(2016-06-15) Mmm, Chicken
Mmm, Chicken
Summary: Tabitha and Koa find Kaylee working on her bball skills in the gym
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Gym Coral Springs
Wed Jun 15, 2016 — Wed Jun 15 14:00:18 2016

A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

It's summer! There are no classes! And there is very little responsibility to be had! However, there are some people that are still fairly diligent in some things. Kaylee would just happen to be one of those people when it came to basketball! Everyday, for at least an hour, she hits the gym and shoots around, practices dribbling, free throws, and passing. Which is what she's doing right now! Working at the top of the key, Kaylee has the ball. She dribbles normally a few times, then crosses it over in front of her a couple of times, behind her a couple of times, then dribbles it behind her back, side-hops and shoots! And bricks. And runs to chase the rebound.

Here comes Koa! Dressed in a black tank top that's stretched against the giant kid's torso, blue and white soccer shorts, bare feet and a black bandana, the Hawaiian is hugging a red plastic bucket as he lumbers by the entrance to the gym. What? Did anyone think he's actually coming /into/ the gym to exercise? PFFFT! But the fact that there is someone in the gym, and the fact that that someone is a female thing bouncing about, Koa backtracks to the door to watch, CUZ.

Tabitha is another that has been keeping to her (new) regular habits. Even during the band competition she was up every day at zero-fuck-this-thirty to run. She started out doing laps in the gym at first, but that never felt like far enough. So she changed to starting in the gym then heading down the sea tunnel to Paragon Island to do a few laps of that. But now she's changed it up to flying a few miles outside of Shady Cove then running into town, doing laps on the ferry as it crosses to the islands, then running over to do laps on Paragon and finally making her way back inside to the gym. Because as she's learning these past few weeks, she's apparently the type of person that doesn't feel achievement is enough when overachievement is possible.

But that was this morning before sunrise. Now she's coming back to the gym because she's feeling restless and needs something to keep her occupied. The band has decided that they've rehearsed enough for whatever happens on Friday, so they've all tucked their instruments away and are taking these last couple days off. So to deal with restlessness, she's coming up here to do some lifting, stretching, and the like. She's dressed in her workout clothes of black sports bra and bike shorts with a red blindfold covering her sensitive eyes.

She pauses on her way into the gym to grin at Koa's backpeddling and looky-loo into the gym. She hears the basketball dribbling and nods to herself when she sees it's Kaylee in there. "Don't stare too hard there, Island Boy. She's got eyes in the back of her head, y'know."

Well, she might, sure. But, their range is limited, and Kaylee's totally focused on basketball! So she doesn't notice either Koa or Tabitha's entry as she retrieves the ball and returns to the previous spot- top of the key, just inside the three point line. Dribble, dribble, cross, cross, between the legs, between the legs, behind the back and side step, jumpshot aaaaand … score! The ball goes in the basket this time! Which really only means she doesn't have to run as far to shag the rebound. And then it's wash, rinse, repeat as she sets up to follow the pattern again. Except this time, instead of sidehopping to the left for the jump shot, she goes right. Because you gotta be able to go both ways if you're gonna be great! Aaaand brick. Le sigh.

Koa scrunches up his nose as if he's got a fly up his nostril, sniffling and rubbing at it with the back of his free hand. Up till Tabitha shows up and issues a warning, and he looks her way. "Tabby." He greets. "Wot, she does? Like under her hair? How's she see through all that hair? And how's she cry?" He wonders aloud, before reaching into the bucket to pull out a piece of KFC drumstick. It's almost lifted up for a bite, but he pauses and tentatively offers it to Tabitha. "Snack?"

"Sure, thanks." Tabitha takes the offered chicken and bites in with the gusto of the well exercised. Then she nods into the gym, "You planning on coming in or just leering? I could use a spotter, and you're one of the few strong enough that are still around for the summer." Regardless of his answer she'll start into the gym. She makes short work of the chicken leg, downing it bone and all then licking her fingers clean (thus proving the old KFC tagline true). She'll head around the court, giving a wave to Kaylee when she's between jump shots and making her way over to the weights area.

