(2016-06-17) Standing Tall - Final Battle
Standing Tall - Final Battle
Summary: Professional victory turns sour as remnants of Tabitha's past butt in.
Date: 2016-06-17
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NPCs: Adam & Eve Helix Group warriors
Scene Runner: Tabitha

Tonight will be the (really real) finale of the Standing Tall national band competition, with the final three bands learning which of them has been crowned victor. But as is often the case with such a huge event with nationwide coverage and the backing of a full cadre of the music industry's celebrity voices and bigwigs, the concert can't start until the VIP meet and greet finishes. And it's the kind of event that most people will only see in photo spreads and gossip blogs, with a level of money spent on the event that can only be described as 'ungodly'.

The pavillion set up behind the stage takes up nearly all of the stadium's outfield. A hardwood floor has been laid out to protect the turf, long catering tables have been set up, and the edge of the pavillion has been lined with very realistic marble statues of various types, both grecian 'perfect humans' and more monstrous forms. The members of all three finalst bands are in attendance as well as several of the judges and industry executives. They are joined by others who received VIP passes either by purchase or be virtue of being associated with members of the bands.

While the other two bands have gone with a bit of dramatic flare in their formal wear, generally related to their respective band gimics, Orphean Wing's members have tossed that in favor of more regular formal wear. They are all high school students after all, and prom wear is easier to acquire than funky beaded cloaks. Tabitha is wearing the same vivid blue dress that she wore to her first date with Jacob, with the addition of a blindfold of the same semi-sheer material. She's making her way around the room with a bit more ease than her bandmates, but then according to a few recently recovered memories, this isn't her first time at a bash like this. She makes certain to touch base not only with her bandmates but also with the various students that have come from Coral Springs to show their support.

As if having other students weren't enough, Kaylee had come to render HER support as well. She'd even made a cardboard sign, which she currently had folded in fours and carried under one arm. She's all dressed up again, same outfit she wore LAST Friday to the competition, once again going out of her element to support a classmate. Common theme with her. She'd rode the train with Koa and babbled pretty much the entire trip about how the previous concert had gone, and how the TV trials had gone, and how she'd been going nuts all week to see if Tabitha won, and how her and Tabitha used to be best friends but were now just kinda trying to figure things out and …. Koa is most likely quite tired of hearing Kaylee talk by now, unless one of his superpowers is stamina. Or selective hearing.

Thoroughly overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in the pavillion, Kaylee has had to put her glasses on to keep her spatial awareness off so she can keep herself oriented. Mostly hiding behind Koa so he can make a path, she points in the direction of the Orphean Wing section of the pavillion where all of the fans are supposed to congregate. "We don't have to get SUPER close, Koa. But, we should head over there so at least Tabby will know where to look. Do you think she'll be able to see my sign from stage?"

Tonight is Dax last night recouping. He actually has been in town for some time, walking and thinking.Now he's near the back of the area leaning against a tree, knitted cap on and jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing too flashy at all.

Just like last time Gabrielle has actually shown up, even thought there are huge crowds, which the shy girl normally avoids. But, just like last time, she's appeared via teleportation and is clinging to the lighting grid, hidden in the shadows, blending with them thanks to her dark clothing and hair. At least this time she showed up on time.

Jacob isn't sure whether anyone will be able to see his sign either, but he tried, at least. He needed a break anyway after three hours of staring at things for summer lit class. In lieu of words, the posterboard bears a crude but serviceable drawing of an angel floating in mid-air with wings outstretched, feathers a luminous electric blue found nowhere in nature.

One of Koa's superpowers is his Zen-ness, so despite Kaylee's constant chattering he's still calm and relaxed (it also helps that he's lugging a backpack filled with snacks, which he continues to munch on the train ride over). He's conservatively dressed in a Giants jersey, khaki shorts, beachcomber sandals and a red cap with twin can holders on each side. Waddling in front of Kaylee, he makes an effective plower through the crowd as he clears the way for the little blonde girl. Did she say something? Koa frowns and turns back to Kaylee. "SUPER close? Okay." He confirms, and now REALLY starts pushing his way towards the front. "Excuse me! Comin' thru'! Look out for hot stuff!"

Becca had honestly spaced about this even, so she was in a rush to get here on time. She more or less dragged Vinny off the beach since Kaylee was gone and the buddy system works the best. She's not looking to stand out either-a red sun dress was dragged on over her bathing suit hastily, still looking beachy. "Oh my gosh Vinny, made it." She says and looks at him with a smile. "Let's find camp Coral Springs and hang out."

"What? No, I sa-!" Kaylee starts trying to correct Koa. But, he's already doing his thing, scooting people out of the way. And then he says the hot stuff line and Kaylee immediately turns pink and facepalms. There's a millisecond of glowing, but she reigns it in, shaking her head and tucking in right behind Koa, moving closer so that hopefully nobody can see her. Definitely NOT hot stuff coming through! "Kooo-aaaaa!" she whines, flicking him on his back. Which she's sure he probably doesn't notice, but it makes her feel better for having done it.

Wearing clothing relatively simple, but stylish enough for such an occasion, Vinny grins as he hears Rebecca's words. "Told you we'd get here in time," he offers. Looking around, he pauses momentarily as he realizes something. "Quite a gathering…" he remarks, starting to look for the others from the school. Also reaching into a pocket for his earplugs. After all, they help mute all the noise a bit.

