(2016-06-02) Birthday Boy
Birthday Boy
Summary: During breakfast Dax gets a package from his siblings
Date: 2016-06-02
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Morning comes with a cool air. Sleepy people wandering along in the cafeteria before the lectures start. The line slowly moving forward as Diego is standing along in that line. Humming to himself as he grabs some different food articles. Bread, cheese, milk, so on.

Four more days…just four more days, two of those the weekend and they would be home free for the summer. Felicia is counting down until vacation, like quite a lot of other students. She is so excited about the term nearly being over that she is to amped up to be tired, and the energy drink she is guzzling probably isn’t helping. She is seated at a table already, breakfast on her plate before her and she is digging in. None of this I'm a girl I can only eat salads and just a few bites, for her.

As soon as Diego steps away from the line he does glance about in an attempt of finding a fitting seat. Spotting Felicia with at least one or two seats available, thus making his way towars her. A small grin on his face. "You seem excited." He offers with his amusement showing. "Mind if I join you?" He asks while preparing to take a seat, in case she allows.

"What's not to be excited about?" Felicia tells him as she uses a foot to push the chair across from her out. "This time next week, there will be no more classes, no more detentions, no more tests!"

Diego laughs softly as he takes the offered chair. "True enough. Will be nice with some vacation. Got anything planned?" He asks, as most people are probably heading home, or going away somewhere. Shifting in his seat after sitting down to start eating. "I am sure getting away from detention will be quite nice." He says with a bit of a playful tone.

Felicia shakes her head "Not really." she says around a bite of her breakfast burito. "I have a feeling I am pretty much going to be along for the ride most of the summer. Anna has big plans, and I only know a little of them. You?"

Diego tilts his head, "Oh? You all heading off together?" He asks, a bit curious. Though as for Felicia's question, he shrugs, "Most likely sticking around here, working and heading into the forest or so. Should be a calm summer. Perhaps go swimming some."

"For some of it yet." Felicia answers with a nod "I'll probably have to go home for at least a week or two." there is a bit of a lip curl at that. She isn't in love with that idea.

It's breakfast time on the last day of final exams. That means besides the weekend there are only two more days left of school. Excitement about that is in the air, but not this morning, its more sleepiness is in the air for a majority of the students coming and going in the cafeteria. Must have been a late night studying.

Felicia and Diego share a table as the partake in their own breakfasting "Lucky you." that isn't sarcasm "Don't have parents bugging you to spend quality time with them? Or are you a local?"

Diego ahs and nods, "Anything fun at home?" He asks, turning his gaze from food to girl. Raising a brow at her words to him, without the hint of sarcasm. "No parents bugging me. Though I might go visit, what I suppose is, my foster parent." He says with a shrug.

Despite having been given super detention for the rest of the year and finals, Daxton has been in a good mood. After the Laundry room adventure, he's actually gotten more normal sleep. So when he zips into the room, he's fully awake and fills his plate with about 2 breakfasts' worth of food. Growing teen needs food, badly. A milk and then a coffee is tossed onto his tray before he turns to scan the room, looking for any familiar faces. Lucky Fel and Diego. He starts their way, "Morning."

Oliver isn't moving as quickly this morning, thanks to his Rock-climbing jaunt with Felicia. Oh, he may look all fit and trim, but his muscles and joints were -not- used to that kind of movement! He's walking a little slower and wincing every now and then as something hurts that he didn't know could hurt. His tray is set at the table with Felicia, Daxton, and Diego before he takes his time to sit, muscles protesting all the way. "I hate you…" is offered in greeting, even though he obviously doesn't really mean it.

"Only if you consider a whole lot of awkward silence fun." Felicia does not, not even a little bit. "And where is this foster parent?" she asks as she sips her energy drink. "Morning Dax." she greets her teammate "Last weekend before summer vacation. You working all weekend or will you be able to celebrate with the rest of us?" And then Oliver shows up to with his grumpy greeting, and though he didn't specify she knows it is aimed at her "Wuv you too." she greets him back amused and not at all sorry for his present condition.

Diego gives a wave to Dax as he comes towards their table, as well as Oliver. "Hey Oliver. And I meant to thank you. I've not quite gotten everything working as I want, but I can feel that it is close." Most likely speaking about their last encounter, talking about their powers. As for Oliver's words he just looks between the others. "Not gonna ask." Eyes then shift to Felicia. Smiling at her question, "The woods. It's a tree. And I suppose the animals were family as well." He offers, as if all of that was perfectly normal. "Anyhow, I should get going. Long last two days." He offers and bows before heading off.

Daxton blinks, glancing from Fel to Oli. Ah well, he's not going to ask either. Dax starts in on his food, "I'm working. Double on Sat." There's a reason for that, but he doesn't say, instead he offers a smile. "I might be able to slip out and say hi though." Diego gets a baffled look, but then again, he doesn't ask as Diego leaves. Sometimes it's better to not know.

