(2016-06-20) Cloudy Sky
Log Title: Cloudy Sky
Summary: Kaylee's big mouth runs the new kid, Schuyler, out of the cafeteria over lunch
Date: 2016-06-20
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Cafeteria Coral Springs
Mon Jun 20, 2016 — Mon Jun 20 20:09:18 2016

At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Schuyler is an incoming Freshman and has arrived earlier in the summer to get acclimated and, more importantly, get some very necessary training for his fairly new powers. Because school isn't in session, however, he's able to wear his own clothes and not the school uniform. His clothing of choice just happens to be black and more black with a couple of silver chains hanging from a pocket of his pants. Freshly sharpied designs are on one of his forearms - he must have been bored recently.
He's used to a cafeteria-style meal, thanks to his previous school and the food seems to be mostly comparable. It keeps him from complaining too much, at least. Food is chosen and the tray has been brought to one of the tables where he sits. He doesn't eat immediately, however. Instead, grey eyes look about and observe quite intently.

Violet tended to go just about everywhere with Kaylee - and she didn't seem mad about it, at least. Of course they had time apart, where Vi went to the beach every handful of hours, stared into the waves, and had one of her stolen cigarettes.
But that was then.
This is now - this is lunch, where many of the students left in the place over the summer - those who chose, or didn't have the choice of staying here instead of with family, lingered, with the town all to themselves, and the cafeteria serving scant food.
So it was in this moment that Vi enters, stepping with her tall biker boots on, long leather jacket, short skirt, rock band t-shirt, and silver cross earrings. She smelled of ash and perfume, and she lifts her chin towards the serving line. Although her eyes flicker towards Schuyler. "Hey," says Vi to him. "What are they serving for lunch today?" She didn't recognize him, which in their small school was a little weird. Gotta be an incoming student.

Poor Violet. After the excitement in Thunder Bay on Friday, then the 'Girls Day Out' on the beach on Saturday, Kaylee has probably been a LITTLE difficult to live with. First, there was all the adrenaline from Friday. Then she got to absorb ALL THE SUNS on Saturday. This has left Kaylee even more keyed up than usual, through most of Sunday and even in to today. And, without schoolwork or anything else to put her energy in to, Kaylee's been putting it into her friends. But, at least she's not talking a million miles a minute today, anymore!
In mid-sentence (or paragraph, more likely, given her propensity for punditry), Kaylee's hands are waving away animatedly as she talks about something or other with Violet. "… with these cows, so we can TOTALLY go and play moo cow like, the second or third day, if you want!" And then Violet's talking to someone else. Kaylee blinks a little, since she had her glasses on and therefore was in narrow-perception mode, looking in the same direction as Violet. This brings more blinking, since she doesn't recognize the boy, but she doesn't immediately harpoon him with conversation, instead just grinning in a friendly manner and waiting to see if he answers Violet's question or not.

Violet's appearance caught his attention, so he's looking at her when she speaks to him. Or rather, he's staring at her. It's also helpful that the cafeteria isn't too crowded over the summer. It's good practice for later. She isn't answered immediately and grey eyes look to the other girl who joins the first. Finally, he lowers his fork and begins to gesture with his hands.
Thing is, he's also projecting a sort of 'mental voice'.
«Salad, pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches, and root vegetable salad. It must be salad day.» There's a pause before he flicks his gaze back to Violet, «Did you do your eyes yourself?»

It seems the cafeteria is the place to be. Anabel is quickly learning her way around - the school might not feel like home yet, but as one of the 'new kids', it's getting a little closer to that every day. Pausing just across the threshold into the room, she allows her gaze to slowly scan the room. Relief settles over her as she starts again in towards Kaylee. The voice in her head causes her to pause, steps faultering as her eyes leap from one person to the next before settling on Schuyler. His and motions seem to give him away. She tries to reply back but ends up only sighing and offering a wave towards him.