Notice what? Koa continues his oblivious approach to the front, which of course means there'll be a 300 pound Hawaiian blocking little kids' views, so there are a bunch of "C'mon!" and "Srsly?" coming from the crowd. None of which fazes Koa one bit, as he stops and grins down at Kaylee. "Here we go. No way Tab's gunna miss yo sign now." He looks mighty pleased with himself. At least he starts to plop himself down on the ground, which helps ease up the view a bit.

Tabitha seems to be in her element as she makes her way back across the crowds, gradually heading in the direction of where most Coral Springs folks have congregated. She seems to understand the 'no such thing as a straight line' dance of socializing the same way she seemed to just know how to do a proper twelve-point Army PT routine. And then that careful dance is disrupted by a very… linear Koa and Tabitha looks up with a huge grin then goes to meet him before he barrels straight through one of the catering tables (which would be all sorts of entertaining, but maybe for the wrong reasons). "Koa!" She walks up to the Polynesian giant as he settles himself down, which brings him into better hugging height. And so she does. Hug him, that is, although with their extreme size difference it's more of a 'friendly clinging'. She also grins at the others nearby and the signs they brought. "Good to see so many faces for our cheering section."

From the center of the pavillion there is the loud sound of a throat being cleared over a microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, please may I have your attention?" The person speaking is one of the event organizers. "Now one of the benefits of gaining early entry to tonight's concert, and the reason that this pre-show meet and greet has been equipped with cellular signal blockers, is that you all will get to learn who our Standing Tall winner is at the same time as our three finalist bands!" He pauses for a moment for folks to react to this while some of the event staff begin quietly asking people to clear out a space in the center of the pavillion floor and others are asking the band members to move forward to the edge of that open space so all can see them.

Daxton uses a potted tree to scratch his back, doing a slow shift with his shoulders.

Looking around slowly, Rebecca points out Koa and Kaylee to Vinny before she spots the others. "Oh, Dax!" She smiles and bumps Vinny. "Come on." She says and heads over to the tree. "Hey. I love the hat. Having fun?" She wonders and smiles at him warmly.

When Koa sits down, Kaylee looks a little concerned, suddenly easily visible now that he's on the ground. However, nobody really seems THAT upset with them, so she just offers an apologetic grimace and wave at those in their immediate vicinity. And then here comes Tabby! Kaylee is just about to greet her (and show her the sign!) when the announcement comes on the loudspeaker. Immediately excited, Kaylee starts hopping up and down in place, one hand holding her poster, the other hand repeatedly wapping Koa on the shoulder as she starts a littany of 'oh my goshes' for her friend.

From among the pipes of the lighting grid someone with really good hearing might be able to hear a tiny POP of imploding air, which is accompanied with a quick flash of light, all in the spot Gabrielle used to be. A second later she's reappearing crouching in the rigging of the large pavillion, right above where the announcement of the winner is about to happen. As she looks down at the gathering bands, her hair forms a blue curtain to both sides of her face, hiding it in shadows.

Vinny nods as he hears Rebecca's words, moving over towards the others again. "Hey…" he offers, before he goes quiet again at the announcement over the loudspeaker. "Oh, this will be interesting." Looking between the others, then over to the bands.

Daxton looks up from his back scratch, slightly surprised at hearing his name. But then there's Becca and Vinny? Huh. A hand raises, "Hey. This is much better than in the club." He glances up at the hat on his head, "It's just to stop people from asking if I'm okay."

And there was much rejoicing! Including from Jacob, who stands up and waves his sign in the air for a while before settling back down and getting out of people's way.

Koa is not the Kool-Aid Man, yo! No barreling through catering tables. Yet. His big smile makes his eyes disappear into his face, as he welcomes Tabitha's hug with one thick arm. "Tabs! I brought lotsa snacks, and a Kaylee." Said Kaylee is now suddenly wapping him on the shoulder. Repeatedly. So Koa turns his head towards Kaylee. "Yo wanna a Snickers? Cuz yo ain't y'self when yer hungry." He chortles as his own joke, but hey, he actually does have a Snickers bar that he offers to the overexcited blonde girl.

Kaylee stops hopping long enough to look down at Koa and shake her head at him. "No, silly! They're gonna announce who won! We're gonna find out if Tabby's band won the whole thing!" she says. And then she goes back to bouncing, though this time she just keeps the rolled up poster in front of her in both hands and refrains from extending her exuberance beyond her immediate bubble.

"Ran into him at the beach, did you know he can draw?" Becca says quietly, impressed as she stands close to Dax, looking at the stage as the loudspeakers make noise. "It's totally Tabby's band right?" She says with a look between Vinny and Dax.

Daxton nods, they are roommates. "Yeah. Vin's pretty good." There's a shift against the tree so there's room for someone else to lean if they want. He glances down at Becca, some emotion flittering briefly across his face before he looks back up at the stage, "I don't know. Music ain't really my thing. it all sounded good."

"I tell you what, Daxy, music is Totes McGoats my thing," says Violet. Where did she come from? Why was she here?! No One Knows. What they might know is that Vi gives Dax, Becca, and Vinny a wink and a wry grin and a fingergun, before she starts pushing her way through the crowd. Where was she heading?

The front of the group of people clustering in the center of the floor. If Tabby was playing, she was /sure/ that Kaylee would be right in front. It just meant… she had to kinda get there first.

