(2016-06-03) Open Gym
Open Gym
Summary: After school has finished for the year, several students hang out in the gym.
Date: 2016-06-03
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Gym Coral Springs
Fri Jun 03, 2016 — Fri Jun 03 22:00:16 2016

A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

(OOC Note: The scene had already begun when Kaylee arrived, but a log of previous events was not found, so we begin in media res!)

Aidan stays sitting up, taking a break. When Tabitha introduces him to Gabby he lifts his hand in a quick wave. "Hi…and yeah I'm getting lessons. So far no broken bones so I think that means I'm doing it right," he grins. The Sophomore was tall for his grade, being older than the others, and also rather lanky in frame. His wild hair was wild as always.

Daxton got a verbal greeting, that's more than he expects so he throws her a soft smile while he runs. Aidan though, he just shakes his head, "Dude. You crapping out on me already?" They haven't been at it that long, have they?

Gabrielle takes a moment to mull over Tabitha's answer then nods, "Well, I'm glad you're at least not hurt." Then she give Aidan an awkward little curtesy, even grabbing and slightly lifting the edges of her wraparound skirt. After this she scampers over to a corner of the gym near Tabitha and starts to stretch, doing the kind of stretch mainly only dancer, gymnasts, and martial artists are cabale of. Yes, the ones that make most normal human beings cringe….

Tabitha grins at Daxton and Aidan as those two start with the wisecracks, then does a few leg lifts to remain moving. Then she raises her hands over her head and starts to bend backwards. She ends up in a very tight backbend with the back of her head resting almost against her rear end while she plants her hands flat on the floor. Then with her hands in place she lifts her feet and comes up into a handstand. Then with her hands wide and arms bent square she starts in on vertical push ups, keeping her body and legs angled to keep her balance.

The group of exercising teens is over in the corner of the gym with all the hardware, treadmills, weights, parallel bars, and the like. Tabitha is wearing a sports bra and bike shorts with a blindfold over her eyes and keeping her copper and black hair held back.

Well, with classes finally all but over, the school has a very different feel about it. After having finished her detention chores and rested for a little bit, Kaylee went wandering, wondering where went everyone? The school isn't THAT huge, so after starting in the dorm hub and working her way up, Kaylee made her way to the gym. And THERE are people! Kaylee smiles as she enters and her step picks up a bit, practically skipping in everyone's direction. She doesn't say anything, though, and her pace slows a little when she notices it's Daxton there.

Aidan grins a bit at the curtesy, tilting his head with a lofted brow as he watches her go over to stretch by Tabitha. Suddenly, Daxton's words pull his attention back to the speedster. "Huh? What NO! I'm not crapping out. I was just…taking a break." He scoots forward some to lay back down, "I'm done." He then starts back at the sit ups. "See?" No shoulder blades touching! Elbows against sides!

Bendy girls are bendy and Dax's human, so he does glance over and raise an eyebrow. Huh. Anywho, Aidan's reassurance makes him laugh, "It's okay man, don't over do it." Dax's nods though, he's not going to stop him, if he wants to keep going. He doesn't seem to notice Kaylee entering.

Towards the end of her quick stretch routine Gabrielle goes from being in a Downward Dog pose to bending her elbows. She then brings her knees to just over her elbow and smoothly pushes them up into the air, also ending up in a handstand. But instead of doing handstand push-ups like Tabitha she just starts to walk around the gym on her hands, skirt flipping over to cover her belly and back. She walks over to a 8 inch plio box someone has left out and starts to step up and down , still in her handstand. "Daxton, I still owe you dance classes, even if the dance is past now…"

Tabitha is just as human as Daxton when it comes to admiring the bendy. But unlike him, she can do her oogling without giving herself away. Just one of the many exciting benefits of seeing without sight (no Thundercats jokes please). The same senses let her see Kaylee coming in, but she doesn't say anything because Tabitha isn't exactly doing her usual workout so she might not have been noticed yet. Instead she continues her handstand push ups, doing fifty reps before stopping with her elbows and shoulders locked at ninety degrees. Then she just holds her position.

After several seconds of hesitation on her part, Kaylee decides maybe she'll just go and have a nice seat on the bleachers, away from everybody else, where she can just sit and watch. Because that's better than being alone by at least a little bit! So, changing course halfway through the gym, Kaylee climbs up several rows and plops herself down, pulling out her phone so she can at least LOOK like she's preoccupied. Besides, maybe they've posted some new cat-jump fail videos by now ….

