(2016-05-20) Promless Night
Promless Night
Summary: Prometheus plays host to some of those bypassing prom
Date: 2016-05-20
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Scene Runner: NA

So, school's been over for a good hour, and most of the population of Coral Springs high school is either getting ready for prom, helping people get ready for prom, or wishing they were getting ready for prom. Kaylee Blake, however, is doing none of those things. She's just now coming out from the lift, her backpack slung over one shoulder, looking quite perturbed, which is definitely unnatural for the young blonde. Her brow is furrowed and her lips pursed, and instead of heading for the Prometheus dorms, she is marching- quite determinedly- towards the Ares dorms. She is apparently on a mission.

Not getting ready for prom, Vinny steps out of the Ares dorms, looking a little relaxed. He pauses as he spots Kaylee, offering her a nod and a smile, but not otherwise saying anything for now.

Tabitha is also none of the above, but this is mostly because she's only recently 'escaped' from the medbay after a week's incarceration in the ICU. Her cunning plan to return to her dorm without running into anyone was a spectacular failure, but she managed to get her first shower in a week (BLISS!!!) and a change of clothes before heading back out to the hub just to have breathing room. She's sitting on one of the benches circling the hub in a red backless halter top and black long cotton skirt, fiddling with her double neck guitar. Because she has none of the scars that used to cover fourty percent of her body, and is also completely bald with an eyepatch on her left eye, pretty much everyone going by has failed to recognize her. This is fine with her as she's still getting used to being around people again.

As Kaylee stalks towards the Ares dorm, she passes by Tabitha and stops. She blinks a little, turning to face the other girl, and then pulls her glasses out of her pocket and slides them on. "Tabitha?!" she asks in shock and surprise. When she determines that yes, it is indeed Tabitha, her frown immediately disappears into a big grin and she throws her arms out, prepared to hug the other girl into oblivion. "TABBY!" she calls out joyously.

Vinny pauses a bit as he sees Kaylee changing course, blinking a little. "Huh…" he mutters to himself, before he offers a smile. "Looks like someone just turned quite happy…" he remarks.

Tabitha looks up as her name is said, not seeing Kaylee at first because of concentrating on trying out the 'new' fingers to make sure she can still play well with them. Then there's the stop, and the double take, and then she's got a Kaylee-shaped missile homing in on her! She shifts the guitar out of the way just in time to catch Kaylee in a hug, but shifting so that the other girl's arms don't go lower than her shoulders. She's still got a large bandage taped to her back and there's no point in tempting fate. She grins over at Vinny as she's hugging Kaylee, "Yeah, seems so. Just glad I could help?"

Kaylee was just about to snugglepounce Tabitha, but her brain reminds her at the last second that the girl just got out of ICU, so Kaylee stops up just short of impact. Instead of a bone-crushing (as if Kaylee could ever effect such a thing) hug, Tabitha gets very affectionate rubs on her shoulders where it looks safe as Kaylee grimaces a little. "Sorry … I almost forgot you were hurt. How are you out?! Are you all better? I'm so happy to see you better!" she says, Vinny summarily ignored while she investigates the well-being of her friend.

Vinny smiles as he hears that, nodding a litte. "That is always good," he offers, with a smile to both of the girls now. Staying a bit back to let the two have their reunion instead.

Tabitha stands up after shifting the double neck around so that it's hanging on her right side, then loops her left arm up and across Kaylee's shoulders. It's still a bit of a reach, but not quite as much of one now as it would've been a few days ago. "They let me out a couple hours ago. I'm not really hurt any more, they just put a ward around the glyphs on my back to keep it from expanding unsupervised. That's what's under the bandage." Then she reaches up and messess with her eye patch a bit before shrugging. "And this, but it should be finished regrowing by tomorrow." The kind of things you hear in a place like this, yeah? She gives Vinny a sidelong grin.

Kaylee accepts the hug, but then pulls back, a little confused. "Wait … are you … taller?" she asks Tabitha, blinking. And then she becomes aware of the other person in their presence. She grimaces a little, slightly embarassed for having gushed at Tabitha and completely ignored the boy, so she offers him a sheepish wave and a smile. But, Tabitha retains the lion's share of her attention, as she turns back to the girl. "Oh! And I SO have to talk to you about that thing I talked to you about last night. Because it totally sucks and we have to do something about it."

"It's good to hear that you are doing better," Vinny offers to Tabitha, along with a momentary smile, before he offers a half-wave and a smile in return to Kaylee as well. Not sure of what else to say, he simply offers a smile to both of the girls for now.

Tabitha shrugs a bit at Kaylee's question about her height. "I haven't actually measured, but I think I might be?" She grins at Vinny after thatn, "Thanks, Vin. I'm guessing that the Ares dorm is about as insane as ours is today? Has your sister been driven you nuts with her prom prep yet?" Then Kaylee is talking about the thing that is bad and she's reaching back through slightly morphine-hazed memories until she remembers. "Ah, yes. Well I'm available to help, but did you talk to the ones I mentioned?" Cryptic, no?