This time, when the ball went bouncing off of the rim, it actually bounced towards Tabby and Koa, so Kaylee comes jogging in her direction. And as far as Koa's hopes for bouncing, there isn't a whole lot to watch, there, as she's just starting to fill out the tank top she's wearing, not even really needing a sports bra yet. But when she gets closer and sees Tabitha and Koa, she'll wave for a second, before realizing it's Tabitha. "OH MY GOSH TABBY!" she shouts and peels off towards the girl at a dead run, apparently about to pounce her. "Oh y gosh oh my gosh! You made it all the way!!!" And Tabitha can be prepared to be glomped by an incoming Kaylee bearhug.

Evidently, the bucket is just filled with greasy KFC goodness, as Koa grabs a second drumstick and starts tearing into it with gusto. Also, after a moment of contemplation, he shrugs both shoulders and starts to follow Tabitha into the gym. He hasn't gone five steps when Kaylee squeals and runs towards Tabs, clearly for a HUG. Koa's response is entirely natural: his beady eyes go wide for a second, then the bucket is lowered to his side, big mitts wiping on his top, then he is all ready to receive HUGs, too.

Tabitha isn't so much startled by the sudden rush and glomp so much as she's surprised that it's Kaylee doing it. This happening in such a short timescale was not on her list of 'things likely to happen this summer'. It was, in fact, much lower on that list than her band making it to the Final Three in the band competition. But she's nothing if not quick on her feet, so Kaylee is caught and hugged and her squees get a wide smile from Tabitha. "I know! And then they pulled that 'wait and see' stunt! Smokey Robinson or not I was ready to shank a bitch!" The tiny girl holds up the larger Kaylee and spins around on her toes a few times before setting Kaylee back down again.

"Language!" Kaylee gasps at Tabitha's treat to Smokey Robinson. But, she's smiling again quickly enough, waiting to be sat back down. Then, she grimaces a little, realizing that maybe it was a little out of place to glomp someone she didn't entirely trust. But there's just so much enthusiasm! What else could she do? Tucking a few strands of hair behind her ears as she settles down a little, Kaylee realizes that Koa was preparing to be glomped, too, so she turns to him and grins, hopping over to him so she can put her arms out for a hug- no way they're going AROUND, but she'll at least put in a good effort, giving him almost as good of a glomp as Tabby got, since it's only fair. But, most of her attention is on the band competition, as she quickly says, "… wait a minute … you don't know if you won or not!?!?!?"

He gets a hug too - Aw yeah. "Aw yeah." Koa actually says that line, grinning like he just ate an entire roasted pig, and hugs the blonde back enthusiastically. The girls are talking about some stuff that he doesn't know anything about (nor care about, really), so the big Hawaiian just continues hugging Kaylee like a gigantic octopus.

Tabitha shakes her head at Kaylee's question as the Koa-hug happens. "Nope. We got the same surprise as everyone else while standing on stage. Apparently we'll get the news on Friday just before going live. They'll tell us who the opening acts are and the one remaining is the champion. So all three bands have to prep a two hour set 'just in case'." She rolls her eyes at this but then shrugs in a 'what're ya gonna do' manner. "We decided to take these last couple days off, though. No point in stressing out about it."

Kaylee giggles and smirks up at Koa when he comments on her hug, wrinkling her nose up at him for a second before pointing out, "I'm way too hot and sweaty to snuggle right now, Koa." In other words, release release! At Tabitha's explanation, Kaylee balks, mouth hanging open. "No way! How can they do that!? How are you supposed to be ready? How is that faaaair?" she whines, flailing a little. "They didn't tell you AT ALL? Like, not even a hint?" And then Kaylee gets suspicious, narrowing her eyes in Tabitha's general direction- it's pretty obvious that she's not using them at all right now. "… or did they tell you, and they just swore you to secrecy!?"

