(2016-06-18) Beach Blanket ... Sorry!?
Beach Blanket … Sorry!?
Summary: The Summer Girls of Coral Springs (at least some of them) gather for a girl's day at the beach.
Date: IC Date: 2016-06-18
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Scene Runner: Violet and Kaylee

Shady Cove Beach Shady Cove
Sat Jun 18, 2016 — Sat Jun 18 2016

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.

Chewing on her lip, Violet surveys the area, eyes hidden behind a pair of thick sunglasses. It was the middle of the day, on a weekend, on a beautiful beach here at Coral Springs. With most of the 'schoolkids' home for the summer, most of the people here were from the town proper. But there were people of varying body type and otherwise - families - otherwise playing here.
So Vi was just a few minutes early, the beach wind playing with her hair. She wore a jet black bikini, sorta-modest and thick in cut, little silver skulls upon each cup of the bikini.
Letting her eyes track down to her side, she saw the supplies for this mission. A cooler. Towels - extra if some of the other girls needed 'em - sandals. A volleyball, but no net, borrowed from the gym at Coral Springs. Not that… volleyball would be fun with their differing powersets, but.
"Meh," she tells the ocean.

"Wait for meeee!" Kaylee calls, trailing after Violet with a bag full of absolutely non-essential stuff that she insisted they bring, just in case. Two of her favorite board games (Sorry and Trouble, if you were curious), Twister (because what party isn't more fun with people putting themselves in ridiculous positions?), a small stereo boombox, a dozen or so CDs that probably only Kaylee would really enjoy listening to, and a deflated beach ball. Because it's summer and it's the beach.
Catching up once Violet has stopped to survey the beach, Kaylee huffs a little, setting the bag down and pushing her hair out of her face. "Where should we set up? Remember, we gotta pick a spot where we can at least smooth the sand out in case we wanna play a game or Twister or something!" she offers, grinning. Kaylee's wearing a baseball tee and jean shorts and has her glasses in the on position at the moment.

After all the… excitement of yesterday, Tabitha was glad that she had the weekend to herself before this summer's next stretch of crazy. When a beach day was mentioned, she was reluctant because her face is plastered all over the place, especially in Shady Cove. Then she remembered that she doesn't have to wear her /current/ face. So she's wearing herself in partial pre-surgery colors… her hair looks longer and is a light strawberry blonde and her eyes have been covered over in a deep blue appearance. That should be enough to allow her to remain annonymous enough.
She's wearing the same black bikini she wore to the end of the year beach party, with a long dark blue t-shirt worn over. She's also got a huge sun hat on her head. She's carrying her towel and a small waterproof bag with her diving gear… snorkel, flippers, etc. She's also got a few bottles of what she's calling her 'blackdrink', except this version has been put together by the Coral Springs doctors in a mixable powder based on her description of its contents.
She grins at Violet's 'meh', then nods to Kaylee's idea of a desirable location. "There's some good sand down by that arrow shaped headland the fliers used as a nav marker for the school."

Turning a bit in place, there was a wryness on Vi's features as she looks at Kaylee. "Oh, wow, Kay to the Lee - where did you dig this stuff up? I just sync my phone to stuff, but we can kick it back to the 90's, I'm down," says Violet, picking up the boombox from Kaylee, holding it up - with a delighted little sound.
"Nice," she says. "Is this yours?" A beat. "Hey, if you want a soda pop or a beer, there's plenty in the cooler, by the way," she says. There was plenty of pop, and water too. There was no beer, not that Vi would let on unless someone checked.

"Board games on the beach, too? That's a great idea, let's…" a beat, as Tabby comes in. "Hey, that sounds good to you too, Kay? Let's go that way - Tabs, can you carry the cooler? I don't have enough handsssss," she whines, a bit, holding everything.
"And how you been? Been okay after…" she asks, her eyes flickering over Tabby's expression behind her glasses.

"What? Back to the 90s?" Kaylee asks, blinking and quite confuzzled. She looks between Violet and Tabitha, waiting for one of them to explain. But, when Violet moves on without an explanation, Kaylee just eeps a little and falls in with her. "Yes, it's mine. I keep it up in the closet becaus you already have a stereo down and there's no sense in both of us having a stereo out!" Kaylee offers, smiling when Violet takes the unit from her.
And then Violet has to go and say a thing like that! "VIOLET! You didn't!?" she gapes, stopping dead in her tracks to stare at her roommate. "Violet, if you went and stole beer, I am going to … to … to …," she trails off, unable to come up with any sort of punishment she could actually inflict on her older, stronger, sturdier roommate. "I am not going to be very happy!" she settles on. The conversation about location is moot to Kaylee, at this point, until the alcohol gets sorted out.

Tabitha laughs at Kaylee's reaction to the beer comment. "Do you really think Vi would do such a thing, KayKay?" She does go to the cooler though and opens the lid to peek inside before picking it up. When she looks into the cooler she gets an expression of absolute shock. She looks from the cooler to Violet and back to the cooler, totally letting Kaylee draw her own conclusions until she pulls out a bottle, "Cherry Limeaid? How did you find this, I've looked everywhere around here!"
Then she grins, tosses the bottle back inside and picks up the cooler. Violet's question gets a shrug as she balances the cooler on her hip. "I'm… processing. Thunder Bay PD and the FBI kept me up most of the night once the concert was over." Because despite the occurance at the VIP meet and greet, the show did go on. "I just got home around sunrise, and I'm sure they'll want me back in again sometime."

"CD's, Kaylee. CD's," says Vi, with a little bit of a laugh. A bit of a grin tugs up the edges of her lips. Kaylee does that thing to her, and Violet gasps back at her. "KAYLEE! I /did/!" she says, but not quite able to keep the smile from flickering on her face. "Didn't I already say I'm basically a supervillain once?" she says.
Of course, once Tabitha checks and pulls out that bottle - Vi shoots a wink of solidarity to Tabs, but laughs as the limeaid is revealed. "I just grabbed all the cheap stuff at the Kwikee Mart in town. It must be fate, Tabitha," she says, letting her eyes track forward again as she starts the procession towards The Spot.
"Sounds rough, though - what happened there, anyways? They all your old… friends?" she asks.