Kaylee nods adamantly and then exclaims, "THEY GAVE ME DETENTION!" Because that is, apparently, the end of the world! "And they said just wait and they'd handle it. Can you believe that?! Just WAIT? And this whole time, Lynzee is-." Kaylee stops herself suddenly and glowers, looking around. "Well … that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Would you … well, are you going to prom? Or could you maybe come talk about it?"

"Everyone's getting detentions these days," Vinny remarks, briefly, before he offers a grin to Tabitha. "I've been doing my best to hide from all that," he offers with a brief grin, before he looks between the others again.

Tabitha nods at Vinny's remark, "It does seem that way, yeah?" She can't help but smile fondly at Kaylee's indignation at her receipt of detention, giving her friend another squeeze and keeps her voice down. "Just playing devil's advocate here, but consider it from staff's viewpoint. Some heavy demonic magic not only got into the school but caused a student to vanish. They seal off the room, but students with no talent with or knowledge of magic go poking around, potentially ending up vanished themselves…" She trails off at that point, certain that Kaylee will understand what she's saying even if she doesn't like or agree with it.

Then she sighs and shrugs, "But despite lacking any real understanding of magic myself, I'm not backing out of helping. And since I'm not going to prom, yeah I'm available to talk about it."

"They should have been proud that I found out what was going on and nobody got hurt!" Kaylee responds, obviously incapable of understanding why anyone would want to punish her. She is, after all, the baby, and cute, and sweet, and … lots of things that got her out of trouble at home but will have little affect on school discipline! She sighs and shakes her head, drooping a little. "I just … I can't believe I got detention. My parents would be so mad," she admits. But, the more important task at hand has her straightening back up rather quickly. "But yeah … if you don't mind, I really wanna talk about it. … well … I mean, mostly we need to figure out who we should ask to come with."

"Then don't tell them you got the detention?" Vinny asks a bit lightly, before he sighs. "I should get going. Got a few things I need to take care of now. See you two later." And off he goes.

The lift doors open and Alison walks out into the Hub. She's got an apple that she's munching on, and she heads towards the gathering that's assembled here. "Hey, guys," she says with a wave. "What's up for the prom-less? Are we going to do movies tonight?"

Tabitha just shakes her head fondly at Kaylee's temper. She'd try to do more to dissipate it, but she's not running on a full tank just yet. "Well, someone who knows magic would be an obvious first requirement. But beyond that, I don't know." She is standing next to Kaylee, her left arm draped over the other girl's shoulders and a double neck guitar hanging from her right side. The two of them are talking with Vinny nearby. Obviously Tabitha is out of the medbay now, most likely with the doctor's permission. All of the scars that used to cover half her body are now gone, as is all of her hair and her left eye. The eye is covered with an eyepatch and there is a large bandage covering most of her back. Sick of hospital gowns, she's wearing a red backless halter top and black cotton skirt.

When Alison comes out of the elevator Tabitha gives her a quick wave and a shrug. "Don't know. I just got cleaned up after my prison break."

Jacob is just approaching at around that time, whistling softly as he gets a better look at Tabitha. "I like you in orange, though," he offers, along with a little grin. Alison's question gets a glance and a shrug. "I'm up for it if you guys are."

"Well … who do we have that can do that?" Kaylee asks. She opens her mouth and is about to say more when more people start filtering in to the hub. She closes her mouth and glowers a little, then shakes her head. "We'll have to talk later. I don't want to wait more than maybe a couple of days, though. She's waiting for us!" Kaylee says, obviously concerned. But, then Alison and Jacob are approaching and she puts her happy face back on. "Why don't we just put on our own dance down here? Doesn't anybody have a decent stereo? I mean, there's no reason the upper classmen should have all the fun," she offers.

Alison goes over to Tabitha, looking concerned and relieved. "Hey. Are you okay, Tabitha? You look way better, though, than back in the MedBay." Kayee and Jacob also gets greeting waves. "Well…" she says as the debate between movies and dancing pops up. "I've got an iTunes accont with a bunch of movies and music on my laptop. And a small Bluetooth speaker brick. but I don't know if that's going to be loud enough."

Tabitha shrugs at Kaylee's question about who they know. "Not sure. I can ask the one person I know that's some kind of mystic. Been a while since I've seen him, though." Then others are coming up and the conversation slips towards more mundane topics. She gives Kaylee a quick nod about the prefered time frame, then listens to ideas about what to do while the upper levels are devoted to upperclassmen prancing about. "Well there's a good size entertainment system in the Athena rec room we could use. It's not the Ares dorm home theatre, but it's not nothing, either." She sighs about the idea of having an impromptu dance of their own. "I've got /maybe/ two slow dances in me, and my head banging meter is sadly pegged at zero until after I get this thing on my back dealt with."

