(2016-05-30) Rescue Recovery
Rescue Recovery
Summary: Lynzee's rescuers
Date: 2016-05-30
Related: Rescue
Scene Runner: NA

Tabitha doesn't come up to the medbay right away. Instead she takes a detour to her dorm room long enough to change from her team uniform into leggings and a long t-shirt (well, regular size t-shirt that's knee-length on her). She's got her new-grown hair tucked up under her black knit watch cap and is keeping her eyes covered with a bandana tied as a blindfold, navigating via her aura-enhanced senses instead. Spotting the others she makes her way over to them, taking a seat a bit of a distance away given how Kaylee reacted to her proximity downstairs.

The only other times Kaylee had ever been to the Medbay were when she first came through on her tour, and then when she spent many many nights in a certain someone's room, keeping her company and keeping her cheery. And Kaylee is NOT a troublemaker. No, really! Nevermind the fact that she'd been given detention for her previous pokings at the crack in the wall. This was, of course, on a whole nother level of stupidity for a teen ager. But, they'd rescued Lynzee! That was the important part! And so, as silent and defiant as Kaylee can be, she answers nurses questions tersely and allows them to check her over without any protest or commentary. When they ask about the redness of her eyes and puffyness in her cheeks, she doesn't lie. "I was crying. A lot. But no, I'm not hurt." And so continues the examination.

This type of sleepy is more dangerous for the speedster than normal. This is the kind of sleepy that he cold crawl into a nice dark, quiet corner and just let go. He's also answering questions, but is dazed. "Yeah…no. We didn't eat anything….no drinking…" He surprises a yawn before glancing over to everyone that is visible that went. He's got a feeling this is going to end up getting blamed on him, being the only Ares, but he can't really drum up the desire to care. More detentions won't kill him. After a brief moment the nurse returns and hands him a ear piece to put in. He yawns again, but complies and then has a steady tempo playing in one ear to keep him grounded.

Tabitha doesn't seem so much tired as shell shocked. Her altered appearance plus the obvious spread of the glyph from her back to the rest of her body (the t-shirts short sleeve show them to have formed rings around her upper and lower arms as well as down her chest from the ring of them on her neck) gaining the most attention. "The wards vanished after I went through. The glyphs expanded almost immediately." When she's asked what affect the glyphs have had on her, she hunches over and just shakes her head. "I'm not answering that without a lawyer present." She doesn't sound like she's joking when she says this. One thing she does emphasize in her answers is that the plan to go in after Lynzee was hers, and that the others went in because they didn't want her to go in alone. One benefit of wearing a blindfold is that her eyes can't give away the lie.

"Planned it? Well … I don't really think anybody else would accuse me of PLANNING it. But, it was my idea. And I asked everybody to come with me," Kaylee admits to the nurse that's questioning her. She sighs and shakes her head to the next question. "Sure, Tabitha got a bunch of the supplies and stuff, but … you can ask the dean. I was the one who said we needed to go after Lynzee. And even after I told the staff about the crack, they didn't do anything. So, I did. And we got Lynzee back."
And then, Kaylee, in all of her bad mood, actually gets a little defiant and uppity. "You know, this is supposed to be a school full of people with powers, and yet nobody, NOT ONE PERSON even made an attempt to go get Lynzee. Sure, maybe you were planning something, maybe they were doing research. But that whole time? Lynzee was over there, trapped and ALONE. So you know what? I don't care what you do to me. We got her back, and I'm gonna sleep soooooo good tonight. You let me know how you sleep, knowing that the newest kid in the school got over there and got her back without your help, with 'aaaall your wonderful powers.'" And then she shuts up and folds her arms across her chest and refuses to answer any more questions or cooperate further. She's had enough!

