(2016-06-10) Standing Tall - New England Regionals
Standing Tall - New England Regionals
Summary: The first stage of a national band competition, with both a Shady Cove band and the band of a Coral Springs student on stage.
Date: 2016-06-10
Related: Plot: Creation Myths
NPCs: Eve
Scene Runner: Tabitha

After a month of slowly ramped up marketing leading to a massive blitz over the past week, it's finally Day One of the three day Standing Tall band competition. Day one is the regionals day, with ten bands in each region competing and two from each region moving on to the Challenge Round tomorrow in Thunder Bay. Each band performs a half-hour set tonight, with the order determined randomly. The two winners from each region will be decided by their local live audience plus five judges from the musical world. The judges for each region are kept secret from the fans and the bands.

That Shady Cove was picked as the site for the New England regionals was a subject debated during the lead up to the competition both for its size and obscurity as well as it being the home of one of the competing bands, Local Alternative Rag. The bands from Delaware and New Jersey tried to get it moved without success, so LAR's members are flush with having their home stage advantage while the other bands are chomping to prove it a non-issue by making sure that LAR gets to stay home the rest of the weekend.

The only band whose members haven't made some sort of stick or sarcastic comment about the venue is the entry from Maine, a six-person high school band called Orphean Wing. Without being specific, their co-founders Katrina Evans and Tabitha Jones only talked about how this region isn't so large that everyone's fans can't make the drive. The interviewer had to conceed that point as the interview was done as the band members arrived at the local train station which was packed with attendees.

But now the town's main street has been all but shut down as the bands begin to arrive at the club. The five Mystery Judges have already arrived under cover… literally under cover as they were each brought in a separate windowless van that backed up to a covered tunnel that was lit to only give teasing silhouettes of each of them. But with the bands going in under much less fanfare, it's down to the countdown before the performance order is announced.

Since Violet wasn't going to be able to make it tonight for a very good reason, Kaylee made a somewhat odd request: help her get dressed up like Violet would have, if she'd been able to make it! This was a first for Kaylee, since makeup has never ever been her thing. Plus, the style is just so far detached from her norm! But, after a good two hours of preparing, Kaylee is all decked out in punk rock style! Gosh it's a good thin her parents can't see her now!
Kaylee enters the music festival by herself, walking a little carefully as she's not quite used to the boots. Heels, she can manage, but the stiletto boots require careful treading! She'd paid her cover charge and put her wallet back in her jacket, and now was scanning the crowd, looking for some sense of direction as to where she could go to support her classmate and former bestie!

Becca did not get all dressed up. She's in her usual skinny jeans and cardigan with a knit cap on her head. Wandering the crowd, she walk hunched up a little to avoid brushing into people as much as possible in the crowd. She stares a little. It's so much to take in, all the hubub happening.

While he's not really someone who goes to such events, Vinny was a bit curious about this one, and has made his way just inside. He's dressed rather casual, like normal, staying near the door so far.

Tabitha has spent the last two days with her bandmates since they all arrived on Wednesday. The time since has been an eye opener for all of them as tonight will be their first time performing live for more than a few dozen people in a living room. All the hype plus the fact that of the ten bands competing in this region they're the one with the youngest members (although not the most recently formed band, having been playing together for three years). Right now she's standing in the center of the club along with the rest of her band, staying closest to her co-founder and as-close-to-a-sister-as-possible Katria, or Trini as she's been introduced to most. She's not even trying to hide the nervousness she's feeling about tonight, but there's also a light and life to her that she only rare showed at school.

Everyone in the band is wearing the outfits that Trini designed for them. Tabitha's pre-show outfit is a showy painted on number. A tight red shirt with a long left sleeve and off the shoulder sleeveless on the right tucked into black jeans and knee high boots with enough heel to disguise just how short she really is. The rest of the band are in personal variations of this theme which is successful in not only making them look a bit above their calendar ages but shows off that they're all very fit and well formed individuals.

The other bands are similarly grouped at the center of the club, waiting for the night's host to come on stage and announce the random performance order.