Jacob glances around as the others exchange suggestions, hands clasped behind his back. "I've got some stuff myself, but nothing fancy— more just a backup in case anything gets busted. And yeah, Tab, can't blame you for that— you've been through a lot this week. What about tomorrow night?"

Awwww! Tabitha's predicament earns a frown and pout from Kaylee, and she carefully hugs the girl again. "Sorry, I didn't think about that. We can always hang out in Prometheus! We've got plenty of chairs and couches, and I could definitely find snacks for everybody and stuff!" Kaylee offers. "Plus, we've got a couple screens, so if people wanted to game or something, they could, while others watch a movie. Ooo! We have Rock Band!"

"Tomorrow night would be cool," Alison chimes in. "And it would give us time to get some more folks involved. Cause right now, only Tabitha would have a slow dance partner." Alison smiles wryly when noting that once again, Jacob is surrounded by girls. "Let me grab my MacBook," she adds before running off to the Athena dorms. A few moments later, she returns with the sliver-grey laptop.

Tabitha perks up a bit at the mention of Rock Band, "Yeah… I could be in my casket six feet under and still kick any song's ass on Rock Band. But yeah, let's allow for some time before any non-prom dance of our own." Then Alison makes the remark about her being the only one of the girls with a slow dance partner and Tabitha can't help but give the newest Athena a saucy wink. "When I'm around, everyone has a slow dance partner." While Alison is off getting her laptop with its movie collection she starts walking towards the Prometheus dorm entrance. "I call dibs on the most comfy couch, and the drum kit on Rock Band."

Jacob blinks once. Wait, what? The thought wanders off as quickly as it arrives, though, and he nods to Kaylee. "Rock Band, man. I tried it once or twice and, I dunno, I think I must be hitting the buttons wrong? Because I can /see/ my timing's okay but it still tells me no."

The mention of Tabby having the only slow dance partner makes Kaylee smirk, but Tabitha's pronouncement that everybody gets to slow dance makes her turn a little pink and giggle. But, then everyone is heading to Prometheus, so Kaylee hurries ahead to start getting things ready. "Don't worry, Jacob! You probably just had the calibration settings wrong! Ours is set up pretty perfect, so I bet you'll do really awesome," she encourages. "I'll go start rounding up snacks!" And then she's turned and headed for the dorms, glasses quickly emerging from a pocket so she can read directions on whatever snacks she finds.

Wait…what did Tabitha say? Alison blinks and shakes her head as she heads to grab her laptop. She really couldn't have heard that correctly, right? Regadless, Alison follow the others to the Prometheus Dorm. "So, is everything plug & play here? I don't really hook up to a big screen all that much." She sets her MacBook near the entertainment system, hoping someone knows how to make the connections.

Tabitha follows along as a slower pace than the rest. All better doesn't mean in top shape just yet. She does as promised and locates and lays claim to the comfiest couch in sight once she arrives, though. She lets the folks who have the movies or are from this team to do the actual setup while she settles in on the couch, almost nesting as she gathers pillows around herself. "I can wire up a sound board, kick pedals, and amps, but I've only ever had a crappy beat-up first gen tablet so computers and TVs are outside my experience."

Once Jacob catches on to what Tabitha is doing, he tosses a couple extra pillows to her to help out. He's also a journeyman at best when it comes to the electronic gear, but offers to help get things hooked up if someone points him in the right direction.

Foraging from room to room (because the Guardians of Prometheus are all about sharing, aren't they?), Kaylee is in and out of the main hub several times and the pile of snacks on the table in the center begins to grow. Stuff to make smores in the fireplace? Check. Package of Oreos? Check. Sundry candy items in various containers? Check. And, as Alison asks her question, Kaylee pauses just long enough to respond, "We've got Apple TV, so just select it as the input and then drag up from the bottom of your screen to put in the code!" And then she's off again to gather more snack-type substances.

With the instructions from Kaylee, Alison starts hooking her MacBook up. "Okay….selecting input…and drag…and…" Suddenly, the desktop of Alison's computer appears on the big screen. "Woooo! Thanks, Kaylee. You are now my official A/V Tech friend." ALison smiles and gives Kaylee a wink. "Okay, let's see what I have…" She opens up her iTunes and the list of movies and music pops up. Focusingon the movies, Alison has a big collection of action films, a few RomComs, and lots of science fiction, including everything Star Wars.
<Newbie> Tabitha shrugs. I rarely have major problems understanding dice systems. My goof with putting 'absorb energy' and 'martial arts' as separate background skills was a bad habit from older games and was easily fixed. Zander and Rebecca, if you need to get info or help from Poseidon and aren't generally on when he is, use +request to get in touch w/ him. He's good about getting back on those quickly.

Tabitha catches the pillows Jacob sends her way with a grin, making herself a nice little nest/fort on the couch. When the film options start showing up on the big screen, she chuckles. "I don't suppose you have 'Dark Side of the Moon', 'The Wall', or 'This is Spinal Tap'?" Then all the sci-fi is displayed. "I… don't see a single movie that I've actually seen on that part of the list"

Jacob flops down on another stretch of couch, not /too/ close but not too far away either. "I think this is what they call a target-rich environment," he offers.