Kaylee flails with the one arm that is now free, having had the boombox taken over by Violet. "Violeeeeeeet!" she whines! "You're NOT a supervillain! You're a good guy!" she argues. And then the limeaid is revealed. Kaylee blinks, and then glowers, turning quite red in embarassment. "Please tell me you didn't STEAL any of it, though, right?" she asks, quietly. But, she plods along after the other girls, pouting a little for being teased. If only she weren't such an easy target!

Tabitha walks slow enough for Kaylee to catch up, both because she doesn't want to make carrying the cooler look too easy (so many civvies around) and because she aims a hip-bump Kaylee's way once they're next to each other. "There's nothing wrong with expanding your musical horizons, Violet. We should give Kaylee's collection a listen." As they get closer to The Spot, which is an area of beach worn into the native stone that would be a tidal pool if the 'pool' area wasn't full of fine sand. If it were closer to the main beach it'd be the first place people would snag.
She shrugs at the question from Violet, "That's… a loaded question. The DJ and the ones that started out as statues, they're all new to me. Must be the new generation. But the other two were Adam and Eve. If you can't tell, there's a theme to our names."

Violet, of course, who couldn't defend herself from the mad flailings of wild Kaylee's. So she kinda shifts, hoping to ward such beatings off with the boombox proper. The question that Kaylee posits to her, though, causes her to purse her lips. "I didn't steal any of this, Kaylee," says Violet. "Not sure why you'd even ask that," she says.
A handful of moments more, and she glances towards Tabitha.
"I know Adam and Eve are from the Bible. And someone told me Lilith was too, or something. I think it was Kaylee, so. Someone thinks they're starting a New… New Testament with you guys? Or you're a buncha angels or demons?" she says, lowering the stuff as they reach The Spot, setting it neatly upon the ground.

Kaylee blinks and then ducks her head a little, obviously feeling bad because of Violet's reaction. "Well, I … I mean, you … it's just …," she tries to explain. But, then she just stops and hangs her head. "I'm sorry, Violet."
At the mention of Adam and Even and Lilith, Kaylee glowers and tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Well, Lilith was actually before Eve, and she's really not in either testament, except for like two lines. She's mostly in the Gnostic stuff," she murmurs quietly.

Tabitha sets the cooler down at the edge of the sand filled depression in the rock. "Pick a patch of earth, ladies. This is prime real estate." She spreads her own towel out on the sand, then gives the side of the stone headland a little love tap to knock some rocks loose. She uses four of them to weigh her towel down, then piles the rest up next to the cooler for the others while Violet and Kaylee discuss biblical matters. She takes off her sun hat and t-shirt before rejoining the conversation.
"The man I used to call Father had a lot of very detailed and convoluted plans involving ways to save the world an humanity from an approaching war. His plan was to create a new species… 'Made in man's image as man was made in God's'… That's what he would always say about us."
Kaylee's comment about Lilith and her mythical origins. "Exactly. And like her, I was his first." This fact seems to make her uncomfortable, she even blushes when she says it, but she shifts her attention to taking out her dive gear.

"No, Kay, it's cool," says Violet, with a smile. The tone was a little bit subdued, though. A handful of moments more, and Violet releases a bit of a sigh. "Yeah? Believe it or not, I didn't go to much Sunday school, so little details like that…" Violet lets that slide until Tabitha expounds. Violet purses her lips.
Pulling one of the towels out, she snaps it open and lays it on the sand, using a spare one, rolled up, as kinda a pillow. Violet didn't tan so much, believe it or not, even if she didn't quite know it yet.
"So. We came here to hang out, boywatch - or girlwatch, I don't judge," says Vi, with a wry look to her face. "Play games, and chill," she says. With that said, she kinda flops down on her towel, and rolls over onto her front, pulling her sunglasses to her forehead. "…with our cooler full of soda pop. So, uh… you guys wanna break out a board game?"

Kaylee watches Violet, frowning a little sadly, and sets the bag with the games down so she can go and hug Violet- until Violet plops down on her towel. So much for that idea! Kaylee stops, clasping her hands in front of her for a second, before she shrugs her shoulders and turns back for the games. "I only brought Trouble and Sorry because I left my other games back home. I mean, board games are kinda hard to pack," Kaylee says, squatting down and tucking her hair behidn her ears as she starts to slide them out. "We can save Twister until there's more people!" she adds, smiling. "Or … did you guys want to go swimming? You don't have to stay dry on my account!"

Tabitha is more than happy to move things away from herself and the less comfortable details of her entirely uncomfortable origins. When Kaylee gets sadface about missing her apology hug to Violet she steps over to offer herself as a substitute hugee. Once that's either done or not she grins down at Violet. "Hey, I'm an equal oportunity people watcher."
She shrugs about the board games, "Trouble could be a good diversion to start with. At least the dice are in a bubble, and so are less likely to wind up floating out to sea. I can wait through a game before I check out what the ocean looks like from this side of the bay."

Glancing up at Kaylee briefly, post-plop, Vi blinks up at her. "Oh, hey," she says, sitting up on her knees then, and beginning to lift one arm - glancing towards Tabitha as she offers her own hug to the other. A cant of her head to one side towards Tabitha, and likewise, Vi lets her hands drop.
"I think I agree with Tabitha," says Vi.
On the people watching thing, though? Vi just gives Tabby a grin. "Suit yourself, I got my eyes on just one prize, though," she says, but pauses. "Although my vote is for Sorry! You're gonna have to be the tiebreaker there," says Vi to Kay. "Besides. Give Gabby another hour or two before we bail on her."

