(2016-06-05) Ares Bonfire
Ares Bonfire
Summary: Birthday party and end of school year celebration
Date: 2016-06-05
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School is pretty much over with, sure there is Monday to deal with, but that is mostly just getting grades and packing up for those that are heading home or whereever for the summer. But Sunday, today is a day of celebration. Not only celebrating the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation, but a particular speedsters birthday. Of course that later part was not shared with said speedster, but it was shared with his friends.

On the beach, a nice walk from the training grounds the large bonfire has been set up, a pyramid of wood, gathered from the island thanks to all the tree damage from Tabitha's rampage a while back. There are several coolers full of beverages and a table full of appropriate party food and a birthday cake and a few presents.

Felicia said she would do lowkey on the b-day stuff, but she made no promises, but she really is trying. She figures do the cake and stuff while it is still just Ares and other friends, and by the time the rest of the school shows up it will have segued from birthday to end of year celebration. Whether it works that way though is another story. The teen girl is still doing a bit of set up. At the moment she is working on tunes, via her laptop and a few wireless speakers set up around the party area.

Oliver is apparently an honorary enough Ares to have been invited to the Bonfire, and is considered close enough to be invited to the Birthday part of the party! He brought a gift of sorts (a case of energy drinks and some coffee from his shop) and sets it on the gift table rather than the refreshment table. These are all for Daxton!

When he arrives, he looks around and gives a nod of approval, "This looks amazing! Need any help with anything?" Even though it looks mostly done, he's happy to lend a hand.

Of course Annaliesa isn't known for keeping things, especially birthdays, low key. So, with a gift bag in one hand and a card in another, she eagerly arrives to the said destination in that corner of the island, wearing a summery dress with thin straps over each shoulder, the bottom a little flouncy and fun, swirling around her upper thighs with each step. Beneath it, there's an obvious bikini, in case there is swimming to be had, because it's finally warm enough. Following behind Oliver, she places the card and the bag on the gift table and approaches Felicia with a grin, "This is going to be so great."

End of year bonfire, he is here for that. Derek was only aware of this more last minute, this B-Day stuff, but his luck he'll get blamed for this one too. Still, he's there to help, that's what he does, whatever was needed. Still he's there, arriving or showing up with clusters and such. He has a present too, its professionally wrapped. His standard fair, a mug shot bag, plastic, wrapped up with a mug inside it. Visible through the clear wrapper. He'll be putting that with the gifts that are being collected and throw in, "I'm still good if you want to convert it to lights out sort of a surprise party … we all jump out of the bushes or whatever." Just to get his two cents in, then he looks at Annaliesa, noticing the fun dress, and the thighs, "Good to see you here." As if its a surprise and he didn't know she would be here too, even if they may have done some b-day shopping together even.

Felicia looks up from her last minute sorting of the music play list, removing these old songs and adding some new stuff, recently downloaded "Not unless you have to magical way to keep the seagulls away." they aren't to bad at the moment, but once the food starts being eaten and spills happen that could be problematic. She is hoping that the bonfire, once it is lit, will be enough to keep them at bay later though "Heya Anna, Derek." she is in a good mood, even better than usual since beams both smile, even Derek, and there is no blame game from her about anything at the moment. She isn't going to ruin the party by being a grumpyface.

Oliver looks over and waves as Anna and Derek arrive before he glances up at the sky. "Well, I could turn into something predatory, but not sure that would be as much fun in terms of the party…" nor is he sure it would work. Seagulls are vicious. "Can anyone do a forcefield or something?" He looks to the others…they know their teammates better than him! "I could try to talk to them…not sure it would work though as I'm not sure I'm actually speaking 'Seagull' when I talk as one." Not that he's bothered turning into a gull at all. Nasty birds.

Annaliesa hurries in to hug her roomy, "This is going to be great, you've done awesome," a grin is tossed to Oliver as soon as the hug ends, "Hey Ollie," lifting a hand to tousle his hair a little. Then she notices Derek and he gets a hug also, but this one lingers a little, and is completely chaste. "Hi you," she says softer. "Not me, I can't do a forcefield," she tells Oliver, glancing up towards the sky. "Can we sing the happy birthday song when Daxton arrives?"

"Hey Felicia, nice digs." The party, bonfire, how could it not be nice. Looking at the seagull, hearing everyone else, Derek takes the hug gladly and doesn't make it to squick'ish for the others. WIth a nod, "Sure, if they become a problem, I can put up a field or something. Like our own orange pavilion, that lets some light through." That sounds good enough to him. "I'll sing, just not the loudest …." Then more towards Annaliesa, "So, Tuesdays I'm here through July, but otherwise I can go anywhere." And quickly, not as fast as the b-day boy, but fast enough.

Stepping out rather slowly, Vinny look around at the crowd ith a brief mile, before moving forward, watching the happenings rather carefully so far.

Daxton has a big bag of unopened BBQ flavored chips dangling from one hand, the other is his phone that he's one handed typing on. He's at least picking up on that aspect of being a teenager. The blue eyed teen slows as he approaches , finishing up some text before looking up and stopping in his tracks. This is not what he wanted, damn it. He doesn't scowl, but his face is a controlled neutral. Maybe he can just leave and not show up?

"Well don't worry about it Oliver." Felicia says to him as Derek offers up the whole forcefeild think. "As long as it lets the smoke out." trapping all that bonfire smoke in a dome with the partygoers…not a good idea. The quick hug to Anna is returned and a shake of head is given "Not unless you want him to leave the party before it even gets started." she is going to fight tooth and nail to keep it lowkey, and if she has to tie and gag people to make that so..well she will do that! And speak of the devil, "Hey Dax!" she greets as the speedster approaches "I see they finally let you escape work."

Oliver tries to straighten his hair as Anna ruffles it, "Hey, it took my pillow a long time for it to put my hair just so!" Not that he really cares or that it would help. He doesn't even need to cut his hair…he just makes it as as short or long as he wants. "I'm with Felicia on this…I think even the cake and presents might be too much…" but what's a birthday without cake?

When Daxton finally shows up, he pauses a moment before reaching over to take the chips, "Come on…if Felicia made me come to the bonfire, you have to as well…especially since you're an actual Ares." No mention of a birthday. Not yet. He's walking on eggshells.

Annaliesa does get it, and she gives a disappointed look before she schools it into something more chipper as soon as the man of the hour arrives. "Hey Daxton," she greets, but she's certainly holding back the happy birthday part of the greeting. It's fairly obvious she wants to say something more in the greeting, but she does manage not to blurt it out. Instead she gives him a bright smile before reaching for Derek's hand, lacing her fingers through his. "Yeah the smoke, reminds me of that book I read, Stephen King, Under the Dome." An interested look is given to Derek, "Tuesdays through July? Detention or.. summer classes or something?" All the way through July? "You must have had trouble of epic proportions." She catches sight of her brother and waves, giving him a warm smile, "Hey Vin." Oliver gets a grin but she doesn't mess with his hair again. "Carelessly tousled look huh?"

"Yeah, summer classes, just math. I almost passed it." How much is almost passing is anyone's guess with Derek though. He does not elaborate on that. "Yes, a chimney even, if needed. I'm sure we'll be good," returned on the improptu pavilion possbility. About to say more on summer and all, then a few arrive, "Hey Vinny … Hey Daxton, happy birthday man." He'll throw it right out there. Its one reason to be here, a good excuse for a bonfire even. He knows no filter. "You'll never guess what I got you, but you can put your coffee in it." He spoils that surprise. Then reaches over to get some chips. "All this talk of fire, and its still not going. Guess I have to do it the old fashioned way." He eats a chip taken, then dusts the chip dust off his fingers, ready to start it, unless someone volunteers powers …

The group that went and found Lynzee should have waited, but not for any of the reasons that got shoved into their brains by the faculty. Because then Tabitha could have enjoyed having the last day of school and her birthday all at once come tomorrow without also having the newly rediscovered weight of what today is the anniversary of. While it's been brought up in classes plenty of times, but most of the students are young enough that the Gardens Massacre didn't hit them as hard unless they lost family or friends. Now that she remembers who she was before becoming Tabitha Jones, she really needs to take some time away and loose herself in music.

So that's what she's out on the island doing. While serving out last week's detention cleaning the island she liked how one particular corner of land was situated and decided to come out today with all of her instruments to practice some of the power tricks she'd been working on.

And so she's walking up the beach with a guitar case slung across her back, one across her front, her synth case in one hand and violin case in the other. And floating behind her, held aloft by her aura is a full drum kit, her portable amp, smallish speakers, an expanded battery pack, some mats, a stool, and all the wires and plugs the mess requires all coiled up neatly in midair. She's whistling to herself and has her eyes on the ground so she doesn't trip. She's dressed for the wonderful weather in a copper colored sun dress that matches most of her hair, and a bikini that matches the jet black hair at her left temple. A black headband both acts to keep her hair in check and pulls double duty as today's blindfold. She doesn't seem to have noticed the gathered folks between her and her destination, but she's a tiny person carrying almost a literal ton of stuff.