Finally, on what appears to be a glowing disc of light, Kaylee returns to the table with a tray full of glasses and a pitcher of what is most likely some form of Kool-Aid type bevarage. She carefully sets it on the table and then the tray disappears and she turns to address the Guests Of Prometheus. "Okay! So, I've got all the snacks and stuff, and I made some tropical punch Kool-Aid. If we run out, I've also got grape and cherry we can make. … anything else?" she asks, beaming and rocking back and forth onto her tiptoes, happy to host.

"Top Gun," Alison says to Jacob with a smirk. "And you should only have one target in your crosshairs." Alison goes back to going through her list. "Hmmmm….You guys want to go retro? Like 'Tron' or 'The Last Starfighter'? Or maybe 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'?"

Tabitha shrugs, "I don't know what any of those are, so my vote is 'anything you all think doesn't suck'." She snuggles back in her pillows with her double neck guitar on her lap. The light from the TV is reflecting off of her glossy smooth head and she grins and taps her eyepatch, "Just nothing 3D, alright?"

Jacob shoots Alison a brief unreadable glance before nodding. "Tron and The Matrix would be an interesting pairing. I saw something online about a fanfic that was going to put them together, but I think they ran out of energy for it."

When her snacks are summarily ignored, Kaylee droops. All that work, and nobody even says thanks? Well. Maybe she'll just have a cup of kool-aid by herself then. And maybe a twizzler would be good to nibble on. And an oreo. And all of these other snacks …. No, no, no! Kaylee forces herself to put the snacks back down and compose herself. She then approaches the pillow-laden Tabitha from behind, and then flops down over the back of the couch onto the pillows. "So did anybody see where Tabitha went? I was sure she came in here with us," she says, grinning.

"Wait…" Alison looks in amazement at Tabitha. "You've never seen any of these?" Her eyes light up with the chance to expose Tabitha to some vintage movies that her father grew up on. Jacob's mention of 'The Matrix' gets a shake of the head from Alison. "Nope. Don't have that one. Max rating of PG-13 here." Alison shirkns a bit, slightly embarassed. "Yeah, I know…Miss Goodie-Goodie…" After a quick sigh, Ali smiles and queues up a film. "Okay…let's go with Raiders, then…" And soon enough, the Paramount logo turns into the mountain in Peru, circa 1938. Alison goes to sit on the couch, taking a glass of Kool-Aid and some munchies. Ali looks to Kaylee and gives her a cheerful 'Thanks!"

Tabitha fades out of movie talk in time to see Kaylee's reaction to no one focusing on the snacks she brought then vanish. Her all-around senses are somewhat dampened with her low energy levels so she doesn't spot the ambush until it's too late. The taller-but-still-tiny girl thrashes underneath the pillows which are underneath Kaylee, then reaches up and grabs hold of Kaylee from below. "Now I've got you!" And then she's standing up on the couch with Kaylee quite easily lifted up over hear head! She does a very good Tarzan yell and even beats her left arm against her chest like Tarzan without losing grip on Kaylee. She shakes her head at Alison's question, "Nope. I've always been more the live concert, rehersals, and musician biographies type." She lowers Kaylee back down after a minute or so, but makes sure to angle her so she's landing on the couch head first.

Oh, Jacob just hadn't started in on the snacks /yet/, that's all. He noticed them right quick, but you know that awkward feeling about being the first one to reach for them? That was him. He goes for a handful of Oreos and shoots Kaylee a quick little grin, before laughing as the impromptu play fight breaks out. "Yeah? Well, dodge /this/!" With that, he grabs one of the pillows and swings it at the both of them, though lightly enough that it should just bounce right off.

As she's suddenly lifted into the air- by one hand, no less- Kaylee squeals and flails to no avail. And then, she's dumped face-first into the pile of pillows that are now on the floor, likewise hit in the tummy by the pillow Jacob has swung. She laughs, rolling back onto her butt and adjusting her glasses, grinning up at Tabitha and Jacob. "Oh, Tabitha! I couldn't see you under all those pillows!" she lies, laughing more as she grabs a pillow and swings it lightly at Jacob.

The pillow fight breaking out causes Alison to giggle a bit. She leans to the side to avoid being caught up in the crossfire. She's only known this group for a few days now, and she's still working out how she's supposed to fit in. But after a moment, and a quick shot of Kool-Aid, Alison shrugs, grabs a pillow, and takes a swing at Jacob, grinning wildly.
From afar, Kaylee just imagines all of the things that are probably running through Jacob's mind. "You should probably punch him for thinking that! ~_^"

Under normal conditions, with her abilities at full charge, Tabitha would dominate any and all pillow fights. But tonight she simply uses her powered down aura to gather as many as she can to herself and then act as an arms dealer for the others. "Pillows for profit… pillows for profit! I accept offerings of snacks, beverages, smoochies, and sloppy makeouts!" She'll scoop up any pillow that comes her way with her aura, while occasionally declaring a particular pillow 'worthless salvage' and chucking them at a random target amongst the other three.

