(2016-06-15) Hump Day Hub Hangout
Hump Day Hub Hangout
Summary: Students at Coral Springs hang out in the dorm hub on a Wednesday night.
Date: IC Date (2016-06-15)
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs
Wed Jun 15, 2016 — Wed Jun 15 23:04:11 2016

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

A notice has been posted. An official sign now hangs on the yellow taped laundry room door, it reads: Notice: Restricted Access, Students Prohibitied.

Becca is laying on one of the couches and reading a magazine. She's even smiling to herself softly as she eats marshmallows from the bag and considers the fashion advise.

Kaylee, on the other hand, is just coming back from … someplace else … and is just making it back into the Hub. When she sees Becca, she stops and waits for a second, noticing her happy mood, and deciding maybe it's still okay to be friends. So, she diverts her direction from the Prometheus hub towards Becky's spot on the couch. "Heya, Becky with the good hair," she calls out, offering a much milder wave than usual. "How's it going?"

"Oh my god, that's a terrible nickname." Becca throws a marshmallow at Kaylee and shrugs. "Good. How about you? Wearing Grayson down?" She wonders and arches her brows at her. More marshmallows, these are eaten. "I totally just realized that like no one here speaks Chinese. So I can just say what ever I need to and no one knows, it's amazing."
Sure, she'd gotten a brief tour earlier when she'd run into Dax, and yeah, her sense of direction is pretty good but still. Memorizing the whole place in a couple hours is beyond her. Anabel appears from one of the tunnels, coming to a stop just inside as she gives the area a slow look around. Huh.

Kaylee laughs as the marshmallow is thrown at her. It doesn't reach, but Kaylee does stop to pick it up on her way over, depositing it in the nearest trash without missing a beat. "Actually, I haven't seen Grayson in a few days. He's pretty good at not being around people he can't stand, and I'm fairly certain I'm one of those. I don't know what it is with Ares boys," she says, shaking her head a little and frowning sadly. But! It's summer, the suns out, no time for being sad! Plus, she just learned something awesome! "Wait a minute, you speak Chinese?" she asks, gawking a little. "That's SO COOOL!"

"Of course. I speak Mandarin." Becca shakes her head. "I even told Dax everything-in Chinese, but I feel sooo much better." She sighs and munches on a few more marshmallows from the bag in front of her.

Koa waddles through one of the tunnels into the Ocean Floor Hub, still in his tank top, soccer shorts, bandana and bare feet. Gone is his bucket, to be replaced by a huge bag of popcorn that he's casually munching on. Upon seeing a few girls gathered in the area, his face scrunches up as he considers his options. Yeah, he looks in absolute agony as his fear of sharing his popcorn battles battles his desire to hang out with girls, and her verbalizes it by making little noises of "But… this…" Then he sighs, and eventually decides to head over to the girls, with a suddenly casual "Sup?"

The two girls catch Anabel's attention, and she eyes them for a brief moment before squaring her shoulders. It's always easier when she makes the first move, so… "Hi," she offers with a brief wave to Becca and Kaylee as she moves towards them. Koa arriving has her steps faltering as her chin slowly lifts to let her take in the sight of the large guy. Wow.

"Really? You did!? That's great!" Kaylee says, happy for her friend. "… but … he didn't understand any of it?" Maybe not so great? Kaylee moves to join Rebecca on the couch, if there's space, tucking herself onto the far end. But then Koa's here! She grins and offers him one of her typicall frenetic waves. "Hey, Koa! How's it hanging, dude?" she tries, and it really probably doesn't work for her, but she tried! And then there's MOAR PEOPLE for Kaylee to say hi to. Except this one, Kaylee doesn't recognize! Quickly fishing her glasses out of her pocket, she slides them on so she can look at Anabel. And then, even though she JUST sat down, she hops back up and makes her way towards the new girl, smiling wide. "Hey! I haven't seen you around before! Are you new? Welcome to Coral Springs! I'm Kaylee!"

"Oh, hey! I'm Becca, Athenian." Becca identifies to the two other students, in case. Small world and all that. She holds out her marshmallows to Koa. "Sup, marshmallow? Kaylee didn't want the one I threw at her. It's so heart breaking." To Kaylee she shrugs. "It works for me." She adds and tosses another marshmallow at the girl lightly.

New? Who's new? Koa blinks at Kaylee's exclamation, turning to his left then his right, looking for this 'new' person. Which turns out to be Anabel, right? "ALOHA!" He greets with a big toothy grin once he spots her, along with a wave. Then he's distracted by Becca's offer of marshmallow. "Wot? Were yo offerin' me marshmallow? Or were yo callin' me marshmallow? That's confuzzlin'!" He complains (which really isn't much of a complain) as he sets down his heavy ass on the nearest couch, and holds out a big mitt for some of Becca's white cotton candy.

