(2016-05-18) Laundry Room Investigations
Laundry Room Investigations
Summary: Kaylee recruits Dax and Felicia to help her with her investigations
Date: 2016-05-18
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Sometimes gym class is just, go practice. Which can be very helpful, for both the students who want to work on their skills, and for those that want to coast through the day. Dax might not want to improve , per say, but moving has always down the speedster well. he's been sprinting up and down the pillars, touching the tops before returning to a set point on the found. Only to turn and repeat it with the next pillar. Hopefully he doesn't get a leg cramp half way up one!

Decked out in her workout gear, Kaylee Blake seems … a little out of sorts. For her, anyway. She's facing a target and alternating firing 'light beams' from her hands, first one, then the other, though she doesn't seem to intent on the practice. After a few minutes, she finally just gives up, sighing and marching towards the bleachers with her brow furrowed. Something is obviously bugging her.

Felicia is doing that coasting thing today. In order to practice with her power it requires things either not found out her or people hitting her with various weapons, and today no one seems willing to do that so she is sitting on the bleachers watching other people do their things. She is wearing the Ares training gear, and a pair of sunglasses over her eyes as she sips at her energy drink. "Hey Kaylee." she greets brightly as she is joined on the bleachers "Ut-oh, what's eating you?" she has become quite familiar with the something is bothering me look over the last few weeks.

Daxton seems to have more stamina than the average human, but that's more the training he's received than any super power. But even that can only go so far and the speedster stumbles as he reaches the ground. He falls and rolls, nothing fancy, stopping in a crouched position. His own Ares suit is looking a little worn.

"Oh! Felicia!" Kaylee chirps when Felicia calls after her. Apparently, she hadn't noticed the girl sitting there? She stops and looks aside for a second, worrying her bottom lip. Then, she returns her 'gaze' to Felicia, obviously not using her 'eyes' at the moment as they're glowing and un-focused. She moves towards her on the bleachers, asking, "Can I talk to you a sec? I … I'm worried."

"And he botches the dismount!" Felicia starts the play-by-play in announcer style voice "Can we recover?" her voice lowers "And will the judges mark down his scores." there is a pause "And he does it!" well mostly, he doesn't face plant. She holds up her hands with seven fingers showing. Her hands are still up but quickly drop when Kaylee requests a talk and expresses worry. "Uhm sure thing."

Daxton hears Felicia, and more importantly knows he nearly broke his face. It's been that kind of week. Instead of flashing her a middle finger he stands, rubbing his neck. He's not been sleeping week, and with the Laundry room off limits, the teen's not had a place to nap.

"Hey, Daxton!" Kaylee calls out, trying to flag the other teen down and convince him to come over, too. She doesn't wait for him to respond, though, instead settling down onto the bleachers next to Felicia. "So … I'm not good at … well …. So, a girl from Prometheus is missing. The last place she was seen was in the Laundry Room. Which is off-limits, now. But … I want to go in there and look around. And … I would like your help. You guys … you were there when it got damaged, right?" And it's incredibly rare to see or hear Kaylee be so serious and subdued about pretty much anything. But the furrow in her brow seems pretty determined.

Felicia watches Dax long enough to make sure he isn't hurt and then turns to Kaylee. She is a bit worried where this is going, but a bit of that goes away when the subject is the missing girl "You mean Lynzee?" she's talked to the girl once or twice but they weren't close or anything "I was there, yeah." things were damaged, of course an Ares was there, but no specific Ares were named, but it is easy to assume that Felicia is one of them "It's not easy sticking an Imp in a washing machine, but I did it." well that explains the buckled washing machine, but not the hole in the wall or the scorch mark.

Hearing his name Dax jobs over, tired and berthing heavy. "What's up?" He's not been super smiling all week either, but forces a brief one if greeting to the two girls. Only hearing the tail end of the issue, he shakes his head, "I wasn't there." Despite what the rumors said.

"… an … imp?" Kaylee asks, surprised. Then her brow furrows again and she shakes her head. "Gosh, not even a month ago, I didn't even know this place existed. And now, I'm gonna go chasing after imps?" she thinks, out loud. Then she sighs and shakes her head again, the determined look returning. "No, I know, Daxy," she tells him, staring off into the space between the two other students. "But, you're fast. And you're strong, Felly. And I'm … well … I want to try and be sneaky. But … that's why I need your guys help. I'm going in there to have a look around. And I'll go in by myself, I don't want you guys to get into any trouble because of me. But … if something happens … well, I'm not fast OR strong." She sighs and looks between the other two students helplessly.

