(2016-05-20) John Hughes Next Hit
John Hughes Next Hit
Summary: Talk about teenage drama
Date: 2016-05-20
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Ares Dorm

Working on the weekends can sometimes be difficult, especially when there are school events that run around the same time. Oliver is 'on call' for work on Friday, but he's actually asked to work double shifts on both Saturday and Sunday as Alumni and Parents Weekend is always a little rough on him. His Social Worker promises to come, but she's almost always swamped with work and unable to actually get there…on her dime, no less.

Maybe it's the heightened energy around school, maybe it's restlessness due to many different things, but Oliver has come into the Ares Dorm Hub without express invitation. He's not exactly a strange face there, but he's not of the team despite recruiting efforts to the contrary. Instead of striding up to Grayson's dorm room, he actually goes to knock at Felicia's and AnnaLiesa's door.

"Hold on." Felicia's familiar voice is heard saying from the other side of the door. A few moments pass and then she is opening it and peering at Oliver a moment before she "Ohs." as if she expected it to be someone else and is surprised at who it is. Though if the blue fuzzy robe she wears firmly tied around her is any indication she probably wasn't really expecting anyone at all "Hey Oliver." she peers behind him and then back to him "What up? Are you here to try to talk Dax into taking you to prom?" again.

Oliver arches an eyebrow at the reaction when the door is opened, "Sorry to disappoint you?" is offered before he peeks into the room some, "Can I come in…or do you want to come out? Or…do you have time?" He notes the robe, "Getting ready for something? Prom?" He can't help but grin at that. As she looks behind him he turns around to see if anyone is there, "No…I think Daxton's afraid of me or something. Or I freak him out. Or…I dunno, but he can barely look me in the eye most times." He lifts a shoulder in a shrug before asking, "I just had a question. I guess it can wait…it's not urgent or anything."

Felicia chuckles a bit "You aren't a disappointment." she glances back inside her room "I'll come out, Anna is getting ready." she steps out closing the door behind her "I have time." though she doesn't answers about the whole getting ready for prom thing. She'll let him assume whatever. "Oh, he's like that with everyone, not just you. I think it is a dominance thing, he'll get better once he gets used to everyone." she cants her head at him "Fire at will, man."

"A dominance thing…like with wolves?" That much Oliver seems to understand. "So he doesn't look me in the eye because he considers me dominant?" That's a new one. He's been called 'obnoxious' and 'pushy' and 'nosy', but never dominant. "Huh." He takes a step back as Felicia exits the room and goes over to lean against the arm of one of the sofas in the Hub. "Eh. It's not a huge deal. I'm just…I dunno. Considering changing my look. Maybe not too much at first…a different hair color or eye color or frame," he looks down at himself. "What do you think? I know you don't like long hair on guys."

A shrug is given "I guess so. He only makes eye contact when he is angry or upset about something, so makes sense." Felicia is no expert on the subject so she could be totally off base here "Why?" she looks at Oliver in an appraising fashion, "You look fine to me. And I'm sure Grayson likes how you look now. What's it matter why I like and don't like? As long as you are happy with how you look what's it matter what everyone else things?"

Oliver slides from the armrest to the sofa, "I don't know why. I know Grayson likes the way I look…even though I could look however he wanted me to. I just…I don't know with Grayson. I don't know how long it will be until I'm going to feel like I'm forced to choose between him and my friends. I don't want that to happen, but he's so insular." He gives a sigh before he looks over at Felicia, "A new look means you get to start over, right? Kind of? I guess maybe not so much here."

There's a pause, "I guess I could not be shifted at all…"

It's shortly before the prom goes into full swing. Maybe an hour give or take, and those that are going are off getting ready to do so. Oliver and Felicia don't appear to be in that category, or at least Oliver doesn't. Felicia, that's questionable, she is in a fuzzy blue robe, tied securely around her, so either she was getting ready and was interrupted or just settling for a night of movies and popcorn. One of the two. Either way she is talking to Oliver "We are trying with Grayson." maybe not as hard as they could but Rome wasn't built in a day ya know "Hopefully it never comes down to that. Having to choose." his question has her shrugging "I think for that you would have to change your look and your school. You've been going here to long for just the one to be effective." there is a thoughtful hmmm "You wouldn't be able to leave the school like that."