Well, Kaylee had her glasses on and had turned to dig into the bag with the games on it, so she didn't see EITHER person move to offer her a hug. She also needed the moment to chase the pout away. She starts getting out Trouble, at Tabitha's suggestion. But then Violet is suggesting Sorry, so she stops and begins to get that one out. She's rather oblivious to the comments about people watching, since 'watching' is certainly not one of her strongsuits. But then Violet is suggesting that SHE pick and she blinks. "Well … I mean, Tabby's right, Trouble's dice are in a bubble. But … Sorry is good, too," she says, biting her bottom lip. Then she shrugs her shoulders and sets both games down, moving to plop down on the ground. "Well, Trouble is more fun when there's more people, so we could play Sorry now and Trouble later? Or we could just wait to play either until more people show up?"

"Sorry it is, then. We can save Twister for when Gabrielle is here. So she can man the spinner." Because if there's one thing that Tabitha will not subject herself to, it's being schooled in Twister by a girl who can probably wrap herself around all cometition like a pretzel. She also exchanges a wry look with Violet about Kaylee's current narrow field of vision, then reaches into the cooler for a bottle of the cherry limeaid. She also grabs a packet of her 'blackdrink' powder then sits down on her towel with her legs folded in lotus position. "I wanna be blue. Blue is best when blue is me!" She opens her drink and takes a swig to make room, then mixes in the powder and gives it a shake. "High card draw to see who goes first?"

"I get rockstar red," pipes in Vi, casting a wink Tabitha's way at that little wry look sent her way. Vi Totes McGoats goes for a rootbeer. "It's okay. We won't lose the dice, Kay to the Lee, cross my heart and hope to die. And if we do… I'll text Dax or something to go get us more," she states. "And he'll be thrilled to do that," she says.
Okay, Vi was going to plop onto her front now. Drawing her card, she holds it secretly to her chest, taking only a sly glance at it. Once she sees it, she gives the other two a confident little grin. Poker face.

Well, Red was closest to Pink, which was Kaylee's favorite color, but … Vi took that. And Tabby already called blue … so Kaylee glowers a little and says, "I'll take yellow." And then she gets the board out and starts setting it up in the middle of the girls. But wait, there's root beer!? "Oh! You brought ROOT beer? Oh my gosh, why would you-! … oh gosh, you're so bad, Violet!" Kaylee says, laughing and assuming that the earlier comments about beer and such had just been a fun game of making Kaylee overreact. As usual. She makes a face at Violet, throwing a little sand lump in her direction- neither hard nor in any way likely to hit her. "And yes, can I have one too, please?" Since it happens to be her all time favorite kind of pop, next to Birch Beer, which is truly Heaven distilled in liquid form. "Okay! Who's first?" she asks, sitting on her haunches and bouncing. Because Kaylee actually loves playing board games, so this is pretty great for her.

Tabitha also draws her card and holds it face down until all three of them have drawn. She also give Kaylee an impish grin when she 'has' to pick yellow. "So you're the Promethean in this game." Once they all have their cards, she flips hers over and it's a 'move ahead 5'. She gives a small squee when hers is the highest and sets her pieces up. "So who is your 'one target', Miss Violet? Is there someone in particular you're hoping to get to gander here at the beach?" And then Kaylee is going ga-ga over the root bear and she just shakes her head. "You're just a bit strange. Root beer is tasty and all, but…" she just shakes her head and leaves it at that.

"I brought beer, didn't I?" says Violet with a wryness, popping the lid on it with no apparent problem at all, and taking a long drag of the same. Holding her root beer high so as to avoid it getting hit with sand, she kinda draws her legs under herself, and rises to a sit. "I got a four, so I'm obviously going first," says Violet, flipping her card forward.
Looking towards Kaylee, Vi crosses her eyes, and sticks out her tongue.
"You're Prometheus yellow, right - and I'm Ares red. Cool and headstrong," she says, waggling her piece at Tabitha, before setting it on the start space. At that direct question, Violet chokes on her root beer mid-sip, glancing towards Tabitha. "We're not playing Truth or Dare, Tabs. I don't gotta say nothin'," she says, flipping over a card, and moving ahead that many spaces.

Kaylee looks down at her pieces, which are indeed yellow, like her team's color, and that cheers her up about it quite a bit! "Oh! Yeah, huh? Okay!" she agrees, much more content with her color selection now. And then Violet is sticking her tongue out instead of getting Kaylee a root beer, so she just rolls her eyes and laughs, getting up and getting it herself. Settling back down, she watches as Tabby and Violet make their move. But since she got a 2, she gets to move a pawn out, as well, and does so! But, then they're talking about targets, and getting a gander, and Kaylee just looks confused, glancing back and forth between the two. "… should we have invited somebody else?" she offers.

Tabitha shakes her head at Violet, "No, you're Athenian red. Ares is blue. But I don't hold that against my favorite color." Then she starts to nuzzle and kiss her pieces, "Oh, no I don't! Mommy loves her blue boys!" And yes, she's saying this in a cutesy cat lady voice. She draws her next card and hrumphs as she has to skip her turn again this time. She swirls her drink around to keep the added bits from settling, then takes a long drink while the other two are taking their turns. Kaylee's question gets a shrug, "Pretty much all the double-x types still around for the summer got invited, as far as I know." She eeps as the breeze picks up a bit, using her aura to hold the card piles while she snags a couple of the smaller rocks to hold them down.

