(2016-05-22) Avoiding a Lack of Family
Avoiding a Lack of Family
Summary: Workers and Wanderers out for the night
Date: 2016-05-22
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Last week she was being skinned alive by doctors in order to be healed. Yesterday she was helping her orphanage caretaker to regaile graduating heroes about the ways they could help protect the world by taking jobs in private security. And today she came into town for the first time in weeks. She's been wandering around, getting used to the occasional stares and muttered comments her new appearance causes. But to be honest, bald with an eyepatch is easy compared to the old burns, so it mostly just washes off her back. And now she's in line at Mug Shot to get her usual hot chocolate. Her headphones are on, playing master tracks from the last band rehersal. She's got some catching up to do before June tenth.

The speedster is in a corner booth, leg pulled up and sipping in a triple latte mocha marcopolochini as his other foot taps. He's wearing he Lighthouse Pizza t-shirt, either still on the clock, or just off. Daxton plays on his phone, eyebrows draw together at something he's reading.

Oliver chose to work as much as he could this weekend — as it was Prom and Alumni/Parent weekend, he didn't really want to be among all the parents and families. This weekend was hard last year, but that was before he had the job. So, coffee it's been all weekend. And tea. And cocoa. And chai. All sorts of coffee shop goodies.

He seems to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt as well as a knit beanie on his head to cover his hair for health code's sake. He's currently clearing dishes and wiping down tables when he catches sight of Daxton and the coffee. "You sure that's enough for you?" is offered before he looks over and sees someone at the register. "Be right with you!" Maybe they're a little short-staffed this weekend.

Grayson walks into the coffee shop, looking around. He sighs, fidgeting a bit with his Lighthouse Pizza money folio in his hand. He comes here after work to count his tips. He sees there's a line, so he skips it, instead moving to grab a seat. He notices Daxton, and he tosses a headnod wave to him, "Hey Taps," he says. He flops onto a chair and opens his folio, pulling out all the wadded up cash and starting to straighten it out.

Tabitha makes it up to the counter after a few moments, then smiles to Oliver when he comes over to take her order. "Biggest hot chocolate allowed by law, please." She smiles at Oliver, making sure to put a tip in the jar after paying. She steps over to wait for her order. "You're Oliver, right? Keeping away from all the 'joy' back home this weekend?"

Daxton glances up from his phone, blinking first at Oli, "For now." Caffine is the speedster's friend. Another sip and the prom prince's head tilts towards Grayson, "Hey." Well, that could be much, much worse. He'll take it. His phone vibrates in his hand and he glances back down.

Oliver grins at the order and grabs the biggest mug they have, "Here or to go? And do you want whipped cream?" He doesn't make the drinks himself as he doesn't have that training yet. He looks up after punching the order into the register and blinks, "That's me. Do we know each other?" He would certainly remember someone with her distinctive look. "Uhm…yeah. I don't really do the family thing."

A wave is given to Grayson when he comes into the shop and he goes to have another drink prepared.

Grayson looks at his wrinkled pile of cash and he sighs. He picks it all up, and he walks over to Daxton's table. Without asking, he sits down. "Your tips suck ass any fucking less than mine tonight?" he asks, with a thick layer of bitterness.

"For here, please. No whip." Tabitha shrugs when asked if they know each other. "Not really, but I've seen you around school. And yeah, it can be a bit much." She takes her hot chocolate when it's brought up, the mug actuall a measurable fraction of her own height. "My orphanage caretaker came by to do a career presentation yesterday, but he's back home today so I'm wandering town to avoid the 'family moments'." She takes a drink of the steaming drink and smiles.

"And your name is?" Oliver asks with a grin. When the secwond drink is ready, he actually moves from behind the counter, "Your…" he starts but then nods. "My Social Worker promises to come out, but she's been too busy." He shrugs, as if that's explanation enough. "How's the cocoa?" is asked before he moves towards Grayson and Daxton with the drink. "Come on over and have a seat."

The drink is, of course, one he remembered Grayson ordering before.

Daxton quickly turns his phone off and sets it down. The fellow pizzeria worker gets a empathetic nod, "Yeah…today wasn't the best. Guess tipping isn't high on parents visiting list." Dax had a lot of hotel deliveries. One he'd rather forget (whitey tightens can blind a teen). his cheeks puff out, rubbing the back of his neck before chugging more of the coffee.

Grayson nods at Daxton, and he starts counting the dollars. Not looking at him, he mutters, "I didn't want to be at school this weekend, either, bro." He sighs, and just focusing on turning the bills the same way and seeing how many - how few - there are.

Tabitha blushes hard as Oliver points out that she hasn't introduced herself yet. "Gah, I'm sorry. I have no brain today." She follows him over as he heads towards Grayson and Daxton, a pair she hadn't noticed were here until just now. "I'm Tabitha Jones. Athena." She nods her understanding about his social worker. "They always have too much work, don't they? And the cocoa is great." When she's close enough for conversation she watches Daxton chug his coffee and shakes her head sadly. "Don't you know that too much caffine will stunt your growth?"

Daxton huffs again, he had to deal with all the Prom crap on fri, so he lost out on that night's work, but winning got him a gift card, so financially he's okay. Emotionally, gah, they made him wear a crown. "Next week will be better." His nose wrinkles and he then very maturely sticks his tongue out at Tabitha, "Right. I'd had to be two feet taller than you."

