(2016-06-19) Summer Lunchin'
Log Title: Summer Lunchin'
Summary: Everybody's gotta eat, right? … well, almost everybody!
Date: 2016-06-19
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Cafeteria Coral Springs
Sun Jun 19, 2016 — Sun Jun 19 2016

At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

It's been a few days since she arrived at the school, and since she was involved in the kerfuffle at the concert. Summer means the school is quiet, but that means there's not alot to distract herself with. Anabel is sitting by herself at one of the table, pushing her food around rather than really eating it. Her elbow rests on the table, her cheek in her hand as she stares at the dinner on her plate.

Mabel comes into the cafeteria, more out of habit than anything else. She doesn't really eat, considering, well, her odd nature. But sometimes she pretends to, if only to feel mildly normal. The curvy little metamorph has been mostly keeping to herself the past couple of months, after her roommate situation changed, but she's been slowly coming out of her shell, or at least trying to, and it seems that coming to the cafeteria will be part of that. She heads to the counter to see what's on offer that at least looks like it would be fun to push around the plate a while.

It must be dinner time! Becca is joining the line, picking up the tray and turning it in her hands. She stands on her toes a little to see whats on the line today.

Mmm, dinner! It's been a rather stellar weekend for Kaylee so far. Not only did she not get maimed, terrified, or otherwise negatively impacted by the fight at the concert, she'd actually been helpful! And then there was the fun that was had on the beach yesterday …. So far, even Sunday has been shaping up to be pretty nice! So Kaylee's in high spirits as she comes bouncing in to the cafeteria. Oh, man! There's a line? It's SUMMER! Not to be defeated, though, Kaylee just gets in line behind Mabel and Becca, waiting her turn for food. "Hey Becky! Hey Maybe! How's it going?" she asks, smiling brightly.

Ana had sort of hoped to be in and out before the main crowd - instead it seems she lingered too long and still hasn't finished her meal. Oops. Shifting, she drops her hand from her cheek and looks towards the growing line. Maybe she can sneak out…

Mabel looks up from getting some mac and cheese added to her plate, and gives a warm, if slightly shy, smile over to Kaylee when she calls to her. "Oh, hi Kaylee. I'm good, just, y'know. Food.", she says, lifting up her tray. "How're you? Wanna sit together?", she offers.

Since he had found himself on the school, not at his parents' place, Vinny has made his way into the cafeteria to grab a bit of something before heading back into town. Walking in, he looks around, noticing the people present and offering them some smiles. "Hey…" he comments to the others present as he moves into position to get some food.

Moving up in the line, Becca grabs things she can take with her. She waves to Kaylee and smiles shyly. Dinner rush! "Hi Kaylee. Nice to see you. Hey Vinny." She grins and starts to slide her way out of the cafeteria. It's so crowded up here!

Kaylee smiles back at Mabel and shrugs her shoulders. "Sure! Sounds good to me. Becky, wanna come with?" she asks. "Oh! And Becky, have you met Mabel? Mabel, this is Rebecca. She's way awesome," Kaylee begins making introductions, just for Rebecca to start heading out of the cafeteria, instead. She cants her head to the side for a second, but then grins and smirks. "Byeeee, Becky. Good luck!" she offers, instead, before turning to get her own food from the line. When Vinny comes in behind her, Kaylee turns and offers him a little wave, too.
Without her glasses on, she has to consider the offerings carefully for a few seconds, just to make sure she knows what she's getting. Then it's time to turn and find a seat. And oh, look! There's an Anabel! "Hey!" she calls out, waving to the other girl. "Maybe, we should go sit with Anabel! She's new, too!" And then, calling out to Anabel, "Hey, can we come sit with you?!" Yes, Kaylee's gotten WAY too much sun over the past couple days, it appears.

And there goes the chance of an easy escape. Anabel is half-way stood up when Kaylee sends her super-duper-chipper-greeting her way. She ends up lifting her hand and offering a wave in response before she sits back down. "Course," she calls back, putting forth a cheery smile. It can't hurt to socialize, right? She usually loves that sort of thing. "Lots of seats here," she agrees, nudging out a chair to emphasize her words.

Mabel waves hi and bye quick to Rebecca as she leaves, then nods, smiling warmly, to Kaylee as she follows along. "Sure, sounds like a good idea.", she agrees. Anabel gets offered another friendly little smile as she moves to take a chair. "Hi. I'm, uhm, I'm Mabel. It's nice to meet you, Anabel, right?", she asks.