Felicia just shrugs, gesturing to Kaylee to let her explain the situation "Yes, straight up demonic looking too." she adds, acting like fighting an imp was an everyday occurrence. "Are you?" she asks, not exactly sure where this is going for the moment. There is a snigger at the speedsters nickname but then when Kaylee gives her one she just shakes her head "No. Just no." she is not going to answer to Felly. "From what I was told by Harold she disappeared into that crack in the wall." yep the one that Daxton made when he slammed into it. "But that was before I showed up, so I didn't see it myself." it doesn’t take a helpless look to get the teenage titan on board. "You had me at trouble." that's all it takes for her.

Daxton's jaw tightens at the name, but that's the only response he gives to that. He’s just too tired to fight it. Just to be safe, Dax turns and sits on a bleacher below the two girls and starts stretching his legs out, giving him the advantage of looking around and making sure none of the teachers are interested in what they're talking about. He's listening though, and the fact it's his crack makes him feel guilty. He nods slowly, still looking out over the field, "When?"

"… now," Kaylee says. "The teachers are all busy making sure students don't kill themselves or each other while they practice. I … I don't know any excuses. I can say that I didn't see the warning signs, since I don't have my glasses on me and I really can't see them. If you guys can just watch out for me, I just want to go in and look. It won't take very long. We'll be back before the period is over. And if we get caught, it's not gonna matter when we were trying it," Kaylee says. She actually turns fairly pink while she's talking about this, since breaking rules is absolutely not okay in her book. But, she seems absolutely determined to follow through, so.

"This is a lot like that one Doctor Who episode. People disappearing through cracks in the wall." Felicia says "If there is a big eyeball on the other side you're on your own." she jokes, she would never leave any of her schoolmates in that situation. "I can do now." not like she was doing anything anyways. "I can shrink you and I down Kaylee and Dax can get us there, and then I can sneak us in." if she can sneak in and out of the highly secure faculty area of the school, sneaking into the laundry room is cake.

Daxton nods, he can do that. The speedster rubs his neck again before warning Kaylee, "Try to not get motion sick." He's not and a problem wight hat yet, but he's not sure if Kaylee's sight issues will help or hurt with that. He has no pockets currently, so instead the Ares just holds out both hands, one to each girl.

"… shrink?" Kaylee asks, a little leery. But, Felicia seems confident enough in herself, so Kaylee defers and nods. "I don't get motion sickness if I'm not actually looking. The other thing is more just … I dunno. I can just tell where stuff is. Moving doesn't really affect it, since I'm seeing things at the speed of light," she says, hunching her shoulders up to indicate that she really doesn't get it. "I think that's what they said, anyway. But … yeah. One sec," she says, closing her eyes and focusing for a second. After a moment, she nods and opens her eyes again. "Now's good. Everybody's busy."

"It's one of the things I do." herself, people, things, she can shrink them all, and does, often. With them all in agreement she gives an encouraging smile to Kaylee and puts a hand on the other girl's arm "Going down." is the only warning she gives before she shrinks them down. For Felicia it's down to a good 5", and for Kaylee it is whatever size keeps her in proportion with Felicia. All this after she is done talking and ready to go. Jumping to her feet she walks across the bleacher and steps onto the waiting hand.

With a girl in each hand Daxton is suddenly a blur. Dax isn't just moving fast, it's almost like he's teleporting (time jumping), from one moment to the next (Kaylee, it's up to you how your PC would view this). On the bleachers one moment, in the hallway next to the Laundry room the next. He looks down at Fel and says softly, "Shrink me down too?"

This is the laundry room, at the center is full of washing machines, the dryers line the walls. All clear front loading affairs. There are some couches here with a TV so no one has to leave their laundry unattended. In the back is a rail with stairs going down to the main facilities core to run the systems and infrastructure of the establishment. Slightly lower, one can see the panels that say, usually, that everything is functioning with locked doors leading to the facilities themselves.

Presently there is a crack in one of the walls of the room, in the laundry section for students. Thankfully this area isn't near the walls that keep the ocean out. Since the first crack appeared, there is not a bit of crumbled

Daxton gets a thumbs up at the request, but she isn't going to do so when in his hand. Kaylee may have to be put down by Daxton, Felicia just runs off the speedster's hand and jumps. She is small enough where the fall won't do any damage to either her or the floor below. Landing in a crouch with not even a sound she puts a hand on Dax's ankle to bring him down to her level.

