(2016-05-30) Rescue
Rescue Recovery
Summary: Lynzee's rescue
Date: 2016-05-30
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NPCs: Some
Scene Runner: NA

Prep made, team broght together. A rescue team. And the laundry room found. More reports of it being closed, but the door still easy to open of course. There was some repair to the wall, it was ground (scuffed with industrial tools) a little, looking like some patch was to be applied. But then the storm has hit, its opened a little that crack. In fact, if one knows of that flame, it is visible to the naked eye even. Just easy to miss in the shadows. The crack is more inche wide in some places, enough to slip fingers in even. And unguarded in any way.

Okay, so Kaylee talks a big game. But, when it comes time to put the bravery on display? Well, she's trying her best, but she's quite obviously terrified of actually going through with her plan. She's wearing her team suit- the one they wear when they're practing their powers. She also has her glasses on, still, just in case. As she 'sneaks' in to the laundry room, she holds the door open for everybody following her. "Okay, where can we tie a line so that we can pull ourselves back if we need to?" she asks, chewing on her bottom lip nervously.

Violet was wearing her team suit as well. Prometheus Gold, with black stripes down the arms, the sides of the legs, and at the collar. Violet always thought she looked like a bumblebee. Violet smelled of ash as she follows the others into the laundry room. If there were locks, she would have probably been the one to pick 'em, Violet moving with a certain stealthiness (in spite of yellow suit), into the laundry room proper. No doubt she was carrying the rope, as well, the girl effortlessly shrugging the thing off. "We could tie it around one of the pillars in this room?" she says.

When Kaylee came to her about finding and rescuing Lynzee, Tabitha started to consider what they might find. After all, they had no idea where the portal led or what the conditions were on the other side. In this case, the hurricane that passed through was a godsend. Master Nathan left the school to mobilize his security company for rescue efforts up the coast, and Tabitha asked for supplies for a group of students forming a rescue team.

She neglected to mention where that team would be doing their rescuing.

So everyone going on this mission has been supplied with harsh environment gear, long range comms, first aid supplies, rebreathers, thermal blankets, and coils of thin rope. She has added another pack of bottled water and food gathered from the commissary and the common rooms. She's wearing her Athena uniform under the kit's jacket and hat, and has the rebreather strapped around her neck. She sets up near the crack, uisng her aura's senses to examine it however she can. She nods towards the metal railing on the stairs leading to the facilities room. "That should be more than strong enough to hold any of us."

Daxton's here, although he's not looking too thrilled with the plan. He's all for doing things, but this seems…out of his league. maybe not anyone else's, but whatever that is, it's out of his paradime. "How are we planning on getting through the crack?" How is he the only Ares here?!? "Have we done any tests to see if anything can be pulled back out yet?"

Like the others, Violet had her jacket and hat on over her outfit. But she also had that sort of feeling that whatever /was/ over there, she'd just get better eventually, anyways. A grin dances upon her lips, the young woman glancing between the others, and the crack in the world. "So what are we waiting for?" she says. "Someone's lost over there - let's do it!" says Violet, taking a few steps closer to the crack. A glance over her shoulder. "Oh, hey Dax."

"Well, that's what we're getting ready to do right now," Kaylee says to Dax as she lets someone else tie the rope off. She takes a big breath and sighs, her brow furrowing. "I'll go first, since I can hide easiest. … and since it's my idea," she says. She rings her hands together, moving closer to the crack and looking at it with her actual eyes, since the spatial awareness can't really help with it. "But you guys will be ready to pull me back, right?" she asks, sounding as scared as she looks.

Tabitha steps up closer to the crack, looking through it to the flame within. "From what I understand, Lynzee touched the flame and then she vanished. The ropes aren't likely to hold, given the small size of the physical gap between us and the flame, but it's a sensible precaution just in case." She turns and nods to Kaylee. "If the rope stays intact, we'll pull on it and hopefully you'll come back out. If it stays slack or is cut, I'll come through right after."

Violet gets a nod from th speedster but Dax blinks at Kaylee, "What? No, not with you! Try an object first." How is that a test?

Violet wasn't going to fight Kaylee going first, even if there was tension in her shoulders now. "Likewise, I don't mind going first - after all, I'm not sure there's anything bad that can permenently happen to me," says Violet, kinda stepping forward towards the crack. "But you could see everything in there faster, if the place is all crazy. What about both of us goin'?" says Violet. "And if you guys get Kaylee out first if it goes pear-shaped?" asks Vi with a wryness. She was posted near the crack, although waiting for a decision.

Kaylee nodnodnodnodnoddles at Violet's suggestion. "I've already tried throwing some of my light objects at it. They go in, but … I can't see them after that. Besides, putting an object over there isn't going to tell us what's going on. So … we'll go. And if we can come back, we will, and we'll tell you what it's like. And then we'll go?" Kaylee suggests, looking to Tabitha and Violet for confirmation.

