(2016-06-21) Let it Go
Let it Go
Summary: Derek is caught dancing on skates and singing along to Frozen's Let it Go, at the skating rink.
Date: 2016.06.21
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Derek is flying solo, not completely literal in his case, not so metaphorical. He's cruising around the skating rink, eyes forward, just in the zone skating. Bobbing and weaving a little to avoid others. He may say skating is dorky, but here he is, out on the floor doing his thing. Maybe he thinks no one is looking, for once not caring about that and just enjoying the moment. Then he finally slows down, after getting a good work out, skating out near the wall, to slow down, maybe stop. Finally it dawns on him, others could be here, from school, his age. A suspicious glance goes around, he was just sort of dancing to the last song, which was that one about letting it go from Frozen. Hopefully no one caught that could be black mail material now that he thinks about it.

One such person from the school who had seen the ultra cool older guy around is Brenna. Maybe they hadn't talked more than a handful of hi's in the hall, but the redhead sure did know he was familiar at least, to the Super's school. Skating over to him, she wears an amused look, her expression making it clear that she hadn't missed the song. Or the dance. "Not so sure," she says in her Irish Gaelic accented voice, "That they meant literally to.. let it go."

At the voice, he turns and looks, eyes open wider just a hint, then he chuckles, just letting it out. Caught, red handed even, "What, they so meant it literally. If I could spin wheels," meaning do the circle spins, "While skating, I'd totally recreate the making the ice palace scene." A slightly dubious look towards her, "That's not a thing where your from I take it, letting it go during the let it go song?" Cause Ireland. No, its not a thing here either, "So, we'll just keep this between us right, you didn't film and put it up on YouTube, Facebook and twitter did you?" A grin, but still skating.

"Like this?" Brenna turns two circle spins herself then looks at him with a flash of triumph and orneriness in her eyes. "Oh you bet it's a thing everywhere, and I did get an amazing video." She tugs her cell phone out of her back pocket and waggles it back and forth, "The proof is on here," she teases, leaving it uncertain if she really had or not. "Anytime you catch one of the new seniors in a compromising position, you have to record it. Makes for good leverage in the coming year."

On the floor, not going too fast, Derek is near Brenna. He looking suspicious at her, she having skated about, doing a qucke circle spin and showing her phone to him with a slight waggle to it. "Oh, devious," he announces, "How compromising we talking. Is this one of those held over my head until you need a real favor, while getting me to do menial things with that looming? Or one time deal, I just pay it off, give you my cheat sheet and we're good." His cheat sheets only net Cs, that might be known around the school by now as much as he's sold or pawned them on underclassman already.

Coming into the rink, Rebecca has to stop and rent skates. She looks around a little amazed. This can't be harder than ice skating. Once she has skates in hand its just a matter of sitting and putting them on before she braves the rink.

A shrewd look comes over the redheads face and Brenna taps a finger on her chin, looking as if she is really contemplating her options here. "Let me think.. I've never done this sort of thing before. Blackmail." Nibbling her lower lip she glances down at her phone then back up to him. "What good is a one time deal? Also, who would want a part of your cheat sheets anyway?" She grins to lessen the impact of the words in what could be termed as an insult if she were serious. "Uh, maybe I drag it out a little. I could use a senior doing menial things for me." They are out on the floor still, talking, the music is still playing so their voices are raised a little.

Well last time she went skating Felicia didnt' break anything, either on herself or at the rink, so why not make another go at it, and she does have the day off and all. She wanders into the rink, in no real rush to get skates yet. Instead going over to the wall waist high wall that divides the rink from the other section of the place. There she stands, watching the skaters go around in circles to the music. Of course she notices her fellow teammate Derek, ugh, and the girl he is talking to, recognizing her from school as well. She watches them for a few moments to make sure Derek isn't being all Mr. Playa then goes to get skates for herself.

"Well, if it was my choice, I'd just … let it go, with a warning." He plays off the song he was skating too and says completely the opposite of what he would do if he had evidence to blackmail someone. Derek can't just let out what all he's wiling to do to keep that video from going viral (across the school viral at least). "But a few menial things, sure. Hold it out like you're serious a little, then be done with it. That would be cruel." Maybe there is a lack of conviction in his voice on just how cruel that could be, not giving it enough umph to suggest he believes it himself at all. As if yet, no playing, but its anyone's guess what his game might be. He is hands to himself at the moment.

Skates laced, Becca stands carefully and looks out at the rink. Spotting Felicia as she makes her way over she waves. There was that brief volleyball thing that almost was. Chewing on her lip she steps out onto the rink and starts to slowly skate in the same direction as everyone else. Such fun!

