(2016-06-01) Lilith in the Library
Lilith in the Library
Summary: Violet tracks Tabitha down to get some answers about what happened during Lynzee's rescue.
Date: 2016-06-01
Related: Rescue
Scene Runner: NA

Well, finals week.

And Violet knew, late into a study session last night, that she was far too behind to catch up again. School was frustrating, and she felt on edge, particularly lately. So when she snuck out again to have a smoke on the beach, Violet decided that 'screw it'. She wasn't going to be smart enough to handle classes like this anyways, and why should she even bother?

She'd probably get better in a couple weeks, and really, she was probably agitated by the dramatic changes in her friendship dynamics. But hey - save that sort of thing for the shrinks, right?

After basically coasting through classes the next day, and kinda scoffing at people breaking their backs to study, Violet heard through the grapevine that Tabitha was in the vicinity of the library. Maybe alone, maybe not. But Violet would find out. Throwing her leather jacket on over her school uniform, and not bothering with her makeup today, she enters the library, lifting her chin at the librarian. Who recognized her - Violet had spent a fair amount of time here trying to make things up.

Tabitha has been scarce since the rescue party came back from the tower in the outer darkness. She left the medbay quickly after answering no questions and allowing only a cursory examination, insisting that she would only allow more or answer anything after contacting her guardian. Then she went to meet with the Headmistress. Since then she's been strictly focused on finishing her various final exams, then keeping to herself. What, if anything she is doing or feeling regarding the excursion she's keeping to herself. Right now she's working on studying for one of her last tests, looking a bit odd as she sits reading a text book with a blindfold on.

Violet probably needed a cover. So she was carrying her backpack full of books, slung over her shoulder - eyes flicker across the way, where she spies Tabitha.

Violet didn't care about examinations - they could examine all they wanted, and she was tuned out when the Headmistress was sentencing her. But that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone.

Tossing her bookbag up unto Tabitha's table with a bit of carelessness, Violet slides into the seat across from Tabitha, leaning forward, interlacing her fingers, and resting her chin upon her crossed fingers. "Lilith. What's up?" she asks, her eyes flickering across the blindfold proper. "Nice blindfold."

Tabitha lets out a quiet sigh at Violet's greeting. "Please don't call me that. It hasn't been my name for seven years." She tries to keep reading, but drops her head and closes the book. The comment about the blindfold does get a small grin that quickly fades. "It's easier than an eyepatch on each eye. My new peepers don't like direct light very much."

She looks up, maintaining the illusion of eye contact even though she's using her aura to see with. Her facial expression is resigned, "So let's get to it. Say or ask what you want to. Get it off your chest."

Violet kinda has a languid look on her face - her eyes tracking over Tabitha's own. "Everyone's got weird vision powers - I didn't realize you can see with your auras too," says Violet. A pause. Her demeanor, and features were neutral. Not happy to see her, not mad to see her. Violet clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth.

"So that was you in there? All you?" she says. "All bad-ass bitch trying to be the biggest hardass in the room?" she asks, tilting her head to one side.

"If that's not the case, well," says Violet. "I'd like to have a talk with 'Lilith', sometime," says Vi.

The comment about her aura vision does bring a smile, a real one to Tabitha's face below the blindfold. "How else do you think I found my sandals on the beach that night before pizza? My aura absorbs energy, but it also feeds that information to my senses. It's not always sight. Sometimes it's taste, sound, scent, etcetera."

And then Violet's getting right down to it. Tabitha sits back in her chair, the fingers of her right hand fiddling with the glyphs on the back of her left hand. She doesn't answer right away, but when she does her voice is withdrawn. Sad, even. "It was me. That's who I used to be, before I ended up in Maine with massive scarring and no memory." Then she looks back up at Violet with just the smallest upward twitch of her lips. "And back then, I was the biggest hardass in any room I was in."

Her face and voice go back to subdued after that. "Some things are still hazy, but my memories are coming back more every hour. So if you've got questions for Lilith, just ask and I'll answer if I remember." A significant pause. "And if it won't incriminate me in a court of law."

"Oh, right - I forgot about that!" says Violet. There was the ghost - just the ghost - of a smile at the edge of her lips with that. A handful of moments more, and she lets that smile fall down from her lips. "Well, I don't want to talk to Lilith. I didn't like her very much - she was mean, arrogant, and she was way too…" A beat. "I dunno," she adds.

