(2016-05-25) Escape from Career Day
Escape from Career Day
Summary: It was all talk until the Army dude waved
Date: 2016-05-24
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Tuesday. Day number two of career/college week. This means another hour long assembly where various speakers come in and talk about how wonderful and fun their chosen career or college is. Each speakers gets 15 minutes to speak and when all the speakers are done there is a question and answer part. Fun right? Hell no. Because of the small student body, only the freshman get to skip it, instead they get to suffer through their normal classes. Don't you wish you were a freshman about now?

"Is it just me or have we entered a space where time has just stopped?" Felicia asks in a whisper to whoever is sitting around her. It seems that way to her, "This woman from Harvard has been talking forever." she slumps against the bleacher behind her.

Daxton sighs, "Been there. This is close." Is he kidding? Hard to tell. Dax has been trudging with his leg not bouncing the whole hour. When it starts the entire bleachers rattle and he keeps getting dirty looks.

"Why did they bring someone from Harvard in? Why not just…have her talk to the super-smart people and leave the rest of us be?" Oliver sighs, his chin in his hands as he watches, trying not to listen too hard. This is a world he won't have, so why bother? "I'll be lucky if I can figure out how to afford college much less a fancy one."

In order to keep his sanity, Aidan has his notebook out and open on his lap. Whether he is actually taking notes or not is a different matter. However, at Felicia's comment his attention is brought up and he looks to her. "It could be worse?" He tries to think of a follow up before shaking his head "Nevermind…I got nothing." At Oliver's comment he lofts a brow, looking back to Daxton and Felicia. Who's to say they weren't super smart?! Ok…never mind. His gaze goes back to his notebook as he scribbles something else.

"I don't suppose you have some secret power you have been keeping from us Dax? Like the ability to speed up time or something? Fast forward us through the boring and maybe straight to lunch." Felicia says to Dax, she must be hungry since she suggested lunch and not just to the end of the school day. "Because no one wants to give a speech to a party of one." in a school this small there may not even be someone that is Harvard level smart, though if they are they are probably way to smart for even Harvard. Nope she isn't super smart, never has claimed to be. "Why are we even still here?" she looks toward the only exit and the teachers flanking it like security guards "Oh right." she sighs.

Daxton's attention is divided. He's listening to the students around him. One hand is gripping his leg , trying to keep it still. And finally his gaze keeps darting over to the military personal who are standing off to the side, ready to talk to anyone that approaches. He looks torn, it's familiar, but also kinda terrible that he's even considering talking to them. Like some twisted Stockholm Syndrome. "Yes, Felicia, I've trapped us all here. I'm secretly an evil super villain and my mastermind plan is to bore us all to death." He smirks as he looks over to Fel, "Don't you got any snacks on you?" She usually does. He ignores the comments about smart folks, he knows where he falls, and it's not Harvard.

"Because we're supposed to start getting ready for this stuff even in my year," Oliver sighs. He's only a Sophomore. He already knows what he has to do and he's trying. As Daxton glances over to the Military folk waiting patiently, he asks, "You think they'll bring in anyone from the CIA? I'd like to talk to them, I think. Think you have to go to college for that stuff?" He looks over at Aidan's notebook to see what he's been writing…or drawing…and then gives a sigh. "I get to sit through this two more times…"

It is a beautiful masterpiece of art! Okay actually it's just a caricature depiction of all of their classmates and teachers in an assembly scene like what they were in, except his depiction looks more like a jail break scene from a movie. Was that the A-Team in there? Wishful thinking?

"I got some stuff in my bag…if you want, Daxton?" he looks up at the other student. "Metabolism is a bitch yeah?" he chuckles. "Here…" Lifting his bag he'd offer it out if the boy wanted it. His gaze then focuses back on the Harvard speaker a moment before he goes back to sketching. Some weird robot overlord at a podium wearing a graduation cap.

"Daxton one, Everyone else zero." Felicia tells him as Dax jokingly confirms being an evil mastermind. "I do, but I was saving those for detention." when doesn't she have snacks and drinks on her. "Maybe?" she tells Oliver. "There is probably a list of speakers somewhere." if one has handed out she has tossed it by now. "College sounds like something the CIA would require, though probably any college would do. Except maybe clown college." she gives a shrug as the Harvard lady drones on. She glances at Aidan's picture and points to one of the people on it "Is that supposed to be me?" she asks before she is distracted by his offering of snacks.