"Don't worry I'm okay for now. I'll let you know if it starts becoming too much…honest…" Aidan keeps going, making sure to take it at an easy pace though. As he sits up he does notice Gabrielle's position change…quickly adjusting his gaze to go to the ceiling. Focus on the ceiling. That's a nice ceiling. Between the ceiling distraction and focusing on his sit ups, he doesn't really have the capacity to realize anything else going on for the moment.

Daxton's name is called, so he looks over, again an eyebrow raises, "I…" Have no words, gah! "It's not nessicary, Gabs. I'm just gonna make sure I'm not nominated next year." Somehow. He may need to break into the ballet box, but he will. She gets a thankful smile though, "I don't think I'd be able to keep up with you anyway." Not if he'd have to do stretches like that! He glances back to Aidan, "Make sure you hydrate tonight good. You're not sued to this, you'll be sore in the morning."

After doing 20 steps of handstand step-up Gabby kind of reverses Tabitha's movement. She bends at the waist and slowly lets one leg come to the groun then the other and from the bridge she smoothly stands up straight. Then she trots over to the pull-up bars and jumps up to grab one. Once she's secure in her grip she starts to do six-count pull-ups. From a dead hang up to 90 degrees then chin over the bar then back to 90 degrees and finally back down to a dead hang. After ten of these she starts over but doing them with her legs held up in a sitting position. Even doing this she can still talk, if a little on the gaspy side. "Ever boy. Should know. How to dance. Maybe. We should. Set up a. Dance class. For all the. Boys in school."

Tabitha can't help but chuckle to herself as she remains in her upsidedown iso position. "It can't hurt to learn to dance, Dax. Working on your grace and dexterity has to be a good idea for a speedster." Her voice doesn't carry any indication that her position is having any detrimental effect on her. And for those that can see her face, this fact seems to be troubling. She stays in the same position, motionless save for the occasional twitch of her legs to maintain balance, for several minutes. She does nod at Daxton's advice to Aidan. "He's right. And when, not if but /when/ you wake up aching in all the muscles you've been pushing, don't let yourself curl up or fall back into bed. The only way to help muscles that are aching from activity is more of the same."

"Foam rollers" says Gabby, "Foam rollers hurt so good and work miracles for sore muscles."

Okay, so they DID post some new cat jump fail videos! Which has Kaylee giggling to herself in the bleachers. She's within earshot of the conversations going on, but she isn't paying a whole lot of attention. However, when Gabby goes from doing the stair thing, to doing such regimented pull-ups, Kaylee can't help but to notice. And gawk. Almost a lot. Because she's never seen adults doing anything like that, let alone other teenagers! She watches for a couple of seconds, and then realizes she's staring and blushes a little, going back to focusing on her phone.

Aidan keeps doing sit ups in his zoned out state until Daxton says something to him again. Pausing again he sits up, arms resting over his legs as he nods "Right…hydrate. Will do." Tabitha gets a glance and a nod as well. He then looks back to Daxton and the wince gives it away before he can say it. "If it's alright with you…I think I'm done for the night. Thanks for your help though…this definitely isn't the type or burn I'm not used to. So that's fun" he smirks a bit. Ha. Fire humor.

That's not what Dax meant! He lifts a hand as he runs to rub his eye, the speedster's been going at a pretty decent speed for him. He's not exhauster, but he's starting to sweat. He laughs, something he's not down a lot of since being at school, "Okay! Okay, don't…do that to everyone!" He's not going to be blamed for the entire male population of the school having to have dance classes, "Teach me. Will you be here over the summer?" Maybe this doesn't have to happen in front of all there other students at least. Tabs gets a glance, he's not sure if they're ok, but Tabitha is acting like they are…sorta? "I know a little…I didn't trample Fel at Prom at least." Although, could anyone trample Felicia? Aidan leaving, Dax reaches down and slows his treadmill, "Okay man, I'll catch ya in a day or two. I'm working a double tomorrow so maybe Sunday morning?"