Daxton's head shakes, "That doesn't make any sense…We need to see if objects can be pulled back before we send a person in. Tie something around a phone and record video…that's a viable option. Better than just sending someone in blind." Why is the Ares the one suggesting this? Scouting and intelligence is important!

Tabitha finishes tying off the last rope so that each of their group can have one. "In any case, we can't stand around here gabbing for too long. Someone is bound to come by and notice us in here before long." She nods towards the laundry room door while tying her rope around her torso in a cross-harness pattern.

Violet pauses a few moments more. "I agree," says Violet to Tabitha, letting her eyes flicker towards Kaylee. "You ready, short stuff?" she offers, reaching one hand to her - the other, reaching for that crack. Violet intended to touch the flame, in spite of any further protests, her eyes flickering to Tabitha right before contact was made.

Kaylee nods as well and takes her glasses off, sliding them into the neck of her shirt. Then she reaches for Violet's hand with both of hers and latches on, ready to hang on for whatever comes next! But, she's not brave enough to prevent a very quiet mewl escaping her throat as she winces in fear.

Daxton sighs, crosses his arms and waits to see what happens.

Violet touches the flame and is drawn in. Right from Kaylee's latch, the only thing still there is the rope. A dark whisp, a trace of Violet, then nothing. The rope pulls. It could pull all the way in. If they look, where its pulling in, the black flame grows, along that rope, as if the point to enter is moving towards them rather than them having to go to it. The distance now is just what rope remained between Violet and Kaylee.

In the Darkness Beyond…

Violet pauses, letting her eyes track along the sights and sounds of this… shadow world. Kinda ducking low - arms to the sides as if in a fighting stance, a lock of Vi's blonde hair falls in her eyes, and she pauses a moment. "Kaylee?!" she asks, her voice a bit anxious. Glancing back over her shoulder as she sets foot on 'solid ground', she pauses, frowning a bit. It felt… like a dream, really.

But Violet gives the rope a little double tug. She was still alive. Was she still connected to Kaylee? She couldn't tell.

Tabitha holds her breath as Violet reaches out to touch the flame then vanishes. As the rope begins to go taut and the flame starts to expand, she nods. "It's still connected to her." Then she realizes something they didn't think of. Opening one of the washing machines, she exerts her strength and tears out the wash chamber then holds it tight to her body as she approaches the flame. "The ropes won't be long enough. We'll need something to tie them off to on the other side." Then she takes a deep breath and reaches out to grab the growing flame.

When Violet disappears out of her grasp and into the flame, Kaylee cries out. "Violet!" She freezes in place for just a second, turns and looks helplessly at Tabitha helplessly. Then, she reaches for the flame, too, trying to chase after her roommate.
Long distance to Poseidon: Tabitha also remembered an OOC thing I didn't think of ahead of time. Now that Tabs has pulled the trigger on going through, is the darkness beyond a different dimension?

Daxton frowns, watching as Violet disappears. And then both Tab and Kaylee go for the rope. He's not happy about this, but will zip over and grab the rope as well.

First was Violet, then Kaylee and the others. Into a dark place, a void of sorts, but the mists part. A castle is revealed, or a tower of some sort. They are approaching the balcony or it is materializing and coming into focus around them. The balcony or a massive building, some undetermninable height with no visible ground, and no visisble end to the spire above. Instead they can see a dining room table, filled with food that looks succelent, but is devoid of color. Eveything is a darkness. The castle is dated, maybe late 18th Cenutry, at its height. A table, candelabra, mirros, fireplace, comfortale and plush chairs, all that monocromatic darkness to them, each and all.

Yeah, this was definitely the WORST IDEA EVER, Kaylee is quickly discovering. Finding herself suddenly transported to someplace else, it takes Kaylee several seconds to adjust. But as soon as she does, things start going bad quickly. She turns in a circle, then another, then she whimpers and starts backing towards a wall, head swiveling back and forth in fear. "It's dark. Why is it do dark? There's no color, no … no colors at all!" she mewls, plaintively.

Violet, for her part, was kinda digging the vibe of this place. "If we're going to end up in some weird multidimensional place, why not a haunted house?" she quips, actually grinning - /grinning/ for probably the first real joy most of those here had ever seen her express. At least, until she notices Kaylee.

A lot of the edge of that grin fades, and leaves her to a frown, her head tilting to one side.

"Hey hey - what's wrong, Kay?" she asks. The noctuphobia hadn't come up yet in casual conversation. "It's okay - just chill, these guys won't know what hit them," she says, trying to move towards her.

When the group landed in this… whatever kind of place it is… something had changed about Tabitha. She 'landed' hard and went down to one knee, then there was a burst of energy at her back, barely visible through the heavy jacket and team uniform. It lasted just a brief moment before she shook it off and stood up. But now where she had been bald a moment before she now had shoulder length copper hair with a streak of black at the left temple. She'd also removed her eyepatch and both of her eyes were no longer blue but rather pale grey orbs with the flickering of a burning coal at their center. While her facial structure hasn't really changed, it has a more angular look.