"Hey…" Vinny replies, as he steps further towards the others. Stepping over to ruffle his sister's hair, he grins. "Looks like an excellent day, right?" Offering grins to the others, he looks around again, nodding as he hear Derek's words to Daxton. "Happy birthday," he offers as well. "Hope it's been a good day so far."

Daxton eyes the set up but nods to Felicia, "Yeah…it was a slow day today." His chips are taken and he suddenly has nothing in his hands so he hooks his thumbs on his belt loop of his jeans, "I wasn't sure if you wanted everyone to bring stuff or what…" Hence the chips which he must have bought in town. Oliver gets a brief smile, but it looks like it's a no making eye contact type of day for the speedster. Anna and Derek get a nod, "Hey…thanks." He's trying, he is. In his head, he knows this isn't like the Prom thing, having a birthday party is normal, this kind of attention is normal. So he's trying. It's anyone's guess how long he can hold out before bolting though. He offers, "I think we were gonna wait for Aidan to start it?" He thought, anyway. It's still light out, it's not needed just yet. Dax can't help a small eye roll as Derek blurts out his present. A typical half shrug is offered to his roommate, "It's okay. Thanks."

Felicia pats at her pockets, no swimsuit for her, just her usual jeans, tee and hoodie "I may have a pillow on me if you want to fix it." she offers to Oliver, but doesn't go searching her pockets or anything. "They made that into a tv show ya know." she says to Anna about the book. "I didn't read it and only watched the first season of the show before it became a yawn fest for me." she hits the play button on her laptop to start the music, but for now keeps it low enough to make conversation easy, no use yelling at each other this early in the game. "Not yet Derek. After sunset at least." which is still a bit off, even though it is early evening. "Well it is Sunday. I expect that most people do most of thier pizza eating on Friday and Saturday." she shrugs though at the mention of him bringing stuff "It's cool. If people want to bring food I'm not going to complain, unless they don't share."

It's hard to miss the petite Tabitha approaching, it's not everyday you see a one man…or in this case girl, band coming your way. At least not in that sense. "Hey Tabs!" she calls out her "I didn't order a band for the party, but I won't complain if you want to volunteer!" she grins at the muscician.

"Always, Anna…" is offered with a grin before Oliver runs his fingers through his hair again to get it to do…something. His smile falters a little as Daxton once again avoids his gaze, but he'll just work on that later. For now, the chips are set on the food table and he looks to the others. "I'll be here all summer if anyone wants to visit. Here and the coffee shop."

Noticing Tabitha dragging instruments behind her, he smacks his own forehead, "Why didn't I think to bring my guitar? Maybe I'll get it before the bonfire…" since he can always fly back. Although schlepping the guitar to the island might be more toublesome.

"Almost passed," Annaliesa says with some amusement. "Trust me, I know what you mean. I've got a bit to do for math class too, but.. I was going to be in town anyway until mid-July. That's when we're going to Costa Rica." She gives Vinny a smile, "All of us, they said, means you get to go too. For about two weeks." By get she mean 'has' to go, unless he works out a deal with the parentals about hanging at the school for that time. If Derek is going to be the flamethrower, Anna steps back a little to leave him to it, she doesn't want to get her hair singed or anything. The tousled hair, compliments of her brother, earns him crinkled nose as she sticks her tongue out at him playfully that she quickly belies by giving him a one armed hug. She doesn't immediately address Daxton again, not wanting to run him off on her account. Instead, she takes a glance around and notices the literal one man (or girl) band. "The music hath arrived," she says, despite the music playing on the laptop already. "I saw some of the show, but I like the book better, it's completely different." She looks askance at Oliver, "You will be here all summer? That can't be fun.."

"What, too early for a fire," ponders Derek, like that is absolute nonsense. "Okay okay, after sunset," even though Liesa, knowing him, made the precaution to stand back. He would get it going … alas. Instead he comes over to stand with Annaliesa. Taking the quick one armed hug and returning it. "What, yeah, can't be here all summer, we'll have to help you get out I think." Offered to Oliver.

When she gets closer to the beach party, Tabitha's aura-based senses start to separate the input of people-shaped people about the same time that she's noticed and greeted by some of the partiers. She stops a dozen or so yards away from the tables and bonfire, then looks around. "Who? Who's there? Just give me a second." Her aura can do a lot of things, but holding up a bunch of somewhat heavy and very delicate things doesn't leave it a lot of range in the extrasensory department.

So the instruments get shifted around a bit to give her a clear line of sight while she shades her eyes with one hand and pulls down the headband/blindfold with the other. She opens her eyes slowly, letting the charcoal grey orbs with cores of flame adjust to the sunlight slowly. When she can see everyoe more or less clearly those funky eyes widen. Then she shades them with both hands. "Huh. Didn't know there was a beach party. I can go practice on the other side of the island if you want?"

Vinny grins as he hears his sister's words. "Good. It'll be nice to go back there for a bit." A brief pause, before he looks to Oliver as well. "Don't have anywhere better to go?" he asks, after a few moments.

Daxton just nods about pizza times. "Pizzas kinda universal. People are always eating it." The glue that holds humanity together. He glances over to the approach band and looks a little surprised, Fel really went all out after he asked her not to. Live music? He glances over at his fellow summer worker, "You and me both, man. I'll keep you stocked up on breadsticks if you sneak me a coffee every once in a while." While everyone else discusses the fire, or lack of, Dax will start to slowly make his way over to grab a drink. When Tab notes them, if she looks in his direction he'll raise a hand and wave, but doesn't approach. Things are …weird between them currently.

The whole conversation about summer school has Felicia wincing in sympathy. Thankfully she was able to pull off good enough grades (barely) to keep that from happening to her. "Who exactly do you mean by all of us?" she asks of Anna, not quite sure on that one. "I'll be around off and on." if only to avoid her own family weirdness, though she is going to have to spend sometime back home.

"End of year celebration Tabs." never mind that there is a birthday cake and presents, not part the party she doesn't mention. "Grab a drink, some food, party with us. We'll be lighting the bonfire as soon as the sun goes down."

Oliver shrugs, "It beats sleeping on the streets for a summer," Oliver points out, eager to change subjects after Anna's comment to him. He doesn't get much of a chance though as Derek chimes in. "Why? I'm working at the school and at the MugShot and it's a place to live. I mean, getting out would be nice, but…" he stayed all last summer as well. It's easier than sticking him in yet another temporary foster situation. He includes Vinny in the answer to Annaliesa and Derek before he purposefully changes the subject now. "So. Music, huh? And Daxton, I think you need to open presents. If you don't want them, you can just share them with people if you want. I'll totally keep you stocked up in coffee. I like the veggie pizza too…" Ahaha. No need to talk about his summer plans! Nope!

Vinny grins as he looks between the others, "Sounds like you two have worked out a good deal there." That's offered to Daxton and Oliver, offering them a nod, before he looks to Tabitha, offering her a grin and a nod.

Tabitha nods to Felicia's explanation of why there's a party blocking her path to a place for practice. "Good day for it." Then her eyes adjust to notice the cake and presents. "Looks like a multi-purpose party, though?" And then Oliver is telling Daxton that he should open some presents and her jaw drops. She's apparently surprised enough that she nearly drops the gear held up in her aura. "Wait, today's your birthday, Dax?" There's a pause as she drops her eyes. Things are weird between them, indeed. "That's… that's cool." Her voice drops in volume a bit as she lowers her stuff onto the ground. "Mine… mine's tomorrow. One of them, anyway. Tabitha's." Oliver's remarks about his summer plans and the reasons behind them give her a thought, but she'll bring it up to him later. For now she just shrugs to him when he mentions music. "Well, I was just on my way down the beach a ways to practice. I've only got a few more days before showtime. But if you're alright with possible suckage, I could set up here."

Daxton's torn, he'd rather not make a big deal about the presents (or any of this), but her gets why Oli is trying to deflect. "Yeah, I can swing a veggie pizza every once in a while." He'll start toy nod Oli over, maybe to look at the presents or just get him a little away from the prying questions, but then Tabs is there, "It was yesterday, Felicia's going against her promise to keep this small." He sounds annoyed and slightly amused at the same time. "I can legally drive now, woo-hoo." okay, that last bit is sarcastic, as punctuated by the quick jazz hands Dax does.

Felicia has already dug into the drinks and food as the others talks amongst themselves. There is some snerking at Tab's surprise at the birthday thing "Lotsa June birthdays." she comments, though two really doesn't count as lots. "Better you suck here where you are with freinds than when you are competing against a bunch of people who aren't." that's her logic anyway "Try…I promised I'd try." not really, she purposefully didn't promise anything because she knew what would happen, but she isn't going to argue to much with the birthday boy. "Driving…highly overrated." unless it is in a RC car or something…cause that's different.

"I thought about taking driving lessons over the summer," Oliver offers before he just grins at Daxton, "Congrats! Now you get to drive us around everywhere!" Right. Change of subject. He also goes over to the food and looks over to see what he might be able to eat. He grabs something to drink and a plate full of chips, "If you need a guitarist, Tabitha, I'm happy to help!" But she does look like she has things in order.

