(2016-05-27) Before Ditch Day Begins
Before Ditch Day Begins
Summary: Oliver and Daxton are up early for some morning chatter.
Date: 2016-05-27
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It's early. Dax has been up for some time, but the looks of him. He's covered in workout sweat, currently doing a set of push ups. The speedster is in sweats and a tank which shows off his arms and shoulders nicely, and his dog tags, which are usually hidden (Tucked away) clank against each other as he exercises. This happens at least once a day, usually in the morning. It helps the teen clear his head from any bad dreams or anxieties. He can at least start the day off calm, despite the rest of his Ares Team.

Oliver is also up early, but he hasn't been working out. Oddly enough, he's been walking along the trails, just sort of thinking. Since no one was really out, he had let down his 'form' and was the purple, scaled alien for most of the walk until he got to the field and saw someone was there. There's a quick shift back to 'human Oliver' before he makes his way to the bleachers as if to watch or, more likely, make his presence known to the other.

Daxton's not got super strength, but he does have almost 3 years of hard boot camp training under his belt. He barrels through the push ups, turning his head when he feels someone near, but he doesn't stop. It only takes a moment for the speedster blue eyes to land on Oli and he nods at the other, but continues his push ups till the end of the set. He rolls over onto his back, getting ready to start the crushes. But he takes a moment, "Hey Oliver. No one is usually out at this time. Everyhting ok?"

Daxton's nod is returned and the other is only sort of watched until he's addressed specifically. "Hey, Dax. Yeah, things are fine. Just…wanted to get out and have a walk before things got crazy with Skip Day and everything." Even though neither of them are Seniors, he grins, "You're skipping, right?" Because he's an Ares. It seems to be part of their team mission.

Well, it was kinda Dax's idea. He nods, shifting to get into a better position to start the crunches. "Yeah…I'm gonna head out after my shower." He stretches his arms and then asks, "Aren't you?"

Oliver tilts his head some as Daxton shifts to do the workout but then shakes his head, "Nope. I…Look. I'm not getting into any college unless I get a full-ride scholarship so I sort of need to keep a clean record. A couple of detentions are ok, but…yeah. Do something fun and crazy for me though, ok? And don't come back all hurt or in a coma!" He manages to smile some at that.

Daxton's head tilts, watching Oli as he explains. "I think you're overestimating the drama a skip day will cause. But okay." He's not going to try to force him or anything. A smirk tugs at his lips as he starts the exercise, "Blood and bruises is a measure of the amount of fun had." That sounds like a quote from something.

"Maybe," Oliver shrugs, "But I don't want to risk it, you know? If that's the only thing that stands between me and college…I don't want to work in a coffee shop the rest of my life." He lets that subject fade as he watches the other do crunches, "Why do you do all this? Is it really just to stay healthy?" They -are- kids and mostly have good metabolisms now. But then again, this is coming from a shifter who can look however he wants, trim or not. "I think I'd rather have fun where I'm not bleeding and bruised, thanks…"

Daxton's not going to argue it, Oli sounds like he's got mind mind made up. "It's…" Dax pauses, mid crunch, "comforting. It clears my head." He knows that sounds dumb so he frowns and starts up again. "Healthy's good too." A soft chuckle and Dax shakes his head, not stopping, "Missing out, man."

"I've heard people say that about exercise. I don't get it," Oliver smirks but he continues the conversation as long as it doesn't seem to be bothering the older boy. "Missing out on getting hurt? Naah, I don't think so. I like my skin where it is…and how it is. I mean…not all messed up. Can't you have fun without getting hurt?" Is that a challenge?
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Daxton gives a small shrug, still moving, "Maybe your head doesn't need it." Lucky Oliver. "Haven't…yet." Had fun with out getting hurt, that is. Dax is smirking though, hopefully he's joking?

"My head probably does so much that even exercise won't help," Oliver quips. "Or maybe there just isn't enough up there and if I clear it, there will be nothing left!" He nods as if that's the most likely situation. The grin fades as he looks to Daxton, unsure if he's joking or not, "Seriously? You haven't been able to have fun without getting hurt?"