Gabrielle doesn't really look over at Daxton but nods as she drops from the pull-up bar and makes her way over to one of the thick ropes hanging from the ceiling in a corner. "I'll be here over the summer, yes." She takes a deep breath, grabs onto the rope and starts pulling herself up, hand over hand. When she gets to the top she twists the rope around her legs, drops over backwards, grabs the rope with her hands, drops her legs, tangles them up again and makes her way all the way down the rope like a human Slinky of sorts. She might have not looked at anyone directly since she walked into the room but she's clearly paying attention to what's happening around her because as she climbs up a second time she says, "Goodbye, Other Boy." then adds, "That's impressive, Tabitha. Genetic strength or training?"

Tabitha stays in the iso handstand up until the point that Aidan starts to head out. Then she drops her legs forward and comes up smoothly. No heavy breathing. No sweat. No signs of muscle strain. She gives Aiden a quick up-chin, "See ya later, Aidan. Take a hot shower before you sack out. It'll help, too." She watches Gabrielle coming down off the rope and shrugs to her question. "I'm still working through the new memories, but from what I have so far… some of both." She's started to go into another round of military approved PT stretches. "Right now my body seems to remember more of my pre-Maine, pre-scars years than my mind."

Wait, Tabitha? Tabitha!? Where? At the mention of her frenemy's name, Kaylee looks up and looks around. She blinks a few times, since she doesn't SEE Tabitha anywhere. But, then, Tabitha has changed. When Tabitha responds, Kaylee's mouth drops open a little and she lifts up her glasses. It only takes her a couple seconds of NOT looking to realize what she hadn't before, and Kaylee rather immediately stands up and starts climbing down out of the bleachers, prepared to beat a hasty retreat for the dorms. Nope. Nothing more for her to see here!

Aidan nods to Daxton "Sure. Sunday morning sounds great. See you then" he offers with a smile, standing up and giving the speedster a nod before heading over to the treadmill again and grabbing his water bottle out of the holder. Gabrielle's 'goodbye' has Aidan giving a small smile and another quick lift of his hand. "Goodbye." Because what else could he say? Tabitha's word of advice gets a grin from Aidan as he nods and holds up a finger. "Ah yes. Don't worry about that one. Heat is the one thing I've got plenty of…so I'll be fine." Heck maybe even steam up the shower enough to make it a sauna. Yay Sauna! Heading to the doors he gives a final wave to the group before heading out. Yep. There goes Other Boy. Off to his next grand adventure!

Okay then, dance lessons are settled, hopefully it won't be too painful for anyone. "Alright, Gabs. I'll catch you sometime after school's out and we can figure out the when and where." Daxton doesn't say anything about what Tabs revealed, instead he turns the speed back up to max on the treadmill. It allows him to go much faster than humanly possible, Unfortunately that's not his top speed, but it's good for endurance and tiring him out. Which is his goal now. Get a good sleep (No dreams!) and be ready for the double he requested tomorrow. He does notice Kaylee now trying to slink away, but he's not going to call her on it. If she's not ready to talk to anyone, then foxing it isn't going to help. "Night Aidan."

Gabrielle comes out of her last flip on the rope into a handstand. From there she immediately goes into a tumbling pass meant to take her from her corner of the gym diagonally to the opposite corner. Regretfully, she didn't notice Kaylee trying to make her exit so they collide near the door of the gym. Right before Gabrielle's momentum sends them both crashing to the floor they disappear with a pop and a flash of light, reappearing over top of the cushions set under the climbing ropes, Gabrielle soaking up the brunt of the impact. "Sorrysorrysorry! You OK!?"

Tabitha's been giving Kaylee all the space she wants since the rescue for many reasons, but primarily because it's entirely her fault that Kaylee is avoiding her. That she had no idea what would happen to her after stepping through the laundry room hell portal is immaterial, to her way of thinking. A version of her did things that should never have happened. She's watching Kaylee leave the gym after realizing that she was present, wanting to speak up but not having the guts.

And then Gabrielle is tumbling on by and before Tabitha can even realize that the two are on a collision course there's the impact and the fall and the… vanishing? Wait, they're behind… and Tabitha hop/flies over to help the two girls up. "Are you two alright? Gabby? Kaylee?" She reaches down to help the two up, checking for any sign of injuries. "Are you hurt at all?"

