(2016-05-20) Another Friday Morning
Another Friday Morning
Summary: Sierra and Felicia have a bit of a chat before breakfast
Date: 2016-05-20
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

Friday, yay! The weekend is nearly here. But first there are eight hours of classes to get through before the fun begins. Which for some mean prom, at least for the juniors and seniors. Who knows what it means for the underclassmen. Ares students are making their way out, solo or in pairs and groups, to head for the cafeteria for breakfast. Felicia isn't quite ready yet as she hops on one foot out of her dorm room slipping her shoe on the foot she isn't hopping on, tie draped around her neck but not tied. "Anna, where'd you go?" she glances around the dorm room but her roommate is nowhere to be seen.

"I have not seen her" offers Sierra with a shrug and a glance around the room. At least she's trying to be helpful. The Mexican has just emerged from her own room but at least is fully dressed in school uniform; though it is already starting to fray and look a bit more casual than it should. Ironing is so not Sierra's thing. A bundle of books in her arms even though they are off to breakfast. "How are you, Felicia?" At least she's talking to others now…and even trying a smile!

Felicia nods to Sierra "She's probably with Derek." so gross, an her tone and expression relates that. She goes over to Derek's room and pounds on the door "Anna are you fraternizing with Derek?!" apparently not according to the grumbled complaining coming from the other side "Sorry!" she sighs and looks back at Sierra "I'm good. My only complaint that my roomie left me to fight the battle of the tie by myself this morning." she looks down at her hanging tie "So far its tie three, Felicia zero."

Sierra watches her irate team mate banging on doors with a curious expression on her cocked head. "Anna goes to Derek's room to stay the night? Is that even allowed?" She is shocked! And wonders if she can do the same thing. "Battles? Ties? Are we fighting someone? Should I get my costume?" A jerk of her thumb back to her room. "No one tells me anything" she pouts before what was meant slowly makes itself clear. "Oh…the /tie/. I can help with that. I have lots of brothers…and uncles…and cousins…but only one father" she smiles before placing her books down and making her way over to Felicia. "You do not like Derek?"

The insinuation of Anna spending the night with Derek has her blinking a moment "What?..No! Gross!" Felicia shakes her head adamantly "It's not allowed and Grayson," Derek's roommate "would never put up with that." anyone with Derek is just ewww, especially Anna. Sierra's confusion about the tie is enough to get her mind of that though and she laughs "I'd rather go to battle than go to class, but yes the tie." with the offer of tie help she meets her teammate half way and lifts her chin. Considering her family situation she skips over that talk and goes straight to the question "I do not. He cheated on Anna, that's unforgivable." in her book at least.

"If he cheated on her then why does she still see him?" Sierra asks as she starts doing up the tie. "You have this…how about we start again?" After undoing the tie she places it around Felicia's neck again. "Does Grayson have a girlfriend? He might stay at her room the nights that Anna stays here?" Sierra's being helpful again. "Though I think it would be pretty gross too. Uggh…boys. Can you tell me about this prom thing, Felicia?"

"I have no idea. I told her she should just forget about him and move on. I don't get it." Felicia shakes her head again but otherwise stays still so Sierra can work impeded. "Grayson has a boyfriend. But I doubt Oliver would be having Grayson sleeping in his room." her chin kinda drops to watch what Sierra is doing "I have nothing against a bit of fooling around not and again, but with Derek…just no." she seems adamant about her feelings on Derek "Prom? It's just a dance where everyone dresses fancy and they crown the most popular girl and boy as king and queen. And in our case prince and princess." she does't see the point in a school this small.

"A popularity contest?" That seems to disappoint Sierra. Not that she ever expected to be crowned anything but it's sad to see it based on that. "And I do not have any fancy clothes either." She stops what she is doing to look concerned for a moment. "Do we /have/ to go?" There seems to be a lot of compulsory stuff that goes on in this place. "I think that Anna is very much your best friend and you care about her a lot. This is good. I hope that she feels the same way about you. And Grayson has a boyfriend? So it is alright to do that here? Have a close friend who is the same sex? They would not allow it back home." Finishing off the tie she steps back and admires her handiwork. "Done. Now time for breakfast, si?"

"That's what all those teen tv shows and movies tell me yes." Felicia gives another glance down "I was dragged too I think every store in town shopping for a dress with Anna. Apparently she didn't have anything fancy enough either. Dress shopping I guess is a highlight of the prom expereince." then a shake of her head "We don't /have/ to, but it is highly encouraged. I don't know if I am going yet or not." though ever since she has heard about it she has adamantly stated she isn't, something must have changed. "No one here cares who you are friends with, date or fool around with." unless they are Derek apparently "You might gets looks in town or other places, but you aren't going to get in trouble or attacked because of it." she smoothes the tie down, giving a smile to Sierra "Thanks! Yeah, let's go eat."

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