She takes stock of the surroundings with a calm manner once she's on her feet. "Leeched environment, possibly psychoactive. By the Father, I hate getting dropped into a mission cold." She looks down at the rope tied to her and tears it off, dropping the scraps along with the washing machine bit she tore out to use as an anchor. From her expression, she doesn't seem to know why she had them.

It's about then that Kaylee starts losing it and she turns to face the others with… is that a sneer? Yep, definitely a sneer. She shakes her head in exasperation. "And he sent me in with tyros? Wonderful. So which one of you has my mission brief? Or is it part of the readiness eval that I figure it out as I go?"

Daxton looks around pensively, trying to take in where they are, where the rope home is. He stretches his neck and then is very quickly neck to the others. "There's nothing out of place with time, at least." So says the time runner. He's had to deal with a freaked out Kaylee before, and didn't do a very good job apparently. So he lets Vi handle Kay and turns to look at the castle but then Tabs is…not really Tabs anymore. "Well….shit." Why does no one every listen to him? He'll zip over and grabs the robe before it can slip back into the laundry room and leave them stranded in monochromatic world and ties the piece of washing machine. Dax can at least relate to what she's saying, "We have a missing person. Unknown terrain. Unknown if there are hostiles." He looks concerned at her, but then turns to Violet, hoping she'll back him up, or add to this so they don't lose another student here. "I'm hoping she went to the only structure visible." The castle, he hopes. Otehrwise they're going to be here a while.

Ignoring violet, Kaylee backs up until she hits the wall, then starts slumping down, hands going up to hold her head as she begins to cower. "It's too dark, I can't see. I can't see. I can't … I can't …," she starts repeating. Instinctively, Kaylee begins to shine. If colors were visible, you'd see her cycling through different ones as she tries to make ANYTHING appear. But, no dice. Sniffling, Kaylee starts to come apart. "I can't seeeeeeee."

There is nothing beyond the balcony, a great expanse of nothing visibile in other directions except mist or void. The dining room and the rooms beyond seem to invite. As one stands there is a notive of birds in gilded cages, they had paused with the arrival, but some give voice to the air. Curious maybe, communative. The castle or home otherwise silent. Until the ring of a bell is heard, not unlock an old door bell, the string to the small ringing device pulling once, then twice, then a steady pull every moment, ring, ring, ring, ring. Not unlike summoning a servant, an then silence again.

Pursing her lips, Violet casts a glance towards Tabitha and Daxton both. It was Tabitha that draws her eyes flickering, and widening. "What in the world…!" she says. It seemed like the whole thing was going to hell in a handbasket, super fast. Breathing out a bit, Violet's uncertainty was obvious in the way she flicks her eyes between Tabitha and Daxton.

She mouths something vulgar.

"Uh… sure, Tabs. Semper Fi, hup hup!" says Violet, kinda helplessly, making a gesture she hoped was vaguely military, chopping the air with a hand in the typical 'go go go' gesture popular in movies.

But Violet's attention was mostly on Kaylee. At least, that was something that was normalish, being scared. "What do you mean you can't see? Like… you can't see see, or you can't /see/ see?" asks Violet. "These are my hands, okay?" says Violet, reaching out - she was standing in front of Kaylee, her hands strong as she kinda squeeze s her shoulder firmly. "I got you, Kaylee. How about a little glow, huh? Can that help?"

Tabitha… or whoever she is now, shifts her attention away from Kaylee and Violet when Daxton provides a proper mission brief. She looks him over and gives him a brief nod. "Good. At least you're on point." And her expression has relaxed a bit. "Rescue op. Nice. I enjoy feeling like we're the good guys every now and then." She smiles when she says this, as if being a good guy is a novelty for her. She quirks an eyebrow at Violet's remark to her, then regards Kaylee's continued breakdown for a handful of seconds before seeming to come to a decision.

She walks up to Kaylee, running a hand through her hair where the black streak is, and reaches out to grab Kaylee by the shoulders. "Pull yourself together, Beta. There is nothing too see except for the tower, its contents, and the four of us. Anchor your perception on the other Beta there," She nods towards Violet, "and stay close."

She nods to Daxton's assessment of where their target has hopefully gone, then the ringing starts to sound out. She steps forward towards the rope and the sounding bell. "We're about to find out if the occupants are hostile, I believe."

Daxton completely agrees with Violet's swear. He'll see her a "F this" as well. But, they're here and need to deal with the missing student first, then deal with getting home. Then deal with Tab's new wacky and Kaylee's freak out. Dax has a lot of thoughts that run through his mind, some not so good. But he's been trained as well, and that kicks in. "Violet, you got Kaylee?" The ringing grabs his attention from anything else he was going to say. "Stay sharp, people." His hand flexes, missing the weight of his weapon. He uses his ability to quickly look around the room, making sure they're no other surprises waiting for them.

