(2016-06-13) Reading Rainbow
Reading Rainbow
Summary: Just a couple folks buying books.
Date: 2016-06-13
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Tabitha is back in town after last night's surprise delay of game in the band competition. She was already nervous enough and now it's nervousness deferred. But instead of wallowing, she's taking advantage of the time to herself to start some personal research. She wandering the upstairs shelves, in particular the selection of book on and ancient religions and Greek symbology. Mixed in with these are a few books on music that she hasn't read yet. She spends a few minutes on each of the ancient lore books thumbing through them to see if they have specific information then either returning them to the shelves or adding them to her stack.

Jared does find at least one or two books. One of them just being a bunch of landmarks around town. The other being a book of a series of short stories. Noticing Tabitha, perhaps recognizing her from school. Not saying anything yet. Instead silently moving and ending up having to walk past her. "E-excuse me." He offers, trying to check out a book nearby where she stands.

Tabitha isn't so absorbed in her search that she isn't paying attention to things around her. So just as Jared is excusing himself she's stepping to one side despite him coming up from behind her. Then again if he does recognize her from school he might also note that she's one of the students with enhanced senses. "No worries." She slips the book she was looking at back onto the shelf and snags the one next to it, a thick tome on the structure of ancient writing. When she's flipping through it she seems to be comparing some of the diagrams with the markings on the backs of her own hands.

Jared most likely has, though he is trying to just ease into society a bit. Being used to a more strict way. A small smile offered before studying her book with his gaze. A thought causes a small shiver before he tries to go back to searching himself. Then glancing to Tabitha. "I'm Jared." In case he hadn't introduced himself to her before.

Tabitha nods at the intrduction. "Tabitha Jones." The big book seems to have something worth looking into further and it gets added to the pile. She glances over at the books Jared is carrying and nods to herself. "Going to explore the area a bit while classes are out?"

Jared does nod to her name. "Good to meet you." He offers and only a hint of a smile on his lips. His accent being a bit british, mixed with some other influences, such as persian. As for her question, another nod leaves him. "Something like that. Hopefully it can help me out some." He says and shrugs. "What are you looking for?" He asks, since she has quite the varied assortment.

"It's an easy enough town to get around in." Tabitha's own accent is pretty local sounding, although sometimes there is a touch of something fluid and hard to pin down in her speech. She shrugs at the question posed to her. "A bit of light personal reading, and a bit of research. I'm taking the Greek culture courses next term. Figure I could get ahead of things."

Jared ahs and nods, "Not sure what there is for next year." He offers and shrugs. "I'm wanting to get around." He says and smiles. "Hoping to get into more things." He adds and scratches his head. "What else can you do in town?"

Tabitha shrugs, "They've got the available classes posted up on the admin level." She flips through another book only to put it back on the shelf. "The town's got a little bit of everything. Amusement park, arcade, two different kinds of skate park, all the islands to explore, dance club, lots of food hangouts. And of course now that it's summer there's the maglev into Thunder Bay."

Jared nods slowly, "I will check it out." He offers and shrugs some again. "Ah, I see." Not seeming certain what to do at any of those places. "I'll have to explore it all then." Raising a brow, not sure what Thunder bay is. Just giving that last comment a quizzical look.

Tabitha picks up on the confusion at the end there. "Thunder Bay? Huge city just down the coast? Not a lot of time to visit there during the school term, but plenty now. Just spent the weekend there and I'll be back on Friday." She doesn't say why she was there. She just looks over her books and does some mental math, figuring price against her funds. One of the music books gets put down on a book cart so it can be put away later.

Jared ahs and nods. "I see." He says and tilts his head. "You live there?" He asks. Since she is going back there. Trying to count his own money. Having gotten some funds to use at the very least, if not a lot. Probably just enough for the two books he has, just moving about to make sure he has the right two books.

Tabitha gives Jared a sideways look as she gathers up the books she's buying. "No, I'm from Maine not Rhode Island. And for now at least I live at the school." She regards Jared for a moment, trying to piece together anything she might have picked up about him during school, then shrugs when she's got nothing. "In any case, I should head down to buy these and head back to the school. It's been a long, exhausting weekend and I've got a lot of reading to get started on."

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