unit 23 could have tangled with them, for all Dax remembers. "Do you want to double assault? One group at the medical, one at the gun factory? If we hit just the medical, that may alert the other target." The speedster doesn't answer for Fel, instead turning to look at her as well. It's clear Daxton is going to go.

"Yeah, they suck." vampires that is, and she manages to say it deadpan too. Felicia is mostly thinking the sadly bit, among a bunch of other unimportant things that have no bearing on the current situation. This being their party, their plan and ultimately the group that made them what they are, Felicia does a lot more listening at first. "Hit both places? So Unit 23 hit one, Ares," and whoever else volunteers to go, "hits the other?" at the look from Dax she head tilts "What? You have to ask? It's like you don't know me at all." a bit of a smirk there.

"Yeah, there was a group out of Saudi, been tracking some American Researchers," says Inferno regarding terrorists, "Not far from your new digs I think." The group of terrorists, or the researchers, he leaves that open, only what he thinks of on the topic. "We may try to get that old man, what's the situation like now, its faculty and some of the League watching over you?" More, what's security like at the school he seems to be asking, only regarding the man that is currently being held. Another chuckle, vampires do suck, "The hang out a lot at night too." Cause bats, hanging. He is a traditional on vampires, its ugly dudes in black capes, not politics and vampire sex and stuff, in his mind at least. "If your Ares group is in, two at once may be the way to go. Might net us more information, maybe a tangible lead on who's running the program now."

Daxton nods, "Yeah, I have to ask. None of you signed up for this." He just wants to make sure she knows this is a choice, there will be blood. He looks back at Inferno, trying to remember theta he's talking about. "He's locked down hard, going up against the school to get him would be difficult." Is Daxton honest talking about kidnapped this dude from the school? "Might eb better to let me sneak in and grill him. The faculty shouldn't kick me out if I'm caught, and that leaves him in a secure holding area." Dax isn't sure where the rest of Unit 23 is holding up, but he's fairly certain it's not as secure as the island. Vampire sex… Daxton looks between the two bonding over bad vampire puns. Maybe this could work? "Okay. I can assemble a group. We'll need to meet up, share what we got." He fidgets some, a normal movement for the speedster. "When do you want to do this?" his fingers steeple against his biceps as he thinks.

The idea that there is a group of terrorists close at hand is a worrying thought. She pushes that thought away for now. "Security is pretty tight." she agrees with Dax on that one, no details on what all that security entails "I've gotten past it a few times to make sure he is still in there. He was last time I checked." More on the vampires, she isn't sure if she can keep this pun game going, but she gives it a try "Which keeps them coffin all day." sure that one was pretty bad. "We're in." she feels confident enough to speak for the team. Felicia blinks at Dax "Yes we did. We did that when we rescued you." at least that is how it is in her head.

A brow lifted to Daxton, "I was active duty, told it was special ops." Inferno may have signed something, "But it’s not what I was told. Nothing at all like I was told." Then again, young soldiers are impressionable and when told special assignments and meant to feel special, they'll join anything it seems. A look between Felicia and Daxton, "Then he stays there for now, we see what we can find and go back to the man if we need more info. The leads are good, both are still up and running." Maybe the other members of the team have eyes on the locations. "If you can get in to see him, go for it, let us know what you learn later. I'll be in the area for a week here. You can find that team and let me know. I say by mid-summer at the latest, you can prep a team, enough to make them run smoothly." Military efficiency he's saying, or as best as students can adapt, for the time frame. A smirk turned to Felicia again, "Right? I'd claim a stake in that game either way." Another draw from his cigar, "Your cool in our book." For now at least, "You two figure the details, send your friends to the medical facility, we'll head to the weapons factory." Just cause, more dangerous.

Daxton's pretty sure Annaliese doesn't feel that way, not anymore. But the speedster nods, understanding what Fel means, "We'll need to be very clear about what we're getting into." No freak outs can happen. "Maybe you can get me in and I can talk to him. he might slip seeing me and spill something." His gaze goes back to Inferno, head tilting slightly. He doesn't remember that, but….he nods in understanding. "That's kind of what they told my dad…Special ops. Good of the country crap." He can't help the smallest of tremors that goes through him and he looks away, towards the door of his work. So normal and mundane. More nodding, "Okay. I can get a team together by then." For sure. Hopefully. "You still have my number, right?" Daxton is digging into his pocket, pulling out his tips for the day. "Have you ate?" He knows eating is sometimes put on the back burner, especially when funds are limited.

"Yeah, trouble. Glorious, glorious trouble." now Felicia is grinning. That's exactly what they are getting into, and she is all over that as usual. There is some nodding to Dax and Inferno, "I can get you in, easy. I've got the layout down and I know where all the cameras are. We can dodge them easily enough." so much confidence in that. An eyebrow quirks "I'm cool in /all/ the books." she states, confident and a bit of ego, her usual wink doesn't accompany it though, vampire puns aside she isn't /that/ comfortable with the dude yet.

"Still have your number, didn't have a secure line, wanted to meet face to face Tempo," says Inferno on that topic of why he's here now. "Also to check on the visit from our friends, we didn't know the scope of it." That they went for a blood sample, or that Daxton had one (at the school). "I haven't had a bite since I got here a few hours ago. Anything good in this town?" Then back to Felicia, "Fair enough, you're our insider there." The school, "Too cool maybe, we'd only make a lot of hot air between us." Or steam, which sounds like arguing at some point, he grins at the thought, but leaves it there for now.