"Hey…" Vinny offers to the departing Rebecca, blinking momentarily. Getting hold of some food, he offers a grin to Kaylee as well, and a nod and a smile to the other two. He pauses briefly, before he moves over in their general direction. "Room for one more?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

"Vinny, in case you haven't met them, this is Anabel, and this is Mabel," Kaylee introduces as she takes a seat herself. Or, sort of takes a seat. She's bouncing enough that it might be hard pressed to call it sitting. "Oh gosh, Anabel! I'm sorry you couldn't make it to our little beach party yesterday. It was so much fun. We'll have to make sure you make it to our next one," Kaylee says, smiling at Anabel before she starts messing with her food. "Except, I think maybe next time, we'll do it at night and in the dorms so nobody needs to leave."

Mabel gives Vinny a polite little smile hello, then nods at Anabel. "I think so? I don't.. really eat, so I'm not up here too often.", she says, then blinks at Kaylee, giggling a little at her obvious excitement, and blushing faintly. "Yeah, the beach party was.. fun."

Vinny smiles, as he moves to find himself a seat. "Hey. Nice to meet you two, I'm Vinny," he offers. Starting to eat, he comes to a pause after a few moments. "Wait, I missed a beach party?"

"I'm…not such a fan of water." Anabel admits with a faint pink tinge to her cheeks as she looks to Kaylee, and waves off the apology. Pushing her mostly untouched plate back, she slouches down in her seat an inch or two. "But maybe I could come and just hang out on the sand."

"Oh, yeah, totally. I don't swim, either," Kaylee says to Anabel, smiling. Then, she smirks at Vinny. "Oh, sorry, Vinny. Girls only, yesterday. But, I'm sure there'll be more times when we all go to hang out!" Kaylee doesn't have her glasses on, so she doesn't really notice Mabel blushing at all. "Yeah, it's too bad you and Sierra left so early, Mabel. I brought Twister, and there were snacks and stuff …. We wound up carrying SOOO much back to the dorms!"

Mabel blinks over at Anabel, as if suddenly discovering a kindred spirit. "Oh my god. I'm not a fan of water either! I've got, like.. a pretty serious phobia. I mean.. I've been trying to get better about it, and I sort of am, a little, but, it's instinctive because of my powers, and, well, anyway, I just went to hang out on the rocks and the sand, no way I could go swimming, so, you could come and hang out like that, I did and it was fun, and.. err..", she says, and ducks her head. "Err. Sorry. Blathering. I do that sometimes.", she says, blushing suddenly.. and deeper still when Kaylee mentions her leaving with Sierra. She smiles sheepishly. "Yeah, Sierra was worried about missing the ferry. Twister coulda been fun."

"Wait, none of you swim? Where's the fun in that?" Vinny says, before he shakes his head at Kaylee's words. "Ah…" he replies, looking a bit unsure of what to say now. So instead, he attacks his food. Like a… hungry dog, or something.

Anabel snickers faintly, though there's a moment of something less than amused in her gaze before it's gone. "Yeah, people likely wouldn't be fond of having me in the water, either." Leaning forward, she reaches for her drink before slumping back. Mabel's admission hs her pausing before taking a drink, however, looking surprised - she is still far from used to openly discussing powers. She tilts her head, "What, uh…what can you do?" And then she's shaking her head. "I -can- swim; loved it as a kid, but now…well, do you want a giant elecrical cord jumping in the pool with you?" she asks dryly of Vinny.

Kaylee glowers at Vinny and nods to Anabel. "Not all of us enjoy the water, Vinny. Where's the HARM in that?" she asks before taking a drink from her pop. She then looks to Mabel and grins impishly. "You guys were like THIS close from playing Twister before you left, anyway," she teases, laughing. "And I don't swim kinda because of my powers, too. You gotta close your eyes in the water, and when my eyes are closed, my powers kick in. Except, it's REALLY weird trying to see all the light under water. So, it's not that I COULDN'T go in the water. It's just incredibly disorienting for me. So, I don't," she shares.