"I appreciate that. That you guys are trying. I'm sure he does too even if he doesn't say it." Oliver leans back on the sofa and looks up to the ceiling before he turns his head to look at Felicia, "I hope it never comes to that either. I mean, I think that either it will or he'll learn that he doesn't really need me anymore and move on. Which I guess is a good thing," Oliver gives a little smile then. It grows even though Felicia mentions that he'd have to change schools if he changed his look too drastically, "Would I though? I mean, people here know what I can do. And if I'm purple, I'd just be purple here but shift when I had to leave the school." An arm is flung over his eyes, "Ugh. I just feel restless!"

Daxton's not had the best week, but here he is, as promised. The speedster cleans up nice, one can't argue that, although that tired look is still hanging on him. But it's now combines with a quite resolve. He's going into a battle field, that's his ordered. The tuxedo isn't the fanciest, but it fit's him, and the blue bow tie matches his eyes. The lady who fitted him insisted on it, since he didn't have a date at the time of the fitting. Dax steps out of his room, as ready as he ever will be. He's hoping to find some caffeine, maybe a pot of coffee before he has to go out there, which means he has to venture outside of his room. It looks like he even spent some time putting goop in his hair to get it to do something other than just be on the top of his head. The two on the couch get a glance, but he doesn't interrupt, instead heads to the kitchen area in hopes of some liquid salvation.

Rosa looks exhausted as she comes out of her room. She was in frog form 'til late, wallowing off the shore where nobody would see her. It was that or turn into a frog here, in this room, and eat Zander whole. Or let the stupid elf stab her in the heart for trying. Still, she's around and about, and her hair is passable, and her glasses are straight. She's not wearing anything that looks like a prom dress, though, if such a thing were expected. "Hi," she says, nodding to Oliver and Felicia, clutching her hands behind her back as she notes, "You look good in a tuxedo, Daxton."

"The whole starting over thing though requires going where no one knows who you are or what you are like." Felicia just nods at the other stuff about Grayson. That is between the two of them and has nothing to do with her. As Daxton comes out her attention turns to him "Hey. Looking sharp Dax. Good call with the blue." she would say that it is her favorite color. A hand goes into her robe pocket, ready with the Monster in case he doesn't find what he is looking for in the kitchenette. "Heya Rosa." she lifts her other hand in greeting to the younger girl "You not sleeping well either?" seems that is going around, hopefully she doens't catch it.

Oliver looks over at the new sounds, his expression widening into a grin, "Looking good, Daxton! Very regal." He then sits up and offers Rosa a smile, "Hey. Sorry that I'm crashing your Hub…" but it seems that the bulk of his friends are on the same team! "Should I go and let you guys get ready?" is asked before he turns to Felicia, "I don't know that I want to start over, really. Just…I dunno. Feel like something needs to change. Maybe. You ever feel restless like that?"

Daxton grumbles something at the compliments, hard to tell if it's a Thank You or a swear word. It's too late in the afternoon for there to be coffee made, so he pulls a soda from the fridge. Better than nothing. With a crack the can is opened and then he drinks it down rather quickly as he steps back into the room. Confusion flashes across his features, first at Felicia in a bathrobe, and then Rosa in her regular outfit. "Where's your dress?" He looks between the two girls and then looks to Oli tiredly. Dax was out late last night running. The poor trails around the school will never be the same.

There is a wince from Felicia at Oliver's choice of words but she waves off his concern "You're fine Oliver. You aren't stopping anyone from getting ready." she does give a nod "Yeah, but when you are in a hospital and then a rehab facility, restless in normal." but probably not in the same way he is talking, but close. The question from Dax has her looking at him a moment and then rocking on her bare heels a moment, yeah she is trying that innocent look but she can't pull it off "What dress?" she is an awful liar.

