(2016-06-13) Tuff Turf
Tuff Turf
Summary: Wrong place, wrong time for Daxton, Oliver and Felicia
Date: 2016-06-13
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Well the day started lucky, Dax, Oliver and Felicia all had the day off and Shady Cove had lost its luster so a jump on the monorail and Thunder Bay was theirs to be had. After a movie, mall sprawling, exploration of the town was in order. They wanted to get to boardwalk at the tip of the island which meant going through a less than desirable neighborhood and that's when it went sideways. Whoever planned a gang shoot out on the trio's day off could of at least had the decency to warn them, because now the three are recently pinned down, taking cover behind a car…that isn't quite covering as one would hope.

This was Daxton's first movie in a long time at a theater. It actually made him feel normal and forget all the drama that's been happening. Which is what movies are supposed to do. But now? Pinned against the car it's all come crashing back. "I can run us out of here if you shrink us down, Fel!" The sharp clanking of bullets on metal is resonating in Dax's skull. He3's heard all of this before. And then there it is, a scream from someone who's been hit. His blue eyes widen, he's not having a hard time making eye contact now.

A normal day…how novel! Oliver was thoroughly enjoying hanging out with Felicia and Daxton until they got caught in the turf war! Seriously? What are the chances…right. Two Ares. "Do you guys just invite adventure?" is asked as he tries to peer around the side of the car. At the sound of someone being hit, he gets into a crouch, "I could fly us out too, but what about the people that are hurt?"

Team Metis in the house.

"Uhm…I can…crap. I don't have anything."

Felicia has seen this in movies, on TV and in comics, but that sort of thing doesn't prepare you for what it is like in real life….terrifying, which the teenage titan is pushing hard against. Focusing in her two friends she nods to Dax. Solid plan, running the hell out of here. "Yeah, we sent it a gold, engraved invitation. Told it how much we missed it." is the snarky comeback from the girl. This is not her idea of fun adventure. She just wanted to go check out the skateboards on the boardwalk maybe get a chilidog, not get shot at. As she reaches for Oliver the scream of pain comes. "Shit! Was that a shooter or someone else hiding like us?" she looks up and down the sidewalk and notices the small pockets of pedestrians taking cover as well as the bullets fly over their heads, coming from alleyways and buildings on each side of the street. "Do we take out the shooters or help get people to safety? Both?"

Daxton's face crunches up in a snarl, His voice lower than usual, "I'll take care of the bullets, get the civilians out. Then the shooters." The speedster's body tenses, and that's all the warning he gives before he's darting out into the middle of the exchange.

"Wait!" Oliver starts, but Daxton is already off. He's also trying to keep fairly calm as this was completely not on the cards. Teenagers aren't supposed to have to deal with this sort of thing, but they -are- heroes. "What if you shrink a bunch of those guys down and carry them to safety? I'll try and cover you. Or something." Because apparently that's what friends do, right? "If Dax is distracting them, he's fast enough to avoid the bullets, right? Come on…" he gestures for Felicia to follow him out from behind the car so they can move towards the injured.

While he's trying to duck, bullets are, indeed flying everywhere and one smacks him square in the shoulders, causing him to stumble forward with a gasp of pain. Maybe it's the surprise, maybe it's the pain, maybe it's a combination of both, but he loses his Oliver form (hah! He wasn't really wearing a t-shirt and jeans!) and shifts into his base form.

There's no blood, however, and he's pushing himself to his feet. "Ow. But I'm ok. Go! Go!" he calls to Felicia. This is new.

Hey! A plan! As long as they have a plan Felicia is all go. "I'm good Oliver." she takes a deep breath and darts out. There is a glance at the blur to her than Dax has become and she moves to cover Oliver instead. Though apparently he doesn't need it either. Thankfully she has seen him in alien form and is pretty unfazeable so his shifting doesn’t get much of a reaction. There are more important things to deal with, like saving people.

Trusting that her teammate will take care of the bullets before they reach her, and if they do her own density to keep them from doing more than bruising, she rushes to one side of the street to where a young couple people huddle. "Move! Move! Move!" she yells but when they don't move fast enough she just grabs them and tosses one over each shoulder and hustles into a building, kicking the door in to deposit them in the apartment building foyer.

Daxton was hoping they would have given him a few seconds to clear the field in front of them, but no such luck! Dax hears Oli's cry and that spurns him to move faster, catching bullets in the air with his bare hands. Afterwards, this will be a learning moment to possibly add gloves to his suit. He is a blur, rushing from one side to the other, snatching bullets from the air.

"Dax, it's ok! We're good!" Oliver calls as he winces…more bullets hitting him, but not doing any permanent or debilitating damage…that he can tell. With Felicia's density going, he tries to move to the injured to pull them out of the way.