Oliver looks between Tabitha and Daxton at their banter as he approaches the table with her. "Oh! You guys know each other! Awesome!" he grins and sets the mug down in front of Grayson, "If you wanted something to drink," is offered with another smile. He probably shouldn't sit, but he'll hover around the table until he's needed.

Grayson smiles at Oliver and thanks him for the tea, "Thanks, babe." He winks, and then lifts the mug to his mouth, smelling it, and then taking a sip. "Tips SUCKED tonight, Ollie." He sighs, sitting the mug down. "Who's the Prometheus?" he asks, about Tabitha.

Tabitha sits at the next table over from Daxton and Grayson and nods to Oliver. "Yeah, Dax tolerates me most of the time." Then she returns the stuck out tongue to Daxton over her mug. "Hey, I'm a growing girl. Three inches so far since the operation." Grayson gets a smirk and an eyeroll. "Oh, sure… lose your hair and they forget all about you. Prometheus, indeed ya great wet grump." She says this last affectionately then drinks more cocoa.

Daxton smirks taking another long sip, "Well see in a few years." His phone vibrates again and eh picks it up to look, frowning down at the screen before setting it back down on the table face down.

"Operation?" Oliver looks from Tabitha to the others. Oh. That might explain things. "And you grew? Are you supposed to grow? I'm glad you're all right though," is offered before he smiles back at Grayson. "No problem. I thought it might help your mood some," as he noticed it wasn't great when the other walked in. A glance is given to Daxton's phone, "Everything ok?" is asked before he's called back to the counter. "Ugh. Work calls. Let me know if you want refills." There's a sigh before he makes his way back to run food and drinks.

Grayson watches Oliver go. He stares after him a long moment, a bit of a dumb smile washing across his face. Then he seems to snap from it, and he looks back at Tabitha. He furrows his brow a little, "Are you doing something different with your hair?" he asks, a bit of dry sarcasm there. He folds the money up and he shoves it into his pocket. "I should probably get heading back to school. I still haven't finished that stupid paper on The Scarlet Letter." He rolls his eyes, "LAME." With that, he stands, gathering up his things to go.

Tabitha shrugs to Oliver's question, "Stuff happened. Docs fixed me, but some parts were left on the cutting room floor." The eyebrow ridge over her eyepatch waggles a bit. Grayson gets a smirk at his dry humor, then she smiles to him as he gets ready to head out. "Take care, Grayson. Hopefully the tips pick up as schools start to let out." Daxton gets a look from him to his phone and back. She takes a wild guess, "Unknown number again?"

Daxton's eyes flicker between Gray and Oli, feeling a little better. He finishes off his coffee, his leg bouncing a little faster. The speedster offers, "She was a whore, but not." There, paper done. His phone , and the question about it ignored. Blue eyes watch as Oli and then Gray leaving before he looks over to tab and then his phone, "No…it's Facebook." He sounds…unsure.

Tabitha gives Grayson a small wave as he heads out, then slides over and claims the chair at Daxton's table that the water-wizard vacated. She gives his face down phone a skeptical look. "Facebook? Didn't know you were on there." She'd say something about sending a friend request except she avoids it like the Spanish Flu. Her cocoa is nursed as she enjoys the mug's remaining heat.

Daxton's jaw works itself, "I'm not on it a lot." There's a long pause as he looks around the shop before he admits, "I found my brother and sister….on Facebook." His voice and face are hard to read, he's purposefully keeping them calm. No eye contact is had, although his leg starts bouncing again.

Tabitha seems to not pick up the point of Daxton's remark right away, but then the penny drops. "Ah. I see." She is quiet along with him for a while, drinking more cocoa before she speaks up again. "Have you contacted them, or are you just peeking over the fence so to speak?" She could understand both approaches in theory, but knows which one she's more likely to do.

Daxton's cheek go pink and his eyes drop. Now he just feels like a coward, "I have it set to notify me when they post….I don't know if….I should." The back of his phone case, a solid blue, nothing fancy, is eyed. He swallows, "They seem happy…ajusted."

Tabitha nods her understanding of the prediciment. "For what it's worth, I think you should contact them. But don't think you have to be in a rush." She finishes her cocoa and looks over at Daxton's phone. "And remember… the face people show online isn't the whole story. Just because they seem happy, doesn't mean that they'd be happier not hearing from you."

Daxton nods, he gets that, he does. It's just hard to imagine himself placed back in a family. Accpted, not while he's like this. "Yeah…it's nice to know they're ok, is all I meant. I didn't want me disappearing to fuck them up, ya know?" His empty cup is picked up and turned in his hand, maybe it's the topic of conversation, or maybe it's the caffeine, either way the speedster is starting to bounce.

Tabitha offers Daxton a smile and reaches over to give his hand a squeeze. "I hear ya. If I were a shrink, I think I'd call it a good first step." She slides her chair out and picks up her mug to take back to the counter. Noting the bouncing leg she comments. "You look like you could use a run. Blow off a night of bad tippers and family confusion."

Daxton's gaze settles on her hand on his and he then sighs, his free hand reaching up to rub his face, "Yeah…might clear my head." He's start to stand, "I'm just glad this weekend is over with."

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