(2016-05-20) Prom Night
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Sea Hub

Unlike the tight quarters above the surface, this central hub under the water is large and spacious. Not quite a dome in shape, there are windows along the surfaces making this like a giant bubble with plenty of views, both of the old fort above as well as a view down to the ocean floor below. Circular arches lead into rooms beyond this central room, not unlike what one may imagine a space station to look like. Though there are comfortable couch like benches and plants to fill the space, giving it a semblance of earth as well. These do not, however, compare to the view outside the windows.

The time for the prom is quickly approaching, several early birds are already in the gym, mingling around the refreshment table, music is already playing, but no one is dancing just yet. The music is loud enough to be heard through this level of the school.

Daxton's found a corner (In the round room) to slouch in. He's actually on a couch, currently looking at his phone and has done decent job of ignoring any of the girls that come try to talk to him. After the fiasco with Rosa and Oliver, he's definitely not interested in a date. Every once in a while his eyes flicker over towards the door to the hymn, like he's considering bolting.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Good Success.

Sure, Felicia had been pretty anti-prom, but let's face it. She's a girl. A girl that loves to dance and despite the whole prom royalty thing and the fights she wants to dance. Of course she doesn't want to be seen going in, so at the moment she is tiny as she moves along the wall toward the gym, but seeing Dax skulking or is it brooding on the sofa there is a change of plan. Looking around to make sure she isn't in any danger of being stepped on so heads in his direction, growing taller as she moves in that direction. While she was in a robe earlier, now she is in a dress, appropriately fancy, but not over the top, she wants to be able to dance in it, and considering it's Felicia there is no excessive skin showing. Most of her hair is up too, though there is still that cascade in front of her face.

Daxton would prefer it to be called brooding, but hey. It’s kinda both. He's aware of someone approaching so he looks up, ready to tell them, no, he's fine. Please leave him alone. But it's Fel, not some random girl, "Hey." No comment of her being here, instead, "You ready for this?"

The dress must be going to her head, Felicia doesn't just flop down on the sofa in her usual manner, she actually sits like a normal person would. As usual though she goes for levity first, "Ready to dance like no one is watching?" she gives a grin "When aren't I ready for that?" she sobers a bit "You?"

The not flop is noted. Daxton reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "I just want this over with. I feel so stupid." All around, not just wearing the tux, but all the fights and people being angry. The speedster sighs, leaning back into the couch. "Hope the music doesn't suck." And the punch. Nothing is worse than crappy punch.

"I can see that." Felicia glances toward the gym "Wanting to get it over with." telling him not to feel stupid would be kinda pointless so she takes another tact "Better than acting stupid, which the rest of us has been." her opinion at least, and she is including herself in that. The mention of music does make her snort in amusement "Well if it does, I'll put the DJ in a headlock until he plays something decent."

Daxton shrugs, "You weren't." Not that he can remember, anyway. Or not compared to the others. He nods, "Head locks are good." And then true to his gender, "I wonder if they'll have food?"

"I wasn't?" that news to her, "Well maybe not as much as Derek." she isn't going to debate it any further than that, she just might win. "They do get a certain point across don't they." another look to the gym "I think there is food. In the gym and out on the island. At least they better or this will be the worst prom ever." as if it already has heading in that direction.

No one is as bad a Derek. Dax snickers, "Yeah they do." He sighs and stands up, "Well…let's go check it out, I guess." Food. Punch. No crowning. It could be an ok night. Maybe.


A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a section of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

The prom is doing what it's doing and Dwayne is doing what he does. He's leaning against a wall, watching the others have fun. He has a drink in his hand, non alcoholic of course, as he watches the others mingle.

Daxton's also holding up a wall. The speedster has managed to stay fairly in the background so far. No punch just yet, although he's eyeing the table now, thirsty.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Dancing: Great Success.

Zander isn't holding up a wall, instead he is out on the dance floor with his date who is teaching him how to dance, or trying to anyways. He is not a very good dancer all things considered but he has great natural ability so while he has no style, he has great ability… in having no style. The slow dances go better of course because step/slide/step is just so much easier!