Vi was definitely a little more chill than Kaylee on her worst days. But as long as Kaylee was cool with Vi staying on her own chill energy level - she was okay with Kaylee zipping around everywhere. It's when Kaylee wanted her to answer three bajillion questions a minute or respond instantly that she would get snappity.
Or as snappity as Vi gets, at any rate.
"What in the world is playing moo cow, anyways, Kaylee?" asks Vi of the other young woman, turning her head to look back towards her. But it was at that point that Vi glances back towards Schuyler, tucking her thumbs into her jacket and giving him a lopsided grin. "Nice style, by the by. Yeah, I do my eyes myself. Doesn't take that long now - some call me a raccoon person, but I think it makes me look ~dramatic~." A beat. "And Kaylee wore the makeup too for a little. You got lotsa compliments then, yeah?"
That was when Anabel enters - Vi lifts her chin to the other. "Hey - I'm Vi. Saw you at the beach, didn't really get a chance to say hi." A beat though, and she looks back towards Schyuler, pointing at her own head. "Vi," she says, pointing at Kaylee next. "Kaylee," she adds. "Mind if we grab lunch and join you? Welcome to the world of Coral Springs."

So, Kaylee is not the bravest of souls. In fact, she's rather skittish, when she's not prepared, or when she's not paying attention. So the sudden voice in her head startles her quite a bit, enough that she honestly flinches and tries to press in to Violet for protection. However, the initial surprise wears off very quickly and Kaylee grimaces and looks incredibly embarassed, ducking her head and blushing furiously. "Oh my gosh, was that you? Ohhh, you startled me so bad. Sorry, Violet," she apologizes, straightening back up again and glowering.
Kaylee turns to look at Schuyler, canting her head to the side as she does so. "That … WAS you, wasn't it? How did you do that? Is that how you talk? It was like, all in my head and stuff!" Kaylee says, grinning. "That's so coooool!" And then it's time to gawk at Violet. "You've NEVER played Moo Cow?" As if that were a shocking travesty or something. Oh, and makeup. Kaylee grimaces and smiles, shrugging her shoulders a little. "Yes, people liked it! But … I mean, it was a lot of effort. And it definitely wasn't something I'd just wanna wear every day," she explains, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. Anabel gets a bright wave when she arrives as well, Kaylee smiling back at her.

Schuyler does note Kaylee's waving hands but quickly discerns that they are just gestures and not actually forming words. Pity. Grey eyes note Anabel's arrival and waves and he gives her a wave in return, a little wariness in his expression. New people…and his first meeting with another didn't go as well.
This meeting, however, seems to go a little better as only one is freaking about him talking in their heads. That's a plus, and his sister isn't even here to translate.
«Schuyler Masters, but everyone calls me Sky. You might know my brother.» (OOC: who doesn't have a name but is also a Masters)
There's a little flash of apology in his eyes as Kaylee flinches, but he tries to quickly hide it with nonchalance. Even as he talks in their heads, he continues to sign with his hands…old habits are hard to break. «Go ahead if you want, the table's big enough. And yeah, it's how I can talk to others who don't know ASL. I figure it's easier than writing everything down.» He does look back to Violet before digging around in a pocket and pulling out an eyeliner pencil, «Mind showing me? I tried and it was a mess.» Because what's a good Goth without eyeliner?

Tilting her head to the left, Ana eyes Vi for a moment before she gives her head a shake. "I wasn't on the beach - wasn't invited, and I tend to stay away from the water when people are in it." She smiles as she speaks, though, clearly not upset. Her attention then shifts back to the focus of this particular gathering, and she turns to fully face Schu, motioning to his signing. "Are you deaf? Can you lipread, or just pick up thoughts or…" «Shit, don't be rude, idiot!» She thinks, and quickly trails off and lets her hand drop back to her side. "Sorry..I'm Anabel. Or Ana…whatever." Lunch, it seems, can wait as she takes up Sky's offer to join him - if the other two girls do too, all the better.