"Don't matter to me, I'm always sweaty." Koa announces, because that's so hawt. Still, he's not entirely oblivious, so Kaylee is released and saved from being squeezed by giant Hawaiian panda. As the blonde girl turns back to wail at Tabitha, Koa squints and peers at the back of Kaylee's head, evidently looking for those extra eyes. And when he finds nothing, he shrugs and hollars. "What are you guys talking about?"

Tabitha holds her right hand up in the classic 'court witness' pose. "I swear they didn't tell us yet! This whole thing has been a dance of the blind, I swear." Sha grins to herself as she notices Koa scoping the back of Kaylee's head. "Band competition. Started with fifty, now we're one of only three left."

When Koa starts inspecting the back of her head, Kaylee blinks a couple of times and runs her hands through her semi-wet hair. "Do I have something in my hair?" she asks, turning around to look up at Koa. She glowers a little and fusses with her hair for several seconds until she's certain she can't find anything there. She shoots Tabitha a wary glance, pursing her lips for a second as she decides whether or not to believe her. When it's the latter, she sighs and shakes her head. "Oh my gosh, that stinks SO bad. I've been so so so excited, I'm going to be SO peeved if they don't pick you guys. I called in and voted like a zillion times while you were on, Saturday and Sunday." She makes another face, then, another sigh drooping her shoulders. "It's too bad the show's so far away. If it were here, I'd SO be there, cheering, either way."

Koa's clueless expression clearly says "What band thing?" even though he doesn't say it out loud, but either way he doesn't seem too worried about it. He gives the back of Kaylee's head another look, then frowns and points. "She don't got no eyes there!" He declares, before leaning down (with some effort) to pick up his bucket. "So who's in your band?" Asks the Hawaiian who is clearly miles behind the current conversation.

"Well that part is taken care of, at least. Each band got one hundred seats to fill for free, and Master Nathan is setting up some crash space for anyone that wants to come. Band families didn't take many seats since Trini and I are both orphans. So my share is for anyone from here who wants to come." Tabitha is trying to hide her grin at Koa's scrutiny by keeping her mouth busy talking. "And with the maglev station in town it's barely more than an hour's trip." Koa gets a grin. "Not actual eyes. She can just see in every direction. And my band is all kids from back home."

"Eyes???" Kaylee asks, blinking up at Koa. And then Tabitha explains a little, letting Kaylee guess what happened, and she giggles, poking Koa in the arm. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you thought I actually had eyes. And Tabby's band is a bunch of other teenagers she grew up with that play … like … I don't know what kinda music you call it. But, they made it into a competition, and they won here, and they won in Thunder Bay, and they're going to find out if they won the whole thing on Friday!" Kaylee elaborattes. Then she turns back to Tabitha and looks a little uneasy. "… do you think they'd let me go, if I asked? After the whole Lynzee rescue, I haven't even wanted to think about asking staff for anything, let alone to let me take a trip out of town. Even if it IS with a bunch of other kids. I … I don't want them to think I'm always gonna be a troublemaker!"

Koa glances over. Did Kaylee poke him in the arm? Or was that a mosquito bite? He's just not sure. "You never know. There's some weird kids here, just sayin'." He nods sagely, and rewards his ironclad logic with another piece of KFC to nom on. "When is this thing? I'll come along. And Kay can hide behind me, no one will ever know."

Tabitha gives Kaylee a somewhat mystified look. "You're not in prison, Kaylee. And you don't need permission to go anywhere when school's out for break. Hell, I'd bet half the faculty isn't even here." She shifts her focus to Koa to answer his question. "It's on Friday. Starts about 6pm."

Kaylee grimaces at Tabitha's look and drops her head down between her shoulders. "Well, yeah, but … I wanna make a good impression! If they can trust me when they're NOT here, they'll trust me when they are!" she reason. And then Koa's offer makes her smile up at him again and giggle a little. "Koa, if nobody knows I'm there, then I'm not cheering loud enough! I even got dressed up for the show they did here on Friday. Violet helped me put on makeup and everything!"