Well, that's … odd. The one thing that happens to be faster than light is time, so as Daxton moves, Kaylee gets what equivocates to 'snapshots' of the moments where he steps back into regular space. It's quite … disorienting. But, no motion sickness for Kaylee! She just falls on her butt when they reach their final destination, quite overwhelmed by the travel. She rubs at her temples for several seconds once she's set down. Even in the tiny form, where her vision is that much more limited, it was a freaky experience. Once she's re-oriented herself, she pushes up to her feet and sighs. "Once we get in there, I need to get back to regular size if I'm gonna be able to find anything," she says as she approaches the other two. Then, she grimaces and looks around a little. "Um … anybody know which way the door is?" Because Kaylee literally can't see ANYTHING useful at this size.

Daxton's expecting the shrink from Fel, so there's no flailing or surprise when he's suddenly 6 inches tall. He's just here to taxi, so he motions to Fel or Kaylee to take the lead . "Do you want me watching the hallway?"

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Good Success.

"I can manage that one to." Felicia assures Kaylee. What's the use of having a power that you can't reverse..well on other people, it's hit and miss with Felicia half the time "Yeah," she says to Dax, "but from inside the room." she leads the way to the laundry room, pushing the door open just enough for the trio to slip through. There is a moment of digging through her uniform pockets and she pulls out a shoe of all things and wedges it under the door, from the inside, upsizing it just enough to hold the door open a smidge. She then upsizes Kaylee so she can get a look around.

Kaylee nods to Dax. "Yes, please?" she answers about having him watch. She reaches out to give his forearm an appreciative squeeze. "Thank you so much, Daxton. I really appreciate your help." Then, she follows Felicia into the room. Once she's back to her normal size, she wrings her hands a little, suddenly looking very nervous. "Okay …. So … if I start to freak out … just turn the lights on, okay?" she asks her comrades. Then, she reaches for the light switch and turns it off, bathing the room in almost pitch blackness, save for the light coming in from the crack in the door. Almost immediately, Kaylee starts glowing, white light emanating right out of her skin (and making her clothes look a little odd, too, as she shines underneath them) and filling the room. Kaylee stands very still for several seconds, then slowly starts approaching the damaged washing machine. Then, her attention is suddenly shifted to the crack in the wall and she moves towards it, leaning over and furrowing her brow as she exams it. Then, she freezes stock still for a second. "What … what is … what's there!?" she asks, fright bordering on terror evident in her voice as she starts shaking and pointing at the crack in the wall.

Daxton blinks, slightly surprised by the touch. The teen is vibrating slightly, maybe it's being small, or maybe it's the excitement of the mission. The crack is given a glance but then he's watching the door. At least until Kaylee starts to freak out. He zips up the wall, just like he was doing with the pillars and flips the light switch on. He stays there, hanging onto the switch like a rock climber, waiting to see what else happens.

Since she is just there for backup Felicia pretty much just starts her usual weekly search for quarters under the washing machines, using the light given off by Kaylee to peer under the thing. The terror in Kaylee's voice is enough to distract her and she drops the machine. There is rapid growing as Felicia moves to the other girl's side, "What's wrong? What do you see where?"

Kaylee points at the crack, finger practically vibrating in the air. "There … in the crack! Can't you see it? It's like … it's like … it's like a flame, but there's no light! There's no light at all! It's like … it's … I don't know what it is, but it shouldn't BE THERE!" And so, what does Kaylee do? She tries to make it go away. Throwing both of her hands forward, she fires light at the 'flame.' "It's not worrkiiiing!" Kaylee mewls as she starts to glow brighter. Yup. Freaking out. Definitely freaking out.

Daxton's not one to be patient, in fact, he's probably a little bit more reckless than normal. He follows Kaylee’s pointed finger and takes off from the light switch, down to the ground and then over and up the wall next to the crack. His tiny feet don't seem to be affected by the wall. Neither do his hands when he stops to peer inside. Time stops for him briefly as he takes in the flame and it's no light. Huh. He turns to explain but is then blasted in the face with light from Kaylee. He cries out as he's blinded temporarily and loses his grip on the crack in the wall and starts to tumble.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Reaction: Failure.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Reaction: Failure.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Alertness+reaction: Good Success.