There's another glance to Anna and Derek but he's trying to be good.

Vinny grins as he hears what's being said. "Technicalities," he offers lightly to Felicia, before he offers another grin to Daxton. "But do you have something to drive?" he asks, rather lightly.

Tabitha nods to Daxton's comment about his birthday being yesterday. "Ah, cool." She finishes setting down all the thick rubber mats on a spot that's flat if not entirely level, then puts the rest of her gear and instruments on top of them. Oliver's offer to do guitar gets a grin, "Sounds good, Oliver. Got your own, or would you need to borrow my backup?" Once everything's down and not falling over she only keeps the larger guitar case holding her double neck beauty on her back as she goes over by the tables with everyone else. "I've known how to drive for a while, and I'll get my license when it's time. Doubt I'll ever have a car, though."

Daxton snorts, "It's important to have. You can't really get an apartment or anything without ID, and no one takes you seriously if it's just a state ID, and not a driver's license." Sounds like the speedster is thinking of his future a little bit. Fel gets a nose wrinkle, he's going to remember this. He turns back to Oli and takes a sip of his drink, "Cool. I already know, I just need to find a car to borrow so i can take the test." Thanks for pointing that out, Vinny. "I'm saving up, man."

Anna grins, rather belatedly, to Felicia. "All of us, I just meant my mom and dad and Vinny and I." She hadn't meant to insinuate anything else. "Unless you want to go too, I've already talked Derek into going." Vinny gets a nod, because she's glad he's excited about going back. She smiles at Derek and hooks an arm with his to bring him with her, "Going to go get something I forgot to bring." And the two head off. Because Annaliesa is happy to add to the food, they are only gone a bit before they are back with white chocolate Macadamia nut cookies. She takes a bite of one and offers the container to Derek as she takes a bite. Once she's mostly chewed it, and swallowed, she motions to the water. "Should I swim over and get pizza?"

"Yes, it'll be good to go back. Maybe we'll find some good waves for some surfing too?" Vinny offers, before he looks around once more. Daxton gets a grin, "Good planning," he remarks, while looking over at the others again. "Is it the pizza or the swim you're hoping for?" he comments to Annaliesa, offering her a wide grin now.

Derek was focused on food, he wished a happy birthday, no one was upset at him yet. Life was good, he takes the bit offered by Liesa and munches away on cookies. "My folks should visit soon, I bet you could borrow their car for that test." He finally chimes in to Daxton. It works, and yes, he's all on board for going. With Liesa, being talked into it. Then he's going with her, gauze he has too (wants too?). "OH forgot something?" He says clueless as usual. "Oh, pizza great idea, pizza would be good. Should I get something too, or pizza and the other goodies enough you think?"

Felicia offers whatever help Tab needs in setting up, if any. She doesn’t know anything about instruments or amps or how to hook any of it up, but she can pick things up and put them down easily enough. There is a look between Anna and Derek she then shakes her head "No thanks." clearly Anna forgot their discussion about that weeks ago, but that's okay. She'd rather stay here then be a third wheel in a foreign country. The nose wrinkle gets a tongue sticking out in amused fashion. "No need Anna. It's being delivered later." what you think she was going to not have pizza? Crazy talk.

"I have my own," Oliver starts, but he looks at the equipment, "I usually play acoustic though. May not vibe with what you're doing…" electric guitar? He's never really played with one of those — they've been far too expensive for him to purchase to experiment with. When Anna mentions swimming though, he can't hold it in any longer. "Mermaid time? Please? I've been wanting to try this -all year- and now you'll be going away!"

"Electric's not too hard to work out once you're solid on acoustic. I can talk you though the differences, or we can do some acoustic jams too." Tabitha snags a quick drink then pulls her blindfold back over her eyes and returns to the big mat with her instruments and such. Except for the mat and the large battery pack, everything looks like it's seen a lot of use and wear. Thrift store and pawn shop gear the lot of it, but lovingly repaired and reconditioned. She'll accept Felicia's help with the bigger stuff. She's strong enough to move it all, but height and lack of reach an be an issue.

Daxton's comments on the good reasons to get her license get a nod in return. "Yeah. Nathaniel is helping me fix all of my official documents so they'll show my real age, so maybe before next school year I'll have it all sorted. Just want to keep Tabitha's June birthday instead of," she pauses and drops her gaze. There's that weirdness again. "Instead of the other one." She goes back to focusing on getting her gear set up. Things go quickly once the big stuff is in place, since she's had a lot of practice using her aura to get things plugged in and tuned. Oliver's mermaid comment gets her attention, though.

Daxton's eyes narrow, if he gets a call from work asking him to come in and deliver his own birthday pizzas…He gives Derek a nod, "Maybe. I need to look and see what the requirements are, even." He reaches over for a handful of chips to much on. Growing teen is hungry! The outburst from Oli has him stuffing his mouth and wisely staying quiet for the moment. Chips are good, and Anna going mermaid mode is something he's not seen either. Dax let's his eyes drift to Tab briefly and he nods, "Sure." So weird. But then again, maybe he's got some hidden aspect of himself that will basically threaten others. Who knows? Look, more chips! The birthday boy glances to the table where the presents are. He's not a complete grump about it, he likes presents, just not attention. There is a difference.

Definitely not a third wheel, not when Vinny was going too! Speaking of, "Yeah! Surfing! I bet we could get our dad to teach you some stuff," she tells Felicia, as if she hadn't just declined the invitation. "He's a pro, it'll be great, really." She looks at Vinny, trying to engage his assistance in convincing. "Besides, Derek and Vinny can go do some stuff too and we could hang out." Oliver's excitement is hard to miss though and she blushes a little, then looks at Derek, seeking confirmation? Permission? Something! A curious once over to Tabitha, "I love when you're playing music." Looking at Tabitha brings her attention to Daxton and she smiles, "Happy Birthday." No fanfare, no hullabaloo, just simple. So anti-Annaliesa. When he opens the gift bag from her, it's a refurbished iPhone, nothing major, and it'll have a ton of music on it. As for the birthday card it'll be a gift card for twenty bucks for the Book Store in town, Silver Fable, where the comic book store is located.

Pizza covered, just in time, as it seems a few boys take interest in seeing Liesa go full mermaid and he's not so sure about everyone getting full frontal mermaid. Derek says, "Yeah, no need to go mermaid and get the pizza, Felicia has it all covered." He's right on board and the conversation seems to naturally move away from the natural at least. His present is easy to spot, clear plastic over a mug, the mugshot bag still on it, see through as ever. "The school needs a band," he comments on everyone playing instruments. "I can't help there, no good at an instrument, no good at being a roadie. I can support, from the audience and all. Yay, insert name of band." There was really not enthusiasm in cheering like that, but everyone playing, they could get together and do just that. He turns an eye to Vinny, "Yeah, you and I, a little, you have to show me what guys do down in Costa Rica when the girls aren't around."

Vinny grins a he hears what's being said. "Haven't you always wanted to learn to surf?" That offered to Felicia, before he adds, "Besides, it's a wonderful place." Looking between the others, he grins. "Live music is always quite good." Although he needs earplugs, but that's just because of the volume. "And singing is a good hobby." Especially when you have a tendency to remember quite a bit of lyrics.

There will be no phone calls for Dax to deliver a pizza, Felicia bribed a freshie to go get them and bring them back. Whatelse are freshies good for if not to do the bidding of the upper classmen? "I would need to learn how to swim first." she replies to both Anna and Vinny about the surfing lessons. It's one of those required skills when learning to surf really.

Since Felicia is better at dancing to music than playing it, she leaves that conversation to the others and watches while gifts are unwrapped. There is one from her in there. Whatever it is it is mostly thoughtful but nothing uber expensive. She only had two days to figure something out, and a gift card to Footlocker, because damn, he goes through shoes.

"My guitar is back at the school…I can use one of yours if it's ok, or…I'm always happy to learn," Oliver starts. He does give Derek a blink before looking really disappointed, "You're really not going to let her turn into a mermaid? Seriously? I've been wanting to learn all year and now you're going to pull a misogynist move like that?" There's a sigh of disappointment before he just shakes his head and…moves to sulk with some potato chips.

Tabitha blushes a bit as Anna compliments her singing. "Thanks. It helps keep me centered." She finishes hooking up her trusty double neck guitar, then pauses to listen to Anna's exchange with Derek. There is a pause as Tabitha turns her face towards Annaliesa and Derek at the mermaid exchange. Then she pulls her blindfold down, the flames in her solid charcoal eyes flaring in a manner that Daxton might recognize as less Tabitha and more 'that other one'. "He is hardly the one to ask permission over what to do with your own body. Are you not your own person, siren?"

She seems like she might say more, and in a less polite fashion. But she stops, bites her lip hard enough to cause a brief flow of greenish gold blood, and puts her blindfold back on. Her shoulders slump a bit then she's back to finishing hooking up her backup guitar, which she offers to Oliver with a smile that's more her usual self, especially without new new eyes spoiling the effect. "It's perfectly alright. This one was an acoustic before I added the extra parts." Seems she could do with some of that centering she mentioned.