Fel gets a nod, they'll work out the details later on talking to the old man. Maybe get Grayson involved. He even raises an eyebrow at the brag, but doesn't counter it. Instead the speedster turns back to Inferno, "It's cool. I'm alright here, really. It's good to see you, man." And Daxton means it. He didn't realize it till just then, but he's been worried. "Everyone else is good though?" The wad of cash is handed over, "Pizza here is good, I can get you a pie if you want. The burger joint is solid too." The flirty comment gets an amused eye roll.

While Felicia finds it interesting that Inferno is just now coming by to check up on Dax, even though that attack happened weeks ago, she doesn't wanna start anything so refrains from saying something snarky about it. And then she is being flirted at by an old guy. She has no idea he is actually close to their own age, she just knows what she sees and she sees old. There is no flirting back, like she might if she knew/thought or he looked as young as he actually is. Or if he didn't smoke like a chimney. "The barbecue placed is pretty good too, for the area at least. It's no Memphis I'm sure." because apparently she knows that's a big barbecue place.

"Pizza it is, save yourself the money. We took a contract down in Texas." What that means or entails is left to them. They can sort of guess where the others have been aside from following the tracks to finally have something of a lead. "Good pay, enough to get out of a car for a bit and into a bed. We're doing good, just on the run. You got a good gig going at that school, don't blow it." As if, he'd go if he could, but now, they have freedom and are adjusting to that freedom. "BBQ later, if it’s halfway good as Memphis. Food is food." He shrugs, no more comments about hot and cold, no takers, no soliciting. And indeed, a smoker, always. But whatever is going on medically now with him, maybe smoke could do little more harm to the guy. "Stay safe Daxton, Pulse doesn't want us blowing your cover more than we might have to." She's trying to avoid, instead of leading trails back this way.

Daxton nods, shoving the cash back into his pocket. "Oaky." He's not going to push it, he has ideas on what it entails. He frowns slightly, but nods again. Dax knows he's in a good place. "Let me know if I can help." The mention of Pulse has him blink, "I'll be okay. Tell her and Afterthought I said and to be safe." And Fel gets a glance and quick thankful smile. Seems he's making eye contact now.

Having never actually had barbecue in Memphis that she can remember Felicia has nothing to compare it to. She likes it though and there is a nod about food being food. She's a teenager so isn't all that picky. "He means we…let us know if /we/ can help." she already signed on for this gig, no leaving her out or behind now, not if you don't want are your belongings Barbie sized at least. The grin and eye contact are noted but all she says is "Yeah. Yeah." as if her helping out and having his back is no big deal and in curtains ways it isn't.

"I'll let her know you said that," says Inferno, a slight grin. History or not, something between Tempo and Pulse, who knows. "I'll be around, I'll let you know when I get word to them. Once we get a line open to talk again. For now, business as usual." Then he waves to both with that cigar hand, not quite a salute as if he is military, but done for now with all that has happened. Yet, can't take the training out of the man to save his life. "You two can watch my Facebook for status updates on this BBQ place and how much I like it." A harrumph of a chuckle, cut short to deadpan as he turns to walk away. He is young beneath the old, but he doesn't Facebook, nor does he ever plan to.

Daxton glances again to Fel, some kind of weight lifted from his shoulder. His two teams kinda sorta getting along! Such a relief! The comment from Inferno gets a slight head tilt, Tempo's not quite figured out anything that was going on in the past, beyond some odd flashes of feeling when Pulse is mentioned. He smirks and nods about FB, "Alright. I'm here most days too."

Well one small part of one of his teams, thankfully an influential one…or at least one that is willing to sit on the others until they listen to reason. That's something, right. "Uhm, later?" she says as Inferno takes his leave. Yeah, she doesn't Facebook either so that isn't happening. "Well that was unexpected." says the girl that typically expects everything, especially the Spanish Inquisition.

Daxton lets out a held breath, "Yeah…man." A hand reaches up and runs through his hair, "It shouldn't be. They're not going to rest if there's someone hunting us." Us. Blue eyes go over to her, "When do you want to sneak in to talk to Old Man." they really need a name on him.

"Well that is something." Felicia is certainly more inclined to feel better about Unit 23 after this interaction It will take a few more with the rest for her to totally trust them of course. Baby steps. "As soon as we can. Tonight, maybe tomorrow. The sooner we get information and get it to them, the better. Right?"

Daxton's cheeks puff out as he thinks. "Yes. We should get back then. Who else do we bring?" He's thinking, "I wish Kaylee was more ….calm." Invisibility would be really useful. The eye contact thing is still happening, it hasn't dissipated with the exit of Inferno.

Felicia nods and begins to walk to the water front "someone that the faculty actually likes?" to talk them out of trouble if they get caught "I don't see Kaylee acting calm without some serious medication." she has more energy than Felicia, and the teen titan pounds back energy drinks all day.

Daxton follows, "Um…maybe? I know Grayson is on good terms with some of them." He'd suggest Rosa, but she's been pretty focused on her studies. The comment about Kaylee gets a smirk, "She did okay at Tabs concert fiasco." Credit where credit is due..

"But are we on good enough to terms with Grayson to ask him to stick his neck out like that?" Felicia can't remember if that was something he had volunteered to help with or not. She recalls discussing it but not the specific details in regards to emocactus. "Oh?" she knows all about the fiasco, but missed that one, she couldn't get out of work for the second concert, though the was at the first one. "Maybe ask her anyway. Though we can't take to many. The more there are of us the more the harder it will be to get past security. No more than four I suggest, but it's your party."

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