Vi clicks her tongue.
"Sorry you didn't get the invite. We tried to send it to all the girls in the school, but you know how it goes. Promise, now that I got a face to the name, it won't happen again, alright?" says Vi with a wink towards Anabel.
Vi glances towards Kaylee. "Never ever played Moo Cow - show of hands - who here has played Moo Cow?" she asks, kinda gesturing towards each person in turn, a wryness dancing at the edges of her lips. "And sure Schulyer - I know Masters - you guys have a whole family of supers, huh?" she says.
"I'm gonna get a little food, but I am totes mcGoats down with spreading the gospel of eyeliner," she says.

"Yeah, I think we probably maybe sent it out before Anabel got here," Kaylee explains to Violet, frowning a little and putting more hair behind her ears. She offers a smile towards Anabel, though, and a thumbs up. "But we got you, next time, for sure!" And then there's the talk of Schuyler being deaf, and Kaylee grimaces. She turns back towards Schuyler and over-annunciates and slows down, probably making it more difficult rather than easier to lip-read what she's saying. If he needed to read lips, at all, anyway.
"When. Did. You. Get. To. School? Anabel. Is. New. Too." Yes, Kaylee's a big dumb idiot, sometimes. But, when Violet moves towards the food, Kaylee meeps and follows her, holding up her hand to Schuyler apologetically. "We'll. Be. Right. Over." Oy.

Someone actually asked. That's new and kind of refreshing. He tilts his head towards Anabel, «Yes, some, and yes.» He then grins at the thought that he picks up, «It's not rude. I'd rather people ask than just guess or assume.» He then blinks at the others and shakes his head at the question of some cow game. «We don't have cows where I live…I mean, dead ones to eat…» and then there's a little pride at the mention of his family. Just a little. He -is- fourteen, after all. «Yeah, we do. Aviva's my cousin…I don't know if you know her. My sister's around here too, but she doesn't have her powers yet. The other two are too little.»
His glance lands back on Kaylee as he takes a moment to try and figure her out. Finally though, he responds, «My sister refuses to show me how to put it on». As Kaylee overenunciates to him though, his eyebrow arches and his eyes narrow. His signs are also much slower as is his mental speech, as if mimicing her, «I. Can. Understand. You. Just. Fine. I'm. Not. Stupid.»

"It's all good, don't worry about it, eh?" Anabel quickly reassures both Vi and Kaylee as she pulls seat out for herself; lunch will happen later for her. Sitting down, she extends her legs under it, relaxing. Sky's response to Kaylee's attempt to make things easier has the Canadian biting er lower lip to keep from grinning too widely. She does nod though, to the thoughts he offers, and she narrows her eyes slightly in concentration. This time, her voice is projected into his head, albeit somewhat less surely than his, but it is clearly her voice. She isn't good enoug to get her full thought to both Vi and Kaylee too, though they might get a word or two out of it. «Sorry - that was my fault, I think. And I pick up more than I can send; something to do with electrical currents that make up thoughts, I think.» She lifts her hand and allows a small spark to leap from one finger to another. An electrical super.

Violet brings up a hand to kinda rest on top of Kaylee's head, giving her hair a ruffle. "He's been understanding us just…" Schuyler speaks up for himself, and Violet releases a laugh, a joyous little sound. "I don't know Aviva too well, but… shame on her for not showing you the wonders of eyeliner," she says, placing her hands before herself as if praying, and turning her eyes up piously.
Grabbing a tray, she asks for a big helping of the chicken salad - Vi could probably literally eat a horse if she had to.
It was going to her muskles, believe you me.
With tray of food in hand, she kinda takes a seat nearish the other two, giving Anabel a grin. "Nice - telepathy. I actually haven't met many telepaths before… you guys," she says. A beat, though, and she eyes the spark. "I would say that you having a electricity with telepathy like that is shocking, but… I have a feeling you'd zap me if I said that."

