(2016-06-21) Plans in the Making
Plans in the Making
Summary: Movie is the plan, and there is other talk too.
Date: 2016.06.21
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Lighthouse Pizza

Arousing the senses, the aroma of fresh baked pizza is strong and the popular music that plays from a jukebox in the corner adds to the ambiance. Checked white and red tablecloths cover all of the tables and lining each of the walls are black covered booths. On each table there is a selection of crushed red pepper, Parmesan cheese, napkins, salt and pepper.

The floor is carpeted in muted tones, a dark green with varied other colors woven throughout. There is a counter for ordering to go orders and waitresses walk around in jeans and a t-shirt, the latter in blue with Lighthouse Pizza in white writing. The kitchen is behind the counter and a long, rectangular opening for the cooks to pass the food through. Furthest from the kitchen and entrance are the doors for the game room with many, many games and marked bathrooms for each gender off there.

During the summer every day is the weekend and on this particular day Felicia had the day off so she has spent it doing stuffs. Apparently one of those things was getting a new t-shirt made. It's blue, with the Ares symbol in the middle. Around it are the words 'Don't Date Us, Don't Vote For Us, We'll Sort It Out.' It's the new team motto, starting earlier today, so it hasn't caught on yet. As she wanders into the pizza place she carries a plastic shopping bag, that seems to have more blue t-shirts in it. Could she have had them made for the whole team? Knowing her…most likely.

Daxton's leaning against the doorway to the kitchen, having a low conversation with one of the cooks. He glances over to the jingling door and offers Fel a smile when he sees who it is. "Hey Felicia. Enjoying the day off?" He doesn't seem to be too busy, pizza's more an evening thing, and his shift is almost over.

"Hey Dax." Felicia greets brightly as she spots the speedster where he is lurking "It's been okay…and a bit enlightening." she looks amused at whatever she has learned today "You're nearly done with your shift right?" see, she listens, even if at times she seems not to be.

Daxton's not lurking, well…not intentionally. He steps away from the kitchen door. "Yeah? About what?" His arms fold as he steps over. "Yeah, I got like…" He glances to his wrist watch and gives Fel a quick smile, "20 minutes. Why?"

It's later in the afternoon. Too late for lunch, too early for dinner, so the pizza place isn't exactly what you would call busy. Felicia, troublemaker extraordinaire, is standing in the front, having just arrived and not having been seated yet. "Derek. Dresses. And his singing habits." she says to Dax as she swings the bag with the shirts in it against her leg "A bunch of us were thinking of going to a movie later and wanted to know if you were in or going to be stuck here the rest of the day."

Oliver is on his break and saw Felicia walk into the Pizza restaurant. Following up behind her, he reaches out to lightly touch her on the sides, "Boo! Hi!" He looks to the bags, "Shopping? Get anything good?" He's wearing what seems to be a t-shirt and jeans…odd, since both seem to be cotton. "Are you buying dresses for Derek? Ok, now that could be interesting…"

Exploring - that's what summer is for, isn't it? Especially when you are new and trying to figure out what is where. But pizza is pizza, north or south of the border, and Anabel -is- a teenager. It's like coming home when she steps through the door.

Daxton winces playfully, "Ouch. Sorry to hear that." He motions for Fel to sit at a table and he flops down . "Sure. What movie?" Oli's statement brings the grimace back, "Oh god. No. No Derek and dresses, that's terrifying." His leg starts to bounce underneath the table.

Felicia gives a shrug "If I was the right type of person it could be blackmail worthy, but I will leave that for Brenna. Seems she has the video evidence as is blackmailing him with it. Apparently he doesn’t want it all over youtube." go figure. "Gah!" she gives a start at the greeting of Oliver "Dude." she says "Just more shirts." she gestures to hers and sets the bag in front of Dax and flops down herself "Our new team motto." she gestures to the bag "There is one in there for you Dax." she eyes the strange girl, as in stranger, not that she is strange, and gives her a bit of a wave.

"More shirts? And a team motto?" Oliver grins between her and Daxton before he offers a wave to the other teen who he sort of recognizes from school. "Man, we are -so- far behind on Metis!" He's mostly joking. "Ares has the best time, it seems…and the most detentions." There's a waggle of his eyebrows before he looks at the others again, "Movie? Another team outing? Or is this just the two of you?"

The wave from Felicia catches Anabel's attention, and Ana gives a slight wave back. She doesn't recognize the woman, or Oliver, but she does recognize Daxton. Ana's eyes quickly take in Fel's shirt, and her head tilts slightly to the side as a look of confusion flickers across her face. Pushing it away, she moves towards the little gathering.

Daxton chuckles, "Brenna's cool." Especially if she's blackmailing Derek. Shirts? Dax blinks his blue eyes, "We have shirts?…and a motto?" Fel gets a glance, "I don't know. I'm sure everyone can be invited." As Anabel approaches Daxton raises a hand, "Hey." He's wearing a Lighthouse Pizza shirt.