Looking like he's about to answer to Rebecca and Daxton, Vinny goes quiet again as he hears Violet's words. "Hey…" he offers. "Where did…" He goes quiet again as he watches Violet head further into the crowd. "Huh…"

Tabitha is pleasantly surprised that they're going to at least let the bands and early arrivals know what's going on with the finals before putting them on stage. She takes enough time to give Kaylee and Jacob's signs a look and blush from the enthusiasm they and they others are showing. The 'oh my gosh' chorus that's starting up makes her grin wider as she goes to join the other Orphean Wing members, who are grouped up between the members of the other two finalist bands, Perma Beast and Earth is Good Food. There is a brief moment as she turns away from Kaylee, Jacob, and Koa where she gets a brief confused frown. Her head tilts to one side as if she's overhearing something. But she ignores it and stands with her band.

In the center of the room, the MC waits for the crowd to settle somewhat before continuing. "Now, to announce the winning band we welcome to the microphone the representatives of the company responsible for tabulating and verifying the votes for this competition. They will be revealing the official counts for each band, and tonight's performance order will be determined by these numbers. So please welcome to the floor Adama and Evelyn Morris."

While there is moderate applause for the pair that are walking to the center of the floor in red carpet worthy formal wear, Tabitha isn't one of the people clapping. No, she's standing there stunned. While her blindfold makes it hard to tell, her gaze is locked on the pair of well built blondes as they step out, her expression one of shock and even a bit of fear. Those from Coral Springs that met them in person or saw the photos online would find it easy to recognize the pair that had been searching around Shady Cove looking for their 'lost little sister'.

Oblivious Koa is oblivious. Tabitha's sudden apprehension goes right over his fat head, because now he's peeling the wrapping off the Snickers Bar that Kaylee doesn't want. The pair in the formal wear doesn't impress him nearly as much as the chocolate bar he's not munching on, clearly, so for the moment he's only paying limited attention to the proceedings.

Daxton's jaw tightens just slightly, why do these girls keep calling him that?!?! He starts to say something as well, but when the names are announced his head snaps up, "Shit. This is a possible active situation, people." He's already scanning the area trying to pin point what exactly is going on as he moves into the crowd closer to where Tabitha is.

Gabrielle pulls off a big, black backpack she's wearing slung over her shoulders and starts to fiddle with the zippers and ties, making sure everything is secure. Then she unzips a middle sized pocket right at the front of it and holds the pack in her hand while her claw like feet hold her perching in place high above the bands and concert staff, backpack held right in front of her expectantly…

Looking at the pair on stage and back at Daxton, Becca taps his side lightly, keeping her hands out and down by her sides. "If things go south." She say and looks to both the boys, nervous for Tabitha and the concert at the shift in Daxton's mood.

Canting her head to the side, Kaylee looks down at Koa for a second. She nudges him gently and leans down to whisper in his ear, totally unawares that a roomate is coming up behind her- she has her glasses on, after all. Too many objects to use spatial awareness for general purposes!

Vinny pauses as he hears Daxton's words, "What's happening…?" Seems he hasn't been paying too much attention before?

One thing that Vi was Totes McGoats unaware of as she pushes her way through the crowd… was the tension lingering in the air. Letting her eyes track around the stage, she doesn't quite recognize Tabitha with the blindfold on. At least, not enough to whistle and make a fool of herself yet.

Reaching the front of the little group, she reaches out a hand to kinda grab Kaylee's shoulder with a firmish grip. "Hey, big guy," she says to Koa. "And hey, Kaylee - is that Tabby up there?

The names alone don't catch Jacob's attention right away, but he's close enough to catch Daxton's tip-off. "Are they /nuts/?" he calls over to the speedster. "No way is this a coincidence, but… what, are they going to try something /now/, right in front of everybody? Why call all this attention to themselves?"

Koa listens to Kaylee's whisper, and for the first time he looks unhappy and squints towards the folks gathered in the center of the stage. Big guy is now alerted! Quickly finishing the Snickers bar, he stands up, shrugs off his backpack and unzips it. "Imma gonna get ready." He tells Kaylee, pausing only when Violet shows up in their vicinity. "Yo, yo. Kay says there might be trouble." Koa explains, and resumes his search through the backpack. And out comes a green hula skirt, which he starts to fasten around his substantial waist, followed by a colorful lei. It's not just snacks in the backpack!

When the hand is clasped on her shoulder, Kaylee's eyes go wide and she audibly 'meeps' in surprise. But the voice is recognized almost immediately and Kaylee beams as she spins around to glomp her roomie. "Violet! You MADE IT!" she cries happily, hugging the girl tight. "Oh my gosh, I'm SO glad you're here! You're just in time, too, they were gonna announce the winners!" She then turns back, nodding to what Koa says. "Yeah, Tabby's up there with her band, they were just getting ready to accept the award," she adds, pointing.

Daxton's entire posture has changed from his usual slouched folded in on itself to shoulders back, almost military (not surprising). Vinny gets a, "unclear, we may hostiles." Or kidnappers, or…he's not sure. Jacob just gets a head shake but Dax keeps hi8s eyes moving, "Don't know. But we should get closer if things go south." He will spare a quick glance to Becca, "Stay close." If she can!

"Yeah, I know. I had… problems," says Violet, her tone of voice a little troubled at that, jaw going a little tight. But whatever her problems were, she didn't seem willing to dwell on them. A beat, and she glances towards Kaylee, the tension fleeing from her as she wraps her arms the glomping roomie, and picks her up off of her feet, hugging her tight. At that moment, she glances across towards Koa. "Like… someone after Tabby?" she asks, her eyes scanning the stage. "By the way, Kaylee? You look /so/ rockstar right now. Don't let anyone tell you different."

