(2016-05-18) Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours
Summary: Tabitha gets some visitors, both returning and new.
Date: 2016-05-18
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Scene Runner: Tabitha

Sideways progress is still progress. Since being admitted to the medbay on Friday and moved to the ICU section on Saturday, Tabitha's condition has gone from unknown to critical to critical but stable and is now listed as 'serious but improving'. Her sleeping position has changed in the last couple days, too. No longer face down on something that's a cross between massage table and medical bed, she's now lying on her right side with her left leg and arm supported in a delicate aparatus similar to traction to keep them elevated and immobile. Her back and left side are also still concealed behind blue surgical cloth held away from her body, keeping the treatment's progress hidden from casual view.

Her attitude has taken a drastic turn for the better since Monday, when her caretaker Nathaniel King arrived to sign off on her treatment and keep her company. That plus the now daily visits from her 'social spy' Kaylee have kept her spirits on the rise even now that she's in an even more awkward sleeping position. Right now she's got her room's small TV on watching cartoons while holding the teddy bear Kaylee brought her and sipping broth from a large thermos.

There's a knock on the door frame and Daxton is leaning against it. Blue eyes study the girl's new position, "Hey." That seems better and worse now. he's look at her, but no eye contact is made, "Feeling any better?" He pushes off the door, "Want company?"

Tabitha can at least move her head in this position. The surgical cloth concealing a good chunk of her body doesn't extend up past her neck. Her neck and face still show her burn scars on the left side, not looking any different than they did before this mess. When the knock is heard she turns to look and since Daxton isn't looking her in the eyes he'll just have to trust the smile that's in her voice since he might not be able to see it on her face. "Hey, Dax! I'm feeling a lot less crappy and yes I want company. You doing alright?"

Daxton smirks softly and steps in. He's wearing the school uniform, but does have what looks like his math book with him. "I'm still here." Was there an option he wasn't going to be? "I'm glad you're feeling better. Need anything?" He glances towards the TV. "Did you get your iPad back yet?"

Tabitha quirks an eyebrow at Daxton's phrasing, "I'd ask 'why wouldn't you be here', but that topic's come up too often. I'll just say that I'm very glad you are still here." She shifts her position a tiny bit, wincing as she pulls against the traction lines then settles again. "I'm alright for now, although I wouldn't complain if I could get my water pitcher refilled?" Then she shakes her head. "Not yet. I pointed Kaylee your way because last I saw it you had it. I'm guessing that's not the case anymore, though?"

Daxton grunts, not wanting to get into it either. "Careful." He immediately moves to refill the pitcher. "No…I gave it to Violet…I assumed she'd have given it to you by now. Sorry." The water is filled and brought over. "Cold ok now? Or is warm better still?"

"Warm is always better. Cold things are the devil." Tabitha smiles gratefully at the favor of more water, then nods about the pad. "Yeah, Vi hasn't been by yet. But that just means it'll be easy for Kaylee to grab since those two are roomies." She uses her aura to put the long straw back into the water pitcher and takes a long drink. "Ah. Thank you. So pull up a chair and stay a while. Fill me in on how you've been since I cacked out on you," she gets a very embarassed and apolgetic look on her face at this point. "Which some day after I'm upright again I will make up to you. I know it wasn't exactly my choice but I'm so sorry you were here when it happened."

Daxton watches th straw float, "I can try to get you some coffee or something?" He can sneak into the cafeteria if she wants. He shrugs, but then grabs the chair and swings it around, sitting on it backwards. His leg starts bounbcibng right away and shrugs, "Got my tux." He finally smirks, resting his chin on his arms, "You don't need to Tabs." He finally glances up and makes eye contact, "I just hope you get better."

Tabitha's expression is soft and friendly when Daxton makes eye contact. "I will get better. The treatment is going well. I'll be getting my final 'shaving' tomorrow morning." Her right hand is shifted so that she strokes her still visible face and neck scars. "Kinda wondering what I'll look like when it's all over. I've never seen my own face." Her smile widens a bit but isn't at all mocking when he mentions having his tux. "So you decided to go to the prom, or you're just following good tactics and setting up a back-up plan?" She doesn't pursue the subject of being sorry he had to witness her heart attack, but knowing her it hasn't been put from her mind.

Tabitha is situated in the ICU section of the medbay in a private room near the back of the complex. She's currently lying in a complex traction setup that has her lying on her right side with her left arm and leg up suspended by lines and the left side of her body from the neck down concealed behind light blue surgical cloth. Only her nead and neck are visible. She's got a pitcher of water and a pitcher of broth on the table in front of her face, both with long straws. She also has a fluffy teddy bear tucked up in her right arm. Daxton is up by her bedside, the two of them talking about various things.