The introduction from Becca snags Ana's attention, and she swings her focus to the other girl. "Anabel…" she offers. She'd heard about teams earlier, but hadn't realized introductions included naming yours. What is she supposed to say when she's only been there a day? Oh! "Uh…new?" That'll work. She flashes a grin at Kaylee as she approaches, and nods. "That obvious to you, too, eh?" The loud greeting from Koa has her grinning just a little wider. "Hey."

There's a crowd of people here. This bears investigating. "Hey, guys," Jacob says, waving as he heads over. "Dax, hey, how are you? Thought I heard you landed in the infirmary. Again."

Permission given or not, Dax has had enough waiting and was in th gym, working out. Sometimes a teen just needs to clear his head. The speedster is walking back to the Ares dorm, towel over a shoulder and he slows, seeing a giant party forming in the hub. Huh. Well. The speedster picks up his pace again to normal walking speed and nods to people. Jacob asking has he stopping, "I'm okay. Nothing permanently damaged." He's no longer got bandages on his fingers, but is wearing a sky cap, strangely.

"Small school, everyone at least recognizes each other." Becca shrugs and grins at Koa. "I'm sorry. Would you like a marshmallow?" She asks and pours some into his hands with a smile. "Hey Jacob." She offers and looks up at Dax with a happy smile. "Hey stranger, marshmallows?"

Kaylee giggles at Koa's confusion, but Kaylee turns around to give Rebecca a shocked look at her accusation of 'not wanting.' "You threw it at me and it hit the fl-," she's about to protest. But, then another marshmallow is flung at her, and this one she reaches out to catch. Or almost catch- and almost catch again … and aga- awww, nope. After bobbling it a couple of times, the marshmallow hits the floor and Kaylee droops. "See? It hit the floor. And I'm soooo not eating a marshmallow off of the floor," she says, sticking her tongue out at Rebecca and then smiling. Then, she turns back to Anabel, smiling. "Yeah, what Becky said. Plus, it's summer, so … it's pretty much a skeleton crew around here. New people stand out a ton," she adds.

Koa accepts the marshmallows from Becca and plops a full palmful into his mouth. And even then they don't last long! The arrival of the boys gets a look from the big dude, but he's too comfortably settled in to do much more than upnod at the pair, along with a casual "Sup, dudes?" Amidst all this, he hears Kaylee's comments and he leans forward to peer at the blonde girl. "Hey now! Don't waste nuthin'." He points a thick finger at the marshmallow on the floor. "Give that to me!"

Anabel finds her cheeks flushing faintly pink at the admission from the others that she sticks out. Well, at least it wasn't her supposed 'accent' as Dax had suggested earlier. "Ah, I guess that makes sense. Yeah…my mom thought coming over the summer might give me a better chance to get comfortable before the fall." she explains. The gathering has suddenly gotten large…fast…!

Jacob nods to Daxton, rubbing his eyes a bit. "Have I mentioned that lit class is evil?" He has. More than once. Then, spotting Kaylee's impromptu juggling act, he winces a bit. And politely ignores Koa's request, offering a hand to Anabel instead. "Jacob, hi. Also Athena. And yeah, she might be on to something, it's a…" Weird? "…different bunch around here. Interesting! But different."

Daxton responds back to Rebecca, "Hey Grandma." A hand is reached out though, marshmallows are to be had. Koa gets an up nod in return, "Hey man." Ana gets a friendly smile, although he's still not making eye contact with anyone. Lit class, "Truth there, man." Dax is lucky (?), with his job, he's not really doing much school work.

"Oh!" Kaylee chirps when Koa demands the marshmallow. She quickly leans down to snag it and hand it to the giant, grimacing the whole time. "… you're not actually going to eat that, are you?" she asks, even though she hands it to him for just that purpose. "… Rebecca HAS more, you know?"

"Anabel," the 'new kid' replies as she reaches to returns Jacob's shake. "New." Yup, that's how she's going to do it. No team, so new it is! His description of the students has her canting her head to the right, and she chuckles. "Yeah, I hear I'm not unique here…which is…strange. Not having to hide." Forget the fact she was sent here to keep from being discovered…so technically she's hiding. Shhh.

"Class is over Jacob." Becca gasps. "Who would study during the summer?!" She would, but she's not admitting that. Dax gets a laugh. "Come over here whippersnapper, have some sugar an court an early grave." She tells him before nodding to Anabel. "It takes some getting used to-but its awesome really."