In the center of the room, 'Evelyn and Adama' both stand at the microphone with public smiles and a few quick waves. Adam is holding a sealed envelope with the competition's logo on it, but from the way he's holding it he doesn't think it all that important. "Thank you all. We'll skip any ramblind speeches, because we've got other things to worry about." Before the crowd can react to that, 'Evelyn' continues by taking the envelope, removing a slip of paper from it, and announcing the winners after glancing at it for just a second. "Our two runners up, who will hopefully get the chance to be our opening acts tonight… Perma Beast and Earth is Good Food! Give them a round of applause. They only missed winning by less than ten thousand votes and over half a billion people voted!"

She says this in a very mocking manner as she then tosses the paper and envelope onto the floor. Her gaze is now fixed on the Orphean Wing members. Behind her, Adama stands with his back to hers and his arms raised in a 'calming' manner. "Now that we know who our winners are, and a hearty congratulations to them, please! But I'm afraid we're going to have another challenge for them. Because Orphean Wing will have to perform their victory concert without their lead singer." Now Evelyn takes over again, stepping forward until she's only about fifteen feet away from Tabitha. "I'm afraid Miss Jones will be absent from the rest of tonight's proceedings, because she'll be coming with us. Voluntarily if she doesn't want this place to become a new… garden."

Tabitha's expression and stance go from shocked to chilled to angry and then right back to shocked as the pair give their speech. When Eve steps forward, she does as well, taking a single pace into the open space. "Easier ways to arrange a family reunion. What happened to the real results reps, Eve?"

Oh. That? That just made things so much simpler. Ditching the sign, Jacob hops up to his feet and charges forward toward the stage: one step, then two, and then right when it seems like he might need to shove someone out of the way, he goes airborne instead. Let's see you threaten people while you're unconscious, Evelyn!

As soon as the two runner-ups are announced Gabrielle tips her backpack upsidedown. From the one pocket she left over thousands of small metallic wings in silver and gold start floating down onto the stage, celebratory confetti. And before she realizes something more sinister than expected is taking place she's already popping back to ther original perch in the lighting grid, leaving behind a POP of sound and a flash of light.

Kaylee just giggles and blushes a little at Violet's praise, pushing the girl's shoulders. "Well, that was the point, wasn't it? I mean, if I didn't, you'd be the person to blame, anyway," she responds, pushing some of the feathered strands of hair away from her face. And then they're announcing victors, and Kaylee's attention is immediately returned to the stage. When the runners up are announced, and neither are Orphean Wing, she squeals and unfolds the poster she'd made, holding it up and jumping up and down and cheering for Tabitha.

… but … then the rest happens, and Kaylee quietly lowers the poster, frowning. Uh-oh. Looking back and forth between Koa and Violet, she grimaces. "This … isn't good," she says. She looks around at the crowd, grimacing as she takes stock of just how many civilians there are. She puts a hand on Koa's arm and looks at Violet. "The civilians … they should be our priority. I'm going to hide and see if I can find a safe exit, in case we need to start getting everybody out of here. If things go sideways, I'll light up like a beacon, and you guys see if you can't get people to head my way?" she offers, a quick strategy meeting amongh the Guardians of Prometheus.

Gapping, Becca steps a little closer to Daxton and looks at the pair. "I should cover Tabitha, right?" She asks quietly, ready to work her phasing ability and giving his arm a squeeze before hurrying towards Tabitha.

Vinny frowns as he hears what's said, nodding a bit. "Ready whenever…" he begins to Daxton, before he trails off as he hears what's happening over there. "Now what…?" he mutters, keeping his eyes on the people there. When he sees Jacob moving for the stage, he mutters. <I always knew there would be a time I'd have wanted to turn myself into a dog too. If only for the teeth…> That's muttered in Spanish, as he looks to Daxton. "Think there's some way we can help up there?" Nodding to Rebecca as well. "Good thinking!"

Koa has just looped the lei around his neck when the announcement happens, and the rest of the stuff goes down. He's a bit slow on the uptake, but fortunately Kaylee isn't. "Wot? Civilians in trouble? Who dat?" Even as he's trying to sort out what's going on, there's a Jacob bounding past overhead towards Tabitha and the evil witch. He points a finger, and hollars. "It's a bird! It's a plane!"

Whatever giggles there were for the other young woman, Violet just lets that grin dance on her lips a moment. Just a moment. That was right when the group on stage says what they do. "I think… that sounds absolutely correct," she says. To Koa, she looks to him, giving him a wry smirk.

"Those two on the stage? Totally just threatened everyone. You hear that people? Let's get out out out, towards the exit, please! Calmly!" she says, trying… /trying/ to shout over the general noise. She had a deep voice, but it wasn't like super powered or anything.

Daxton's lip curls as he thinks, "Vin, start getting people out, now. They're not playing with firecrackers." He then grabs Becca and darts over and up onto stage next to Tabitha and the band. Becca gets set down with in touching distance of Tabitha "I think this concert just got cancelled. Orphean Wing needs to exit, stage left." See, he can be funny too. He's not grinning though, falling into a defense stance where he's at.

Daxton looks at Adam and Eve and mockingly replies back, "Oh, I found her."

