(2016-06-14) Telepathic Problems
Telepathic Problems
Summary: Sky's telepathy doesn't sit well with Dax. Rain tries to smooth things over
Date: 2016-06-14
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Coral Springs Hub

From here there is a circular stair going up to the administration level, and a couple of halls leading to the classrooms that ring the 'ground' floor of Coral Springs High. Light comes in through the large window over the administration level, once can see the cafeteria made in the old fort lighthouse and crows nest. A few benches are down here for students to occupy between classes on this level. As well, there are a few lockers in the hallways beyond the open courtyard on this level to hold students belongings during the day. There is a set of double doors leading to an elevator that leads down, more modern than the fort itself, added long after the fort was built.

Daxton huffs, but there's a smirk on his lips, "Ares is okay, yeah." The speedster is leaning against wall, fingers with bandaids and a knitted hat on his head. "I'm Ares, but all the Teams seem pretty good." He's not one of those students that tries to get new students to pick their house. Dax pushes off the wall to take the offered and, "I'm Daxton." There's a blink, "What?" people reading his surface thoughts is new to him, and not exactly making him feel comfortable. The number 23 now comes to his mind now, but he's now defensive.

Schuyler holds up his hands in a universal 'I'm sorry!' gesture, «Sorry…he…she…it…just popped up there!» This is why he's here for extra training. The older teen gets another look, but he doesn't ask about the number. «Just…look at it this way. You don't need to verbally coordinate with me?» He tenses some on his chosen seat, as if ready to leap off and start running.

He doesn't know that Daxton is a speedster.

The elevator bings, right before the door slides open to let out Rain. Stepping out her eyes immediately lock on the pair of boys on the bench, almost like she already knew they were there. Though she sees the tenseness in the goth looking boy she doesn't jump to any conclusions about what is going on. "Hello." she gives a wave as she approaches looking between the pair "Everything alright?"

Daxton's frowning, unhappy and takes a half step away from Sky. "Don't do that!" Shit, Unit 23 is not something he wants to share with people, much less people he doesn't know. Blue eyes dart to Rain and the speedster shakes his head, "It's fine." He keeps getting asked that! "I'm just leaving." Before he thinks of anything, or anyone else!

Schuyler signs, 'I knew this would happen! I'm trying to talk to this guy and he freaks out because I'm in his head and then he thinks of something and it's RIGHT THERE and I ask about it and he freaks out!'

Schuyler looks sharply at Rain when she arrives. He then gets up off of the bench and takes a couple steps away, his mental 'door' slamming shut and his hands moving quickly. Maybe he's explaining so Rain can translate…maybe he's just explaining what she just walked into. He does glance at Daxton a few times before he uses simple gestures to try and tell the other to stay and he will leave.

Rain mentally tells Schuyler »>Well then I guess you shouldn't ask about it. Just because you see it doesn't mean you have to mention it.«< (Oh the bluntness of sisters.)'

The accusation in Daxton's tone has Rain looking just as sharply at her brother, "What did you…" the question stops and she tilts her head at him "Oh…geez Sky." she glances at Daxton, she knows it isn't fine, but doesn't debate that with him. She watches the hand movements of Sky, its clearly ASL "He says he is sorry and it will never happen again." she says smoothly looking from Sky to Daxton "I'm Rain. My brother can be an idiot sometimes."

Daxton looks kinda freaked out, honestly. Although that could be the headache that's sneaking in, "No…I should go. I was going to go to the Library…" Lies, but he can now! There's nodding, but it's hard to tell if he's accepting the apology or just trying to get out of this situation. "I know…we met at the carnival briefly. I'm Daxton." The speedster glances down the hall, maybe looking for faculty. He's on the no speed fly zone, but if they don't see it, he can't get into trouble for it, right? "I'll see you guys later."

Schuyler looks between the two as they talk briefly. Even though his mental shields are currently up as heavy as he can make them, he isn't blind to Daxton's expression. He also isn't above lip-reading some. He tenses again, but not in a 'flight' way this time. Now he's just mad at himself His jaw clenches but he lifts a hand as Daxton so obviously takes his leave. He then turns back to Rain 'I knew this wasn't going to work. Now I'm freaking people out when I try to talk to them.' He doesn't know that Daxton's had emotional times of late. He's 14. It's all about him.

"Oh good, because meeting like this..awkward." Rain sorta remembers it now that is mentioned "The library…enjoy the books." and she thought she studied to much. "Maybe." she isn't going to commit to being seen later, cause she doesn't know when she is going to be asked to leave. Then she is making calming motions to Sky.

Daxton had assumed Sky was mute, not deaf by the loud comment. Seems all teens tend to think of their situations first before others. They both get a nod. It's just the way of things. Dax turns and runs. Much faster than humanly possible. He stumbles into a wall after getting out of sight. Stupid head.

Schuyler understands 'loud' and 'quiet' as concepts, especially of late. He tilts his head as Daxton runs off before he looks back to his sister and lets his shields down some. «I think I spooked him.» Most times he might be pleased about this, but it doesn't bode well for the next four years. He slides so that he's actually sitting properly in the bench and gives a sigh. «People don't like when I just talk to them.»