"Oh my gosh, Tabitha!?" Kaylee gasps, as she picks up on Tabitha's tell-tale 'signature' in the light. Reaching in to the pocket of her hoodie, Kaylee pulls out glasses which she quickly slides into place. She looks very shocked at Tabitha's appearance, but the shock quickly gives way to a smile as she approaches. "You guys look awesome!" she offers, grinning and walking in their direction.

Staying by the door for now, Vinny glances back towards that exit rather carefully. He then looks around the room, nodding to those he knows that's present.

It's not hard for Tabitha to spot Kaylee coming over since she's got such a distinct resonance to her senses, but when she comes around to where she's visible Tabs does a bit of a double take. "Woah, Kaylee! Looking pretty fine yourself." She doesn't have to look up nearly as far when she gives Kaylee's outfit and makeup a once over. Those heels really are something. "Nice star. Do I detect Vi's hand in all this?" The other band members give Kaylee smiles or nods of greeting. There's a few minutes of conversation time, and it's obvious that Tabitha is really touched that Kaylee came down despite their current issues.

But before long the host for these regionals comes on stage to tremendous cheers when fans recognize Carrie Underwood. The country star waves and smiles to everyone then takes up the mic. "Alright, how about we get this insanity started? Tonight you'll hear ten bands. All of them are new to the scene. No albums released, no concerts before this one. And when it's over, you will help our five mystery judges send two of them on to Thunder Bay where they'll face the other eight regional winners tomorrow night! No rest, no rehersal time. Just a race to the crowning of Sunday's champion." She pauses for audience reactions and cheers then continues. "Now just getting selected as their state's entry in the competition means that even the bands that don't make it past tonight aren't walking away empty handed. Every band that plays will be getting free studio time to record their first album. And the ten that go to Thunder Bay will then have that album produced and distributed for free as well. So listen close tonight! Because these are the bands you'll be listening to this year. Now let's get to the introductions and then we'll see who will be starting us off."

Tabitha wasn't paying too close attention to the host's words. It's all old information to her and the other bands. So she's been paying more attention to Kaylee, but when the introductions are mentioned, she gives Kaylee a grin, "You might want to move a bit. It's about to get really bright. Don't want you to go blind tonight."

Kaylee IMMEDIATELY flushes when Tabitha reacts to her outfit, blushing horribly and hugging her arms around herself as she tries desperately to keep from glowing. She ducks her head down between her shoulders and looks incredibly uncertain, eyebrows raised in surprise. "You … you think so?" she asks, looking at the other band members to see if they agree with Tabitha or not. She's unable to keep the glow from escaping her eyes, as they shine like Dune, but at least the rest of her stays … well, not her natural color with all the makeup, but at least not glowing!
"Violet did it. All of it. We went shopping this afternoon for the outfit, and she did aaaall of the makeup. I have a really hard time …," she trails off, before looking to the other band members nervously once again. Yup, best to keep quiet! With her hair all feathered out like that, there's not really any strands that need tucked behind her ears, so when her fingers go up to repeat the nervous tic, she looks a little sheepish again. But, then Tabitha is warning her to step back, so she quickly does, though she smirks and giggles a little. "Tabitha, you know I'm already going pretty much blind, anyway!" she replies, though she absolutely tries to not steal any of Orphean Wing's thunder!

Seeing as this is quite the big deal, Diego figured that he should at least show up at the place. Trying to find a good spot. Trying to not get completely swallowed into the large crowd. A bottle of water in his hand. If able to, he will try and give a wave to the two of them. Recognizing Tabitha at least, perhaps even Kaylee from passing by each other in the dorm. Enjoying the music and show.

Ms. Underwood begins introducing the bands as the spotlights center on them in the arc they're arranged in at the center of the club. For each band she gives a bit of information about them and the large screen above the stage plays a short clip from their interviews. The first band highlighted is the entry from Vermont, a metalcore band going by the name Cerberus. The name's significance is easily apparent as they're composed of triplet brothers built like grizzlies. A few bands later and the spotlight focuses on the local favorite (a phrase that makes Tabitha grin to herself), Local Alternative Rag.

