(2016-06-15) Skateboarding 101
Skateboarding 101
Summary: Daxton and Felicia hang out at the skatepark
Date: 2016-06-15
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Area 51

In good repair, tended to not by the city, but those youngsters who frequent the park, there are a whole array of things to here. Above the stone pillar entry way, there is a sign, hand painted graffiti style, with an alien and a ufo and large green letters declaring the park to be, Area 51 Skate Park. It's a sea of fenced in concrete. Well not a sea really, but it is concrete and a large amount of it. A large part of it is sunken in to create a deep bowl. Around the sunken park are the various other obstacles that are commonly found here. Each one lined up so the skater can hit each one right after another as they skate around the park. Rails line another area. There are a few concrete benches set up at a safe distance inside the fence and a few more on the outside of the fence for those that want to watch.

Felicia has cinched second shift at the amusement park during the week, leaving her mornings and afternoons free for summer fun. Today it is the skatepark. She even has a skateboard, it's not new but it is in pretty good shape, purchased from the thrift store probably after some mother forced her child to give it up after breaking something. She isn't riding it at the moment, she is sitting on the edge of the deep bowl, watching the skaters that are there skating down, across and up, doing the various stunts that is common for the obstacle.

Daxton is sitting next to her, hands free of bandages but still red. And a beanie, despite the heat on his head. He's tried, and for the most part, kept a low profile. The speedster has fallen back into no eye contact with anyone though, that spark of whatever gone. A leg bounces as he watches the tricks preformed as well, "Think you can do any?"

Felicia puts fingers to lips and lets out a whistle as one of the skaters catches air, does a 360 twist thing and sticks the landing on the bowl's side and rolls to the bottom and after gaining a bit of speed goes up the other side to do another stunt. "Of that?" there is a gesture made to the stunts going on in the bowl "Not even." she looks around the skatepark and over to some younger kids that are pushing themselves on their boards around the outside the stunt area but still on the concrete, staying out of the way of the more advanced skaters "That's more my speed." she's a noob.

Daxton chuckles, but nods. "Hey man, gotta start somewhere." He seems happy to just be out of the school. He may have also snuck in some push up in his room to help clear his head. "I wish there was a place for parkour." Well, he's thought about the abandoned hospital.

She looks from the beginners to the skaters in the bowl and then at Dax, though she is polite about the eye contact thing, not forcing it on him. "Yeah." picking up the skateboard she gets to her feet "Though I'm sure you just wanna laugh at me." she is amused by that though. "You can try at Astro Park, before it opens." way before it opens "Between the rides, the food places and the mini-golf you can probably get a good route going."

Daxton appreciates it. Well, he would if he realized. He chuckles softly, "Not just." The idea is promising, "Maybe. I’ll need to scout it out. Maybe next time you guys order pizza."

"Sure." Felicia drawls "I'm sure there will be some making fun of me about it later too." she fully expects that. it's all part of the teenage learning process "You coming?" she gives a head nod to the other side, where she too will be out of the way of people that know what they are doing. "We do that a lot. The pizza at the park sucks. It's like cardboard with greasy cheese." she pulls a face at the thought of it.

"Yus." she agrees as she drops the skateboard to the ground, which she then has to flip over to the proper side with a foot "Now I want funnel cake." because it's the best for when you have a sweet tooth. Planting her foot in the center of the board she pushes off with the other. This is an occasion where knowing your own strength is a good thing, and while the teen Titan does in most cases, she doesn't when it comes to skateboarding. To fast, to soon and she is sprawling face first on the pavement as the board comes flying out from under her feet, straight at a group of young kids.

< FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Success.

Daxton stifles a snicker, "Yeah. Funnel cake, all that is good." he really didn't mind when they tipped him in tokens. So yummy. He'd comment more about food, but then Fel is launching a skateboard shaped rocket at a group of children. Daxton does what's instinct and races in front of it, catching it in one hand as he spins and makes his way back to try to stop Felicia from face planting.<OOC> Daxton says, "let me know if you want me to roll for catching her, she is heavy"

< FS3> Felicia rolls Density Manipulation: Good Success.
<FS3> Daxton rolls Physical: Good Success.

Catching the skateboard easy. Catching Felicia before she face plants…apparently that is easy too, despite the fact that she weighs a lot. Guess all the weightlifting has paid off. Her gah of surprise is cut short as she is suddenly not face first in the concrete. if the concrete could it would probably breath a sigh of relief. "Dude…" she says after the few seconds needed to process, "Thanks." she gives no comments about where his hands may or may not have ended up in the catching process. She is focused on the stares and attention of the other skaters the stunt has brought to them.

Daxton would ahem tried to catch her around the waist. Groping a Teammate won't on his list of things to do today. Esepcially not groping Felicia, who he thinks might kill him in his sleep if he did. He ironically tells her, "Slow down." She's steadied on her feet while he holds the board. The whispers are starting though, it's been too soon for people's minds to //not immediately jump back to the matrix video that was posted Monday.

Felicia snerks, yeah she gets the irony in the comment too "You're one to talk." she tells him as she smoothes her hoodie and pats her pockets to make sure nothing is missing. The stares were one thing, whispers…that's different "Don't you people have skateboards to ride and knees to bust up?" she goes on the defensive as she raises her voice with the question, she isn't quite yelling, but it will be a short trip to get there.

Daxton's eyes dart around, suddenly realizing he just blew his own cover. "Shit." It's not //horrible, just…not what he wanted to deal with today. His head ducks, "I'm gonna jet. I'll catch you later." They should leave Fel alone, right?

As if darting around delivering pizzas didn't do that already. Her question isn't enough to stop the whispering, but it is enough to make them go back to what they were doing. not all the whispering is bad though, there are a few thumbs up gestures coming from some of the more extreme skaters. "Seriously Dax…" she doesn't wanna hang out by herself, "don't let them run you off." they are the issue in her point of view, not Dax. She notes the hang dog look though and glances around then gives him a grin "Funnel cake though right?" she throws that out as an option as she begins to head to the gate in the fence.

Well, yes, but he hasn't darted around doing that since Monday! Daxton dares a glances up at Fel's face, "You don't have to stop…" her grin is kind of infectious and he quirks one back at her, "Sure. I could go for a funnel cake."

Of course she does, it's that whole friends stick together thing, but she doesn't argue the point and lets her actions speak for her instead. "oh good, saves me from having to drag you." she jokes as she makes her way in the direction of the amusement park.

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