Mabel gives Vinny another sheepish look as he talks about none of them swimming. She blinks at Kaylee's words about Twister, and again, that deep blush. "Kaylee!", she protests, embarrassed, but she smiles a little anyway. Looking back to Anabel, she says, "I'm a shapeshifter. A metamorph. But.. uhm.. my powers are because of what I am. Not, uhm.. not really, like.. human? I'm basically a walking, sentient, puddle.", she explains, and then, to demonstrate, she goes completely transparent- a perfect liquid watery version of herself. It only lasts a couple of seconds before the color and solidity comes back to her body and she looks normal once more. "Because of that, I can't really submerge myself in large amounts of water. I'd get, uhm.. diluted. And, err.. y'know. Probably die." Revealing her major weakness like that might not be the smartest idea, but then again, it might also help keep her from getting accidentally dunked into a swimming pool by a prankster who didn't know better, or the like.

"I didn't say there's harm in it, just that it loses a bit of the fun in life," Vinny points out, with a brief shrug, before he goes back to finishing his food. "Sorry…" (repose)

Kaylee blinks at Mabel's transitions, reaching into her pockets for her glasses. "Hey, wait, do that again?" she asks as she blinks a few times and then prepares to watch Mabel. Vinny's response has her shrugging her shoulders, though. "Well, it's not fun for me, so I don't feel like it's a loss. Besides, I'm pretty fun, even without swimming," she says, winking playfully. But then her attention is back on Mabel, so she can see what she missed!

Mabel shivers at the sight of Anabel's power. "… ooh. Yeah. No. Not a fan of electricity either.", she admits, sighing. "Alex had electrical powers, before she left. But she was always nice and never used them on me.", she says, then looks back up. "Alex was my roommate and best friend, but, she left the school a couple months ago.", she says, with a sigh, then shakes her head, trying to cheer up again. "Anyway! Yeah. That's why I don't swim. The whole 'certain death' thing." She blinks back at Kaylee, and smiles shyly. "Oh! Oh, sure, I can..", she says, and repeats the little party trick, going fully transparent liquid for a few seconds before shifting back to solid flesh. "…ta-dah?"

"That's quite true," Vinny offers, with a grin to Kaylee. After a few moments, he lets out a few words in Spanish, before he grimaces. "Sorry. Just remembered I had promised to meet my dad, and lost track of time." A brief pause, before he adds, "I'll see you three later." And with that, he gets up, to hurry out of the room.

Lumbering Koa lumbers in, dressed in a Hawaiian (ha, ha) shirt, shorts and no shoes. For once, he isn't carrying any edible food source, but that's probably because he's just coming into the cafeteria for exactly that. He's on a cellphone though, talking in presumably Hawaiian in something of a whiney tone. He even looks unhappy, frowning and looking generally sad. Boo, hiss.

It is early evening, dinner time - the group is seated at one of the tabes together. Closing her hand and lowering it to her lap, Anabel bows her head slowly. "I'm sorry, Mabel - I won't shock you," she offers by way of promise and then waves Vinny. "Bye," she offers before shifting her focus back to see if there will be a second demonstration.

"Ooo! Neato!" Kaylee chirps, clapping a little. "I can kinda do that, too!" she says. She takes in a shapr breath and closes her eyes, and then poof! She (mostly) disappears! There's still a faint distortion around her outline as light gets displaced around her. But if you didn't know she was there, it would be highly effective! Kaylee only stays invisible for a couple seconds, though, before reverting to her grinning self. "Bye, Vinny!" she offers as he gets up to leave the table. And then there's Koa! Kaylee waves animatedly and is about to call out to the large boy, but she notices he's on his cell phone. Grimacing a little, she pulls her hand back down and watches him for a second, quirking an eyebrow. She's not used to seeing Koa doing much but smiling or eating. Or smiling AND eating. Or beating up bad guys. So this is a change. "You guys mind if I invite Koa to eat with us?" she asks Mabel and Anabel.

Mabel smiles brightly at Anabel. "I appreciate that.", she says, then looks to Kaylee as she does her trick. "Oh, wow! That's pretty cool.", she admits. A wave given to the departing Vinny, and then she looks at Koa as the big guy enters the room. She gives a little giggle and gives Kaylee a knowing look when she asks if they can invite him over. "Oh, definitely. I can go sit next to Anabel so he can sit next to you?", she offers, eyes bright.

"Sure," Anabel looks over in Koa's direction, and offers a brief wave as she does so. Her untouched meal is pushed a little further away, and she sets her drink back on the table. "It's still super strange to me, all this…talking and showing things openly."