Rain runs her fingers through her hair as she sighs. Her long bangs just fall back into place though framing her face. »>You did.«< she glances the direction the speedster ran off in, blinking at his speed. »>But he's not everyone.«< she sits down on the bench next to him »>Not all people.«< she points out »>That Rebecca girl, the one that you ran through, didn't seem to mind.«<

Rain didn't see that part, by the time she got there is was over »>Well hearing voices in your head that aren't your own usually isn't a good thing.«< she puts a hand on his ink covered arm, that better be dry, a comforting gesture on her part. »>It has to work Sky. What choice do you have? Live as a hermit the rest of your life?«< that doesn't sound like fun. »>You need to do something, asking permission though is a good place to start.«<

The Sharpie ink has certainly dried by now, Rain doesn't need to worry about that. «I wouldn't know…» Sky offers with a little sarcasm. He's always had another voice in his head. It's 'normal' to him. «So you think I have to ask permission before I say anything ever? Do -you- ask to talk whenever you meet someone or…talk to someone?» He knows the answer full well, but Sky just wants to hear it from her.

Rain does the real mature thing and sticks her tongue out at Sky's sarcasm. She has no first hand experience with that either, but she knows in an educated sense. »>Well asking is sorta saying something, isn't it?«< and what are they going to say then…the rude ones of course will say no, but the rest will probably allow it to be polite, even if it makes them uncomfortable. She doesn't hide the afterthoughts that go with her mental words, nor does she answer the question, since he already knows the answer »>I'm sorry Sky, I wish it wasn't but you know its different.<»

Schuyler sticks his tongue right back out at her, but it only helps his mood a little. «No. I'm not digging through their heads, even though I -could-. I just won't say anything about what I pick up, but that's ridiculous to ask me to ask for permission to talk to people. I mean, I finally -can-…without you or Mom or Dad or one of the others to translate.» He shakes his head, «I'm not going to go back to that.» Not unless it's really necessary for something. «I'm going to enter a conversation like anyone else would.»

»>I know you aren't. And you can't help if you pick up a random thought or two.«< or a dozen »>That's what you are here for though.«< Rain furrows her brow, there is a flash of annoyance not aimed at her brother, just the situation he is finding himself in »>Yeah. If you pick something up just ignore it. That's probably what spooked that Daxton guy.«< she looks around a moment «<Not everyone here has pleasant backstories.«< another sigh she really hopes that it works at for him. »>Just, be careful.«<

Schuyler slides a glance to his sister, «Although I'd be afraid of what you'd tell them about me…»

Rain shakes her head »>I don't wanna know.«< and she doesn't »>That's his private thoughts, keep them to yourself.«< she gently squeezes his arm. »>Wait for what? You can't wait. You have to do this now. The longer you wait the harder it will be.«< she gives him an amused grin »>You don't want to be a freshman here at 25 do you?«< so old! That is old to a 14 year old. She is trying to lift his spirits. »>Can you pull off the mysterious goth thing?«< as opposed to nay saying his idea of talking through his siblings. »>What could I possibly tell them about you?«< that's a loaded question.

Rain shrugs »>A little late for that now.«< and she was all for him doing it and still has a bit of smug, you showed them attitude about it. »>Really weird.«< and maybe those other things too, she isn't sure about the illegal thing. »>And you have to master the I don't care look.«<

Schuyler is still impressed with himself that he got as far as New Orleans by himself, but the emergence of his powers have proven to be frustrating at best so far. «I guess I sort of have to actually, you know…not care in order to pull that look off.» He's no actor. Quite the contrary since facial expression is a big part of ASL. «I hate making you my translator all the time though. That's not fair to you.»

Maybe the interaction with Daxton really shook him up. He's being -nice- to his twin!

»>It helps, but it isn't really mandatory. The not caring bit.«< Rain moves her hand from him arm, pegging him with a look and then smirking »>Liar!«< and whether he is or not she calls him one about hating her being translator.

Schuyler does return her smirk, «Yeah? Now I know what you're saying when you -do- translate for me,» he points out. Not that he doesn't trust her to be accurate. Most of the time. «Not caring would probably be ideal, but lonely…» especially if Rain isn't going to be allowed to stay. With their older brother off with his girl all the time, he's not going to count on spending much time with him.

»>Hey..«< her mental voice drawls the word out »>I get it right…most of the time.«< though he could do that before, just not as easily as he can now. Rain really frowns at him »>Not ideal at all!«< no, not caring is not an option »>He may not be around,«< he being the brother she picked up in his thoughts »>but there is still Aviva.«<

»>Maybe to some. Totally understandable to me.«< Rain gets it, even if she isn't the one going through it, but having a front row set certainly helps. »>Yeah.«< about the ASL thing, she isn't sure about the hereabouts of their cousin, »>But at least she won't freak about the mental talking.«< she gets to her feet »>Come on. Let's go find lunch in town.«< which is what she was came after him for in the first place.

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