Brenna slides the evidence.. er.. phone back into her pocket and crosses her arms over her chest, the look she gives though is anything but shrewd any longer. "Let it go," she laughs, giving a toss of her head to push her hair back from her face as she drops her arms, cause it's hard to skate arms crossed! "No, all the no in the world. I have gold. Video gold. Anyone would pay me to see this video while you would do anything to stop people from seeing it." Blackmail is such a dirty word, true.. but dirty. "I think I'll hold out. I've already sent it to my own email. Now to publish it to YouTube.." She hasn't yet noticed the others yet, but she's getting closer towards where Becca just joined.

The wave from Rebecca draws Felicia's attention away from tying her skates. "Hey!" she calls out in greeting as she tightens the laces and proceeds to get to her feet. Rink Ho! And the teen titan is off, pushing and wheeling her way to the skate floor where everyone is circling and getting absolutely nowhere like a hamster in a wheel.

"I had to try," chuckles Derek on letting it go, this video evidence, he finds a hand for a pocket, the pocket having been empty. Stuffed, pocket not lonely now. "Can't blame me .. too much. Okay, so, you try to publish it, I just need to find a way to bring Youtube down. Too bad the nerds probably all went home for the summer." A finger snapping moment, dratz. Finger snapped even, as they approach Becca. Then "Whoa," as he looks forward before he hits her, "Your right," as he moves around her right side to avoid a collision, or tries to at least.

He might have hit Becca, if she were there to collide with. Instead, the teen covers her face with a surprised sound and falls onto her butt through Derek. She blinks and waits till she's clear of other people to solidify and work on standing up in her skates. "Oh my gosh! I am sooo sorry!" She tells him and Brenna quickly.

"Oh sure, trying never hurt anyone," Brenna grins, a bit of a cockiness to her look. Maybe a touch too confident. "You could try to bring YouTube down, I guess. But what about Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram?" She shakes her head with mock dismay. "So many people.. and what if it went viral? You'd be a super star!" When he moves to the right, she moves to the left of Rebecca and almost trips when the girl hits concrete. She puts on her breaks, that little rubber thing up front, and turns to offer a hand to her, "Oh hey," she greets with a crooked grin. "I swear, the Ares have all the girls falling for them. Literally." She grins at Derek, completely blaming him for the accident. The appearance of the other Ares is met with a friendly smile. "Clean up on Aisle 12."

Yup Ares in the house the party can start, and with it all the trouble! Felicia isn't to far behind Rebecca so sees what happens with the whole dodge and fall "Stupid Gravity. It should pick on someone it's own size." she says as she slows down, turning to skate backwards a few inches past them before stopping completely. "Not my job." she says, grinning at Brenna then echoing the "Are you okay?" sentiment to Rebecca.

"Whoa," again, as there is some phasing going on, Derek turns back to look at her, falling to one knee himself. He was expecting a near collision, but started then he is sking like everyone else, "You okay?" He moves to his feet to come back towards the group, for those nearest Rebecca, to offer a hand even. Suspicious look cast at Brenna again, "What, falling over who? Is it the other way around, I fall over all the other girls." An eyeroll, then a look to Felicia, she may have comments for that, he gives in a justified moment, he walked into it even, deserving. So, back to Brenna, "Okay, I can't close it al down, if you make me a star, I guess I can give you a cut of all the kids parties I perform at, just … I'm not wearing the winged dress thing." That she had on during that Let It Go scene.

"Fine." Becca nods and knocks the ground, solid. Taking Brenna's hand she accepts the help up. She looks to Felicia. "Hey, I'm good." She's even breaking into a smile now. "Not falling over anyone." She shakes her head and gets balance on the skates again. "Sorry about that, I startled." She offers to Derek.

"You bet," Brenna agrees on the option of sharing in the cut from the kids parties. "You'll be an overnight sensation." Or something like that, she's not exactly sure. Once Becca accepts the help up, she gives her a once over, "Long as you're okay. Don't be sorry, it's really fine. We were just having a debate on Frozen and Youtube and stuff." She adds, "And blackmail." Giving Derek an absolutely lecherous grin. Especially at the added part from him about being over all the other girls. "Well, you're not all over me, and I'm not swooning, so maybe you lost your touch." She looks around to make sure they didn't create a traffic jam, but people are going around, so it's safe. So far. A smile to Felicia, "Yeah we'll leave it to the custodians. So, I'm Brenna, I've seen you all around and all. Never talked much."

Felicia does have a comment "He better not be falling over anyone…or vice verse." yeah, she is a bit protective of her bestie, Anna, especially when it comes to this sorta thing. She knows that Becca wasn't of course. Then there is a nod to Brenna after listening to what was being discussed "Don't encourage him." she pleads "It will just go to his head." the last place anything like that needs to go.

