(2016-06-21) Boy Troubles
Boy Troubles
Summary: Kaylee and Rebecca have a talk about boys (and girls?)
Date: 2016-06-21
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs
Tue Jun 21, 2016 — Tue Jun 21 20:24:02 2016

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

A notice has been posted. An official sign now hangs on the yellow taped laundry room door, it reads: Notice: Restricted Access, Students Prohibitied.

Sitting on one of the couches, Becca is quietly on face time with her mom. She smiles and talks to her, reaching up to adjust her hat and then take it off as her mom says something to her in Chinese. No more hats with mom, nope.

Coming from the elevators, Kaylee is looking a little … not cross. Perturbed? Possibly that. Either way, her brow is furrowed as she makes her way back toward the Promethueus dorm. However, when she spies Rebecca on the couches, she lights up and grins, immediately turning to hurry in her direction. She's about to call out to Becca, when she realizes she's talking to her laptop/tablet, which means she's probably chatting with family. So, she stays quiet, but she does come to sit near Becca, grinning from ear to ear, her eyes glowing a bright blue, even though she has her glasses on.

Smiling, Becca grins and says something to her mom before adding in English. "This is my friend Kaylee." She turns the laptop so they are both in the screen. "This is my mom, Bo. Niang, this is Kaylee." she smiles and looks at her friend. "Look at that face. You have a secret." She tells the girl and looks at her mother again. "Hey, I'm gonna go now." She tells her and closes the laptop.

"Oh!" Kaylee chirps when she's suddenly on camera. "Shishini!" she says to the laptop, grinning and waving animatedly. And then Rebecca says she has a secret and Kaylee's eyes go wide for a second, but then she just shakes her head animatedly, smiling and sitting on her legs on the couch. And, depending on how perceptive Becca is, she might notice that Kaylee has a white flower, a daisy, tucked into her hair over her right ear. Which is different, since Kaylee doesn't usually wear anything in her hair.

Laughing, Becca covers her mouth. "Thank you? You need classes in Chinese too!" Her eyes stay crinkled, amused as she watches Kaylee sit. "You're all squirmy and you didn't call me Becky or tease. What's up?" She asks curiously.

Canting her head to the side, Kaylee taps her lips. "… thank you? … huh! I guess I forgot how to say hi. Sorry! I can remember in Japanese, but I always get the Chinese ones mixed up," she says, shaking her head. And then she blinks a little. "Squirmy? I'm not … well … I didn't call you anything, yet?" And now Kaylee's gotten herself all confused, so she just shakes her head, clearing it out like an etch a sketch and goes back to grinning. "Okay, so! Becky! Guess what!" And she turns her head slightly askance, trying to make the flower a little more obvious without REALLY making it obvious. Which doesn't work so great, but still.

"You picked flowers today?" Becca guesses, making her own confused face and putting her beanie back on. "Wanshang hao is good evening, by the way. Ni hao is hello." She offers and leans back on the couch, slouching now.

"Oooo, it sounds so pretty when you say it," Kaylee offers, smiling. "Ni hao! Shoot! Dangit," she says, clicking her tongue, even though that smile doesn't fade even a little. "I'll try and remember. … wan shang … hao?" she tries, making a little bit of a face as she wraps her tongue around the new word. She hrms, still smirking, then nods. "I'll try, but no promises!"
Then, Kaylee just grins and pulls the flower out of her hair, holding it up for Becca to take a look at it. "Not exactly! I meant, not at all, really. I just … when I woke up this morning and was brushing my hair, this was all tangled in it! Apparently, last night, while I was in the shower and Violet was out sneaking a smoke, someone snuck into our room and left it on my pillow!" she says, and then shakes her hands a little, excitedly. "I think somebody likes me!"

"Ugh! That's so sweet. You're so lucky Kaylee!" Becca sighs and smiles. "Do you know who? Had to be a guy in Prometheus, right?" She guesses and adds "Did you look for a note? Did he leave a poem? Or she, I guess."