"Good, I'm glad, Diego! Happy to help…" Oliver starts but then glances between those left as Diego leaves. "What's that about a tree?" Felicia gets a tongue stuck out at her before he starts in on his breakfast. "Slip out of where?" Yep, even grumpy he's still nosy. He stabs at some fruit that he grabbed and considers it before taking a bite. The potatoes are next…stabby stab.

"A tree? Huh." nothing weird there at least if Felicia's deadpan response is any indication. Just perfectly normal Coral Springs stuff really. She gives a wave as Deigo heads off. Dax always has reasons, sometimes she prys, sometimes she doesn't "Ugh really?" she shakes her head at that "Next time I go in there I expect to see your face on the employee of the month wall." she tells Dax "There is always Sunday." Dax isn't going to get out of end of school year celebration that easy "Ares bonfire to celebrate the end of the school year, Oliver. Consider yourself invited.

Daxton snorts, "Shit. I just want a good paycheck." He'll nod about Sunday, he can do that, he's working Sunday afternoon. Oli gets answered, in case he didn't pick it up, "Slip out of work. I can swing by wherever you guys end up between pizza runs." The speedster is quickly demolishing his breakfast, pausing long enough to finish off his milk. "Do people leave Monday, usually?"

"It's the end of the year already?" Oliver straightens, actually looking surprised for a moment before his shoulders give a little slump. He quickly recovers though and looks to his food, "I'm not an Ares though. I wouldn't want to crash the party or anything…" He does glance over at Daxton, "I'm working this weekend too…I…don't know if I can just 'slip out of work'. I kind of want to keep it, you know?" But there's something of a smile then. He pokes at his food as if he suddenly was less interested in eating, "So…are you two heading out next week?"

Felicia gives a bit of sigh, a double paycheck is good. "We'll be somewhere in town. I'm sure Anna will be tweeting or facebooking all about it." she makes a face. Social media is one bandwagon she hasn't climbed aboard, avoiding it like the proverbial plague. "We will probably just be food shopping for the bonfire though." have to have drinks and snacks for the party, yo!

Felicia gives Oliver /the look/ "Your choices are to go to the bonfire or to go to the bonfire." there is no, not to choice. Dax would probably be getting those same choices though he seems willing enough to go, at least to the teenage titan's face. "Hell yeah. I'll be outta here as soon as classes end on Monday. I'm only going to Anna's though, so I'll still be local. At least for a few weeks." she has no idea after that.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, either about FB or Anna. "I'll text someone." Oli gets a head swivel and a study before Dax goes back to eating. "You okay, man?" But then he nods about working, "I'll try to nap you some breadsticks and marinara to trade for a coffee." The speedster head shakes, "No. I'm here all summer." Unless something better comes along. As he finished up his food, one of the secretaries walks up to the table, "Daxton? you have a box that's been delivered at the front desk. Come get it after you're done eating, okay?" He's not given the secretaries a hard time , so she smiles at him and the other kids before turning and leaving, but not before snagging a small bag of cheetos on her way out. Silver linings of working at a school. Daxton just sits there, his smile gone and a tenseness overtaking his body.

Oliver holds his hands up in surrender, "All right, all right, I'll be there!" it even gets a chuckle. "I'll figure out when and where." He glances over at Daxton when asked if he's all right, "Sure, you? Just a little sore…" even though he knows that's not the question. When the secretary comes over and mentions the box, he looks between her to the other, "What? You weren't expecting a package? I mean, it can't be bad, right? They'd screen for that sort of thing…" like anyone would mail a teenager a dangerous package anyhow.

"Good call." Felicia gives a nod to Dax and him texting. There is a grimace then, the thought of being stuck here all summer causing it. "Well luckily there is a Six Flags in Mass. We'll have to rescue you. Go there or maybe to P-Town on the Cape." she might not be a local per say, but she has lived in the NE all her life so knows all the fun that can be had in the NE area "I hear P-Town is a trip." a nod is given to Oliver along with a smirk "Damn straigt you will." she can be pushy too when she wants to be.

The secretary approaching gives her the chance to finish off her hashbrowns though she arches an eyebrow at Dax and his sudden stiffening "I take it isn't anything you ordered, say of Amazon or anything?"

Before the secretary approaches Dax nods to Oli. He's fine. Well, was. Now? The speedster looks nervous, "No…I didn't order anything." He licks his lips and glances down at his mostly empty tray, his leg has started bouncing. Damn it. "I should ….go see what it is." He has an idea, but the from who he's not certain of.