Two bands later and the lights focus on the group of Maine high schoolers that is Orphean Wing. The six of them have arranged themselves with Tabitha in the center with bandmate Tony Collins standing behind her. Both of them are holding their arms up with drumsticks in their hands. The other four members are on either side of this pair, waving and smiling. The interview clip played up on the screen is the male vocalist, Terrance Walace, explaining how the band has been rehersing together for so long and know each other so well that they will often switch out on instruments and vocal parts.

When the bands have all been introduced, host Carrie Underwood begins announcing the performance order. There is a mixture of reactions when Local Alternative Rag is tapped as first performance of the night. Cerberus comes up fifth to play. And almost but not quite nabbing the coveted final act is Orphean Wing as the ninth of ten bands for the night. The longer it takes for their band to be called, the more nervous Tabitha gets. At one point the illusion concealing her inhuman eyes slips for a few seconds. Fortunately it wasn't at a time she was on camera.

If anybody can play the role of fangirl, it's definitely Kaylee. When Orphean wing is introduced, she responds with the appropiate amount of snoic bombardment and flailing that goes along with hailing your favorite act. Even if she's never heard them play before. Which, really, none of the people here should have heard any of the bands, if they've never performed a concert. Still, none of that matters to Kaylee, as she claps and cries out her support for her friend.

Jacob is dressed like, well, a groupie. If Tab's band has t-shirts then he's got one of those on, otherwise it's his usual sort of weekend clothes. He's got a prime table staked out, room for a few friends, working his way through a Hawaiian burger and curly fries as he waits for the show-stealers to finally go up front.

Becca is still milling about the crowd, she hunches into her shoulders and watches the band play. She doesn't even know Tabitha's band name, though seeing her she cheers for her schoolmate.

Diego cheers as they show Tab's group and the interview. Cheering along with others. Occasionally glancing around. Taking a sip from his bottled water as he does. Not having heard the group play, but he seems excited to hear.

Tabitha's band doesn't have t-shirts. Yet. But if tonight goes as they've been hoping and planning that will change very soon. Once the band introductions and performance order is finished, the band members relax as the night's focus shifts to the first bands to perform. They six of them make their way to the edge of the room, Tabitha beckoning Kaylee along as well as others she notices from Coral Springs. She leads whoever comes over to where Jacob has set himself up, leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. When they've gotten settled with water bottles and some light snack food from the bar, they seem much more relaxed.

Tabitha takes the time to introduce everyone in the band to anyone from the school that came over with them. Terrance, Anthony, Talia, and Trevor. She takes a special joy in introducing the last band member, a girl her age that she seems very close to.

"This is Katrina, and for all intents and purposes she is my sister. We've lived at the orphanage together so long that we've talked about making it official someday." Then she introduces the band to her classmates as well.

Jacob grins and nods, shaking hands with the bandmates as they're introduced in turn. "Promise to let you borrow the car first," he says to Katrina, and braces for someone to swat him on the head for it.

As the introductions finish and Kaylee doesn't have to devote all of her energy in to cheering for Tabitha, she notices Rebecca appearing in the crowd. Turning and flailing at the girl, she hurries in her direction. "Becca! It's so awesome that you came! Do you wanna come meet Tabitha's band with me?" she offers. Whether Becca decides to tag along or not, she'll follow Tabby over to where they settle in so that she can meet the other members of the band.
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Following Kaylee, Becca stays super alert for bumping people. "Hiya Kaylee. Had to come support my team mate." She offers and blinks at the punked out girl with surprise. Man, did she under dress for this.

Tabitha rolls her eyes at Jacob's crack. "If you couldn't tell, this is my boyfriend Jacob. Although I couldn't tell you why just this minute." She sticks her tongue out at him then takes a drink of her water. The club is packed to capacity and even with the ventilation working overtime it's still hot and muggy. But as usual, Tabitha doesn't sweat a single drop. The same cannot be said for her bandmates. When Rebecca comes over with Kaylee she grins wide. "Hey there, glad you could come by." She pauses as Local Alternative Rag takes the stage as the first to perform tonight. She and the rest of the band give polite cheers out of sportsmanship but don't go overboard. Gotta preserve their voices, y'know…

She and her band are tucked up in a corner of the room near the 'bar' to watch the first bands perform while waiting for their turn on stage, which will be ninth out of the ten acts to compete tonight. Some students from Coral Springs are over there with them to form a kind of cheering bloc, including Jacob, Kaylee, and Rebecca.