"Oops. I don't really pay attention to that Harry Potter stuff, all told," says Violet with a laugh. "Only reason I know about Prometheus gold is that they decorate our dorm room all over with it. Never quite went into the other dorms," she says with a grin. Kaylee has that last little question asked her way, and Vi gives her a glance - before she slyly looks towards Tabitha, and slyly looks out towards the ocean.
Before she slyly slides back in to whisper towards Kaylee. "…maaaaaybe. I'll never tell," she says in that whisper, grinning.
A handful of moments. "That's the trick. Most people are going home for the summer holidays," says Vi. "And Kaylee invited me to go hang with her and her parents, so… when they come by to pick us up, I'll be there to shock and make them reconsider their offer," she says with a grin, her nose crinkling.

Kaylee laughs at Tabby's murmuring to her game pieces, totally not noticing as Violet slides closer to her to whisper in her ear. it surprises her, of course, and she eeps and turns to look at Violet, blinking rapidly. "But … if I forgot somebody, we should call them or something! I … I THOUGHT I asked everybody!" she glowers, looking up into the sky as she tries once again to recollect anybody she might have missed. But then Violet is saying her parents might reconsider their offer, which just makes her roll her eyes again. "Oh no, they wouldn't. My parents are AWESOME. And they're totally okay with you coming. As long as you smoke outside," she adds, glancing at Violet sideways. Yup! She told her parents!

Tabitha doesn't have to act oblivious to the whispers and glances, because she actually is for once. Her attentions are focused more on the board, finishing her limeaid/blackdrink mix (all the vitamins and raw minerals a growing body needs!), and watching the ocean. She does smile with a nod at the mention of Violet visiting Kaylee's family over the summer. "I'm sure that'll be fun. Maybe you can find the origins of 'oh gosh' amidst her family tree."

"They're even okay with me smoking? Will your dad buy the smokes?" she says, sounding unnaturally happy about that fact. A beat, and Violet pauses, coughing into her hand. "Yeah… sorry," she says. A handful of moments, and she breathes out. "You didn't forget anyone - and if it turns out someone fell through the cracks, we'll take 'em out someplace special. Or you will. One on one, right? Make up for it with something more special than Sorry on the beach," she says.
Glancing towards Tabitha, Violet laughs, "I think somewhere in the fifties. Kaylee's great great great grandmother was the one who invented Golly Gee Gosh," she says, grinning roguishly.

Kaylee laughs and makes a face at Violet. "NO, he's not gonna BUY you smokes. I told him I was helping you quit," she says, grinning impishly. And then she cants her head to the side a little, moving another of her pieces forward. "Me? Why would we go one-on-one? This was supposed to be a girls night," she says, sounding confused. And then she frowns a little, looking down at the board. "If … if you didn't wanna play Sorry, we didn't have to, Violet …."
And then they're teasing her about the oh gosh thing and she just turns red. "Oh …," she almost says it, but doesn't! "Like you guys don't ever say anything like that! 'Totes McGoats?'" she teases back, sticking her tongue out at Violet. "Whoever heard of a McGoat?"

Tabitha makes her move on the board while the other two talk of summer plans and the origin of funky word choices. "Hey, don't look at me! My vocabulary is entirely free of such frivolities." As if 'frivolities' is a word anyone's used since Victorian times. But she does sit up a bit straighter. "Well I'm having fun just being out with you two again."

"I mean… I… dunno," says Vi. "You know, to make up for it, if they miss out. Most people, when they feel they miss out," says Vi, "Is because they don't feel special, you know?" she says. A handful of moments more, and she kinda breathes out a long sound. "So you make 'em feel special. Part of the group, and all," she adds. "It's special, Kay to the Lee, please, I didn't mean it that way. What's special to me right here, right now - is that we're here, right here, right now - you, me, and Tabby three. We're doing Sorry, and we're talking, and… this sort of thing? You can't buy it anywhere," she says.
"Hey, Kay. It's okay, I'm just talkin'," she says.
"Like the holy Totes McGoats - don't talk bad about the goat," she says, with a laugh. "Frivolities, milady?" says Vi to Tabitha. "What does that even /mean/?"

"It means frivolous things, or things that are extraneous or unnecessary," Kaylee explains. Why in the world Kaylee knows things like this, nobody knows. But she does! And then Kaylee cants her head to the side, looking at Violet and how serious she's gotten, blinking. "What's gotten INTO you, Violet? You're … acting … I dunno," she says. She looks back and forth between Tabitha and Violet as they play Sorry in a more secluded part of the beach. "Look, Violet," she offers, reaching out to touch her shoulder. "Let's just have fun, okay? That's what we came here to do, right? So … let's do it!" And she smiles as reassuringly as she can.

Sierra has been back in Mexico visiting her family - they certainly couldn't afford to come here - and has recently got back to discover there was a beach party. Normally sand is not her thing. She can turn into fire underwater but sand…sand really knocks her about. Not that anyone else knows that. Not even the girl she is with as they head towards the already partying trio. Sierra and Mabel hand in hand and towels over their shoulders. "Hey!" the Latina calls out, waving while doing her best not to look down at the sand beneath her feet.

Mabel squeezes Sierra's hand as she walks beside her, seeming relatively cheerful… even if she does eye the ocean over there rather carefully. Sierra's afraid of sand, Mabel's afraid of water, what are either of them doing at the beach? Mabel herself hasn't been seen much of late- her roommate and near-constant companion Alex recently left the school for some reason or other, and perhaps some expected that Mabel, who was practically Alex's pet, would have gone with her, but instead she stayed behind… though without her roommate she's mostly kept to herself. Might be that coming out here with Sierra is her trying to start integrating with the rest of the school more again.

Tabitha takes her turn by drawing a card and shifting her pieces around the board. "It's also used to describe things like parties. Which in this case I might decide needs something like me scooping up some ocean to dump on people's heads." She pauses a beat and then adds, "I'd protect the game, naturally." She says this in her 'serious but don't take me seriously' voice.
The three of them are situated in a tidal basin off to one side of the beach, near an arrowhead shaped rock pointing out towards Coral Springs that Tabitha once told Sierra about as something school fliers use as a navigation landmark. They've got a cooler of drinks, a stereo, towels, and a board game set out between them (Sorry!). It's low tide so the ocean's a bit further away from their location than usual, and will be for some hours still.