Oliver looks between Daxton and Felicia when Daxton mentions a dress, "Are you sure?" He also turns to look at Rosa. His mouth opens as if to say something, but he just closes it and watches, blue-green eyes intent. If anything, conversations with Ares can be intense! It's almost a shame he doesn't have any popcorn.

Daxton's is already dressed up in his tux and blue bow tie that match his eyes. Currently he's leaning against wall near the kitchen, finishing up a can of soda and giving the other three people in the room a slightly confused look. Is he not remembering yesterday correctly? It's a little bit fuzzy. Rosa's silence nobly increases the frown, but he looks over to Fel, who's clearly hiding something. He's too tired to fight so he just shakes his head. He responds with a quiet, "Whatever." The can gets tossed into the nearest garbage can.

"I'm sure." Felicia answers Oliver, though she can't really answer for any else in the room, but they didn't speak up so she is guessing it is. At Dax's frown and perhaps confusion she takes a few steps toward him "You can still decide not to go, Dax. If it bothers you that much I'm sure the teachers would understand." she knows that isn’t all of what is bugging him, but it is one that is least complicated at the moment.

Oliver looks between the others before shifting on the sofa, "Should I go? I don't want to get in the middle of anything," even though he sort of already is. "I don't want this to sound patronizing and I'm sorry if it does, but I think it's awesome that you're going to Prom, Daxton, even though you don't want to. You look great."

Jared comes out from his dorm room. For once not keeping to the side and staying in the shadows. Instead just glancing about. Studying those present. Raising a brow at Daxton and what he's wearing. Not sure what to do. A book in his hands, closed. Along with pen and notebook. Frozen in place for now.

Daxton's head shakes, his gooped up hair not moving at all. "I'm already in the monkey suit." He's well aware of what she's been calling it. Rosa slinks off back into her room, and Dax frowns more. To Oliver and Fel, "I thought she was going with me." That would explain the question and confusion, anyway. He reaches up and rubs his eyes before sighing. He's not annoyed, just confused. Fel gets another look, a silent plea of some sort when Oliver speaks. He will answer, "Yeah…apparently I clean up ok. And I know how to tie a bow tie." Weird.

She probably has been, but his was the only one that was called that. Derek's was too, and other guy's tux for that matter. Felicia is equal opportunity when it comes to teasing. When Jared comes in she glances at him, wearing a blue fuzzy robe and everything and gives him a upward nod "Heya Jared." she knows his name at least, even if she doesn't know him that well. Catching the pleading look from Dax she is confused and glances at Rosa's door, frowning a moment before looking back at him "Did you want backup?" she asks him with tentative confusion.

Oliver also glances to Rosa's door as she heads back to her room. He then turns to look at Daxton, "Did you actually -ask- her to go with you? Or did you just think she'd figure it out on her own? I don't think she can read minds, so…maybe you should, you know, say the words?" Also, isn't it kind of late to be asking someone to prom? Don't they have to buy dresses and stuff?

Oliver offers a nod to Jared when he comes in, "Oh, don't mind them. Pre-Prom jitters."

Jared does only catch Rosa's door closing as he came out. Just following the others' gazes to the door before looking back at the group. "Hello. Felicia?" He offers to Felicia, tilting his head. Trying to see if he got that right. Still trying to know who's who of the Ares team. Not recognizing Oliver though, just nodding slowly at the words. "Ah. Prom." Trying to ponder what that is like. Having heard a lot of people talking about it lately. Shifting his stance, letting the things he's holding move from one hand to the other. Taking a careful step forward. Not wanting to disturb them too much. Feeling small as he's just a freshman.