There is music, so of course Felicia is dancing and even in a dress and high heels, which strangely don't make her any taller (go figure), is doing an impressive job at it. She has been at it a while and while one song, fades into the next she makes some motions to the group she has been dancing with and heads to the punch bowl.

Dwayne makes his way over to the punch bowl and fixes a second drink. He moves to Daxton and offers him the second drink. "What up, D? Enjoying' the show too?" he turns to look back at the others dancing. He has a bit of amusement in his eyes.

It's no secret that Daxton didn't want top be nominated for Prom Prince. Nor did he even want to attend actual prom. But here he is, all tuxed up. He glances to Dwayne, "Hey…thanks." He must ahem looked thirsty. "It's kinda….yeah." A small head shake and he sucks down the drink quickly. "You having a good time?" With the darkness it's harder to tell if Dax is actually making eye contact or not.

It's only after a number of songs finish that Zander is remembers the proper etiquette of a human prom and/or dance, at least as it applies to modern or not so modern medium of movies and so Zander offers to get drinks for his date and her friends which also sends him over towards the punch bowl to snag some drinks for them. Catching sight of Daxton he nods companionably but otherwise doesn't intrude upon his conversation with Dwayne: he has punch to deliver after all.

Dwayne might have gotten a greeting from Felicia, but he came and went so fast she never got a chance, so instead she gets her own drink, downs it quickly before refilling it. "Hey Zander." she does get a chance to greet him at least "What do you think of it?" she grabs a chip from the bowl near the punch and uses it gesture around before eating it.

A small grin forms on Dwayne's lips before he offers a nod to Daxton, "Yeah.. it ain't so bad.. I don't have to be in the spot light.. I hate that stuff." he takes a sip of his drink before he looks at the others, "I never been to something like this before. It's kinda cool … I guess.. Different and all that. Interestin' seein' all the different outfits and all that."

Oh, Dwayne's preaching to the choir. Dax shoots back, "Lucky Bastard." If what Derek said was even remotely true, Dax is going to end up being Prince. Zander gets a polite nod from Dax as he passes. "I went to a middle school dance a few times but it wasn't all…this." he motions with his hands ago the decor and then the tux he's in. "It's kinda ridiculous."

Balancing multiple cups of punch Zander pauses and looks back over towards Felicia and then around, "It is different than the moving pictures I was suggested to watch. There is far less alcohol and marijuana than was suggested in the films. The style of dress was different as well, but I suppose that could be due to the theme differences as well. If we should ever have an 80's theme then I will remember to bring the how was it called, joints?" He asks curiously, staying close enough to Felicia to answer her questions while managing to hand off drinks to others.

That's funny so Felicia of course laughs at Zander "We don't have the right kind of trouble makers here for punch spiking and drugs." she glances around at the thirty something students that showed. A little over half the school, not bad really "You do know what a joint is?" she asks him, not sure if he gets the connection between the marijuana and joint.

Daxton takes another sip, letting his eyes wander the gathered students. Dwayne gets a nod as the speedster pushes off the wall, "I'll be back." He needs more punch. He catches the question from Fel and raises an eyebrow, but will not say anything and refills his glass.

"Some sort of herb named marijuana that is rolled into a paper, preferably a 'zig-zag' and then lit on fire to inhale the smoke thereof I believe." Zander answers Felicia. "It is apparently very popular amongst high school students. Some movies also have them smoking the marijuana in pipes or some sort of water device they called a bong?" He shrugs a little then pauses, "Is our school considered international waters?"

Felicia is about it point out to Zander that marijuana is illegal but the his asking about international waters forestalls that "Yeah we are. But still against school rules. Having it here would probably get you suspended." did hell just freeze over, the queen of detention going on about school rules and giving warnings about breaking them. While she has nothing against marijuana, there is even a good chance she has tried it a few times. She does have her limits to what school rules she will and won't break. That could be one of them.

As the song playing ends, the music stops altogether and Mr. Keats claps his hands to get everyone's attention "It's that time everyone. Time to announce who will be the King and Queen and Prince and Princess." the dancing stops and there is chatter from the students, but it quiets down as all eyes go to Mr. Keats.