Jacob just grins, sticking his hands in his pockets. "I'm just this guy, you know?" No, he doesn't know why Tab puts up with his antics either, but she does and that's good enough for him. "Local Alternative Rag?" he wonders out loud. "That's actually their name? Then again, the New Yardbirds changed theirs pretty early on…"

Kaylee hmmms, as LAR starts playing, not minding their music so much! It's not necessarily her main cup of tea, but … it's not grating on her nerves, either! As Tabitha introduces her bandmates, Kaylee will smile and wave, settling in next to Rebecca. "So … how do you think I look?" she asks Rebecca, concerned again. "I asked Violet to do my makeup and go all out. Is it … well, it's not bad, is it? Tabitha liked it …."

Shrugging, Becca smiles a little at Tabitha and finds a pocket of space to stand in. "Any time." She offers quietly. Looking up at Kaylee, Becca shakes her head. "No, you look like a rockstar, super cool." She tells her and leans over to add "I feel like I should just pretend I don't speak English, Tabby and her friends look so glamorous."

Tabitha nods to Jacob's remark about LAR, "Yeah, that's their name. Took me by surprise when they were playing a local festival earlier this spring. They're pretty good, but I think the only reason they were given home town advantage tonight is because their song list is pretty shallow." She blushes at Rebecca's comment about how she and the band look, then gives Katrina a grin and a shoulder bump. "That's all Trini's work. I weave the music, she weaves the outfits."

She and the band pay attention to the performances of Local Alternative Rag and the two bands that come after them. Then it's time for the next hour's music, which is an unusual combination unlikely to ever be together outside a venue like this competition: The folk country stylings of This Spark of Life followed up by Cerberus and their growling chest-pounding metalcore.

Daxton's got 10 minutes, 15 tops. Tonight has been cray cray, and the speedster is exhausted already. He squeezes into the club, wearing his ever stylish Lighthouse Pizza shirt. The smells of the pizzaria cling to him, making a few heads turn. Hungry teens can smell pizza anywhere. Dax is like an injured person in shark infested waters. He shoulders his way in, looking around for any familiar faces. maybe this was a bad idea. He turns around quickly, eyeing someone that passes. Did they just grab his butt?

"Becca! What are you talking about?" Kaylee asks, flabbergasted by her statement. "They're dressed up for a show! Of course they're going to look different! You shouldn't feel uncomfortable because of that! I'M the one who got all into costume and look kinda ridiculous," she says, smiling and holding out the bottom of her hoodie to emphasize. Because Kaylee just doesn't look much like Kaylee in a tank top and shredded jeans. Nope nope nope!

Diego is there, and is listening and looking about. About to go greet Tabitha as well. On his way he does spot Dax though, gesturing for him to come over. "Hey." He tries to greet his fellow junior. Before glancing back towards Tab and her group.

"You look glamorous too." Becca says and tugs her beanie a little lower as she looks around. She thinks she spots Dax and waves a little before looking at Tabby's group and shifts her spot a little to adjust for the moving crowd.

On a few occasions during the performances, a camera comes around to the bands that havne't performed yet. They're asked their opinion on their competition and other such basic filler for the times between each band's time on stage. All of it getting quick edited and broadcast across multiple media fronts nationwide along with performances and filler from the other four regional competitions going on at the same time as this one.

One face that Daxton might notice as he's looking about during his brief time here is a shortish blonde near the front door. The last time he saw her she was asking around about her 'missing sister Lilian' at the Mug Shot. She doesn't seem to notice him, but then her attention is on the bands more than anything.

Tabitha puts on her best game face for the cameras as they make their rounds, but when they're not around it's not hard to tell that she's getting more and more nervous. She's drinking more water than is strictly required and sometimes her aura slips out from under her skin enough to make her glow just a bit before she gets it back under control.