Some are looking at the room (failed), and others are looking around. There is a blackness on the horizon, a waiver out there. Its not so much a shimmer either, but more observation reveals some shapes inbound. Alas for Tabitha who doesn't seem herself, the might recall the shapes from detention night with Athena. There is time before the shapes will arrive, but they are coming to the tower/castle. The birds continue to chirp is if unaware of this change. There are doors inside, or one could stay on the balcony until the shapes arrive.

Kaylee just shakes her head adamantly, ignoring Violet's and Tabitha's attempt at support. "I can't see! I can't see! I can't see!" she cries, freaking right out. And since there's no colors, maybe nobody can see that she IS shining. Which may or may not be making her a nice big beacon for the inbound creatures that she could totally notice if she weren't FREAKING THE HECK OUT!

"Kaylee," says Violet. Not that she was the most alert anyways - but her focus on Kay was making it difficult for her to catch other shapes in the fog.

"Kaylee," says Violet. Not that she was the most alert anyways - but her focus on Kay was making it difficult for her to catch other shapes in the fog. "Chill, Kaylee, /chill/," she says, bringing her hand up to the pocket on Kaylee's outfit. Flicking open Kaylee's glasses with one hand, she brings them in front of her eyes.

"Just close your brain, and use your eye eyes, alright? Glasses. Look through the glasses," she says, changing her motion as Tabitha kinda tries to yank her up. "I got Kaylee, Dax - uh… those bird things are chirping. Do you think we should get off the balcony? I'll drag Kay in if I haveta!"

"Hear that?" she chides Kaylee. "Over the shoulder again if you don't put 'em on!"

This whole mission was FUBARed front the start in Dax's opinion. The birds, (are they even really alive, or is this all some illusion?) and Kaylee's outburst distract him from the incoming creatures. He nods though, agreeing with Violet, "Yeah, let's at least move away from them."

The person behind Tabitha's face shakes her head and looks from the room inside the tower to the approaching shapes and back to Kaylee. Then she rolls her eyes. "I swear, if it wasn't a requirement that everyone returns alive, I would toss your defective ass over the railing. But I am /not/ going to lose my authority to that jumped up kludge Eve over a rigged eval mission." Her aura reaches back to Kaylee and gives her a not so light but nondamaging smack across the cheek. "Pull your shit together, put on your… glasses, really? Put on your glasses, put one foot in front of the other, and let's get moving. I really don't think those forces on the horizon are coming here to shake our hands."

Then she steps into the tower and heads towards the nearest of the doors, checking to see if she can open it.

The door out from this dinning room leads to a hallway, it leads left and right. It is lined with doors. A dark carpet runs its length. In fact, many of the doors may be open. Other than dark, it seems more inviting and comfortable. The hall runs to either end of the tower, 25 to 35 yards in either direction. There are no visible stairs up or down, the hall ends in windows at either side.

Kaylee's freak out is only partially mollified by Violet's attempts at soothing her. However, putting her glasses on does cause her to pause for a second. Which just happens to be long enough for Tabitha to step in and slap her. The glasses are knocked from her face and her hand immediately goes to her cheek as she turns back to look at Tabitha in shock, her mouth dropping open. Tears begin streaming down her cheek in earnest, now, and she just buries her face in her elbow and runs back towards the washer with the rope tied to it. "I wanna go home!" she cries out, reaching for the rope. "I shouldn't have come here!"

Whatever forward motion was made with the little one was vanished with a slap of the aura! At least, that's what Vi thought. When Tabitha says what she does - particularly about throwing Kaylee over the railing, Vi gives her a sharp look. She knew how hard Tabby could hit - that wasn't /that/ hard, but still, it seemed enough to send Kay into fits.

"What's your /damage/, Tabby?" says Violet, with anger heard in her voice. Violet realized it might be a little condescending, but with a flicker of her eyes towards the birds, she moves to grab Kaylee, and forcefully hold her, with her stomach facing and placed at Violet's shoulder.

"Not now, Kay - somethin's coming, you gotta hold it together, okay? Just until we can get out of danger," she says, flickering her eyes towards not-Tabby. Or maybe True-Tabby - for direction. But in spite of looking for her for direction, there was a sorta… non-trusty cant to her eyes.

"God damn it." Seriously? Daxton's gaze quickly shoots around, taking in the situation and the now pointed out incoming 'something'. He'll super zip in front of Not-Tabs, strangle making eye contact, "You didn't even know the mission goal. You have no authority during this mission. You pull your shit together, Violet's taking care of Kaylee. Focus on finding the missing girl and we all get out. Do you understand?" Barking orders is something he's comfortable with. He wasn't Commander in Unit 23, but he listened and understood the importance of the tone.

Whoever is walking around in Tabitha's uniform doesn't give any further attention to what's going on with Kaylee and Violet once the later has Kaylee up on her shoulder. She was already inside the tower looking both ways down a hallway full of doors. She's floated up off her feet and is about to start flying down to the left when Daxton is in front of her and reading her the riot act. If she were in her usual mind, she'd find the shift in Daxton's attitude to be a positive step. But the woman behind these burning coal eyes is not so thrilled. She meets Daxton's gaze straight on, the dull flames in her eyes growing bright and wild.

