(2016-05-20) Last Minute Escape Attempts
Last Minute Escape Attempts
Summary: Tabitha botches a quiet escape from medbay by encountering Daxton, who is quietly pacing before prom.
Date: 2016-05-20
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Less than an hour till Prom starts and Dax is sulking around in the hallways, trying to dodge people. He'd be in the laundry room, but that closed off. So here he is, all dolled up in a rented tuxedo. The blue of the bow tie matches his eyes, thanks lady who took his order and insisted on it. He even has goop in his hair, giving it a messy, but styled look. It's the first time in over 3 years he's had enough hair to do anything with and he keeps reaching up to touch it. Over all, he cleans up well, but there's also that air of exhausedness that's been on him in the past week that's still there. His feet, which really want to be running take him near the med bay.

And as luck would have it (good or bad is up for debate), that's when Tabitha is coming out of the medbay for the first time in a week. She's got on a pair of loose sweat pants and a backless halter top, and while Daxton has more hair than he's had in years, she has rather less. Less as in none, that is. But then she also has no scars anymore, either. The left side of her body that as far as she knows has been covered in thick scar tissue for her entire life is now smooth newly regenerated skin.

The only outward signs of her time in medbay are an eyepatch over her left eye, a large bandage over most of her back, and a canvas grocery bag in each hand loaded down with various items she's been brought during her medical incarceration. Chief amongst these is a large teddy bear that's riding at the top of one bag. She's walking carefully, almost sneaking really, towards the entrance of the sea hub to try and not run into anyone on her way out. This effort proves to be pointless as Daxton is there right as she turns the corner. She doesn't jump as she's not really surprised, but she does let out a sigh, "Well there goes that plan."

Drats. Daxton pauses in his walk to turn and look at whoever is talking. It's a very different looking Tabitha. He blinks, his blue eyes taking the younger girl in before he smiles gently, "Hey Tabs. Making an escape?" He steps over and offer his hands out in a gimmie motion for the bags. Least he can do is carry them for her as she escapes.

Tabitha nods as she hands over the bags, but retrieves the large teddy bear to hold onto. "Yep. The doctors let me out, but I wanted to get down to the dorms without a fuss. I'm in desparate need of a shower and change of clothes." Standing near like she is, and with the shiny smooth bald head not hidden under any hair, it wouldn't be hard to notice that she's a touch taller than she was a week ago. And as she's barefoot it's not her shoes. "And you? I see you got a tux. Looking good in it, too."

Daxton nods in understanding. Well, as much understanding as he can have about it. "Sure…let's get you back to your room then." He'll start walking towards the stairs to go down to the dorm hub. "Where's Jacob? Is everything ok?" He's not blink and saw the weirdness last time he was around both of them. Or maybe it was just weird for him and the new girl. He doesn't really know anymore. "I wish." About the escape. "I guess I don't look like a total idiot in it." He glances down to the bags in his hands and then forward, eyeing the area as they go. No eye contact today it seems.

"No, you look handsome. And if you keep your head down as much as possible, I'm sure tonight won't be as horrid as you fear." Tabitha doesn't try to force any eye contact, she just keeps pace with Daxton down the stairs. "With Jacob? Yeah, things are alright there as far as I know. I just don't think Alison realized that Jacob and I were dating. There was probably some flirting going on, or something like that." She seems unconcerned about the possibility, perhaps oddly so but perhaps not.

Daxton keeps his eyes down, especially at the compliment. It's weird, all of it. So better to just not acknowledge it, right? "I'm out as soon as they'll let me. After they do the announcements and dance and crap." that's his hope, anyway. "Yeah, I don't think she knew." It's not a complete surprise she's not upset, they have an open relationship or something. Dax really doesn't understand it, but if they're both happy then…good for them?

Tabitha nods at Daxton's plans for prom. "Sounds like a solid plan to me. When you escape you should come down to Athena, hang out with us, some movies, and whatever snacks we can scavenge." Once they reach the ocean floor hub she points her steps towards the Athena dorm, only now realizing that her plans of a quiet retreat to her room were likely in vain from the start. There's a bustle inside the common room and down the dorm halls as people are getting ready for the prom. She stops short of actually going down the entry hall, her hand going up to make sure her eye patch is still firmly in place. "Gah! Shouldn't they be out to dinner or something? I could really go for some invisibility powers about now."

Daxton makes a noise, indicating he heard her, but it's not a confirmation that he'll do it. He smirks down at her, "Good luck." The bags are handed back, he's not going into the lions den with her, "They've probably getting ready for prom, or the not prom party." That she just mentioned. "I'm glad you're feeling better Tabs."

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