It would be safe to say that the various civilians in the pavillion are caught in that moment between shock and panic. There is some low murmuring amongst them at Adam and Eve's announcements. None of them seem to pick up on the significance of Eve's threat about turning this place into a garden, but Tabitha absolutely understands. But instead of causing her to capitulate she just shakes her head. "You'll have to do better than that, Eve." Then she points up to the air where Jacob is coming in on the attack. "Oh, and have you met my boyfriend?"

Eve looks up as Jacob is attacking and then seems to just freeze in place. When the punch from Jacob comes in she still doesn't move. The punch lands… and she shatters like glass. Then the real her appears at Adam's side. "You used to have better taste in lovers, Lilith."

In the center of the room, Adam notices the people that have rallied around Tabitha and turns his attention to the VIP party DJ over to one side of the crowd. "Hecate, rally the troops!" Then he's moving forward at inhuman speed to engage Jacob hand to hand.

The DJ raises her arms and shouts out some form of incantation. Around the tent the statues flash with eldritch energy and become flesh. They are four pairs, each group one man and one woman. To the north are a pair of giant six-armed warriors. To the south are a pair of draconic humaniods complete with scales and wings. To the east and west the statues become what look to be regular humans that are perfect in their physical forms. All eight of them start to shove their way through the crowd, paying no heed to doing so gently. Their destination is obviously to converge on the Coral Springs heroes.

Oh gosh, what's that smell? It's everywhere! Oh, wait. That was the poop hitting the fan. Anyway! As soon as things go sideways, Kaylee obfuscates, though she still has her hand on Koa so he can sense where she's at. "Koa! Those statues are coming for us! Can you make a clearing or something, so we can fight? And Violet, I'm gonna head for the east exit. Start sending people my way. I'm gonna light it up as soon as I'm over there, so people have a direction to run!" And then Kaylee's off, running in the direction she indicated, hoping to avoid as many people as she can manage. If she makes it to an exit, she'll do pretty much the opposite of obfuscate and start shining, even going so far as to create a big yellow arrow pointing at the exit while she tries to wave people to run in her direction. Because she's SOOOO not a fighter.

"Okay, party people - the ever illuminescent Spectrum will be your glow-buddy for now - just look to her, and she'll guide you safely out, okay!" says Violet, and in spite of herself, a little grin was dancing up on her lips as the statues start lumbering her way. Lifting up her hand, she points towards the glowbug in the sky - although her eyes - excited, actually - were fixated upon the approaching giants. "Quick quick now!"

It doesn't take Gabrielle long to realize that things have all just gone to Hell. But then she takes a moment to try and figure out what exactly she can do to help. Long enough for the pair's ally to be revealed.

As soon as she sees this she disappears and almost instantly reappears behind the up-until-now DJ. Putting one hand on each of her shoulders she disappears again as soon as she makes contact leaving behind a much bigger flash of light most people have seen from her before.

If this was a comicbook then next panel would show Hecate dropping into the ocean far beyond Coral Spring High's island from about a 100 feet up and another flash as Gabrielle disappears before she herself starts falling.

A wise man once said 'Hit 'em where they ain't'. Jacob couldn't name Willie Keeler without looking him up, but he gets the sentiment nonetheless. Ignoring Eve's trash talk, he leans back as if to throw another punch at Adam's face— and then lets loose with the Beam-o-Vision (tm) instead. If that doesn't work either… well, then he might have to start getting creative.

Reaching out a hand, Becca says quietly to Tabitha "I'll make sure no one grabs you-that's my skill." She says and looks around them. She had to wear a dress today. Poor life choices. "Dax-can you get people out of here?" She asks.

Right. Help getting people out of there. As he hears the instructions to the DJ, Vinny frowns, looking about to say something, before he sees the appearing and disappearing done by Gabrielle. "Good, she wasn't a good DJ anyway!" It's said to nobody in particular, before he looks around. "Somebody got a knife?" he asks those nearby in the confusion, before he hurries straight for the edge of the tent, starting to lift up the edge of it. "You closest, out here!" To help more people get away from the incoming statues, since it'll be easier top just crawl out of there. Looking around as quickly as he can to see if there's something else he can do to help here as well.

Koa's face scrunches up as the concert erupts into chaos. The looming former statues, in particular, gets a look of disgust from the big Hawaiian. He looks back quickly as Kaylee and Violet try to guide the civilian evacuation, but how is a big fat dude gonna help with that? "One clearin', comin' up!" He announces aloud and focuses. Abruptly, his skin hardens and turns a granite gray, then a new layer of gray rock 'grows' over his form. Then another. Then another. Koa rapidly gains in mass until he is a ten-feet-tall pile of walking lava rocks, his human face now an elemental visage of glowing eyes and mouth. Every move he takes comes with the noises of rocks rolling each other. Each step he takes makes the ground shake. And it's the six-armed freak giants that he's heading towards, with both rock fists raised and a bellow: "Let's DANCE!"

Daxton gives a low growl as statues become flesh. F'ing Harry Potter final battle shit. He takes off, starting to skip between the spec between moments. He's grabbing people nearest the statues first, dropping them off near Kaylee to escort out. One man, One woman, 3 teens. Some older lady with a dog in her purse. The speedster at some point loses his knitted cap and it stays suspended in the air as he darts around. Well, stays suspended in air for him, anyway. The people start stacking up near Kaylee to usher out.