Jacob has noticed the aura, too. "Got any special lighting rigged up for when you guys go up?" he asks. He caught the blonde out of the corner of his eye too, but has yet to put two and two together. The computer stuff sort of got sidelined with finals and all.

Daxton sees the group and makes his way over, spying the familiar face in the crowd, he makes a beeline to Jacob. Dax taps him on the shoulder and whispering something to the other boy. after that he glances around, offering nods to those he knows.

Kaylee awwws and blushes again, and if Becca isn't carefully, Kaylee's gonna glomp her into a brief but friendly hug. "Becca! You're too sweet," she says, grinning. "But trust me, you're definitely gorgeous, too. And I wouldn't ever lie to you!" she says. When Daxton arrives, he'll get a little, frenetic wave and smile as she calls out, "Hey Daxy!" And then the bands change, and Kaylee turns to stare at the stage, blinking. "… a COUNTRY band?"

When Daxton arrives he is greeted warmly by all the members of Tabitha's band, especially Katrina. The raven haired girl steps up to give him a huge hug if he lets her, not caring that his pizzaria aroma is getting all over her stage clothes. They all express their gratitude for his reactions when they were video chatting with Tabitha just before her heart attack in med bay and are glad to meet him in person. While that's going on, Tabitha is giving Diego a grateful smile for coming over as well. It's clear that having so many show up from the school is bolstering her bravery a great deal.

She grins at the whispering between Daxton and Jacob, "Conspiring on what to do for our victory party on Monday?" Because nervous as she is, she considers it a foregone conclusion that they'll come out on top when this is all over. She grins at Kaylee's reaction to This Spark of Life. "Yeah, there's no restriction on the kind of bands that submitted demos for their auditions. And our host is a country music superstar. So yeah, no telling what kind of sounds you'll hear tonight.

Becca reaches out to cover Kaylee's mouth lightly. "Hush." She offers and watches Dax and Jacob talk before widening her eyes at the girl hugging Daxton, that's a thing? Shrugging into her sweater she watches the band for a bit instead.

Jacob looks over to Daxton, taking a fresh look around, then shakes his head. "I hadn't, I didn't really have anything useful /to/ tell her. I didn't think." He did manage to get those photos copied onto his phone, though, bringing it up and holding it over toward Tabitha. "Hey, so, kick my ass for letting this sit. But does this ring any bells?"

Daxton blinks, as he's suddenly being hugged by a girl he's only met over Skype, very briefly, "Oh…hey. Hi. No, it's okay. Don't thank me.It was the right thing to do." He steps backwards, arms in a surrender motion, "I can't stay. I'm on break." At Tabitha's question he just finger points at Jacob, that's all his deal. But then he's admitting to not having told her anything and Dax's eyes widen in slight shock. Okay, now he knows. He steps away a little more, closer to Becca and Kaylee, and gives them a low, "Hey."

As Kaylee goes to hug Becca, and another hug is given behind her to someone else in the circle, Kaylee suddenly finds herself with an arm full of nothing and stumbling as she passes right through her friend! Kaylee eeps and almost loses her balance, but manages to correct herself in time, grimacing and looking sheepish. She shoots Rebecca a very concerned look, biting her bottom lip, but she doesn't say anything. Which is probably a welcome change at this point! Daxton slides closer to them and Kaylee looks between him and Rebecca for a moment, before offering another, much more subdued wave. "Heya," she offers quietly.

"Sorry!" Becca says, flushing as Kaylee slips through her and she closes her eyes for a moment to breath. Next to Kaylee's punk look, she is very Target ad hip. When Dax wanders closer she fidgets with the sleeves of her sweater. "Hey, on break?" She asks and glances back to Kaylee apologetically.