"I" Jacob starts, before ducking out of the way of Kaylee's swing, at least mostly. "I'm" And dodging Alison's. "Oh, for /heaven's/ sake!" Picking up one of the pillows, he holds it in front of himself as a shield while grabbing another one and waving it around blindly. Who knows, he might manage to actually tag one of the girls before he manages to bump into a table.

Okay, so Kaylee is probably not the best pillow-fight combatant. Shortly after the pillow fight has begun, she's laughing so hard she can't swing her pillow and instead doubles over on the floor, holding her tummy and laughing. And snorting. Which just makes her laugh more. Because snorting. She's having such a good time, she doesn't even try and contain it, and a bright yellow glow emanates from her skin. Color Kaylee: entertained.

Of course, everything is fair in a pillow fight. So Alison dodges a swing from Jacob, then tosses her pillow to hit the defenseless Kaylee. "Score!" She says whil raising her arms in victory. "Whoops!" Again, she dosges away from Jacob's swing, scrambling to find another weapon.

It doesn't take long before Tabitha is once again almost buried under a pile of retrieved pillows. Then, after launching a final volley at Jacob and Alison, she returns to being turtled comfortably in her nest. Kaylee's rolling, laughing, snorting, and then glowing is regarded with bemusement. And also with a pillow dropped right on her face. And then pushed down in a brief attempt at smothering. Because friendship. Then she just settles back, secures her pillow nest by wrapping her aura around it, and awaits the movie.

Jacob takes one more swing, overreaches, and winds up flopping directly forward onto his face. Good thing he had that extra pillow in front, he wouldn't have actually scraped his elbows or anything but he might have ripped his shirt a little bit. "I claim this floor in the name of Spain!" he declares, waving a victorious fist in the air.

Alison's pillow hits Kaylee right in the gut, which just makes her laugh more and hold up her limbs for protection. And then Tabitha is trying to smother her face and Kaylee is laughing and pushing away at the pillow until Tabby relents. Kaylee lets out a loud sigh, trying desperately (and futiley) to calm the laughter, but the chuckles just won't go. So, she rolls onto her hands and knees and scurries away, out of the line of fire, so she can rest against the wall and catch her breath, holding her tummy. Who needs a barrel of monkeys to have fun?

With Kaylee crawling away, there's some spare pillows lying around. So, Alison grabs one and does a diving attack at Jacob, crying out "Sneak attack!" After she bops him with the pillow, Alison follows up with 'No one eexpects the Spanish Inquisition!" Becasue he just laid claim to the floor for Spain and she's feeling the goofy bug hit. What did Kaylee add to the Kool-Aid?

Nestled snug in her nest, the last week starts to finally catch up with Tabitha. She wants to stay active and maybe watch a sci-fi movie because others seem to enjoy them so she might also. But with the light and warmth and laughter she simply can't keep her eyes open anymore. What's left of her aura folds inwards until it's just a gold-amber sheen on her skin and she slides further underneath her pillow nest before sleep claims her.

If Jacob was in a position to notice this development, he might pick Tab up and see about moving her to a quieter corner of the room. As it is, he's occupied with keeping his arms above his head to fend off Alison's latest attack run. "I didn't mean it, honest! I don't even /own/ a telescope!" But then he rolls over onto his back, reaching a foot over to see if he can get her to fall onto the cushions instead.

Kaylee watches the continued pillowfight with a grin for several seconds, the bright yellow glow easing into a warm orange. Once she's finally able to stop laughing, she pushes herself back up to her feet. And, while it may not be as evident to others, with Kaylee's light-sensing, she very clearly sees Tabby's aura fold in around her. So, she creeps over quietly and tries to arrange the pillows around her a little more comfortably, helping her lay on the couch so she can get a good night's sleep. "Hey, careful," she whispers out loud to the other two kids, after which she points down at the sleeping Tabitha. And then she turns to go get some snacks and kool-aid so she can start to settle down, herself.

Alison over-corrects herself as she swings the pillow and tries to dodge Jacob's foot. She falls back, partially on the pillows, but her head smacks the floor. "Ow-ww-ww-ww," Alison moans while still laughing. "Okay…I think I'm done…" She's rubbing the back of her head, but still smiling. "Nothing broken," she reports as she starts to get up and move back to the couch. Seeing the sleeping Tabitha, Ali nods to Kaylee about keepign the fun down to a dull roar.

Jacob looks over and winces when he sees Ali land that way. That was not what he was going for. "Oh, sorry! Are you all right?" She sounds all right, but she might also be covering out of niceness. He gets back up to his feet and offers her an extra pillow just in case.