Felicia spends 1 luck points on So Dax doesn't go splat.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Felicia leans forward to peer into the crack and try to see what Kaylee sees. "Sure. A flame with no light." she takes Kaylee's word for it. "Damn!" she sort of steps back when Kaylee goes all light bright on the crack and then Daxton is suddenly there and getting hit with it and falling. An f-bomb drops from the teens lips and she scrambles to catch the falling speedster. It's a miss the first time but then her hand is there to catch him before he falls more than a few feet.

When the flashlight doesn't work in making the flame go away, Kaylee backs up all the way against the dryers, shaking her head. "That … that … that can't happen! Can it? What is it? How do we make it go away? Make it go away …," she says. She doesn't have any sort of sense for the supernatural, but having that black spot dancing there has thoroughly creeped Kaylee out and she doesn't look like she's gonna recover very quickly. She doesn't even seem to notice that she accidentally flashed Daxton with her beams, either, completely fixated on the burning nothing. But, the random outbursts of this freak out appear to be over.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Speed Tricks: Good Success.

Instinct takes over. Daxton, only temporarily blind rolls to face the floor as he falls, Fel's first hand grab is a miss, he can feel the air current shift as it passes him. Desperate to not break all his bones, the speedster's arms start circling, faster and faster. It creates an almost tornado like effect, slowing his decent enough for Fel's second attempt to work. He let's out a grunt as he hits her hand, much softer than the floor, but still a jarring experience. He's vibrating hard, being blind and falling together has his heart racing. He also manages a low, "Damn it!" as his tiny hands grasp onto Fel's large one.

Felicia is aware that Kaylee is behind her and rambling on about the flame in the wall, but keeping her friend from going splat on the floor is a bit more pressing at the moment "Dax? You alright?" she cups her hand slightly to keep him from vibrating right off of it. Moving over to the couch she gingerly puts the speedster on in it and unshrinks him, that should help a bit, she hopes. Finally she takes a moment to address Kaylee "Have you lost your mind?" she questions the other girl "You can't just go putting out whatever flame is in there. What if it’s the portal to where Lynzee is and you putting it out closes it? She could be trapped wherever forever."

Felicia's scolding snaps Kaylee out of it. "Wait … a portal?" she asks. She wipes at her cheeks and eyes, a bit more lucid now. "Do … d'you think that's what it is? … that … that would … it would explain why there's no light, right?" she asks, her eyes still wide with fright as she looks between Daxton and Felicia. And that's when she notices that Daxton is suddenly large again and on the couch and Kaylee's brain replays the last few minutes for her so she can catch up with everybody else. Her hands fly to her face and she covers her gaping mouth as she looks to Daxton. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Daxton! I'm sorry!"

Daxton seems a little more okay once he's the correct size and on the couch. He nods, although the speedster isn't wing eye contact. Instead he's blinking his eyes rapidly, trying to get them to refocus. "I'm ok. Is she?" But then kaylee sounds like it. At least she's not babbling anymore. "It's something. It could just be an echo too. We need someone like Fred to look at it." His hand reaches up and rubs his eyes, which are starting to get light and dark blurs. That's good, right? Dax then tries to reassure her, "I'm okay, I just need a few minutes."

"A portal. An echo. Doesn't matter what it is, doing what you did was a bad idea. It could have went all explody too. And then where would be?" Felicia looks at Dax with a bit of concern "Yeah Fred may be able to figure something out about it." his assurances that he is okay does a bit to erase the concerned look "We should probably get out of her soon. All the noise may have drawn attention of staff.

Kaylee nods to Dax and Felicia, until Felicia points out all of the things that could have gone wrong. She glowers and looks crestfallen, nodding in agreement. "I'm sorry," she says again, and boy does she look it. And then they're talking about getting out and she nods, straightening herself out. She makes her way towards Felicia and Daxton, expecting to return much in the way that they arrived.

Daxton might not be able to see well, but he can hear. "It's not a total waste. There's something still there. We'll find someone else to look at it. It's a start." Feeling like they want to leave (And they probably should!) He stands, "I can't guarantee I'll not run into a wall, Fel, we're just gonna have to sneak out." He holds his hand out towards what he hopes is Felicia. The two girls will need to help him for the next few minutes till he can see again.

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