The nurses, who's fault this is not, take note of Kaylee's attitude (never yell at the people who have to give you shots!). Daxton frowns, one hand resting against the ear bud. He's swaying slightly. Mayeb to whatever he's listening to. "Sure….Yeah. It was my idea." He's usually much quicker with his thoughts, but…sleepy. "I would have brought the rest of Ares, but….they all hate me. So…yeah." That's kinda believable. He does fifth with his Team a lot. He bites back nay comments towards Tabs and Kaylee, he's too tired to say anything nicely. Anotehr yawn though, and Dax asks something he very rarely ever says, "Can I go to sleep now?"

Tabitha winces and blinks away tears when the blindfold is removed so the doctors can examine her altered eyes. When the penlight is shined in she jerks her head down in pain. "Yes! I was photosensitive when it was just the left eye that changed and oddly enough it's not any better now!" The eye exam is continued using less intense light, then her rough bandana blindfold is replaced with a wrap of medical gauze around her eyes.

When the doctors try to redirect the examination to her glyphs and their effects on her she shakes her head and holds her hands out to keep them back. "I said no! Not without a lawyer present and certainly not without my legal guardian! In fact, I think you've seen all of them I want you to see." Then with a shimmer across her aura, the glyphs vanish entirely. Her skin is unmarked once more. She sighs slightly as she is able to pull this off, as it only confirms that what happened during the rescue wasn't a fluke or a bad reaction to worse magic.

Well! With Violet PROBABLY being about as cooperative as everybody else, it would seem the examinterrogations are probably over for the night! Or were the interexaminations? No matter, the medical staff isn't really the disciplinarians, anyway! So they go about just trying to make sure that everyone is, in fact, okay and not going to be a risk for themselves of the rest of the community. But even in the most advanced medical facilities in the world, test results take time. So Kaylee has plenty of time to sit, by herself, on the edge of the examination table. And, if anybody could see, there are tears falling, again, as she can't keep up the tough facade when there's nobody around.

How strange, Daxton is the only one who's not yelling or angry. It truly is a messed up evening. The nurse that was trying to deal with him frowns, taking in his very subdued plea for sleep. She nods, offering a hand to help him stand up. Tabitha's demands finally capture his attention enough, "You should call her guardian." A hand rises to cover his mouth, all the yawning and eye blinking to stay awake just makes him look young(well, his actual age). As he's lead past each girl he gives them a look. Hard to say what he's trying to convey with it. And then they've got him laying down on a bed and he's out before the nurse has even left the room.

When she's finally left alone, Tabitha watches the rest of the room while staring straight ahead through her blindfold. She only lifts her head up twice. The first time to look up as Daxton goes by, and again a few minutes later when she looks over towards Kaylee. Feeling the twist in her gut for her role in putting Kaylee in this state she stands up and walks quietly over to the exam alcove Kaylee was in, bringing her chair with her. She sets the chair down in front of Kaylee, just a respectful distance away and sits down. This close it's clear that under the blindfold she's also been crying although the tear tracks are starting to dry up.

She can't bring herself to lift her face towards Kaylee but after a few heartbeats she whispers, "I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

Kaylee has her glasses on, as she's had about enough of spatial awareness for the evening. She just wants everything quiet and closed off for the moment. So, she doesn't see Tabitha moving at first. But, when Tabitha does come to see her and pulls a chair up, Kaylee looks up and glares right at her, a mix of anger and pain on her face. And then, instead of responding, she just obfuscates again. And if Tabitha's aura or her eyes let her see Kaylee's outline, or if she can just hear her, Kaylee turns around and faces the other way on the table. She couldn't have seen that Tabitha was crying at all.

In the tower with its lack of any defined light or radiation, Kaylee's obfuscation worked pretty well on Tabitha. Here in the normal world it's less effective as there's all sorts of energy zipping about invisible to most. So Tabitha can see Kaylee's hurt and angry expression, then after she obfuscates Tabitha can see her turning away by her body heat. At this Tabitha's shoulders slump. Then she stands up and leave the exam room. Once out in the central area of the medbay she lets out a long breath and square her shoulders. Then she walks out of medbay, heading up towards the surface and admin level. She knows that it'll be an utter shitstorm when she tells Nathan who she is, or rather was, but no point in delaying the inevitable.

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