Daxton's eye dart to the floor, along with his stomach. Mr.Keats grins widely, taking way too much enjoyment in this. "I'm happy to announce that our Junior representatives for Prom 2016, The Prince and Princess of Coral Springs are….Mr. Daxton Jones and Miss Carlyle!" There's applause from the crowd, and a few snickers as well.

Daxton's training kicks in (For good or bad) when all the eyes go to him and Felicia and he looks over before faking a smile and offering her an arm. Something is whispered to the new princess as they make their way up to the front of the crowd. (I don't know if there's crowns or sashes or flowers or what staff intended here, so just imagine that happens.lol)

After the Juniors are taken care of, the senior King and Queen are announced (Both NPCs) and everyone cheers and the music starts up for the newly crowned royalty of Coral Spring to dance.

Dwayne claps as the Court is announced. He even chuckles to himself as he sees the others go through the formalities. He tilts his drink back and finishes it up before moving and tossing it into a trash can. Hooking his thumbs into his pants pockets, he walks around the place casually as he listens.

Maybe Violet was here all along. She was happy to kinda linger near the edges of things, anyways - even if the dress that she wore, (and for those that knew her, a dress that went past her knees proper was something way - way - out of the norm). But of course she wore black, adorned with a cross motif, giving it a gothic air. Had to play to trope. Her hair was sorta done, it still had little raggedy waves in it, and it fell around her features, framing them nicely. But she still wore that makeup - the deep dark circles around her eyes.

Some things may never change.

As it was, when the Court was announced, she brings her fingers up to her lips and gives a wolf-whistle, lifting a glass of punch. "Yeah Dax! Yeah Fel!" she calls, trying to lift her voice over the crowd. Wanderings probably brought Dwayne near her, and she glances to him - then glances towards the Court, grinning roguishly. "All hail the royalty, right?"

When the announcement is made the cup in Felicia's hand gets crushed. Good thing it's plastic at least, not that the glass would bother her now that she is starting to get a hold of this density thing. Looking at Dax it takes her a moment to register that he is offering her an arm, but she takes it. If that something whispered is smile and wave she is on that one already. In fact she looks a bit to genuinely happy that she was picked, or maybe that's relief that Dax didn't zip away leaving her to deal with this alone. "What the hell were they thinking voting for us?" she asks Dax as they are crowned or whatever. As the music starts though she will let him off the hook for the dancing "You can set this one out if you want." she nods to the other students "They’ve had their show.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Dancing: Good Success.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Dancing: Success.

"Better them than me." Dwayne says followed by a mischievous smirk. He's standing near the table with refreshments at this point. "I don't understand what it means anyways.. it's like a contest to see who is the most liked or something? As King, Queen, Princess, or Prince… are they ordained with some cool ass power to make demands of the serfs?" his smirk turns to a grin, "Oh the possibilities if that were the case.." there's a slight twinkle in his eyes then, or maybe it's the lighting. He turns his attention towards Violet, "Well good for them at least. I'm glad for them, honestly.. I wouldn't have been happy to win something like that. I'd feel awkward … and publicly.. two things I'm not a fan of." he nods to her then before moving to fix himself another drink.

Brenna is a touch late, but getting ready for a prom was serious business, especially for a sophomore. But she had a date with a junior! Wearing a long emerald green, flowy silky dress with tiny thin straps that crossed in back, leaving the small of her back exposed, her red hair piled in a deceptively casual way on her head, ringlets cascading to brush over her shoulders and an emerald(ish) encrusted (green gems of some sort, likely glass) comb in her hair, she is the epitome of grace and class. She steps in, feeling a bit out of place, and looks around for her date about the time the king and queen are announced. As well as the prince and princess.

Daxton does roll his eyes as he sighs and offers to dance with Felicia. He's music better than expected. In fact the speedster looks surprised that he's doing so well. Again he says something low to Felicia.

Okay so they are dancing and Felicia's toes aren't getting stepped on, so that's good. If anyone is expecting fancy moves, they will be disappointed. While Felicia can pull them over, she doesn't not wanting to make this whole situation worse for Dax. Whatever he whispers has her snerking at him and whispering something back and then the dance is over "And you said you couldn't dance." she tells him, before she is pulled off by a certain bestie for hugs, congratulations and all that stuff.