"I'll be glad to have the company here," Oliver offers to Daxton before he looks to Felicia, "I guess it'll depend on my work schedule…" if he's also invited to the trips. His appetite returns a little more and he eats before taking another glance at Daxton, "Want us to come along? Moral support and all?" Not that he'd necessarily let Daxton go alone. Sometimes 'alone' just isn't what's needed.

Felicia oooos "Surprise present!" she tries to remain optimistic and not make the package be some mysterious harbinger of doom "Well that is /one/ option." she will tell him "The others are to just let it collect dust in the office or pick it up, and toss it into the ocean without opening it." she gestures to Oliver "What he said." about moral support and what nots.

Daxton looks unsure, there's good and bad with them coming, "You don't have to. It's just a package." Especially if it's what he thinks it is. Fel gets a forced smile. "Yeah…i could do that." Toss it. But…. He stands, "This is dumb. If it's stupid I'll toss it." The school would ahem scanned it for explosives org whatever, right? He looks down at the two of them, "If you want, you can come." He's not going to tell them no. It's just a package….right?

Oliver quickly finishes off his breakfast before wiping his hands on a napkin and standing, "Well, I never get packages, so this is exciting! I get to live vicariously through you again!" He catches onto Felicia's trick and also tries to keep it positive. "Of course the school would scan for anything dangerous. What do people usually get in care packages anyhow?"

"Just a package…right." a package that is making him a nervous nelly so there is more to it than that. Felicia grabs her mostly clean plate to take to the tray return "Snacks Oliver…and sometimes clothes." she crosses her fingers "I'm hoping for snacks." because you can't eat clothes, well you can, but they aren't tasty and cause all sorts of problems. It seems that Dax is going to have company on his trip to the office. Look at that, Felicia is going to the office and she isn't in trouble. That's new!

Daxton shoots Fel a small frown, but he doesn't say anything. Instead he'll wait till they're both standing and ready to go before he starts walking. He keeps his pace with there's but his fingers are twitching , even as he looks his thumbs in his belt to try to hold them still.

Oliver adds his tray to Felicia's for her to return as well, "Snacks and clothes. Sounds fun!" See? He's trying and he's most certainly not letting Daxton go to the office alone. "This will be my first care package!" even though it's not really his. When he goes to stand, though, his muscles protest again and he can't help a little yelp of pain as his muscles stretch again. "Man, I really hate you…"

The frown is just met with a beaming smile from Felicia. Oliver gets a look and a shrug when his tray is added to hers and she quickly returns them and joins the other two on the journey to the office "You're the one that insisted I wear the harness, you knew the deal." though probably not the pain that would follow.

Daxton ignores they're banter and keeps his focus on not running to or from the office. Once he gets there the some lady (who is now eating her cheetos) smiles and hands over a medium UPS box. It's one of those, it fits it ships ones. The address is written in flowy, girly handwriting to Daxton G. Jones. The return address is a military base in CA. The names on the return are simply E. & O. Jones. Daxton just stares down at the box in his hand, suddenly very still.

Oliver peers over Daxton's shoulder at the box before looking at the other boy. "Well? I mean, if you don't want to open it, I will. Or Felicia will. Or we both will. Looks like a care package to me, right, Fel?" As for the harness, he points out, "You didn't die, so I think I made the right call. You could have warned me about the aching though."

Felicia looks at the addressing and the names on it. "Last names are the same, so I am thinking so." she nods to Oliver "G, huh. What's the G stand for? George? Gus? Grant?" rapid fire questioning and suggestions there. Which is followed by an eye roll to Oliver "I was just climbing the wall, hardly a death defying activity." especially for her. She then watches Daxton, watching the box, oddly quiet and not saying something amusing or snarky, like asking if it is going to do tricks or something.

Daxton's hands instinctively tighten, not that he really thinks Oli would try to take the box from him. "No…I'll open it." He mumbles a thanks to the secretary before moving to leave the office. He's not opening it here. There's a bench in the hallway… somewhere. "It's Gero." He must be out of it to just share that so easily with Fel. She does have a tendency of teasing, why would he give her ammo like that? Once a quiet place is found he sits down again, staring at the names on the return address.

Oliver quietly follows Daxton, but not before sticking his tongue out Felicia. As the other boy sits on a bench, he slowly lowers himself to sit on the ground opposite to watch. "This is kind of amazing…I get to witness a care package being opened!" His grin fades some though as Daxton continues to stare at the address, "Do you know who it's from?"

"Huh." is her only response to his answer. If Felicia is going to tease him about his middle name it isn't going to be now. She follows him out of the office to where ever he finds a spot and sits down next to him. She is still remaining oddly silent. Probably because as long as she doesn't talk she can't say anything stupid and make things worse.