Daxton pauses again, mid crunch, holding it. He eyes the teen, not quite eye contact, but it's a much more relaxed look than he normally has, "Oliver, I'm not really the fun type. I'm not going out and partying it up every night." Or day. Part of him wishes he could, but that's not in the cards he's been dealt. He then realizes when this conversation is going and shakes his head, "I was joking. I'm not a masochist."

There isn't an immediate answer from Oliver as he considers Daxton's self-description. "Are you having fun now?" is asked as he gestures to encompass the act of working out. "Fun doesn't mean partying. I don't party. I hate camping and hiking and the thought of rock climbing sounds horrible to me. But that's something people love to do. That they have fun doing. Some people have fun reading. Or playing sports. Or partying. There are a lot of different ways to have fun, but to the extreme where you're hurting yourself all the time?" He looks dubious at that. "Well, I'm glad you're joking, but fun is important. Otherwise life just sucks."

Daxton's eyebrow raises, "No?" It's not fun it's…calming. Routine. Normal. He nods, starting up the crunches again, "I know.." Unsure where Oli is going with this, but as long as he's not labeling anything , Dax let's it go.

Oliver just shakes his head, still not understanding why someone would do something if it's not fun or necessary. "You're weird," is offered, but he adds a smile as if it's not such a bad thing. That's the only label he's going to give and it's not really a bad one.

That causes Dax to chuckle, "Says the alien boy. Great." He keeps going, although he's starting to slow. The end is near and the speedster's breathing is getting labored.

"No one said it was a bad thing," Oliver's grin widens, "Besides, we don't know for sure that it's Alien yet." Although he's about 99.999% positive that he is. "Maybe I'm just some crazy mutant?" He leans back some in the bleachers, completely uninspired to join the other for morning exercise. "Do you come out here every day and do this?"

Daxton finally reaches his goal, whatever number that was in his head and lays flat on the grass. "…maybe." Dax isn't a mutant, so he's not sure how that even works. Or is he? He's not sure what he'd be classified as, honestly. His gaze is up a the morning sky and he let's his hand lay on his chest. The rest of his body is still, but his fingers have already started drumming. "Sometimes…the gym. Sometimes in the evening." On bad days he does morning and night.

Oliver lets out a low whistle. "That's dedication. And it helps?" Since he mentioned earlier that it helps clear out his mind. "I guess it's better than watching crappy television with a pint of ice cream or bag of chips." Maybe it does the same as his walk did this morning.

"I haven't snapped yet, so…yeah. It helps." Dax's let's his eyes slide shut, his breathing slowing to a more normal pace. "I don't have…powers like everyone else…time is….weird." He smirks, "I like junk food too…don't get me wrong. A good burger?" He nods, eyes still closed, but a soft smile on his face. Good burgers are good.

Oliver shrugs, "I don't think Tabitha has powers either. She's just really, really good at stuff. I could be wrong." There's a smile though as burgers are mentioned, "I'll take your word for it. It's been a while since I've had a real burger, but there are some veggie burgers that are nice. Or a good, grilled portobello mushroom as a burger. That's good too!"
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Daxton's head pivots towards Oli and he opens his eyes, "Tabs can move things with her aura….and can absorb energy and stuff." That was a bad night. He keeps forgetting Oli's a vegan. opps. "I like portabella burgers too. Those are good." He's not a complete jerk. Not always, anyway.

Oliver ohs, "I thought…well…guess I'm wrong." About Tabitha. "That's cool though. Moving things around. Could really freak someone out around Halloween," he manages a grin again. "I kind of avoid the hot dogs though. Tofu…just doesn't taste as good as a hot dog." He's quiet a moment before he asks, "What are you going to do on the Skip day? So I can live vicariously through you?" He doesn't consider Daxton to be a jerk, but then again, he's also dating Grayson.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "Yeah…tofu dogs sound gross." There'sa long pause and Dax's head swivels back, that was enough almost eye contact. Don't want to push it! "I don't know yet. Stay away from Derek so I don't punch him." Which means staying away from Anna, cause they're attaches at the fresh kiss. "Probably just explore. I work tonight."