Daxton's jaw tightens, he knows he didn't imagine yesterday! He takes a few calming breaths before shaking his head, "No. I assumed, after the two of you cornered me about it and forced me into agreeing to needing a date…" His gaze goes to Fel and his head shakes again, "I'll talk to you later." He's not going to get all riled up, again. Jared gets a nod, "Yeah. Pre-Prom Jitters. Fuck." He starts to head for the door, he's either going to be very early for Prom, or is going to go find somewhere to hide for a bit.

"That's me." she confirms to Jared that she is indeed Felicia. With all the drama in the air she doesn't go her usual and claiming she is someone else in the room and that person is Felicia. Hearing Oliver she frowns at him "Hey, let's keep the asshats in our pockets." she tells him, even if he has a point the way he brought it up was tactless. Then Daxton speaks up and she is looking between the pair of them "They did what now?" the unfazeable Felicia sounds fazed "You did that? Uncool. This isn't a 1986 Molly Ringwald film, no one /needs/ a date to prom." clearly trying to force things on other people isn't something she approves of, doubly so when it is one of her teammates, even if the person doing the forcing is one of her best friends. Poor Jared, what did he walk in on. "I'll be around." she tells Dax as he starts to leave.

"Wait, what? We didn't force him into needing a date!" Oliver stands up now, looking between Felicia and Daxton. "Rosa and I offered to go as moral support since he seemed really nervous and upset about going alone! No one -said- that he needed a date!" He almost looks a little hurt, "What the heck, man? Maybe that's what you perceived, but that's not what we said."

Jared just blinks, dates and forcing and all kind of stuff. Not being used to this kind of drama. Clenching his jaws. Pondering if he should say something. Then moving to leap into a seat. "Sounds weird." Forcing dates that is. Tilting his head and blinks. Not sure what's up with these guys.

Daxton turns and raises an eyebrow at Oli, "You offered. And then offered again. And I kept saying no, I didn't want a date. And then you both pushed and pushed, why do you think I finally said fine?" He's upset as well, "I was upset about going, not upset about going alone." He shakes his head and looks at Fel, "Whatever, it doesn't matter. Let it go." He'd rather not everyone start fighting again because of him.

Jared gets an so sorry look from Felicia. This is probably the last thing he expected when he came out of his room. Though considering Ares rep, maybe it should have been the first. She wasn't there so she doesn't know what happened between the three of them but listens to what they both have to say before speaking up. "Oliver, you can be a bit pushy. Rosa too." she knew he was upset about going, it never occurred to her that he would be upset about going, and since he hasn't that part doesn't matter. She is pretty sure if it didn't matter he wouldn't be storming off about it, and since she doesn't want anymore fighting either she nods at him "Okay." she lets it go, for now at least.

Oliver gives a sigh, "And Daxton can be vague. Thanks, Felicia, I know my faults, but don't put all of this on me, ok?" He actually looks rather frustrated even as he shakes his head and steps towards the Ocean Hub. "I hope that you do manage to have fun, Daxton. I'm sorry if I was pushy, but…you have to learn how to talk to people!" He does actually seem sorry…and frustrated at the same time.

Jared does just nod to Felicia as she gives him that look. Studying the other boys as well. Just watching how this unfolds for now, like watching a drama show. Though with him more confused than anything. Not sure if he should do something, ignore it, or just watch. Opening his mouth but then closing it again. Rising to his feet though.

oh no. Dax is storming off, not Oliver. His Teammates get a nod and he leaves the hub, shaking his head at Oliver, whatever retort he has he bites off. Instead he mumbles a, "Yeah, thanks," and then leaves unless anyone else says something to stop him.

Dax storming off upset, Oliver looking to do similar and upset as well. Today really sucks. Maybe she'll get lucky and someone will spike the punch at prom and lighten the mood some…though that could back fire terribly too, but she isn't thinking the latter. "Guys…" she sighs plaintively, wishing there was some big bandaid she could use to make this all better, but that's about it before she is pulling out a Monster and going to flop herself on the sofa "John Hughes would have had a field day with us." talk about teenage drama.

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