Kaylee blinks when her hair is ruffled, turning to look quizzically at Violet before Schuyler sticks up for himself. She grimaces severely, turning back to him and offering him a very apologetic head-duck. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. I wasn't … I didn't mean you were … I'm sorry," she repeats. With her foot solidly inserted into her mouth, Kaylee just shuts up and grabs her tray, getting a little of the pasta salad, some jello, and some cherry coke. She follows Violet back to the table, totally glowering and not saying anything else, since she'd already said too much. But then, Violet makes a joke like that, which causes Kaylee to smirk, and though she tries very hard to cover her laugh by putting her hand over her mouth, she's unable to prevent the singular snort that her giggling elicits. Oh well! Since her giggle was given away, she just grins and settles into one of the empty seats at the table.

Schuyler does give a start when another mind enters his. «Whoa…» and he tries to close the shields that they taught him to use, but it's all pretty new. Anabel does get a grin though, «Nice. Well, I'm new too…so…nice to meet a fellow telepath.» He can do more, but it seems weird to just show that off.
There is deinitely some bemusement as Violet laughs at his response, «Oh, I haven't asked Aviva yet. Not sure if she'd help though.» There's a moment before he decides to try and keep talking as well as go back to his lunch.

Anabel flushes as she looks to Violet with her last comment, and she ducks her head shyly. "I'm not really a telepath - not like Sky is," She pauses and then lifts her head so that he can see what she's saying. "He's a telepath, I just…got an extra something from my main power. Like I said to him - I think it's from the electrical impulses in the brain. But it's far easier to 'talk' with him than to project into someone else. And I find picking up thoughts is easier than projecting. Plus I haven't used it much - mostly I just zap stuff." A beat, and she does send something like a static shock teasingly in Vi's direction.

Violet digs her fork into her food, bringing it daintly to her mouth to take a bite of the thing as she lets other people… talk. Or think into her head, it was a little new to her. The grin and giggling of Kaylee sparks something brighter on Violet's lips - teeth showing in her smirk blossoming into a wider smile.
"Maybe. Tell her there will be a couple of strange women in your room showing you how to use makeup if she doesn't help, it's all in how you phrase it," she says with a wink.
Glancing back towards Anabel, she notes the blush at her joke, letting her smile gentle, as opposed to growing more impish. Vi pauses a moment as the electricity strikes her, the play electricity - she reacts as if she threw a bolt of Thor at her, lifting her hand up, and clutching the spot with the other hand. More overdramatic play. "Zapping stuff is cool," she says. "I Totes McGoats would zap stuff for funsies if I had your power," she offers with a laugh. "What's your favorite thing you've zapped?" she asks.

"Well, it was pretty awesome when she zapped one of the statue-people last week," Kaylee offers after violet asks about Anabel's favorite target. But, then she blinks, looking over at Violet. "Why would she worry if there were girls in his room showin-ooooooooh," Kaylee catches up to the rest of them, grimacing again and blushing once more. Sometimes, she just thinks a little sideways, first! Deciding that it'll be better if she just focuses on putting food IN her mouth instead of letting words come OUT, Kaylee shovels a forkful into her mouth and then chews, quite pink and at least a little embarassed at herself today.

Schuyler holds up his hands. «Just eyeliner! I don't want to do drag…uhm…» yeah, that's actually not in his interest. «And I think my sister would get a kick out of it…» And what teenage boy wouldn't want a room full of girls? He lifts another eyebrow at Kaylee's questioning and also looks back to his food. He does watch the others though, trying to follow the erratic conversation. He has sisters so he's sort of familiar, but these aren't they. It makes it very different.

Favourite target? Uh. That gives Anabel pause, and for a brief moment, she looks like a deer caught in headlights. Then Kaylee comes to ehr rescue, even if she doesn't know it. "Oh, yeah…well, I wasn't really effective until I put the net over that girl to keep them way from her, but…yeah. I dunno. I recharged the car battery once when we couldn't get a boost in the middle of January and it was a 3 hour wait for AMA." That totally counts, right?

"Only if she was overprotective," says Vi to Kaylee, bringing up her hand to kinda gently nudge the other in the upper arm. "And, Schuyler - I know, I know, but that's why you make it sound more dramatic than it is," she says. "So she'll swoop in and… I guess it's kinda horrible if you think that way, huh?" she says, sticking out her tongue a bit.