"It's clear to me that whoever you three are, you are your creche's Alpha and those two are your support… or maybe comedy relief, I haven't decided." Her voice is soft, low, and deadly calm as her posture straightens to something more regal than Tabitha could pull off before. "The entire existence of this mission, both your unit being sent and my being cast in with no forewarning or knowledge of the goal, is because right now at the Benkai Creche the leadership of all Strands in the Helix Group is being challenged by a pair of newborns. And for reasons only He can fathom, Father is allowing it to play out. This mission is how I will prove that Adam and Eve have no place among the Primes."

Now her voice starts to gain more energy and the air behind her body begins to suggest the form of a double set of wings made not of flesh or feathers, but of vocanic ash. "You will take the doors on the right. I will take the doors on the left. We will find the missing person, and yes we WILL all get home safely. And once that is done, you will learn why it is never a good idea to try and challenge Lilith, Exemplar of the Host." As she says this last part, the surface of her aura erupts in heat and flame like that of a solar flare. The heat isn't enough to cause wounds to anyone who happens to be, for example, standing in front of her, but is more like standing in front of an active pizza oven.

Kaylee's first reaction is to resist Violet's attempt to reign her in. But, there really isn't much a blubbering Kaylee can do against someone like her roommate. When she's picked up, Kaylee initially tries to squirm, but quickly gives up and just cries. But, once she's done rubbing her eyes, she does at least put her glasses back on.

Violet wasn't trying to be too harsh. Arm around the thighs, hand at the back of the head. Perhaps a bit like holding a little child, but it was a firm sort of grip, her jaw tight as she glances around. "We're definitely the comedy relief, Tabs," says Violet. "Ask me later to tell you a joke. You'll laugh," says Violet.

Her voice was as tight as her expression.

The change in tempurature was something that Violet had trouble feeling - a cute little side effect of her powers, so it might be up to Kaylee to kick and scream if it got too hot. But pizza ovens weren't really that bad, regardless.

"You a little better?" she asks Kaylee, noting the glasses. Violet goes right.

Well, lucky for him, Daxton knows pizza ovens. His eyes narrow, as he takes in all that info Not-Tabs just spilled. Any Autobot comments (and trust that there are a ton) are bitten back. She can call them all types of names, Dax doesn't care. He needs to get them all (including Lynzee, who he's never met) out of here before those shadow figures make it. "Yeah….we'll hash this all out when we get home. Lilith." The speedster goes to the right as well, moving faster than anyone else. But he takes the back end of the hallway. "I'll clear these. If anyone finds her, give a holler."

Outwardly calm but silently fuming, the person in Tabitha's skin that calls herself Lilith flies down the left side of the hall while the others go to the right. The solar plasma fades almost completely away from her aura, as does the semi-real image of the four wings behind her. As she flies down her half of the hall she uses her aura to open doors, tearing them out of their frames if they prove to be locked. Each room is flown into and searched by spreading her aura into every nook and cranny. Then she's onto the next one. So far nothing.

In the back of her head she's still trying to figure out how everything went wrong so fast. Not here, she expected this mission to be the biggest shitstorm that Eve could arrange, but with Father. She'd been his favorite, his strong right hand for nearly a decade. And she earned her position. But now that could all be over. And unless she proved herself here…

She stops herself from getting any more mauldlin with a growl and moves on to the next room.

Once she and Violet are in a room apart from everyone else, Kaylee whimpers a little and days, "You can put me down, Violet." Once back on her feet, she rubs at her face a bunch and starts trying to straighten out her clothes and any rumples present. "I'm sorry for freaking out," she says very quietly.

Violet wasn't stopping right away. Through the corridors and otherwise of the dream house, Violet moves, glancing over her shoulder every so often. Part of her liked the chase - the sturm und drang of charging into the lion's den with abandon - but Kaylee was harshing that vibe a bit. Bringing up a boot to kick a door open, she steps through - and pauses a moment.

Kaylee had spoken.

Easily, Violet moves to set her upon her feet - with hands wide - and ready to steady. Or grab again if she starts trying to run for it. Eyes narrow (within her raccoon makeup), and she inclines her head to Kaylee, her focus totes McGoats on her.

"Hey, sorry about that," she apologizes. "But we can share condolences later? There's… something happening, and I don't think anyone knows what's going on - or if we coulda got back the way we came in. Can you like… see… what is happening? Or… look through walls or something in this crazy place?"

Daxton's stepping through the spaces in-between moments, clearing rooms fairly fast. Some of the strange and odd decor is taken in. It's almost….inviting. Like a promise of a restful sleep. It casques the speedster toe stop a moment before he shakes it off and keep looking.

From one room to the next, maybe a bit slower each time, Tabitha/Lilith flies on to continue looking. The obvious comfort and implied restfulness of the rooms starts to get to her more with each door she goes through to the point where she has to pause after leaving the most recent room. To give herself time she shifts her focus to the others and calls down, "Nothing yet. Anything on your end?"