Koa promptly takes the marshmallow and pops it into his mouth for some chew-time. THEN he peers up at Kaylee and slows down his chewing. "Eat what?" He asks. And blinks. Then resumes chewing and swallows. Now he settles back again, and shifts his bag of popcorn on to his substantial belly, so he can begin devouring the popcorn instead.

Becca's not getting off the hook that easy. Dax steps over and grabs a handful, "Don't lsietn to her Jacob, she was studying history the other day." Dax tries, and fails, to not chuckle at Koa and the floor food. "10 second rule, man."He glances over at Ana, "Doing okay?"

Jacob shoots Daxton a quick grin. "Oh, was she, now? What do you say, Becca, should we be shopping for diamond-studded granny glasses?" He picks a spot and settles down. "At least it's just the one class, I think two would send me swimming down to Brazil for an early retirement."

Kaylee makes a disgusted face, but laughs, as she says, "Ewww, Koa! That's gross!" She shakes her head at him and smiles, then turns back to Anabel, canting her head to the side a little. "So where are you from, Annie?" she asks, settling on to the arm of a couch so that she can sit and chat, rather than stand and chat.

Dax's question has Anabel drawing a deep breath before she bobs her head firmly, once, and exhales. "Yeah, sure…it's a bit overwhelming, but…." She trails off and shrugs. "I'll get used to it I guess." The banter among the others has her falling silent until Kaylee focuses on her. "Ana," she corrects before adding, "Canada." Yup the whole country.

"Is that how it's gonna be Dax? Busting my balls?" Becca grins and him and makes a face at Jacob. "It was my worst subject last year, but the future senior here set me straight, no books during summer." She teases and shakes her head at Kaylee and Koa. She tosses another 'mallow at Kaylee.

Koa makes a face at Kaylee's ewwwing. "Imma just doin' my part to solve the world hunger problem." He points out as he devours a fistful of popcorn, then looks over at Dax and wails. "Duuuude, not cool, man!" Angry? Not really, since he just continues munching. But even Koa knows when to pipe down, and shoots a curious look at the new girl as she talks about Canada. The whole country.

Daxton raises a hand in mock surrender, "You're the one busting people's balls, missy." How was that not cool? He was justifying Koa eating! The speedster turns back to the new girl, "It is overwhelming. Let one of us know if there's anything we can do to help. Or not do." Some of them can be pushy, no names mentioned. "We can maybe set up and watch Hockey or something is you want. Ares has a decent set up."

Kaylee laughs again at Koa, just shaking her head. "I still think it's gross," she repeats, but she doesn't harp on him about it. "Canada, huh?" she asks, once again returning her attention to Anabel. "Well, that's cool! Welcome to Coral Springs, again! I hope you decide you like it here. It's a really neat place, and the staff- when they're around, are really helpful."

"So that would be, what, field hockey?" Jacob asks, drawing his knees up to his chest as he considers. "I know how ice hockey works, field hockey… is that like on a wooden rink? Or I guess you could try something outdoors, but then you're pretty much turned it into jai-alai. Or something."

"Deal," Anabel quickly takes up Daxton on his offer. Hockey Night in Canad…er, Ares? Sure. "Yup. Well, for ten months of the year at least," Winking at Kaylee, she shoots a confused look to Jacob. "Eh? You guys don't get the NHL down here? And field hockey is played on grass, totally different sport."

"We get the NHL, my city even has a team. Which-why-I will never understand." Becca shakes her head and high fives Dax's raised hand. That's what he was going for right? She looks at Jacob and offers the marshmallow bag. "Want some?"

Koa listens to all the talk about ice hockey and NHL, then nods very, very sage-like. "Yeah, even my city has a team. Totes friggin' weird, man." He stops and glances from side to side at the various people. "Yo know I come from Honolulu and we don't have ice so it's weir… oh nevermind." And he's back to his popcorn like nothing happened.

Daxton's head tilts and he shoots Jacob a confused look, "No man, like on the TV." The dark hairs teen nods to Ana, "Let me know, I'll run and pick up some pizzas or something." Literally run. Becca gets an eye roll, but he seems amused by the high five. "We need to get you out more."

Jacob turns back toward Anabel and shakes his head. "No, the NHL I get, it's the other stuff I'm fuzzy on." Typical American boy he is, in that regard. At least he thinks so. "And— oh yeah, TV works too. Though it /could/ be good to burn off some stress at some point."

Kaylee snickers at Koa's contribution to the conversation. "There's another sport where you'd be the best goalie ever, Koa," she teases him, grinning. "Can you ice skate? I just learned how to roller skate like a month ago!"