"I mean no teacher will ever know." Koa clarifies with a big grin, then chomps on the KFC bit some more before pointing the half-eaten drumstick to the weights. "Dude, I thought you wanna me to be your spotter, Tabs. We doing this thang?"

Tabitha is about to respond to Kaylee when her phone goes off quietly. She pulls it from her waistband and looks at it briefly then sighs. "So sorry but I've got to take this. It was good to run into you both."

Kaylee blinks a little when Tabitha's phone goes off. But, if it's important, it's important! Kaylee just grins and waves at her in her usual, frenetic manner, and watches her go to take her call. Left alone with Koa, Kaylee turns back to him and looks uuuuup at him. "Well, maybe later?" she offers, on Tabs behalf. "You're welcome to come shoot around with me, if you want?"

Koa blinks as Tabitha runs off, but all he does is shrug his shoulders like nothing bothers him. And nothing does! Kaylee's invitation to hoop-shooting makes him wince, and his face scrunches up comically. "Naw, that's too exhaustin'." The real reason is probably he can't run or jump, given his bulk. "Oh hey, y'know the D-Man thinks I'm unbeatable at Arena Fetch, so I'm thinking I'll play for Prommy next year. You gonna join the team too?"

"The … D … man?" Kaylee asks, obviously confused. "… Daxton?" she guesses. But, at his suggestion, it's her turn to wince and make a face, shrugging her shoulders way up. "I don't know? I … nobody has really asked me or talked to me about it. I'm … really not very strong," she says, shaking her head. She pulls at the back of her hair again, keeping the wet strands from sticking to her skin. She's not sweating NOW, so the sweaty hair is feeling a little icky!

"Derek." Koa clarifies. "And naw, you don't need to be strong to play Arena Fetch; you pretty good with that ball." He gestures at the basketball. "Prommy never had much of a team, so I think maybe next year we can have a comeback. I mean I can't catch a ball to save my life, but look at me, I just need to sit myself in front of the goal and no one will ever score! We can't lose!"

Kaylee giggles and grins at Koa's suggestion of himself as a goalie. And Derek! That D-guy! "Well, I mean … I'll try out? I came in after the last games were played, so I've only ever seen highlights and stuff, so I don't know how it's actually played. But, I'm not against trying!" she says, smiling. "Did you play last year?"

Koa shakes his head. "Nooo. The senior guys took one look at me and decided I wasn't good enough for the team." Cuz, big and fat and can't run! "Cuz, that was before they saw what I turn into, hawhaw. Joke's on them." The big Hawaiian doesn't seem at all offended by it though. "Yeah, you and I can try out together, we'll be a KICKASS team. Dunno who else's gonna sign up though."

Kaylee grins and laughs a little at Koa's enthusiasm about their teamwork. "But do you even know what I can do, Koa? I mean … how come you thought I had eyes in the back of my head? Didn't anybody tell you how my space thingy works?" she asks, canting her head to the side.

"Eh?" Koa scratches the side of his head. "Well Tabs said yo had eyes on the back of yo head. I dunno, some people here get all friggin' sensitive when yo ask them about their powers, so I usually don't ask." He rolls one shoulder. "Don't usually matter to me anyway. It ain't worth the trouble of listenin' to their moody whinin', y'know?"

Kaylee ahs and nods a little. She smiles and shrugs again, clasping her hands behind her as she looks back up at Koa. "Well, I don't have any problem talking about mine, so you can always ask me anything you want!" she offers. "But, when I'm not wearing my glasses, my eyes kinda turn off and instead of seeing what I'm looking at, I basically just … FEEL all of the light that's around me. It works in kind of a dome and I can feel anything within like fifty feet of me REALLY good. I can even see around corners and under stuff, too, but I can't see THROUGH anything that's not already clear," she explains.