Violet had a long black dress on, festooned with crosses and spiderweb gloves. Add to that kinda messy, wavy blonde strands and the sort of makeup that she liked, and it was an interesting look. But it would be impossible for her eyes not to track towards Brenna, the gems and hair of the girl drawing the eye of no doubt more than just Violet. She smiles, welcoming.

"Hey - glad to see I'm not the only one a little late," she says to the other woman. "They just announced the… crowns, I think," she says, gesturing towards the middle of the room.

But her eyes turn towards Dwayne then. "They're ordained with the cool ass power of popularity," says Violet with a wryness. "You'd just feel awkward because it's… not something you ever thought you'd get, probably," says Vi, giving her chin a flick. "To be honest, I'd probably feel a lot the same, but. Hey, who doesn't want to be a pretty princess?" she asks.

"I don't want to be a pretty princess." Dwayne says pointedly. He grins slightly afterwards and says, "Excuse me." he moves towards Brenna then. As he nears her, his smile warms a touch, "Wow…" is all he manages to say for the time being: A poet he is not.

Hearing violet, Brenna drags her attention from the dancing winners, a touch of wistfulness there. Then Felicia is stepping away and leaving Daxton, and she gives the boy a friendly wave, not even sure he would notice with everything going on, before looking to Violet and offering the girl a smile. "You look pretty," she tells her, nodding about the crowns, but then she sees Dwayne as Violet is talking to him. When her date approaches her, his eloquence brings a blush to her cheeks, "Thank you," she tells him simply. "And you, you look gorgeous."

Daxton does not want to be a pretty princess. Or pretty prince. In fact as soon as the dance is over and the teachers aren't; looking the crown is snatched off his head. He can only fake smile so much and now he retreats as quickly as he can to lean against a wall and try to syphon any of Fel's shrinking powers. At least his nervous vibrating held off until after the dance. He does notice Brenna and gives her a tiny wave and a slightly pitiful smile. This is not his idea of a good time.

Violet lets her eyes linger on the daters… and she can't help but let a smile dance up the edges of her lips. Ah, romance.

Giving Brenna a little wink, and a thumbs up - coupled with a grin - Vi moves to the punch tables as well, resting her shoulders back against the wall. "Hey, speedster. Good moves out there - you had to have learned how to dance /somewhere/, right?" asks Vi, noticing the young man's… energy.

Dwayne lifts his hand to brush a strand of hair away from his face. He smiles as his eyes look downwards, "Never been called that before…" he offers Brenna his arm then and asks, "Want a drink or somethin'? Or.. want to dance or whatever?"

Brenna catches the wave and look, and gives an understanding one back to Daxton, throwing in a bit of encouragement at the same time. She returns the gesture to Violet, the thumbs up and smile, but as Dwayne questions her, she motions towards the floor, "How about a dance then talking to the others? Maybe with a drink or something?"

Violet gets a glance and then Daxton sighs, shaking his head, "Shit. I have no idea… I can tie a bow tie too." Weird skills to have, in his mind. What the hell was he trained for, James Bond shit? He's not a complete idiot and will offer, "You look really nice, Violet." The crown from earlier is in his hand, something ridiculous he'll throw at the bottom of a drawer when he gets to his room.

Violet clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Thanks. I was trying to look like a Dracula - who knew that weird things kinda fly under the radar here at this school?" she says, grinning roguishly. "I saw the kids getting together and have a 'no-prom TV marathon or something - it was cute. I get the feeling you would rather be there."

Dwayne nods to Brenna and takes her by the hand. "Deal." he moves her onto the dance floor and links his hand with hers before placing his hand to her hip. He leads her in the next dance. As they move, he says, "I won't keep ya long.. just figured it's a dance.. gotta dance at least once at a dance, right?" his eyes remain on her, "They have pretty good punch."

<FS3> Brenna rolls Dancing: Good Success.

Brenna finds herself out among the other dancers, lifting a hand to rest on his shoulder, keeping the proper distance. A smile lights her features, but his reassurances bring a slightly puzzled look, "Won't keep me long? I sort of thought I was in it for the whole evening," there's an impish quality to her voice. "We could dance all night if you prefer, I didn't want you to feel you had to. Not many people I know enjoy dancing like I do."