"Manipulative and all that, but… eh. I'd take it as fun, see if she can't handle it," says Violet. Violet was comfortable handling the many different conversation threads at once - she almost seemed to be in her element, actually, smiling and laughing far more readily than she usually did.

"That actually sounds like an amazing use for the power, Anna," she says. "I'd have to like… pick up the car and carry it into town, and that would just look weird, right?"

Kaylee smirks at Schuyler. "Yeah, but she might not get a kick out of a bunch of older girls coming to play dress up with her brother," she teases, grinning impishly. "Might make her WANT to be a little overprotective," she adds. When Violet opens up and laughs, smiling, Kaylee can't help but likewise smirk smugly. And Violet may or may not see a hand sneaking to poke her in the side with just a finger, not a hard poke, just a little indicator for something unspoken. But, charging the car battery? That IS pretty awesome! "Can you charge cell phones if they run out of power!?" Kaylee asks, because THAT would be incredibly helpful, since Kaylee almost ALWAYS forgets to put her cell phone on the charger at night.

«Sky. And my sister would know. There's no hiding things from her,» not that he's found yet. It's probably going to be impossible, much to his chagrin. «Why did you put a net on a girl?» he does seem marginally impressed that she managed to jump a car battery. Back to his sister, «She's all preppy and stuff, so I figured the eyeliner would be a fun surprise.»
There's a sharp look up at Kaylee when she offers her thought, «What?» Dress up? What are they thinking about him!

"Uh…yeah, I guess. But I -might- fry it, too." Kaylee is thus duly warned, even as Anabel nods. To Sky, she thinks, «I'm just going to be a walking battery now, aren't I?» with a soft sigh. Then his question has her shifting slightly in her seat. "It was at the concert - folks seemed to want to get to her and take her away. Koa and Kaylee and some others I recognised were trying to stop it, so…I helped." And thats what she's calling it.

"THAT'S WHERE I SAW YOU, NOT AT THE…" Vi was pointing at Ana, with that shouting a bit. But she pauses a moment, clearing her throat. "I didn't see you at the beach, right," she says, taking a big bite of chicken salad after. A moment, and Vi coughs, and looks to Kaylee. She got her mid-bite.
"You missed a battle of the bands thing," says Vi to Schuyler. "One of our classmates won it - Tabitha. But she's like… a secret superweapon or something, so there's all these weird guys trying to kidnap her constantly," she says, kinda waggling a hand.
"She's explained it a few times, Kay knows more, prolly. I just punch when they show up, yanno?" she says.

Schuyler's sudden apprehension makes Kaylee giggle more, grinning at him. "Oh yeah, we're totally gonna help you with your makeup! And maybe some other small things that you could totally pull off if you tried," she teases, laughing. But, then she comes clean. "No, I'm just teasing. I can't really put on makeup, myself, so that's all Violet. … although … I guess it wouldn't be so hard to put it on someone ELSE …," Kaylee muses, tapping her lips with her index finger.
When Anabel points out that she might also fry her cell phone, Kaylee glowers and reconsiders. "Oh. Okay. Well, that's okay. I just though it'd be pretty awesome if you could. Cuz … you know … charge on the go and stuff," she says, shrugging her shoulders. She totally doesn't pick up anything that Anabel thinks to Schuyler, though Schuyler can probably tell that is EXACTLY what Kaylee had been thinking: her own, personal, walking electronic device power supply. Shucks.
But then Violet is claiming that she knows more and Kaylee blinks, pushing her hair out of her face again. "… I don't really know much more than was in the news," she offers, shrugging her shoulders. "But … I THINK she should be pretty safe, now, since we captured the two most important in the group. Well, except for the one that Gabby dropped in the ocean." And that thought makes Kaylee snicker again.