Daxton's eyes widen at the power keg that could blow, and for once it's not involving him. He's poking through the gifts- a mug, coffee (Which he hurries and finishes his drink before getting a cup of that!), gift cards, phone. He blinks, surprised at the expensive gift. Not looking up from the pile, "Thanks guys." His voice is amore subdued than usual, he's got a lot of mixed emotions to deal with. Or push down and deal with later, that's probably a safer bet. Lilith's flare up doesn't help either. He reaches up to touch something underneath his shirt before taking another long sip of his coffee.

Annaliesa now realizes how it looks and she bites her lip a little, "No, it's not really.." she hesitates, "It's a matter of respect really, respecting Derek." There's a look between Felicia and Vinny and another nod, "Yeah, I know you can't swim, but it'd be good for you to learn." She reaches for another cookie, forgetting to reply to anyone else about anything other than what Tabitha had said. "I am my own person, but I respect Derek and.. well there are reasons."

A brow lifts on Derek's features, more towards Oliver. "What the … I'm no masochist." He passed English, a grade just enough to pass. Another blink, and "I don't control …" Then Annaliesa answers better perhaps. He instead goes for another cookie. Something to occupy his mouth. All the times he talks wtih Daxton, food on hand may have helped just at little probably. He inhales one, literally, then nods to Daxton, "You're welcome."

Vinny looks about to say something, but he seems to change his mind. A brief pause as he looks between the others, offering them all a grin. "So, this'll be a fun summer, right?"

Felicia can't hold it back, the snort when respect is mentioned "Please. It's shapeshifting. An ability. Oliver has changed shape in front of all of us. It's no different than him shifting, or me shrinking, or Dax speeding about. It's not like he is asking you to strip in front of him or something." and that's all she will say on the subject. "I'm going to go see what is taking so long with the pizzas." maybe the freshie got lost.

Tabitha sets the guitar she offered to Oliver down where he can snag it if he decides to play, then stands up and carefully sets the double neck guitar on the mat next to the violin. So now all her stuff is set up, with the drum kit in back between the speakers, the synthesizer set up on its stand in front of the drums, and the rest of her instruments laid out on the mat in front of the synth. Then she leaves them be and goes over to the table with the presents and takes a loot at all of Daxton's swag.

She's not ignoring the topic of 'full frontal mermaid', but the way Felicia weighed in makes her think that it's something that's come up amongst the Ares folks before. Better to snag another drink, a slice of cake, and be glad that the sun is almost far enough down for her to take off her blindfold without pain.

Anna's not helping the situation, in Daxton's eyes. But, he'll leave that for Fel to deal with or not. She'll have a greater impact on the mermaid than the Speedster will. And Fel doesn't disappoint. He hides his smirk by drinking more coffee. It's his birthday party, he can get cafiene buzzed, right? He'll just take a long run before bed tonight or something. Cake, cake and sugar sound good, he'll move over to the cake as well, and quietly mumble to Tab, "At least they didn't sing." He's thinking he's done a fairly good job of not leaving so far.

"Look, Felicia, I'm not taking my top off for anyone and when I shift.." Annaliesa just shrugs. "So, what? Everyone is in agreement? You all think I should just shift into a mermaid so that Oliver can turn into me and swim with Grayson?" She exhales and turns, walking over to get herself a drink, "I'll do what I want, when I want and I'm not going to shift just to be an experiment. No one is going to guilt me into it." Opening her drink, she walks over to the water and sits down, getting away from the looks the others are giving.

And she lets out with her reasons, Derek lets her have the moment then offers, "You all could of just left it with me being the dick, I'm good with it." Maybe he knew what they were suggesting all along and he was just playing the part. Happily blunt against awkward social situations he puts himself into. "I'll let you know when my folks will get here." So he can see what he needs to do for preparing for drivers test and such. Then he moves over towards Liesa who is looking at the water, he stands near where she sits. "Room for a second, I keep good company, supposedly. That or I don't shut up." A mix of both, more the latter maybe.

Tabitha smiles and even giggles a bit when Daxton mutters about not getting sung to. Part of it is the comment, but it's mostly that he was willing to stand next to her and say it so soon after Lilith made a brief appearance that makes her smile. "Oh, I've heard rumors that Anna's got quite the voice. And I /could/ perform my own birthday song, but it's more 'Hammer Horror' than 'Beach Boys'." She leans over to give him a bump with her shoulder, then listens to both Annaliesa and Derek speak their peace.

Anna's remarks in particular give her pause and she sets her cake down to walk down to where the pair have situated themselves. She doesn't sit, but just hunches down a few paces away looking out into the water. "I'm sorry to have reacted like I did. I have…" she shakes her head and stops. "That's not important. What's important is that your reasons for deciding are just that, /your/ reasons. And if you two will stick around, I think I know which song to play first. And I think it's getting late enough that we can light the bonfire." She gives the pair a quick smile then goes back by Daxton to retrieve her cake.

That might be pushing it, a shoulder bump. Daxton smiles, but it's tight, "Yeah…I'm good with no songs directed at me." He doesn't say anything about the Anna outburst, cause if he does, it'll be bad. Instead he shoves cake into his hole and supes himself up on sugar too. "Aidan will be here soon. He'll get the Bonfire." What's the point of having a friend who can create fire if you don't let him light the bonfire, right?

Be careful what you ask for! Across the way, the fire wielder can be seen coming, backpack slung over one shoulder as his tall frame lends itself to a rather awkward gait. However, if there was something long legs helped with it was getting places faster! Soon enough Aidan is walking up to the group, offering a small wave to those gathered with his other hand resting on the strap of his backpack. "Hey! Sorry I'm late…hope I haven't missed too much?"

Having been looking around in quiet thoughtfulness, Vinny returns to the others. Stepping over towards Annaliesa, he offers her a quiet smile, but doesn't say anything out loud. Looking over at the mention of the bonfire, he grins. "That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

"There's always room for you, Derek," Annaliesa offers in a soft spoken voice, a hint of a smile returning to her features. "I don't mind you not shutting up," she confesses. Looking up as Tabitha approaches, she looks guarded at first, but she visible relaxes at the remarks and her smile hitches up a few degrees. "Thanks," she murmurs in response, glancing towards the bonfire where Aidan has just approached. "Sure. We can come back over." She takes to her feet, offering her hand to Derek, then as Vinny approaches, her smile finally returns in full and she gives him an impulsive one armed hug. "You're the best little brother."

Moving to his feet as well, Derek gladly takes Liesa's hand. "Hey, its all good, no spill no foul." To Tabitha, and their not really drinking, maybe he needs to bring in something to actually drink sometime. Make it a party. "I'll get the fire going. You get the song going." A look to Daxton, "No, I'm not singing the song for today." The birthday song, but that might put the idea in some one elses mind of course. He does have matches to start the fire, he makes sure there is thin dry kindling at the bottom to get going. He looks over at Annaliesa, "I'll never shut up." Around her.

Once she has her cake back in hand, Tabitha ducks her head in apology to Daxton. "Sorry about the bump. Got carried away." She scarfs the cake and washes it down with some water to clear her throat, then waggles her eyebrows above the blindfold. "Anyway, time to play."

She heads over to where her full set of instruments have been set out along with amps and speakers. She spots Aidan approaching on her way and gives him a wave, "Hey there, Sparky! Just in time to let your pyro out." Then she focuses on a quick sound check, but she doesn't pick up or even touch any of the instruments. Instead she takes a deep breath, lets it out slow, and uses her aura to interact first with the drum kit, running the drums in a quick random solo. Then she moves on to the synth, 'fingers' of aura dancing over the keys. Then on to both guitars and then the violin. Once she's happy with each instrument alone she starts to test them together, making sure she can keep control across all of them at once. Sound levels are adjusted as she goes until it's all done and ready.

Then she puts on her headset mic and turns to face the various faces at the party. "Alright, this is one of my newest. Wrote it during detention last week, so I thought all you Ares types might appreciate that." Then the drums and guitar kick in a few beats before her vocals. The song is heavy rock, and the lyrics all about standing up for yourself, against the world if need be. At particular points during the refrain, flickering flames can be seen popping up along her aura then vanishing soon after.

((As is my custom, posting a vid of the RL song for the curious: https://youtu.be/3ajsgnrq5UM ))

Daxton could get behind some actual drinking. He responds to Derek after swallowing a huge bite of cake, "Appriciated, man." He then pauses, "Dude. We've been saying for like thew past half an hours that Aidan would light it up." No one listens! Aidan get a head nod and then motion to the set up bonfire, "Hey, man. Do it." He looks back down to the not as short Tab, "It's ok. It's just gonna take some time." To what? He doesn't elaborate, instead he takes his drink nd finds a place to sit down near the bon fire that Aidan will hopefully light.

Aidan kind of just blinks and looks between the people as discussions are had. Then, his purpose is realized! Looking to Daxton he nods "Right…you got it, man." Just in case, he puts his backpack down on the ground. He wears short sleeves most the time anyways so he wasn't really worried about wardrobe burnage. "Stand back…and watch your eyebrows" he says before giving a small smirk and looking towards the bonfire.