Tabitha just nods slightly to Rebecca's comments about keeping her covered. She whispers back, "Thanks, but worry more about the band." She keeps her focus on Eve, reaching up to pull her blindfold off. When she opens her eyes and the charcoal grey orbs alive with internal flames are visible, Eve is visibly surprised. Tabitha just nods at this as she drops the rest of her 'put in public' illusion. The dark glyphs that cover a significant portion of her skin become visible. "You thought I was still shut down. Still depowered from my burns." She shrugs nonchalantly. "Father can be wrong. You should know that by now." Her aura spreads out from under her skin, spreading until it covers her, Rebecca, and the band.

Eve's only response to this is to once again freeze in place, almost certainly another decoy while she moves elsewhere unseen.

Adam was all set to get into a one on one matchup with the person Tabitha/Lilith called her boyfriend. His joyous attitude becomes somewhat lessened when Jacob cuts loose with the eye blasts! He barely ducks in time to keep from getting hit with the full blast. Instead about half of it hits him in the shoulder while the rest tears up the wooden flooring and the ground underneath. He doesn't cry out from the pain but it's clear that his left arm is basically useless. It also doesn't slow him down much as he whips around to aim a spin kick at Jacob's head. He's trying to get the kid's head to snap around and maybe cause those eyes to burn down some civilians.

The two six-armed giants converge on Koa, trying to flank him between them. The male of the pair gives a jaunty salute with all three left arms. "Hello! I am Fernando Venezuela Hernandez the Third! It will be a great pleasure turning you into a lovely zen garden!"

The two dragon looking ones instead converge on Violet. The woman of the pair just shakes her head. "Get out of our way, little squishy, before you become flame broiled."

The other four 'perfect human' types reach the edge of Tabitha's aura but although they try to force their way in they don't seem to have the strength needed.

She really should get a map of town - maybe if she had one, Anabel would have made it on time. Instead, she shows up late to the par…fight? Of course, the New Girl didn't see the whole becoming fleshy bit, so it doesn't seem -so- strange. After all, the Canadian is well aware that fighting is a national sport down here - if she's going to fit in, she should join in! Recognising Koa, among others, Ana starts towards him, blue-white electricity crackling between her fingers. The crackling is followed quickly by a much large, brighter arch of electrical energy as Ana lifts her hands to aim towards one of the six-armed giants. "Two on one's so unfair." she calls.

When the majority of the humans start appearing at her gate, Kaylee purses her lips and nods to herself. She then starts pulling back on the tent, trying to make the opening as wide as possible to accomodate as many people leaving as quickly as they can manage. Once she's got it pulled back a ways, she holds both of her hands above her head and at an angle, out over the city. Then, she starts sending beams up into the air. Three quick blasts, three longer blasts, then three shorter blasts. And she begins repeating the cycle every couple of seconds as the civilians begin to get to freedom. They may not have cell phone service, but maybe somebody will notice the lighting and realize it's definitely NOT a spotlight!

Hooray, Adam is down a limb! But boo, he's still trying to ruin the party. Can't have that. Jacob isn't sure he could keep up with Adam's speed in a prolonged fistfight… but one thing he has noticed, the guy's stuck to the ground, hasn't he? At least so far. The younger man steels himself for another long-distance jump, hopefully not catching a spin kick to the gut in the process.

Gabrielle reappears hundreds of feet over the stadium. As she starts to fall she rips open her backpack, pulls out a pair of rapiers (the real deal this time, not the practice weapons she's usually carrying around at school) then drops the bag, now empty of anything that might hurt anyone it may happen to fall on.

With another POP of sound and flash of light she disappears right before hitting the civilians (and the ground) beneath her only to reappear right over the male dragonkin, dropping like a rock and aiming at trying to cut or at least disable his wings, hopefully before he even knows she's there. Unlike her usual shy, almost retiring manner, she's now acting almost blood-thirsty in her attack, holding nothing back.

As the crowd filters out behind her, Violet casts a glance up towards the dragons, giving them a wry grin. "Hey - what if some of us ~like~ it hot?" she asks, sparing a glance over her shoulder towards the light bulb that was Kaylee. "They're trying to get through Tabby's sh…" she begins to say, as she steps forward - striding with the confidence of the invulnerable. What stops her speaking is the same thing that stops her fist - rocketing forward with every ounce of her super strength, and…



"Ok, but if you're gonna get snatched-grab me." Becca says to Tabitha and backs up to the band. "Hey Tabby's friends, grab on, I'll keep you safe." She tells them and holds out her arms to them. She's talking a could deep breaths to get ready to phase and looks around for Daxton.

Now let's see. He's managed to help some people get out of the way, but there must be more… Not sure what that is yet, Vinny continues to hold an opening ready for people to be able to get out of the way. "Hurry, people. Out here!" he calls out.

There's a lot of civilians to run out. There's moment flashes of the speedster as the people disappear and reappear near where Kaylee is helping them. Not for the first time, Daxton is missing his old weapon.

Ooooh, the bad guy wants to make introductions! "Aloha! I'm Stoneface. Yo totes need a real codename, dude." Koa-the-rock-elemental answers the six-armed giant in his now inhuman voice, and punches his right fist into his left palm a couple of times. "Papa spank!" He adds, lumbering forward to start trading blows with the freakshow… but with no obvious initial success as the six-armed giant is much more agile than the walking pile of rocks.