Right at the point when the applause subsides for one song and before the next song begins a POP happens overhead, barely audible over the general noise of the crowd. Apparently Gabrielle had been here before because suddenly she's just there, crouched above the crowd in the shadows of the club's regular lighting grid, coincidentally close to the Coral Spring's group. She's wearing a dark jeans and a a dark t-shirt. Considering how dark her hair is she blends wel enough into the shadows that anyone happening to look up will most likely see what appears to be a floating face and no more…

The fact that most of the acts in tonight's competition are some variation on rock bands doesn't seem to have given This Spark of Life any hesitation whatsoever. They take the stage by storm, and take no prisoners in thier performance. Their lead singer even manages to get some of the metaled out thrashers near the stage line dancing by the end of their set. There's no doubt that they've turned a lot of heads here their way. When their last song fades there is tremendous applause, and as they head off stage and Cerberus is coming on A few of their members do a bit of improvised 'dueling guitars' during the change over, much to the crowd's ammusement and enjoyment.

Over with her band, Tabitha gives Jacob a raised eyebrow as he shows her pictures on his phone. She gives them a confused look, not quite picking up on what she's seeing at first. But then a few details seem to click and she goes ghost pale with a tinge of green. "Where did you get these?" Her voice is barely audible over the noise of bands and crowd. She doesn't even notice the phasing accident with Kaylee and Rebecca, although a few band members do. They don't give any hassle about it, though. They already knew that Tabitha's school mates would have powers, too and they're a pretty chill group.

Daxton looks between Kay and Becca, "Everything okay?" His brow furrows slightly, taking in the fidgeting of Becca's sweater sleeve. "Yeah, I only have a few minutes, we're swamped." His gaze cuts over to look at Tab and Jacob, this could be bad.

'"It's okay!" Kaylee says to Rebecca, smiling back at her encouragingly. She watches Daxton watching her, but then notice his glance back towards Jacob and Tabitha. … what in the world …? Kaylee frowns and steps forward when she sees Tabitha's reaction to whatever Jacob showed her. "HEY! She's got a SHOW to do! What the heck are you doing freaking her out!?" she shouts at Jacob, "Why don't you wait until AFTER the most important night of her life to gross her out?"

Yeah, Jacob really should've run this by Tabitha earlier. Just, she had so much /else/ going on, and he didn't want her worrying over something that he couldn't make any sense of. Especially after that thing with that one scammer. These things happen sometimes. Keeping his voice down, still, he gestures over across the club. "See her, over there? She and this guy were asking around. Maybe they're on the up and up, maybe not, right?" Though it gets partly drowned out when Kaylee heads over and gets in on griping him out. "What? I'm not—!" He holds up the phone where Kaylee can see for a sec. See? No gross-out pics. Okay, he /is/ stressing her out, but that might be better at this point than letting her get blindsided.

"Yeah, lot of people in here." Becca nods and rubs the back of her leg with the toe of her other shoe. "Did you come to wish Tabitha luck?" She asks and peeks from under the rim of the beanie she usually wears off the back of her head. It's pulled down low over her eyes for now.

Daxton's so not getting into this. Not at all. He did his duty, just seems he miscalculated Jacob and Violet. His head shakes and he looks back to Becca, blue eyes narrowing, "Yeah…there are a lot. I think I got groped on my way in." His head tilts, "Do you need to get out of here?" He knows she said she gets nervous, having a pain attack isn't going to help Tabitha. Although after this fiasco of the blonde lady, Tab may not preform.

Gabrielle reaches into the side pocket of the backpack she has on her back and pulls out a handful of candy almonds. Popping one into her mouth she starts to crunch it while she tilts her head to look at the group of her schoolmates below her. She's showing no indication of planning to come down from the lighting grid and join the group any time soon…

Exasperated, Kaylee shakes her head at Jacob. "I can't believe you'd freak her out the night of her big show," Kaylee says, more quietly this time, as she just throws her hands up in the air. With a heavy sigh, Kaylee turns back to Becca and Daxton and is about to say something, when she notices Daxton offering to protect Rebecca. She smiles and decides against saying anything, and instead just heads towards the bar quietly to go get something to drink before she has to scream her head of for ORPHEAN WING! YEAH! ^_^

The photos that Jacob is showing Tabitha aren't disgusting in any way. Just shots of some young kids and an older albino man. But they have about the same effect on Tabitha as a piston to the gut. And then when Jacob says that someone involved with them is here at the club? Oh, that does not sit well with her. She manages to not look over in the indicated direction too quickly but when she does she goes even more pale and sets her water down with a thud. "Alright, time for us to go backstage. Thanks everyone for coming tonight and I really hope you like what you hear from us."