"But I like hiding." Becca protests. "If we're grabbing pizza can I tag along? That was so fun last time. "Oh, Honolulu! Someone further west! I'm from LA." She smiles at Koa and looks at Jacob. "Field hockey is fun, totally brutal though."

"Deal." Anabel agrees to Dax's offer before she shakes her head with a grin and eyes Jacob. "I can teach you to skate," she offers to Koa and the others. And then shes yawning suddenly, a hand lifting to smother the gesture. "Wow…that came out of no where, but I'm beat." She pauses and then slowly swivels her head around, peering at the tunnels one by one. "Uh…"

Daxton would be okay with that too. Stress is like his number 3 enemy. You know, behind his real enemies. "Mayeb we can set up something, Jacob." Rebecca gets an eyebrow lift, "Don't tell me you're becoming a speed junkie…" He's teasing…mostly. He shifts, glancing around the group, "I need to go shower. I'll catch ya all later."

Koa gives Becca a surfer's salute, along with a "Honolulu rules!" announcement, then peers over to Kaylee and Anabel. "I can totes ice skate. We have snowy mountains on Oahu, totes." He bobs his head and lies, but can't keep a straight face and breaks out into snorty chuckles.

When Anabel yawns and then starts looking around, Kaylee hops up again. "Do you know where you're supposed to be bunking until you get assigned a team? I had such a hard time finding the right dorms when I first moved in here," she offers. Of course, that was normally because she wasn't wearing her glasses and therefore wasn't able to read any of the signs posted in the area, or was carrying uber-stacks of laundry. But still! "Do you need help finding it?" she offers.
Also, when Koa first mentions the snow capped mountains on Oahu, Kaylee is TOTALLY taken in. "Wait, REALLY?" she asks, turning to blink at Koa. But, when he starts laughing, she frowns a little and then rolls her eyes and smiles. "Okay, you got me, I thought you were serious."

"I think I have it…" Anabel motions towards one of the tunnels. Hopefully it's the right one as she starts towards it with a general wave to the group as a whole.

"Surf too Koa?" Becca asks and chuckles at Dax's comment. "Only until I figure out how to fly." She tell him and makes a face. "Is there an ice rink here? We could totally go ice skating."

Jacob scratches idly at the back of his neck. "We could probably find one," he muses, "just depends how far you want to stretch 'around here'. Either that, or does anyone know someone with super freezing powers?" Hey, it could totally be a thing.

"Totally surf." Koa confirms. He pops another fistful of popcorn into his maw, then starts to get his ponderous self to his feet. "Imma gonna sleep." He announces, then yawns long and hard and stretches, baring his big belly in the meantime. "See yo peeps whenevs. Peace out, yo." He even makes a sign, before he lumbers off towards the Prometheus wing.

Kaylee grimaces and shakes her head at the offer of learning to ice skte. "I don't know if I'm ready to start ice skating at the beginning of summer," she offers. "I'm pretty excited that it's nice and sunny out. We'll have all winter for ice skating." When Koa gets up to go to bed, Kaylee waves after him. "Sleep good, Koa! See you in the morning!" … or at some point, probably, since they live in the same hub. Aaaand, once Daxton is finally gone, Kaylee turns and just LOOKS at Becca, smirking.

"What?" Becca asks, looking up and noticing Kaylee. She was in a haze, all dreamily. "I was thinking about ice skating, it's so fun, especially once it gets hot." She says and slips her hands into her pockets. "So that's Koa huh?" She asks Kaylee and raises her brows.

Kaylee rolls her eyes and flops back down onto the couch, over the arm she'd been sitting on while talking to Anabel. "Don't even try to change the subject. You sure he doesn't speak Chinese?" she says, flatly, sticking her tongue out at Rebecca. "You know … I …," she starts, then stops, frowning a little. "Well, nevermind. Anyway! Yes, that was Koa. Didn't I tell you he was super funny?"

"He is, at that," Jacob replies, rubbing his eyes again. It really has been a long day for him— though perhaps not so long as for some of the others. "Anyway, I should probably go crash myself," he adds, clambering back up to his feet. "Let me know when the fun starts happening, right?"

"He is. And no, Daxton doesn't speak Chinese." Becca shakes her head and flops onto the couch. "Oh, night Jacob. Enjoy lit." She calls and waves to him before looking at Kaylee. "Im not changing the subject, you were totally flirting."

"G'night, Jacob!" Kaylee offers, waving at him lazily from her partly-horizontal sprawl on the couch. She tilts her head up to look at Rebecca upside down. "I was NOT," she protests. And then her eyes get wide and she grimaces a little. "Oh my gosh, you don't think he thinks I was, do you!?"