When one gives a shout of fear at his appearance, he scowls and offers, "You want to get to safety or do you want to get shot up more?" before basically giving the guy no choice whatsoever. He tries to lift him up and drag hom to the building where Felicia brought the others…although he's not the best at the whole 'carrying people' thing. Maybe he should hit the gym.

Felicia isn't even remotely speedy as Dax, or whatever you wanna call it. But she doesn’t have to be. People are stupid sometimes, but this is not one of those times. As soon as the other bystanders notice what the trio are doing they are much quicker to rescue, at least for Felicia, alien Oliver's mileage may vary. As she rescues she is not remiss in noticing where the gunfire is coming from and after depositing the last of her rescuees she begins to rush to the alleyway where some of it is coming from, shrinking down in the process so she has an element of surprise when she springs into action.

Daxton hears his name, but doesn't respond. He's falling back into tact is he learned with Unit 23. Nab, nab, twist-The air is relatively clear now, the only bullets are just being shot, or in his hands, which will register later as burned. He stops blurring long enough to bellow, "DROP YOUR GUNS!" To emphasis he holds up both hands and lets the shot bullets he caught drop to the ground. If this were a movie, it would be a spinning camera angle. But it's not, so who knows if gang members will be impressed enough to do as ordered, run, or start shooting at Tempo.

Oliver's appearance might not be doing much good, but he's trying to ignore the looks of fright to drag people to safety. Once he's fairly certain that most are all right and being tended to, he also looks out, noting Felicia's disappearance. Daxton's bellow and gesture get a low whistle as he's impressed, at least.

He thinks a moment as he looks around for any of the gang members before he shifts into a bird and flies into one of the other alleys…an alley where there might be a gang member hiding and shooting. He'll shift back into his alien form, blue eyes glowing in the dim light and sharp teeth showing, and offer "Boo!"

One would expect that bodies would soon be flying out of the alleyway that Felicia disappeared into. Sadly that is not the case, there are sounds of a scuffle, some curse words and f-bombs dropped from both the teenage girl and whoever it is she encountered, but nope no one is being tossed anywhere at the moment.

Dax may be young and not look all that intimidating, but it isn't everyday that someone seemingly appears out of nowhere and drops a bunch of bullets from his hands. It's enough to at least make the shooting stop, though it's hard to say if the shooters dropped weapons as most as not in any line of sight, shooting from windows and alleyways. Though from the sound of the one Felicia went into and the strangled cries, clattering and sound of running from the alleyway that Alien Oliver went into it seems there will be no shooting from those places at least.

Daxton's head snaps in the direction of the scuffles, "The cops have been called. Surrender or run." Please run. He's pissed now. Let him chase someone. Hopefully the cops ahem been called, anyway. What have the civilians been doing? "Head count. Oliver, Felicia, you okay?"

"I'm all right…sore, but all right," Oliver calls as he makes his way out of the alleyway. He looks around to see if there are more gangers he needs to spook. It was both kind of fun and kind of sad to do that. He'll have to muse on that later. "You ok?" Those glowing blue eyes scan the area…not that he can see any better, but maybe someone will try taking a shot at the Alien.

"Fuck that noise!" definitely not the response one wants to here when asked about being okay, but if she can respond she must be right? One of the gangbangers comes staggering out of the alleyway a few moments later, clutching his bloody nose while trying to get a hobbit sized Felicia off his back with his other hand. She has nearly gotten him into a choke hold but her size is preventing her from getting the grip tight enough.

Daxton is going to assume that Felicia's got her dude, despite, or maybe because of her size. Oli said he's fine. So when Daxton hears feet pounding and a back door somewhere slam he grins. It's not his normal warm one. He's got a lot of negative stuff going on in his head, a chase-no, a running target might help. Oli gets another glance, his voice lower, "Make sure the cops and the school is called." And then he's off, running after whoever is attempting to flee.

At least it's summer so they can't get detention, right? Oliver pulls out his cell phone and dials the police first, stating what happened and where they were and that there were injuries. Once that's done, he calls the school, pretty much repeating the information. All this time he's been watching Felicia and the guy she's been fighting, unsure as to whether or not he should help. He doesn't want to risk her wrath for taking him down when the gang member is hers.

Felicia is lacking in fighting skills. She makes up for it though in toughness, brute strength and hopefully wit. That last one is iffy, but the first two spot on. The chokehold isn't working, so plan B it is. Pulling herself up his back a bit, she just goes for the head butt. Her forehead into the back of his head. There is the sharp crack of impact and the guy staggers forward, dropping to his knees which gets her feet on the ground and the leverage she needs to get him the rest of the way down.