"It is! It really is!" Kaylee agrees, nodding animatedly again and just grinning. She offers the flower to Rebecca so that she can look at it, too. Even though it's just a plain old daisy, it's obvious that Kaylee thinks it's far more special. "And no, there wasn't a note. After I found it in my hair, I searched my whole mattress and everything. Ohhhh, do you REALLY think he would write me a POEM?" she asks, swooning as she clasps both hands together ane leans against the back of the sofa. "Oh, that would be so wonderful, wouldn't it?" But … then Kaylee blinks a little, looking back at Becky. "… wait … you think … it could have been a girl!?"

"I honestly have no idea. But it wouldn't be fair to assume it's a boy or a girl exclusively. Oooh, if you find out who then you'd have a date to homecoming." Becca smiles and hands back the flower once Kaylee is done swooning.

"HOMECOMING!?" Kaylee balks, blinking at Becca as she takes the flower back. "Oh my gosh, Becky! That's SO far away! Do you … do you really think they're thinking about taking me to homecoming already? I mean, they don't even know if I don't like them back." Which brings another sudden, shocking thought to Kaylee as she freezes, her eyes going wide, before she glowers. "Ohhhh, Becky! What if it's someone I don't like? Or what if someone is just playing a prank on me? Ohhh, that would be TERRIBLE!"

"Oh, well. If you don't like them once you find out I guess tell them, and if you do, then you'd be dating, so you'd have a date to the dance, right? I mean, if Daxton doesn't step up by then I might just give up on it." Becca shrugs. "So who do you think it is? Koa?"

Wait, what? Kaylee blinks a few times when Becca says she might give up, letting her hands fall to her lap. She reaches one hand over to touch Becca's knee and asks, "Are you alright, Becky? … is Daxton still not willing to admit how much he likes you?" she asks, biting her bottom lip and looking concerned for her friend

"I went to Lighthouse Pizza with him and some folks in the kitchen asked if I was his girlfriend and he threatened to punch him." Becca shrugs. He rubbed my back for me-like I do for Aidan and him, so I kissed his cheek but it doesn't seem to have changed things between us." She puts a smile on her face. "I'm so excited for you though."

"Oh noooo," Kaylee whines on Becca's behalf. She moves to offer the girl a hug, if she'll let her, so she can rub her back for a few seconds. "Becky! I'm so sorry. I … I really don't like talking bad about people, but … I don't have anything nice I could say about him, even if I wanted to," she says, sighing and frowning sadly.

"It happens. I'm sure he'll realize we can't keep dancing around it. Then he'll say he can't be close to anyone and I'll understand." Becca shrugs. "It's ok. So, who do you think left the flower? Any boys hanging around you lately?"

"Ohhhhh. Beckyyyy!" Kaylee whines again, looking sad. She sighs, looking down at her daisy, and then she hands it to Becky, instead. "Here. Tomorrow, you can wear it in YOUR hair, and you can tell him you found it on YOUR pillow. And you can tell him that whoever left it must be a real sweetheart, but that … that … that you already like someone, but …," Kaylee trails off, her brow furrowing as she looks downwards, trying to figure out a story. Because Kaylee is horrible at lying. But how can she be happy when her friend isn't? She can't!

"No! What if your crush sees?!" Becca shakes her head. "I'll figure it out. I mean- I know he likes me. Maybe I should hang out with Vinny more. He kinda made a face when he saw me hanging out with him."

"So what if my crush sees? I wore the flower all day today and nobody said anything! And … and … and if they don't like it, then they couldn't be my friend, anyway!" Kaylee reasons. "Besides! They gave it to me, so it's MY flower. And now, I'm giving it to YOU. Because … because even if Daxton is a big poopy jerk," Kaylee says, proving she's really incapable of saying anything overly mean about anyone, "you like him, and you're my best friend! And you're the most awesomest thing that's ever happened to him, and if he can't see that, then he doesn't deserve you, but maybe you just gotta show him!"

"Maybe." Becca shrugs. "Maybe I should just lay it all out for him. Be like, I like you, you've seen me in a fight, I can handle my shit." She huffs a breath. "You aren't answering my questions! KAylee crush watch summer of 2016! Come on!"