Daxton shrugs, "They have to go to college in the movies." That's about all he knows. The speedster looks at Aidan slightly confused a moment before he then looks at Fel, "You hungry?" He then snickers at the idea of him winning some take over the world plot. "I need to grow a mustache to twirl then." Dax then takes a closer look at Aidan's drawing, if he's drawing everyone Dax tries to find himself.

Oliver just gives another sigh at the responses and tries to focus on what the Harvard Lady is saying. It doesn't last too long as Daxton mentions a moustache. "You need a goatee to be truly evil," he points out before also glancing at Aidan's caricatures.

Aidan nods to Felicia and Oliver "Yeah help yourselves too guys." There was enough in the bag to feed a small army. More snacks than books with a diverse selection of both things from the cafeteria and the snack shop. Chips and candy for basic snacking. Mixed nuts and jerky for more fuel based needs. A couple bottles of juice or gatorade, but no sodas. Because ew. As for his caricatures, he didn't know everybody super well so some people just had features exaggerated. As is common for caricatures.

Felicia's was her hair, the waves and volume built around her face as well as her lips colored in. He only had one pen but it was obviously supposed to be her lipstick. One arm was bigger than the other and flexed with muscles as she took down a door for their exit. Daxton has a beanie on and muscles as well, but not as exaggerated. There is a clock above his head and lightning streaks behind him to make it look like he's running. Oliver? Well there was no human caricature that looked like Oliver. However, there was tiger sporting a head of dark hair. The scribbling stops as Aidan realizes everybody is looking now, him blinking and looking between them "Sorry…all in good fun…I'm…not very good."

"When aren't I hungry?" Felicia answers with a question, the answer being never, she always is. It seems pretty standard for those with abilities beyond the norm. Like Aidan said metabolism is a bitch. One of those looks is given Dax, like she hasn't really looked before, but is now, some make call it appraising perhaps "You make be able to pull that look off." she then nods at Oliver "Yeah, totally a goatee, and no hair, totally bald. Nothing says evil like a goatee and baldness." she even manages to say it without cracking up…barely. Grabbing a bag of chips she opens them and takes a few before passing the bag along, she is a sharer. "Better than the stick figures I can do." she says to Aidan as she noms chips "You should totally put a manticore of the other side of the door though. I've always wanted to fight one of those." what a weirdo.

Daxton frowns slightly in amusement, "Why do I look french?" And then an eyebrow raises, at Oli and Fel, "Seriosly?" He'll probably stick to the military cut and canoe the rest of his life, that's waqy easier. He will much on chips when the bag is handed to him.

Oliver grins at the tiger with dark hair…"I like it!" is offered before he takes a couple of the chips once the bag is passed his way. "Thanks," is offered to Aidan before he grins at Daxton. "Well, you were the one who mentioned growing a moustache. We just corrected you."

Aidan tilts his head, looking back at the drawing and nodding. "Manticore. I can do that! But first…" Smirking over to Daxton he adds a little goatee to his image before showing it to him. "If you want an idea of how it'll look first?" It was like looking into a drunkenly drawn mirror! Aidan then groans, looking back to the doors with a frown "Seriously. This assembly is almost making me wish I'd have a flare up. At least it'd get us out of here…"

Felicia hmmms and then shrugs "Maybe. What does french look like?" she maybe picturing a mime with striped shirt and black pants, but who knows. "And apparently mustaches are hot right now." well any facial hair is really, but she is pretty sure that is against school dress code. She snerks at the addition to the Dax drawing and then when Aidan mentions a flare up and getting out of here she looks to the Harvard lady who still have a good five minutes to go before the MIT person takes her place "You think they would believe us if we all said we needed to go to the bathroom?

Are Daxton's cheeks turning pink? He shoves more chips into his mouth and mumbles, "Shut up." He groans softly at the drawing, but can't deny Aidan's got chops. Dax doesn't need/want to be hot. Attention is the last thing on his list of things he needs. Another glance to the military dudes, one catches Dax's eyes and gives him a friendly nod.

This is actually kind of amusing…watching Daxton get all riled up. "Are you saying you don't want girls thinking you're hot?" is asked before Oliver blinks to Felicia and then Aidan. He gives a shrug then and looks at the speaker, "I think that since we're in High School, we're expected to be able to hold our bladders longer. I could turn into a mouse and escape…or freak people out, but…" he's not a fan of detention.

