(2016-06-12) Not the Right Apology
Not the Right Apology
Summary: Kaylee comes to apologize, though not for the right thing
Date: 2016-06-12
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

Daxton was up and off the island early, skipping breakfast and his normal workout. It's been one hell of a double shift, racing pizzas to customers all day. The speedster is tired, and hungry. He didn't even bother taking the offered pizzas, he smelled enough like them when he rolled into the dorm tonight. His hair is damp from his shower and he's now willing with a bag of chips on the couch in his Jake the Dog sleepy pants and white tank top. An open can of Monster is sitting on the table next to him and he's staring blankly at whatever mind numbing thing is on the tv.

Felicia is just returning from her own job. With it being summer Astro Park closes later and then there is clean up, so yeah she gets in late. Stifling a yawn she comes into the dorm, glancing at the Dax shaped lump on the couch and then at the television "Hey man." she greets, though more sedately than her usual manner. Long day out in the sun has sapped her usual exuberance out of her. There is a gesture for him to make room on the sofa, the only warning before she flops on the other end of it.

Daxton starts to offer the bag of ships, but then with the hand wave and warning he's ripping the couch in case he ends up catapulted off. "Hey. Rough day for you too?" Now the chips are offered over.

While some students have jobs and other things to keep them busy during the summer, Kaylee has had the entire day to sit in her dorm and think about what she'd done. Sleeping last night had been difficult, when accomplished at all, and the whole day she'd just felt pretty terrible. So bad, in fact, that she'd called home. And, instead of consolation, she'd been admonished! But, her parents were wise, and she trusted them, and deep down, she knew they were probably right, too. So, with a very pouty hangdog face, Kaylee makes her way to the Ares dorm. She'll pause in the entrance, taking a moment to gather her courage, before she enters again. Hopefully, this trip will be better than her last one!

Nope no being catapulted off, maybe a bit of a bounce, but no catching air "Oh chips!" that gets a tired grin as she grabs a handful "Eh." Felicia shrugs "Not so much rough as long and boring. Kiddie land isn't the most exciting place to be in the park, and the music." there is an ick face to go along with that one. As she noms on a chip she notices Kaylee appear at the door, with her poutyface on "Hey Kay…" she starts to greet put it fades "What's wrong?" she then glances over at Dax "What's wrong with Kaylee?" she stage whispers to him.

Daxton snorts and nods in empathy. Although to be fair, his job's better. He knows that. "Suck." Fel quickly draws attention to Kaylee's presence and Daxton's demeanor changes to a rather defensive one. "That's a question we'd all like answered."

Kaylee blinks when Felicia calls out to her, actually looking up now. She grimaces and turns a little pink, offering Felicia a small wave, far subdued from Kaylee's norm. "Hey, Felicia. Um … I actually kinda wanted to talk to Daxton …," she offers. And then he's mean to her even more! She winces, and looks like she might just turn tail and run, instead. But, she doesn't, taking another deep breath to steady herself. So he doesn't wanna make this any easier? Well, if it were easy, everybody would do it! "Really, I just wanted to apologize to you for last night. I lost my temper, and I shouldn't have shouted at you. So … I'm sorry."

An eyebrow arches upward at the tone of Daxton's answer and then she looks over at Kaylee. Felicia missed something, apparently more drama if she is any judge of the tension that just rose in the room. With a chip in her fingers she gestures towards her room. "Is this where I get kicked out because of well whatever this is." she is dying to ask what happened last night, but she is sure to find out at least some of it as long as she isn't kicked out of the room. Not that she couldn't sneak back in an eavesdrop.

Daxton sighs, "No Fel. You don't have to leave." the bag is set down next to the girl before he turns to look art Kaylee. His expression smoothes and becomes hard to read, "That's not what you should be apologizing for."

Kaylee's brow furrows a little. She's about to say something, but then stops. Another false start, and she looks down for a second, chewing on her lip. Her hands clasp together in front of her as she thinks. Then, she sets her shoulders again and looks back up. "Well, that is what I am sorry for. And that is what I came to apologize for. So." She sighs and then turns her attention to Felicia, offering her a forced smile. "Felicia. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! I would really like to hang out, sometime soon. I hope you'll get both sides of the story before you decide. But it was good to see you. Have a nice night," she offers. And then she turns on her heels and heads out of the dorm.

Since she isn't being kicked out, Felicia stays put, slowly nomming her chips as she looks between Dax and Kaylee. A 'Huh' comes out of her at Kaylee's response to Dax. Yes she is confused now "Okay?" so confused "Decide? What am I deciding?" she just gives a nod as Kaylee as the other girl starts to leave, her attention moving to Dax to see if he is going to stop her or not.

Daxton sits very still on the couch. Very still for the speedster and he just watches Kaylee struggle, and then try to spin the tale without even telling it before leaving. His head shakes softly and he waits till Kaylee's gone before simply stating, "She's apparently obsessing over who's mouth I'm going to stick my tongue into and mad because it's not who she wants it to be." Well, it's not anyone's, but still. "She called me a coward, I called her an immature child. There's no sides unless she makes there be. I just want her to stay away from me." He's got a mixture of annoyed and tired in his voice and he let's his eyes slide closed as he rubs his temples.

The explanation just has her blinking a few times at Dax. That's not at all what she expected to hear. "I see." Felicia finally says "Someone needs to find a new hobby." and of course she means Kaylee "Because that's just a tab creepy and weird." her being obsessed over that. There is a nod "Very far away. Don't blame you." there is a glance back to the door "If she doesn't, let me know and I'll sit on her for ya."

Daxton gives the universal 'I know' face and then sighs, settling back into the couch. "She yelled, which I don't care about, but she started glowing red, and from my experience, red's never not an aggressive color." He snorts, "Shit….she'd just get hysterical and blame it on me.' Dax gets blamed a lot when it comes to Kaylee. So weird.

Felicia noms on a few more chips in her hand, "Well Kaylee is pretty loud as it is." so yelling isn't a far stretch for her as far as that goes, "Don't let Santa Claus hear you say that." there is amusement in her tone so she is clearly joking about that. "I can see that. She does seem…" there is a pause as she searches for the right word "uhm, excitable." understatement.

Daxton cocks an eyebrow, "Santa glows?" How things change in threw years! He just makes a low noise, agreeing and annoyed at the whole thing at the same time and he turns back towards the TV, "If there wa a chance with Becca, there isn't now."

"All that radiation from Rudolph's nose." Felicia says with a sage nod and a smirk playing around her lips. There is a thoughtful noise at his last statement "Assuming you wanted a chance…I wouldn’t be to sure. I mean if she likes ya, she isn't going to let Kaylee influence her. Girl's are weird." says the girl "I mean look at Anna. Derek screwed three ways from Sunday and we have all told her what we thought of him and that hasn't stopped her." there is a roll of eyes, "Ya still have a shot." she gets to her feet "I'm going to go shower and get into my PJ's. Find us a movie or something to watch for when I'm done." and then she is heading into her dorm to get all that done before Dax passes out.

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