As everyone else begins to settle in, Kaylee grabs a cup of kool-aid and a pair of oreos, and then plops down on the floor in front of Tabitha's sleeping frame and folds her legs Indian-style. She scooches a little bit so she can slouch back against the couch and settles in to watch the movie. "So … what are we watching? Indiana Evans and the whatchamacallit?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Alison replies with a brave smile. She occasionally rubs the back of her head, but seems to be fine. The extra pillow is taken, though. "Thanks." More Kool-Aid is drunk befor Alison starts the movie on her laptop. "So, Originally, it was called 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. Then, after it became a big franchise and was released on DVD, they changed it to 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark', to fit the naming scheme of the other films."

Jacob nods and settles back down, though he still shoots a concerned look toward Ali from time to time. Breaking the nose of the future Freedom Spirit is the sort of thing they put on your permanent record, isn't it? "Makes sense, I guess, you want people to be able to find it in the store."

"Ohhhhh," Kaylee says, nodding. She's currently sitting in front of the couch on which Tabitha is sleeping. Tabitha happens to be buried under several pillows, though she's been a bit more arranged thanks to Kaylee. All parties involved are sitting in front of the TV, where Alison has synced her Macbook to the Apple TV so they can all watch a movie. On the table in the center, a hoarde of goodies has been set up- oreos, candy, fixings for s'mores, stuff like that, along with a handful of glasses with bright blue kool-aid in them. Violet would probably realize fairly quickly that Kaylee must have pilfered food from everyone else's rooms to provide the spread for the not-prom party.

So, it might be a surprise to some, but this place was on the way 'home' to Violet's dorm.

The door leading from the Prometheus commons to the hall swings open, and on the other side was Violet. Violet of the black nails and raccoon eye makeup that she loved - finding it dramatic. Her hair was done up a bit, but seemed to still have a bit of messiness about it, with little waves of her blonde hair kinda twisting in on each other and wringing together.

And she was wearing a full-length dress. Might be weird for those who know her. A black dress, a bit on the slinky side of the force, the shape of the cross in silver set over her bust (which was modest). She wore a silver chain as a bit of a belt, and her hands were covered with gloves that had a spiderwebby design.

And she looked a bit pooped.

"Oh, hey, what's going on here?" she asks, a grin touching the edges of her lips as she glances over the crowd in the Prometheus room. "Lemme guess. Kaylee's idea to hold an anti-prom sleepover?" A beat, and her eyes track towards the oreos. "…are those my emergency oreos?"

"Something like that," Alison says to Jacob. Alison is sitting on the couch, pillow behind her head, and a plate full of oreos on her lap. The brunette girl is happily munching away on the cookies when Violet arrives, just as Indy is taking the statuete off the trapped pedistal. Alison gives Violet a wave. "Ummm…Hi. I'm a new addition to the Athena team. Name's Alison." munch munch.

When Violet wonders if these are her stash of oreos, Alison slowly stops nibbling on the cookie and looks rather embarassed. A quick, accusing, glance is shot at Kaylee before Ali holds out the plate in front of her towards Violet. "Ummm….cookie?" she offers with a nervous laugh

Jacob sits up straighter and waves to Violet as she approaches. And looks to Alison… and looks back to Violet. "I'm sure we can go pick up some new emergency Oreos in the morning, right?"

As Violet enters the hub, Kaylee sees her and grins, flailing an arm at her in a wave. "Hi, Violet!" she calls, totally forgetting that Tabitha is asleep behind her. But then, Violet sees the Oreos, and makes her accusation. Kaylee freezes, a look of abject terror on her face. And then she disappears! Not physically, mind you. But her flight reflex kicks in rather automatically, and suddenly light is being bent around her instead of bouncing off of her, making her look a little like the Predator's cloaking device. "I … I … I'll buy you more! I swear! I just … we didn't plan this, and I wanted to get snacks for everybody! I can buy you more tomorrow, I swear, Violet! You … you can take them back, if you want, I only had two. Please don't be mad, Violet. Please?" she begs. And then Alison is holding out the plate of cookies, and Kaylee just flops forward, burying her face in a pillow. Death. Sure, certain, absolute death. That is all she has left to look forward to, now, she is positive.

Violet gives Alison a long sort of look - her eyes flickering down to that whole… plate of… eyes flicker back up towards Alison's own at the offer. And Violet can't hold that grim look any longer. She grins, and steps forward, accepting one of the cookies with a wink. "Thank you," she says to Alison. "I'm Vi - live in that dorm right over there," she says, making a gesture towards the door.

"With this… little… thief!" she says, reaching out her hand towards Kaylee as if to grab her shoulder… when she notices that cloaking field. A pause. "I was totally joking, Kaylee," says Vi. "I'm actually happy to see more people in the Prom dorm. It's where you find all the cool kids, I hope you know now," she says, glancing towards Jacob at his offer.