His right arm extends out by his side more, after a moment a blue/white glow forming around the dip of his elbow. From there, it extends out into flame tendril that shifts from the blue into a vibrant orange red as it wraps around his arm and snakes downward towards his hand. Finally, the path he's built forms into a yellow orange orb of fire that rests in his palm. All of the colors of the flames feed into that main orb before it shoots forward from his form and into the bonfire.

As the fire is lit, Aidan gives a bit of a grin, the fire around his arm slowly working in the reverse of how it had been created to return back into his form. His fist then clenches shut as he looks to the fire, a sense of pride…but not the arrogant kind. More the kind of seeing the effort of two years worth of work and effort paying off.

Vinny pauses momentarily at that hug, offering a grin to Annaliesa. "I try. It's easier knowing I have the most awesome sister," he replies, hugging her back, before he looks to the others again, and moving to get himself some of whatever's to eat right now. "Light it up!" he calls to Aidan, with a grin. As the fire is lit, he applauds. "Well done!"

Annaliesa smiles at her brother again, "You're just being sweet now," she grins then looks towards where Felicia had disappeared. "I am going to go find her and make sure everything is okay." She smiles again to Tabitha and offers a wave before heading off, leaving Derek or letting him come with her.

Daxton smirks as Aidan does his thing , starting up the bon fire rather impressively. Dax is sitting nearby, on a log with a coffee in hand. For being the birthday boy, he's being rather subdued. For being Daxton he's trying to deal with the attention better than he did the Prom stuff. He sort of succeeding. Sorta. He'll sit and watch the fire and listen to Tabs one man band play.

His gaze goes to his fist a moment as he unclenches and clenches again a few times. A grin is given to Vinny "Thanks!" Aidan would then pick his backpack off the ground again before moving over to a log near Daxton's. "Thanks, Daxton…that was actually pretty fun" he says with a bit of surprise, chuckling as he sits down on his log and opens up his backpack. He speaks loud enough for others to hear as well, rummaging through his bag. "I hit the snack stand before coming out. Got an assortment of stuff if anybody's interested." Seriously? When did he NOT have food?

Rosa is late. School may be out, but this is Rosa: school never ends. She rushes in with a package in her arms, wrapped up in the colored cartoons from yesterday's Boston Globe (because yes, Rosa reads newspapers too — or possibly filched these pages from the library because the cartoons go missing shortly after it's put on the shelf anyway).

"Would I do that?" Vinny replies to his sister as she heads off. Turning to look at the others, he grins as he looks between them. Getting hold of something to drink, he finds himself somewhere to sit, leaning back a bit. As he sees Rosa make her entrance, he grins. "Hey!"

Tabitha manages to keep her control over all the instruments through the entire song (it's a lot easier when the violin isn't included). When it's finished she gives herself a minute of breathing and to gauge the reaction of the party goers. Since no one has started throwing things at her, she runs a hand through her copper and black hair and starts in on the next pieces. She doesn't have a lot to choose from since she's limited to ones with just one female voice and no more instruments than she has with her. That cuts out almost eighty percent of her band's sizable library, but what's left are still fun songs.

When Aidan lights the fire during the first song, she grins and removes her blindfold completely. The bonfire's roar reflects nicely not just with the song she was performing, but also with the solid charcoal grey and burning flames of the eyes she normally keeps covered since they changed. The next couple songs she plays continue the heavy rock and metal sounds of the first, as this is Tabitha's prefered style.

((Once more, for the curious here are the RL songs she's playing: https://youtu.be/srXKrzmZZXA and then https://youtu.be/D0C1WvC6-XQ ))

Daxton chuckles, shifting on his log to try to find a more comfortable position. "Better be. You're now the official bon fire lighter of Coral Springs." Does he have that power to grant that title? Who Cares! Rosa gets a softer smile and he raises a hand, "Hey Rosa." Tab gets a thumbs up, it sounded good, before he turns back to everyone else, "There's food on the table to Aidan." Looks like there's drinks(no booze), chips and birthday cake.

A smirk is given at the title bestowed on him, "I think I can handle that responsibility…" With a look to the table then "Ah…right. There's food because it's a party. My bad." Zipping up his backpack Aidan looks around at the gathering "Pretty good turn out. Fun way to celebrate the end of the year like this…maybe it'll become a tradition." Or maybe it was? This was only his second end of year after all. Maybe he missed it last year. Seeing Rosa approach he smiles and offers her a wave, lofting a brow at the package in her arms.

Rosa juggles the package to her left arm so she can wave at others with the right. "Hi, hi, hola, hello," she says to people in turn. Some of them speak Spanish, she's well aware. The package is handed off to Daxton. "Happy birthday. Don't run away."

Listening to what's said, Vinny takes a sip from his drink. There's a brief grin as he hears Rosa's words to Daxton. "Don't worry, if he runs, I'll trip him," he calls out a bit lightly.

Daxton saw the package, he was just trying to ignore it. But the Rosa is forcing it onto him, "I…you didn't have to…" A frown is directed at Vin before, "You couldn't catch me." He looks back to Rosa, "Thanks." It's set on his knee and torn open, cause there's no other way to open a gift when you're 16. Inside the box is a stuffed frog, with a top hat and cane sewn into his hand. Dax blinks a moment, surprised but then laughs, "He's awesome, Rosa! Where'd you get him?"

Rosa grins, perhaps just a touch of a blush rising to her already dusky cheeks. Nearly invisible in the light of the bonfire. "I found him at a junk shop in town," she explains. "I'm sure he was somebody's for a long time, but I cleaned him up and fixed his hat. Happy birthday, Daxton."

Aidan watches as Rosa hands Daxton the package and bestows the birthday wish upon him. So wait…this wasn't just an end of school year party? Oh wow had he missed the memo! He doesn't say anything though, getting distracted by the frog as well and grinning, obviously finding the frog to be a great gift. For now though he just lets them talk, gaze going back to the bonfire for the moment.

Vinny grins at Daxton. "Stop mixing facts into this, man…" It's said quite lightly, as he takes another sip from his drink. Leaning back in his seat to listen to the music now.

The bonfire is roaring (thanks, Aidan), a kind of half-tent for folks to sit under (thanks, Derek), and there's a table with drinks, snacks, and cake (thanks, lots of folks). The cake is there for Daxton's birthday, but the whole deal is also an end of the school year bash for folks to enjoy. There's even some unplanned live music, provided by Tabitha who was only planning to practice on a different beach. But now she's singing her heart out on a big mat that also has all of her instruments set up on it; drum set, synth, violin, double neck guitar, rhythm guitar, speakers, amps, big battery pack, etc. And all of them are being played. Not by hand, but by Tabitha's aura. She's already belted her way through one song and is now working through a couple more.

Folks are sitting on various seats, talking, eating, laughing, and generally enjoying themselves.

Daxton's sitting on a log near the fire with an opened box on his knee. Inside is a stuffed frog with a top hat and cane. It's clearly amusing the speedster cause he's laugh as he pulls it out, letting the box fall to the ground. "He's great, Rosa. Thanks!" After a moment he finger points and shoots at Vin, "Facts don't lie, man. You're slow." He's teasing, everyone is slow compared top him, besides maybe Pulse. And if she shows up, things are going to get really awkward.

A little late to the party, Rebecca walks up in shorts and a bikini top, her hoodie is tied around her waist. She's carrying a dish of seven layer dip. Surely there's plenty of chips. Looking at Kaylee, she smiles apologetically. "Sorry it took so long, but we made it! Next time I'll buy dip." She offers and looks around.

Aidan watches everybody interacting, looking to the fire a moment again before Rebecca arrives. With the arrival of dip, he's standing up for the table! Making his way over he'd look back to the others gathered "Anybody want anything while I'm up? Birthday dude…here's your chance to get delivered food for a change?" he offers. Because Dax was a delivery boy! Ha the bad humor abounds.

Carrying two bags of tortilla chips, Kaylee just grins and shakes her head at Rebecca. "It's okay, I would have been late, anyway, since I was still helping clean up in the dorms. I'm just glad I don't have to show up late by myself!" she responds happily as they approach the bonfire area. She cants her head a little, listening to the music, and blinks a little, looking back to Becca. "Did you know they were hiring a band?" she asks, grinning and bouncing a little.

"Oh yes? You won't move too far with your shoelaces tied together," Vinny replies just as lightly now. There's a brief moment as he looks around, noticing the new arrivals and waving to them.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "I need a new roommate." Which he'll have, come summer. Or no roommate, that is. Vin's glance and Aidan's movement has Dax turning to see who else is here and he give sa warm smile and waves from his spot, "Hey….and yeah Aidan, grab me a soda. "

"Oh hey Aidan. Wait, it's Daxton's birthday?" Rebecca blinks and looks to Kaylee with a little shrug. "An all Tabitha band. Dick Van Dyke eat your heart out." She jokes and waves to Daxton as she sets down the dip. Looking at the fire she sighs. "I wonder if there'll be s'mores. Those are the best!" She adds, bouncing a little to the beat.