Kaylee blinks a little and then flails her hands out to the side. "Because it's not as important as Daxton the Dummy!" she responds. "I don't know who gave me the flower. And Violet was out before I showered and didn't come back until I was already in bed, so she couldn't have seen who did it. She was just as shocked as I was this morning! And I haven't been able to find anyone else to ask," she says. "But … I don't know, Becky. I mean … I straight up told him, and you saw how that worked. Oh my gosh, do you know what he said about me when I went to APOLOGIZE?" she asks, tucking her hair behind her ears and furrowing her brow. It obviously still bugs her. But, then she realizes that telling isn't helping, and she sighs, shaking her head. "Nevermind. I just … I don't think you can tell him. You have to make him tell you."

"I guess so." Becca sighs and hugs her laptop. "Maybe we need like a summer bonfire? Something to get him relaxed and out hanging out. Except he's kinda avoiding me at the beach. Bikinis and all that."

Ooo! That gives Kaylee an idea, and she grins. "So … we need to get you a rocking bikini, and we can all go to the beach! Wait, no, I won't go- if I'm there, Daxton will … I don't know. But the less I'm around him, the better. But … oh! Maybe you can ask Aidan! You work out together, right? … you surf, right? Maybe tell him that you wanna go surfing or something, but want to bring a partner, since you haven't surfed out here yet?" Kaylee suggests.

"That could work. Have a surf day. Get Koa out there too, he surfs. Make a day of it. You and Dax can coexist, just don't talk to him." Becca shrugs and stretches her arms over her head. "Ugh, that boy drives me crazy. I just want him to kiss me."

"I'd rather NOT coexist, thanks," Kaylee says, making a face. But then Becky's reaction has her smiling and she moves to lean up against her friend, wrapping and arm lightly around her waist. "Well, maybe if we can find you the perfect bikini, and we can get Aidan to drool over you just enough, Daxton will HAVE to kiss you to show you're off limits?"

"Hah, he'll just get moody and leave." Becca shakes her head. "I doubt Aidan would drool over me." She laughs. "I'm just happy Daxton likes me, even if he is stubborn." she huffs and brushes her fingers in Kaylee's hair. "I'll wear him out."

Kaylee makes a sour face at Becky saying she'll wait him out, though … fingers in her hair make it a little hard. "It's too bad he's not sweet and shy like whoever likes me. Oh my gosh, Becky, you don't even know how … how … flabbergasted I was this morning! I was soooo super confused when I found the flower, especially since Violet didn't know anything about it. We sat there for like, fifteen minutes, trying to figure out where it came from, when she asked if I'd had my glasses on before I laid down. Which I didn't. Which is what made us think it must have been on my pillow, where I wouldn't have really noticed it without being able to see. Gosh, I must have scrambled around my room for like a half hour, searching for a note or something."

"Oh man, not even a note? I wonder if you'll get another flower?" Becca wonders. "Or like a note to meet somewhere. You have no idea who it could be?" She asks making a face.

"No! That's the worst part!" Kaylee says, looking up at Becca. She sighs and readjusts her position, laying on her back and plopping her head in Rebecca's lap- apparently sure that the laptop will get moved aside for her head. Yes, Kaylee's obviously a little spoiled when it comes to getting attention. But, she was the baby in her family! "I don't know who left the flower and there was no note. Not even a hint! Violet said I should maybe start checking my bed before I go, to see if they leave anything else. We also talked about maybe trying to set up some kind of like … surveillance or something, to see if we could catch thm. But we haven't come up with anything yet. Do you think … would Koa do something like that?" she asks, looking up at Becca.

"You and him seemed close at the concert, like he was looking out for you. I mean, what other boys do you hang out with? Grayson? That doesn't seem like him." Becca looks at Kaylee and smirks. "Sit up, I'll braid your hair." she tells her and taps Kaylee. "Up, up lazy bones."

"Oo!" Kaylee chirps and immediately gets up. She moves down to the floor, sitting in front of Becca and pulling her hair out and shaking it out to make sure it's all accessible for her to braid. "Yeah … it doesn't seem like Grayson. But … maybe that's how he wants it? I don't know. Koa's so goofy and funny … he might do something like that, but do you really think he wouldn't just come out and tell me?" she asks.