"Hard to say. I don't know Koa very well. He's on your team." Becca says and lounges. "Oh man. He's so cute, it feels so good to like have said it out loud."

Kaylee just looks at Rebecca and shrugs. Yup, staying out of it! "Well, as long as you're happy!" she says. And then she shakes her head, too. "I don't really know Koa that much, either. He's sooo funny, though. And really nice. But … it's not really like that. The more we talk, the more he's just like a big brother." And then Kaylee starts snickering. "A HUMONGOUS brother!"

"He's Hawaiian. Big is what they do." Becca smiles. "You surf?" She asks and props her chin in her hand. "It's super fun." She tells her and shrugs. "I bet Koa or I could show you?"

Kaylee shakes her head again. "Oh gosh, no. That's WAY too dangerous. I'd break my neck!" she says, sliding her glasses off and sticking them back in her pocket. She lays down, now, dangling her legs over the arm of the couch she's lying on as she looks over at Becca. "So do you think what I yelled at Daxton about was wrong, too? I did try to apologize for yelling."

"Ummm, I don't think it was a smart thing to say, but I don't fault you for it. He just doesn't want to date." Becca shrugs. "And he didn't, or doesn't know I like him back so I can see how that's embarrassing."

Kaylee sighs and rubs her forehead with one hand. "It's not just about dating, though. Even before we met you, the few times I talked to him, he was all closed off. Like, there were some scary guys looking for him at the skating ring, but he wouldn't tell us why or anything. And you said he's worried about hurting you or something …." she trails off. She looks back over at Becca, then. "I was honestly just trying to say he should open up to any of us, because we'd all like to be his friend. I'm sorry it came out wrong. But … well, I'm glad it didn't ruin anything between you two. I dunno what I'd do if it did."

"Move on with life? He opens up with me. That's a good starting point. He's talking and I mean to keep his secrets and help him." Becca says and plays with Kaylee's hair idly. "This thing with the shoot out going viral worries me. And I think he hit his head harder than he's letting on." She says. "But we need to get you a boyfriend first!"

Kaylee mmms and closes her eyes when Becca plays with her hair. "Well, I'm glad somebody can help him. But, yeah, I'm done," she says. But, the next comment has her confused, and she opens her eyes again to look at Becca. "Why does that worry you? If it were really an issue, the school would make sure it got scrubbed from the net. Like, if they thought we'd be in trouble for it or something …. Oh, wait. Sorry. I forgot, I was done trying to help," she glowers a little, biting her bottom lip. But then Becca is talking about her getting a boyfriend and Kaylee just laughs and reaches to poke Becca in the sides. "Oh my gosh, no! I really don't want a boyfriend, Becky. And I've thought about it. Because I've seen Grayson with his shirt off, and Koa is such a great guy. But … I don't really want to DO anything with them. I just like hanging out. And maaaaaybe snuggling with Koa, if we watch a movie, cuz he's like a giant teddy bear," she grins.

"Really? You don't want someone to kiss? Who thinks you're pretty and looks at you like-" Becca flushes a little and shakes her head. "-Uh, anyway. I don't know. I wouldn't mind dating at all. Holding hands, being all cute like Tabitha and Jacob are together." She looks down at her bag of marshmallows.

"Awwww," Kaylee says, grinning again and reaching up to twirl the ends of Rebecca's hair around her own fingers now. "That's so cute," she adds, beaming. "Buuuut … I dunno. I mean, nobody LOOKS at me like that. And even if they did, I wouldn't be able to SEE it. And … I dunno. Like, kissing?" she says, looking very confused. She shrugs her shoulders, then, and blushes a little. "I think the closest I've come to thinking about kissing anybody was one night when I was bawling and Violet was snuggling with me and made me feel better. And even then, I didn't REALLY wanna kiss her, I just was thinking, like, if my life were a movie, that would totally have been the point where we found out I was lesbian or bi or something, and we'd start kissing."

"Hey, nothing wrong with that." Becca shrugs and looks at Kaylee's fingers in her hair. "Who is messing with who's hair now? Anyway, surely someone has to. I wasn't sure about Daxton until the concert and the other day, but he'll come around, for now I can just tell him sweet things in Chinese and live my own little fantasy." She smiles.

Kaylee giggles when Becky asks who's playing with whose hair and stops, instead moving to rest her head on Becca's lap. "You're totally playing with mine, please?" she asks, grinning impishly. And from there, they stayed up talking about boys and daydreams and fantasies until they both got too sleepy and went to bed.

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