That gets a small smirk, "A Dracula?" Isn't there only one Dracula? He nods and gives a half shoulder shrug, "Well…yeah, I guess everyone having powers kinda makes being different the norm." Daxton's cheeks puff out and he nods, admitting it. "It was my idea." But then he looks out over the dance floor and chews his lower lip, "Although I just may leave and go to the island." Does he mean right now?

"Now there's two," says Violet. "Vlad Dracula, and now…" A grin, roguish and otherwise. "…Vi Dracula," she says with a little bit of a laugh. Finishing her punch, the empty cup - she kinda straightens up, and 'shoots' - the cup firing off towards the trash can. "Yeah. I mean… I loved the scene, but it's starting to get a little too lovey dovey in here," says Vi. "So I'm gonna go to bed, I think - it was good to see you again, though, Dax - I hope you have a great night?" Vi offers, giving the young man a grin as she starts to back away.

Dwayne blinks at Brenna's words and says, "I meant.. rather.. Uhh.. that if you didn't want to dance and wanted to mingle that I wouldn't keep you long on the dance floor." he continues to move and turn with her. Finally, he asks, "You like dancing?"

Daxton gives a small groan at the joke, but he smiles. "Yeah. Catch ya later Vi Drac." Looking down at the crown and then out to the dance floor he decides to follow suite and sneaks out as well.

Brenna can follow whatever dance Dwayne decides to do, she moves fluidly with the music, a good natured smile on her features. "I do like to dance. Of course I was raised dancing in the pub with my family," she laughs. "Do you like dancing?"

Dwayne shrugs and says, "Don't know.. never really did it much. This is about the only dance I know.. and I learned it not long ago so that I could dance with you." he grins a little at that before adding, "Thanks for comin' out to the Prom tonight.."

"You learned just to bring me tonight?" Something about that touches Brenna and she hesitates even in her dancing and lifts her eyes to meet his. "Thank you," she tells him simply, "That means a lot to me."

Dwayne carefully twirls her in place before he moves closer to her and offers a small smile as his eyes meet hers. He blinks once and then adds, "I got a job in town workin' at a mechanic shop. The ol' man needs lots of help so I've been more or less there a lot lately.. not sure if you noticed." He hasn't been on campus much lately. Rumor has it he's been in trouble quite a bit for not being in class and has even been put on notice that if he doesn't start improving attendance, he'll be kicked out. Dwayne smiles again and says, "You should come by and check the place out sometime.. it's really cool… but enough of that.. I been lookin' forward to tonight.. just to be able to see you again.. you may not believe it.. but I've missed you a lot."

Brenna hadn't heard the rumors, but she had noticed his declining attendance.. or she hadn't seen him around lately as much. There's a concerned look she gives him but she is distracted, effectively, by the twirl and she laughs, delighting in the movement. "I would love to come by and check it out. I've missed you too, thank you for bringing me."

After the music changes, Dwayne laces his fingers with hers and moves off the dance floor to get them both something to drink. He offers her a cup before touching his to hers, "So have you made some friends since you've gotten here? Are you in a crew yet?"

"I have some friends, but I'm not in any.. crew?" Brenna doesn't exactly understand the meaning, but she goes with it. "Just the team, Athena." Her smile brightens and she laces her fingers with his as he leads her off, accepting the cup and returning the tap, "Do you miss school at all?'

Dwayne nods to her and says, "Of course.. I miss you. But I really feel at peace working on machines. I don't know why but my life just makes sense when I'm covered in grease and oil and turnin' wrenches." he takes a sip of his drink and looks to her, "I probably should try and not get kicked though… I mean if it happens, it happens.. you know.. but I should try."

"I would miss you if you get kicked, but could I come see you on weekends?" Brenna takes a sip of the drink and offers him a smile. "This summer, I have to take a visit to my family, but mostly, I will be in town. Could I see you then too?"

Dwayne nods to her and says, "You could come see me whenever.." he takes a step towards her, putting his arm around her and hugging her. Afterwards, he says, "I'm glad you're going to get to see your family though. That's cool."

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