Koa listens and furrows his brows. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer so it's hard for him to keep up with the explanation. Until that last little bit, which causes him to blink and looks down at himself. The bucket is now held in both hands, right in front of his soccer shorts. "You can see UNDER stuff, huh." Ahem.

"Oh yeah, like under beds, or desks, or chairs or tables or stuff like that!" Kaylee offers, smiling again and absolutely not catching anything that Koa might be thinking. "But … I don't really get any details. Mostly just shapes and colors. Like, I can't really see your face or your eyes or anything right now, just the general outline of your head. I mean, if I focus, I can GET more details, but most of the time, I'm good with just the outlines!"

"Oh. You can't see the details of my face?" Koa sounds incredulous to hear that, and considers for a moment. "I look like Justin Bieber, if yo wondering." Beat. "So yo sayin', if we kill the power durin' Arena Fetch, you'll be the only one able to see the balls? We're totes gonna win!"

Kaylee LAUGHS at Koa saying he looks like Justin Beiber and shakes her head, poking him several times in his arm now. "NO you DON'T! I've seen you with my glasses on, Koa. Plus, I can't see DETAILS, but the general shape isn't anything similar," she responds, still grinning. The mention of killing the power has her grimacing and tucking her hair behind her ear again as she shakes her head. "No … I … I don't really do 'dark,'" she says quietly. "Plus, if there's no light, I can't really see anything. My brain just detects all the light in the area. If there's no light, there's nothing for my brain to detect. … and I kinda freak out. A lot." And with this, Kaylee turns a little pink and looks aside, obviously embarassed about it, especially with some of the issues it's caused her recently!

"Oh yeah, right. Yo need lights to see." Koa grimaces in turn, and scratches the back of his neck. See? Not so good at thinking. Just like that attempt to pass himself off as Bieber, so he's not going to touch it again. "Hey, why yo freak out when it's dark? I think yo just need some relaxation techniques, which my family specializes in. Like kung fu." Beat. "I can teach yo kung fu… but after dinner. Yo wanna grab dinner?"

Kaylee winces and shakes her head when he asks her about why she freaks out when it's dark. "It's … I mean … I don't know how people DON'T freak out in the dark …," she says, quietly. But then he offers her relaxtion techniques … and kung FU!? "YEAH! That'd be awesome! Then maybe we really could kick butt!" she says, happily. And then she makes a serious, 'kung fu' type face. "Waaaaaah …. waaaaaaaAAAAAaaah …. hiiiiYAH!" she calls out in her best Bruce Lee fashion, totally doing kung fu chops and a kick! Well, okay, so maybe it's totally not kung fu. But the kick might be at least a LITTLE impressive, since it's really high and she actually has really good form and balance- dance lessons for the win! And then Koa is offering dinner, and Kaylee can't help but giggle and smile up at him again. "Um … sure! But … shouldn't you finish your pregame first?" she asks, pointing at the bucket of chicken Koa's been working on.

Koa smiles and bobs his head in approval at Kaylee's martial art display, like a giant anthromorphic panda teacher. And then the bucket of KFC is pointed out to him, which is promptly blinked at. "What, this? It's okay. This is just snack, I can save it up for tonight." Then he's already turning to head out of the gym, but clearly waiting for Kaylee to come along. "Yo need to shower first or something? Cuz if yo do Imma gonna meet yo at the cafeteria."

Kaylee just grins at Koa's 'snack,' nodding a little. "Yeah, I need to put my ball back in my room and shower and change, so … meet you in like, thirty minutes? Is that okay?" Since waiting on dinner is nobody's favorite thing to do!

"In thirty minutes I'd eaten half the kitchen. See yo in fifteen, trooper!" Koa enthusiastically points a finger at Kaylee, and hurries off for his feeding grounds. Of course, for Koa his 'hurrying' means a slightly faster shuffle than walking.

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