(2016-05-19) Planning a Rescue in ICU
Planning a Rescue in ICU
Summary: During Kaylee's daily visit to Tabitha, the pair discuss Lynzee's fate and what to do about it.
Date: 2016-05-19
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You have to wonder about how doctors deal with certain things. Trying to balance meals with the occasional gruesome details of their work has to be a regular concern, but today did the ones working on Tabitha just decide that food wasn't worth the risk or was her partially flayed state even a blip on their radar? But however the doctors handled it, Tabitha has not been taking it lying down. Or standing up, for that matter. Once the last sections of her scarred flesh, the one on the left-hand third of her head had been removed she was returned to her room in a seated position for the final stage of her treatment… the reactivation of her enhanced healing. The hope has always been that without any trace of scar tissue remaining her skin will heal back as actual skin.

So far, so good it seems. With only the bare minimum energy input to allow her healing to work (in case it goes wrong at some point and they have to stop it again), she's not healing fast and it's starting from the foot and traveling upwards. To prevent interference the flayed flesh isn't covered or concealed at all so she looks like one of those biology class anatomical dummies where it's normal looking from one side but skinless horror show from the other. She's not even wearing an actual medical gown right now, she just has part of one taped down over her intact side so she's not sitting there on a one butt cheek chair bare-ass naked.

The healing has progressed far enough that her left leg, hip, ass, and part of her back and side are now fully fleshed and normal looking. On the good side the scars haven't returned. On the bad side she looks like a high school girl version of Two Face.

Which means it's probably pretty lucky for Kaylee, who is already a little skittish, that she's not wearing her glasses as she makes her way in to Tabitha's room. As usual, she stops and sticks a hand in first, waving and calling, "It's Kaylee! Can I come in!" before walking right in, anyway. However, even if she's blind, skin reflects light differently than muscle. Also, where is Tabitha's hair? Kaylee stops short, looks around, and then turns back to stick her head outside the door to make sure she did come to the right room. Huh. Still uncertain and a little bewildered, Kaylee asks, "Tabitha?"

No, the duty nurse didn't play a cruel trick on Kaylee. Yes, this is Tabitha's post-ICU recovery room, and yes she's got no hair because there was scar tissue under the hair and they decided 'off with some, off with all'. When Kaylee sticks her hand in and announces herself, Tabitha looks over towards the door. "Yeah, of course you can Kaylee. Just make sure you've got your glasses off, yeah? I look like a zombie movie corpse prop right about now." Then Kaylee comes in and does her 'is this the right place' thing Tabitha lets out a long sigh. "Yep… that's me. A look so nasty even the blind can see."

Kaylee blinks at Tabitha's reaction and frowns, planting fists on her hips. "That is NOT TRUE, Tabby," she argues, brow furrowing. "You know I can't read signs without my glasses, so when I stepped in and didn't recognize your shape, I wanted to check. You don't look nasty at all. Just different. And I'm not gonna let you talk bad about yourself, because you're my friend and I don't let anybody talk bad about my friends. So you can just cut that out right now," she demands. She then walks over and slides her bag off of her shoulder, fishing in to it and producing a king size kit kat bar. "I didn't know what kind of candy bars you liked, so I got you a kit kat. I'm sorry if you don't like it." She still sounds a little miffed by Tabitha's previous comment.

The intact and be-skinned right side of Tabitha's face (which incidentally is also the only side with an eye for now as the previous damage reached down into her left eye socket) regards Kaylee with a look that is equal parts grateful and cynical. "Kaylee, you are a joy of my life and I love you forever, and I absolutely love Kit Kats." She takes a breath and gestures at herself with her right arm before returning it to the grip she was holding to help herself remain upright as she heals. Kaylee's gift teddy bear is right there as well. "Just remember that I've been able to see myself the whole time this week. One should not be able to see the insides of their own flesh. I'm not trying to say I'm ugly, but honestly I think I'm a vegetarian now." This last bit is spoken with a touch of humor. Really, she's not coming down on herself she's just really grossed out and hates that her own body is what's doing it.

Kaylee mrrrs a little at Tabitha's explanation. "Wellllll … that had better be it, then," she allows, a skeptical look on her face as though she doesn't trust that Tabitha's telling the entire truth with it. But, she can't prove it one way or another, so instead, she unintentionally makes a joke. "I've just always believed it's more important to be beautiful on the inside, than on the out." She then hands the king sized kit-kat to her companion and comes closer. She pulls another chair over so she can sit right next to Tabitha, totally unphased by her current lack of skin. Or hair. Or clothes! And then she realizes, "Hey! Now I don't have to lay on the floor to talk to you!"