The rooms are all slightly off, unsettling, but at the same time inviting. It very off putting. As Kaylee and Violet step into the next room they're met with a very different sight. In the center of the room is a floating, sleeping tiger. It's breathing deeply, like it's been in a deep sleep for sometime.

Kaylee tucks her hair behind her ears and sighs, nodding to Violet. "I'm … better. I didn't mean to freak out like that, but … things aren't right over here. And I'm super scared of the dark, and there are NO colors over here. Like, not even black or white- just nothing. Everything is flat. It's … well, it was more than I was ready for," she explains, trying to stop her bottom lip from quivering. She rubs her cheek a little, too, her brow furrowing. "Getting slapped didn't help much, either."
Then Violet's asking if she can see anything and Kaylee takes a deep breath and sighs. "I can't see through walls, but …," she trails off. Then, she reaches up and slowly takes her glasses off, her breathing very controlled and even. She blinks her eyes a few times and frowns, taking a step back instinctively. "It's the same …. Everything … we should be careful. Do you feel that? Like … wanting to go to sleep?" she asks.
It's when they step into the next room that Kaylee squeaks and jumps behind Violet in fear. "… there's a tiger!" she comments. Because, you know, stating the obvious is one of her greatest super powers. "… it's just … floating there … there's really NOTHING around it."

"It's not Tabitha," says Violet. "Maybe something from inside here grabbed her, and messed with her head, but that's not her. If it's still in her when we get back, I'ma beat it out of her and get a priest or something," says Violet, taking a step back, bringing up a hand up to brush a lock of her hair out of her eyes. And Violet gives Kaylee a wink. "And I can beat it out of her," says she.

She kinda doubted it, in her heart of hearts. Those auras were /cheating/.

But one shouldn't doubt Vi, regardless. "No. No I don't," says Violet to Kaylee at the sleep question - taking a stutterstep forward towards the door. When the warning of 'tiger' was given, Violet kinda spreads her stance, lifting her chin up towards the floating thing. "It looks asleep, too…" she pauses a moment. "…uh… Lynzee?" she asks the tiger. She didn't really /know/ the girl, but maybe she was a tigerperson? "Is that you?" she asks, stepping closer. "But even if it isn't… do you think it got trapped here? And fell asleep, like you're feeling?"

Daxton keeps poking about, quickly. He's almost made it back around to where the others are.

Tabitha/Lilith finishes looking in the rooms down her side of the hall, then since no one down the other side responded to her earlier call. She reaches the room where Kaylee and Violet have found the floating sleeping tiger and pauses just inside the door. She floats in and then slowly around the sleeping predator. "Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies. Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire?"

Her voice is subdued compared to before as she recites the poem. Then she looks up at the others and lets out a long breath. "All the rooms on my side were empty. Is this who we're looking for?"

The tiger lets out a soft noise, sleepy sounding and peaceful. It hovers, swaying slightly. Almost as if it heard (it's a tiger, it probably did) Lilith's reciting of the poem it shifts. The large cat transforms, slowly, down in size into sleeping Lynzee. Her eyes are still closed and she now has the same content, deep sleep as the tiger did.

Kaylee glowers at Violet's comment about it not being Tabitha and just shakes her head. "Whoever it is, just keep her away from me. Please?" she asks, stepping closer to the sleeping tiger. "From what I've learned about Lynzee, she could turn into cats, so … it MIGHT be her?" Kaylee offers. She frowns a little, completely uncomfortable in a room that's supposed to be all invitational. Kaylee quickly puts her glasses back on, having had enough of the nothing, and hugs herself tight.
That's right about when Tabitha comes sweeping into the room and Kaylee dashes behind Violet, peeking out from around her shoulder as UnTabby recites a poem. She makes a sour face, but then the cat starts to shift and Kaylee eeps again, staying tucked safely behind her bodyguard. "It IS Lynzee!" she announces without moving from the safety of Violet's back.

"Now, my question - is that her power, or is this like faerie magic or something weird like that?" asks Violet. Kaylee confirms she can turn into cats, so she nods her head once, bringing up a hand to kinda pat Kaylee's shoulder when she hugs herself. She was glancing sideways at Tabitha, her lips pursed. As if she had all the answers. She at least had weird poems. Once the form coalesces into…

"…that looks like her?" she says.

Stepping forward, Violet moves to kinda pick up Lynzee with her left hand, reaching out towards her, her eyes glancing up at the corners of the room, before she drops them back down to her.

Daxton steps into the doorway, right after the tiger completely finishes turning back into Lynzee. "You found her? Let's go, let's go! Those shadowy figures are getting closer." He stands there and motions with his hand to hopefully get them moving. "Come on, back to the rope!"

Tabitha/Lilith nods with satisfaction as Lynzee is identified and noted that she's who they're here for. "Good. Let's get her and ourselves out of here. I have business to tend to back at Benkai Creche." Since nothing dangerous happened when Violet puts her hands out by Lynzee's floating form, Tabitha/Lilith drops to the ground and steps over to stand next to Lynzee. She reaches her hands out, one towards Lynzee's head and other to Lynzee's feet, shaping her aura around the floating sleeper. Then she does yet another thing with her aura that the others haven't seen before beyond bursting into flame.