She gives Daxton and Kaylee a significant glance as she and the band start heading backstage, gesturing to the shock of black hair at her left temple and then to her eyes in an attempt to indicate that the blonde is connected to Lilith in some way. Just before she leaves she also points upwards into the lighting. "Not sure if she's planning on coming down, but there's a Gabby at twelve o'clock high." Then she's out and gone to hide where Eve can't spot her, and wondering where Eve's other half is because one never encounters Eve without Adam.

"I'm-I think I'm good. Training, right?" Becca murmurs to Daxton and hides her hands in her sleeves. "Maybe I'll just catch one song and then run. I don't want to have a mishap." She admits and raises her brows. "Someone grabbed at you?" She asks flushing. "That's awful."

Startled at being called out Gabrielle looses her grip on her almods, sending a cascade of pastel colored treats dropping down to clatter lightly on the floorof the club, among the Coral Springs crowd. Shrinking back she uses one of the lights to hide behind and is only partially successful. Even as small she she is she's still a bit too big to hide behind an object that size.

Daxton eyes Becca briefly, but then nods. "Okay." He offered, that's as much s he can do. He starts to say something else, but then it's raining candy? A confused look as he looks up and sees the blue dancer in the rafters. A soft head shake, but he doesn't wave her down. Honestly he's surprised she's here at all. "Yeah, it's kinda crowded." Looking to the group gathers, "Okay…I should split. People are being crazy about pizza tonight." And not tipping particularly well either.

Jacob will have to apologize to Kaylee later, maybe once she gets back from ordering drinks and making a lot of noise. Oh, hey, now there's an idea! He's not going to blow out his voice before it comes to time to cheer for his girl and her mates, but he can at least give Eve more stuff to be distracted by. "Whoo, pennies from heaven!" he declares as the almonds come raining down, before looking back to Daxton and waving. "Yeah, good luck, man! We gotta get some people together tomorrow so you can unwind, man, working /this/ shift…"

"Wait, I'll walk you out." Becca says suddenly since it's raining candy and Kaylee is gone. Besides, maybe walking with him will protect his rear from any more hands.

Daxton's rear needs all the protecting it can get! Dax nods to Jacob, but there's no commitment there, this whole weekend is going to be crazy busy, he knows. Dax even thought about asking to crash in the back room of the restaurant. He's not, but he thought about it. Becca gets a smirk, "You sure?" But then he doesn't argue and starts making his way to the door.

"Yeah, some fresh air might mellow me back out. Exposure is only super helpful for so long. Come on." Becca nods and crosses her arms as she walks, avoiding people carefully. "I might still catch her set." She adds with a little smile.

It's another hour and change before the time comes for Orphean Wing to come on stage. In that time another pair of rock bands play, not much different from one another until in the second band's set is split in half by a monster drum solo lasting nearly ten minutes and drawing serious cheers from the crowd. And then the show is paused for commercial breaks for the television broadcast of tonight's competition as it has been at the top of each hour. The stage crew for tonight is absolutely amazing, doing gear swaps and setup for each band in record time without a misstep.

But when they're setting up for Orphean Wing there is a bit of a soft stir from some as they wheel out not one but two drum kits, a larger one on a high platform and a smaller one in front of and below it set up for a person of smaller stature. Anyone that went to the Ares bonfire this past weekend might recognize the smaller drum kit as Tabitha's. There are also more instruments set up along the edges of the stage than the band has members. The usual guitars, drums, and synth setups are joined by a pair of mounted violins and another pair of cellos as well as a small custom built DJ stand that's tucked in next to the synths.

While the stage is being set up there is a bit of movement as a small figure wearing a cloak of feathers and fur with a wolf's head hood slips out from the backstage area near the Coral Springs gathering. Tabitha's face peeks out from under the hood to give her classmates a quick wink before she pulls a black lace blindfold on over her eyes and then… just vanishes. Seems she might be learning a trick or two from Kaylee's playbook.