Tabitha reaches over with her right hand to hold Kaylee's once her visitor is seated next to her. "Sweetie, think about what you just said. I really don't think that phrase was meant to be applied literally." Then she winks. Or maybe she blinks. When you only have one eye and one eyelid, is there a difference? The Kit Kat is put down on the side table along with the growing pile of Kaylee-supplied treats that she isnt' allowed to eat just yet, but which will form her entire food intake for at least a day once she's allowed to consume anything other than liquids. The remark about not needing to lie down to talk is met with a nod but also a sigh, "Yeah, but that always made it like a sleepover."

Kaylee blinks a little and then grimaces. "Oh," she says, sheepishly as Tabitha squeezes her hand. She doesn't mind the fact that half of what she's brought is not allowed yet. It's the thought that counts, right? And since Kaylee can't really do much but bring stuff, she's brought enough stuff to beat the band. "A sleepover?" she asks, headtilting as she considers that. Then, she smirks and shrugs her shoulders. "I dunno. We couldn't braid each other's hair or really talk about boys. This summer, we're definitely going to have to fix that," she says, grinning.

"Well, I can braid your hair at least. I have no idea when I'll be getting mine back." Tabitha grins and leans over to rest her bald head (strictly the fully fleshed side) on Kaylee's shoulder briefly. "And the whole talking about boys thing definitely." Then she frowns thoughtfully, "Although out here it'd be tough to get take-out at 3am." Then she brightens. "Unless Daxton's on shift, that is." She leans back as if she were going to rest against the back of her chair. Except the chair has no back to speak of because neither does she just yet. She catches herself before falling over and sits up straight again. "So what's the latest skinny on happenings out beyond these pale cream walls?"

Which reminds Kaylee of the important update she needed to share! She smiles again and pats her shoulder again, totally okay with being leaned on. There seems to be some sort of general concensus going around that she makes a good pillow. "Actually …," Kaylee trails off. She looks around for a second and then closes her eyes, concentrating for a moment. Then, she whispers to (a hopefully much closer) Tabitha. "I went looking for what happened to Lynzee, and we kinda found something."

Tabitha leans back onto Kaylee's shoulder after stopping herself from falling backwards because she's not opposed to having someone to lean on. But when Kaylee mentions that she was looking into what happened to Lynzee she stiffens, but doesn't sit up. Because this is a topic that the medical staff have kept from her entirely and she doesn't want them escorting Kaylee out for 'upsetting the patient'. "Did you find anything? I know staff has been trying to figure those monkey-imp things out, but you know how they hate keeping us students in the loop."

Kaylee nods, keeping her eyes closed as she pushes her 'vision' out as best she can with a door in the way. "I did. There's this crack in the wall in the laundry room. Except, in the crack is this dark … spot, I guess. It doesn't reflect any light, it's not glowing, and even when I tried pouring everything I could into it, there was no effect," Kaylee continues whispering. "It looked SO weird. Kept waving a little, kinda like a flame, but nothing actually touched it. I can't tell if it's not reflecting light, or if light's justp assing through it, or what. Somebody said it might actually be a portal," Kaylee explains.

Tabitha listens while Kaylee fills her in and keeps watch. She'd help on the keeping watch part, but her aura is weak and a bit busy at the moment. She listens, growing more concerned as Kaylee describes what the portal was like and how her powers interacted with it. "A portal?" She grimaces at this. "I really wish I knew more about magic so I could be helpful somehow. Once I'm out of here, though…" She doesn't say anything specific because she can't think of anything that she could actually do to help, but like Kaylee she just feels the need to do anything to try.

Kaylee reaches over and gives Tabitha's non-healing knee a squeeze. "Your mission is to get better, Tabby," she admonishes. "I'm going to get back in to the laundry room and try something to see if it's really a portal. If it is … well, I'm gonna go to staff. But if they don't do anything, then we're gonna go try to rescue her. If you're all better by then, you're definitely welcome to tag along. But, like I said, you get better, first!" She then nuzzles her cheek against the top of Tabitha's head as she leans on her. "I wish I could stay longer tonight, but there's a bunch I have to do, just in case. So I'll let you know, tomorrow, what's up."

Tabitha nods, reaching around to hug Kaylee before she stands up. "You'll want to talk to Lady Fascinate or Mister Enigma. They were the ones that did some kind of funky thing with the first demon imp while Bev, Steff, Lynzee, and I guarded them. So they'd know the most."

Blinking, Kaylee smiles and nods, and then wraps both her arms around Tabitha's good arm and hugs it super duper tight. "Thanks, Tabby. You're the best. Heal fast!" And then, Kaylee will hurry out of the room to go and do the other stuff she has to do.

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