Violet - bikini-clad, kinda stiffens a bit at the touch from Kaylee. "I dunno where my head's at. I guess I'm just kinda worried about some things, but as you say, Kaylee - let's have fun," she says, glancing towards Tabitha at her threat. A laugh. "Not my head! I'm not wearing a swimsuit to get /wet/ in it. It's all about the look," she says, tossing her hair over her shoulder.
"But speaking of party - looks like reinforcements have arrived. Hey hey, Mabel - Sierra. Thanks for coming to girls' night! We have soda pop and beer in the cooler!" she says, lifting a bottle of root beer and waggling it.
"Maybe we should start over - with trouble this time, now that we have so many."

"ROOT beer," Kaylee adds immediately, just so nobody ELSE is given the wrong idea. Mother hen, much? At the mention of not knowing where her head is at, Kaylee promptly pats Violet on the top of it. "Well, I'm pretty SURE it's right here," she teases. And then grins even more impishly. "Unless it's in the gutter. Are there any hotties I missed when we came in?" she asks, poking up her head and looking around. And here comes Sierra and Mabel! Kaylee turns and offers them one of her frenetic waves. "Hey guys! Welcome! Glad you came!"

Rocks! Thank goodness for that. Sierra almost leaps off the sand before helping Mabel up as well. A wave to those she knows before introducing herself. "Sierra. And this is Mabel." The Latina is in a simple t-shirt and shorts combo - no fancy swimsuits for her. The nuns at home would have apoplexy if she did. "Root beer sounds great" she smiles before finding a place to lay down her towel, sit down and make sure there's enough room for Mabel on the same one. "What are you playing? Ooh…I like the music." Sierra starts to groove a bit in her seated position.

"I'll take a pop?", Mabel asks, her voice shy but her smile warm as she climbs up with Sierra. "And.. uhm… hi.", she greets the others. When Sierra makes room for her, she blushes a bit, but her smile widens and she sits down close to Sierra, leaning a little against the other short girl, and giving a shy little giggle as Sierra starts to groove. She's dressed in cut-off jeans and a tank-top, no bathing suit- she doesn't swim. Because of reasons. The clothes aren't *supposed* to show off the curvy girl's, well, curves, but shaped as she is, she can't quite keep it from happening.

The music is, for better or worse, Pop and R&B. The CDs (yes, Kaylee still buys and keeps CDs) were mostly several collections of 'Now That's What I Call Music' CDs that have various popular artists on them. Which may or may not get her banned from playing music in her dorm room ever again. But, that's what she brought! Unless somebody else wanted to hook up an mp3 player to her little boombox. As the two new arrivals settle in, Kaylee starts putting away the Sorry! board game, since it was really just a pass time while they waited for others to show. Next, she moves over to the cooler to acquire beverages for the new arrivals. "Um, what would you like to drink, Mabel? Cola? Root beer? We have some lime-aid stuff, too. Cherry and … lime, I guess?" she asks, waiting so she can get them drinks.

Tabitha can't help it. When Violet makes the comment of not being in a bikini to get wet, she leans over and gives the metal goth sultry smile. "Don't worry, I'll get wet enough for both of us." Then she's waving hellos to Sierra and Mabel as they arrive and set their towel down. "Welcome, you two. Glad you could join us!" She stands up and snags another cherry limeaid out of the cooler, taking a moment to mix in another packet of her 'blackdrink' mix.
She looks over at the new arrivals, "I know better than to ask you, Mabes, but are you a swimmer Sierra? I've got some basic snorkeling gear if you want to borrow it. I was thinking about spending at least a bit of time in the water before the sun goes down."

"I did not live very near the beach" Sierra replies with a shrug, "But I do not have a problem with the water. Sand though…" A glare over at the substance in question before she suddenly squeals. "Oh I love this song!" She's reaching over to turn it up and then stand to get her proper groove on. "Come on, everyone. It's a party. Dance!" Sierra will quite happily drag Mabel to her feet. "I didn't bring a swimming costume though" she adds for Tabitha. "I do not own one."

"Oh, a cola would be nice-", Mabel starts to say, before she hears that sultry tease from Tabitha to Violet, and her eyes widen, blushing a bit once more. She relaxes a bit as Tabitha doesn't ask her to swim, giving the girl a grateful little smile. And then she 'eeep!'s as she's dragged to her feet to dance, looking embarrassed, but trying to move to match Sierra. She laughs shyly, shaking her head.

Kaylee just looks confused when Tabitha is leaning over talking about getting wet, since … you really CAN'T get wet enough for more than one person- once you're soaked, your soaked. The wheels spin for several seconds in Kaylees mind before she just shrugs and shakes her head, deciding more thought isn't going to puzzle that one out for her. But then Sierra is jumping up and dancing, and dragging Mabel with her, and Kaylee laughs and grins and watches … but doesn't participate. Nope nope nope! No way in the high heavens is she gonna get up and dance in front of anybody! She took ballet- NOT hip-hop. Definitely not the party-type of dancing from this girl! Though she will clap and cheer the others on, and even turn up the stereo for them!

Tabitha is kind enough not to offer any explanation of her comment to Violet to those who are confused. She just nods to Sierra's lack of swimsuit as she stands up. "Yeah, that can be a problem. At least here on a public beach." She puts some emphasis on the 'public' part. As for dancing… well, she avoids that because she's never learned how. She's the one that sings so others can dance, after all. Why would she worry about how to do it herself? So while the rest of the group is dancing to the music, she takes her leave for a while. "Be back. Gonna go see if it's really hotter under de water." The last bit is done in her best 'Sebastian' impression before she walks the short distance to the water and takes a 'flying' leap into the waves.