Aidan’s smirk spreads a bit at Daxton's reaction, but his pen quickly goes to the task of drawing the Manticore now and give Dax a break. He starts with the body of the beast, adding detail to that before he'd go into drawing the wings. "If we all just left in protest maybe we could argue the fact this whole assembly made us realize our calling to be activists?"

Felicia bites back her amused laughter, both to keep Dax from getting more embarrased and to keep from getting noticed by any faculty. So far they are up far enough to not get singled out and shushed for their talking during the speeches, and she wants to keep it that way. She thinks Oliver's comment may have been a bit over the line and she elbows him, a warning that maybe that's enough, slight shake of her may accompany that as well. "Or you could turn into an eagle, I can shrink us down and you can fly us all out of here." there is a snerk at Aidan's suggestion "We would need signs."

Daxton pointedly ignores Oliver. He's not even going to get into it. Instead he reaches down and grabs a package of jerky form Aidan's bag. He'll drown his embarrassment in snacks. The military guy that nodded to him earlier is now watching Dax and the group with more interest.

"Ow…" is muttered as he's elbowed, but it gets him to notice Felicia's head shake. "Sorry," is offered quietly, whether to Daxton or Flicia, it's hard to say. "What are we protesting though? I mean…this stuff -is- kind of important, but I think some of the schools that they brought in just aren't appropriate for at least half the student population." Harvard? MIT? Oliver will be lucky if he can attend a local, state school. "If i turn into an eagle, then they'll -really- know it's me."

Aidan keeps his focus on his drawing, but speaks back to Felicia. "Well…I've got the pen and paper. If we get desperate enough." Alright. Manticore done! Now to add a few more opposition at the doors. Biting his lip in thought, his pen taps his notebook a moment as he looks around for inspiration. Military dudes. Perfect! Maybe make a couple cyborgs even! His gaze goes to the group of military men by the door, Aidan's pen starting to sketch a bit before he notices the one staring. "Shit…" Caught! His gaze snaps back down to his notebook quickly and he starts scribbling quickly.

Chips make a person thirsty so Felicia pulls out a couple of Monsters, handing one to Dax pretty much automatically. "The boredom of it Oliver. This kinda torture should be considered cruel and unsual punishment" she give a look to Oliver, "Well then doesn't that mean that it is important for the other half?" she asks of Oliver, since he mentioned it. She ocassionally glances at the drawing Aidan is doing, and gives a nod of approval at the manticore, though his swearing has her looking around to see what caused it and then she notices the Camo brigade watching them. And what does Felicia do? She smiles and waves of course.

Daxton's attention is fixed on the jerky as he picks a piece to eat. The Monster is taken with a nod of thanks, although his head snaps up at Aidan's curse. "What?" From Aidan he looks to Oli and then Fel, and then his gaze follows her wave to the army guy. The man is in his early 20's and seems just as bored with the Harvard lady. He smiles back. He points at the group and then makes a talking motion with his hand. and then holds up his hand indicating 5. Dax's expression is hard to read, instead of responding his gaze drops immediately to the jerky in his hand and he doesn't move.

Oliver also looks over at Aidan's outburst and Felicia's wave. He doesn't see the issue that they're noticed…just that it'll probably mean trouble. "Sure, it's important to the other half, but why does our half have to sit through it too?" He looks back to the army guy before whispering, "Is he saying that she'll be done in 5 minutes?"

"Sorry…" Aidan says at Daxton's inquiry. "One of the army guys saw me staring at them." He finishes a few military cyborg drawings before looking to Oliver and lofting a brow at his comment. He had missed the hand motion. "What?" He then notices Daxton's posture "Hey man…you ok?" He looks back over to the military guy. What the hell had he missed?

Felicia is glancing between Dax and the military guys. She knows the issue even if the other ones don't. "He is either saying he is speaking in five minutes or wants to talk to us specifically in five minutes." she isn't sure which, but is hoping it is the first. She doesn't want to speak to any military guys and it is obvious that Dax doesn't want to either. "You want to bail?" she asks of Dax "We can cause a distraction, give you a chance to zip away." or any number of other things to get all four of them out of there.

Daxton knows that the others, well….not Fel, don't want detention. "No…I can get out. You don't need to." He licks his lips, eyes going to the woman speaker who should be wrapping up soon. "I'm fine, Aidan, thanks." He doesn't particularly look fine, but he tears off a piece of the jerky and starts chewing it. There's no eye contact from Dax to anyone now, but the army guy keeps watching the group. His smile has faded into something akin to confusion and then worry.