Finally Daxton takes a deep breath and breaks open the tape on the side. He's pretty strong (despite packaging tape being the strongest substance known to man) so it breaks pretty easy. Laying onto of something covered in tissue paper are two envelopes, one with the name Gero in the same handwriting that was on the box, another with the name Daxton in different handwriting. His hand twitches once and he picks up the cards carefully before moving the tissue paper over. nestled inside is an assortment of items, but what probably sticks out most is a package of birthday oreo cookies and a few unblown up balloons taped to it. There's also a wrapped present that is surrounded by those small single servings of peanut M&Ms.

Oliver stretches some to look at what's in the package before he quickly glances to Daxton, "Is it your Birthday?" To Felicia, "Did you know? Oh, man…Dax, why didn't you say anything?" Because how can someone not like Birthdays? He shifts so that he's on his knees…all the better to see into the care package. "That's a pretty awesome care package, if I do say so myself."

Daxton looks like he's not sure how to react to the box so he mumbles, "It's Saturday…" The day he's working a double. As Oli looks, there's some other stuff as well, a plastic dinosaur, a fairly nice camera, a few comic books at the bottom, a deck of cards. Nether too out there, he's stay quiet as they talk

Her facial expression pretty much says it all, Felicia did not know and that not knowing bothers her. Does she understand why he hasn't told them up until this point. Maybe. "From your siblings?" she will question that and not his reasons for radio silence on the birthday. Of course that means the bonfire has now turned into a birthday party too, but she isn't going to say anything about that just yet "Ohhhh." she says, his birthday, double shift, thing he can escape does he? "Comics, nice." she likes comics, you really don't have to be able to read well to get the story.

Daxton nods again, "Yeah…They always like anyone's birthday." And they've missed 3 of his, but that's all in the letters he's not read yet. His hand reaches down and touches some of the M&Ms, pushing them aside to look more in the box. The comics, the dinosaur, "Those were mine…from my room." At least that's proof his dad didn't turn it completely into a man cave or anything. They kept some of his things. A very deep breath is taken, this is better than from his parents. This is more …genuine. Finally a tint tug of one corner, "They still hate peanuts M&Ms."

Oliver grins, "Happy birthday early then." Oliver gets a little closer and offers, "Come in on Saturday and I'll get you a free coffee thingy. Whatever you want." Before or after his shift, Oliver will probably be there. "That's really nice that they sent you that. I didn't know you had siblings." He looks to Felicia as well since she didn't tell him either!

"How can you not like birthdays? Your own or someone elses." Felicia is one of those that likes giving presents and much as getting them. And any excuse will do! "More peanut M&Ms for you than." the look from Oilver has her shrugging, she can't tell him /everything/.

Daxton nods in agreement, "Yeah. My candy pile was always bigger." Lucky older brother! He hands over one to Fel and then offers one to Oli. He's not sure if the boy eats chocolate or not. "Thanks. I didn't tell anyone. Didn't really see a need." People were leaving, and he doesn't like to advertise his younger age. And well, attention.

Oliver doesn't know Daxton's age, but he happily takes the offered candy. He most certainly does eat it! "Thanks…" although he'll save it to snack on later. "Some people like having birthdays to celebrate. I mean…it's fun with the cake and presents and stuff. But if you don't like that, I get it." Again, it's attention. "That was really nice of them to send you that."

Well it’s no secret that Felicia eats candy and she happily takes it, but not before giving Dax one of those 'are you sure' kinda looks "Didn't see a need?" she repeats shaking her head "Well the secret is out now." Felicia ooos at Oliver "Gotta get a cake now." because what is a birthday without cake. And while Oliver doesn't get not wanting to celebrate, she doesn't, but she likes attention.

Daxton nods, he's got plenty of candy here. it's the idea, not the actual sugar that's important here. "Yeah….it was." The letters get another glance and he smiles softly. But that's shaken when suddenly there's talk of cake, "Cake? …you don't need to, really. I'm working." On purpose, even.

"It's been what? At least three years since you celebrated your birthday right?" Felicia asks him "I'm pretty sure that means I need too, but I would even if you had huge ass parties your whole life." cause that's how she rolls. "Oh yeah like your work schedule is capable of stopping me." she pffts. She has a plan and it doesn't involve him missing work or her getting him fired. Or Saturday even, Sunday is good, they are already having a bonfire.

Daxton's eyes narrow as he thinks back, it's all blurry, but… "I think we had cupcakes last year?" Unit 23 isn't all bad, see? And Inferno likes cake. He's frowning, but it's hard to stay mad when he has a box of happy in his lap. "Just….nothing big, okay?" it's not occurred to him she'd just do it Sunday.

Felicia nods at his remembrances "Well that's something I suppose." she hrms at his request "Sure, sure. Small." she isn't going to make promises though, since small just isn't her thing…well except it is, just not like that. And then the bell rings to signal classes starting, ugh more exams "Just one more day of this and we are free..for a few months anyway." she gets to her feet taking a moment to wait for Dax before heading to the torture that is final exams.

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