Daxton's nose wrinkles in empathy, "God, Tabs. I'm sorry." His head tilts, "You'll still be you. Nothing is going to change." The speedster sighs, eyes glancing around the room, "I was told it would behoove me to go." He doesn't sounds happy about it. "If I can get out of it I still will." but he's not thinking that's going to happen. Dax has a math text book on the floor and he leans over, pulling out another red folded piece of paper. "Are ya free after tomorrow?"

It wasn't a straight journey from the cafeteria to the MedBay for Alison and Jacob. Alison insisted on stopping by the commissary first to buy some things first. And now, the brunette girl cautiously pokes her head into the room, looking around a bit first. "Ummm….hello?" she starts cautiously. "My name's Alison. You don't know me, but I'm a new addition to Athena, and I just wanted to stop by and…well…say hello and see how you're doing." She steps more fully into the room, then continues. "I was having breakfast with Jacob and he said it would be okay to stop by. So.." Alison hold out her hands, and there's a small teddy bear, some flowers, and a small 'Get Well' card all bundled together. "I didn't know what you like, so I went for the trifecta," she says with a smile. Then, Alison notices Daxton, and she gives him a smile and a nods. "Hi there. Hope I'm not intruding too badly…"

Is it a bad sign that the on-campus commissary /has/ Get Well cards in stock? In any case, Jacob decided to go a slightly different route, heading over and holding out what turns out to be a snowglobe depicting a California beach party. Because if California beaches are known for anything, it's snow. There's a guitar somewhere in the picture, too. "Don't worry, Tab, we're gonna bust you out of here any day now. I got a good lead on a cake with a nail file in it."

Tabitha gives Daxton a sympathetic smile, "I'll admit that I'm one of the people that put your name in for that whole prom court thing and voted for you, too. But please don't go if you're only going because of social pressure. You being happy is more important than that kind of high school stuff." She doesn't remark on his 'you'll still be you' assurances, but the gratefulness for his support is clear in her tender, grateful expression. She shrugs, or tries to shrug her right shoulder at his question about her being free after tomorrow.

"I'm not sure. Tomorrow they're removing the last section of scar tissue," the scars on her face and neck. "Then they'll allow me to recharge and stop supressing my regeneration. I'll regrow all the removed skin, hopefully without the scars returning, and then they'll also remove the spells supressing the glyph on my back. Then… whatever happens will happen." Then she nods firmly, "But yes, if all goes well I should be back on my feet in time for dinner tomorrow."

Then there's the two new arrivals, one of whom is Jacob and the other a new face. "Hey there. No, it's not intruding. Good to meet a new Athena face. And thank you for the gifts." A table next to her 'bed' currently just has a red origami guitar on it, plus the teddy bear she's got tucked against her side. Jacob's gift and comment get a chuckle which ends with a wince. "Sounds good, just make sure it's devil's food cake, yeah?"

Daxton frowns, but nods. "Okay. well, maybe on Friday then." He turns and gives the two new Athenas a nod, "Hey." He looks tired but flashes then a quick smile before his eyes go to the paper in his hand which he shoves back into his math book. He inhales and just shakes his head at the prom prince admittance. "It's done. Don't worry about it." He's stuck going, unless he can get injured or kidnapped. Which around here is always a maybe.

Alison smiles at the greeting from Tabitha, feeling a bit more comfortable among the new people she's meeting. Ali moves to put her gifts on the table, listening to the other conversations. Once the gifts are placed, Alison goes back towards the entance to the room. "Well, if you're oing to be better tomorrow night, that sounds like a good deal. Especially if the night after is Prom." Alison smiles and looks between Tabitha and Daxton. "And it also sounds like you'll have another reason to celebrate if you win the Prom King contest. Or are you just part of the Court?"

"You got it," Jacob replies to Tabitha, then pauses and scratches his head for a moment. "Who's in the running for queen, again?" he asks. "I know I saw something about it but I forgot the details." As for Tabitha's upcoming medical procedures? He just looks generally antsy about all that, but doesn't say anything out loud. It's a big huge open-ended thing.