Daxton would get a wave in response, but Kaylee's hands are full. She follows Rebecca to the table and sets the chips down next to her dip. "I didn't think you could have a bonfire WITHOUT s'mores. Isn't that like a felony or something?" she quips, smiling. And Tabitha is providing the music, huh? Kaylee looks around and sees her doing her thing with her aura and frowns a little, tucking some hair behind her ears. "We should totally sing Happy Birthday for Daxton. Again, if they already did," she adds, smiling again.

Aidan nods and heads to the table, getting some snack age for himself…searching…searching…yes! Water! Grabbing a bottle of water he also grabs a soda for Daxton, carrying the haul in his arms back to the logs. "Here ya go…" Offering the stash out to the speedster, he'd let him grab what he wanted before pulling it back and sitting back on his own log. Uncapping the water he takes a long drink.

Vinny shakes his head a bit lightly. "Now why would you want a new roommate, you already have a good one," he remarks, before looking between the others again. "Welcome to the party," he offers, but doesn't say anything else to the new arrivals now.

Rosa heads over to the table to get a drink for herself, a plate of chips and whatnot, and then returns to sit by Daxton. "I'm glad you like him. I understand his name is Michigan. Michigan J. Frog."

When the last notes fade on her third song, Tabitha lets them go. She's not looking as spry as when she started, but then she did just pour a significant portion of her stored energy into aura control. The instruments get set down gently and the whole deal is powered down to preserve the battery pack. Then she's down off the big rubber mat and heading towards the bonfire looking a bit wiped. Even the fires inside her charcoal grey eyes is so dim as to be nearly invisible in the light from the larger fire. She drops down on one of the logs, careful even in her tired state to not go too close to Kaylee. The beach party has already had its share of light drama. No need to add to the mix.

Daxton is too far away to hear Kaylee's idea to nip it in the bud. Hopefully someone else will. He nods to Aidan in thanks, setting the frog onto of the box and leaning against the log, so the stuffed creature can watch the party.The can is cracked open, "Uh-huh, Vin." He seems amused by the whole conversation. He leans over and steals a chip from Rosa's plate, "Cool, wonder why?" He claps politly as Tab finishes her set.

"I would hate that if it were me. How about we just go say hey?" Rebecca suggests to Kaylee with a shake of her head as she grins. She grabs a water for herself and looks at Kaylee. Aidan heads back to Daxton so she waits on Kaylee before hooking her arm in the other girl's and towing her along to say hello. Tabitha gets happy smile and a wave, but she looks tired so it's off to the boys. "Hey…Flames of Fury, Dax. Happy birthday, by the way."

Aidan nods to Daxton in return, starting in on his food now. As Rebecca and Kaylee make their way over he offers a nod to each "Evening, ladies…" An actual chuckle in response to Rebecca's nickname "I don't know if that sounds intimidating or not…but sure. I'll give it to you tonight in the spirit of celebration" he smirks and takes another drink of water. No soda for this flame belcher!

Blink. Blinkblinkblink. "Whaaaaaaat!? How can you hate having Happy Birthday sung to you!?" Kaylee exclaims, gaping at Rebecca as if she'd suddenly grown a third head. Except that wouldn't be nearly as weird! But then she is hooked and dragged along- stumbling at first because she wasn't ready!- to go meet The Boys. She just tags along with Rebecca, pushing her glasses back up where they belong, and simply stands there, smiling. "Hey, Daxy. Hey, Aidan," she offers, waving slightly, now that her hands are free. "And happy birthday, Daxton!" she adds, as though she'd suddenly forgotten and then remembered. "I wanted to sing happy birthday to you, but Rebecca doesn't want to," she adds, sticking her tongue out at Rebecca for a second.

"Well done," Vinny calls out to Tabitha, before he grins at the others. "I'd join in the singing, but I'm afraid Daxton would probably find a way to hurt me if I do," he comments, with a chuckle.

Daxton smiles from his seat, "Thanks Becca, Kaylee. It's not really a birthday party, so don't feel bad." He waits a beat, "Did you bring your dip?" They did have a very long conversation around food the other day. He even manages to not frown at the horrible nickname. He blinks and then shakes his head, "And Becca's completely right. I'd rather you didn't." He then points again at Vin, "Much pain."

"All seven layers." Becca jokes and tucks her hair behind her ears. She finds a spot to sit and grins. "I'm gonna think of a good one Aidan, it's a matter of time." She informs him and cracks her water open, taking a sip. To Kaylee she laughs a little. "Poor Kaylee, maybe the next birthday?" She suggests. "I hate celebrating my birthday. It's totally normal. Oh! We should totally get a game of chicken going!" She suggests brightly.

Daxton now receives another gawking gape from Kaylee as he proclaims his disdain for birthday singings! "Oh my gosh, what is WRONG with you people!?" she exclaims, looking back and forth between Becca and Daxton repeatedly. "Is this like, some weird super hero weakness, you can't stand to have people sing you happy birthday? That's like, one of the best things ever! And it only counts once a year!" Kaylee shakes her head in disbelief again, letting out a heavy sigh. "I can't believe we're not gonna sing happy birthday for somebody's birthday," she repeats, this time mostly to herself. When Rebecca goes to find a seat, Kaylee looks around for one, too, and then just opts to plop down in the sand right where she's at, folding her legs indian-style. "So … there's not like an itinerary or anything, is there? Are we gonna have like a talent show or anything?" she asks, optimistically.

Aidan grins to Rebecca "Uh huh…I'll take your word for it then." Teasing obviously. At Kaylee's insisting upon a birthday song he just looks to her "I could always sing you happy birthday next time. That'll guarantee you never want to hear it again…" The fact he could sing was not up for debate. The quality of said singing. Ehhh…

"I told Dax that I could sing him my version of 'Happy Birthday', but it's not exactly… festive. More 'nightmare fuel', actually." Tabitha's voice is regaining some strength now that she's by the fire and soaking in the heat and light it's putting off. Once her water bottle is empty she stands up and goes over to snag a couple empty pop cans, then goes down to the shore. There is a brief tearing sound, then she fills her bottle up directly from the ocean and shakes something from her hand into the salt water. As she comes back to the fire she's shaking up the bottle and brushing her hand off on her sundress. She takes a swig of the slightly shiny mixture as she's sitting back down by the fire.

Looking between the others at the mention of the singing of a certain song, Vinny grins a bit mischeviously. Looking around, he begins to whistle a bit, starting low, before increasing the volume. See, while he promised not to *sing* the song, nobody said he couldn't whistle it.

Daxton chuckles, "Went all out, 7 huh?"But then Kaylee is upset about the song, "Kaylee….I don't want it. it's not any thing other than that." Talent show? "I…don't think so?" He starts to say something else, but then Vinny starts whistling. With that Dax starts looking around for something to throw at his roommate. Like his now empty soda can.

When Aidan says he could curb Kaylee's enthusiasm about the Happy Birthday song, she just rolls her eyes. "Not possible," she responds, but she doesn't press the issue any further. Tabitha's mention of a 'nightmare fuel' version of Happy Birthday has Kaylee frowning a little bit and shaking her head. But then Vinny is whistling it and Kaylee perks right up and grins! Joining in, she starts whistling it, too! Because that's not singing it!

"No chicken?" Becca wonders and watches Tabitha for a moment. "Hey! Come sit?" She calls, waving her over before looking at Vinny then Dax with a laugh. As soon as Kaylee starts, Becca is on the defense. She moves to cover the other girl's mouth if she can, before the speedster starts dropping people in the water or something.

Aidan blinks and looks at the two others as they start in on the loophole with happy birthday whistling. The lanky teen just looks to Daxton and holds his hands up in a 'I'm not doing anything' motion and stays silent! He does smirk though because…well ok it was KIND OF funny.

To be fair, Vinny's got fast enough reflexes to be able to dodge, or deflect, the thron can. But he doen't, just letting it bounce off him now, a he finishes whistling. "Hey, I didn't sing it…" he says, offering a grin to Kaylee as well now.

Kaylee flails a little when Rebecca is suddenly covering her mouth, trying to talk through her hand unsuccesfully. So, instead she just harumphs and folds her arms across her chest, pouting.

Daxton frowns, although he's sorta amused, "You all suck." Dax stands up, moving toads the food table. There's bean dip! And not singing!

"I didn't whistle anything!" Aidan can't help but laugh though, before waving a hand at Daxton. Fine be like that! At least the fire user seemed to be enjoying himself. Socialization was hard but sometimes worked out okay. Sometimes. Smirking he takes another bite of food, looking back to the fire…and furrowing a brow in thought.

Looking down at Kaylee, whose mouth Rebecca is currently covering, she shakes her head and sits back in the sand with a look to Aidan. "We're cool at least." She offers. Aidan and Vinny are on the log Daxton just left because of the whistling. She looks after Dax and leans back on her hands. "Ok, we need to get some fun going. Anyone bring a volley ball or something?" She asks.