Koa spots the gals gathered at the table, and starts to waddle over even BEFORE any invitation is given. He's still on the phone by the time he arrives at their table - he makes a pouty face and points to the phone with a finger. "My dad." He explains to the girls, before the phone goes back to his ear and he continues in English. "But it's the summer! I miss the surf, dad!"

Kaylee looks at Mabel and then rolls her eyes, shaking her head. "Oh hush, you," she says, sticking her tongue out briefly at Mabel. When Koa joins them at the table, Kaylee grins. "ALOHA, KOA'S DAAAD!" she shouts. Howevr, it seems like maybe it's a serious conversation, so she glowers and ducks her head afterwards. Oops? She looks over at Anabel and crooks an eyebrow. "… why is it strange? I mean, it's not like it's a secret that all of us have powers. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. So what's the point in keeping secrets?"

Mabel giggles brightly at Kaylee, amused, then gives Koa a shy little wave. She nods at Kaylee's explanation, and looks to Anabel. "And we're supposed to be working together, in teams and all that. We should all know as much as we can about one another's abilities so we know how to back each other up, right?"

Cringing at Kaylee's shout, on Koa's behalf, Anabel does her best to keep te conversation shifted and let Koa have some small amount of privacy for his pleading. "Here, yeah. But not at home. Where I came from, I mean. You don't go around announcing you can do stuff like us." She glances to Mabel, and nods. "I know, but it's a change and…I guess it'll take me more than a couple days to adjust." Nevemrind the fact that she joined immediaely in with the others using their abilities at the concert…

Koa doesn't seem to mind Kaylee's shouted greeting to his dad. In fact, it brings a smirk to his face. "Yes I know girls at the school… so for real? I can't come home for the summer?" He continues on the phone. "A'ight, fine. I'll just… build a raft or sumthin'!" Beat. "Yah, yah. Laters." Hanging up his phone, Koa finally glances at each of the girls present. "How come yo not eatin'?"

Kaylee blinks at Anabel, then nods to what Mabel says. "Plus, some of us are better with our powers than others. I didn't even know I could disappear like that, until Daxton made me really uncomfortable one time!" she says, smiling. "I mean, if you don't WANT to tell people, it's not like we're gonna hold you down and tickle it out of you. But … there's also no big reason to keep it a secret, either, yeah?"
Then, the phone call is ended and the Big Kahuna is asking silly questions! Kaylee laughs at Koa and holds up her fork, then points at the half-eaten plate of food in front of her. "We ARE eating, Koa! We're just smaller, so it takes us more bites than you," she ays, grinning. "How was your dad? Is he having a good Father's Day?" she asks.

"Well, I don't really eat, so..", Mabel, says, and smiles up at Koa, sliding her tray over to him. "It's yours if you want it?" She looks back to Anabel. "But, yeah, I get you. I mean, in my case.. I'm lab-grown. So.. I've been aware of my powers all this time, and.. well..", she says, and shrugs. "The people I was around talked about them all the time, to study me. I actually had to learn to not be so open with them when I was in public around normal people."

"I lived on army bases. Freak accident, and then my parents didn't want the army to find out about me, so…" Anabel explains quietly to Kaylee and Mabel. It makes sense to Ana - maybe not to anyone else, but to her it does. "Hey, Koa." She nudges her plate towards him. "I'm not hungry." It's true - the meal is virtually untouched, other than being pushed around. And then she sits up straight. "Bugger, I need to go call my dad!" Seems she forgot the holiday.

Koa snorts to Kaylee's questions. "He's havin' a great Father's Day; he just saved like fifty thousand bucks not buyin' me a ticket to fly home for the summer." He takes another look at the table, and plops down in an empty seat uninvited. Who is he sitting next to? Regardless, he folds the big trunks that are his arms on the table, and leans down to peer at the plates. "I can totes eat all these in ten seconds. Like, SHAZAM!" He announces, along with an excited/surprised look when Mabel and Anabel both offer up their food. "Aww, yo all are like my besties." The big dude sniffles. There might even be a shimmer of a tear in his beady eyes.

Kaylee blinks at Mabel. "You were … what?" she asks, surprised. And then Anabel's getting up to leave and Kaylee's blinking in surprise. "Oh no, did you forget? Well, tell him I said hello!" she offers, grinning and waving at Anabel. Because her dad reeeeally needs to know that Kaylee said hi for some reason. But then Koa's taking all the plates and shedding tears of joy, and Kaylee giggles at him, shaking her head. "Koa, you big goof!" she says, reaching over to punch him lightly on the arm. Which he probably won't notice, as usual. "So … if you don't mind me asking, isn't that kind of a lot of money, just for flying back to Hawaii?"