And then the lights switch from house to stage lights for the last time tonight as it's time for the last two performances before the winners for this region are selected. Orphean Wing takes the stage one at a time. First Talia comes on and takes position at the synth and DJ stands, starting up a preset intro beat. Then the rest come on, picking up their instruments and joining in the opening number as it continues. The only person that doesn't show up on stage through the entire introduction song is Tabitha. There's just an empty microphone stand with her favorite hand built guitar on a stand next to it.

This lack of a certain co-founder and frontwoman of the band only lasts until the second song. As the band starts into it there is a kind of outward force starting from the center of the club, centered on the wolf's head cloaked figure as Tabitha's voice comes in strong over the speakers.

' I don't know how I got here, but we cannot get out.'
I'm surrounded by strangers as the music starts to pound.'

Then her bare right arm shoots up from under the cloak as she starts to strut forward towards the stage, her hand moving back and forth directing the crowd to start moving.

'I see the bodies slowly swaying, moving side to side.'
'I feel the animal is rising as I slowly come alive'
'So everybody start to move now! I wanna see you all give way!'
'I wanna tear this place apart tonight, and have you thank me for my rage!'

She keeps working the crowd as she continues working her way to the stage, her movements almost animalistic even as she stands more upright while the hood continues to conceal her face.

'So tell me what you came for! Can I give you just a taste?'
'I wanna see you lose your fucking minds and rip apart this place!'

The other two women in the band take up the backup vocal lines while Tabitha gets up on the stage next to her guitar. When the beat comes and she flows into the refrain the hood of the cloak is pulled back showing her blindfolded face and her wild hair. It's clear that while she was nervous and then completely freaked out by Eve's presence that she managed to find her 'happy place' in the last hour. She has no trouble taking control of the crowd as the song continues, her blindfolded gaze seeming to grab hold of the people she looks at. And when the song trails off to its final lines,

'The beauty in me… the beauty's the beast!'

there is a flash of firey light behind her blindfold as her face takes on a predatory expression. Then as the applause roars out the band executes a smooth and practiced segue into the next song.

And this is going out on national broadcast? Somewhere out there, most likely, some moral guardian is even now penning a shrill screed about how such irresponsible lyrics will incite impressionable youths to violence. And somewhere else out there, some maladjusted young people may actually be taking it the wrong way. The locals, though? They take it for the awesome performance that it is. Especially the little school crowd over there, Jacob in particular going so far as to stand up on his seat and hold both fists up above his head in solidarity.

As their performance continues, Orphan Wing shows themselves the only band tonight willing to mix cover songs in with their original works. In a brief speech before their first cover, Tabitha calls it 'Our tribute to the giants who have come before us, and upon whose shoulders we stand and grow ever taller.' Then they roll headlong into their version of R.E.M.'s 'Losing My Religion', which seems to please one of the mystery judges as the running score they give each band from their screened booths takes a sharp increase.

And it doesn't stop at any point in the rest of the band's half-hour set. There's another spike in score from another judge when Tabitha steps up to front an almost operatic cover of Alice Cooper's 'Poison', then she launches straight into the pulsing beats of a song that's pure sensual fire. While they're performing this, their second to last number, she makes sure to glance over towards the Coral Springs crowd and give Jacob a wink.

Then for their last number, which Katrina mentions in the lead-up speech is the lead-off piece for their first album, the group treats the end of their time on stage like an old fashioned jam session. Some of them even jump down off the stage to mingle with the crowd in the first few rows. It's a touch that helps to earn them almost three minutes of standing ovation. But although they would obviously love to keep going they make sure that they're out of the last band's way in proper time, although Tabitha can't help but give a cheeky grin and a quick "We'll see you again in thirty minutes!" before vanishing backstage again.

<OOC> Tabitha also puts up the link to the youtube playlist that is the songs from Orphean Wing's setlist. Any mentions of song order in poses refer to the order they're in on this, so please if you play them do so in order. :) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxjQeuyNT2yW3Lxz9eZ05kGAaJ1jc-U0-

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