Sierra doesn't understand the innuendo either. She is an innocent…with two girlfriends. Maybe Mabel can tell her about it later. A sad wave to Tabitha as she dashes off for a swim. "I can do fire underwater" she offers, as if that would be help to finding out if its hotter under there. Not that she is sure what 'it' is. But then back to the dancing and if Kaylee thinks she is going to get away with sitting on her slim behind then she has another thing coming. "Dance" Sierra urges her with a smile. "Everyone dances at this school. It's good practice for all the flipping and rolling we do. C'mon…pretty girls should always be able to dance."

Don't ask Mabel how she figured out the innuendo. Maybe she's not as innocent as she looks. Or she's been searching for the wrong (or the right) things online during her time alone lately. Either way, while she's not nearly as good a dancer as Sierra, she's at least making the effort, and she gives Kaylee a slightly pleading look. "Please? Come dance so I'm not the only awkward one doing it?", she asks, and smiles.

Kaylee just blinks and watches Tabitha run off and dive into the water, waving a little and calling after her, "Have a nice swim!" She turns back to watch Sierra and Mabel and laughs again when Mabel pleads with her. "Oh my gosh, nuuuuuu! You're doing great! Besides, your dance floor doesn't have room for another," she excuses! "Oh! And I'm DJing!" she says, as they reach the end of the CD and she has to change them. Yes. That was the end. And noooobody else knows how to change CDs anymore, because they're so archaic and ancient.

"The whole world is a stage. You just have to make sure not to fall off" Sierra giggles, getting a bit pumped with all the dancing…she does love it so. "DJs dance too. How can you be a good DJ if you don't know what people are dancing to?" A pause while the CD is changed and Sierra takes the opportunity to give Mabel a hug…and a sweet kiss on the lips. "Do you have any slow dances, Kaylee?"

Mabel looks relieved to have a break from the dancing for a moment… before she's taken in Sierra's arms and kissed. The water-girl melts a little, metaphorically, anyway, as she returns it, and places her arms around Sierra's waist, clinging to her gently, clearly smitten. Even though she's blushing fiercely, especially at the slow-dance request.

Tabitha isn't gone for very long. She was just diving down to take her first quick dip of the summer now that the water is warm enough. She comes out of the water a bit more sedately than she entered, walking out in a manner that's almost pure Ursula Andress except for her bikini being black instead of white. And she's not wearing a knife at her waist. And she's a lot shorter. Okay, so the analogy isn't quite there, but she tried.
Not wanting to cause any problems for Mabel, she shakes off the excess water and wrings her hair out before walking back up the beach to rejoin everyong. She smiles at Sierra and Mabel before heading over to snag her towel and continue drying off. "Did I hear slow dance request?"

"Oh yeah, I can totally play a slow song," Kaylee offers, quickly scanning down the list of songs on the CD. Instead of naming something in particular, though, she just plays one of the more popular slow songs in recent memory, letting the dancers figure out who it is. But hopefully, it's just what Sierra was looking for! Kaylee's eyebrows go up at the kiss and she turns a little pink, quickly focusing back on the assorted CDs that are still stuffed in her backpack. Yup! So much to be distracted by in the bag!

"Hey, Tabitha, I thought you'd gone for the night" Sierra smiles to the other Ares, while cuddling Mabel close. "Yeah, I thought it was slow dance time. Interested?" A nod in Kaylee's direction and then the eyebrow message of 'you should ask her'. And when the slow music hits, on comes the slow dancing. Some people may just call it swaying slowly in approximate time with a non-existant beat but there is more to it than that!

Well, more to it than that for girls who can dance, like Sierra. For Mabel? She just sways slowly. But she's swaying slowly with Sierra, so she's pretty damn content. She glances over to Tabitha as the girl returns, and smiles, before leaning in closer to Sierra as they dance, just enjoying the closeness. Kaylee's blush and looking away earns an amused little giggle from Mabel.

"Oh, no, I'm good!" Kaylee says, smiling back up at Sierra. As Tabitha approaches again, Kaylee waves. "How was the water? You weren't swimming for very long," she says, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ears as she watches Tabitha approach. "You know, I'm a little surprised Becca never came … I totally thought she'd be here right away. She must be out not-dating Daxton," she says, smirking. "Gabby never came, either …," she trails off, tapping her lips as she thinks about who else is missing from the party.

Tabitha shakes her head, "Nah. Turns out the water is just barely warm enough to stand. Stupid laws of thermodynamics." She huffs theatrically, then continues drying off. When Kaylee starts wondering where people were she shrugs. "Well, Gabby might not have felt up to such a public appearance. No idea about Becca, though. When the slow music starts she does sway in place a bit by herself. She's got enouch body rhythm for that, at least.

All these people missing…though Sierra hasn't met most of them. And there's Tabitha all alone and wanting to dance. "Join us, Tabitha" the Latina smiles, stretching out one arm to offer a place with the slow dancers. Though it will probably look more like a huddle it's the thought that counts. "Is Becca still dating Daxton after all he did?" A shake of her head. Men. What are they good for, absolutely nothing…say it again.

Mabel blinks as Tabitha is invited to join them in the slow dance. She looks like she has no idea how that would even work, but, she's willing to back Sierra in this play, giving Tabitha an inviting smilee.

Kaylee clicks her tongue when Tabby says the water is too cold. "That sucks, I'm sorry," she says. And she nods to the bit about Gabby being shy- that seemed fairly possible, given what she knew about Gabby. But then Sierra mentions something about Daxton having done something, and Kaylee cants her head to the side, quite interested in THIS bit of gossip. "Wait … what did Daxton do?" she asks, taking her glasses off so she can give her eyes a rest for a little while.