Mabel's smile fades a little at the reminder that it's Father's Day, and she nods at Kaylee. "I was.. created. In a lab. So.. don't.. really have a dad, I guess? I mean, I have memories, but, it's complicated." She tends to say that a lot.. because it's true. Still, Koa's joy at being given food makes her smile a bit. "Well, like I said, I don't really eat, so, you can totally have my food anytime.", she offers.

Anabel reaches out just before rising, and lets several small shocks jump from her hands to the plates. "Might as well eat them hot," she offers to Koa with a grin. Straightening, she winks to the big boy before offering a wave to the table as a whole. "See ya!" And she's off.

Koa is now busying hogging all the plates, and picking through the various food items to stuff his face in. And it's totally true - Kaylee's punches are not just ignored, but probably unnoticed. A third of Anabel's fries are gone within two seconds, disappearing into that great maw of his. He does however nod distractedly to Kaylee's question. "Totes! A million bucks is lotsa money." He adds, then looks over at the departing Anabel. "Ciao!"

Mabel gets a sympathetic pout and Kaylee reaches out her other hand to gently rub Mabel's arm. "Well, we all come from different backgrounds. But you seem totally cool, even if you're origin story is kinda crazy. Like, it doesn't seem like it bothers you that much, and that's awesome," she says, trying to sound encouraging or something. Really, she just doesn't know how not to meddle, sometimes.
When Koa lays out the cost for him to fly home, Kaylee balks. "… but … why would it cost you a million dollars to fly home? I mean, airplane tickets aren't THAT expensive!" she exclaims. "And the school could probably help you out at least a LITTLE, couldn't they?"

Mabel blushes at Kaylee's words, but gives her a grateful smile. "I've had a little bit of time to sorta come to terms with it. Alex helped me a lot with it too, before.", she says, and smiles. "One of these days I'll sit down with you and give you the whole story, if you really want.", she offers, then blinks over to Koa. "You sure you're not exaggerating a little?"

Koa picks up a hash brown and bites it in half, and as he chews he looks between Kaylee and Mabel as if just hearing what they're talking about. "Wot?" He blinks. "Exaggeratin' wot? Oh the ticket? I dunno. Maybe it's a thousand bucks; it's just a lot of dollars!" He gulps down the hashbrown, then gestures at Mabel with the unfinished half of it. "Are yo tellin' yo origin stories? I got a good one!"

Kaylee smiles at Mabel and nods. "Sure, I'd love to hear it," she says. Ohhh, but then Koa's got a story. This is sure to be good. "Okay, King Koa. Go ahead and tell us," she says, grinning and settling in to eat her food, since she'll probably have time once he starts talking.

Mabel giggles a little. "Well, I was planning to sometime, maybe a little.", she tells Koa, and then nods her agreement with Kaylee, watching Koa encouragingly. "Yes, please, share."

Koa stuffs the remaining hash brown into his mouth and starts chewing. "Okay, okay. So one night I was sittin' in stately Wayne Manor, and a bat fly right through a window. I saw it and decided to dress up as a giant bat." He putters out a few spitballs of half-chewed hashbrowns as he speaks, then he starts making karate motions with his hands. "I was trained in kung fu to fight crime. The giant bat thing, cuz, cuz criminals are cowardly and superstitious lot."

"Ohhhhhhhh," Kaylee groans, facepalming and shaking her head. "Kooo-aaaa! You don't even NEED a costume. You turn into a bunch of rocks, you doofus!" she says. She picks up a roll and throws it at him playfully, since she wasn't gonna eat it anyway. "Oh my gosh, Koa. That was BAD," she adds, shaking her head. She smiles over at Mabel as she starts to get her tray in order, apparently ready to leave. "Maybe next time YOU can give your origin story. It's got to be better than Koa's," she says, winking.

Mabel laughs, groaning a little along with Kaylee, shaking her head at Koa as she too starts to rise. "Yeah. Definitely next time. I should get going, though.. but.. it was really nice meeting you, Koa."

The roll just bounces off Koa's big fat chest, and the Hawaiian snorts and chuckles. As the girls rise in preparation to leave, he lifts a big hand and salutes them both. "Ciao, homies! See yo all laters."

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