"Hmmm, who else do you hang out around?" Becca asks and pauses. "Wait, gonna get more ties and my comb." Becca says and hops up to run through the wall. She knows where her room is, she does his all the time. Coming back she hops onto the couch and sits. "Ok!" She grins.

Kaylee blinks. Knowing Becca can phase through things and actually watching her do it are two completely different things. When Rebecca runs straight at the wall, only to disappear, Kaylee gasps. There was no smack, no cry of ouch, just Becca disappearing. And then, after several seconds, she's back! "Oh my gosh, Becky! That's … that's so COoL!" she says, grinning. "I've never seen you do that before. That was awesome," she continues as Becca settles in behind her. "Oh … but … fair warning? I might doze off on you, so don't feel bad. My mommy used to braid my hair when I couldn't sleep when I was little. It's like, the nicest feeling ever."

"Oh, no sweat Kays." Becca says and combs out Kaylee's hair. "Fish tails ok? I think the waves are prettier." She says and starts to work fishtails in opposite directions before twisting them into a braid so she can sleep in them if she wants to.

"Anything's okay, Becky," Kaylee says, taking her glasses off and tucking them in her lap as she settles in. "You're such a good friend. I wish I could do more to help you out," she says quietly, sighing.

"Well, there's no pushing Dax." Becca shrugs. She's working on those braids, her voice soft. "So Grayson and Koa are our suspects huh? Beach party, mhmm." She is working on her own plans for Kaylee.

"Do you really think it might be a girl? I know Tabitha wanted to date Violet before her and Jacob became a thing. You don't think … would she try and cheat on Jacob with me?" Kaylee asks, sounding unsure and not too happy about that prospect. "I'm still not totally over the fact that she slapped me and threatened to let me die …."

"It's possible? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the girls here liked other girls." Becca says and ties off the first braid, starting number two. "It's not like it's /that/ uncommon right?" She is from LA, seems normal to her.

Kaylee giggles at that and nods. "You obviously haven't met Sierra and Mabel," she says, smirking. "They were making out a ton at our beach party last weekend." This causes even more giggling. "You know, if you can't find a boy to kiss you, they sure look like they know what they're doing …," she teases lightly.

"No way! I want my first kiss to be special." Becca gasps and shakes Kaylee's head lightly. "You are crazy!" She informs her friend. "I know he's thought about it." She breathes and continues to braid. "We need to lure this secret crush of yours out though, miss!"

Kaylee giggles even more when Becky shakes her head for her, grinning. She sighs and relaxes, and immediately a very warm, soft yellow glow begins eminating from her skin as she stretches her legs out in front of her. "He probably can't STOP thinking about it, if he's hit puberty," Kaylee adds. "I don't know why he doesn't just go for it. It's so obvious you're into him." But then she's saying they need to lure her crush out and Kaylee giggles again and the glow shifts a couple shades towards pink. "How could we do that? I'm not really all that enticing, I don't think."

"Is it that obvious?" Becca asks and blushes, glad that Kaylee can't see. "I can't stop thinking about it. Ugh, at least I finally got a taste of my own medicine with the massage thing. Oh man."

"Becky … there were a whole bunch of us in the cafeteria the other day and you didn't even ask how ANY of us were doing, you just got your tray and left. Preoccupied, much?" Kaylee teases, smiling. She yawns, then, and smacks her lips a little, as the braiding has obviously had the effect she promised. "But what do you mean a taste of your own medicine?" she asks.

"Ok, so when ever I give Dax a massage he stops vibrating so much and I swear he blushes. But when he was rubbing my back it was like my whole body tingled. I don't know, I got all flustered I guess." Becca shakes her head and flushes a little.

Kaylee awws and can't help but giggle just a little bit. Then, she considers. "Have you ever tried starving him out? I mean, like … just stop giving him massages, and hanging out with him, and stuff? That's how they do it in the movies, they play hard to get. And then the boy starts asking everybody where the girl is, and why isn't she returning his calls, and eventually he shows up at her job and she tells him that she moved on, since he wasn't interested, and he has to admit that he had fallen for her, and that's when they finally kiss!" Somebody needs to cut back on the RomComs.

"I don't know. I don't think I want to mess with his head. I just want him to admit he likes me and maybe sweep me up in his strong arms. I love when he runs with me." Becca sighs and wrinkles her nose. "Sorry, I just don't want to tell anyone else. It'd suck if the whole school knew before Dax made a move."