When the two teams of super powers engage, it's neither calm nor quiet. The Coral Springs types are learning that their antagonists are at least as tough as they seem. Fernando and his female equal are able to take on Koa hand to hand while seeming to shrug off the power of Anabel's electricity without much discomfort. The same can be said for the draconic pair when Violet engages them, their armor acting to protect them from her attack although the sheer power behind it does knock her target back a few paces. Which is very bad for him because it puts him directly into the path of Gabrielle and her descending swords. Her blades rip through his wings and his scream of pain is truly beastial, almost like the roars from a Jurassic Park movie.

"You're a funny one, Stoneface." Fernando laughs as he dodges and deflects Koa's attacks. "I don't need a code name when my birth name is so magnificent!" And then he proves that he's maybe not so magnificent as he claims as he tries a three-handed haymaker at Koa and misses entirely. But his banter has given his companion, Kali, the opening she needed to land her own attack, making a double fist from the top pair of arms and slamming them into Koa's back.

Getting his wings torn open did not make Bahamut happy at all! He swings wildly around, sweeping his wounded wings to slam them into Gabrielle before she can move away. His companion, Tiamat, turns towards Violet and lets loose with a torrent of flame from her mouth. But when the flame clears she's less than thrilled that she didn't succeed in turning Violet into a charcoal briquette.

In the center of the room, Adam's attempt to land a spin kick against Jacob just barely fails as Jacob once again takes to the air. His frustration is clear as he shouts out, "Forget the dancing! Eve, just kill them now and freeze Lilith! We can take the samples we need from her corpse!" No telling if Eve is anywhere nearby to even hear his command, unless you happen to be moving out of synch with time in some fashion.

Sadly, no - Violet wasn't a charcoal briquette. Lifting up her hands against the heat of the dragon, for a moment, the form of Violet was obscured by the fire. At least her upper half. And when the flame and heat abates, well… needless to say, Violet's clothes were ruined, the leather of her jacket faring the best, but the band t-shirt melted at parts, and clinging to her in others. And her makeup - running. Bringing up a hand to clear her eyes of shadow, Violet takes a moment to lift her hand up to zip up her leather jacket, rolling her neck.

The redness in her face and hands - mild burns in spite of her resistance, by the looks of them, were already starting to flush back with normal color.

"As I said. I like it /hot/," says Violet, hissing in spite of the pain. Leaping up - and perhaps being a bit opprotunistic, she brings her fist down like a hammer against the already wounded Bahamut, smashing into the side of his head and twisting the dragon statue around, once, before he falls flat. Landing afterwards, Violet looks towards Tiamat, punching one fingerless leather-gloved fist into the other.

"You want some too?"

Typically Gabrielle would have popped away from an incoming attack but she's not used to fighting against an opponent with an extra pair of appendages so getting smacked with a wing catches her completely by surprise. So instead of popping before she's hit she does it afterward. She disappears in a flash of light and reappears up in the lighting grid. She takes a moment to catch her breath, clutching at her ribs where Bahamut's wing made contact but after taking a few deep breaths and verifying there are no broken ribs she POP out again, reappearing on Kali's back this time, aiming one rapier hilt at each temple.

Once enough of the humans are evacuated that the exit doesn't need to be highlighted any more, Kaylee will head outside the tent and start trying to manage crowd control out there. "Please keep moving away from the tent! The authorities should be here soon! If you are injured, please, start moving off to the right, towards the stadium! If you're alright, please, start making your way out towards the parking lot! If you are able to help, please help the injured or children! But, above all, please keep moving and DON'T HURT EACH OTHER!" Kaylee starts shouting over the crowd. And, once the last of the civilians have left the tent, Kaylee will start moving among them, acting like a great big glowstick to illuminate as much of the area as possible, to make it so that people can traverse more safely. If anyone has fallen or needs assistance on the way, she'll try to help them up. And she'll also be trying to clear a path for the arrival of authorities. Because they have to show up eventually! Even if it is after all the excitement is over!

Anabel frowns faintly as she misses entirely (though she's also grateful she didn't hit any civilians), and watches the six-armed-female's hands connect with Koa's back. Her jaw clenches and she takes another step forward. Trying again, she sticks with the old tried and true Emperor Palpatine routine, lightening leaping from her fingers towards Fernando. "You talk too much." she informs him dryly. If this doesn't work, maybe it'll be time to change tactics…and changing tactics it is. The lightening hits but seems to do nothing more than light the area around Fernando. But if she can at least distract him to let Koa focus on the woman, well…Ana will call that a success.

Breathing slowly, Becca does her best to keep her and the band untouchable. She'd move them, but she wants to be ready to grab Tabitha if it looks like the other girl might be snatched. So she gives her best reassuring smile. "We do this every day."

As more people get out through his opening in the tent, Vinny grabs hold of one of those that look quite unhurt. "When you get so far that you can use your phone again, call for medical assistance for those that's been injured…" As the other nod, Vinny turns to look for any way he can help stopping the bad guys without putting himself directly into their attacks, since he doesn't have strong enough defenses to do that. Looking towards Fernando, he grins, and hurries in that direction, making sure to stay out of range for any attacks. In position, he begins to sing, loud enough so the bad guy might probably hear it. Operation distraction! "Now we're old and grey Fernando. And since many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hand. Can you hear the drums Fernando? Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?"