"Still mad at Derek for the prom thing or is it something else too? That's a shame, because Anna'a really nice." And he still needs to become a mermaid. It had better be all that and a bag of chips for all he's built it up in his head! "So you're going to skip and then go to work. Awesome!"

The corner of Dax's mouth tugs downward, "No…just preemptive." There's some smarts behind that. He can't be mad and want to punch him if he's not around him. And then life is much easier for everyone. He answers very PC, "I'm glad you like Anna." He snorts, "I don't work till the evening." It's not like he;s skipping to go to work.
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"I don't like her taste in guys. I don't think she should have taken him back after he cheated on her," is offered, but Oliver gives another shrug then. "I can accept a pre-emptive punch. I think you'd mop the floor with him, honestly." The speed alone gives him a huge advantage. "Oh, I got that. I'm just sort of amused that you're skipping school and not work. I dunno. I'm weird, remember?"

Daxton arrived right when that was happening, so he only got parts of it. But he nods in agreement. "Yeah, no one did." The kinda compliment gets a tired smirk, "Unless he started flying." Dax can't fly, although he does have a few tricks he's figured out for dealing with that. "Work pays me. School does not." Simple enough.

Oliver nods at the explantion of work vs. school. "I get that." He sits up some and leans his elbows on his knees, "Well, I want to hear what you guys did today since I'll be in boring class." Although, if too many skip, maybe it won't be too bad? "Just don't do anything -too- exciting without me, ok?"

Daxton frowns and starts to sit up. He should ahem stretched right away, now he's sore. "I don't even know if I'll see anyone else. I'll only do exciting if it comes to me." Hopefully there won't be another kidnapping attempt. Yikes. First he stretches his arms, then his torso, letting out another groan.

Oliver gives a little cough and glances off to the side to give Daxton a little privacy while he stretches. "You're going to explore alone? Not going with Felicia or Rosa or something? She seemed nice, by the way. Rosa. I don't know her

Daxton turns back to looks at Oli. He just said he was going alone. "No? Fel and I aren't attached." Despite being prom royalty together. That's making it even harder to shake. "Rosa is nice. But I doubt she'll skip." And things are weird now. It's better to not be in awkward situations.

'Alone' to Oliver means one friend instead of three or four. "I know you two aren't attached, but you seemed to be good friends with her too. He actually hasn't really heard Felicia mention anyone she was interested in, not that it matters. "Oh. Well, maybe not." He's been warned that he gets too pushy so he's trying. He's really trying. "Well, if…on your adventure today, anything happens and you need backup, call, ok? I can be there pretty fast if I fly…as long as you don't go too far."

Daxton leans forward nd grabs his toes, stretching out his legs. "Fel's good people." In that weird position he glances up at Oliver, "I won't. I'll be fine. But thanks." After a beat, "I'll have my phone on me." Mayeb that will make him feel better?

Apparently it does for Oliver gives a nod. "All right. But really. Give a call if you need anything." He then stands, giving a basic stretch or two of his own before he hops out of the bleachers, "I consider you a friend, Dax, even if you don't see it the same way. I don't want to visit you in MedBay again, ok?"

That's just an uncomfortable thing to hear. But Dax doesn't correct him. Freindship for him isn't that easy. or cut and dry. So the speedster just nods. "I have no plans on being in MedBay again." He hopes.

Oliver is fully aware that his friendship isn't always two-sided. It's a curse…or a blessing. He just decides that people are his friends, whether or not it's mutual. "Good to hear. I don't want to see you in a hospital either, but…I got it." He flicks a wrist to look at his watch, "You getting breakfast? Want company? It's ok if you don't…"

Daxton stands, "I need to shower first. No one wants toy eat next to this." A brief smile is offered and he'll start walking toads the building.

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