Oliver looks between Felicia, Daxton, Aidan, and the Army guy. He may be oblivious at times and he may have pushed Daxton into going to Prom, but this feels different. "Sure, Dax…we can create a distraction. You just give the word, ok? I think a bear may need to hang out on the bleachers for a bit. Or a monkey. An orangutan. That'll be hard to catch…"

Aidan looks between the group again, focusing on Dax. It wasn't hard to tell the guy was upset about something. Right…time for action. Damnit. "Felicia…give me your Monster…" He doesn't explain, but does look to Oliver. "No. I've got a plan. Hopefully it will get us the distraction we need…without anybody getting in trouble." Too much anyways. If so? Eh sure why not. He didn't seem too worried about it.

Dax gets one of those 'are you sure' looks from Felicia. She's willing to pretty much do anything to help her freinds out. And she doesn't buy the fine either, but Oliver is talking about shifting into animals so that pulls her away so she doesn't call him on it, not that she was going to really. "Oh, a monkey! Who doens't love monkeys." she grins at that idea. Aidan's request has her pulling her can of Monster to her chest protectively a bit "What kind of abuse are you going to heap on my drink?" she asks but then hands it over. It's a small sacrifice to make if it gets them out of this boring assembly. Just in time too as the Harvard lady is coming to the end of her pitch.

Daxton's got a mouth full of jerky and is trying very hard to not start bouncing his leg again. He chews and then swallows, "It's okay guys." The jerky wrapper is rather interesting, "I'm okay." Is he convincing them or himself? His head turns slightly, so his peripheral can catching Oliver and Aidan. The less attention drawn is better, what are they doing?

Poor Army guy is now doing ahold motion, a 'wait' hand signal. He can see there's something wrong.

"Just say the word, Daxton," Oliver offers in solidarity with the other students. He'll risk getting in trouble since this does seem to be important. He's wearing his school uniform, but there's a reason why his aren't made out of cotton. "I don't mind. I really don't. I bet most of the school will even be thrilled…"

"Trust me…" Aidan says with a sigh, "No abuse to your drink." Just his intestines! Taking the drink he gives a nod of thanks before tilting the can back and downing it in a solid gulping motion. He hands the empty can back to Felicia with a grimace "Ugh…I hate soda." Before looking over to Daxton "Just get my bag back later to me yeah? I got my smokes in there…"

It doesn't take long for the Monster to take effect. Aidan stands up quickly in his seat "Scuse' me!" Pushing his way past the other seated students on their row he'd work to get to the floor level as fast as possible, all the while a hand going to his stomach. "Scuuuuuse' me!" A small hiccup sounds as his cheeks puff out a moment…and then return to normal. He bangs a hand on his chest "Almost there…" he mutters to himself with another grimace as he makes his way across the floor, hoping to have as much attention on him as possible now.

Okay or not Daxton clearly doesn't want a scene and Felicia is about to take her Monster back "Forget it Aidan." but to late he is downing the drink. Well that's confusing, she isn't sure how drinking it is gonna help. She's thinking maybe he decided to not do anything and just wanted to bogart her energy drink. "What do you think he…" she starts to ask but then Aidan is bolting up and fleeing and she looks to Dax in confusion "What's happening?" it does work though, all eyes are on Aidan and his interruption.

Damn it. Why doesn't anyone ever listen to him? "What the hell?" Aidan's acting like he's in pain, is he allergic? Dax pauses a long second and shakes his head, "Damn it." And he grabs Aidan's bag, ready to bolt.

The Army man's attention, and almost everyone else's in the room turns to Aidan.

A few of the teachers do try and stop him, thinking that he's just trying to get out of the assembly or pulling the 'bathroom' card. However, the school was familiar enough with his power set…and his flare ups. This wasn't unordinary attention for him. It just wasn't always pleasant attention.

The teachers would recognize the sign too late, but luckily Aidan had stepped away from them and turned so he was aiming away from anybody else. Then, it happens. His mouth opens…head tilts back…and he burps. With that burp comes a stream of flame that extends a good few feet ahead of him. Aidan then coughs, hitting his fist against his chest lightly again for one more light burp…a puff of smoke in that one as he groans. He turns back to the teachers with a grimace "Sorry…"

Felicia could totally answer that question if it were asked outloud. The listening one. The what the hell one, well that is pretty clear when Aidan lets out his burp. She is dividing her attention betwee Dax and Aidan. Dax in case she has to make a grab for a quick get away and Aidan to see what he is up to. The teen titan lip curls in disgust at the firey bodily expulsion. "Gross."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Well, as annoyed as Dax is, he's not going to not use the distraction. Thankfully enough students have turned and are moving an the bleachers that when he takes off, the vibrations from his sudden movement just blend in with everyone else's. He's got Aidan's backpack, and it's put to Fel to grab ahold if that's what she's wanting. He zips around the back of the teachers that are moving forward to help Aidan to the exit doors.