"I want to talk to you. I want to talk to Tabitha - the happy, friendly, creative person."

"The person who would break the rules to go after a friend, and do everything for her," says Violet. "I don't think Lilith would do that, and I don't want to be around that person," she says then.

Tabitha nods as Violet lists off personality traits for Lilith, "And trust me, those were her good points." Then Violet is talking about Tabitha's personality traits as she sees them, and yes that is a blush on her face, neck, and arms. Tabs doesn't blush halfway. "Thanks for that. I'd like to keep that person around, too."

She leans forward, resting her arms on the table. "I'll just say that there's more to my pre-Tabitha self than just being a highly trained, somewhat deadly bitch of a ten year old. And while it's going to suck beyond the telling, I'm not going to hide from it. She's got answers about things that could help a lot of people."

There it was now - an easier smile slipping onto Violet's face. "I bet Dax and Kay wouldn't mind that either," says Violet, bringing up a hand to brush a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder, glancing towards the front of the library. The smile was released along with a sigh, Violet leaning further back in her seat then.

Shoulders slump, eyes close a moment - but she opens them up again, glancing to the other young woman. "Like what kinda answers, Tabs?" she says.

Seeing the genuine smile causes Tabitha's shoulders to relax visibly. There is motion underneath the blindfold suggestive of rapid blinking and she swallows softly before smiling back a bit. She nods at the mention of Kaylee and Daxton. "If they want to listen, I'd like to tell them. Kaylee… wanted nothing to do with me in medbay. It might be a while before she's willing to give me the time of day. Daxton…" she shrugs with a half smile. "Honestly, I was less worried about him than I was about you."

She leaves that comment in the air when Violet asks about the answers in her past as Lilith. Already leaning against the table she lowers her head and sends her aura outward to keep their voices from carrying. "Answers that can help law enforcement catch a terrorist they're not looking for because they think he's dead."

"You don't gotta worry about me, Tabs - promise," says Violet. "And Kaylee… well… I hope you two can find your peace again someday. But that was one of the worst, scariest parts of her life, I guess it was all dark in there for her, and that makes her freak, so," Violet brings up a hand - fingers splayed, and kinda waggles it. "So being a hardass scared her more, I think," she says.

"Dunno much about Dax, though. The dude is twitchy as hell," she says with a grin.

The last things said, well, Violet leans forward again, resting upon her hands, smile vanishing. "You gonna tell the adults about this terrorist?" she asks, voice taking on a more subtle edge.

Tabitha nods her understanding about how it was for Kaylee, "Yeah. If I'd been in my right mind I would've been able to help. I knew about how darkness affects her. She told me." Which might put an extra spin on things. She shrugs about Daxton. "Dax is an army brat that somehow ended up in a military super soldier program. He's not twitchy so much as he just needs to keep moving, keep active. A lot like how I have to keep writing music, and probably for similar reasons."

Then she's back to the other subject and nods to Violet's question about it. "Yes, I will. But I'm talking to Nathaniel first. I want to make sure that I'm not treated as part of the problem."

An inclination of her head, and Violet rises up to a stand a bit, gathering up her bookbag. Another beat, and she kinda throws it over one shoulder, the cloth and otherwise rustling. "Well, stay in the Tabby mind if you can. Whatever happened to bring 'Lilith' out…" Violet purses her lips tightly, and squares the bag upon her back.

She lets it go, moving to Dax.

"Eh. Alright," she accepts without too much conviction. "Do what you need to do, Tabby - but if you need help with anything, don't keep it bottled up, alright?" she asks, kinda bringing up a hand to point at the other young woman. "I need to go clear my head, so I'll check you later?" she asks.

Tabitha nods up to Violet as the other gets up to leave. "I'll keep an eye on myself, but I don't think she'll be coming out for another solo play anytime soon." She nods at the rest of it. "Don't worry, I'm not a solo act. I'll shout out if things get rough." Then she nods again, "Yeah, I'll see you 'round. Take care."

Then once Violet has gone on her way, she opens her book again and goes back to reading. She's in enough trouble, she can't afford to fail her freshman year as well.

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