"We do now." if they had one or both before she was unaware of it, and "You can thank Derek." the guy is useful for something at least and she will give credit where it is due. "Not just a team thing no. There are some more people from school, a few from my work, you're invited too Oliver. I was going to text you once I got

"We do now." if they had one or both before she was unaware of it, and "You can thank Derek." the guy is useful for something at least and she will give credit where it is due. "Not just a team thing no. There are some more people from school, a few from my work, you're invited too Oliver. I was going to text you once I got Dax here on board." she gives a shrug of her shoulders "haven't decided on a movie yet. I usually get vetoed so I am not even tossing out suggestions." if she did it would be one of the new cartoons that just hit the theatres…or a Sci-Fi. As Anabel approaches and it seems that Dax knows her at least she gives the other girl a welcoming grin "I'm Felicia…and you are?"

"Ok, so why are we blackmailing Derek and how? Also, how can I help? I don't want to hurt Analiesa, but he's a jerk and a jerk to her." Oliver smiles a little more when he's told that it's not just a team thing. "I'd like to go, but…I should probably pass. Work and stuff…" and funds. "But I miss you guys! I feel like I never see anyone."

"Anabel," the girl in question responds to Felicia. "I'm not interrupting am I?" Ana looks from Felicia to Dax and on to Oliver. She comes to a stop, shoving her hands into her pockets as she does so. She's caught the topic of Derek, but doesn't know him and so doesn't speak up on it.

Daxton eyes the shirts again, but doesn't say anything. "I've got about 15 minutes before I'm done here." unless they get a deliver call in pronto. A shrug at Oli, "Then hand out more. No one is stopping you." Silly alien. Dark hair sways slightly on his head as he shakes to answer Anabel, "Nope. i think we're gonna catch a movie, wanna join us?'

"The last fifteen minutes are the longest." Felicia says slumping into the booth feigning tired boredom for a moment, before looking at Oliver and shrugging "Because she can I guess…Brenna that is. I don't have it in me to blackmail anyone…even Derek." she gives a nod to Oliver then "'Cause you are at work all the time." just like the rest of them. "Yeah Anabel. You should come along. Do you go to Coral?"

Anabel bobs her head with a smile. "Yeah - or I will be, in the fall. Came early to get settled." she explains to the question from Felicia before she glances to Dax and then back to Felicia. "A movie, eh? Sure, sounds like fun. What are you going to see?"

Daxton shrugs, "Not sure. i don't really ware as long as it's not a chic flick.' He'll do a lot, but he can't handle a chic flick. He leans back against the bench he's sitting on, stretching out his back. "I could go for some popcorn.'

"You're probably right," Oliver offers in regards to Derek. Drats. "I look forward to both meeting Brenna and finding out what she'll be doing. And if I can help." He grins at that before he sighs, "Yeah, I -want- to hang out more," he glances to Anabel and offers her a smile before he shrugs, "But gotta earn the money, you know?"

"Huh." she says to Anabel when her question is answered "There are a few students that seem to be doing that." she finds it weird, but she can't really say much since she is sticking around for the summer herself. Felicia pulls a face at the mention of a chic flick "Definitely no girlie movies." she may be one herself, but it’s no secret where her preferences lie as far as movies and tv goes. Chic flics are nowhere on the list.

Anabel snickers at that answer, and she arches an eyebrow. "What, no 'Brooklyn'?" she wonders, teasing ever so lightly. She glances to Oliver and, putting two and two together, offers him a wave. "Have fun," she wishes him.

Daxton waves by to Oli, his own time almost up. "Later, man." His nose wrinkles not even sure what 'Brooklyn' is, but from the way Ana says it, it should girlie. "Just popcorn and something mind numbing." Which shouldn't be too hard for the speedster. Although his leg is still bouncing underneath the table.

"Oh gawd no." Felicia all put gags at the suggestion for that movie "That'd be pure torture, right up there with the Notebook. Which should be banned by the Geneva Convention." she sends a wave to Oliver "Later!" is called out as he bounces for work "Both of those should be easy enough Dax. Maybe Independence Day? That mind numbing enough for you? Or there is that movie with the Rock in it.

Anabel can't help but giggle at the nose wrinkle and gagging her teasing elicits, eyes twinkling before she gives another bob of her head. "Yeah, a mind numbing movie sounds like just the thing." Her hands are pulled out of her pockets as she shifts her weight from left foot to right. "Up to you two; I'm still trying to get to know the area."

Daxton nods quickly, "Yeah. Either of those are fine." He may kick himself later for the Amry stuff in independence day, but it’s still better than a girl flick. He shifts, finally standing, "Let me go rolls some silver ware and clock out then."

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