Aidan waves off any concerns and avoids any disapproving glares, "I'm ok." Holding a thumbs up to those gathered his gaze briefly returns to the bleachers…seeing that the mission was accomplished. He looks back to the speaker "Carry on. I'm just gonna…go get some. Water." Clearing his throat he'd head for the exit himself, avoiding looking at the army guys if he can help it.

That would be Felicia and Oliver. She isn't going to leave alien boy all alone in the assembly to answer faculty questions or possibly take the fall for any of this. So she grabs both Dax and him, shrinking herself and Oliver down and clinging to both until Dax stops, where ever that turns out to be.

Daxton's doesn't stop till he's outside the school. It's much easier to ditch where the teachers aren't. Unfortunatly, once he stops running that doesn't mean he stops shaking. He's unsure if Fel actually grabbed him or not, so he doesn't swear out loud just yet. Although his hand does reach to touch something around his neck.

Jumping through points in time hasn't gotten old yet for Felicia and she is grinning ear to ear appearing beside Dax as she upsizes. That quickly fades as his shaking is noticed, she isn't sure if it his his normal post speedy vibration, brought on by the presence of the Army guys or a combination of both. Either way she gives him a few moments before saying anything. She does glance once or twice toward the tunnel in case they were somehow followed. "Damn." she says, "I tried to stop him." not hard and to late, but she tried.

There she is. Dax's inhales and holds it, trying to calm down. "Yeah….I know." His dog tags are touched through his shirt before he drops his hand, "He knew what I was." That sounds creepy.

Felicia continues to look between the tunnel and Dax, as if she were expecting either faculty or the army guys to come through at any second. Her attention focuses on him though at his seeming confidence in that statement. It is a bit creepy yeah and it has her thinking back on the whole situation "Are you sure? Did you recognize him?" now she is a bit worried. Maybe it doesn't occur to her that the Army guy could have just saw a group of teens that had no interest in Harvard and thought he could use that to his advantage.

Daxton frowns, his hand rising again now to rub the back of his neck almost nervously. "No…he had a look." Paranoid? Maybe. Wrong? Maybe. But Daxton isn't taking any chances. He's still vibrating, and he glances towards the tunnel as well. He then groans, placing his face into his hands, "I don't know…maybe it was nothing?" Now he feels paranoid and foolish.

She isn't sure what exactly that means but Felicia nods. "Hey, aren't we always told to trust our instincts?" she certainly remembers hearing that ad nasuem in training and various other classes they have had that pertain to dealing with dicey situations and the use of thier abilities. "I'll trust your instincts over the off chance that the army dude was harmless."

Daxton's still frowning, but he nods. "I know that it wasn't actually the army, but…" His cheek puff out, "I hate it, I feel comfortable with it and terrified at the same time. How fucked up is that?" Mayeb that's why he's got so upset? The speedster starts pacing.

"They are the reason you are.." Felicia lets the statement fade and just gestures to him, she will assume he can figure out what she is getting at. "In a way at least." she nods in understanding, she gets it, sorta how she feels about cars, but doesn't mention that. "Probably less fucked up than you think." that she does offer. She watches the speedster pace "Could part of it be conditioning?" she asks, even of it is a question she may regret in a few moments.

Daxton grimaces, he knows what she's getting at and nods. Sorta. He chuckles self deprecating like, "Yeah. I thought…maybe I'd do that instead of college. I know I can get in there, at least." He pinches the bridge of his nose, "Shit…I don't know. Why would they want me afraid of the Army?" The whole set up was based on Army stuff.

That is a bit surprising to hear from the speedster. "You have a better chance of getting into college than I do." but she never once thought of the military. She has always planned on the hero route even if she doesn't have that much experience in it. "I mean the comfortable part. Maybe they conditioned you find it a comfortable option, so you would go back. But that really doesn't make sense either now that I think about it."

The speedster sighs again, biting his lip and looking towards the tunnel, "I don't know that I'll make it in a college. I'm barely holding it together here." Dax just kinda has a miserable look to him now, "Maybe i should go talk to them. get it over with."

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