«I dunno…but they seem to think it's cool?» is thought to Anabel as Sky takes a few more bites of his lunch. Sky does shrug though when the battle of the band is mentioned. «I have to be in the right mood for that stuff,» he admits. He does nearly choke on his lunch though as Kaylee goes on about makeup. «You know what..uhh…forget it. I'll…deal. I have enough black…it'll have to do. Not that I don't mind the visit, but yeah. No dressing up.» And now he's going to get one interesting reputation before school has even begun!

A little sympathetic look from Vi to Sky, and she clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, grinning. "My roommate," she says. "Although I've been just as bad tonight - we're making a terrible first impression, huh?" she says.
To Anabel, her glance goes to last. "Try the chicken salad! It's /epic/," she says.

Kaylee glowers when Schuyler changes his mind. "Hey! I said I was teasing. We totally wouldn't do that to you, Schuyler. I promise," she says, totally serious and obviously quite sorry her teasing was taken over the top. "And Violet is absolutely amazing with makeup, so you should totally let her help you. Or, at least let her give you some pointers, if you want?" she offers, looking back and forth between Schuyler and Violet. She sighs a little and sits back, shrugging her shoulders. "I was just plaaaaying," she whines, since now everybody is scolding her!

«It's Sky,» the teenage boy repeats even as he stands up to clear his tray. «Just forget about the makeup. Thanks for the offer though.» He's trying to be nonchalant! Really! He still needs some practice at it, however, and it might come off a little more grumpily than he might intend. «See you all around, I guess…»
At least they didn't freak out with the telepathy! It's a start.

Schuyler leaves, heading towards the Administration Hub [AH].

Jacob doesn't exactly freak out, but he does shoot Schuyler a curious look as they pass by one another. You can know that telepathy is a a thing and still be caught off guard by it. A couple blinks, then he recovers and heads over to pick up a tray for himself, waving to the others that he recognizes.

Anabel is seated a a table with Vi and Kay, Sky having just gotten up and left. She's in the process of pushing back her chair. "Chicken salad's good, eh?" she returns to Vi as she tuns to head off and collect a plate. The line isn't too long, thnkfuly.

"Hey, Jake - welcome to the chicken salad extravaganza," says Vi, kinda gesturing with a hand as she waves him over. Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she glances towards Anabel. "Cross my heart and hope to croak," she says, crossing her heart with one fingertip.

"I don't think he's gonna wanna get eyeliner tips from me anymore," remarks Vi to Kaylee, crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue at the other young woman.

Kaylee couldn't possibly glower any more than she does when Schuyler abandons them and flees in abject terror. "Sorrrry!" she calls after him. But alas, the damage is done. She sighs, but then Violet makes a face at her and she can't help but giggle at least a LITTLE bit. And there's Jacob! "Hi, Jakey!" she says, and while the wave is somewhat subdued by her current bit of remorse, it's still more animated than most would offer. "And the pasta salad isn't bad, either!" she offers to the folks about to get food. And she would know, since hers is all but gone!

Anabel is off getting food. Leaving the others to chat for a few minutes.

Jacob shoots a thumbs up to Violet and Kaylee alike. "Chicken and pasta it is," he agrees. Well, close enough. "Long day?" he adds, glancing over toward Anabel.

Violet had, at one point in history, a huge huge helping of chicken salad stacked upon her plate. And right now, said pile was nearing the end of its life, Vi kinda pushing it around with her fork as she glances up towards Kaylee. "So. Uh. How's life, Kay to the Lee?" she says. "I know I see you every day, but… yeah," she says, tossing her hair over her shoulder a bit.

Kaylee laughs at Violet's question, grinning. "I think I've already told you about as much as I can about how my life has been going. Pretty much EVERYBODY has told me how wound up I've been since after our beach party. I still can't believe you fell asleep!" she says, playfully swatting at her roommate. "But other than that, and Mabel still trying to suggest I shouldn't be single, I don't think there's anything else I could really tell you," she says. Then, she grins and nods in Violet's direction. "How's YOUR life?" she asks. "You never did tell me who you were hoping to see at the beach, after all." And then the last of her pasta salad is chewed on.