She separates the part of it that's around Lynzee from her aura and it remains in place. A solid shell with thin lines in its surface to allow airflow and handgrips along both sides.

She nods to Daxton's announcement of the approaching hostiles. "Let's not waste any more time, then." She grabs the handholds with aura extentions and starts back out towards the main room and the balcony beyond. "If those hostiles engage us, grab Lynzee's carry shell and get out. I'll hold them off while you exfiltrate."

The group heads out and the black figures are much closer. They are made of the same dark fire as was visible in the crack. They are not in combat range yet, but they have clearly spotted the students and pick up their speed to try to intercept.

Kaylee looks really uncertain again, as Violet leaves her to go help carry Lynzee. But, that's the whole reason she's here, so! Taking a deep breath, Kaylee resolves herself, clenching her fist and straightening her arms out. She turns and heads back out of the room, where she notices the dark flame thingies coming towards them now! Because she has her glasses on, she can actually see them in the distance! "Uh-oh. Um … guys? I think we should hurry." And, as she stands in the doorway, holding it open for everyone else to follow, she takes a deep breath and then disappears. Mostly. Except the effect is probably a great deal MORE effective here, where there isn't as much light for her to diffuse around her body. "Let's go!" Of course, no one can see her waving her arm, but she's doing it all the same!

A glance of her eyes - an inclination of Violet's head towards Kaylee for holding the door, and they were off to the races. Violet starts charging forward, glancing back over her shoulder towards Tabitha - "Hey! Get going, whoever you are again! That's Tabby in there, and you can't let her die!" she calls. But with eyes narrowed, she charges forward regardless, tracing the path that they had first come here in.

Daxton could eb there and back by now. He stops impatiently and waits for what he hopes is everyone to get to the rope. "Go go. Climb." He'll take up the rear.

With the need to keep the aura-crafted capsule from falling apart, Tabitha/Lilith can't move as fast as she'd otherwise prefer. As the group crosses the room to reach the balcony and the rope hanging down from a patch of dark fire in midair, she rolls her eyes. "Of course it can't just be a 'jump through and we're done' kind of thing. That wouldn't be in keeping with the general cock up theme." Yeah, she's back to bitch mode. She sets the capsule with Lynzee inside down on the floor and then puts herself between the rope and the oncoming enemies. "Go on. Get her up the rope. The capsule will collapse in a few minutes, so we don't have all day. I'll be right behind."

The figures are now speeding towards the students. Each of the students can feel a mystic form of attack, slamming into their psyches and hitting them with a spell. It's a sleep spell. Not enough to make them drop, but enough to make them drowsy. Some are affected, some are not as they hurry to get Lynzee through the portal.

Uh-oh! The demons are coming, the demons are coming! And they're making psychic attacks? … but … they flew right past Kaylee! Obfuscation, for the win! Kaylee slows to a halt when the demons fly past her. Now that they're in range …. She takes her glasses off, tucking them into her her shirt. They can't see her, but she can sure see them- the 'holes' that the dark flames produce in her vision are almost just as good as flashing klaxxons announcing their presence. Well, if she can see them, she can probably avoid them. But … if she creates a wall of solid, but clear light, can the demons avoid that? Biting her bottom lip and concentrating, Kaylee puts her hands on the ground and then concentrates, trying to create said wall with some form of density. It's probably not as good as concrete or brick, but it might protect the students if the creatures fly right into it. Or, maybe it would block the psychic attacks! Who knows, but she's gotta try! Even if it's going to run her battery waaaay down.

Reaching the rope, with Lynzee over one shoulder, Violet starts to climb for her very life - ignoring the growing sounds of battle behind her. She had to get out - and get out of the way, so everyone else can retreat, too!

It's hard to tell if anyone is hit with the sleepy zap. But the speedster does stumble, much rarely happens unless something is wrong. "Shit." He's still moving fast, he's just not got the focus he normally does. "I don't see Kaylee! Are you up the rope?" He knows she can go invisible, but missed it actuallyy happening this time. "Keep going Violet!" Lilth…can happily take up the rear if she wants, Daxton isn't going to argue.

Not having any particular defenses in place against magic, Tabitha/Lilith is not at all surprised to have it used against her by the tower's newly arrived defenders. But when the attack form they choose is sleep she just smiles. Not much point in trying to make the sleepless take a nap. When the demons come she lifts up off the ground and once more the semi-solid image of four wings formed of volcanic ash spreads out from her back and her aura lights up with solar flame. Demons are attacked with whips of flaming aura, shot at by disks of force fired from the aura's edge, and impaled on spikes of force that extend from Tabitha/Lilith's aura with barely a blink of her eyes. Once Violet is back through the black flame portal with Lynzee she smiles. Primary mission goal accomplished. Now for the secondary goal. "Shake your asses, you two! I want to see the look on Eve's face and that can't happen until you're both up that rope and out of here!"