"I've completely lost my touch, I figured I'd go with only giving it to one." A pause, a look to Felicia, "The falling over touch." He specifies before he's called out on other touches. But back to Rebecca, "Nah, all good, no blood no foul … no fun." A grin to Felicia at that, see, make roller skating full contact, it increases the interest in it as a sport. He needs roller derby (roller ball). "It wasn't a debate, its being held over my head, I have to join the talk to avoid the consequence. Its one sided, I'm losing." He admits readily enough. "I'm Derek," he throws in his name, for Rebecca's sake of course. "And yes, it all goes to my head, how'd you think it got so inflated if I didn't fill it myself with hot air." He can poke at himself, just usually its at others.

Chuckling, Rebecca starts to skate again. "No worries here." She tells Felicia with a smile. She's not aiming to cause any trouble at all. Nope. "Frozen? Youtube? Isn't Frozen over yet?"

"He's completely safe from me falling over him." Brenna says to Felicia with a mysterious smile. "I already dated an Ares, kind of. Well, we went to prom anyway." A vague shrug, "I saw you there though, being crowned princess. Pretty impressive." She shakes her head to Rebecca, "Let it Go played, Derek danced to it. Just.. like a princess." She can't hide the grin. "It was crazy fun." Then Derek throws in his name too and she nods her appreciation for the introduction.

Like usual, Felicia has no idea what Derek is talking about, she just gives him a bit of a blank look and then focuses on the girls instead "As per as any Disney animation is over." which is never really as long as there are little girls that still want to be princesses. She does not. There is a grimace at Brenna "Don't remind me." prom was fun an all but the crowning was actually the low point, for both her and Dax. "that's a day I would rather not repeat.

"Yes, don't date Ares, its not what you expect," says Derek towards Brenna, then to Felicia, "Our new motto? Don't date us, don't vote for us, we'll sort it out?" He doesn't mention the day as she doesn't want ti brought up. A pause and a look to Brenna then, "You know, if I owned it, put on the dress and posted myself, I'd equalize the blackmail right?" A slight lift of his brow. A look down, he wouldn't do it, the shame, him in a dress. It just has to be what it is.

"Oh of course if you did it would negate it, completely. Then you'd have that.. you in a dress, singing Let it go. Up to you, but it seems like a heavy price to pay." Brenna tries not to laugh at the imagery, she tries, but she snickers anyway. Dropping the idea of prom, since Felicia didn't seem too pleased with it, she shrugs a little. "I dated Dwayne. He may have got kicked out, he was talking about it maybe happening."

There is a grin and then nod to Derek about that one "I'll get it on t-shirts for the team. It will be our new uniform!" and Felicia will do it too, just watch her. There is a blink and look between Derek and Brenna "Hold up? Derek in a dress?" she gives a smirk "I would pay to see that." she isn't stupid she knows something up and then when Brenna says something…"Wait…you mentioned YouTube…do you have video of him doing something embarrassing? And you are holding out on us?!" she shakes her head in disbelief "So you know all about dating an Ares and how you shouldn't do it. Learned the hard way."

"She most certainly doesn't have any such thing," attests Derek, without conviction of course. "Not a dress, no too heavy of a price. But if she shows you the video know, she loses the only piece of black mail she has on me." A grin, and nod to Brenna, "Show her, lift the curse." Or whatever it is once one is free of being black mailed. "This skate rink is too popular, I'll have to find another one, where they don't know me, work on my routines I think."

Brenna pats the pocket where she keeps her cell phone and shakes her head, "Not going to give it up. Not quite yet. Well, it really depends on Derek if I do or not, he seems interested in wearing dresses. Oh, and doing routines," she actually guffaws at that. "You sound like one of the spirit squad from the television! You do your dance and cheer routines." This sobers her a little. "Are you a cheerleader, Derek? Or were you?" She looks between him and Felicia and grins. "I did learn the hard way, I guess Dwayne is working at the mechanic shop in town now."

"Liar." Felicia tells Derek straight to his face. "Or I have blackmail on you too." not that she needs it or wants anything to hold over her teammate, she has plenty there already. "Though, really, if it is just you singing and dancing what's the big deal. Not like your reputation can get any worse." she nods at Brenna "Guess you can still go see him at least…if you wanted too."

"If I'm not lying, I'm not trying," grins Derek, full well knowing he was lying and not hiding it. "What, I can sing and dance, but pulling an Elsa, Let It Go, while skating, not everyone needs to see that. Will ruin my street cred with incoming freshman. How'll I get them to take my seriously when I give them a hard time if they see that before they even get here." And true, he doesn't have much of a reputation, other than jerkface maybe. "If I'm going cheerleader, its full male, sweater and white pants, holding the ladies up." Actually, its Derek, people might now want him standing down there, ever. Though he does look to Brenna, "Why, you the champion cheerleader back in Dublin, care to teach me?"