"Yeah yeah, we can, I was totes McGoats just giving you a hard time, Kaylee," she says, patting the back of the other young woman. "Watchin' movies? Anything good?" she asks, her eyes flickering between Jacob and Alison. "…and who's that sleeping?"

Alison sighs in relief as Violet seems none too bothered by the appropriation of oreos. "I don't know…" she says with amusement. "I'm thinking that all the Athena students I've met are pretty cool." When the question of the movie arrises, Alison replies, "Raiders of the Lost Ark. Its only a few minutes in, so join us if you want. how was Prom? And I like your dress. Very 'Abby-ish'."

Ah, how flustered people can get over the simplest of things! Or seemingly flustered, in some cases. Jacob puts a hand over his mouth to hide the giggle he can't quite hold back in its entirety. "Well, good thing we got /that/ cleared up," he murmurs. "And /that/ is Tabitha. She's had a very long day in a series of very long days."

When Violet turns out to NOT be ready to erase Kaylee from the mortal plane, you can hear hear meep. She looks up- not that anyone can really see her, staring at Violet with wide, invisible eyes. "… really? … you're … you're not mad?" she asks, the comforting rub on her back making her sit up a little more. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. I thought you were so mad!" she says, and the glowing she'd been doing, that had suddenly disappeared when she obfuscated, quickly returns, a soft pink now. … though she still remains invisible, so it turns into a pink silhouette of the poor girl. She then reaches over and lifts the glass of kool-aid she'd grabbed, but had yet to drink from, and offers it to Violet. "I made Kool-Aid?" Because that makes stealing alright, or something. When attention is turned to Tabitha, Kaylee nods in agreement, futilely since it's so difficult to make out. "Tabby just got out of the med bay today."

Alison watches the interaction between Violet and Kaylee. She yawns a bit, and curls up more on the couch, returnign her focus to Dr. Jones and his exploits on the screen. Alison is leaning away from Tabitha, which is a good thing, since Ali starts drifting off to sleep and doesn't fall over onto Tabby when her eyes finally do close. Looks like Jacob's going to have two Athenans to drag back to the dorm with him.

"Athena students are pretty cool," says Violet with a little wave of her hand. "But… you gotta admit, they don't have Kaylee," she says, drawing her hands back up towards her front, looping her arms over her front, her attention on Alison. A beat more, and she lifts a hand, kinda gesturing with a hand. "…could I have another cookie please?" she asks. "…Abby, Abby… oh, the goth on NCIS? Nice - she's amazing, although I admit not watching too too much of her," she says.

"Love to - although I'm gonna sit over hereish - I so don't want to mess up this thing - this is like the first time I've actually worn it, and I'll… probably never wear it again. So it should look nice."

"How is she holding up, Jake?" asks Violet with a sudden softness in her tone. "…I meant to visit her in the medbay, it just never… I guess I never found the time," she says, pursing her lips.

"Thank you, but no thanks, Kaylee. I am so punched out, it's unreal right now," she says, finding that bit of chair a bit away from everyone else, and setting down in it with a sigh. "Is everything okay with /you/, Kaylee?"

Jacob passes Alison another pillow as she starts to succumb to fatigue in her own turn. Yeah, there'll be some lifting and carrying later on, he suspects. Hopefully they don't /all/ fall asleep and then get in trouble for breaking curfew. "She's been doing good," he replies to Violet, glancing over toward the slumbering little Aura. "Worn out, yeah, but they /did/ let her out, so… And don't worry, she had plenty of company in there from what I could tell."

Bah. It's prom. Nobody's gonna blame the underclassmen for having a sleepover. Kaylee noddles again as she lowers the declined punch and sets it beside her again. "I'm good!" she chirps back at Violet, slowly coming back into view like the Chesire cat. "But I got DETENTION!" she remembers and adds, obviously still shocked and dismayed by that fact. "Plus, they're still waiting to go try and rescue Lynzee." Kaylee sighs again and leans back against the couch once more. Then, she looks over at Violet again. "Hey, how come you're back here already? Prom can't be over already, can it?"

Violet draws a hand up, kinda… sitting with her butt scootched all the way back, hunched all the way forward - her forearms resting on her thighs. "Well. She's in good hands," she says towards Jacob, giving him a grin rich with wryness. And yeah, they could bunk in Prommie lands, today. At least, Vi wouldn't snitch.

The reappearing Kaylee draws Vi's eyes her way again, reaching over to grab the tray of oreos and move it in front of her. There were some things Vi wasn't kidding about. And the woman could put away oreos like noone's business. Like so many here with enhanced metabolisms, food disappeared faster than…

I don't know where I'm going with this.

"Naw, but it turned all lovey-dovey, and everyone started smooching. Nothing is sadder than being in the smoochless zone of a… smooching zone," she says. "But I got to see Daxton get all nervous - he was crown prince or something, ha."