Meanwhile the backdoor that Dax heard slam closed leads to an alley between one apartment building and the one on the next block. It joins up with the one that Oliver scared his guys at and continues between more apartment buildings. The guy is easy to spot as he bolts across where the two alleys intersect and on between the buildings.

Dust is in the air where Daxton was at, he weaves down the alleyway, though apartment buildings. It doesn't take the speedster long to catch up and move to grab the fleeing teen. Unfortunately there's a combination of his hands are injured and he just stepped on an unstable chuck of concrete. It shifts, completely pivoting Dax and flinging the speedster into a wall. The crack that's heard is Dax's head or possibly the wall, but not the gangster.

With his phone put away, Oliver looks around to see what's going on. Any more gang members about? The one that Daxton is chasing pretty much runs right by him, with Dax hot on his heels. Not that Oliver can keep up, but he'll run after the two to see if he can be of any help. It might be best that he's not around when the police arrive. There could be too many questions.

The only visible ones are the one that Felicia just downed, the guy finally passing out. She does double check, yep still breathing, but unconscious. She didn't see Dax run off, but she does see Oliver rush down one of the alleys and runs after him as well.

Even though Dax missed the fleeing thug does stagger some, looking over his shoulder for a moment to see the speedster slip up and run into a wall. He's not going to stick around to see if the guy is okay, he just keeps running..even faster when he sees the alien come into the alley.

Well, that'll definitely slow a speedster down! Daxton's against the wall, a rather impressive crack in it and he lets out a low groan. Ouch, his hands…his head. That was not supposed to go down like that!

Oliver slows when he gets to Daxton and looks from the speedster to the gang member getting away. He isn't a runner, he doesn't have massive speed unless he shifts into something else and his friend is hurt. There's a brief moment while he decides what to do, but he finally stops and goes over to Daxton. A clawed hand is offered, "You ok?" He then looks back to the entrance of the alleyway as Felicia shows up not long after. "Get stuck again?"

The sound of sirens can be heard approaching in the distance, both police and ambulance. "We are going to have company very soon." Felicia says as she hurriedly joins the other two. "Shit." she looks at Dax and the wall "Please tell me that the wall took more damage than you." she is still hobbit sized which should answer Oliver's question but she does nod at him to confirm it.

Daxton internally berates himself, his memory getting confused briefly and he knows this will mess up will be a set of 100 extra pushups for sure. The outstretched hand is taken, but he sways slightly as he stands and grimaces pulling his blistered hand away as soon as he can, "He…got a way." He don't quite focus on Oli or Felicia, "Are the civilians hurt?" Even as he says this, a drop of blood runs down the side of his face from where he smacked his head. The cut is in his hair line, not quite visible, but the bump is starting to swell. He turns towards the sirens, "I'm fine…we should go to them…"

Oliver helps Daxton to his feet but doesn't let go of him…not while he looks so unsteady. He looks from the other to Felicia, "He might have a concussion or something…" but at least he's willing to go to the paramedics. Oliver concentrates on himself for a moment so that he can shift back into his human appearance as they're going to be meeting with others. "He's pretty injury-prone, isn't he? You ok though?" Besides being stuck as a hobbit?

Felicia frowns, but nods as she looks the way the thug ran off. "He did, but no one was seriously injured, bystanders at least. Someone took a bullet to the leg, but I guess they will be okay." the paramedics will deal with them. She gets on the other side of Dax to help move him along "Let's hope whatever the or something is it isn't serious." you would think for as much time she spent in a hospital she would know first aid, but nope, anything more complicated than a minor cut and bandaid slapping is out of her skill set. Another nod, "I'm fine. Just a bruise or two. One of them had a bat..it broke though after the third hit." thankfully she is fully capable of taking a hit or three without serious injury and thankfully she got stuck. That always helps.

Daxton can hear Oli. The speedster frowns and tries to jerk away from the alien teen. "I can walk on my own." It's wobbly, but he can! But then he's being flanked and he relents. "I'm not injury prone…" He almost sounds defensive. It's not his fault!

Oliver gives a sigh and lets go of Daxton but stays close. "Ok, Daxton…" is offered before he looks over to Felicia, "Good. Uhm. I got hit a few times but I don't think anything broke skin. Scale? Whatever." But he's sure going to be sore and bruised up later! "Let's just go to the paramedics, ok? And if you try to say no, Daxton, I will smack you…speedster or not." As if that's supposed to be threatening.

By the time the trio emerge from the alley the street is full of cops and ambulances, arresting, thugs, taking statements and seeing to the injured, respectively. Dax is handed off to the paramedics, but before the police can descend on them to get statements, Honey Badger and Enigma arrive and take the three into thier custody and back to school.

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