"I'm not a cheerleader," Brenna gives him a withering look. "I never wanted to be one either." Priorities. She has them, that's not one of them. "So you've got him doing favors also? With your blackmail? That's really good. Legit." Trying that last word out, not exactly something she's usually saying, but hey, fit in with the natives. "Yeah," she agrees about going to see Dwayne. "I don't think he's on the hero's side." More the villain, maybe.

"That's good then, we may just get along yet," grins Derek on her not being aq cheerleader. A shake of his head about him doing things, only one black mail for him to worry about. A curious brow raised about Dwayne, "He's not, but are you? Chosing a side, or just seeing where things go?" Only curious himself and less a focus on him grooving to Let It Go.

"Maybe," Brenna grins and does another twirl as they begin skating again. "Only if you do what I say though, then we'll get along just fine." There's amusement on her features. She rounds the first curve and heads into the second, not in any sort of hurry. "I may be one of the heroes. I'm definitely not a villain. I'm a fairy. How could a fairy even be bad?"

"I don't know," ponders Derek about evil fairies. "Is there some rule that you have to be good. Aren't like imps fairies? Bad Fairies?" He honeslty has no clue other than like children's television at best. He catches up with skating, "Wait, this doesn't sound like a fair deal, I just do what you say. We're already doing that, its called blackmail, not friendship." He brushes her shoulder, he would bump, but he doesn't want to knock anyone down while skating. "For not being able to be a bad fairy, you're pretty good at it you know."

"Am I?" Brenna asks with a grin, "I'm working on it, I'm glad it's pretty good so far." She circles around that second turn when he catches up and she glances at him, "Of course it's blackmail, but we can be friendly about it. I could show you the video you know, make sure it's something blackmail worthy… but then it would lose all of the mystery and intrigue. Isn't not knowing half the fun?"

"Yes, friendly black mail, the only way to go in the realm of good fairies it seems. Maybe I know more than I realize?" A grin, then a chuckle from Derek, and a slight head shake. "A mystery, now I'm wondering if you have video or are just teasing me. If you make a sudden change in topic to stop my questioning, then its surely you teasing me. If you're doing that, we can only settle this over a two-player video game." Surely like most skate rinks there are a few video games around somewhere as added income or something.

"Just remember, you made the sudden change in topic and brought up the video games yourself. You realize that don't you? I could talk about the video all day long. About the almost pirouette you did, and then when you got on one skate and sang along." Brenna still gives him the mysterious look then again pats her pocket where her phone is. "But I would play you a game. Mrs. Pacman. Whoever gets to the highest level."

"Who doesn't sing Let It Go, when it plays, you just can't help it," he says in his defense. But he looks over at the games, "Okay, Mrs. Pacman to highest level. Whoever gets the highest level, get's their way. You get your blackmail, or I get to see if this is really video you captured or not." He's trying to think of a near pirouette, or what one is even. Did he almost do one, sounds suspicious. Ah,the game will decide, he filtches a quarter from his pocket, skates over towards the video game area, "For all the marbles then."

"You got it. All or nothing, all in." Brenna skates over beside him, not mentioning the pirouette again. Instead she laughs, "I don't sing Let it Go when it plays." Reaching a hand in her pocket, she draws out a quarter and slots it before hitting the two player button. Ready Player One. "You first." Prepared to scope out her competitor.

<FS3> Derek rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"Oh yeah, probably doesn't work with the accent," teases Derek about singing Let It Go, "Maybe the songs from Brave are better?" Do they even have songs, is it even Irish, or is it Scottish. He doesn't know so much. Meant as a tease again. He gets his hands on the game, slots a quarter, and says "Okay, see that you don't have a chance then, the ladies wish is my command." And he's off to the races, and does fairly well actually when its all said and done.

<FS3> Brenna rolls Reaction: Success.

"Are you making fun of my accent?" Brenna narrows her eyes suspiciously. "Brave is in Scotland," she sniffs as if she had been insulted. "We're not at all the same." She watches him playing and frowns realizing that the gig is almost up. Her own turn is played and she doesn't do nearly so well as he and she grins sheepishly before giving him a straight face. "I don't have a video," she tells him.

"Oh, you're not Scottish?" Derek isn't sure, no, he was sort of sure, just not about Brave. Now he knows. "You'll have to tell me the differences." He says, but pipes down for her game too. Then he has one and she tells him the truth. Then he laughs, "Oh, man, that was a good one too." Another laugh and a nod. "I still owe you, a pretzel, you can have one the Irish way, I'llget mine american style, with nacho cheese and jalepenos."

Or was it the truth? Brenna may really have one! Who knows? "Encyclopedia dot com. Check out Ireland and Scotland." She sniffs again, not really insulted, but having fun pretending to be. "You do still owe me," she grins, "A pretzel, the Irish way? With an ale at the pub then. Deal."

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