Jacob would tousle a lock of Tabitha's hair at this point… if she had any left. Instead, he reaches for some of the munchies that /aren't/ Oreos, dusting cool ranch dust off his fingers afterward. "Well, why didn't you smooch him, then?" he asks Violet. "He wouldn't have time to be nervous if he was busy with a date, right?"

Kaylee awwws at Violet's lack of smoochies. Well, there's one thing Kaylee can fix! Without asking, Kaylee gets up and moves to go plop herself into Violet's lap. "Well, I may not be good fo kissing, but I will snuggle till the cows come home," she threatens, grinning and attempting to subject Violet to some affecionate snuggling and cuddles. "I'm sorry it wasn't as much fun for you, though," she adds, more serious.

"You first, Jacob," says Vi, crossing her eyes at the young man. A bit of a sigh, and she pushes up off of her thighs with her forearms. Letting her eyes draw half shut, she glances away from him, towards Kaylee. Unfortunately, she didn't have any idea what she would do. Leaning back against her seat, she kinda makes a furrowed-face.

Right in time for Kaylee to plop herself in her lap, and start snuggling away. Violet lifts her hands up and away from Kaylee - and in spite of her slender form, it was obvious that she had a lot of strength hidden there. "What the what?!" she says. Vi opens her lips, and kinda closes them again. "It's an expensive dress! My only one!" she says, with a little real dismay at the snuggling.

Jacob wasn't even thinking about the dress at that point. In fact, after that thing with Kaylee the other day, he spends as little time thinking about other people's clothes as he can manage. "Uh, yeah—" and then he just starts piling up pillows on that side of him, forming a makeshift little privacy wall.

Kaylee meeps again and quickly slides back down to the floor, turning pink again as she ducks her head and looks up at Violet. "I'm sorry! I … I didn't ruin it, did I?" she asks, looking the dress over carefully to make sure it's all intact. Her brow furrows a little and her bottom lip threatens to jut out. "I was just trying to help. I thought … well … I guess it was dumb. I'm sorry," she says. She then starts schooching back to where she'd been sitting before, next to her un-drank kool-aid and un-eaten oreos.

Whatever that mysterious unsaid thing of Jacob's was, Violet didn't know.

The movie was going on now, but it was mostly just background noise. Violet pauses a handful of moments - the dress was fine, actually, but Violet was fretting at the skirts of the thing, pulling them out. "It's all good," she says, looking back down towards Kaylee.

A beat, and she leans forward towards Kaylee a touch, even as she scooches away. "Hey, Kaylee? You're a cool person, I promise. You don't have to feel that way if you don't wanna. No judgement here, I promise, right?" she says, lifting up a fist as if to offer a fistbump.

Blinking in confusion, Kaylee's head remains squarely ducked down between hunched shoulders. "Feel … what way?" she asks, reaching out to fist bump, anyway. She notices Jake settling in next to Tabby and can't help but smile a little, as everyone starts falling asleep. "… I swear I didn't put anything in the kool-aid but sugar!" she jokes, smiling a little.

"Anxious - worried, confused about me and the others maybe?" says Vi, drawing her hand back as Kaylee does. "It just seems like you're super hyped up around me, like you're afraid I'll puncha, is that right?" she says. Brushing off the front of her dress, she kinda stands up a bit, starting to move to her room. "It just sounds like everyone had a long day. I might turn in, if you're gonna watch the movie a little more?"

"What? No, I just … no, that's not it," Kaylee says, shaking her head. "I just … I don't know you that well, but I really want us to be friends, since we're roommates, but I keep messing up," she says, shrugging again, her hands lifting, palm up, to her shoulders. "I just worried that you weren't gonna like me because we're so opposite in so many ways." Which is what really had her afraid of not being liked!
When Violet stands and gets ready to head back to the room, Kaylee blinks and looks around a little. Her brow furrows a little, plaintively, and she looks around the room. "Well … but … we were all supposed to hang out …. We were gonna play Rock Band …." She looks back over at Violet, still a little hopeful. "You sure you don't wanna just change out of your dress and come back and watch the movie? We've got all these snacks, and we can still totally snuggle if you want?"

"Yeah, well - just because we're not alike, doesn't mean we're not similar," says Violet, lingering her hand on the jamb of the door. "We're not quite all made of energy, it's gonna be hard for anyone to keep up with you," says Vi, a little smile dancing at the edges of her lips.

"Tell you what, I'm gonna get dressed, and we can finish the movie, but you have to promise not to hold it against me if I fall asleep," says Violet. "As for the snuggling? I'm not… much of a snuggler," she adds, before nudging the door to their room mostly closed. So she can still hear, and still keep the door in the way.

D'awww. Well, Kaylee is absolutely okay with Violet falling asleep during the movie. Everyone else is. And Violet is right, not everybody's got a bettery like hers. So, even if Violet won't snuggle with her, Kaylee will still appreciate the company. And, once everyone IS asleep, Kaylee will go and retrieve blankets from the beds not in use and tuck everyone in, then proceed to clean up the room after the movie is over, letting everyone sleep sound through the night!

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