While she doesn't have a Spidey-Sense, Kaylee IS incredibly aware of her surroundings, since she can see in 360 degrees and detect all photons in the area. Well, normally, anyway. Right now, though, Kaylee was doing every thing she could to NOT see Tabitha and get out of the gym. Which means that she had absolutely no idea Gabrielle was bearing down on her as she made her bee-line for the door. However, instead of being trounced in a non-Tigger-like fashion, she's suddenly teleported. And horizontal. And layiing on top of another girl in a comically compromising position, because comic book physics. And thanks to Gabrielle's teleport, she's also suddenly disoriented, wobbling for a second as her head lolls. And then she tips over. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Kaylee groans, reaching up to rub at her eyes, spatial awareness taking over to help her properly orient her new position in the world.

Maybe Dax is tired, or maybe he's distracted by something on the treadmills read out. Or maybe it's his own flashback, he's been remember things too, not all good. Eitehr way, he's a split second too late to be of any help. And by that, he's across the room, where the collision happened as Gab bamps them away, and then a split second behind Tab helping them up. There's no cries of pain or broken bones so he steps back to give them all space. He's breathing hard, but that's just because he's been running for an hour.

Gabrielle nods a little bit in response to Tabitha. Now that the first shock is past she's starting to turn bright red and is refusing to look up from the floor, since there is someone else here to help check out Kaylee. All she keeps saying, over and over, is "I'm so sorry".

That Tabitha is rolling her eyes is thankfully not visible through her blindfold. Once Kaylee rolls off of Gabrielle and she can see that they're both more or less intact, Tabitha steps back and stands to one side while the two tumble bunnies get themselves oriented. Her only words to them now are, "I think you'll live, but will you ever look at a bounce house the same?"

Kaylee blinks a few times, as her vision shifts back to her eyes now that she's got her bearings again. And then she realizes that she's suddenly got a face full of Gabby's groin. So she very quickly rolls off of the girl and sits up, blinking. And then she realizes Tabitha's trying to help her up and things just go from bad to worse!. She almost scowls- an expression she's apparently not capable of fully forming, as she scoots away from Tabitha's hand. "I'm fine," she states. And then she pushes herself back up and dusts herself off, turning to frown at Gabrielle, though this isn't an angry-frown, so much as confused one. "I'm okay, I'm not hurt. What happened?" she asks, letting Tabitha help Gabby up, if she's so inclined. Kaylee is definitely keepingher distance.

Well, crisis averted. Dax takes a deep breath, trying to slow down his breathing and heart rate. While they sort themselves he'll move over to where his towel and water bottle is. He should take his own advice. And he's deftly not getting involved it the scowling that's started up. He's tired, and wants to have a nice day tomorrow. he hopes, anyway. "If everyone is okay, I'm out…" he will wait to make sure no one needs anything. But if they ignore him or say they're fine, he goes.

Gabrielle lets Tabitha help her up. But her shyness is now in full force so she's only looking down at her toes and whispering, "I'm sorry." If Kaylee wants a breakdown of the crash it'll have to come from someone else.

Tabitha shakes her head as she's helping Gabrielle up. "What happened is that you decided being in the same room as me was too much to handle so you tried to scuttle out of the gym at the same time that Gabby was doing a tumble run across the floor. Collision happened. Then teleport happened. Hilarity is now ensuing." She keeps her voice as steady and emotionally even as she can manage, hugging Gabrielle's shoulders to try and comfort her a bit. Mostly because Gabby seems to need it, but also because it helps her to keep from showing how much Kaylee's scowl and retreat treatment hurts.

Kaylee blinks at Tabitha, her assessment mostly spot on. Her fists clench for a second as she tries to figure out what to say or do, conflict absolutely not her strong suit. And Tabitha thinks she's hurting? Kaylee has to bite her bottom lip to stop it from trembling as she holds her breath for a beat. She reaches up and tucks some hairs behind her ears, and then she turns to Gabby again. "I'm sorry I got in your way, I wasn't paying attention. But, I'm glad your okay." And then, back to Tabitha, as a tear falls down her cheek. "And I'm glad I was able to make you laugh again." And then Kaylee turns and honestly starts running for the gym doors, disappearing as she starts to cry again.

Tabitha's comment actually gets a titter out of Gabby and a low, "It was kind of funny, wasn't it?" She looks up at Kaylee, unintentionally giving her the puppy eyes as she hopes the girl can see the funny in it too…

Tabitha shakes her head as her senses follow Kaylee's departure from the gym. "She doesn't think so. But that's not your fault, Gabrielle. That's something that happened between Kaylee and me." She gives the other girl a last light hug across the shoulders, then stands back up and goes over to the bleachers to sit down a moment.

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