Kaylee nods again and yawwwwns. "Yeah … that'd suck," she agrees, though it's apparent she's starting to nod off. "Well … don't they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? His head is already messed with, or else he'd be kissing you," Kaylee determines. "Besides. Mesing with his head is just payback for him messing with your heart so much."

"That doesn't seem honest." Becca says slowly and works on the last braid. "I would miss him. You know, I offered to bring him lunches when he works? So he doesn't eat pizza all the time? Just like a real couple." She smiles.

"Awww," Kaylee mewls, eyes drooping closed. "But it's not honest, him not kissing you when you both wanna, either," she says. "Boys are silly." And Kaylee has ALMOST made it through the whole braiding session without falling asleep! "Like I said, Becky. I wish I knew how to help you, cuz I really would if I could."

"It's alright, Dax just has to actually cop to liking me. Then it'll all be good." She sighs and ties off the braids. "Fingers crossed he does before summer ends."

"Fingers crossed he does it before eternity ends," Kaylee says with a huff, rolling her eyes. "You are such a good, strong person for putting up with that. Maybe you should be in Prometheus," Kaylee teases. As Becky finishes up the braids, Kaylee lets out a soft, forlorn sigh, smiling wistfully. "Oh gosh, I am soooo ready for bed. You are the bestest ever," she says, turning to smile at her friend.

"No, I like Athena just fine. An Asian girl in yellow?" Becca wrinkles her nose. Smiling she shrugs. "Or I should join Ares for being so stubborn for what I want." She grins.

Kaylee giggles. "Oh, does that mean I should be in Metis since I can't stop trying to meddle?" she asks, turning and resting her hand on the edge of the couch, and her chin on top of her hand as she grins up at Rebecca.

"Yeah. Maybe, except I think Metis are supposed to look out for herself or himself.." Becca shakes her head. "I don't think that's you at all." She says and tugs a braid lightly.

Kaylee grins and nods, agreeing. "No. I typically don't even really think of myself until it's too late, sometimes. Like when we went to rescue Lynzee. But I'm working on it!" She sighs and lays her head down sideways, not needing to actually look at Becca since she doesn't have her glasses on. "Becky … are you ready to date? Do you think I am? I mean … I don't even know what you're supposed to do as somebody's girlfriend."

"Hmm, I think being someone's girlfriend means being there to support them and like-listening to their troubles and helping where you can-or just being someone they can vent to. Also romantic, but I mean, that comes slow right? Holding hands, kissing…" She shrugs. It's what she does around Daxton, minus the kissing.

Kaylee blushes at that, grimacing a little. "I … I'm kinda scared of my first kiss," she shares quietly. "Like … what if it's not awesome? Or what if it is, but then he decides he doesn't really like me that much? Or what if he wants to do more than just kiss!?" Kaylee frets for no good reason.

"Won't know until it happens." Becca smiles at Kaylee and slides off the couch to collect her things. "I might want to do more than kiss, I can't wait to cuddle, like see a movie and sit all close." She sighs. "Love sick. So lame."

Kaylee snickers a little and shrugs as Becca gets up. "Yeah … snuggling's great. I guess maybe it would be nice to snuggle with someone exclusively …. Like, to know they're YOUR snuggler," she muses. Then she just giggles and shakes her head, turning pink again. "Oh gosh. I wish they would just come out and ask me out already, so I wouldn't have to keep guessing what's gonna happen."

"Right?! Ugh." Becca rolls her eyes. "Anyway, I should get to sleep. Working out in the morning, again." She grins and hugs her laptop. "I love seeing Dax in the morning." she sighs happily.

Kaylee sighs and pushes herself back up to her feet as well, glomping Becca briefly, even as she hugs her laptop. "Well … like I said. We should try either starving him out, or getting you a killer bikini and some time on the beach with other boys to force his hand. But, it's not any of my business anymore! I just really hope he doesn't make you wait too much longer," she says. She then gives Becca another little squeeze before releasing her and heading for her dorms. "Sleep good, Becky. And thanks so much for braiding my hair."

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