Tabitha shrugs about the water being cold, "Eh. It's the North Atlantic. It's rarely warm enough." Then she's getting invited to join a three-way… dance. This seems to surprise her a bit, but more that the invitation was extended. She smiles a bit, then nods when it's clear that both of them are offering. "Sure. I'll be right over." She tosses her towel down and heads over to join the dance. She does pause a bit at the mention of Daxton. "What did Dax do?" The question doesn't stop her from joining the dance.

"Umm…didn't he date other girls or something? I think Felicia told me about it" Sierra answers about Daxton. She heard about it not long after arriving at the school months ago so the specifics are a bit blurry. Anyway, there's dancing to do! Three of them doing their best to sway to the music. The clumsiness and awkwardness causing a bit of the giggles in Sierra but they're all having fun!

"You're thinking of Derek, not Daxton. Derek is the wannaba player. Daxton is the speedster with eye contact issues." Tabitha sticks with the dance through a couple songs, enjoying the time spent then stepping aside to lie back down on her towel. "Time to get some sun before it all goes away, I think."

Mabel leans closer to Sierra as the three of them dance and sway, and she blushes brightly- this part is definitely new to her, but she's more than willing to follow Sierra's lead. She doesnt' comment on the Daxton situation, not having paid much attention to the gossip there.

"Daxton? Date … other …," Kaylee asks, incredulous. And then she just starts laughing, shaking her head and hugging her knees to her chest. "Oh my gosh. Ohhhhhh my gosh. Dax hasn't even realized that Rebecca's his girlfriend, yet," she says. She nods to what Tabitha said, then wrinkles her nose at the comment about getting some sun. "Well, just so long as you don't hog it all! You're not the only one who uses it to recharge," she teases her. Then, she turns back to Sierra and Mabel, canting her head to the side and putting her glasses back on so she can SEE them. "So … I don't even really know you guys that well. I mean, I know your names, but … that's about it! Are you guys … like … together? Like a couple, I mean?" she asks, turning a little pink again.

"Oh…then I feel like an idiot" Sierra frowns at the name confusion. "I have said bad things about someone who should not have bad things said about them. I apologise." When Tabitha leaves the dance, Sierra goes back to cuddling Mabel close. "When do classes start again?" she asks anyone before Kaylee is asking questions and the Latina has to think hard on how to answer them. "It's complicated" Isn't it always. "I think we are together…" A glance to Mabel to confirm that, "But we both have other people in our lives." The complexity of 15 year old girl love lives should never be underestimated!

Mabel smiles warmly at Tabitha as she leaves the little trio, then blinks and blushes at Kaylee's question, looking to Sierra to hear her answer. She smiles, though there's a sad tinge to the smile, as she adds, "… I'm Sierra's. Just Sierra's. No one else, not… anymore.", she explains. "So.. yeah. I guess.. we're a couple. Or.. I'm a couple with her. I don't.. mind that she has someone else.", she says softly, chewing on her bottom lip shyly.

Kaylee laughs again when Sierra apologizes, actually snorting this time, because that's even more funny than the last thing she said. "Ohhhh no. Daxton deserves to have bad things said about him. A lot of bad things. I just am not really one to say them," she says, grinning. At the mention of it being complicated, Kaylee holds up both of her hands and shakes her head. "Okay! None of my business, then! You guys just … well … I mean …," she trails off, her easy smile quickly turning into a look of embarassment. What WAS she trying to say? She's not even really sure. "Well, anyway! As long as everybody's happy, is all. Oh! Your guys soda!" she reminds herself, quickly getting up to actually finish retrieving the drinks. Because then they won't be able to see her blushing terribly, and she won't see if they blush or not, either! Everybody wins!

Sierra had heard that Alex had left but it seems only now that the full ramifications of that is realised. "Just mine?" the Latina whispers before smiling sweetly. "Then I should probably make that the same with me." Then she kisses Mabel sweetly on the lips…though it is allowed to linger and grow more passionate. At least until she remembers there are people watching and then it's back to blushing brightly. "I have been away a while so maybe I should see if Stefanie still likes me." Sierra seems content to stare into Mabel's eyes for now…sodas forgotten.

Mabel's eyes widen a little at Sierra's words, and she looks surprised by the kiss… but she doesn't pull away, happily letting it grow more passionate, the girl looking flushed and a mixture of happy and embarased when it breaks. "… o-only if you want to.. she was.. you were with her first.. I don't.. I mean.. I don't want you to lose her just because of me..", she murmurs to Sierra, though she can't help but look into her eyes as well, clearly smitten. She does sort of realize they're not alone though, and bites her lip. "Uhm.. Maybe we can talk about this when we're alone?", she offers, glancing to Kaylee and giving her a very apologetic smile, then lowers her eyes. "T-Thanks for the sodas."

Kaylee giggles a little and can't help but turn pink. "Oh gosh. Don't mind me, guys. If you want to or need to talk, go ahead! I mean, this was supposed to be a girl's night out party. … well … day out, I guess. We just opted to come to the beach instead of stay in the dorms because there's more to DO out here. And if you guys got stuff to talk about, go right ahead! I mean, unless it's …," Kaylee trails off, and then suddenly stops, her eyes going wide. And then she turns bright pink and even starts glowing a little, ducking her head and turning back out to watch the ocean. "Well, if it's not talking, maybe you had better wait," she adds, quietly, SO EMBARASSED!

"We'll talk when we're alone" Sierra nods, still swaying in that slow dance…and now nuzzling on Mabel's neck. At least until Kaylee's embarrassment is obvious. They better cool down…for a while at least. Sierra pops her soda and drinks down a mouthful. "Do you have a boyfriend, Kaylee? Or a girlfriend?" An arm wrapped around Mabel's waist as they both look at the blushing blonde.

Mabel giggles a little at Kaylee's embarrassment, and shakes her head. "Sorry.", she tells her, before sipping her soda and leaning comfortably against Sierra's side, sighing happily. She'd been afraid Sierra wouldn't still want her when she came back- things had, indeed, been complicated before the other girl left to visit her family. But with the girl back, and eager to have her, she's content once more, relaxed. At Sierra's question, she perks up, curious, and looks to Kaylee.