Tabitha pauses before she's all the way sat down as Rebecca beckons her over. She shrugs and gets back up, making her way slowly around the flames while the others do their whistling. She stays close to the fire, even reaching her left arm, the one that used to be badly burned, into the flames and watching as they glide up, around, and then into the skin. She doesn't absorb all of the bonfire's energy, because that would be very rude of her, but she does take what it offers. When she's reached the side that Rebecca and the rest are on she takes her arm out and then takes a swig from the bottle of salt water and who knows what else before planting herself on a log and saying simply, "You're all insane."

So what is actually going on at this party, and what's there to eat, and has anyone been stuffed into the Guy Fawkes bonfire yet? Some of them could probably weather it just fine, actually. "Look who's talking," Jacob calls over to Tabitha, "what /is/ in that bottle, anyway? Is it safe?" At least he looks to be in a good mood though.

"Sorry," Vinny offers to Daxton, before he pauses a litte at the mention of fun. Looking around briefly, he shakes his head. "I didn't…" he replies.

Sitting in front of the log that Daxton just left, and therefor also in front of Aidan and Vinny, Kaylee sticks her tongue out at Rebecca when she uncovers her mouth. "Yeah. We weren't SINGING," she agrees with Vinny. But, then she smiles, all in good fun. To the question about volleyballs or other instruments of fun, Kaylee shakes her head. "I didn't, either, but Dax could probably go and get whatever we wanted, if we ask really reeeeeaalllly nice?" she offers, looking over to the birthday boy. When Tabitha questions their sanity, Kaylee glances in her direction, but otherwise doesn't comment, turning her eyes and attention back to Rebecca. "And what is 'chicken' and how do you play?"

Yum. Bean dip. Chips. More cake. Dax is a growing boy and loads up a plate. He looks up from the food area, "I can run and get whatever." he doesn't mind that. Jacob get a nod of greeting.

"Oh, dude. Chicken is stupid easy. You make teams of two-one person sits on the other's shoulders and the goal is to knock off the top person on other teams. "Its easy enough in the sand, but the water is better." She nods to the waves and grins. Looking at Tabitha and Jacob she shrugs. "That's wild and crazy kids. Forever alone." She jokes and glances at Dax. "You shouldn't have too, I can always run back."

Tabitha grins at Kaylee's significant look in her direction at the insanity comment, the low flames inside her eyes flickering with ammusement. "Hey, I never claimed that I was sane." She sits down on the log and listens to the various chatter and comments, keeping out of it while she continues to recharge. When Jacob arrives she gives him a quick smile as she brushes her copper and black hair from her face again. Then she looks down at the bottle when he asks about it and shrugs.

"Salt water, bit of sand, whatever else is floating in these waters, shredded aluminium…" she reaches into the fire and grabs a small cold coal, crushing it into powder and then pouring the dust into the bottle and shaking it up again. "Bit of carbon. All the essential elements of life." She raises the bottle in a salute and takes a long drink of the mix.

Vinny grins as he listens to the others. "On the shoulders?" Does he sound part nervous there? Who knows.

Kaylee grimaces and shakes her head at Rebecca's description of chicken. "I'm out. I don't think I could hold anybody on my shoulders, even in the water," she responds. Because being on someone else's shoulders apparently doesn't even occur to her. "But … I'm all good with just sitting around and talking. Ooo, we could play truth or dare!" she grins. … at least it's not spin the bottle!

Daxton takes a mouth full of chip and dip. nd then nods and gets more before turning back to go sit down, "Chicken? Is that what we decided on?" He makes a yuck face as Tab starts to explain her smoothie. Gross. He's not sure that truth or dare is the best opinion, but he glance around to the others to see what they're interested in.

"Hey, I'm game for whatever. And you could be on my shoulders or something Kaylee." Rebecca points out and pushes some sand on Dax's foot. No birthday boy special treatment here. "Well, it is an Area's party. Why not let the Ares pick?" She suggests and blinks at Tabitha. "No grass or seaweed? Seaweed is very healthy."

"Well, if we play chicken I'll be on bottom. It's easier." Tabitha's short, but she's strong. "If I'm on top then it's too easy." Was that a somewhat lecherous note to her voice? It's probable. She grins at Kaylee's mention of truth or dare, "Well we almost had a game of that going at Violet's movie night last week. But then the movie got interesting." The reactions to her drink cause her to smirk, but she shrugs at Rebecca's question about seaweed. "Yeah, kelp is good but there wasn't any down there. But this," she raises the murky bottle. "My body can break all this down and use it to replenish certain… parts of myself that haven't had a boost in years."

Daxton scoffs softly as his shoe gets sand all over it.He shakes it off super speed. The Speedster seems to be the only Ares still active, Rosa and Vin wandered off. They may be back later. "I'm ok with either. If Kaylee doesn't want to do Chicken, we can do truth or dare. Or just talk." He gives a small shrug and eats more dip. Yeah, Tabs explanation isn't helping the uneasiness. Dax focuses on his plate, making sue to sit down next to the staffed frog Rosa got him.

Looking at Kaylee, since it seems she has the final vote, Rebecca raises her brows. "Thoughts?" She asks curiously and scoops some sand over her feet too. Tabitha might be next, sand might be healthy, who knows?

"… … … oh!" Kaylee responds to Rebecca pointing out that she could be on bottom. But, then, after looking at her, Kaylee just looks doubtful. "I don't know … I don't think we'd stand much chance," she responds. "But if Violet were here!" Kaylee would be way more confident. At Rebecca's offering to Tabitha's Terrible Tonic, Kaylee just makes a disgusted face and shakes her head. But, she doesn't comment on it, keeping it to herself. She sighs a little, shaking her head and pulling her knees up to her chest so she can rest her chin on them. "Don't look at me! I just came to hang out for a little while. I'm totally okay with just talking and hanging out." And then Rebecca's covering her nice K-Swiss with sand! "Heyyyy!" she whines a little, lifting her foot out of the sand and reaching down to brush the shoe off. She then sticks her tongue out at Becca again, an impish smirk following.

Tabitha notices the looks, particularly from Daxton and Kaylee, but she drinks the mixture anyway. She swirls the last of it around to make sure she gets it all then down the last dregs. "I'm all for sitting and talking. We've got a bonfire, ocean air, a lovely evening. We used to do this a lot back at the orphanage." Then she gets a thoughtful expression and nods to herself as if just remembering something else. "Wasn't so different the first couple years at the creche, either. Huh. I wasn't expecting to find good memories." She shrugs and uses her aura to deposit the empty water bottle into the trash.

Daxton shifts from sitting on the log to sliding down it and using it as a back rest, his butt on the sandy ground. He then leans back to stretch, his back popping slightly and the teen lets out a low, happy noise with that.He doesn't ask Tabs what she means. Tonight isn't the night for that. "Okay….looks like talking wins." He smirks a little at Becca's apparent hatred of shoes as she now goes after Kaylee's. "Everyone excited for tomorrow to be over?" Generic enough started topic.

"Welcome to the sand." Becca jokes. She's not a shoe wearing heathen so she scoots more sand over the shoe wearers with a grin. "So excited. I plan to treat the rest of the week like the weekend and then get to doing something actually productive. Still on for gym mornings?" She asks Daxton and looks to Tabitha. "Are you staying for the summer Tab Cola?"

So … talking it is! Which is normally something Kaylee excels at! But, Tabitha's statement about a creche have her frowning until Daxton changes the subject. Smart man! Kaylee was about to respond, as well, but Rebecca did first, and then she asked Tabitha, so Kaylee just sits quietly and watches the sand reappear on her shoes with a bemused smirk. That's what she gets for wearing sneakers on the beach!

Tabitha is wisely barefoot out here. It's a beach, after all. And a bikini and sundress don't generally accessorize well with footwear. She nods to Rebecca's question about her summer plans. "I'll be here for most of it, yeah. Going to see if maybe Oliver wants to visit home with me. Give him a chance to spend some time away from the islands." She pulls a partially burnt stick from the fire with her aura and starts rubbing the charcoal end in the sand to sharpen it down while she talks.

Daxton's question gets a nod, "It'll be good to have the last day of school as a birthday present. And I'll have three whole months were I'll mostly just have to worry about music. Next weekend's going to be a bear."

Daxton nods, "Yeah. Every morning, just show up. We'll start up a weight regiment for you. " looks like Daxton is starting up a work out club, minus the club. Between Becca and Aidan, anyway. Daxton eyes the stick tabitha is sharpening and shifts some in the sand. "Your concert's coming up, right?" He glances over towards kaylee who's gone quiet, but then let's his eyes flicker away back to the bonfire. Tab was here, but the other's were not when he said one of his other goals, "I want to get my liecese this summer. Now that I'm 16, I can." He's a young junior.

"Oooh, the battle of the bands right? That's exciting. Alison is pumped about that." Rebeca smiles and pokes Kaylee. "I thought talking was your specialty." She jokes. To Daxton, Rebecca laughs. "If positive thinking is the key to getting a license is the trick, I think you've got it on lock." His shoes get more sand.