The dark fire robed creatures are fit, but like anything fire it's hard to say if they're truly injured. The cloaks are snagged, but is that really damage? The cloth flutters from the movement and the specter looking things start to merge together, taking strength form each other, forming an even more dangerous thing.

The dark fire robed creatures are hit, but like anything fire it's hard to say if they're truly injured. The cloaks are snagged, but is that really damage? The cloth flutters from the movement and the specter looking things start to merge together, taking strength form each other, forming an even more dangerous thing.

Well. If nobody needs her wall, Kaylee doesn't have to keep it up! When Tabitha goes all killer commando on the demons, Kaylee just drops the wall and runs for the rope. Good thing the demons can't see her! She'd be totally wide open for a sleep attack now, what with all the energy she's expended, and emotionally being distraught, and … oh wait, climbing! Kaylee focuses, mewling a little when the creatures start combining together. Following Violet and Daxton up the rope, Kaylee's not as sure of a climber, but fear-induced adrenaline sure helps! As she nears the top, she looks back and calls to Tabitha. "If you're coming, GO! When we get back to the other side, I'll try and put up a barrier to keep these things in!"
GAME: Save complete.

Before Daxton gets to the top and hopefully goes through to the other side of the laundry room he yells back down to Lillith, "Cut the rope when you start up!"And with that he pushes himself though. Vi's in front of him with Lynzee and he heard Kaylee yelling as she climbs. Hopefully they didn't rescue one student to lose another.

Tabitha/Lilith doesn't wait very long once Daxton is up and through and Kaylee is right behind him. She angrily waves at them to go through as they both (both!) stop to give her tactical advice. When she's the only one remaining on this side of the passage, she flies up until she's just below it, then forms her aura into a sphere around both it and herself. The sphere is made solid and detatched to form a barrier around the portal. Then she flies straight up and through, her emotions giddy with the thought of how she's struck down Eve's plans to discredit and humiliate her.

Until she emerges out into the laundry room behind the others.

The funky semi-solid wings are gone, but the burning coal eyes and copper hair with the black streak at the left temple is still there. And there's an expression of sickened awareness on her face as she goes first pale then a bit green. And then she's barfing into a washing machine.

Once back on the other side, Kaylee drops the obfuscation and rushes towards Violet and Lynzee … only to notice that Violet seems to have Lynzee totally in hand, already carrying her towards the medbay.
"I'll get her to medbay, you guys make sure nothing followed us!" Violet calls as she disappears from the laundry room.
So, Kaylee is left there with Daxton and a puking Tabitha. She looks between the two of them, lost for words for a moment. Then, she looks to the crack in the wall with fear for a moment, backing away and raising her hands just in case something comes through.

Daxton's got a hold of the rope and as soon as everyone is accounted for he starts vibrating the rope in his hand. The smell of something burning as his fingers go into the rope, quickly breaking it. The rope slips out of his hand and through the crack. The speedster turns, blue eyes slightly glassy from whatever power hit him. He slowly sinks to the ground, exhausted, "Holy fuck." He frowns, forcing himself to look at each person, making sure there's no outward damage visible. He nods, agreeing with the departing Violet, "We need to….get to med bay…quarantined till they clear us…" The throwing up Lilith gets another look, "…Lilith…Tabitha…?"

Tabitha stands up from being bent over the washing machine, wiping her mouth off on the sleeve of the rescue jacket before stripping it off and tossing it aside. She watches Violet leave with Lynzee then shrugs off the rest of the extra gear she was wearing over her team uniform. Without the jacket and other bits in the way, her neck can be seen to have a glyph like the one on her back wrapped around it like a choker. There are also similar glyphs on the back of both her hands.

Daxton calling two names to get her attention draws her focus away from her hands and over to him. She looks at him and just shrugs. "Both, it seems." She joins Kaylee over by the wall crack and the flame portal inside of it. "We're probably alright, now. Last time I fought these things they weren't big on continuing after they'd already lost. But just in case…" She starts tearing the dryers out of the floor (using those because ripping washing machines out would cause a bit of a flooding issue) and stacks them in front of the cracked wall, being careful not to allow any of them to touch the fire.

Once they're stacked up enough to cover the crack she steps back. "That's the best I can do until I can figure out how to do that solar flare thing again. We should go talk to the Headmistress now."

When Tabitha moves closer to her, Kaylee immediately steps away. Hugging her arms around herself again, her face a mask of upset and a very turbulent cycle of colors are emanating from her skin, blue and red swirling past so quickly that they probably appear as various shades of purple to anybody who looks. Without saying anything to either Daxton or Tabitha, Kaylee turns and walks out of the laundry room, marching quietly towards the medbay.

No no, he's good. Daxton takes a deep breath and pushes himself off the floor. He stands there briefly rubbing his face before he too starts the march towards medical. His poor laundry room, it's never going to be the same.

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