"King and Queen are seniors. Daxton's one of the guys up for Prince." Tabitha also grins at Alison's remark about the timing of her healing and prom. "Oh, I wouldn't be going anyway. I'm just a freshman, plus the double whammy of not being asked and the whole 'hospital' thing." She shifts her eyes to Daxton, not reading his mind but knowing him well enough to understand the various ways one can avoid things here. "Don't go hoping for the alternatives, my friend. For someone like you or me, that's not just tempting fate it's walking up and cock-slapping fate in the face." She makes a 'meh' face to Jacob's question, because shrugging can be painful. "No idea who's up for King or Queen, the senior class is pretty insular this year. But I know that Felicia, Violet, and Annaliesa are Princess nominees." Zero guesses who put her bestie Violet up on the ballot.

A low, slightly annoyed sound come from the potential prom prince, "God, i hope not. I'm not going to live down wearing the money suite as is." He doesn't need to be Prince. He shrugs, "I have no idea about Queen. " He clears his throat and gives a half shoulder shrug to Tabs. "I ain't doing anything." Yet.

"Oh, that sucks," Alison says to Tabitha when she says that she's not going. She looks over at Daxton for a second, trying to figure out why he didn't ask Tabitha, but then gets the clue that they're just freinds. "Well, I guess there's next year, right?" she says optimistically to Tabitha. "But again, awesome if you're goign to be healed up by tomorrow night. Maybe we can do a movie night for all of us not going to prom, then?"

Jacob furrows his brow. "I'm not sure I've met Annaliesa yet, just heard about her. Are she and Felicia roommates or something? And yeah, movie night sounds good to me, something relaxing after all the stress, right?"

Tabitha gives Daxton the look that clearly but silently says 'you're not fooling me'. But she does her part to allow that particular subject to pass. Then she chuckles at Alison's 'next year' remark. "Well, next year I'll still be just a sophmore. And unless something drastic happens over the summer, or he drops the ball on finals, so will my boyfriend." She winks at Jacob at this part. "But yeah, a movie night sounds good. If I'm up to it, I'll be helping my caretaker do his Career Day presentation on Saturday." She gives Daxton a wry glance. "Apparently the glorious bastard is a Coral Springs alumni and never told me."

Daxton wrinkles his nose and looks away. he's got a lot of opinions lately, and doesn't need to share them. Instead he starts to stand, math book in hand, "I should get going. i still need to hit the gym." And then he can dodge any looks from Tabs. Dax frowns slightly at that news, although not much surprises him this week. He nod, "Well, That explains a lot."

With everyone saying that a movie night for the students not going to Prom would be a good idea, Alison is looking pleased with herself. And then, Tabitha mentions that her boyfriend is in the same class. And then, Tabitha eyes Jacob. And suddenly, Alison starts blushing as she gets a bit flustered with realization setting in. She coughs a bit, then gets herself back under control. "Well, that's great," she says with a smile. "If everyone likes the idea, I'll look over some DVD titles, I guess." Alison smiles and rubs the back of her neck some. "Anyways…I should probably get to my morning workout. I just wanted to say hello. Like I said."

At about the same time, Jacob's cheeks turn a lovely little shade of crimson, if only for a second or two. He likes the sound of that, yes he does. Even if he does still manage to stick his foot in his mouth now and then. By the time he glances back over toward Alison, it's too late for him to catch on to her moment of discomfort. "Sounds good. I'll start spreading the word around?"

Maybe it's because she's been stuck in this bed in many awkward and unnatural positions for almost a week, but Tabitha seems to be noticing more and more about what's going on around her lately. So she doesn't miss any of the blushes, discomfort, or sidelong glances. And through all of it, her only reaction is for her gaze to shift from Alison to Jacob and back to Alison and give the other girl a half smirk and a short, "Yep. I know, right?"

Then she nods to Daxton's response about Nathaniel. "Yeah, it does explain a lot. I'm giving him a pass for now, but he's got some 'splaining to do." She says the last bit in a pretty decent Desi Arnez impersonation. Alison gets a smile and nod, "Yeah, thanks for coming by. Sorry we had to meet under these conditions, but it's good to meet you." Jacob also gets a nod, "Yeah, sounds good, Beefy. It'll be good to have a relatively healthy and relaxing weekend, because if I'm back on my feet tomorrow I'll be back into the thick of busy again come Monday. Soooo many rehersals, so little time."

Daxton's blue eyes dart around the room quickly and he inhales, yeah. Time to go. "I'll catch you all later." He gives a small wave, math book in the other hand . He's out before the nurses come to holler.

Alison looks at Tabitha, her eyes and expression tellig the bedridden girl 'sorry', along with the embarassed smile. "Yeah. I'm gonna get going too." She turns to Jacob, her smile tight on her lips. "You two have a good visit." And, again to Tabitha. "Hope to see you up and aaround tomorrow night. Good luck." A wave to them both, and she's on her way out the door.

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