Koa gets a double-fisted slam in the back by Kali, but it barely staggers the giant rock creature with the ultra-thick rock hide. He lashes out with a backhand at the female six-arm, but she manages to block the wrecking ball of a fist with her remaining four arms - even then the force of the blow makes her slide backwards. Spinning around back to face Fenando, Koa swings his other hand around and points a finger at the male six-armed giant. "Yo shoulda shorten yo magnificent birthname, dude! What was it again? Freddy? Frogger? Fugly?" As he bellows his taunts, Koa shoots a quick glance at Anabel. "Hey, get on me an' ready to zap!"

Turns out, if you motivate him well enough, like Adam just did? Jacob can fly /down/ even quicker than up, because this time gravity is on his side. Forget punching or kicking, this time he's aiming to just grab the guy and smash him into things until he quits talking.

All the civillians are near the exit, but Dax doesn't stop. Instead he turns and darts, still skipping through the spaces between moments barreling towarsd the main group. small flashes might be picked up as he moves, brief flickers of him running until suddenly he's suddenly back in time with everyone else, and there's a rather shocked looking Eve being tackled by the speedster. The knife that was positioned to enter Tabitha goes tumbling across the ground out of reach and Daxton lands heavily onto of the woman, those closest may hear something snap. His hand already raising to strike her again.

Tabitha watches Rebecca make certain of the safety of her friends by taking them out of phase with physical reality. She gives her classmate a brief grateful smile as she starts walking around inside her own aura, moving towards two of the 'perfect human' types that are trying to batter their way through it. She shakes her head, "He's still making betas? You think he'd learn." Two ropy 'arms' extend out of her aura and wrap around the necks of the two nearest betas.

She's about to drain them of enough body heat and bioelectric energy to knock them out when all of a sudden Daxton appears right in front of her taking down Eve. The knife that Eve was about to stab Tabitha with freezes everything around it as it drops and slides across the floor. And even without touching her, this cold affects Tabitha strongly.

Her aura drops entirely, allowing the other two betas to surge forward to kill the band members… only to have nothing to attack because of Rebecca's protection. Tabitha drops to the floor and is shivering as if she'd just spent a week in the arctic.

Eve is unmoving underneath Daxton. The snap heard was one of her legs, which is now has an extra joint that it shouldn't have and is bent in all the wrong ways.

Adam gets tossed around like a ragdoll by Jacob, going limp to reduce the damage as he's slammed around. He doesn't seem to want to get back up when it's over. Puny 'god'.

Seeing Violet shrug off her flames and then proceed to take Bahamut down in one move brings Tiamat up short. She seems uncertain as to how to proceed, so instead she takes to the air in retreat.

Kali and Fernando seem to be holding their own quite well, proving their worth as the 'tanks' of this group. Kali is tangling with Koa back and forth, neither dealing nor causing any significant damage. When Gabrielle 'ports in and tries to knock her out with some sword hilts to the head she shrugs it off without even paying any obvious attention to the swordswoman. For his part, Fernando ignores Koa when he sees both Adam and Eve taken down. Seeing that Tabitha/Lilith is also down and out of commission he starts to run forward. The lightning that Anabel hit him with is draining off of him into the ground as he moves, his goal is to complete the abduction they came here for in the first place.

But that goal is met with failure on multiple fronts. His target, Tabitha/Lilith, is down for the count looking like she's been stuck in a freezer for a year. Fortunately for her, she's got friends. First, Anabel holds her hands out and lightning sparks between them. She makes a gesture and the lightning arcs from her to a point over Tabitha's prone form where it then forks out and down to form a protective electric dome over her. Then with a shout and a stomp of his foot, Koa shakes the ground around him. The tremors spread out to cause both Fernando and Kali to fall to the ground. This makes them easy prey for Gabrielle to leap over to each of them in turn, grab them, and then vanish. She reappears alone shortly after.

With the defeat or retreat of their officers, the four perfect human specimens that Tabitha referred to as Betas try to make a break for it. Maybe they intended to blend in with the several hundred civilians or just run away entirely, but their attempt is short lived. Violet and Jacob converge on them from opposite sides and even with four-on-two odds it's no challenge, especially when they witnessed these two taking down two of their superiors without breaking a sweat.

When the four Betas have been secured, Rebecca breaks contact with the Orphean Wing band members. This brings them and herself back into normal phase.

And while all this is going on, Daxton takes advantage of the time to make certain that Eve isn't going to be getting up anytime soon with a precise strike to her temple. Then he frisks her until he finds the sheath she was using to hide the ice knife and retrieves the weapon for safekeeping. Once its blade is covered, the air in the pavilion quickly returns to the late spring warmth and Tabitha's color returns to normal as quickly as Violet's did after blocking Tiamat's flame.

It's not long before the authorities arrive. It's been only a few minutes since the strange kidnapping attempt began, although to those here it likely feel like much more time has gone by. Fans lining up outside the stadium for the finale concert are shocked when the Thunder Bay PD arrive, along with members of their new supers division as well as FBI tactical units. Inside the stadium the criminals are rounded up, with Adam, Eve, and Bahamut getting put into secure medical transports. There is no small furor among the law enforcement types when Adam and Eve are positively identified.

When it's all said and done, talk of shutting down the event is quickly ended by the organizers pointing out that the stage and stands are not part of the crime scene and if they tried to send fifteen thousand fans home they'd likely have a riot on their hands. The police finally agree when they are allowed to continue conducting their investigation and witness interviews back behind the stage and Tabitha promises that she will make herself available to them once their performance is finished.

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