Anabel accepts te plate of chicken salad, along with a serving of toast. That accomplished she moves to return to the table she'd left moments before. "You're right, Vi…the chicken salad does look good." She pauses though as she hears the conversation, and glances briefly oer her shoulder. "Maybe I should go eat in my room…" She hates to interrupt.

"And Mabel's right, too," Jacob chimes in, plate in hand, "you shouldn't be. So c'mon, who's on the radar? Got to be somebody by now, right?" He's probably going to get swatted for this.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out, Jake," says Vi, glancing with a roguish smile between him and Kaylee. Anabell, however - she lifts a hand, waving farewell to her, "Hey - nice to meet you, Ana. Let's hang out sometime, you seem cool," a beat, and her impish grin returns. "At least, I feel a ~spark~ of friendship," she teases.
A beat. "But I welcome you, anytime, to just sit and talk, promise. You're cool, serious," she says, sounding legit honest about that.
"My life is going. It's a little calm here with no classes and shit, but… I like it. I feel like I can get a chance to just take a breath, you know?" she says. "How's Tabby Tabs and you, Jake?" she asks, glancing back to the last.

Anabel gets a confused blink, but then a wave as she starts to leave. "Well, you don't have to go, Annie, but …," it's not up to Kaylee. And then Jake suggesting she not be single, either, and Kaylee gapes at him. It's HER job to meddle in OTHER people's relationships! She's just about to protest when Violet steps in for her. This shuts her up right away and she just blinks at Violet, very confused. She's about to say more when Violet makes the pun about friendship with Anabel, which instead makes her giggle again, face scrunching up as she laughs. "Oh my gosh, those puns are SO bad, Violet!" She then adds to her sentiment, "But yeah, Annie! Anytime you wanna talk! To either of us!"
Once Violet turns the conversation back to relationships, Kaylee spits her with a look again, but doesn't say anything. She can needle her for details later, when they're in their room, because then she won't miss out on other gossip! But the question about Tabs and Jake is definitely an important one, so Kaylee turns her attention back to Jake.

Anabel takes Vi's answer to mean that, yup, she's interrupting, despite Kaylee's reassurance to the opposite. Best leave the two to their chatter. "Course, Vi…any time!" With a general wave that includes Jacob, Ana turns to move off to collect a to go container for her meal.

The whole Jacob and Tabitha thing? Yeah, that's a good question sometimes. It's often a good question to Jacob himself, and he's /in/ the relationship. The silly grin on his face suggests good things, though. "Well, you know," he says out loud, "she's been super busy with the whole band contest thing, and then /after/ the contest. And I've been busy trying to wade through the Scottish Play. But, yeah, it's going."

"I know,' says Vi. "What's this about a Scottish play?" she inquires - kinda turning her eyes back towards Kaylee - mirroring the goofy smile on Jacob's face. "I'm a pun-isher, I guess, at times,' she says, opening her arms wide and giving a wry shrug. "You're a goofball," she chides the glowbug.

"Ohmygosh," Kaylee says, smacking her forehead with her hand and shaking her head, giggling at Violet's … jokes. She smirks and makes a face at Violet. "Oh, you're so pun-ny," she retorts, sticking her tongue out. But, since Jacob and Tabitha has been glossed over, Kaylee looks back to Jake curiously as well. "Yeah, what Scottish play?"

"Oh, Macbeth," Jacob explains, in between bites of the chicken salad. Oh, huh, they really did do a good job with it. "There's some old story with theater casts, you're not supposed to say the name or it's bad luck or something."

"And now you just ruined the whole thing by speaking it out loud," says Vi, looking towards Jacob and clucking her tongue. "Nice, though - which part are you going to play?" she asks.

"… really? It's bad luck to say it? But … how else do you talk about it? Especially if you're IN the play? And why is it bad luck? What happens?" Kaylee asks, obviously confused.

<OOC: Scene faded at this point as people went to sleep>

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