When Rebecca pokes at her, Kaylee just meeps a little and shrugs. "I can listen, too!" she retorts, since that's what she's doing. She doesn't comment on Tabitha's impending concert whatsoever, though, and just lets the conversation roll by, until Dax mentions getting his license. "… why do you need a license? We don't have any cars to drive …. Do we?"

The stick Tabitha has been rubbing in the sand is finished getting smoothed and sharpened, and now gets put to its intended purpose… a stylus. She uses her aura to flatten and compress an area of sand in front of her curled up legs, then starts to write in it with the stick. Musical notes. Rebecca and Daxton get a nod. "Yep. Regionals are Friday right over in Shady Cove. The band will be coming into town on Wednesday night. They got out of classes a week ago, and we're all chomping at the bit to tear the whole competition apart." Her resolved expression is vintage Tabitha, hope and nerves all rolled into one. Even the literal smoldering eyes don't detract from the look.

Daxton "Gah!" Sand! Shoes! Quicker than humanly possible, the birthday boy's shoes and socks are off and on the other side of the stuffed frog. He sticks his tongue out at Becca and buries his own feet in the sand, beating her to it. "I know how to drive. it was part of my training. I just never got the ID to match." His head swivels to look at Kaylee, in the shadows of the bonfire it's easier to glance at people, eye contact isn't required as much, "You need it for apartment renting and crap. It's a tool." He's kinda big on being prepared, if the drama of the rescue mission didn't already prove that.

Have recent events been tiring Jacob out? Could be, he's been quiet for a bit. Or maybe he was just waiting till Tab was done with the seawater smoothie before he started in on the more traditional munchies. When the topic rolls around to music, though: "Yeah, I can't wait to see you blow the roof off! Wait, are they going to have a roof, or is this like an outdoor gig?"

"I just want to be able to like drive on vacation or at home." Becca points out. "We won't all be at this school forever." She gets Daxton's line of thought. He has no more shoes so looking at Jacob, she checks for shoes as Kaylee gets more sand.

When Daxton is suddenly shoeless, Kaylee blinks. And since her own shoes are getting more sand, she sticks her tongue out at Rebecca and then stands up so she can walk over and deposit HER shoes next to Daxton's. She then crosses back, plopping on the sand a little ways further away from the circle. The group of friends is all sitting on one side of the bonfire, chatting. Kaylee's on the sand facing away from the fire, while pretty much everyone else is facing in.
Reaching up and pulling her glasses off, since it's dark and the fire is RIGHT THERE, Kaylee closes her eyes and leans back, stretching her legs out in front of her now. "I guess those are good reasons to get a license?" she offers, though she doesn't sound thoroughly convinced. But, she's only a freshman, and driving is probably not something she's destined to do very well, vision considered.

Fashionably late to the party was still fashionable.

At least, that's what Violet liked to believe. But hey - any time she could hang out and not have to wear school clothes - she was aces. Crunching sand beneath her big stompy boots, she was wearing a leather jacket - her raccoon makeup back on again, and jeans with a rock band t-shirt, there was a smile on her lips now as she approaches her group of friends.
"Hey heyyy," she calls as she draws nearer to the bonfire. "Did I miss all the fun?" she asks, giving a little casual wave of her hand.

Tabitha is one of the ones sitting inside the ring of logs facing the fire. She's idly writing out music in the sand with a stick from the fire, and occasionally she stretches one of her legs out and dips her foot into the flames. She's dressed very lightly in a black bikini under a copper sundress, both of them matched to her two hair colors. Off to the side up the beach a bit is a large rubber mat with all of her instruments set up on it like a regular band was playing before. There's a table with drinks, snacks, and the remains of Daxton's birthday cake under a half tent.

She grins at Jacob's enthusiasm for the band competition. "Yeah, there will be a roof. Or at least there will be before we play. I make no promises about after, though."

Her smile widens as she spots Violet approaching. "Hey there! Still some fun to be had here, especially as you've got things on your feet." She gives Rebecca a quick wink.

Daxton nods and points to Becca, like she hit something right on the nail. He smirks as Kaylee's shoes join is at the frog shoe sacuary. All Shoes are welcome. As Violet approaches she gets a nod, "Hey Vi. There's food and drinks over on the table, if you want." He does not mention the cake, although it's pretty obvious it was someone's birthday. There's opened presents shoved into a gift bag at the end of the table.

More shoes? Oh, it is time for sand. It's only proper. Leaning over, Violet's shoes get a dusting of sand as she pushes more sand at Daxton with her feet. "Ankles! How immodest!" She gasps and teases. It's all in good fun, and silly.

"Violet!" Kaylee chirps when her roommate gets near. She offers her a welcoming flail as she turns mostly around to greet her. "Sorry I didn't wait for you, I didn't know when you'd be back and Rebecca wanted to go, so I just came with her. But I'm glad you came!" she calls, smiling.

Vi gives a little grin - the edges of her lips tugging upwards. Although who the grin was at was anyone's guess. Eyes half hooding, Vi steps forward, her boots crunching in the sand beneath. "Yeah, well, I don't think we want those to come off. I haven't taken them off nearly all day," she says to Tabitha.

But that might just be exaggeration.

Who she does move to first, instead of the food, is Daxton. Out of her jacket pocket, she pulls a little bag, wrapped in newspaper. Inside, should the speedster choose to open it, was a belt buckle. It was in the shape of a skull. Violet, nonetheless, gives him a wink before she moves on to the tables. Vi counterflails in Kaylee's direction, miming her greeting. "It's Totes McGoats cool, Kay, I just had business to take care of before I got here. But hey. Always a fan of free food, so I had to come," she says. "Jake," she says to the guy as she passes him on the way to the food table. Rebecca was given a smile as well. "And hey to you too," she says, kinda kicking her shoes to get the little dusting of sand off.

Tabitha finishes writing the music in the sand, then stands up carefully so she doesn't ruin it. She looks down at it, looks over at the others, then nods once. "There. Properly finished." If anyone looks over at it, it's just notes without words. But for those who can read music, it's the song that has been forbidden. At the bottom it's signed with a symbol that combines a capital 'T' and 'L' into a single piece. Then she walks over to where all her instruments are out and starts to put them away. No sense in leaving them out any longer and risk getting them full of salt and grit.

Daxton's eyes narrow, but it's playful, "My ankles are very modest, thank you much." He blinks surprised when Violet steps over to him and hands down the present, "I'm gonan kill Felicia." She promised she didn't tell anyone except Ares! He will open it though, slowly. There's a pause when he sees what it is. It' so Violet that it makes him smile, "Thanks, Violet."

"I don't know. Kaylee is super quiet. Better to cover those ankles and be safe." Becca says and continues to build lazy piles of sand around the speedster's feet. "Violet, nice to meet you, I'm Becca." She offers and watches Tabitha get up before looking at the music notes, trying to work out what it is.

"I am not super quiet!" Kaylee retorts, toeing a little bit of sand in Rebecca's direction- not enough to hit her or otherwise be rude, but just a little to show she's totally defiant! "Just because I'm not talking all the time doesn't mean I'm not talking!" she adds. She watches Violt walk over and get some food, then she smirks as she notices the girl's boots. "Be careful, Violet. Becca believes that if you wear shoes at the bonfire, they should be covered with sand," she warns, grinning.

Like so many students here, Vi, with her enhanced metabolism, could eat a /ton/ and still stay svelte.

So she takes ~three~ pieces of pizza on a paper plate. Moving to go sit over by her roommate, she kinda brings up her elbow to nudge Kaylee in the ribs, as she lifts a slice up to her face to take a chomp of the stuff. "Hey - what's that in the sand, Tabitha? That's music?" she asks.

"Ankles /are/ pretty erotic… if this was the 1920's," she says. "But hey, nice, Becca. I'm the one that shows up late to everything and eats all that's left," she says. At what Kaylee says though - she lets her mouth fall open in an overdramatic manner, double takes between Kaylee and Becca - but brings up a hand to kinda point at Becca. "So it was you!" she says, her tone of voice accusing, and a little deep. She was trying to do a voice, and kinda failed at it.

Daxton hurumps, but let's Becca continue to hide his erotic ankles. Instead he leans back against the log and stretches out his back. He looks over as Violet playfully accuses Becca of…something. "I need to run my stuff back to the school." So much for hidden ankles. He starts to stand up, and then vibrates, sending all the sand off of him and onto the ground. "I'll come back to help clean up, but I need to move or I'm gonan fall sleep." Everyone gets a smile, and he even pushes some of the sand over Beca's toes before he grabs his presents, including the belt buckle and stuffed frog, and then his shoes. A wave is given and he then heads off towards the school.

Tabitha has already proven that she can eat just about anything tonight. Breakdown of the instruments and such goes about as fast as setting them up did. Her aura goes out in all directions to break things down and coil up the cables. She grins at the antics back over by the bonfire but doesn't join in them anymore. She's focused on taking care of her music. And speaking of… "Yeah, Vi. See if you can read it." Okay, so she's not entirely out of the antics.

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