"Me? Oh gosh, no," Kaylee responds, chuckling nervously as she tucks more hair behind her ears. She totally wasn't watching the neck nuzzling or the snuggling or anything, either! Nope, nope, nope. This embarassment is aaaall from whatever she thought they might mean besides talking. Which, in reality, is probably a lot less tamer than what someone COULD mean besides 'talking,' because Kaylee is just that naieve. "I'm definitely single. And I don't even really think I'm ready to mingle, so! Single," she nods.

"I never thought I would find anyone either" Sierra shrugs. "Who would want a strange Mexican witch who shares her body with an Aztec god. And I certainly never expected to find anyone in a school like this but…here we are. And as long as Mabel doesn't get smart, I think we will be happy for a while. You should try it, Kaylee." She leans over to kiss Mabel's cheek. "It has made me so much happier."

"Hey, at least you're *human*.", Mabel tells Sierra, and smiles sheepishly. "I don't even have that. I'm just an uppity puddle with delusions of grandeur. So I've got no place to judge someone for being strange. Besides… I *like* my strange Mexican witch.", she assures her, and leans into the kiss. She smiles softly at Sierra admitting how happy being with her has made her, and she nods at Kaylee. "Yeah.. being with Sierra makes me feel.. normal. And good. It's nice. You totally should try it.", she agrees, perhaps unaware that it sounds like she's suggesting Kaylee try being with Sierra, rather than just the generic 'try getting an SO'.

Sierra makes Kaylee laugh, again, not at her, but what she says is pretty funny. "Oh my gosh. You obviously don't know me very well," Kaylee says, grinning. "First of all, someone has to be INTERESTED in you before you can try anything. And nobody is interested, so!" And she doesn't say this bitterly at all, she sounds perfectly cheery and okay with that fact. "On the other side, there isn't really anyone that I'M super interested in, either. I mean, there's like three guys I know real well. Daxton is right out, just NO. Grayson is way too mean. And Koa is just a great big panda that I like being friends with, but that's it! And … well … I wouldn't even really know what to think about girls," she admits, her blush returning slightly. But, wait. "… an uppity … puddle?" she asks, turning to look at Mabel in confusion. And oh, they're snuggling. Which doesn't necessarily seem to BOTHER Kaylee at all, but she does turn back to give them back what little privacy they can have on the beach.

"You seem very nice to me" Sierra offers. "I think there are people who are interested in you but might be too frightened. You are very pretty. Not as pretty as Mabel…" she teases before snuggling a bit more with her girlfriend. "I suppose we should get back to the school before it gets dark and no more ferries. Though I suppose I could try and fly us over…but I am not very good at the landings."

Mabel giggles a little. "What Sierra said. You're pretty. I bet you've got admirers.", she assures her, then blinks at the last bit, nodding. "I'm not human. I'm.. it's hard to explain. But I'm basially made of water. With a little extra sugar and spice to make me able to look like this. The people who made me still don't know exactly how I got a personality, I think they were just trying to come up with some kind of new building material or weapon, not.. y'know.. a teenage girl. It's.. complicated.", she admits, blushing. "But I can try and explain it better sometime, if you want. Just ask me!" When Sierra mentions getting back, she nods. "Let's do the ferry? I get nervous enough as is when crossing over the water on it.. flying with nothing between me and the ocean except open air? I might freak out."

Kaylee giggles again, shaking her head. "I'm not scared, but nobody has even gone out of their way to talk to me or get to know me, so!" she offers Sierra. Then she giggles some more, grinning. "In fact, this is the most I've even talked about it at all, except with Becky because Daxton won't actually ask her out!" she adds. She tucks a few more strands of hair behind her ears and rests her chin on her knees, which she's pulled up in front of her. "Really, I'm super happy at the school. And I'm totally not lonely. Violet, my roommate, is super awesome and super nice. And Becky's like, my second best friend. And Koa's such a totally great guy- like, if HE wanted to date? I'd probably totally consider it." Kaylee just grins and shrugs again. "The ferries run late in the summer, but if you guys wanna go, you sure don't have to stay." She listens to Mabel's explanation, fascinated! "Huh! That's neat! Yeah, I definitely want to hear more about it next time!" she says, grinning. But, the compliments just make her blush and shake her head, resting it on her knees again. "Oh cut it out. I'm super loud and don't know when to shut up and I don't even really have BOOBS yet. Not much to admire over here!" she says. "But you guys have a good rest of your evening. Thanks for coming by! I really want to start doing stuff like this more often this summer, just so everyone can get to know each other outside of school and everything!"

"The boobs will come" Sierra giggles before wandering over to give Kaylee a hug - whether she wants it or not! "We will definitely do this more often. Nice to meet you, Kaylee. Don't be too late getting back to school. You don't want to end up being an Ares troublemaker." She picks up her towel and then waits for Mabel to say her goodbyes. "I wouldn't drop you" she pouts.

Mabel looks down at herself. She's got boobs. She's got boobs enough for pretty much all of them. Then again she's just a curvy little thing all over. She follows Sierra, and, if allowed, also gives Kaylee a hug. Which proves the whole 'she's got boobs' thing. "I'll see you around school? We can hang out sometime. I'll show you my powers and stuff.", she offers, smiling, then joins Sierra and takes her hand. "I know you wouldn't drop me, baby. But.. you know how I get about water. I'd get scared anyway. Let's take the ferry? Maybe I'll let you fly me sometime.", she promises.

Kaylee's all for hugs! So when the girls approach to wrap their arms around her, she returns the sentiment, giving them each a good squeeze back. "See you later! And if you see anybody waiting, tell them we're still hanging out!" she calls after the girls as they go.

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